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Have you decided if you would like to spend the rest of your life with Lauren, what do you need to know or what did you need to know to decide on the next one? The.


You ready? Yeah, let's go. Hey, guys, welcome back to well, till nine. Welcome back. First off, Jerry has jeans on for those of our audio listeners who need a visual of Jeremy not wearing the Lululemon pants that he has.


How many pairs do you have? Ten.


But in different colors, though, right? Kind of mostly blue, right.


When I find them in the works. No, I don't blame you on the sandwich order. Yeah. The ten of them. Yeah.


In a few different colors. Yeah. But I was at Raggamuffin yesterday and I was like, you know, I bet people at home that don't know that I own 10 pairs of the most I tentacle ask in general.


I think people know, I think people know at this point about ten pairs of jeans yesterday that's. You got ten. Yeah. You didn't. Eight. Eight. Eight. We're not going anywhere. Anyway, so now we know how Jeremy is spending his podcast Cut Money. I'm sorry, have you received a check? I have not. Because if you receive a check also, I just I feel like we still haven't really made any money on this podcast.


And really, we haven't still we have lost money on this podcast. Right.


Twenty nine, eight episodes in what we know anyway. Heavier later.


Anyways, today is Valentine's Day. I know in this podcast goes up, it'll be far, far, long gone.


We're spending our Valentine's Day with you guys.


That's so nice. It's a nice night. That's so nice. So today is my produced episode.


Are you giving away money? I'm not giving away money.


Also, if you want to watch last week's podcast and unfortunately, you can't win the money, but you'll get an idea of what it's like for the people who did win the money so that if we give money away again, which will for sure happen, you'll know what to expect. What's your time traveler? Less chance than you could win money? Sure. Yeah.


OK, so anyways, um, spending Valentine's Day with you guys and we also have I want to say it's our first guest because it's not our first physical guest, but today I have because she couldn't be here physically. Well, and this is kind of physical anyway. Mom, DIY is here today to join us on this episode of the podcast.


Why does most look huge?


OK, so my mom is five, too. She's like maybe 100 pounds. Like she's like the tiniest little ripped Asian lady with a six pack giant biceps that will put every man's biceps to shame. Just like you. I was going to say just like you biceps to shame. Anyway, Mom, why is it we're shooting in like six K right now?


They can see that that's a lot. So why is so small that like this little phenom happens where when my mom holds moose who looks I don't know if you've seen a picture of Jeremy and Moose and myself and Moose. He's rotund, but he's tiny, but he's tiny. He's like a small, medium sized dog. When my mom folds, move comes a little fat. Moose looks like a Rottweiler. He looks like he's the size of a lap.


Like he looks gigantic. Yeah, he looks gigantic. And it's only when a tiny little person like my mom picks him up. And the perspective, it's like an optical illusion. It's so funny. So here's mom and our giant bull terrier moose. This is full size moose, not mini bull moose, definitely medium.


He's a medium dog. He is absolutely a medium medium, not small, medium, medium.


So I wanted to bring my mom onto the podcast and instead of us struggling, well, mostly from my mom struggling through the technical side of having her like, call in on Zoom and it just being like broken audio, I had her prepare some questions in kind of the form of a compatibility test. But I do want to say, and I feel like this falls under a nice theme because it's Valentine's Day today that they're they're pretty they're pretty touching.


They're pretty heartwarming. I think that I just would never want my mom to ask questions about our sex life. So we just know one has to be subject to that, which I think is great. Yeah, me, too. I don't want to be like left, right. So when I asked her, I was like, mom, like this runs the gamut, like go wild, go crazy. Anything you want to ask, anything that you want to put us to the test in the form of like an individual or as a couple, go for it all in full send.


And so luckily, no such questions. Think thank God, literally, thank God. But Gail went in. OK, should I prepare for this, maybe, OK, maybe allow me to know, you know what, in your defense, I skimmed the questions to make sure there was nothing.


I know you skimmed these questions. You actually I haven't quite seen them before. I didn't think about my answers.


I really didn't like there's some intense stuff about like kids and stuff. And like, I didn't I didn't prepare any answers personally.


Great. So. So we're supposed to be entertaining. Yes. Eloquent. Yes. Respectful, yes. Well, OK. Well, OK. Yes, great. All right, Mom.


DIY is officially join the podcast to put us in the hot seat and it kind of goes back and forth between, like, individual seat. I do want to say. So I don't think it leans to one side like it's not just like a Jeremy roast.


A good I. I wasn't anticipating it to be one, and I think that in the spirit of Mom, do I being here every time I ask a question, I should hold her picture up. So don't let me forget that.


OK, guys, we had a little stand, right, that I could just stick her answer, that she'll always be here sticker in here and we'll know that it won't be in our tight shot.


It won't be in this shot right here, right? Yeah. No, it's OK. I can multitask. OK. OK, so I'm going to actually rearrange these a little bit in the way that she has them. OK, first question, this is a layup for you and how come you get that reference, but not an audible? Because I know how to do a layup that's in basketball. I didn't know your basketball vocabulary was so 6th grade point guard, let's fucking go, baby, you.


Yes, you know, the pickings were slim, but I was the point guard. Yeah. I honestly couldn't even name another position because, like, I only I was like I only did. Well said. Let's go.


OK, sorry. This is this is an easy one. Oh, here we go. Mama, does one of you always apologize.


First is. Yeah, yeah. One of us does. Is it a genuine apology or.


And I'm sorry but da da da apology. See I won't let you start here cause you can roast me here. Lauren's bad at saying I'm sorry. Yeah. And learn often when she does say I'm sorry for the first time does not. It's not that she doesn't mean it, she understands it. She's sorry but she is not sorry yet. Yet. That's correct. If I say I'm sorry but I'm still mad. And how are you feeling. Sorry.


Sorry, sorry.


I don't know because it sounds like you're selling apples trademarked or you're saying Siri. Siri. Well that's that's a whole different word. I agree. So I'm saying sorry. I'm saying sorry as well. I'm not. You're saying sorry. We're saying the same thing.


You guys were right. OK, but yeah. I digress. Yeah. You oftentimes the first story that comes out of your mouth is because you're supposed to say I'm sorry. Right. And then later on. Well, I am. I'm sorry.


Yeah. Yeah, I would I would fully agree with that, Jeremy. Apple apologizes first for sure, like you have a more genuine apology first, but I'm just usually so mad by the time by the time that you're apologizing about something that we did. You guys hear the herbut there. I wasn't apologizing.


Right. This is just a regular. But it's not an apology. It's not a story. But it's a bit like the way that I heard the Canadian story there. Well, I'm not that one. Yeah, but when you heard it, because when I'm not repeating you, I say regular, right the Canadian way. Right. Anyway, by the time Jeremy is saying sorry and I'm supposed to be there as well, I'm usually so mad at the different points of how we got to that end that I'm not even mad about whatever we were originally fighting about.


You don't even like. I'm not even mad about that. I'm mad about the businessman shit that we that I that I had to endure to get to the end of the conversation. So like I would say, like probably ten minutes before we even get to the apologies were on the same page. But whatever we're actually arguing about. But I'm just so mad who's talking to. The other day they were saying how their boyfriend is a real estate agent who is a salesperson as well and just plays the exact same fucking game and had remorse for me.


You guys are a special breed. You are a special breed. Yeah.


I mean, I have more to say on this, but I mean, the thing that I know that really frustrates you is when I almost give the too perfect perfective an apology, when I when it's fishy, it's not.


But I'm just like I want to be the first one to say that what I did was absolutely incorrect.


And I'm like, that's dripping in sarcasm.


And even if I I don't mean you would prefer if I I stammered over my words for like two minutes and just said, I really am sorry, I think you differ that that feels more authentic and genuine and only because I've been programmed for that to be the regular apology, but because you're just more eloquent with your words, like I know that you do mean that, but I haven't been programmed to accept that as an apology.


So what programmer can I get in here to rewire a few things? Yeah, I'm not sure. I'm sure. Yeah, well, if you find that person.


OK, OK, this is a good one. This is this is a question directed at me. Malmedy is up. If Jeremy developed a sudden but persistent and severe allergic reaction to mineable terrier's, what would you morrin do? He has been assessed by three allergist's with little success. This this question has so many layers to it. And I love I love this.


It's OK. So obviously you have to go. It's plain and simple. Got it. OK, OK, but also so if we've seen three allergist's, right, let's go to four and five.


OK, let's go to four and five insurance companies is going. Yeah, I don't know anymore. Yeah. Yeah. You know, you'll quadruple opinion and then now I just can't do we go to like some kind of homeopath, you know, because maybe you could put a little bit of mousses, saliva and just like gradually put that into like your breakfast or something because like, you know, when you have like, like seasonal allergies and they want you to eat organic, raw honey, it helps, like, build up the you know, you heard of this.


I know. I have. Yeah. So maybe like there's something I just sprinkle like Moose Dandrige or moose saliva into like yourself to help build a tolerance to like most things. OK, and then also she said little success. So that doesn't mean no success. So I think, you know, you have a little trouble breathing. You're fine. Fine.


OK, how. You won't answer the question seriously. Yeah. You have to go. OK, you have to go. Got it. Yeah. Yeah. I thought that was. No it's clear there's not much room for me to say.


OK, next question is for you.


Um, how many stuffies is too many. Is Loren's serious stuff problem a deal breaker. How many is too many? Well, how many is too many for me? One. Too many, yeah, one one is too many. I mean, zero. Yeah, I'm annoyed by them, OK. I am OK, but I'm not annoyed enough by them to want to make you sad, to make that a deal breaker. OK, so it's not a deal breaker certain then.


A non-starter. And which is why we have fucking 19 of them in our bedroom the.


Oh yeah, yeah yeah. I just like I get a not like shit for this but like I just don't understand why I can't just fucking like what I like, like I just like, I like stuff because they're fucking soft. I am a side sleeper and I always need either a pillow or a stuffed animal like in, in like up against my chest because they don't like I don't know, there's something about like having empty arms. I don't know if there's more there in terms of like loneliness and sadness, but I'm a side sleeper.


I need something to like fill that. So like the bigger, the softer and the pleasure, the happier I am. Yeah. Yeah.


No, this is not a battle that I've we fought about this. We want our very first fight was a was indirectly related to stuffies. Right.


But beyond that, the the answer was that they just had to move to my side of the bedroom. Yeah.


When I initially moved in here, I think the Lord really wanted someone to live with, wasn't really ready to actually cohabitate. Yeah, well I never looked at anyone before.


The first pair first boyfriend I've ever lived with. It showed. Yeah. Anyway we got there. We did. We got there. We didn't need the studies are now on my side of the bed. Right. Yeah right.


I mean how many do you think you have in that in that crate right there.


In that little the little bin.


It's hard to say because half our socks, my stuff, she means stuffed animals for children. See, OK, like, I don't understand the big fucking deal about liking something soft and plushie totally.


So if I replace them all with equally as comfortable pillows, but then they don't have a little face. They're just so cute, but does that not fall in line with everything else? I think it's cute. Like, I just if you put if you put a face like that spatula that we have that has a face and scratches Padgett's, this back dispatch like that is a better spatula than all the other spatulas.


OK, because the dispatch is back, so that's why a plushy with a face on it is better than a pillow. OK, what if the pillow was more comfortable? I face no, but it is it is more comfortable and you would agree with that, then maybe it could be interchangeable. We could work it into the mix.


So it's not about the pill and it's about stuffy. It's about being cute. Yeah, it's about it being cute, I think. Exactly. Yeah. It's the Kawaii ones.


Kawaii. Yeah. Yeah. Their faces, they're so cute.


It's not a deal breaker. Obviously I'm here, I'm annoyed by it but I'm it, it's, it's neutral at this point. I love that. Yeah.


Like you pick your battles and that's not even a big deal and I will accept that Gail Musante on this side of the room will accept that. Yeah.


OK, real talk.


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It's your mother, but. Yeah. Oh, did I say what I say? Your mother. Oh, your mother. My mother and your wife. Gayle, when you marry someone, you marry their family, too. If you and Lauren get married, what do you think will pass to be great? And what parts would be less than great and maybe very bad? About families, yeah. In particular, your family. I think it could be my family or your family as well.


Um, I mean, I think we have almost the ideal setup there in two different countries, they're at their core, they both love, they both value, respect and are willing to give time, affection and attention to like offspring. Even the idea of it and like us as the offspring, we're like, no, no, no.


Grandkids, grandkids. Oh, yeah, yeah. I think the things that they value most are very in line. In line. Yeah. Therefore it'll be great.


Yeah I think so too. I think so too. And I think just talking to a friend who lives in the same city as both her parents and her husband parent. Yeah. Her husband's parents. And it's it's chaos because you're so close in proximity, they expect more of you. And I think having family in separate countries allows us to make things more scheduled as well. And that, like such expectations are very, very clear.


But also, I don't have I've I've been away from home full time for over ten years.


Yeah, me too. Since 18. I've been in a different state full time, like I've been right out a minimum of eight hours away. Right, right. That's now, you know, eight hours by plane or the other side of the country for ten years. Right. Like, I have not been within close driving distance for a decade. Right. Right. Yeah.


I definitely my parents got to ease into being empty nesters because I was only about an hour. I fucked up the second I could.


OK, but what was my point of that is that, like, I don't have the same like you know, I think there's some moms that are that have a bit of a dick measuring contest with their sons, girlfriends, fiancees, wives, some time and sons grow a daughter in law or daughter in law and their sons and other, I think, a lot of moms.


Oh, so like me versus your mom, right? Yes. Yes. I mean, that's like the story line to every bridezilla. Exactly. Yes.


And my mom's never been like that. But even now. Now so like more so than ever. Right. Like because everything is scheduled is for a week and it's not like she gets to see the every day, like just how you do things that are different, the way that she would write. We don't run into that issue. Right.


Right, right. Right. Like I unload the dishwasher specific way that she cannot stand it, like the toilet paper is the wrong way.


Little things that like would would drive either of you crazy if if that pet peeve. Right. Was around long enough to actually be a pet, if you had to, like, live together for three months. Right.


I would almost find it more of an issue if as little as we see each other's parents, one of us couldn't figure out how to just, like, figure it out.


Right. For, like, the following week. Your home for Christmas. Yeah, I don't know. Not that I'm asking for this, but, like, things could be one hundred times more negative and worse and they're not. And it would be fine. Right. To me, it's it's a you sometimes you just have to figure out how to, like, fit into the situation. Yeah. And it's easy.




We have a very easy I think so do I think my parents are also extremely easy to get along with. Like my dad is the dad of all dads like enjoys watching sports fixes.


Cars can fix anything in the house. So one way you have access to that information, like you have access to my dad's brain, which is very helpful.


But on the on the flipside of that, I think what's great about him is he doesn't judge me for not knowing how to do any of that. Yeah, true. That's true.


Which some guys would, uh. But on the flip side of that, he has a core skill that I always will need and appreciate. And it's just like there will always be something when he walks in the house that I go before you leave, I need you to look at this. Yeah. And I think there's two ways to look at that from his perspective of like, well, why can't you do a dumb ass, right? Or the.


Oh, sure, I'll look at it. Yeah. And he takes a second approach. Oh yeah.


So that's my mom and I have talked up a lot of my creative solving abilities to being from my dad's side of, like, his brain. Yeah. Because he can take things like he's one of those guys would take things apart to put it back together. And I don't know if necessarily I would necessarily want to do that or have any interest in that. Right. But I can see how things could be linked in our brains creatively.


If I take it apart, it's I could put it back together like that's it. I mean, I think even started a part. You can put it together. That's rude. Yeah, sure. Sure.


I put together many IKEA furniture. Yeah.


I so I mean the other day that was like the real relationship compatibility test is that if you can put a piece of IKEA furniture together with just pictures because IKEA doesn't do words and their instructions, you can save another.


No, because it's so, it's so international. There's not a single there's no way you can afford captions, they can afford a translator for instructions. I mean, I see I see the cost saving benefits there for sure.


Yeah, I think that's bullshit. But still OK. OK, accessibility, accessibility, accessibility.


To be fair though, I don't read any of the words.


I only look at the pictures. So there you go. And they make the pictures as good as they can for you. Right. People like you. Right. Too.


But yeah, I think my parents are really easy to get along with and are very. Quick to welcome people into our family, you know what I mean, like some people are, are, I think, give up a really intimidating factor when they meet someone significant. Other for the first time in my parents with every relationship have always been very, very welcoming and warm, ask lots of questions, and maybe that made some boyfriends feel uncomfortable, but like it.


That's a damn problem, not a parents problem, I feel like.


Yeah. Also like as one day will be a future dad, you know, sure as fuck I'm asking questions literally.


If we have a daughter who is straight, they are fucked. They are just. Absolutely. I just have a few questions just because I just thought they could be unfair.


I just have to talk. I just want to talk. I didn't want to talk it, just like I would like to have a better grasp of who would be going on with my son or daughter.


In your intentions. Yeah. Your intentions. Yeah. Yeah. Dear God, I. I know it's going to be, it's going to be, it's going to be rough.


It's going to be. I can't wait. It'll be fun. I think. I think though having a leg up as a parent of you being a past fuck boy, I think that gives you more leverage to be a better parent. Good to find out. OK, um, some of these are really intense, like Malmedy, I went in, she did not hold that. I also would be so crazy, you know, like which one of these questions are for her own curiosity and not even for, like the sake of this being a good podcast.


Like she's like many, many like. I wonder if this is what leads us to our next question. Have you decided if you would like to spend the rest of your life with Lauren, what do you need to know or what did you need to know to decide? Oh, I'm going to hold my apple.


I will move on to the next one. What is the question?


I'll ask the question. OK, do you ask it again? Yeah, with mom. I will, yeah. Have you decided if you'd like to spend the rest of your life with Lauren, what do you need to know to decide or what did you need to know to decide. Have I decided, oh, my God, that's a no. Oh, my God, you guys, I don't have a Valentine. I'm single. Oh, my God.


Let me walk you through my thought process, OK, interesting. I don't know if there's necessarily a binary I have made this decision, at least the way that my my brain works. OK, I think. The difference between Jeremy five, six, seven, eight years ago and today would be that I think I used to think I need to make that decision. OK, and it becomes a I have no interest in spending the rest of my life with this person, do I want to?


And I think now I would only have gone on a second date with you if I see that as an opportunity. Interest and then take three, day four, day five. And it's not like, oh, I'm interested. I'm going on a date three because I wanna get married to her. I think it was I know what I at least at the time I was looking for and you met those will say qualifications and then you continue to meet those qualifications.


Right. And you continue to as my qualifications shift. Yes. No more important priorities, whatever. You continue to meet all those things. So I don't think it's necessarily like a green light, red light go right. At least in my mind, it's a you have continued to be the person that you've continued to hit the benchmark or better. Everything that I've I've been interested in since we started hanging out and dating and being together. And that has continued to be the case.


I think that I fully agree with that statement. I have a similar mindset for sure, because I think that if I just just metaphorically speaking. So if everything's going great, great, great. Whatever we like, get married, it's great, great, great. But then like things start getting murky during parenthood and you find each other like not meeting the qualifications that are, you know, quote unquote qualifications and expectations of like what you need in a partner to raise a child in a way that you want to do that and see that being beneficial like it just then you're going in an opposite direction.


So like I can I fully agree and just think that, like, it's increasing compatibility to a place that, like, puts you in a happy spot. And then when you reach something like just say parenthood and there's like a clashing of opinions and you're butting heads, you have to decide, like, OK, well, let's like take into account all the things that are a yes and or a meet the qualifications to check these boxes. And where can the compromise be or is does this just not work anymore?


Are we so non compatible in this like certain area where you have to call it off?


Well, also, the the thing is, like, I don't believe in the yes. No in the sense that. There is a decision that can then be made that no matter what you do, can't change that decision, right. Like relationships and those decisions don't live in a vacuum. Therefore, if an opportunity came up for you, that was just so good and I wanted to be with you, but I hated every part of what that did.


And I expressed that the way that I expressed that clearly. And you just came back to me with just like, oh, yeah, it's too bad. Well, although you had all those qualifications, there's one that's really just.


Yeah, the equal and opposite side of that no longer works. Right. Right. So it's it's one of those things where I just think that, like, people don't I think some people are just like, what does he want to be with me or not? OK, well, it's not as black and white. It's just not. Yeah. So for me, it's it's it's all currently the same green light that I felt since day one.


Right. Oh, it's like when you're having a really fucking good day in traffic and you just hate green light after green light after green light and then you hit that one red and you're like, well shit, there's the end of my good luck.


I don't know if it's just like that, but, yeah, OK. And then you see Jeremy's socks on the ground loitering everywhere and you hit that red light and you're like, fuck, I have to call it off.


No. And then you see a little yellow light for somebody else. But it's still a green light for you because. Right. Similar to your fucking stuff, the obsession with the age of 30, I don't mind.


OK, one, I'm offended that you rounded me up to thirty one. If you were to round which way to go.


I'm closer to 25 then I'm 30. So I'd like you to round down to twenty five. All right. I want you to do some math. Um, August, September, October, November, December, January, February. Oh, so right at the six month mark, we have to break it down to days, so I'll Phuket's the 14th. You're right. I'm closer to. I was taught to watch the line. Oh, OK. Seems like I just don't think that like stuffies or one of those things that have to be associated with it.


But if that's good, that's good. OK.


OK, who knows a heavy one shit. OK. Yeah. What the fuck. I told you these are fucking these are like this might be the most hardcore compatability compatability people are watching me sell in real time right now.


Yeah that's. Oh no. I just put lipstick on the mic. Oh shit.


That's OK. That's just a six and dharmic. Yeah it's fine. It's now ok. Just lost some.


OK that one. In fact the song. Yeah we're fine. We're fine. Yeah. It's not gross. Yeah. No it's OK. Oh here's a fun one. OK. I also didn't ever notice that I got a microphone for myself which is the one that Loren got and it was actually for my voice type, but because it's sparkly and shiny we switched microphones and I have the matte one and she has the Sparkle version.


You said that I should have this one for my voice. I did say that I want to give this back. The one I like to sparklingly. I know it's nice. I know. That's just my highlighter. I know. OK, last question, Malmedy. Why the good the good question of Mahmoudiyah. Why you've won one million dollars on a lottery ticket you bought together. How would you spend it together or would you take five hundred thousand dollars each and decide individually what you want to spend it on every man for himself?


I think I'd listen first. OK, what do you mean what are you want to.


I. Here's the thing, and here's my honest here's my honest and honest opinion is that I have a fat fuckin mortgage and that's not a financial asset that is sucking your financials. And like, I wouldn't want to like, you're not you're not attached to my debt. Right. Like, currently as boyfriend or girlfriend, you are not a net worth.


Actually, I think I might be I might be ahead right now. Yeah, you're right, because I have so much debt because the mortgage rate, so. If we won the lottery today, uh, and like have no plans on getting married with the next six months, right.


I think that I would want to take not all of it, like I would be like, can I have. Two hundred thousand dollars of that, so it's just a total of two hundred thousand dollars of that to put against my mortgage, I can pay off that chunk of it off. OK, you take two hundred to do whatever you want with it. Yeah. And 600000 dollars left. Let's figure out what we want to do with that together.


OK, that's where my head initially goes. Or maybe like 250 for mortgage, 250 for whatever you want to do and then 500 that we can. Can you afford a yacht at 500 by your money, half a million dollars for a yacht? Yeah, no, really, I guess five and a half thousand is not that much. Yeah, you're right. You can't even buy you can even buy it if I could park it. Yeah. Seriously.


In Los Angeles. Right.


You could park it in the Midwest. OK, so then what would you park it on the ground in the desert.


We're talking about maybe maybe in the desert when I Vishniac money and I actually have I've, I've, I know what a couple of prices of like big boats that I've been on, OK, and it wasn't a half million dollars a lot more and it wasn't the size of the yacht that I would I would hitch my wagon to and call you out money. Right.


Right. OK, so my first question, I ask questions here. First question. Did you get a final answer? Because seems like you were just like in circles.


I would take 250 put against my mortgage, which would give you 250 to do whatever you want with it. Right. And then 500 together to do something together.


OK, that's my answer. OK, yeah. What's your answer? We'll split it five thousand five hundred oh, OK. And if you want to put it in the markets, great, you don't have the markets great.


Like maybe we take like fifty thousand dollars and put it towards, like, buying office space or renting office space for the podcast. So we're not in here anymore. Yeah. Realistically, you know, I would do what what would you do. I would talk to I'd figure out in fact probably my money person and figure out the shift of if I were to realize the gain in person to you. Right. And then I would take that money with, like in some agreement and basically put that into a trust, because that would be the tax.


The tax. God, yeah.


The tax implications. I didn't think about that. Yeah. Because mine's like forty.


And how is it how is lottery taxed at it.


Just regular. No, it's capital gains. Right. Right. Something like just like full bracket. Tax bracket. Yeah. God damn. Well that's ruthless.


I just talked myself into giving them a little bit more than you. Yeah. Yeah. And you win with it. That's great. I just got I just got bamboozled into a sales pitch and then I guess afterwards.


Yeah I think I got bamboozled. I'll take it. I'll realize the game. Right. You're right.


I'll just realize it. Oh really. Yeah. Yeah. Uh yeah.


I mean that would be actually you know, it's funny we I did purchase the Davido Bryk puzzle. You did purchase the David. Oh, my God, you're right. And we put it together again. I think that the winner wins fifty thousand dollars out of twelve hundred thousand.


Yeah, right. Right. But I gave it to you for Christmas, so it's yours. Oh, shit.


I don't know what I'd do with a hundred thousand dollars. I'd probably put most of it towards the mortgage and then I don't know.


And you say this is not like paying you rent to put out of the mortgage. Like, you know, there's no there's no part of that. As if that's paying tens of thousands of dollars a year. Right.


It just doesn't compare to the fat debt that I have of mortgage. Right.


But every cent you put into it becomes an asset. And everything I put into it becomes an asset for you. Helps me pay off my asset, right, but one hundred percent of mine goes to nothing that is mine, right? And you don't own it. Yeah. Yeah. So you really set that up in a soul sucking perspective, which I'm fine with.


But I also want to remind you that the tens of thousands of dollars that I have and will continue to pay you goes toward your mortgage.


Right. You don't want to be that boyfriend, though, that gets roasted for living in YouTube or girlfriend's house, because we've seen that three times.


Yeah, I'm fine with that, Rosemary. Can we go that way? Can we actually go that route? Yeah, everybody, I'm dead over there and roast me. Get out there and point your fingers that terrible. Yeah. Yeah.


Maybe that wouldn't get to you as much as it does other other boyfriends. You guys are roasting rally guy, the free friend, it's so painful, turns off auto fucking pay fantastic shit that I get a reminder every time it's pulled out of my bank account.


Yeah. I don't even know what I'm like for what.


OK, got it. Right. Right. Royte how much. Huh. OK, um, Malmedy, I won't sign up who does most, Lovemore, you. You think he respects me more? He loves you more. Oh, that is that is so that was an easy one. You nailed it right on the head. Yeah, 100 percent does not listen to me. What?


Maybe maybe 35 percent of the time Moose listens to me, but mostly not really. And he.


Thirty five is a generous no. Give me a call whenever if there's food. No I don't suppose no food. Moose is also the most food motivated dog that I have ever met in my entire life. It is truly insane.


No, mostly give me a pot with no food. OK, I put money on the first. On the first ask. Yeah, on the first ask. OK, and I guarantee if we showed how this would go you would use a voice more aggressive than you ever actually do.


PA pa we're using this device, he's opponent, this family with the kids. But if they move.


Yeah you could.


Yeah. He loves me more. Loves you more. When he's scared. When he's scared he runs into my lap. But when he needs to do something it's Jeremy. Yeah. Yeah. Like it's sure to be off leash anywhere with me gone fucking on leash. Yeah. Go on. Like when I say I mean off Leesha never coming home. Right. But I think that he could go off leash with you. Yeah. I wouldn't be here to that.


Yeah yeah. Yeah.


But be responsible dog owner and don't let your dog off leash if you can't come back to you. Which something that I would never do if you were me.


If you were in my scenario, your dog listens to you 35 percent of the time on a good day. Do not let your dog leash.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. And what's funny is when Lauren's gone, he then gives me the love and respect that like he fills the void of having to love something right as much when Lauren's gone. Yeah. Like I get both of them then. Right. Yeah. Right. Just keep fuck. Yeah.


Yeah. Little father son bonding time. Right. Yeah. I think also too like you meant moose when he would have been a year and a half. Yeah. So like I had puppy moose. But I think as the years go on he knows that he doesn't love you, he loves you like fucking so much. But I think that, I think the love balance will, will balance out, give it a few more years and then we can love anymore as long as he respects me.


Yeah. Yeah. I don't mind.


I think we have a very healthy relationship. You always have a really healthy relationship. Yeah. Like what's great about it is Moose now knows how what Moose knows what's how to make me happy quote unquote. Right. And when I get happy, when he does a thing that he knows will make me happy he is then he is happy. Yeah. It's like it's a it's a good relationship.


It's a good relationship.


And then when Moose makes me happy, it's when he's just like sitting on my lap cuddling when Moose looks like he needs directions the most good.


OK, um, like what most needs to be reminded that he actually needs to go to the bathroom when he's standing on the grass that he is on. Right. Yeah.


Um. Jeremy, when Gale develops dementia and Greg has died prematurely of a heart attack, when the Maple Leafs win the Stanley Cup gods, this will be the one that gets me in trouble in the NHL. My dad is a diehard Leafs fan and they haven't won since 76 or something. Um, will you help look after her? Find her when she has gotten lost out for a run. Calm the waters when she has expressed her political views to complete strangers in the neighborhood.


Well, what was that what was the action out item there? Will you will you help look after her? Will you find her when she's gotten lost, when she goes for a run?


Where are you? What? Where are you? I'm not sure. Find her when she got lost her run calm the waters when she has expressed her political views to complete strangers in the neighborhood. So will you help get her out of out of just hot water when she's expressed political views? Yeah. Yeah, OK. But we we we find a nice facility, OK? Yeah. Like, you know, the people that are like, oh no, no, no, you can't, you can't put them in the hall.


You got to, you got to, you got to live with them. You got to bring them into your home. I'm not there. Oh my.


My parents have also never been like my mom also worked in like that general area of health care as well. So she was like director of like a home health care organization that helps be like the system to help people transition to like long term care homes and retirement homes and assisted living. And so my mom has more faith than anyone in that system and like knows how well people can be treated.


So like all of my grandparents. At some point, except for one had been in some kind of retirement home at some point, so like my mom would not judge you for putting her in a retirement home. Well, she won't have enough wherewithal to judge me anyway, so it'll be fine.


Yeah, it'll be fine. And now to be fair, and here's where I'm going to make up with the fact that I'm a homebody at home for sure. And in a home, that is the only thing it would be a home that is accessible to us so that we can look after. Oh, yeah.


So, you know, she knows that she might be important.


You know, she knows that she would be immediately imported. Right. Yeah. So but this is a Win-Win situation because why would you want to be alone in St. Catherine's with like. No, depending on you never know.


And I think the things that you remember when especially when you like dementia hits, are I think your short term memory really goes. And I think the things that especially from your childhood, are the things that come back most. And so I can see that being the reason that she wanted to be closer to those things, even if she wasn't even cognizant of the fact that she wanted to be closer to those things. Right, right. Right.


I will say, though, like having my nana, my mom's mom struggle with dementia right now, it's it's like heartbreaking for her to know certain things, but not be able to understand because she is surrounded by so many things that she's familiar with. So like, for example, covid like she can't understand why she can't see. Right. All her grandkids. Right. And because she knows that she's in her hometown where all of her family is like it's almost a con to her being in such a familiar environment.


I think that. On the flip side of that, like when my mother, my brother, my grandmother died of of of Alzheimer's two years ago, just forgetting how to swallow, right? Couldn't write, couldn't remember how to swallow, like, things that you don't even think about that you even know that you know. Yeah. That kind of stuff. She would never have been able to grasp the concept of covid, right. Oh my gosh. Yeah.




The thing that I will say is Gayle's lucky that I will be a part of that situation in that scenario and that those decisions, because I am way bushier when it comes to commodities, things that when new social norm would put her in, like the oh no.


Like my mom went to one of those fancy stuff. She'll like want this for sure.


And I'll be like that fucking thing, huh. That's not true. What's the thread count on those. Absolutely not.


No, no, no, no, no, no, no, absolutely not. My mom was the the is the sole reason why I'm scared to touch no matter how Buji the hotel is like we could be in a private hut in in Fiji, you know, like we were. And I'm still to this day scared to touch the top layer of the blanket, whether it be like a quilt or a duvet or a comforter, because she just ingrained into my brain that hotels don't wash that top layer and they only change out the sheets.


You can't actually touch it.


Yes. Anyway, you know, we sleep on. Fourteen digits. Yeah, we do we there are certain things that, like Lauren, for whatever reason, just doesn't get on that. I just don't get like Lauren would would. Lauren uses like plastic all but plastic IKEA silverware that is seven years old, like that shit was she was about to break when she bought it. That can confirm. Right. And Lauren constantly is throwing out things that I own that are ten times nicer because they're not cute, but they're much fucking nicer.


So we have a very different view on a positive thing, pots and pans like that. Isn't that right?


Had a really cute purple set and I really like my purple.


You can taste the carcinogens as they chipped off and it's like feels is like a side of cancer, everything.


Because the point is I will make sure that she's in a nice facility. Right. Right.


Whereas you'd be like, how much is it a woman, you know what, seven dollars difference just so that she can have fresh towels.


Yes. Give fuck, Jeremy. OK, you know what? I'm going to ask a really hard question now and throw you into the bus and enjoy it. That's what you get. Oh, really?


The one where you asked me the time if I'm ready to marry you or not or if I haven't made that decision in front of three hundred thousand. That wasn't a difficult conversation. We were just warming up.


OK, let's get into let's hop in. No, you know, what I would say is actually fuck it if you decided, why have you decided it's been all green lights so far, huh? That's what it sounds oddly familiar. Huh? Huh. OK. Oh, but you know what? Just you just wait, just wait for Donna's questions should be like Leviticus three, four, what do you agree that you are? I'm sorry. Oh, yeah.


Leviticus. Yeah. Go on what I have learned in vegetables. Yeah, yeah, yeah, for sure. Actually, maybe not Leviticus. Yeah, yeah. I don't think that you saw that. Yeah, OK. All right. Hard question fast for me. Let's do it. OK, here we go, what compromises do you make for Lauren? Oh, fuck. One more time with with the mom and Hussein. What compromises do you make for Lauren?


Can't think of any. That's bullshit, that is absolute bullshit. What compromise I make for your mental health. I was going to say there's no way we can't go down this road. Yeah, your mental health is a giant pain in the ass that I'm fully willing to continue to have as a pain in my ass.


Right, right. Right. Yeah. I mean and I mean the most respectful of ways. I fully am aware of how inconvenient. And this is and this is like always such like a downward spiral for so many people who struggle with anxiety is that anxiety does not just affect you, it affects everyone around you and not going to be a hard pill to swallow for a lot of people who struggle with anxiety.


But I think the problem is there's too many people that don't that are in my shoes that go, oh, it's not it's not a problem. It's not a big deal. I love her. It's OK. Yeah. To me, I think it's bullshit. I'm here. I'm the first person to say it is inconvenient. Yeah. It is not what I want to do. It's all these that. Yeah. And I know that, I accept that that's, that is part of our deal.


And I took that deal and I still love that deal. Right. Yeah. A hundred percent. It's not this fake. It doesn't bother me. Bullshit like fuck off.


Hundred percent didn't resonate with it. And I think the, the hard thing for someone on my side of that equation is that when someone says that but doesn't actually demonstrate what they're saying, there's a disconnect there and it makes them even more insecure about whatever they're going through. Right. You know, and they're because I just feel like I've gotten so many DBMS of being like I feel like I have no one to talk to because I've talked to someone too many times and I'm too much or I've come to them too many times and it's the same conversation.


So even though it's still very real for them, every single time on the receiving end, it feels like the same repetitive conversation and they give off the vibe that they're sick of it.


Right. But at the same time, no, it's not a big deal. No, I don't mind talking about this like. Yeah. And it's just disingenuous. Yeah, I totally agree. Disingenuous. Disingenuous. It disingenuous. Disingenuous.


What an idiot. It's me. I'm the idiot.


OK, although last time I correct myself and said that everyone was like, Australia is not the continent, you're dumb twice. OK, thanks guys. Oh yeah. Oceana. Yeah. Yeah. Fuck me. Huh. Yeah. Sorry Kiwi's and I do fuck with the Kiwis.


Kiwis are New Zealand.


Yeah. I think it's part of Oceana. Is it? I saw a lot of people from New Zealand kept correcting me on this one. Yeah, OK, let me Google. It is new because it was news to me. Oh, well, I mean, it is pretty. It's very close. Yeah. Yeah. It's New Zealand, part of Oceana, Oceana. Oceana. Oh yeah. Oh.


CNN is, um, a. Yeah, country in Oceania, I was waiting for you be like, no, you're stupid, stupid. Yeah, no, no, no. Yeah, New Zealand is an island country in the southwest Pacific Ocean, it consists of two main land masses. Didn't we learn in school that Australia was a continent?


I definitely did. They were like color the seven continents, right.


It wasn't Oceana, OceanaGold. It's our Australia got its own color.


Yep. I New Zealand, you know, I'm not sure we also just learned the other day is this evidence of tick tock can see the hibernation thing. Yes.


And knowing what the fuck did you know that? No, I was taught the wrong thing, I thought I genuinely tumeric secular bear because I thought that bears would gather food inside this big log, that they would go to sleep with all their food.


And just like a decent deal for them, it seemed like a great, decent meal. You to give fat as fuck and just drink and eat whatever you want and then just go for six months.


Well, I thought that they I thought that they took and like, stored all their food, but they would just live in the log for six months.


You just wake up, set up just enough to be able to eat another barrier 17. Yes. And then go back to sleep.


That's exactly what I thought. And I just feel like there are movies, there are shows, there are books.


It's just the bird. OK, that one. Yeah. Yeah. And I there's got to be hibernation in there. I cannot believe the bamboozlement that went on in our education systems was that Jungle Book.


Uh, yeah, it is no coincidence, the bear. Yeah, yeah, no, no, no, no, no, just just bear. OK, thank you. Singing with a cavern in his mouth. No mouth is a cave. OK, um. Wants me to sing. There you go. There it is.


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How would Lauren's friends describe Jeremy and how would Jeremy's friends describe Lauren? Well, Jeremy's friends have met Lauren like twice because we don't see them anymore. And, yeah, pretty cool.


But I feel like we I met like there was a there was a few friends who we saw a lot and then more of like your friends that you only see once or twice a year even Premi. I feel like we barely hung out with. Right. And then covid happened. Well, you live in the middle of Timbuctoo. I live literally.


I'm going to I'm going to dock my own address here.


So let's not do that.


How would your friends describe me? I mean, am I supposed to answer that? Why wouldn't you answer that?


OK, so that my friends would describe you as the charismatic. Life of the party, I would say I would I would say also they would come to you for a career and relationship advice. I don't know why they come to you for relationship advice.


I'm sorry the way this dude's being described, this guy, but I don't know about me, but yeah, this is great.


Do you want me to continue with the column? This is great. You're kidding. No. Fantastic.


OK, I think I think my friends in a lot of my friends, boyfriends who have now become your close friends as well, come to you for career advice, specifically because you've done a great job at paving your own path and doing things the way that you want to do them and finding success, finding nonconventional ways to to be successful, to see success.


Yeah, yeah. And I mean, I think that anyone who doesn't have a college degree and can be at the level that you are at has done something very special.


And next one master to that didn't have a college degree, not because he couldn't have figured it out and finished just because he chose not to.


Has 95 percent of a college degree, which when you round zero. Right. But that's something that you don't have that stupid piece of paper that so many feel like you need to have totally is what I'm saying is, is that piece of paper. Yeah. But I think that a lot of my friends come to you for career advice and career wisdom and like what to do next steps. And then I think there are a lot of friends who trust you to be a voice.


Of reason to bridge. Oh, here's what it is you're you're really good voice of reason to bridge the gap between crazy girlfriend and dumb fucking boyfriend. Is that not perfect? Does that not describe so many, like does describe a lot of our friends.


Yeah. Yeah. It OK.


What's the caption. House will probably fuck that up. So right now. But it's true, like you're able to think like both sides and see both sides and help make one of the one of the other understand what they are doing, what they should be doing, what they could be doing, etc. to bridge that gap.


I don't know how I could say anything that's nicer than everything you just said. So I, I dare I even remotely insert my opinion on this. But the only thing that I'll one that's very nice and a lot of the thing that I think I my biggest, strongest and most genuinely helpful attribute that I've always had is I have genuinely been curious in other people's perspectives whether I agreed with that perspective at all or completely since day one and whether that's been a four year old asking questions to a, you know, one of my 17 year seventy two year old grandmothers friends about a topic that I had no prior interest or domain knowledge on.


Right. Or flip that. And I think that a lot of times people are so caught up in the way that they feel that they aren't able to question why the other person feels the way that they do. Right. And I love talking about that with anyone who will listen.


Right. You're right.


Well, yeah. And I think that that has led you to have a very deep understanding of a lot of random shit.


Yeah. And if I'm honestly answering, I think my friends just see you as a. A bad ass fucking. Individual who balances all of my weaknesses out with your strengths. OK, I'll take that. I'll take that. OK, last question and the finale, yeah, this is the finale, and I think that audiences are going to be absolute horseshit. OK, and here we go. Popsicle stick is in the air. I think I've been pretty good about including Mom.


Yeah, I think so. She's been in most of the shots, OK. For both, what do you think is the best and worst thing about having kids, huh? What advice would you give your future self?


You have to go first as a parent, the best and worst thing about having kids who I, um, one, I have no fucking idea because I don't have kids.


So I just want to preface anything that comes out of Germanized mouth the next 10 minutes is that we don't have kids. So everything that we say holds zero credibility because I mean, I know so many of our listeners and viewers do have kids and they are experts on the subject.


And we are not. And, you know, as two virgins who aren't ready to have children. Right. Abstinence is key. It's you know, it's seven on our wavelength.


But we'll do our best to answer the question anyway. Go ahead, Lauren.


Um, I hear the thing is that, like, I think without having a kid, you don't know what the best part is like. I think looking from the outside in. I am and Outside-in is like literally what I see, what parents show on social media, which again is like a total perspective that can be filtered and edited, you know what I mean? So I don't even have a clear understanding of, like, what they actually think is the best part, because I'm going off of cheesy Instagram captions they post on their kid's second birthday, you know, like and I'm like, oh, well, great.


The best part is that you your kid loves you. Like, OK, cool. Like Moose loves me, like I know that. But I think what I have grasped is that there's something that and the same way that I feel like when I got moose it unlocked a new level of love that I didn't know that I was capable of. I feel like having a kid and going through that entire experience of like being pregnant and like having a partner.


And you guys like making a literal offspring that is half and half like of your relationship. I think that probably unlocks the next level of love that you didn't know you were capable of, OK?


And the bad thing, um, as in as someone who has a bit of phobia, I would just like an irrational fear of throwing up. I am curious to see how I'll handle having to literally make your baby throw up a little bit after every meal, like there's just so much throw up involved in babies. And I'm a little nervous on how I'm going to handle that. I think the same way that I've become more immune to mousse yakking at fucking any moment.


It'll get it'll get easier.


But I also think that I I am not someone who functions well on lack of sleep, and I'm aware of that. And I bring it home like, oh, he's smart.


Yeah, he's nice. He's absolutely fucked up. And I'm fully aware of that. My dad is the same way, like my mom can get four hours sleep and be totally fine and be totally coherent. I am not that person. I am absolutely not the person. I need a solid seven hours. And I think that this will test my ability to be a functioning, sane and loveable human when that gets tested. Mm, that sounds like a really fun time for you, babe.


We're going to be together forever, right? You decide that you want to marry me.


I decided, I decided that I didn't want to marry.


We just had a yellow light. I didn't. I didn't. I decided that I don't want to marry you yet. And the way that I phrased it, I believe. OK, your turn. We'll start with a good OK. I think you were you were spot on with a lot of what you said, I think the thing that is most intriguing and positive out of it, from what I I take from some of the most what I would consider.


Successful, not necessarily a financial sense, but just like most unique personalities who are very bold and they are good at what they do, that I look up to and respect, I think a lot of them, the way they kind of share the sentiment of I didn't know that, that I didn't know that a form of being so. Unselfish and unmotivated to my own personal gain could exist, right, in the sense that, like, you'll do things, you would do things for a child that is two weeks old, that makes no rational or emotional or logical sense for your own well-being.


Right. But because they need you to be that thing. Yes. Yes. And for a lot of people, I don't think that that would exist until that opportunity showed its face. Right. And we were just talking about this the other day. Is that like having an animal who depends on you for survival is like, again, a stepping stone? I wanna be very clear. This is stepping down. It is not the same thing as having a human child.


But like having having a dog teaches you so much about the first level, like level one beginner level of what you just said. Yeah. Like their life literally depends on you to do everything for them. Right. And I think it's it's a it's a good learning experience. Um, so for me and for someone who is I don't think that I'm necessarily the most or at least selfish person in the room ever, but if someone is like, right.


The middle line or is you know, I'm not. Not not selfish for myself, I think I'm. Excited to see where that takes me. I think I learn a lot. Yeah, I think I'll learn more from being a dad than I have. Anything else? Anything else? I agree.


One on the flip side, what am I what is the worst part? I think my fear of all of the worst parts of myself being ever passed on to that kid. I hear that from a lot of people.


Yeah, I have a friend who doesn't want to have kids because they're too scared of that.


Right. And I'm not scared of it because to a degree, the worst parts of me have taught me some of the best parts of me.


Right. And I think and this is like a whole other fucking podcast episode, but nature versus nurture, it's like you don't know how much that can change a fact. And you know what?


I know that I don't control it. So the only thing I can control is what comes out of my mouth. And the example that I set both good and bad in the finite 18 years before he or she decides to fuck you guys for five years and then come back and say, oh, never mind, I love you. Right. And if I'm not great, but that's what I'm probably going to go back to, like, yeah, I know the way that I acted and I know your stubborn ass, so I can only imagine the Yeah.


Dubon fuck that's going to come out of the both of us. Yeah.


Genuinely. If like if we had an offspring and they took 50 percent. So if, if it was they were 50/50 but they took 100 percent of my worst qualities and 100 percent of your worst quality.


Fuck we are just absolutely fuck we are, we are done. We need to I don't know what we need but. Oh my God.


Yeah that's I think that's the journey. There is something that I'm going to be super excited to embark on in twenty years from now.


OK, you sound like you're media trained for that question. And that was a good answer.


I was that was a joke to the US not having kids. Twenty years, but. Got it. I get it. That was sort of the subtle dig back at Gail for putting me on blast last hour. Right. We're right.


Just well you know that my eggs will not be fertile at forty seconds. They make the economy certain. Yeah. Well there is that option also literally just at the state of our bodies, it just just being able bodied to do literally anything to get out of the car. We would not be fit to have children in twenty years. Fine. Eighteen.


Oh my God. OK, well you can think maybe you want to send a nice thank you text to my wife for putting you in the hot seat is like phone number of elbow or something for who I think you text.


Oh no I meant you owe me. I meant you owe ten of them. Yeah. Also Mom DIY does have an Instagram and it is mom DIY.


You know, it's so fucking rude is that someone stole Dad DIY and it's so, so now my dad is dad. I want he doesn't eat really well. No he's daddio.


I number one now. Right. Eleven zero.


Yikes. You're sorry. Yikes. Loser Daddy I.


Yeah. Whoever stole daddy's away. Whatever. But Daddy I won no one. Daddy, daddy. I want no one. And of course mom DIY makes sense for her to be Mondoweiss.


Yeah of course I'm going to say. Are you putting mommy. Oh I don't right now. Not everyone has to put down. Just be put out. OK, you're right. You're right. Yeah I'm going to do it. Yeah absolutely.


Anyways, um go let my mom know that you enjoyed all her hotseat question because these are pretty intense.


Honestly, I open the door and I was like, oh shit, this is easy. Yeah. OK, well, maybe I'll have to come back with a part to the harder question. No, just wait till my mom asks questions.


Genuinely, they're all going to make you uncomfortable.


I, I my stomach is in knots just thinking about the things that your mom would ask me. Well, that's not the what next week's episode is going to be in next week's episode is going to be four four four four four four four four four five year.


Are you saying that this episode was the final episode was fired? It's not a zero sum game, Lauren.


You know what always, you know, would be fire. Is your mom asking me questions? So I understand now that what you were referring to is that episode which were never going to do so.


Good thing that episode will not see the day of lights. It's the light of day. The light of day. The day of light.


How about the ass of crack? Crack of ass. I mean, yeah, it's the crack of us. Tell them also when you wake up early and hey Canada, this is you again. No, no, no.


This is the Lauren thing. This is a Hellenism, not a Canada is this is don't put don't is it sounds a lot like cannibalism. You're right. You're right.


I take that back so I can't audism don't don't blame Canada for the things that I don't know, which is most things I don't know anything. And if you had no brain, no thoughts, OK, explain them. So I don't know where this came from.


We talk about deal breakers and things that I compromise. It's shit like this that I oh, you know, where this actually came from.


I know exactly. It came from one of my good friends in high school whose name is Brooke. She said this and it just stuck with our entire front group. So I actually don't even know what the proper saying is. But when you wake up early, you wake up at the crack of ass. Now the crack of dawn, because I don't know what that means at the crack of dawn, but you wake up at the crack of ass in the morning, you wake up at the crack of ass.


And again, hearing it back now, I do see that could be confusing. Stop trouble with baby.