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Good people, Google, want to know, does Jeremy Lewis have tattoos? Oh.


Now, are you ready? Yeah, let's go. Welcome back to Weitzel nine. The best fucking podcast in the Maldives, Lebanon, Latvia. I've been to zero to four those places. And this just in. Beth. OK. All right, well, let us know if you're from any of those five locations and confirm or deny if you're not if you're from those places.


Let's just keep that between you and me, because we are. We already know. We already know.


No, no, no, no. The finger guns know how we're not going to get the podcast, how we're not doing it. No, no, no, no, no, no.


Fun fucking fact. That's like alliteration. That would be worth a lot of points. What's that one game.


Oh oh. Scattergories scattergories for fun. Fucking fact. Except that's not really the same.


Is that lipstick. This that's the same color of our carpet that you've left there just for me to step on. It's the same color as what it's you guys can't see it and the people definitely can't say, oh no, this carpet has pink on it and that's like a like a nuti. I don't think you understand what color fuchsia is and how that would never be on my lips.


Really. So are you are you going to tell them this is the theory that I have? I think that Jeremy sees about maybe 14 colors total. It's like we've got blue and dark blue, but like that's the extent of the two blue eyes that he sees. And then we've got like lime green and like the forest green that he wears. So I really think that, like, your color spectrum is limited to like under 20 colors for sure. So then when when you see when you like, name off those two pink.


I think I see magenta. I see Kelvin. I see Kelvin is a little like white was white. Yellow K which stands for Kelvin right now is black but it's black.


But why is it Kato. Oh maybe it is Kelvin. I should know this. I went to prison. Wow.


I see Kelvin. I seen. Yeah I think I said I don't feel that confident about it.


Right. Yeah I see him magenta, yellow and whatever that case means.


Black. I thought Kelvin. Oh he color.


Oh God. Oh my God. Everyone that I went to fucking prison school with is like you dumb bitch. Did you not learn from Indiana. OK, yeah. Well you know that's not ok. This is like I bet OK.


People know that that means key color you know. No. Anyways, OK. Anyway, welcome back to try number two at this podcast.


Oh you guys, you recorded a whole last podcast that got edited, Bless Our Editors Soul.


And it just wasn't the vibe. It just wasn't the same. It sucked. It really sucked.


The issue was. We weren't funny, you weren't funny, it wasn't good, it wasn't good, energy was just off and Lawrence anear was sticking horizontal.


Oh my God, I'm getting guys so we switched over. I'm sure you guys have noticed you're watching the video version. We switched over from, like the big overeager headphones that you see every podcast or ever use. We switched over to these like musician headphones that go this.


They're just in your headphones. They literally go so far into your brain that they're they almost pop out the other side of the other ear like they go so far. And it is a fight to get these to my ears every week because I've got small ears suddenly.


So there's like a little wire that wraps around your ear. Me, they're like this big. Let's keep talking, OK, this I don't know what the fuck is going on over here anyways, there's a little cord that supposed to wrap around your ear and mine was sticking. It's this big. OK, so take that. And my ear is half that size. It's this big. So imagine that's it. OK, well, that's it. That's that's bigger than my ear.


That's the issue.


Oh my God. That's that's the issue. So when we switch, we switch over to these headphones and then the wire was like literally sticking four inches off of my head. And you it was also it was also the podcast recorded after I did a no heat hair thing for my main channel, YouTube video, and it really fucked up my hair. And so I had bad hair, the corner sticking out. The energy was off. It was not funny.


So we scrapped it. And now we're we're missing the Super Bowl, which is fine.


We're not miserable. We're going to get to the fucking meat potatoes podcast. Move on. OK, well, we watched Puppy Bowl and now we're here. And so this is going to be one of my favorite clients ever.


Puppy Bowl, possible bull, most of the little Sadie to get a PR package. But it's OK.


Yeah, discovery. We have words for each other on Monday.


Yeah, that's tough. Yeah. Well, this guy really left out this thing, as I said.


Hey, thanks to everybody who comments back and all the juice, all the tea, all the everything from last week. Oh yeah. We appreciate you genuinely. I wake up on Tuesday mornings and I roll over and I see Jeremy deep balls deep in the comet.


OASDI don't know about that.


Reference balls deep in the pot in the podcast, in the in the comments. It's our favorite, though.


Do you leave us a comment even if you have nothing to say on your balls deep in them so you can get.


And they are, you know, fucking all of our podcast listeners, I think I hate this place. I think I do maybe some of them just the comments, just the nice ones.


What you will be balls deep in the nice comments? Yeah. You know, it's funny, Lorne and I have absolutely no problem accepting the nicest and warmest and flowing of just nice words. And in the moment, someone has like any amount of that constructive criticism. Oh, fuck you, too, Shelby. No, that's not true.


Constructive criticism is OK. If it's just you being Dick, then fuck you, Shelby. Yeah, you're right.


All the Shelby is that right now I like you when I saw me coming from Shelby. Did you? Yeah. I can just make up that now.


Shelby. Shelby, not Shelby.


You. Oh shit.


That I my that even Shelby and I felt a little stressed by that. Yeah I know. We had a girl in first, second, third, fourth, fifth grade. Her name is Shelby and no last name. Otherwise I would put her on blast. She, she definitely was like a little bit like obsessed with horses like that was the horse girl. No, it was like a horse notebook. A horse backpack. A horse is a horse that and she was a horse girl.


Well I'm not going to call horse girl. I was obsessed with horses, OK?


And she used to actually I think I'm getting her confused. Somebody else. It wasn't Shelby.


I think she was a horse girl anyway. She would still in my grade. Was Carly OK? Yeah, she would throw. And this isn't like when I lived in Kentucky and you went you were a horse, girl or horse.


Everyone's a horse person in Kentucky, a horse ranch. It was like you don't own a horse. You probably never ridden a horse. Oh, I think, Catherine, it's like where did you find a horse? We had deer and squirrel. Where'd you find a horse and squirrels anyway?


So she would get up. She would be she'd go from zero to one hundred and be that girl that would just like storm out crying, just ripping things off the wall in second grade.


I might like what my horse girl is actually very mean. She was a bully for sure. She sucked the not horse girl horse sucked horse. Gorgeous girl. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Kamkwamba can't I.


Well I said I know so Lauren I'm not going to do this fun new thing and I'm probably not going to be able to hold it in when I'm in the driver's seat. But for the next few weeks we're going to go back and forth on coming up with Creative for the podcasts. Yeah. And I'm not saying it's competition because it's not. Oh, here we fucking go now. I know you've said that now it's a competition, sir. I thought about that.


So this is starting this is starting as of next week.


Well, it started last week. No, no. Keep up with the concept. Last week we did to get a literally neither of us.


And that's why the podcast ended up sucking at No last week. Laughs Oh, we're in the hot seat. Oh, yeah. You came up with that. Yes, yes. Sorry, sorry.


I'm playing catch up because there was a podcast in between that you think that that will never see the light of day. No one happened to our patron right now for fourteen ninety nine, you can see the podcast that weren't good enough to make it to the main, you know, like podcast that ended in Elspeth's is going.


How is that. It's fine. OK, you know, this is a good time. Yeah.


We should just sleep on that before we send it to the editor. Yeah. Save everyone some time. Yeah. Yeah. But Lord, figure this one out. Go ahead.


No, no, no. It starts next week. So because we had to scramble to pod a little last minute cause I think this will not go up on a Tuesday fakie. Right. Yeah, it's not.


Be up on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Everybody, I'm, I'm, I must say Thursday I'ma take a Hawkeye's otherwise they OK. All right. I love it for a little while. Just on Wednesday.


Honestly we probably should say, oh that's just fucking good.


I don't it for scattergories again Wilderman Wednesdays. Oh yeah. Well Wednesdays. Wild West Wednesdays. Why would it be west of the West Coast. Yeah. What about our, our, our number one fan in Latvia and Barthe.


You're right. You're right. You're right. Yeah.


Well it's it's recorded in the West, OK, but like I might anyway, the East, I want to make sure my brethren in the east, for the two for the two males who watch the podcast.


You also live in the east. Listen, I got some ladies out there that definitely are my bros. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I want to be bro. Oh, God. OK, so today's schedule on the pond, nice Segway, Lauren, thanks so much.


I'm sorry I had to do this to you. No, there's no scandal over there. And Jeremy's in sweatpants today, so we're all in luck, Grace. I just want a loop back to our color conversation and see if that is the farthest fucking color gray. Are you kidding me? What color are they that still blue? Yeah, but like you have, you can't get to steel blue without a little bit gray. OK, you can get to green without fucking yellow.


What do you mean he's a medical? I'm not from this angle, no, but can you when you're standing up?


Yes. Yeah. OK, not every Swapan that shows Dick can be just you can't just randomly call Eversole paint great Swapan know if you can see do not all slip between is equivalent, not also between is equivalent in the slightest. A black spot between versus a graceful pinguin is not on the same level. And I need you to understand that.


OK, I do. I can. I totally wear this fall into the black degree spectrum of wehn so if grais at the top and blacks at the bottom wouldn't white be at the top.


Uh. No, because you don't get enough shadows, that's what it is, you need the gray to see the light in the shadows, the contrast black, you can't see shadows. I think that this chair might be the half of the reason for my back problems.


We have to get rid of this fucking chair. Oh, great timing, because one of our many couches are here. We're still waiting on the next one, though. Get excited.


I'm just trying to set that up like we were going to do that naturally. Oh, did you see how she just she just. I'm just so excited that. Yeah. How excited. Mini couches. The cutest many cameras you've ever seen.


And are they a little bit bigger? Oh, yeah, yeah, weird. Could we maybe we were planning or some guests or something or, you know, I just sounded like their cue from Schitt's Creek. Alexis, a little bit, Alexis, you know, it's crazy, I usually don't time them this way because, you know, I'm always I mean, I'm watching New Girl and Schitt's Creek in perpetuity. Like, I'm constantly just like I happen.


And I'm I got to the end of New Girl and Schitt's Creek at the same time. So now I'm trying them both over, of course, season one. But it's so weird to see. I usually think I'm like I'm towards the end with one, in the beginning with the other, but now I'm like starting over both of them, OK? It almost kind of feels like a little too like final.


OK, so today we're going to do this, this fun segment that I think Wird coined on the Internet, but we're going to steal it today, so get fucked.


How many of you all watch Wired feel like these videos get fuckin like 50 million views?


Now Ryan Reynolds gets 50 million views and Wired happens to capture it.


Roy doesn't think that we've all watched Wired. Not in Wired wanted to hear that we will never be famous enough to actually be on Wired's answering the Web's most.


Manifesting your anti manifesting right now? No, I'm being humble, Jeremy, and being humble. That's like a. that's basically a. manifesting. I don't know, I'm not into the whole manifestation thing, really. You're not really. Oh, OK, I'm not against it and I don't want to own a boat one day, I don't want to have money.


Oh, my God. A beach house. Not me. Yeah, I don't know.


I like I'm I'm down to acknowledge my goals, but I don't know.


I just. I guess I just. I don't know. I don't know. I don't wanna piss off the manifestoes. The man you're pissing me off as someone who believes in just thinking about what you want to achieve and going to achieve it.


Yeah. No, I'm okay with that. I just think that some people take manifestation really, really far. Yeah. I don't have like a dream journal that I announce every morning out of bed.


Right, right. OK, I believe in manifestation change, maybe you believe it anyway, anyways, anyways, so I'm Ryan Reynolds. This is Wired Your Dream. This is all you wanted to it, right? So I. I asked the good people of Google what the noise. I asked Google what the good people of Google have asked Google about you. You follow. As much as I think that anyone could have followed from that. OK, great.


That's all I'm asking for. That's all I'm asking for. And so we start pretty easy. There's some random curve balls in here. I also think that you've done a really great job of keeping your life pretty private so far. So I would say my side puts me a little more on blast than yours does, which I go back and forth. Do you want to take the hot seat first? Do you want to put me in the hot seat?


I think it's only fair that you get to drive this conversation however you feel, since this is your creative episode, get fucked.


This is not my creative episode and I am putting that on record right now.


Creative episodes start next week with your produced episode and that's fucking on period it. Bitch, how do you spell period with a P, you are IoD. And let's go, OK, because we have a Super Bowl to watch in. I don't know how we're going to do 30 minutes of content in 15 minutes, we're going to do it. We're going to figure it out. I love the press. Probably going to do is start is start the full of.


SHOWBIZ over annoying, I get it. Yeah, honestly, Shelby, we need to ask for a reason. Honestly, Shelby, I am Carly. Carly, it's OK. Carly actually won time and I don't know while you do you remember when kids would just get up in the middle of class and go throw up?


You say that is if that's the thing. It is. I need everyone in the audience right now to let me know if they remember, just like when kids in elementary school would just like randomly get from their desk and go throw up in the corner in the garbage can. Never happened. Really know it literally happened.


I can think of four kids in my elementary school that happened in class. Know me because I had like a metal phobia that's like scarred me a little more.


That is that is a good reason for why that would scar you. We're going to fucking start. OK, so the people of the good people of Google want to know.


So the Google search team know the good users, the good people, the good users of Google. Got it. The search so that the users of Google. You mean people with hands? Yeah, yeah, yeah. When's the last time you have done Bing Ask Jeeves? Oh, I loved Ask Jeeves.


My Tickled Pink love to Ask Jeeves likes duck duck.


Go now. I don't know what any of those are, but OK, here we go. Good people of Google want to know what does Jeremy Michael Lewis do? You know what? This is the first question I've ever seen. And my friend started dating like a consultant. And the my first one was like, what does that mean? Like, what does he actually do? Who does he consult for the same thing? Like when you're a salesperson, I feel like for the first year of you being this job, which is about now, like if you were to ask you, well, ask me what you do, OK?


Like, oh, well, I'm going on two years of this job. OK, sure. OK, so he's a director of sales, right?


That's my title. Yes, your title. OK, but that's a start. You're a director. You've told no lies. Oh no.


I want to be very clear that this is the only question that I'll be answering for you. But I think this is more fun because this is going to be chaos for me.


OK, OK, so director of sales for a. SMD. All my co-workers SaaS software as a service, yeah, yeah, right, just assess what says. Product. OK, that's product to be integrated into live media. I mean, no lies. Fuck, yeah, I'll take it. How would you describe it? What do you do? What what do you like. I like what do you do?


I am responsible for new business, which means as opposed to like renewal. Like businesses already exist to the company. I do new business. So my responsibility is to go out and find new business and sell from the beginning to the last moment before it gets handed off internally to actually do the business.


What are you selling? Software, girl, guy cookies, software. But what does the software do?


It's it's B2B, so like every single person in the business, all the uncultured fucks like me, every single person listening to this podcast, the software does not apply to because it is business to business.


Great. OK, so now that you said that, I just want to be very clear that I don't need to know what you sell. What do you mean when you just and everyone else in this podcast is Business-to-business. They'll never have to use it. Correct. But like we said, we don't. So there's like you can't sign up and get an account for the service. It's not a social media platform, right?


Yeah, it's a display. Here we go. Can't wait nerd out for us.


Have no doubt it's a display platform for media companies to use during live productions and events. Right.


So, for example, during Puppy Bowl, how is Puppy Bowl using your product?


They were using our, like, embedded voting platform to build on their website. So when you looked at, like, Aaron Rodgers versus like, you know, fluff for number three on the right, yeah. We were powering the technology that was kind of building that experience to vote for Ryan.


Pardners versus fluff. Number three, Aaron Rodgers Aaron. But like old Ryan Rodgers.


Yes, exactly. OK, well, then I take care like the Fox and the Disney's and the ABCs and discoveries, a little name dropping, a little subtle flex.


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Amazon Prime members can save on prescription medication when not using insurance and get free two day delivery. Learn more at Amazon.com. Slash Wild X. That's a m a zero mn dot com slash wild r x amazon.com slash wild r x. The good people of Google want to know is Jerry Michael Lewis married? Tis not, tis not. What do you want? I hated everything I looked at when I was engaged. So what do you want? I don't know.


I hate them. What did you look at that you thought was like? What was the plan? I hated all of them with a gold, gold, silver, everything, hated everything. I just my fingers are so gross. You're all gross hand. I don't like sand. I just there's a there was not a ring that I found. It was like, yeah, this is good, huh? I thought to myself, I'm going to take this fucking thing off all time.


I thought, you need like a like a like a plain gold band. Like nothing crazy, like no diamonds, no talk about nine years or so, I will more you know what? Stay with me, Mom.


DIY will murder you over that once you're 90 times OK. Good people of Google want to know how tall is Michael? OK, actually, Michael. Oh, Jesus Christ. How tall is Jeremy? Michael Lewis. And also, can you give some context as to why you're Jeremy Michael Lewis? Like, why? First of all, like, it's the whitest thing I've ever heard to have three first names, Jeremy, Michael Lewis. Like, that's great.


Even though your last name is spelled more like a last name than a first name. But that's the way it should I've ever seen in my entire life. You have three first names. When I was about to do television.


Yes, forever ago, I typed in Jeremy Lewis to see what comes out, who is actually a professor at the University of Nebraska.


I think it was also like a rapey pedophile in Florida. Right. So we wanted to brand ourselves from that.


God is why we added the Michael, because that's not pull up any rape. And it was like a white dude who was tall. I see. So I was like, let's not play with that fire and Michael in there. And now fast forward ten years. I have to not have Michael in there. So it's not in there anymore. It's not. No. I mean, like my my Twitter and Facebook, everything is like. Oh like Jeremy Michael.


Twenty two. But that's just like that. Stay like my name on. All of my friends are just Jeremy Lewis now. And so my name's Jeremy Michael Raissa.


We flushed out all the right this guy. Right. OK, well he's probably still in jail. Fuck fuck. Jeremy Lewis. Fuck him for like tarnishing the name for Florida. Jeremy Lewis. Yeah that's amazing.


Man from Florida, man from Florida who also was named Jerry Lewis. Fuck that guy for tarnishing your name. Well, I don't own it. You feel like he's bringing down the cred, you know, right, but we pushed him out and he's all day he's she's blushed. So there's there's some context as to why.


What was the question? How tall, how tall are you?


And six foot four and not six. Three and a half.


Not six point. I am six foot four now lie and half inch bullshit that we've discussed you five 11 fuckers.


Yeah. That's that's another episode of Good People of Google. Want to know who was your Gearman. Oh this one. Just as Jeremy Lewis didn't even have Michael C, who was Jeremy Lewin towards the right direction. And yeah, the next ones all are all fucked me up. So who is Jeremy Lewis engaged to?


I was engaged to a woman named Kirsten Maldonado who sang in Pentatonix. And I met her when I was on the sing off the season after she was on the sing off of that.


OK, there it is. And I wish her well and I hope she's doing great.


I'd call her out, but I think she listens this podcast.


Well, we had a phone call over the last episode, so I said, let me rephrase it.


I give her a shout out chinless in this podcast. I don't think any of her friends do either. I think you had a call out. I was. Think I was gonna give her a shout out. Oh, yeah. You got a more of a Cosby one.


Let's move on. Good people want to know, can Jerry Michael Lewis sing off? Can Jimmy Michael Lewis sing off? Yes, what do you mean? I don't know what did I do this thing off? OK, so context, though, please, is single off was an NBC show. How many seasons did have to really.


Sorry, Deke. Sharon. I was trying to see how many seasons.


Five, six, five, four, five. That's quite a bit, yeah, four or five. OK, and if you've ever seen Pitch Perfect, it's basically like that. But on NBC and a little bit less in tune.


Sure. Was it all college? Was it all college groups competing?


No. They always had like one token college group that they wanted to, like, make it look like idiots. OK, and we fill that void perfectly. You guys almost won. What do you mean it? Fifth out of how many? Twelve. Ten. Twelve. Yeah, that's that's not lost. That's in the upper 50 percent. Very last. OK, but I'm doing a podcast with the guys that won that group in like a week or two.




That you've obviously come out on top. There we go. There's you don't want to win that show the contractual obligations. Well, I mean, that's like how American Idol looks like. I can actually speak to that, like, you know, like the reputation, like everyone says American Idol. You want a second? Yeah. Because the first is like you're locked into some crazy shit.


You're Kelly Clarkson and Justin because I can't rember Justin Gordon, who from Kelly to Justin.


Oh, I mean, Kelly's my fucking queen. So I know who's just I don't know.


But Kelly, the second place winner. Right. But Kelly Kelly's fucking thriving. My point is sometimes you want to win.


I don't know.


She would also like the original winner, Carrie Underwood. I think one American Idol, didn't she? And she's thriving. I think Ruben Studdard did, too. Oh, well, OK, well, anyway, so Jerry was on this thing off and Jennifer Hudson got like sixth place or something. Oh yeah, you're right.


But then she fuckin is doing so well. She's. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.


Everything. One of my friends I first came out here like did American Idol did the voice. Yeah. Like, like the round of them. All of them.


I have a friend who works in Todrick got like ninety fourth place on American Idol and look at him.


Damn that's rude. Look at his. That is so rude. Look at his house. Oh my God. Guys, go watch the house tour he just uploaded. Holy shit. His Louis Vuitton custom that is to die.


But I'm, I have been the biggest, I've been the biggest Todrick Hall and biggest Luke Edgemont fan since day one. OK, and if you don't know who they are, you should then you should go look at them up. You should stop this podcast pause and instead of reminder to come back to it.


But you should watch them the videos knowing that you finished the podcast and then go to that afterlife later when you have time to wait. OK. What does it say? Is that like so I want to know more about this thing off.


So there is a very wise everyone want to know about the fucking single because it's so funny. You're just like this business do this like looking tall, lanky business guy who randomly wilonsky you could have been tall business because because Lengkeek comes into play because you were a pretty good dancer, which is fucking hilarious. Like that is the biggest plot twist that I've ever heard of your character. Like no one expects that no one fucking looks and you're like that guy definitely drops his pants on live television across all of America on this thing off in an acapella singing competition like that is the most random shit I've ever heard.


Life has been nothing but a series of a little bit more random events, such as that guy also now dating Lord Iwai after being engaged to Penix tinies girl after being like college fuck boy after being fucking like all these things are just your life is like literally six mini movies.


I can't wait to see who I am in my next life. With you was all right with you? Yeah, of course, on the boat that I don't manifest without my yacht money sweater. Got it. Got it. If you have time, go Google.


No, we've already done this everyone to on this acoustic cat, so we've already done this.


La la la la la la la. Next. All right. Good people. Google want to know. Oh, I love this one. This is my favorite one. Is Jeremy Lewis related to Leona Lewis?


Hey, Leona, I. Yes, that is that's a fact.


You want to maybe clear that up before that makes a headline for J14 or something. I hope J14 runs with that bleeding love, right. Yeah, I loved bleeding love.


I think that I think probably the only person love that I think I ever heard anyone else like that.


Like I had that on my iPod shuffle at some point and I was obsessed. That was peak radio.


Yeah. When like the radio like the top 40 was like just dipped and they just hit the fucking 40 on repeat. Yeah, yeah. It's all yeah. Yeah. That thing was everywhere. A great song. I just heard it one thousand too many times. Not on my own accord. I will listen to it now.


I get down some bleeding love now just cause like I probably know all the words. Yeah. I love this next question because this is something you've never talked to on the podcast and I'm so excited to put you on blast for it. Good people, Google, want to know, does Jeremy Lewis have tattoos? Oh, go ahead, stages yours. Can I just show the camera and see if.


No, nope, nope, nope. You got it.


You got to tell the people who listening to audio only Ufuk. So, Jeremy, for being a responsible and just mature adult, did something really fucking stupid, this shit that you also see in movies. Go ahead. Go ahead.


All right. I'm sorry, we're not keeping you up. No, this is great. So I have a tattoo of my ex fiance's initials that's a few sessions and of getting lasered off of my finger. But the joke really is on her because we both are in each other's handwriting and hers is really cute and mine's fucking ugly.


So it's kind of like when you walk into a hair salon like you're writing for her was really shitty and writing to you know, it's like when you write when you walk into like the story, like when you walk into a hair salon and there's two people and one has great hair and one ugly hair, and you sit down in the person with great hair because you want to get a haircut by that person. But they actually got it done by someone who had the artistic.


They got it done by the other person.


Yeah. Yeah, right. So it's kind of like that. So I kind of like, you know, at the bottom of Woody's Foot and Toy Story, the little kid. Yeah. It's like kind of like it's cute, but like it's not good handwriting. It's chicken scratch. Yeah. That's that's what's on her body. That's tough. Yeah. Although if I know her she's probably crossed it out with a fucking red and just like made it like I mean also that's such an easy tattoo to cover up.


Where is it. On her same place. At the same place. Oh that's easy to cover up. Why, why. Why it. Because like it was anywhere in your arms or legs or anything like that's so easy to put something over top of. But like this is you either have to get something like big and black on top of it. And like that's not a that's not a fun spot to tattoo. Like your fingers.


No fucking hurts. Actually, it hurts to get removed. Put it on top of that. That's the best part, is that for Christmas, when Germany first started dating so literally like, I don't know, we'd been dating for a month, he asked for Christmas for tattoo removal sessions, which is pretty cute, like in the grand scheme of things to be like, hey, I want to take this bitch's name off my finger.


I don't like I said it that way anyway.


So that's your own tattoo? I don't with that legal team. That's your only tattoo, though.


That's the only tattoo. Would you get another one? No. Yeah, I think that's maybe not for you. It's not for me. It's not for you. You know what?


If I got super fucking cut and I had like, massive biceps. Yeah, I'm a bit like a mom on there or something. Donna would fucking kill me. Or she would. She would.


Or you never, ever appreciate that. No, no, no.


That has no sentimental value to your. Yeah, no, no, no. That that's such an attack on her. If I want to make her sad, that's what I would do. Yeah. Oh Jesus Christ. Are you more. That is. So the next question, good people Google want to know, I only diverted that question because I know my mom religiously listens to our podcast and so it's OK.


It sure sounds to me and how I have a tattoo of my ex, but she knows that I want a secret.


My mom. I know that. Does good people Google want to know, did Jeremy Lewis go to college? I did go to college. I went to colleges. Didn't finish, but I went to.


How does it work, though? When you leave a community college, you just are able to take your credits and transfer. Just transfer. Yeah. So fucking smart. I don't know why more people don't do that.


What's great about it is there's like gray area between and everything is like one to one. Yeah. But sometimes like you can use that in your favor and sometimes usque you transfer out and then they'll say which ones they apply to and then there's ones that like you could denied. But what's great about it is if you submit a like an appeal, OK, what you do is they say, why do you think they should cover it. And so you just look at the syllabus for what is covered in the class you're trying to get a transfer to, and you just fucking hit the hot points of what you cover.


The right amount of things that I got, like qualified that should never have fucking qualified having that transfer. It was fantastic.


I love having you. Shboul our education system could use some tweaks. Yeah.


I mean, the whole American education system to me is just a fucking mystery, a shocking mystery.


Well, when you go back to segueing into your next question, and there might be a few tweaks for candidates as well.


Yeah, you know what? I don't even want to put that on Canada. That's a me thing, not a Canadian education thing. Like, I'm not sure where that fell through the cracks there, but it's it's a me thing for sure.


OK, good people, Google want to know, can Jeremy Lewis actually sing? That's a subjective question. The answer is yes, that's just another plot twist, like in your character development, is that you can sing. I can sing. Yeah, yeah.


There's like what do you mean there's no debate there? Like, there's literally no. Sure.


There's somebody that thinks I can't sing. He was like the person you fucked up, Shelby, that's fucking Shelby. You know what the problem is? The person that says that I can't sing, is it one of the people that I think if Leukotriene looked at me and said, if Travis Garlan said, I you can't sing.


But you're right. You're like, I fuck. You're right. You're right. But if Shelby tells me I can't sing Shelby, won't you open your fucking mouth? Give me something. That's what I thought. I'm going to reword what I just said, Shelby, what are you. Why aren't you in your own time records of it and send it to me and then I will listen to it completely platonic matter, and then I'll review. How about that?


Great Aunt Shelby, you've got a question. That's it. That's all for you. I just texted you your questions for me. I write what interferes with your happiness or feeling like you're living your most filled life on a day to day basis. I have been super open about my experience, changing medications for my anxiety and have been going through a major transition period. And better help has been an extremely useful tool for me during this time. Better, helpful, assess your needs and match you with your own licensed professional therapist.


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I haven't done one of these in a couple of years. It's been a solid two and a half years since I've done like a Google on myself to see what people are asking.


I got to tell you, I'm pretty sure that these questions could have been asked three years ago. Yeah. And the answers still say, well, let's find out. OK, first question, tough one. OK, but you're thinking cap on. All right. Is it on its own? OK. Is Lord DIY? Single, no, I was literally about to make a joke about how, like leave one more sock out in the living room and I might be.


But the other day, Jeremy posted the story of Moose looking really cute of the fireplace, and he kind of like panned across the living room. And I had taken my socks off and tossed them behind the couch. And they were like so little and so pink. And there was just like, no question it was a black thought I could pass that shit off as yours. You know what?


There were a couple people hit me like Amidon's of like, yeah, it's the socks that, you know, better way. And I'm like you. I could blame a unicorn.


Oh, my God. Yeah. So anyways, I got busted taking my socks off, which is a rare currently, by the way, right. Absolutely. It wasn't even to put me on blast, but she replied being oh my God, the fucking socks. What I find funny about that is actually the amount of of of women in particular that were in my DMS going. It looks like she doesn't have much to stand on and she's talking about your socks anymore because she's obviously leaving them all over the place.


So she shouldn't complain that I'm like my guys.


You all need to settle the fuck down. Well, you've never taken the sock off, bitch.


All I'm saying is girls supporting guy Jeremy, girls supporting Jeremy the way I prefer it.


All of it. Ready, ready. Number two, is Lord DIY still with Jeremy? I mean, after the whole debacle that we just had, yes, right, but yes, but yes, yes, OK, yes, it sounds like there's some animosity there. Oh, you know what, though? He's barbecuing steaks tonight for us, so definitely. Yes, right.


Yes. Is DIY Asian? Yes. Japanese. So I'm half Japanese, I'm half Japanese, my mom's side, and I'm not dumb in the question. OK, and what's your favorite type of fish? I know this question, I don't know why and try to shame me for this, OK, so my mom, my mom's side is full Japanese and my dad's had is Finnish and Ukrainian people get really excited. We're from Finland because there is a town in Finland.


Should be on a number one list. Yeah. What the fuck. Finland, come on. You got a support from the town of Remak. Yeah, but it's not pronounced like that because there is a little accent. There's the two dots above the A in like Macci at the end of my last name, Remak. I don't know how to pronounce.


If you're from Finland though, please phonetically spell it out so that because like no in response to this and I know the entire country listens to us, fortunately we still have Latvia.


Yeah. But my, my ego is is gone. They want to know what. Why you don't like fish. That's not the question. You want to know why I don't like it right there. I can't get sushi with my Asian girlfriend.


You can get sushi whatever the fuck you want. You don't like, I don't know, sashimi.


I also cook you fish specifically so you yourself solely can eat fish while I don't eat fish.


You're a great girlfriend. I just told you I don't know anything. I don't know. I don't know. I love shellfish. I love lobster. I love shrimp. But I just, I just can't get on with it. And like I look at salmon all the time like you. It looks so fucking good. My taste buds just say no. You know, your taste buds are supposed to change like every seven years or something.


I haven't changed for the first twenty seven years of your life.


You're fucked. Neither have yours the first twenty nine years of your life. Should I eat way more than you? I don't know about that. Anyways, I'm waiting for the day when my taste buds will accept fish. But as of right now they do not. And I don't know why. And I wish you were different, but it's not. Just someone hit me on LinkedIn currently asking for a shout out for their fiancee. Which is not the way to do that, OK?


God, I write is more DIY married, slash, engaged?


No. Will she be in the next five years with the next five years? Yes. Is there's so many ways I could go with that radio, I didn't know which one to take to be is Lord Wow as ballsy is why nobody asked me. This is why a millionaire before.


So what does being a millionaire. Does that mean that you've you gross a million dollars or that you have a million dollars liquid or like what is being a millionaire entail?


That's the most millionaire way to ask that question. It's like answer how to clarify that. So like would that be like liquid like in my bank account, like willing to spend currently in it like a suitcase under the bed in one of my properties, in a couple of my properties, a couple of my investment accounts. Sir, the answer is yes. OK. Is it not? I don't know what that means because it's a million dollars liquid. No, definitely not.


Definitely, definitely not. But like, have I made a million dollars? Yes. What? What? Would you know what a fellow IRS agent, you're right, not a million dollars like would definitely have it in assets, definitely of guy is degree leaving YouTube? No, no, no. You so funny is that like the video that I made to be like, hey, I'm going to go on a break to figure my shit out, the beginning of being six weeks.


But even though I was only a four and a half minute video or something, people obviously like just read the title or watch like the first couple of minutes.


You don't think people just like looked at the first few minutes and then just like everything in context moved on.


It just. Yeah. Well if I can welcome the Internet, God damn crazy. And then I started uploading videos are like take talk again. They're like, I thought you quit. And I'm like, even if you did think I quit or, you know, like a little happy that I'm making content, like, God damn, people just love their agenda. Yes.


Anyways, no, I'm still on the Internet. And also I don't I'm just opposed to the main channel for a little bit. You're also already back. Yeah, 100 percent. I know how old. And single and not married is. I don't know, it's what it's what I see here. Jeremy is embellishing these questions.


OK, fine and old is DIY. I love the creative initiative, though. It's it's it's actually it's not that I appreciate it, but I'm twenty seven.


OK, I'm a Leo B twenty eight in the summer and no one asked for any.


You know what, what are your questions for the Google is what is your zodiac sign. And I spared you the conversation around Twitter responded check famous fucking birthdays. Isn't that nice. You actually were really cute. Him his birthdays photo minus garbage.


I requested to be changed. I need you to do that my mind, so should he. Please don't. Now everyone's going to look. God damn it, I should have drawn attention to it. Fuck that.


And your wacky feet, both great photos. No, no, no. We give you. Thanks.


I think I have five stars or four point nine or whatever. Do I get this fucking thing in the world and I'm going to have to stop. This is Ethan Klein. I recently became a big age three fan. I got to be honest. I watched a few times. I didn't get it. And it was me. Frenemies. Yeah, yeah. Frenemies I didn't get, but I didn't get it.


I had to give Jeremy a lot of context about both sides, like who Ethan is, who torture is and watch the other day. Yeah. And Ethan Klein went in about how he ruined Logan Paul's wiki feet school. That's the funniest fucking shit I've ever heard.


That is the level of petty I aspire. I mean, what are you supposed to do to that? I mean, your life is destroyed after.


How do you move on from that? As someone who doesn't have a wiki feed profile, I'm pretty sure that is fantastic. And I am. Scared for if I were to ever become relevant, what someone could do to me per my wikiwiki profile.


Hang on, please hold. I need to know if I'm a four point nine out of five out of ten, I'm at a five.


Get fucked, Lauren. I thought, OK, so I have I have five stars.


But when you look at the average, it's actually four point nine.


So once you get that rating, the podcast head on over redefeat, it'll be great. So beautiful. I have one hundred and seventy two votes. Forty five people said nice. Twenty eight said OK, eight said bad and four said ugly. And they got my shoe size wrong. What statues do you have? Do I have or did they say what they say they said seven and you're only mad because it's bigger, right? Why only me?


Because I fucking wish I was a seven. Every shoe comes in a seven. That's like the most popular size to be like a seven or eight be on the small side is like a doctor shopping the kids in small, dainty, beautiful feet.


They don't make shoes in five point five. It's terrible. It's like it's a hard size to find.


Oh my God. Life would be easier as a seven. That's crazy, baby.


If you ask questions, my next question are missing the puppy bowl.


Oh, it's over. How tall is Laura DIY and how big is her cup size?


You're just literally making up questions right now.


These questions are fucking juice them up a little.


OK, just a juice them up.


OK, for that question, go ahead.


I'm a five five. OK, I'm a five five five five. I'm like Google would ask the question, right? I am. I'm a five. I'm a five five.


And I'm, um. Here's the thing about boobies is that I don't really know how it works. I really don't because I got measured once and they're like, you're thirty two B and I was like that seems much larger than I should and you're thirty too generous and. Yeah. And I was like she's like it's the same size the thirty for a an like. What do you mean. Sometimes that makes no sense. I thought the number meant your inches around and your band and the cup was like the boobie size.


It's like being naked when they measure you.


Yes. I think you Alviso Yeah, I mean, it's mostly women that work at Victoria's Secret who also have boobies, like if I was going to get my dick measured, but I don't know if I want to be a dude or a chick at both, be uncomfortable.


I mean, I don't know. It's like when you go to the doctor and the doctor has to cut your balls and you cough, like, that's not weird. He has balls to their fingernails to check my balls. OK, well, they don't have balls, but it's like a medical thing getting a medical sense.


I have to go, I have to go. Gerri, really like that joke for himself. He really liked it.


So the dog joke you got on the dog, you know, cop no talking dog jokes. So Jeremy thinks that he has he he hit peak funny the other day. He he think funny, which is you know what though? I'm glad because it wasn't at my expense. Right. Normally I'm the butt of the joke. No, but. Well let's go to the let's go.


So anyway, we were talking about how Jeremy loves like Riegle like Wolf looking dogs. And he was like, you you like like the how do you put this? Like the dogs, the dogs that look like they need help with directions.


And he thought that he had just said the fucking most ground breaking, if you earthshattering joke. And that dog, if you looked at all the dogs that Lauren sends me in my dreams that she thinks are cute, they all just have this look of just bewilderment at life.


They're just sweet boy, totally at this Daffy's and the Sherpa's and the pit bulls and the bull terriers.


We need to clarify it. That's not Garrett and Andrew in the chow chows, OK?


Yeah, for sure. This week, other sweet boys, oh, yeah, yeah, they're just sweet boys, yeah, yeah, just we boys know what is Lord DIY real name. Oh it's Lauren Kobayashi. Was Laura DeWyze real name. Jeff Fox. What. Lauren DIY his real name.


There it is. I get that a lot. You know, I would take Lauren DIY over Laura DIY. I know who the fuck Laura is, not me anyway. Lauren Kobayashi, which is my mom's maiden name and I am in no way related or associated to the hot dog eating guy. But she could be.


No, I think Kobayashi is a pretty common name in Japan.


I think we're all kind of related. So and that makes it weird that we're dating then. So maybe rediagnosed women.


I don't know. Adam and Eve, it's OK. No, no, no, no. And then fuck off Apple Watch.


You fucking stand, you piece of shit. You're standing Elmo. You're almost there. I've been fucking sitting for I don't know why how you would have gotten anywhere close to your stangl.


OK, ok. I showered standing. That's good. I let's go on.


OK, I couldn't think of anything else you like. I ate my bagel.


Lauren what percent Lord diy are you. The fuck is that mean. Oh my god.


I think it was tiger beat or even the made of wishful thinking.


How what percent I why are you and I. I took the test and only got 90 percent. I wasn't even 100 percent. Why. So physically I'm one hundred percent lordi I why. But like metaphorically speaking based on the quiz I was only 90 percent horny. I want to be fair.


Sometimes you wake up and you're more or less flirty. I was.


I mean. Well, now that we know Kraft, Fox, I feel like there might be some additions to that that test. Yeah, yeah, yeah, they need to do an updated one. Yeah, you're so right. Yeah, you're so right. And now they're making scantily clad Tic Tacs as once I made my first tic tac.


Oh, my God. Jerry did make his first take. So you didn't. Well, it was a duet. It was a duet. Oh. So you want to just like just Achilles heel.


My I want to motivate you. I want to motivate you to create some original take content. Listen, once Matt Stephanian and Todrick, you know, invite me over to do a dance with them, I will I would love literally nothing more than to see you doing a couple right here.


And I'll be over there like a little modernises. Yeah. Pfizer, actually Pfizer's couple of changes.


I would love the change to get approved. That one chargesheet. Let's go. You have only 60 percent effective. Oh that's low. Like sixty seventy and like, you know, don't you know good enough. Get in the way of perfect. Don't perfect it and we've got enough stupid. Jeromy OK, so what's your net worth once again. Weird how no one asked me that although I did look it up one time. Yeah. And it was like wait I'm going to of dollars.


And I was like, that is very sweet of you.


I again I have no idea how to calculate net worth. I mean net worth is so bullshit anyway. Is it not real. I mean like what are your stocks worth today versus Diament hands. I can read it last week and like all of like the stock options that we own for random shit, who knows what that's going to worth.


So as of January 22nd, twenty twenty, that's like last year ago, estimated net worth of three million. Sure, I'll go with that is that is that more than I then I have no I literally don't know how this works at all. What is your net worth? Say, Oh, that was for me. Oh, no, that's me. Oh, I thought that was me. I was like, yeah, will go with that now we're 700000.


Oh ok. Yeah. Spoo oh baban height in meters. You're one point eight five meters in metric. How nice.


How big is my penis. Um one point two meters. What, what, what, what did you say.


Moving on. So what's your net worth then. I don't know. That's only a millionaire would say that, OK, what is Lord Devi's phone number, oh, oh, oh. Eight six seven five three eight oh nine six seven. Eight, six. What what do you think right now? No, it's three two three four zero two five zero one. Did everyone get that one more time? The people know the good people Google that the joke.


Oh, is it OK to get me through that phone? No, it's Soulja Boy. It's because the phone is it?


We don't know. Oh, fuck. What is it again? That's what it is. What is it? Eight six seven five three oh nine.


What's that again? I wrote it on Jubilee's Lord DIY and media. We haven't seen it yet. What's that, so what's the number thing from a song from the 80s? It's fine. Oh, I'm from the 80s. Oh, yeah, that's before my time. Yeah. Can we play it or will we get in trouble? We'll definitely get in trouble, I think. Right.


No, it's just it's merely a I want you want you to like a little beatboxing behind it so we change it up.


So it's a remix and it's fine. Oh, oh. Skip to the skip the other part. Yeah, it was really too much of that. I just want to point this, this is just for news purposes, it's just coverage. We're not actually playing the song. OK, OK, yeah.


Yeah, well there goes our fucking budget for this podcast.


I read that that's not as exciting as the what's the number that they say in Kiss Me on the phone.


I'm talking about two eight one three three zero eight zero zero four hit Mike Jones on the locals. Mike Jones about to blow this.


I'm thinking, OK, anyway. Holy fuck. OK, go away. One three zero zero zero. And Mike Jones, you should know Mike Jones there.


No, I think our I think our viewers are. Yeah, they know all of those people's champ. I don't want to fucking breathe for a minute. Watch bauk is my suffering.


My Apple Watch literally is Lord DIY in Madea. Oh my God. Yeah, a fun fact.


I went to a movie star, everyone over to IMDB and see the latest. I was actually looking at my Embiid either day and I'm credited for a few things that I definitely had no part in. It's ok, ok. You know it helps me get the green card. I was a part of that. I was there, I was on set, I was married in nine years.


We talked about it so I have about two years left.


I actually just emailed a new lawyer to get my green card started. I have a very expensive five hundred dollars call with them on this week. OK, yeah. Can we. Yeah. So I was in, I had one line and one line in Boo to a Madea Halloween sequel. The sequel. Yeah, the sequel. And yeah I got to do how fast they shoot that shit. Oh my God.


Holy fuck. So I was in Atlanta for ten days I think and we shot the entire movie in five days. So why were you there for 10? I went to the zoo one day. OK. I biked around a little area has his own rules down there. Tyler Perry in Atlanta owns Atlanta.


He owns Atlanta. And so I think it's that he bought an old naval base or something. No, not a naval base. There is something military. Something military. Yeah.


So he bought all this fucking mass amount of land and his studios were so cool. And he has literally every set you could ever imagine if you need a school, a shopping old Victorian homes to. Right. Well, no, no, no. So those are the military general homes that you weren't allowed to alter. Right. Like they own the property, but he can shoot at them.


Right. Or you can shoot them. I'm pretty sure he just wasn't able to alter them. But like, great. Yeah, no, no, it's so cool. So I think we actually might have used one of them for some of the shots, I'm sure. Anyway, it was a very like YouTube or heavily clad video video movie. And it was honestly it was a hell of looking fun. I just like really appreciate when traditional media understands, like how to shoot really fast and efficient because typically movies and TV shit takes for fucking ever.


And Tyler Perry is the king of efficiency.


When you think he's going to have Water Nine in his next movie, you don't actually text him, do you?


No, I think I do, actually. That's fucking baller. Yeah, he was so nice.


He genuinely was so nice.


He seems like that do that somehow has a thousand words play. Paul always has always has time for someone.


Yeah. 100 percent. Absolutely. Like how. Like he took he took myself and my friend aside and just like brought us into his office and just like chatted for a little bit even though I'm sure he's as one billion things to do as James Tyler fucking Perry. Yeah. Dude runs the south also. And like no one can shoot like the the array of movies of that dude I'm sure does on that lot. I'm sure the amount of things you shoot outside of his own shit too is crazy.


Yeah. One hundred percent. He's got everything there. Yeah. All right. Anyway, last two except for not last to stick around. How does Lord DIY have tattoos.


Ma'am, no, ma'am, ma'am, I have six sisters and seven when we get our initials tattooed on our foreheads together, I love that's very, um, who who just got the fucking, like, ten million dollar diamond, Lucy Liu, fucking Uzi, you see, super infected. And he, like, is going to die if he doesn't get it out.


Really. Yeah, well you couldn't put a diamond on your forehead that he's been paying for for like six years.


Yeah. It's crazy. That's very, um, vision of him from Marvel. Right. Doesn't that feel revisioning. That's what you want. A vision. Oh my God. No spoilers. Will you do a whole fucking podcast on one division? But we're not going to be so good. We're not going to be a Marvel crossover, except for we could be.


For the right, we love our current sponsors. OK, last question, does Lordi I have nipple piercings? That's not a question. The answer is no. That is a question.


That is. It's your question. Only I already know the answer to your question. Does Claudia, your wife piercings, show up in your ears or appears for the first time? Oh my God.


OK, so also fun fact. I don't know how many times I've said this on the Internet, but I used to have gaged years of so fucking raw.


I was like a scene kid, so sick seeing kids in grade 12, in grade 12 and 11 I was seen. And so I had a friend and we both were like on it. I guess with my Tumblr we were both on a journey to gauge our ears. And she went bigger than I did because I was too scared to go past the point of no return when your ears don't go out of you.


I don't think she really knew what was going on. She didn't like it, she didn't like the whole thing in general, obviously she fucking hated it. But looking back, was she wrong? I mean, I don't regret it. I don't think it goes on. I have really cute ones like they were it was like it was a circle and had diamonds on the inside and you take a pencil through them and it was kind of fun.


So cool it can seem clean.


So hygenic it's not less hygienic than a regular earring if you do it the right way. Totally. I'm sure you were. Yeah. I mean, you know how much I don't enjoy pain, so it's not something that I would like force up to the next size if it didn't fit. Are you trying to tell me that, you know, my spacing journey more than I do? JEREMY Let's go on. Jeremy Dear me, who love scene because I love seeing.


Let's fucking go. Let's fight right now, right here on the pot.


Why am I being attacked anyways? So I had my ears gauge just in the bottom hole and somehow they've managed to close up. My stylist repairs them the other day. So I now have little little little studs and had whoops in the first time in forever. It was like a bad bitch. Right. There's none that makes you feel more powerful than whoops.


Really. That's what makes you more powerful than anything. Yeah. Whoops. OK, the power of whoops. That's all the questions I have. All right. What can people expect.


Well, I have a question. Will you just let us know if you use or understand. Read it. And this is going by example from the sweet boys that Sweet Boys has some read. It is they know what it is. It's just to read it. It's just to read it. They have to read it. Yeah. And it's like really cute. They have their own thread in their own thread.


I don't really know what that means, but it's like it's so cute.


We're really going through. We were we were looking for things on Reddit today.


What do we find? We are the good people with the pod. What we found out it.


This is why you have to stay of the pod, because you the good shit at the end. Um, so we found we found we found a video of Penis Gissing on a photo of me is what we found a video we found about twelve small dicks. Small ugly. Once again guys. Ugly, ugly.


I guess if you were going to take a video of the picture being just on. Yeah. And your dick looks like there was an accident, maybe some dicks just have curves, if that thing was like.


The hand motion that you know and you know what, when you when you actively are coming up pictures of my girlfriend, I get to make fun of you. That's true. You do. You do get that right.


You know. No, that you do get that in their phone. You should put that in the draft.


You who is in there who should be embarrassed to you anyway? Not not a compliment. Not oh by the way, it's not that I you know, fine.


Your everyone has their right. Yeah. That's weird. That is your business. Yeah. That is your business.


What have you gotten of this to put your pictures of me doing it to you. Hey babe, look, look how many guys think I'm really hot and I'm like for sure, what if I did it just to boost your ego?


It's OK. I don't need that. We're fine now, you know. Yeah, yeah. You're strong. Confident, but yeah. Especially Hoopes, especially in your whoops.


Whoops. Yeah. So anyway, that's what we were doing on Reddit. That's, that's how we got there. And they got a little Segou over to read it and also go to some fucking just an picture. You know what the worst part is that they jizz on their own phones. It's not like they went on their Cannan and two five zero printer and printed a picture out. It's like they're just jizzy on their screen. It's kind of gross.


I have. So I don't think I realize that that was the thing that happened. That's not a thing that happens often, OK? That's not common practice. I don't believe. And I'm going to go out on a limb that I can say this. No is going to call me on it. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it hasn't happened. I don't know it ever came anywhere near my phone. OK, that's good.


Yeah. OK, yeah. I don't know how I feel about that. That feels unsanitary. It's not sanitary, it's now that it's come that unsanitary. It's like is it like spinal fluid which is like kind of sterile. I have no idea. Medical experts. Let's not waste your opinion on this one we stand by for.


I've already claimed that. That. The vaginas don't spread covid, there are three people still listening to this podcast. We need to end it next week. We are ringing the fucking fire.


It's your turn. So we're going to fire him mostly. Say to me, buddy.