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You're completely, completely. Probably I'm going to drop kick you all the way to Katniss Everdeen. Are you ready? Yeah, let's go. Hey, guys, it's boyfriend and my girlfriend. Hi, I'm girlfriend. Hi, my name is Jeremy and this is my girlfriend Lauren. I girlfriend. Did you want to go ahead and introduce yourself to the audience?


I'm girlfriend. I did. OK, I'm like, what? What makes you you? I am Jeremy's girlfriend, OK? And I'm also the girlfriend of the Jeremy Lewis.


OK, got it. That is the resume. Yeah. Yeah. Well, welcome back to the morning you in Latvia. And as of this week. Yeah. The news you want to share the big news.


We are also the number one show in Tasmania. That's not what I was thinking. Oh, we do have a friend from Tasmania. Yeah. Yeah. If a couple actually no. I think just one. I'm pretty sure Kane is just from Tasmania. Right. Tasmania is.


They're not from Tasmania. I don't think so. Got it. Yeah. Anyway, welcome back to the morning in Latvia, Tasmania and Brazil. It's definitely the number one show in Brazil, but I did see trend in there and India, so it's exciting. Um, if if you're from Brazil or or India or Tasmania, we're on somewhere between the number one and ten thousand show. Only you can make that Delta smaller. I love that.


Also, I just realize that we look like a motherfucking San Pellegrino ad over here. And I just want to say, Pelligrino, that our dorms are open in the event I should rip this fucking label off.


No free promo supporting small businesses like San Pelligrino, small businesses, my own state, Belgrano. I don't know.


I feel like this is not the the riveting call, that riveting conversation that people were signing up for today when they clicked in the podcast.


Yeah. Let's talk about you want your only fans that look at the fucking clicks going, oh, I'm not kidding. I have had a few damn requests to ask for an only Vantz Nazli.


That's really why I Nelson did a great job of diversifying their portfolio to make it feel like they were doing something looks.


I think Natalie was a lot more than you think they do. Oh, I'm sure. Yeah, I'm sure. So anyway, so going back to are you generally fans? Is that a thing? No, I'm sorry. I don't think that I would be able to keep my HBO show. Like, although Craft is not a kid's show, especially season to season two is like edgy. It's adult. Crafter's, the judges are edgy and they let us be a little more, a little more, a little more off the cuff and like sassy.


So although Topia is not a kid's show and HBO, Max is by far not a kid's fuckin network, I don't know if they would allow only fans.


I think they might draw the line there for me.


Um, I mean, I think there's an argument, both sides. Yeah.


And needless to say, I don't necessarily think it's a great idea for you to start on the fans, but I also think it's a bad idea.


Here's the thing. I think my revenue streams right now are quite diversified and I'm happy as to where I am. But that's not to say that I would be against throwing up a bikini photo to make a lot of money. Boob. Yes.


And for for the caption person that is s h b o b boob. I see. If you want to use Denison's. Um, hello, shlub. How is your day this week?


Country of origin of Los Angeles, California and USA.


Fortuño They got it. Yeah, yeah. I've seen it with a C and S c h b Olby. And I've also seen ushe poop.


People think it's too much poop, it's not much poop, it's boob as in what, boob and boob with us on the beginning of it. And how do we get there. And I don't know, I've literally have no idea. OK, yeah I know I said that was a neutze, which is good news, but no one said anything about it.


Really. Yeah. In the last podcast we, we ended the recording, we like we said, a lot of weird shit.


I also like this happens maybe, maybe it's just my relationships. But like I know you know what I feel like this is widespread is that like when you date someone long enough, you have your own vocabulary.


OK, go on. Right. Like like I don't know. Boob is like our pet name.


So sort saying babe, which is not we don't not say babe but spoo is much more frequent. Right. And then for nuts you would say neutze neutze mousse bubbies subbies for the most part or bobbers Chinese Googoosh need to be S.H. and yes.


You got it. Yeah. Yeah. That was pretty straightforward. Yeah.


Um what else I would love. So and it's funny because I can't think about where ever this came from. Yeah. But I, I agree. I'd almost go as far as to say that if you don't have your own language with your partner. Right. I'm not sure that I'm buying into that relationship. I agree. I agree. No one cares whether we buy into a relationship or not.


I'm just saying that I've noticed a pattern in healthy relationships where we make up our own language, similar like a pig Latin, but less structure. Yes. And a sign that at will. Yes, yeah. Yes. In fact, Lauren would if I were to use her name. In fact, in the last week, I can think of a time or two where I've used her name and it's as if I insulted her entire lineage. When I say, Lauren, this is why I thought, you're mad at me for using my name.


OK, there's some there's some like past relationship. It's there that we don't need to go into. But I do think it's what? Well, what would you just kind of cut them out of the conversation? I, I dated someone who I don't know. No, no, it was it was OK. So it was out of resentment where they knew that I wanted to, like, use babe or anything, literally anything you want to use and pet names, didn't you.


What do you mean a little nickname didn't make a name. I get it. Yeah.


Well either one of ours is buddy chicks. You buddy chicks. What else are they called. I don't know. I only know them as buddy chicks. Yeah. So in a relationship where they knew that I wanted to use anything except for like your full last name and because they knew that I wanted that they went out of their way to make sure that that never happened. So like it was just always Lauren, no matter what the circumstances were. And because I knew it was out of a place of resentment, it like every time they would say my name, I was just like, oh, yeah.


Like getting like a little little like to the face or those nuts to the face.


There was no, no, no, no.


I'd be more like a like a you know. Yeah.


So no, I can't use your name without you thinking it makes you like flinch. It makes me flinch. OK, yeah.


I think maybe you should talk about that in therapy for a little bit. Just on the off chance. You know, I use your name. Now, there's a time and place for it, like when you're when you're in public, like, obviously if I yelled out a boob across the grocery store, you would for sure turn around.


But in in a public place like it is very normal to be like Jeremy. I mean, what is it?


Let's play a game of trivia. What is the nickname that I cannot stand?


That you can't stand? Oh, oh, oh, no, oh, no, oh, no, no, no, not for me.


Oh, a nickname that is commonly used or a word or a thing.


Oh. Oh, three letters, three letters.


And to you, not ironically, so you don't like saying it to someone, I would never say this, you would never say and you don't like when you hear someone say, yeah, three letters like, oh, oh, baby, I just can't do it.


Tough. I feel like babies don't know, like people were really obsessed with them for a long time. But I feel like they has has had its time, its course and it's retired.


It's time to move on. It's time to move on. And eventually a will move on. You think. Yeah, I don't know if will know. This is the stickiest one we've ever had. OK, well, you know what I mean, like, this is the most long lasting this is the most longevity, the most long, the most long that we've ever known nickname for me had won the most long.


And your audio, only Lauren's face looks like she's welcoming and warm to that suggestion. The amount of times Loren looks at me as if I have the smallest penis in this podcast, I swear to God the longest. That was OK, the longest, OK, but also like when I think of really, really long, I think of a pencil dick and you don't want that. So like I like now I think I've got out my way to say it like it is of of great.


Consider me entertained for this one. Are you going to use the word curse, but I just can't even get it. I know you couldn't do it seriously? Oh, God, no. But when you think of, like, the longest I think of I think and we've spoken about the pencil dick in in past episodes. Yeah. And I just add the pencil dick makes me like gives me like the the extra are you are using.


I'm the most Bayport proportional. Yes. That's what I'm trying to say. OK it is ok.


It is a great length and Graycar and even greater proportion. I hate the word girth and it's a horrible. What would you like to use instead. There's no other way. That's why I had to use because there's no other alternative.


If you were to use the sound effect to describe the word girth, what would you go with? Yeah, now, like mine. OK, you I that it was accurate.


Yes, sure, it was accurate for sure. OK, what's what what's the word called when a word sounds like what it is?


I have no fucking idea is on a onomatopoeia.


Yeah. It's not that I you are really on your own for this one. I don't you know I want to be a it is.


Yeah. Let's not be in the process of creating the word the phonetically imitates resembles or suggests the sound with.


Don't cut that and we'll just keep that right in there or suggests the sound that it describes such a word itself is also common, is called onomatopoeia. Common, unappeased, include animal noises.


Just oink, meow, roar or chirp, huh? Boom. Onomatopoeia not to be confused with the girth. So now that we've established all of that and I don't know how we got here, how do we get here?


Our own language on language boob. Yep, yep, how do we get to dicks, though? How do we get over? We always get the text. I know. How do we get here? Let's backtrack back to the camp and the onomatopoeia.


Beep, beep. You're right. Lauren, would you like to describe your doctor to give us your mental health rating this week? Oh, yes, I would. So I have been reading my mental health. At the end of every day, I jot down a few notes of how my day was, what my triggers were. And just like overall, what I did is very helpful.


Honestly, if someone is experiencing anxiety or also just like trying out medication or also just if you're fucking curious how your brain is doing. My brain did not have a great week this week as it has not for the past four months.


You know, it's it's yeah, it's been a downward trend. Right. But you know what comes after downward trends rockbottom know up a lower the rock bottom to the moon, but to the right, just like your portfolio.


There's there is a SpongeBob episode where he hits rock bottom and it's like a city. And that's where I feel like my brain is out right now.


A city rock bottom is the city called rock as opposed to bikini bottom. Yeah, I would like to be in bikini bottom. That is the goal.


I would like you to be bikini bottom and sort of my mental health rating of the week is probably about as I say, I'm teetering on a five point nine and a six point one. Somewhere between those two ratings is probably where I set myself for this past week. But I've decided that I no longer want to be in rock bottom. And this is always what happens with anxiety medication, is that you don't realize that shit has been so bad for so long because you're waiting for your new meds to kick in and then all of a sudden three or four months go by and you're like, damn, I still feel bad.


And that probably applies to a lot of life.


Yeah, that's true. That's true. Um, and then it usually takes someone in your life from an outsider perspective to be like, damn you been you've been rough for like a couple of months and you're like, holy shit. I have been like really bad for so long.


So. And who is that you? That was you.


OK, that's it. That is that made it seem like you've been on a downward trajectory. Yeah. Yes.


But it's not like it's not a bad thing. It really just like, like stops you in your tracks and you're like, oh my God. Like I have just been getting continuously worse and like the goal when I started changing meds was to get better. Right.


You didn't say, let's fuck around with what's going on. I could just see what I write. Like, you don't change meds when things are going well. You know, very few times. Do you do anything different when things are going well, actually.


Right. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Well, yeah, I think OK. I think that's actually playing into our larger theme.


Here it is. It is. So anyways, I've decided that I have been in the city of rock bottom for too long. I would like to start not being population Laurine in rock bottom.


And so I am on a new journey of medication change, which my psychiatrist hasn't acknowledged yet, but there is an email in his inbox as of last night.


Oh, OK. So this changes you driven. Oh yeah. OK. Oh yeah. Well I mean a lot of times you have to, you have to kind of be the one in the driver's seat to be like, hey, I don't know if this is doing anything.


If not, it's making it worse.


Hello is just there to give you information to be like like based on your side effects, based on like all those like tests they run on my brain and he's just there to like give his best guess.


Guess. Yeah. Yeah. OK, do you feel good about that. I don't feel like I could feel worse about it. I don't think you should say that. I think there's always a world where you feel worse.


Sure, sure, sure. But like. Yes, yes. OK, yeah, I'm being a realist. Normally I am I am an optimist in almost every respect, but me and my brain are.


We're beefing right now, OK? We are we are beefing. It is not a good, healthy relationship, but you and your body also beefing. What's also beefing. You mean because your mind is directly connected to your body.


I know, but your body's getting hot.


Well, you can think my two boxing sessions a week for that. Yeah.


Yeah, I will say that I am actively trying to belittle tennis tomorrow night and I know that we're not bailing on tennis tomorrow night makes me anxious and I actively try and find little ways.


I think it's the only thing that I do to move all week to it's great if you go I don't want to go alone. You do great.


You do so much better when I'm not there anyway, I, I'm going to do that thing that you and influenza's do and say I've got like a lot of exciting things coming up I can't talk about yet and just build anticipation or something that doesn't exist for anybody else yet.


Well and well. Um, could you walk me through how to do that? Because, you know, I've got some exciting things in the works. Oh. So here here is how you do it.


Yeah. Can you walk me through so you know what's going on in my life? Very few people do. Right. Um, well, you see I had to beg of people do it still very much in.


No, no. You're going too far into it. You're going to do it here. Goes here.


It's like this, it's an exercise. You set the table for how it is.


You would describe the things that are coming in my life as if I'm making the announcement of the announcement. But the pre announcement. Yeah, yeah. It goes like this.


Uh, guys, I'm working on something that is so exciting and I cannot not wait to share it with you. I'm working on for so long and I know you're gonna love it. I love it so much. I put my heart and soul into it. My team has been backing this whole project for so long and it's been in the works and I'm so close to finally being able to tell you about it. And I promise that I will tell you as soon as I can.


And I'm just dying. I'm dying to tell you that exciting things are coming and I cannot wait to share them with you. So make sure you follow me on social media, because that'll probably be the first place I announce it. But can't wait to tell you guys what I've been working on.


How how'd I do? I was hit subscribe.


How did I do?


Hit the bell to the amount of fucking times that you tumour's including myself have done that. But you know what I will say is that like I've gotten better about choosing which which projects that I want to do that with because sometimes I genuinely feel like that. Right. And it's it's so especially when it becomes such like, OK, like topia, for example, when I wasn't allowed to announce that. Yeah. But it was consuming my life. It's so hard to vlog authentically about what's happening in your life when you can't talk about what's happening in your life.


I mean, that's actually oddly similar to my scenario. Yeah, it's no, not similar. Yeah.


So it was so exciting things coming up and he can't talk about it yet. But you're going to be so it's only you. It is going to be huge. Huge.


It's pretty big. It's sizable. One might say it's got girth. Oh no, no, no, it does have girth but I just don't hear that sound again. OK, I would rather hear the word girth or hear that sound seven times. Seven times I find one to one girth of this one to one.


Oh. I'm starting to sound OK. Yeah, OK, well, that wasn't an invitation, actually, you know what, maybe I take a breath. I take our word.


Yeah, girth is the inflection, it seems like, for sure. OK, so beyond us teasing that we've got Mirch coming out, it's pretty fucking sick.


You saw it last episode. Do you have the hat? Oh, we can talk about the hat. We've got my dad had it coming out, but we wanted to find the balance between, I don't know, the price point on this because no one tells me anything. And also I don't know anything because it's not my wheelhouse. But anyway, we wanted to find different priced objects so that people could, like, have their there. OK, got it.


Can't afford that is a little bit cheaper.


We can get this, but the quality still fucking fire and rigorous inflation in embroidery embroidery d'états coming to embroider dad.


Has they also a print on demand which is great. So as soon as someone orders them they just like get printed and shipped out to them.


Yeah it's great.


And I am a cutie and have your Korean hat lawn.


If I were to wear a three piece custom bespoke Tom Ford suit and or the option was me to show up in some gray sweatpants and some Lululemon hoodies, Lauren would pick the latter every time. Depends on where we were going.


But if I was building a sim right to make them look really hot, I would build the same as is the second option there. Got it. Yes, got it. Yes. OK, yes, speaking of them, did you want to tell people about your coin or are you good, my lord, yaoi coin on the cloud?


No, I don't even know what I'm talking about on Becloud. I don't know what's going on. I don't know what's going on. Got it. Well, I'm for sale as a coin. Jaquie Diamond Hands Udal. Yeah, I'm for sale is a coin. I don't know what that means. It's not an NFTE, but I don't really know what's going on. But you can buy me as a coin, right? You can. Yeah, I don't know.


Right. I think I own some of me. I own some of you. I don't want me to. Right. Yeah I you. Yeah, yeah. We own some of us. I have no idea what's going on anyway. OK, so did you set the table or you say, well good friends don't let friends live with anything less than amazing here.


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Better help assess your needs and match you with your own licensed professional therapist, allowing you to connect in a safe and private online environment. Oh, my God.


Like, what did I give myself this week on my weekly anxiety rating? It was not it was not good.


It was below five is below five. Things are weird in the world right now. And so many of us are feeling it. Being able to get the help that you need from your own home has been crucial during this time. It's not a crisis line. It's not self-help. It's professional counseling done securely online. You can send a message to your counselor at any time and receive timely and thoughtful responses. They also provide the option to schedule weekly video or phone sessions.


I've done both video and phone sessions and have found both options to be so much more relaxing and efficient.


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That is how would you describe it? So if you had ears or a telephone and the Internet for the last week, you probably see the fact that the Suez Canal is currently jammed by a boat that is longer than the Empire State Building is tall, just fucking sideways. Yeah, I didn't know this until maybe a couple hours ago. Do you know how it happened?


Yeah, I was wondering how this happened. How did this happen? Long story short, the fucking driver who is going through the Suez Canal, I guess the boat just lost power for a little bit and made it through and just kept going.


And it's not like they have a string in our rudder rakings like pull it back. Yeah. And so the the bow of this fucking ship or the front of it just went into the fucking side of it, lodged it in there.


And now it is like the biggest blockade blocker for anything in and out both sides. And Lawrence in the video trying to fucking show it here, but like it is hilarious to see just how much is fucked. It's not hilarious. It is ironic to see just how much this one boat that went a little bit sideways has fucked the entire world. Right. Global supply chain, literally.


I, I love the Internet. I really do. I hate I hate the Internet sometimes, but I really I really love the Internet and I love when the Internet picks just like a wholesome ass meme, you know. I mean, like no one is the butt of this joke here. It's no one's fault. No one's getting put down, you know what I mean? Like, there's there's no cruelty involved in this.


And like what a lot of Internet culture sometimes is based around a lot of bullying and there's so much bullying, so much fucking bullying. And this is just in fucking grade a wholesome ass humor. One of the funniest memes was and you know what? Hopefully by time this podcast goes up that the Suez is the Suez Canal is unblocked.


I mean, it's got it's got to be I mean, so I think right now they're currently plan of action is to start disassembling the shit off. Yes. It's so heavy. But I just love the meme where it's like the huge Sasebo and there's a little tiny little baby tractor on the side of it trying to, like, push it away. And obviously, it's doing absolutely nothing.


Well, they're trying to clear, I think, the the land around it so they can push it away. Oh, that makes it so much more sense.


But it's is the funniest fucking picture because everyone's being like, I'm trying to think of, like, what people are saying, like, it would be like the boat would be the Suez or the ever, ever, ever, ever know ever, ever, ever.


No, hang on. Hang on. Please hold.


Ever given, ever given. So it's like the ever given is in the photo to the right and no they like my anxiety and then the little excavator, the little tractor will be like someone saying it's OK, don't be anxious. And it's like you know what I mean.


Like it's just so funny. The beams that are coming out of this, it is hilarious. I love it. I love it so much. I love the Internet.


Everyone. Well, every once in a while the Internet gets it right. Every once in a while the internet gets it right. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. It's the the most. Raw and honest visual depiction of how every part of your fucking life, it's like so many things going well, but if one little thing isn't going well, nothing else fucking matters.


I'm also the queen of that.


If one thing goes wrong in my day, you know what the best example of this is, is like if you're kind of having a bad day and this is I'm sure this has happened to literally everyone, nothing makes you more irate if you're kind of having a bad day like it hasn't fully committed to being a bad day. So, like, a few things have gone like a little annoyingly wrong, but like nothing like catastrophic. And then you catch the door handle in the loop of your jeans and you get fucking ripped back.


There is nothing, nothing that makes that is that is the straw that breaks the camel's back.


It is the teetering moment into a horrible day if in not compound that do in public just oh just throw the day away, just throw away the rest of it off.


Yes. There's some things you can't come back from. And that's one of the. That's one of them. That's one of them. Yeah. Yeah.


Like that. Or like you're in the car on the way to work. Back when I used to commute and just spill on yourself or even get to that, you have to then figure out am I going to lie and come up with a much grander lie about how I can't go to work because I gotta go change my shirt or are you going to show up and all day then explain to yourself, no, I'm just a fucking slob.


I always wondered if that's why people had shirts like especially like when I lived in Toronto commuting any time from like my hometown to Toronto, why people had shirts hanging their back seats.


Is that why they went to the dry cleaner? Oh, and that's not something that you do. I don't I don't dry clean, which is a whole nother can of worms that say they just keep moving on.


That's a good one. Can you think of anything that's a parallel to that? Because I can.


What the fuck? My whole life is like that. I'm just such a sensitive person that like if one thing is going wrong, it just bleeds into everything, literally everything. But I think like the biggest parallel of like my life in the Suez Canal situation is like when I was so deeply unhappy in my job and making like content that I just didn't want to be making like that made everything worse. What I mean, like, I was just I was just an unhappy person.


Like when you're doing something that makes you the one pinnacle item, right. That I was in control, I guess it's in quite a parallel because I was I was technically in control the the ever given. Fuck, how do we forget it already? What is it the ever given the I'm going to keep saying Katniss Everdeen for some reason, yes, it's Katniss Everdeen. We're ever given its other one. So Katniss Everdeen, you get everything is sitting there and she's stuck and she's like, fuck, I am stuck, you know?


I mean, like, Katniss Everdeen doesn't have any cheese, no control over the situation. But like, when I was making shitty YouTube videos, like I had full control of that situation. So it's not quite the same parallel, but like in the sense that I was I was blocking myself from being happier and just like better. Yeah, but you're like a happy, unhappy person. Happy, unhappy.


Right. But that's why that's why I see myself in the foot so often, because I can isolate the unhappy sometimes if it's been going on for so long, like so I think also healthy, super healthy, like, oh God.


It's just such a I mean, we talked about this before. It's like when I was unhappy making shitty content that I wasn't happy with. I was also simultaneously being awarded with money and views and fans. And so like I was somehow able to justify and isolate that like little island of unhappy. And I think overall it made me a less happy person, just like in general, because I wasn't excited about, like, my main element of life, which is work.


Creativity, OK? Yeah, yeah, I mean, I'm really lucky in that, like, my job is also like my passion project and like I a lot of people don't get to see that. So, like, I don't want to I don't want to get it fucking twisted that I don't have the best job in the entire world. Right. I do. But I had such a I don't know what situation was, what I was, who I talked to the day.


Um, and it does matter. And I was like somebody the other day about, oh, it was like a business guy who's talking about like, how do you make money with the podcast? Because he's like very much business and was like fascinated the fact that, like, you make money with the podcast. And he was like talking to me about it because, well, it's insane to me because he. He had just read a stat from like a nerdy like, you know, Business Insider or something else, just like business wise, it's like one of, if not the most highly sought after jobs in America.


And if not the world is a YouTube or an influencer is like, what?


That's fucking crazy.


No, I believe it, though, because kids are growing up in a totally different time. Wanted to be like an astronaut. Right? I don't know why. Right.


But you wanted to be I got into a fight on Twitter with about this. Actually, Michael, I go on, let me find the fucking tweet. He was basically just like shaming all of the creative industries. And I was just one of those mujer. I was like, not today, Bill. Oh, here we go. DeLeon is his name.


DeLeon. Yeah. Fuck this guy. How depressing. Our society has failed to provide ambitious role models to our children. The top ten jobs that kids want you to be thirty four point two percent. Blogger and blogger. Eighteen point one percent musician. Singer 16 percent. Actor, filmmaker. Doctor, nurse. My favorite is that doctor. He spelled it d you are fucking God. He's not a doctor. Ls Everyone would be dead. TV presenter, athlete, teacher, writer and lawyer.


Got it.


And so he was just like shitting on the creative industries basically. And so anyway so I clapped back and I was like yeah. Building an entire empire from home based on something you love, monetizing and connecting with people in a really positive way. Super sucks.


Worst job ever. Yeah, what's the name, fucking DeLeon, Jeff DeLeon, get fucked. What did you wish? You wish you had a fun, creative job. What are they Delinda's. Let me see. Let's find let's let me FBI this real quick. Oh, he is an investor. Um. Oh, we have some mutual followers. Yes, some kind of investor. Which actually makes me think that he's probably fucking stupid because, like, if he can't see the value in the influencer marketing space and you're an investor.


Yes, but I mean, it's long been debated, but, yes, I couldn't agree more. But also, just like I think they're I think we're opening up our eyes to the fact that, like, people are going to have different jobs that the baby boomers aren't going to see is valuable. Yes. That are valuable. One hundred percent.


One hundred percent. Even just like there's just so the jobs are so different. The jobs are so different. It is like the digital industry did not exist. Well, also, the industry of people didn't respect Nicias until fucking 10 years yesterday. Yeah. Yeah. The whole idea of getting into a niche was just not sustainable. And there are a lot of ways that it's still not sustainable. So I could be wrong, but the Internet has made those niches a hell of a lot easier to be sustainable.


Oh, my God. Yeah, well, I mean, what's fucking Gary Vee's like go to thing is that if you are passionate about Jamm, you can have your corner of the Internet where you can do your damn business and you can find people on the Internet that love like Nischan.


I love Jamm. You love. I would pay a premium for the right.


You would, you would pay the premium for four luxurious Jamm. I would. And that person can quit their day job their shitty 9:00 to five that they fucking hate and make bomb as jam.


Yeah but I think that's the great thing about that is the best part about the Internet. It connects people's interests. You want it to be better than you ever could in your own micro like city.


Yes, I understand when I think about like who I hung out with when I love crafting growing up, No. One, I crafted by myself. I sat at the kitchen table fucking gluing beads to paper and painting around it like I didn't have anyone when I played sports for a decade longer than I should have.


The only reason I did is because, like, every single time I picked up anything that wasn't a ball that I could throw was like, oh, I didn't know you were gay. Oh, my God. Yeah, well, if being gay is singing OK, like, it's it's if I had the Internet at the time to go, oh, there are other people like me. Right. Don't necessarily like penis.


Well also like singing the arts is not is completely not connected to sexuality. I mean.


Well 20 years ago, 20 years ago it was because they just like anything that wasn't just like the pinnacle of masculinity was like, well it's got to be gay God. In fact, if you walk yourself back to Alabama right now or, you know, out of the south, it feels that way. It's changing. Like when I was in Kentucky when I got there compared to what it is now, right.


Night and day. Right. Long way to go. But it's just like progression in the right direction. Old the old habits die hard. Yeah. You know what, though, when I see people like Joe Joseba come out, when I see people like little Nawzad doing what the fuck is like going the fuck off? And it's just showing people and showing like youth that it is OK to be exactly who you are. We'll also just if it if it bothers you so much.


Move on, right, move and also do like I feel like because the Internet allows you to connect with people, like you can always find someone who's into the same shit or is similar to you. And just like you can find your community. Yeah. Even though I'm still the number one noob on Reddit, I will say that I love nothing more than being in the bull terrier sub Reddit because like, these are my people, it's very, very apparent.


These are my people. I know my friends, I, I have to be conscious of how many photos I send of moose or like even other bolters them because, like, they love moose. Don't get around wrong. Think he's like one of the best dogs ever, but like. Right. They don't have the burning love that I do for bull terriers. And so with the bull terrier Subrata, I found my people.


Yeah. You know, if if I was going to have to choose like a retirement community for you tomorrow, I would say, is there one that kind of just like puts bull terrier Meems above others?


Right. Instead of this is a means. You reminded me that meme is just a photo, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah.


I will I will gladly look at a bull terrier sitting on a couch. What community do you think has benefited most from the Internet and what community you think has had most of its pride taken away from the Internet?


I mean, I want to say that LGBTQ, AA plus community has probably benefitted the most. Yes. And like that. And I think like any nesh overarching niche, I feel like you can connect with people.


I think for people that, like are on their way out of this world who thought that acronym that you say a lot better than I do because I feel like I kind of miss last to you. Give it to me one more time. LGBTQ, AA plus LGBT. Got that part. Q I was OK. God I just learned that quick. It's not that hard. You haven't figured it out. Figured out. I think they thought it was a lot more nesh.


Yeah. Than it is. Right. Than it was and is also just sexuality so fluid now.


So that's why I like that. It's just so fluid. So it's not even I don't know.


Well I also think that as someone who grew up in a very religious family, I also think that the amount of information that is going out and trying to figure out how to delineate the if you are a part of this community, you can no longer be a part of this community. It's just like, no, there might be some gray area or no, maybe the Old Testament isn't the thing that we're all going to hang our hat on or, oh, maybe there's enough space for everyone to live in a world where not everyone has to be wrong for the people to be.




Right. Sorry, my tangent. Now go off in Glasspool going off the cliff and then going off back to you. Oh OK. Got it. So that some of them benefit the most. Which one got kicked in the deck the most. Oh, my God, I'm so sorry if that was like an actively loud swallow, you know, it's OK.


Oh, probably like crime rings, crime rings, crime rings. Yeah, because I feel like before like I want to see, like, harassment. Yeah. So, yeah. Like police brutality of any kind.


Like the shit that just happened and no one knew about, you know, I mean like I think now that we have the Internet you can share and people have access to the crime rings are still alive and well.


I think the maybe the mob. I think the mob took a hit. You think? Yeah, I think the mob is as strong as it used to be. I know nothing about mob.


Well, I watched The Sopranos, OK, that's my my parents' favorite show. And you watch the whole the whole thing. Yeah. My parents. You should face my mom.


She would love to talk. She hasn't seen the whole Sopranos. They just finished.


They just finished. Controversial ending.


Yeah. I have no idea. You should call Gail and talk about what you would like.


The Sopranos.


She, she, she told me that I would and I was like, you mean like yeah. Ah we can try. That's OK. There's so many.


I get intimidated when there's a show that has like fourteen seasons going into The Sopranos and Mad Men, both kind of on that same bucket because just like their season. One, two, three. Oh yeah. Last season. Absolutely. And then in the middle it's like they got renewed for like six seasons. Right. And the guys were like, oh, OK, let's drag this shit out. Well it's OK. We'll just take our sweet time.


And it's not say that there's not good information there, but like. Yeah, yeah. Hopefully that'll never their podcast.


So the mob, the mob took a hit. I think the mob took a hit. OK, because I don't think because because crime rings. Think about it. I mean there's a lot of pyramid schemes going on on the Internet. There's a lot of fishing, there's a lot of like scams, things that you can exploit. There's a lot of hate. Send me one hundred Bitcoin thousand back, which, by the way, that old that old good old deal.


By the way, if anyone were running, if I don't want to send us Bitcoin, that would be we will accept it. We will accept it. Yes. I don't know of anything back, but we will accept that we will accept that Bitcoin on our Shopify site that is sick. Yeah, I don't I don't necessarily know if we get any bites with that one, but but we do love the idea.


Should we start our own coin? I don't know. Yeah. I don't know if it seems like it seems a lot ok. I believe, I mean it's like too overwhelming for me and I don't even know it's got circle back on that.


OK. Yeah, ok. Anyway, I just wanted to kind of get a quick read from you on that. OK, that's all.


So as far as what if you were given the Chancellor or Chancellor gender-specific, I don't think it is because Chancellor Angela Merkel and I for sure budget that I live.


It's the chancellor of Germany is Angela. Angela, Angela, Angela. I have no idea. OK, sorry, everyone from Germany. There's probably only about one hundred of you. But you're all mad at me now. Yes. And I'm so sorry. Yes. My American is showing. Anyway, if you were the chancellor of the Suez Canal, how would you fix that problem?




Oh, fuck, I just like I don't know, I don't know, you know, who has a majority that ship majority, but a lot of it IKEA really.


It's like fifty thousand. IKEA is just. Yeah. The amount of people's, like, bed frames around that thing you said.


Yeah. Oh shit. That's tough. That's tough. Um, we, we didn't react the tick tock. Oh let's do it. OK. But certainly we've already played that. Well, we kind of missed the boat on that one. OK, so for our audience, listen, I'm going to walk this out for you. We've got we've got Katniss Everdeen in the little thing. Katniss Everdeen is the only bitch that can get through it one time, and she's blocking the whole thing.


And you pull out this map and then you see every other boat that can now not go through that one channel because of Katniss Everdeen. And it is overwhelming how many little dots are on both sides, on both sides, because there's only one way in one way and. Right. And it's like one of the main.


Oh, my God, that is so stressful to watch. Holy shit.


But also, like a good indication that may be similar to our own lives. We should have a backup plan and the backup plan shouldn't be going south of Africa. Yeah, having to go all the way around, right? Yeah, that it it's like in your own mental health journey, you have, like, own you don't just have, like, one solution. Right. There are multiple things. Yeah. That that. Yeah. Sound like a no.


There is like you got your I've got like my nine one one exit plan which is called Shannah which is called Xanax.


OK, it's like, it's like the, it's like the restart button control all delete. I would say that's the shut down button.


It could shut down you hold while you hold power and it stops everything it's doing and you come in twenty five minutes. Yes, exactly. Exactly. You come back and everything's still hot. Yes. And like things are still like little slow you it goes you restart it because of a problem. Yeah. Would you like us to restore and you restart restore things and like about half of everything is saved. Yeah. Honestly a lot closer as a depiction that I would have anticipated going.




That's a that's a not far off. Yeah. It's not far off. Yeah. So you're not I mean one option, you also have got like your therapy grounding breath work options which would add their good lawn today, almost killed me because we were in the middle of like a little little tiff and it's not any bigger than that.


And I do this thing sometimes when Morin's gets really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really tense where I go.


Oh, each and every woman on this podcast going out, you fucks and every guy's going to go like, Yeah, you idiot. And so I do this thing sometimes.


Where will you know she'll be, you know, you only you only do this to when we're at like we're so close to being on the same page about something and it just sets us back ten steps.


So I sense that Lauren's a little on edge. Maybe even you have you've put me on edge. You put me there.


You put me there. Anyway, point is, when I sense that, I think just a little bit too tense of this thing. Right. Go OK. Let's and I audibly breathe to take to to create space, and Lauren looks at me as if. I know it's not it's not it's not takes place. You're completely, completely. I'm going to drop kick you all the way to Katniss Everdeen. Did you want to. Did you want to interject?


Yeah, yeah, I do. I would. I would like. So that was my perspective. But OK.


So when Jeremy thinks that he is winning and I'm visiting with you, you think it's more of a competition than I do, I swear.


OK, so anyway, so let me let me let me get my perspective. So when what I just I love this. This is funny. When Jeremy actually maybe it's not when you're winning.


And here's here's here's a healthy tip. Number one is that you are winning or you're losing. You know, if anyone is winning or losing, you both lose. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. I'm kidding.


That's very toxic. When.


Things when Jeremy feels like I'm getting what I'm starting to overheat, right, cause I'm on the laptop again and Jeremy thinks that I'm I'm en route on the brink of on the brink of overheat, except for when the shut down button is my fist in your face.


It's not like a go somewhere else. It's like a top explosion level. Right of anger.


So when Jeremy thinks that I'm building towards that, he'll he'll pause and he'll he'll insinuate that I need to breathe and take a breath.


How fucking dare. And it's it's not to create space, OK? It's to insinuate that I'm getting too worked up and too emotional about what we're talking about. And you're trying to take control of the situation and told me that you are already in control. But I am losing control. And that right there, ladies and gentlemen, is why Jeremy almost dies when we are so close. We are so close to being on the same page.


I think it's a very jaded way to look at that, but OK, so, um, if you want to make your partner, I rate you you pause the conversation, especially when you're super, super close to, like, being done and it's like about to be OK again. And you tell them to take a breath and take a breath.


You're like, oh, breathe, breathe.


And I look down. So one might say that that reaction means that I might have been onto something, but yeah, I. I hear you. People people in the audience. Are OK.


But I just think I don't think that people that can't talk about the way that they act when they're upset are ready to talk about how they. You're only allowed to say that you not to say that if you're not the one inflicting the reasons why they need to be upset, though I don't understand. Of course you don't explain it to me.


OK, if you were Katniss Everdeen, what would you do to fix the situation? I'd call up that little short fucker. What's his name? Peter. Yeah. If he is really short, actually, yeah. The backstory of Peter see that Peter and I had had an ex fling. Oh, yeah, that's right, yeah, I bet Peter did not like that you were like ten inches taller. I don't think you did at all. Yeah, I don't think that he would like that.


That's so nice. I've had Joshua Boo. That's so nice.


You know, I whatever I had such a crush on him and this is going to sound so mean. I had such a crush on him. And then I realized was that is that's me.


That's me. That's me, it's me. That's me. I can't help it. I know you can't help. I know. Just like I couldn't help but that I grew up to be very tall and right. You know, above average height. It's no one's fault. And oddly proportional, as we've discussed right before, my body's had the proportional. OK, just eLong.


What. What? Yeah, I'm long. Yeah. Body wise.


You are a fucking long boy. Yeah. I'm, I'm being stalked. You're being you're being selfish. Yeah. Yeah.


Oh fucking. We can't get past that. OK, so if I was Katniss Everdeen. I came up with all IKEA stuff on there. I saw another I saw another funny take talk where someone was driving by. We are all over the place. No one has ever wondered if we would ever, ever until this podcast. And now they can both see that we are both.


Yes. Yes. We have so much exciting shit going on here on the precipice also of announcing so much of it. You can talk about it. Yes.


I described. There's another funny tick tock where the guy is driving by and so he's filming, he's filming Katniss Everdeen and he was like, which is the ever given in case anyone we are all know we're all working on it.


We're all good. What did you say? Fuck, let me I don't want to twist his words as his joke was funny. I don't want to mess it up. Oh, I think you played this one. Great. OK, hang on. Hang on, everyone. I'm going to just we're going to put this we're going to put this on screen as well.


But audio listeners, I'm a put I'm a put you up to the mic if you're wondering why are there is it's coming. If you're wondering why are there is it's coming to your dad.


That's what I would be sending people every time. No, Dad. Oh, this is so funny.


And he's so he's sorry. He's not feeling Katniss Everdeen. He's filming one of the boats who is stuck behind Katniss Everdeen. Can you imagine?


I was talking to him about this yesterday. Can you imagine you are either driving along, mind your own business, going down the Suez as one does, and you see this fucking boat just fucking just tank in front of you and you have nowhere to go. You're trapped. Not the boat that's trapped, but the one is fully operational right behind it. Oh, my God. Yeah. What happens there or can you imagine? It's like the turn lane where like you're just about to be thwarted off.


You're just putting thought it off and you realize you passed your last exit that you could have gone in, I guess. And you you get the radio that goes, hey, hey, hey, everyone, turn back. Don't go. You've got to turn back around, go south, don't go to the canal. And now you're not even the second or the sandwich. And there you're on the end. But you're just past the point of no return.


Right? You can't really back it up.


Yep. That's tough. I wonder if boats can't go backwards. But they can, right? Yes. Yeah, yes. I don't know how boats work. No idea. My dad took me so mad that I ask that question. He's a boat guy. Kind of.


Well, I mean, just the propulsion that way or that way. Oh, yeah. I guess I'm just a rudder that goes either way.


OK, so what I thought you were going to say that I was I was mistaken was that I thought we were talking about the boat. That would have been like, I wonder how fast boats need to, like, stop.


Oh, you I mean, like, you know, when the train stops and like, the train behind it needs like a shit ton of like run off time to, like, actually stop. Right. I wonder how that works. Also, this is a fucking riveting conversation.


No, but I think it's like planes when they're about to hit the ground, they start I think they literally hit like the gas in reverse.




So it's like they're like going was like, oh, like in Mario Kart when you hit the drift and you're kind of breaking all going. I don't think that's a good example, actually, at all. OK, but I think that's actually closer to the train example, OK? I think the train you can't really like if you start going backwards, it would lock everything and break everything. Whereas the boat example you can literally like you're going this way, but you could like fire at the opposite way and it kind of slows everything down.


I have no idea. Yeah.


Fuck me. Huh. Let's move on. What? That's my general guess. Oh, my gosh. Pot sponsor Alert and its new Thrive Market Thrive Market is an online membership based market on a mission, and that mission is to make healthy living easy and affordable for everyone. They have a wide selection of healthy snack options that are truly incredible.


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Go to thrive market dot com slash wild Jeremy dear my love, how are everything.


Give me, give me, give me Katniss Everdeen moment in your life. Where are you getting Sabattini right now in any way? Oh, we're like one thing's jammin me, yeah, yeah, are you jammed? I'm jammed, OK, I'm plugged up. I'm backed up. I'm back down.


Do you need a Pepto? No, no, no, no. I knew that that was one thing that I need and I'm already in the works for it. OK, you know what it is? I do.


I you you you t that.


I know. I was I was hoping that you would give me a different answer.


OK, uh, have I ever. Katniss Everdeen. Um. You've definitely got somebody at some point. Yes, they have. I'm just trying to figure out which Katniss Everdeen I want to talk about lately. And honestly, I think the biggest Katniss Everdeen I've ever been in is when you stick in in any agreement, whether it's personal business, a mixture, hybrid, too long.


When you when you what when you're in any relationship.


Just a little past the welcome to the fucking notorious for.


I just think I think some people are so. And you know what? It's different because I think that back in the day when you made a decision and a commitment, you stuck with that for for life. Yeah. And that doesn't necessarily stick with the modern era very well. You know what?


This is actually very similar to my medication situation is that, like, you stay because you're comfortable and you know what to expect.




And then you. It's just like that moment of uncomfortable and sometimes it works out for the best, you know, because you stick with it, you'll stick with it.


So you stick with it and you know it.


It's sometimes it's it's it's good. Sometimes it's bad. And then so I. I left I left the the the land of comfort and, you know, took myself to rock bottom. But and this is like where we had our conversation yesterday when we realized things are really bad. I got comfortable being in rock bottom. Yeah. You know, I mean, like I sound not routine but like things felt now really comfortable that I'm fucking not comfortable.


Yeah. But like, no one chooses alcoholism. Right. No one chooses.


But, you know, you you get stuck in that pattern routine. Yeah. And so then to like leave. So I'm Katniss Everdeen. I was before I sent that e-mail to my psychiatrist, I was Katniss Everdeen myself and I was stuck.


You were stuck. You were. And I'm happy. And so now I hope to unstick and go to bikini bottom. Yeah. If someone did listeners podcast from the beginning and they just hopped in any moment between Katniss Everdeen and Bikini Bottom, they'd be like, what the actual fuck is going on?


No, I think anyone who's used to us at this point, especially the folks in Latvia, Brazil, Tasmania, India and Tasmania. Yes. Those people in particular, where they get it, they get it. They get it. They get us. They get everybody else from America and Canada. It's a crapshoot. It's a crapshoot. Speaking of American Canada, how excited are you by the idea that we might be able to go see parts of America and Canada sooner than later?


Um, very excited. I also I also wait, actually, maybe I shouldn't talk about this. I think I bamboozled myself. I think I can bamboozle not the system, but there is there are workarounds, um, not workarounds. There are there are very legal and allowed ways for a Canadian to go back to Canada.


Did you want to share that that system? I'm not entirely sure. OK, I didn't think we got to take it there, but yeah. Yeah, yeah, no.


But I think once I think once I'm vaccinated you can't come. It's only because, like, Canada has to accept me back as a citizen. But I think that there is a system in which I could go back to Canada.


What would you do if you go to Canada? Everything's fine and you go back to the border and like not you can't come back. And it's just you're without me and Moose for the foreseeable future. Control, delete. OK. Yeah, restart button. OK, got it. Yeah, what are they were like it's going to take six months. What do you do. Control, delete, or you actually do what I actually do. I don't know.


I don't know. You made me cry. I don't know. Well, I don't know.


Listen, I'd be fine. I mean, we might starve to death, but we would literally starve to death.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. Jerry, when Jeremy I go to the grocery store like once a week and Jerry doesn't even know what Jeremy needs in the kitchen because Jerry just eats what I put in the kitchen. Yeah. Yeah. Well, you know, you go you go back to the day for not having any syrup and we use two different serfs.


I have like a I have like a lower sugar syrup. Jeremy has like a full sugar syrup.


You have light too short.


You know what I like so much syrup that it is not OK. How many calories? And just like how sugary is if I were to use a regular syrup. So the compromise is that I can use as much syrup as I won, but it's it's the fake sugar syrup, which is probably equally as bad for you, you know, like in the grand scheme of things. But it makes me feel better. And so anyways, where it was going is that Jeremy does uses a separate syrup.


And so I didn't know that it's his the Jeremey syrup was was gone, the Jeremey sir. And he got mad when there was no Jeremy. So for him to use the Jeremey syrup.


Yeah, let's not say that. Let's that's not good. Well, let me backtrack that double down on the one on the Jeremy got sticky.


Yeah, I hate that. I hate that to serve that Jeremy uses. He was mad when he was gone and I was like mad. You were outraged.


I mean, I was mad that I didn't get any syrup with the order of pancakes. Anyways, the conversation was, Jeremy, I can't buy you more syrup that you like unless you tell me that you are out of serve. I just. OK, I'm just saying it's OK. How how would I eat pancakes without syrup? Makes no sense. I mean, I agree it's dumb.


No, but then you refuse to use the lights are up as well so.


Well that's not real. Yeah. So you Katniss Everdeen yourself in this situation.


I'm pretty sure there was syrup. I just didn't have enough of it. Yeah, there was. They, they didn't mess up at all. I'm just being a persnickety bitch.


Persnickety bitch. I don't think you needed to double down on me.


OK, ok. So uh so we are outside of. What you just had as if you were about to burst through the scene was a bit exciting to say, you know, OK, so we have a outside of our general and you stay with us. Yeah, OK. Yes, we'll start again here. So outside of having a lot of fun. You look like you're about to either fall asleep or cry.


I got the position, Tyrese. OK, go ahead. So outside of the announcements, we can't talk about that, we've hyped up the research that's not available, but we talked about and the mental health charity that I'm sure is going to lead us out of rock bottom and bikini bottoms. Yes, thank God for the boys. What what why?


Why is it bad that I got to see you in bikini bottoms? I mean, you can be sad and look at bikini bottoms. No one likes a girl bikini bottoms that says, I am a sad girl in a bikini. Oh, you're en route to being a happy girl in bikini bottoms. Well. And we got some fucking fire guests coming up. Yep, we have some non-traditional or people that I think that I don't think people are going to expect us to have on.


Yeah, you think, yeah, OK. Also, there's anyone specific that you guys want to see as a guest, we will try to make that happen as much as we possibly can through our limited connections of people is also just like having not really met anyone new for the last year, 14 months. Yeah, it's like it's weird. It's weird with like, well, networking.


It's weird because like as a salesperson, you don't have a soul and you're like used to like reaching out to people and being like, when can you give me ten minutes for me to sell you something that you don't think you want right now. Like that's that I'm used to that conversation. Yeah. It's weird when it comes to people's time though. Yeah. Like like I have no problem saying I have done my outside research of your business and give me 15 minutes and that part doesn't seem weird to me.


It does seem weird to be like, hey, we've never met in person. We just come on our podcast.


Totally. That's weird, right. Even though it's not it shouldn't be weird, but it is weird because it seems that in person and also the thought of like having a remote in with people we've never met is weird. Oh yeah.


Yeah. It's not great. It's not good at all. It's not good. But that's coming to a close ish soon. Suna superceding Souness. I'm so excited to take off these jeans, finish my laundry that I did sit on the couch. I wish we had more Marvel movies, but we've watched them all.


Oh, my God. Jim and I watched the entire MCU in timeline's order.


So we watched all of of X-Men beginning to end. We did that, which is also Marvel. And we watched all of Marvel. Marvel, yes. Beginning the end. And now we're lost and now we're lost. We have no purpose.


And the purpose you might like to watch what we do. I think that there's some good international things out there, OK, that that like money.


I love my house.


So if you are from particularly one of our top countries, which, as we said, get our Latvia Tazmania, which is not a country, India and Brazil. Yes, right. Tasmina, they speak English. So kind of pushes that out there, but not really.


I would love to see some international suggestions. Great. Let's, you know, just international. Yeah. OK, leave it in the comments. In the comments. In the comments. Yeah. Yeah. And then back four more next week. Yes. What's next is that do we have a. Oh, yeah. OK, good. Yeah, yes, MassArt, subscribe at the fucking Bell Subtribe Bell. I didn't know there was a bell part.


That's it for notifications. Why would you not have hit the bell? Um, yeah.


There are people out there that are subscribed to us that haven't at the bell.


Yes. Are you kidding? Guaranteed. What do we do about that?


The bell rate is very low. You'd be offended at how low the bell rate is.


People look like the bell. Yeah. Should we should we kick everyone off it. Hasn't it the bell. No, that would be very detrimental to us. Can we see who hasn't hit the bell? Yes, we can.


Percentage wise, all off. Pick them off. Either we be best friends or no friends. I don't want to have outs. All right.


You heard of your first. I do, Jeremy. Only once before that if you hit the bell. So hit the bell. Yeah. Yes. OK, got it.


What podcast is the spin? Uh oh. This has been Motherfucking Frienemy is my favorite podcast of all time to come in.


You're quickly becoming like everybody else of all time. Yeah.


Yeah, it's true. Uh, it's uh. This is frenemies, democracy and treasure. You are Ethan. And that's all for today by. I love you. Hey, it's Bob Saget here, and guess what the name of my podcast is Bob Saget is here for you. Everybody's got a podcast. We know that I've been doing mine for a while, even before all this craziness of 20/20 happened. And thank goodness we're coming out of it. And I'm continuing to do it forever because I love it.


And it's something I love because I get to talk to comedians that I love and actors and and writers and sports people and news people and call you guys sometimes and see how you guys are doing. It's available, of course, at Apple and it's also available Spotify. And so you want to subscribe and listen to it. In fact, pause the podcast you're listening to right now and listen to my podcast. Bob Saget is here for you and then go back to your podcast.


So it was an extra hour, 90 minutes or whatever, so you could get a little extra entertainment out of your day. That's what I'm hoping for. All the best.