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You can experience the epic adventure Wonder Woman nineteen eighty four now streaming at no extra cost to HBO subscribers. Plus with HBO Macs stream the greatest collection of series movies and exclusive Max originals all in one place. You know, you could discover something new to watch, like the undoing, which I watched. It was amazing. The flight attendant, his dark materials and so much more.


Go to HBO Max Dotcom or download the app to sign up and start streaming today. The fun part, a legal disclaimer. Wonder Woman nineteen eighty four is rated PG 13 available to stream on HBO Max for thirty one days from theatrical premiere. Welcome back to The Future, I'm your co-host, Daniel Driscol, joined by the visionary behind the Bayside ski trip Carnival, Mark Goslar. Hello, Mark. Hello, Daniel. And how are you? I'm I'm I'm a bit confused by this whole episode.


You're confused why? You need to possibly you can clarify why you might need to hold a entire carnival to fund a ski trip. Is that what's what is that Woods may be sticking to all the.


Let's just let's kind of let's just get into it. Why don't we just do what and we can discuss it, you know? Right. That's how it works. Right. We've been doing a few this here's the homework. In case you didn't do it, there's no money for the annual Bayside ski trip. So Zach in the gang convinced Belding to hold a Carnival fundraiser. Except Zach is failing and needs his dad to meet with Belding about it. Fearing being grounded forever, Zach hires James, an actor who waits tables at the max to pose as his father and meet with Belding.


It works, but Belding invite Zach's dad back. So Zach has James pose as Belding to meet his real father. That also works until real building and Real Zach's dad meet at the carnival. Zach tells his dad this is all because he's too busy at work to talk to his son. They plan a spontaneous father son fishing trip the end. And just like that, we're in the max. This is a class ski trip. Yeah, sure. And no one in the class can go because we all don't have money.


That is the world they're setting up right at the top. And I watched this on both Peacocke and Hulu. I watched both versions kind of I'm checking now based on your cues. There's a line in the Peacock version that was cut from Hulu, where Lisa, in this first year at the max makes a mention of like, well, I'll just ask my daddy for the money. So it seems like it's right. It's every man for themselves in terms of, like, how they fundraise.


It doesn't make any sense, though, so. Yeah. And the class just consists of Slater.


Just five people in the game. Yeah, pretty much.


My bigger question is like ski trips are expensive. It's like you have to rent gear and like you have to like get lift tickets and lodging. It's like it's a lot of. But we live in the Pacific Palisades, like we're we're Big Bear mammoth.


I mean, it's not these places are that are you're saying you're rich, right? I thought you meant like geographically. Where are you skiing. Yeah. I mean, we do well. I mean. Right. I remember when.


Except the Karpovsky household. Yeah. OK, they're going to eat this, they're going to eat the snow for dinner. But I used to do this as a kid when I was 16. I would go with my friends and we go skiing or whatever, and you go to Wrightwood or you go up to Big Bear. You know, Mammoth was like a really big trip, but we would do that every once in a while.


It's not that expensive. I mean, this is really this is an odd thing to say that none of us had the money to go on a ski trip. I could see of, like, one of us, like, you know. Yeah, like Kelly, we got to help one of our Walesa's let's just say slaters shift the blame a little bit here being poor. But you'd have to help some friend and that would be the episode. But instead, it's like we have no money for this trip that happens every year.




And it's just weird. And we'll get into it a little bit more because then we go to Beldin and he'd like just it's an odd thing. And everything's I'd like to have a carnival that probably costs more than a ski trip that we put on like a lot of money out of money, a lot of money being blown on this carnival. It's a fun episode.


I had fun with this fun watching the you know, the the scheming, the ski ski české.


I mean, right at the top here. Yeah. It's fun, right. We're having fun already in the max. Did you notice that the young man playing the arcade machines, none of them are on. Yeah. We get some like fun Pacman sound effects, but just nothing on the screen couldn't be bothered at the time. I guess I wanted to point out I'm not sure if you ever noticed this, but have you ever noticed how bad the the like the scenery in the background is?


Like the backdrops. Yeah, I did.


I mean, I only notice they're bad because on the the twenty twenty reimagining I got to like it was my first time being on a set and seeing those type of backdrops in person, like when someone opens a door what goes on behind that door. And I was amazed at how like photorealistic and good they were and how good they looked on screen. And now you now you go back and look at these. It's like that that does not doesn't look great.


Well, most of the backdrops on sets are these like photorealistic, you know, huge canvases that that paint either a city or in this case, I mean, it would just be the other side of a street. But the tree that that isn't a real tree, obviously. Obviously, Zach, as he opens the door and in the reimagining of saved by the bell, we actually had a real tree. So they learned. They learned. But this is really awful.


And what can actually help that sometimes, you know, because we've taken. Swipes at what we've taken, swipes at Max's magic and the wardrobe. And, you know, right now I'm going to take a swipe every single thing at the at the, you know, the lighting department, because a lot of that could be helped with, like, lighting.


I just feel like it's washed out back there. So there's no texture. There's no depth flat. It is very flat. And I never really realized that until this episode. So it's taken us 20 plus episodes to to kind of say how shitty the background is to take this thing down. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But I just noticed that as I walked in and then I also noticed that I really struggled. I always struggled having the first line of an episode and it was always, you know, TTC, as you say, talk to camera.


Yeah. And.