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Hello, Daniel. What was it like seeing yourself behind the camera? Was that like like I could I can maybe move into directing this? This looks good for me.


Well, I wish I had those aspirations when I was younger, but I didn't. Unfortunately, I do now. I mean, I have directed two episodes in my entire directing career. I directed an episode of Franklin and Bash and then I directed an episode of Steven Bosco's show called Murder in the First with my good friend Corey Graham, who was also on NYPD Blue with me. And that was fun to do because I wasn't an actor on that show.


And it was it was just fun to work with Taye Diggs and Kathleen Roberts and some of the other people and having to work on the camera. You know, the camera side with Steven Bochco is just a whole nother experience. But, you know, nowadays I'm just so envious of these of the talent nowadays because you go into the business going, I don't just have to be an actor or I don't just have to be behind the camera. I can kind of do it all.


And I'm envious of that because when I started out, it was like, well, you can only just be an actor, you know, and if you were an actor, you could only be a television actor. You couldn't just be a film actor as well and definitely couldn't do commercials because I was like selling out. Now people are just like it's, you know, whatever whatever is creative and fun and makes you money as is good for, I think, everyone.


No, yeah.


No one blinks a commercial. I mean, you can do commercials all day long now and like I think it was the correct me if I'm wrong, I feel like you're you're the TV historian around here, like Kevin Spacey doing what, like House of Cards feels it feels like a big movie actor to TV actors shift that happened. And like it seemed like there's a lot going on there. The, you know, post Sopranos where was kind of like, oh, maybe maybe TV prestigious, too.


And obviously that's all been flipped totally upside down. You you probably could have picked like one hundred actors that went from film to television and vice versa. But you had to pick Kevin Spacey. That was a big one. It was a big one at the time. Look, I'm going to publicly admonish Kevin Spacey.


He's a world class creator. But when I. There you go. Oh, yeah. Sorry, I forgot to cancel him. He's already canceled. But when I think of like, oh, my God, Kevin Spacey is was a movie star. Yeah, he's a monster. We know that. Yeah. I'll get him on it. Give you a few. Angela Bassett, you know, Angela Bassett. That's a good one. And also the least problematic person in the world.


You picked you picked a good one. Yeah. Let's see.


I mean, if you if you want to talk about, like, House of Cards, because there's a few. But Robin Wright Penn or Robin Wright. Sure. Yeah. You know, and there's just so many.


I mean, you aren't terrible, terrible people. OK, that's how about how about actors who on television that go to film. I mean, the one that comes to my mind is one of my favorite shows, Breaking Bad. Both those actors are great film actors.


Yeah. It's it's it's just a different it's a different business now than when, you know, I was Zach back in the day. I mean, we've talked about this. I mean, if that was going on now, I think I would be approached to see if I can do an album total, you know, with social media, I'd be selling things and making money on the side. I have tons of side hustles. You know, I wouldn't have to I wouldn't have to rely on on residuals as much as I did in the past.


I don't now, which is nice. I'm in a very comfortable position. Congratulations. Thank you. I still love residuals, by the way. And I actually asked about where my residuals were for my show, you know, because, you know, we all want money.


That's that's that's coming our way. Yeah.


For the writers, it's a green envelope when they send out the residuals. Is it really. Yeah, I'm sure.


I'm sure there's a writer who came up with that. But yeah, the residuals come in a green envelope for the money is I write I recently cashed one for seventy four cents for my work on a show called Drop the Mic.


What a thrill to to be able to cash a check for less than a dollar year people think was saved by the bell that I'm rolling and residual money over the course of thirty years is dropped down. I mean I'm not kidding you there. There have been single digit amounts for specific shows. When you add them up, you know, hundreds of shows, it may come out to thirteen dollars. And I could I could get a Happy Meal and a quarter pounder over at McDonald's with that price.


And I'm not complaining, but I am. It sounds good to me. Happy Meal and a quarter pounder.


Sure, why not. Do you do you eat McDonald's sometimes but not with great frequency.


I would say like on a road trip, on a vacation, there's probably going to be a McDonald's stop happening at some point along the way, but not a not a recreational. Donald's got nothing against it.


Just, you know. Such a stigma attached with McDonald's, and I don't I'm sorry, but I don't know. I don't abide by it. I will tell you this. I had McDonald's today and I fed it to my son. And we we we had McDonald's together. He had a happy meal. And I tried out their new chicken sandwich. Not a fan. I think I'm more of a fan of the the Chick fil A sandwich.


You put a tiny chicken, you could have picked any chicken place, Marquel, but you had to pick the one on the table. Two can play that game because, gosh darn it, it is the best chicken sandwich. It really is a shame. Although you know what? They make a great sandwich. What I haven't had is I haven't had the Popeye's Chicken and I love Popeye's Chicken, by the way, but I haven't had their chicken sandwich.


But I know that there was people were standing in line for that sandwich. And so if anybody wants to, you know, drop one off at the at the the house here, I wouldn't turn it down if someone showed up with a chicken sandwich.


You feel like, get the hell off my property. But good luck to you.


Did you know that McDonald's the the thing that I'll go to is a quarter pounder because I've been told that they do not freeze that meat. It is a fresh patty. It is a fresh quarter pounder.


And that feels like a thing. I have you. Who told you that? Was it on a playground that feels like a think it's a oh, man in red shoes. Donald, I guess I could see that.


I don't know one. I mean, sure, I feel like there it's funny you say the stigma there is a McDonald's stigma. One hundred percent doesn't need to be there. It's fine. It's I mean, it's like you can the quality is the same around the world. It's pretty remarkable to to travel to a foreign land and sample their McDonald's, something I've done in many airports. Yeah. I don't I don't think there needs to be a stigma.


I mean, shoot. Why not. I might go to order is chicken nuggets and a cheeseburger that will that will that combination with some fries will change my day.


This will be this will versatile. This will this will inform me how close we are by the sauce you pick with your chicken nuggets. You're not chicken magnitka. I feel like you're not going to like this. But what I do is I like sweet and sour. I like with you and and I will and I like ketchup and I like to kind of sometimes mix all a little bit of all three of them the ketchups where I maybe take a left turn for most, but that's my OK, OK, I'm with you on this sweet and sour.


I always get sweet and sour barbecue. Not so much. I can see that you're the ketchup, but how about this. Do you dip your fries in the sweet and sour? I mean, you got to dip the fries in the sweet and sour. That's that's good stuff. I mean, that's great. Although I will say one of the hosts for life synergy. So much synergy. One of the ways we are different is that I'm diabetic, which means I have a little a little implant thing that that talks to my phone and gives me live readings of my blood sugar and all I can tell you, I have raw data from when I dip of McDonald's fry into that sweet and sour sauce.


I can tell you it's not good for what goes on in your body immediately.


Oh, yeah, it's I mean, if you think about the what's going on in that sauce, the, the sugars, I tell you is not a not great for you. But you know what, we're all going to go sometime. Might as well have a delicious meal, which is a good enough Segway. I guess it is talking about this episode that has nothing to do with literally anything we talked about except directing even that is tangential. Maybe.


So let's just get into the summary, Marple, so we can we can tackle this episode, if that's that's cool. Do take it away, Daniel. OK, thank you. I need verbal confirmation the gang breaks besides expensive new camera making Zac student movie. So Zac plots to sell footage of Screech as an alien to a tabloid to buy a replacement. Mr. Thompson claiming to be from the national babbler. But in fact, a government agent offers ten thousand dollars to meet the alien with Max's help and screeches new filling, picking up radio waves.


The kids trick Lt Thompson into believing screeches and alien. Lt Thompson announces he plans to dissect Screech So Zac Belding and the entire school trick LT Thompson yet again. Then just tell him the truth. The end can can make it to that last little turn without a chuckle as we get this silly episode.


Yeah, that's a silly. Yeah it is silly. And even for like Saved by the Bell, which is a totally very silly show. We've talked at length about how it competed with cartoons on Saturday morning. This is a really silly one. And it so it was filmed if I read the production code. Right, it was recorded after the friendship business. So there should have been the twelfth episode in season one, which is why I don't know if you noticed, but you got younger from last week, the whole gang.




I mean, in my notes right away I put an exclamation, you know, all caps my voice.


Yeah, nigga.


It's like it's like everything. Even the way you guys act feels more like kids. I know in the beginning as we were in act one here in the Bayside classroom for, you know, Zack, the filmmaker. It's just even like the nature of this story and the way you guys are, you just feel more like kids than you do in this in the most recent season we've been watching.


I love a little like his whole outfit as a director. He wore his cool sweater. Like Tyco, what do you do? Yeah, I'm looking at Mario's hair, it's not as tight as it usually is to maybe he's at the end of his perm. Sure needs to remember. He said his mom used to perm his hair so he would he would actually, I think, have to go back to San Diego, where he was, where he grew up, and get his perm done and then come back, you know, because he was he was sort of living in L.A. just while he was filming this film and saved by the bell.


Yeah. Not a that's a that's a distance to drive for a haircut. Yeah. Look at the way Mario like poses with the camera. Everything is so it just feels more maxed out in a car. Also I also wrote my notes. Where is he playing that camera. Yeah. I mean, he's pointing at the door where screening is supposed to come out. No, he's not. No, because look at it.


Look at his. Oh, my God. You're right.


Because the body is like he's he's pointing it at, you know what he's pointing at. The TV camera, that's what he's that's what he's filming as he's filming the camera, that's filming him on television, it's a it's a technical marvel. But why he's doing that because he's to fool around.


We used to we we just used to mess around and, you know, we're kids. And I I'm trying to think honestly, like there's this particular episode and I'll go through the I remember nothing of this one. This one is I mean, there's things that I'm like, wait, we did what?


But this for some reason. But I'm wondering, was there film in that camera where we just filming something like if you're filming, I mean, he's deliberately pointing that camera and we're looking somewhere else. He's been saying, look, this is a Don thing. Don probably was like, hey, point that thing right down the barrel of the the gun would be like it is seems like a conscious choice that Slater is pointing the business end of the camera.


I can't believe we're we're still on this. But, yeah, that is a it's not it's not correct. He's not filming the door or the hideous creature. Which are you like, Mark? Paul, is your brain primed at this point? Watching these like when Zack Morris points at something is like, cue the hideous creature. You just know Belding's coming through that door. It's like one hundred percent of the time we get these, like, setups.


I, I love it.


Well, actually, I thought it would be either be building, but my first choice would have been screech because, you know, we like to give that poor kid a complex. We call him weird in this episode. We call him a freak, a nerd, a dork. So hideous creature.


Yeah, sure.


Not to mention putting someone in full green face paint for like multiple days of work, which I'm sure you're aware of. It makes for not a fun day for the actor on set when your face is completely covered in makeup.


Did you notice when when Tiffany does that little cheer? It gets a pretty big laugh from the audience, but a really big laugh from an adult member of the audience, which I thought was like a little weird.


I didn't notice that maybe they didn't know what kind of show they were at. It is like I love. So I will note that the gang in this you know, this movie, which I think looks cool and I would like to see this full movie, they're like acting poorly. They're bad actors. Like it's I don't always like the whole thing of like, oh, what if an actor acted like an actor in this this scene reads for all the crazy, weird energy of this episode, I loved seeing you guys be kids.


Like, did you do this with camcorders ever? Just like filmed movies with your friends as grown up or was that not a thing you you part Patkin Partaker did?


Well, you do know that Sliman Fry has that documentary Kid Ninety because she walked around with one of these cameras and pretty much filmed her entire childhood. I didn't do that as much. I didn't have a film camera, but I did do it with a tape recorder. I used to just be in my bedroom and record myself as if I was a radio announcer. I never did. I never did it with a camera. No, I'm still laughing about the fact that I wrote a script and I have it in my hand.


I think that was one of our scripts, by the way. Like the size of it, the size of it. And yeah, you know, we usually get pages and those were the pink pages. I don't know if you want to explain to our audience what what the what why we have pink pages, why scripts are white and then different colored. Could you explain it to me?


I just thought it was because things change and you need to be able to, like, quickly communicate to everyone what we're doing. And that's why if things change, like there's revisions, the the pages change colors. That's what I thought, is that in general, that is it. That's the most simplistic, eloquent answer to my question. But yeah, a script will usually go from white to pink and then to blue. Yellow. We have things like Golden Rod I always love like that.


And then some of those you have, you go back. It never really goes back to white, but it will go like to a double pink or a double blue or a double goldenrod.


And that's when there's a lot of revisions and that's when, you know, the jokes are getting so much better. Or I guess it's it's probably story stuff at that point. Who knows? For my dumb brain, it's just how can we beat these sweet, sweet little jokes? Yeah, that makes sense. That would be holding the white. We're going to make a fake script. We already have a real one here, folks. The camera, by the way, adjusting for inflation, what it cost about twenty five hundred bucks, so not like not the cheapest thing in the world, but also like building really is he's been laser focused on nothing bad can happen to this thing.


And Kelly adjusts the clapper. It does say take two. She's she's good on set. And yet here comes screech, you know, screech the alien in a. Looks like seaweed almost. I love I love Tiffany, is Tiffany's bad acting, it's so it's just so funny to me. You guys really do feel like kids in this. I used to do dumb stuff like this with friends all the time, not with this much production value, but like making dumb, silly little movies like this is what kids do.


And, you know, you guys grow up real fast on Saved by the Bell, but you're still kids here. Yeah, but did you have, like a tape recorder, like like a film recorder with, like, tape in it? Or did you always have an iPhone? Are you. No, no, no, no. Oh, my God, no. When I was doing this stuff, iPhones were how old do you think I am?


iPhones did not exist when I was 12 years old. Folks, this is a real opportunity for me. No, we used to have like like a high eight camera. And then I I've also had friends who had, like, the camera similar to what you have, where a voice would go inside of it on the record, on all these things did like VCR to VCR editing a simpler, simpler times. Thank God none of those things ever got uploaded.


They were all bad. I mean, if we had access to the Internet when me, my friends were like ten, there'd be many, many, many bad, bad, bad videos of us making telling stories that make no sense. And yes, Screech Screech injured himself, which Marcoule. We talk a lot about safety on set. You were, or Zach I should say was running a not so tight ship. People are losing their teeth. GameWorks are breaking.


That brings us right into Zach's room for his second moneymaking magazine idea in two episodes.


We get the whole gang and Zach's room. I was thinking that you don't see the whole gang in Zach's room nearly enough. And why not make room? So, boy, we're here.


Jesse is like we get the call back from the election. She's still the president of the school, which I don't think is an official title president of school. But Kelly and Lisa are both so bad at money and in different ways, like Lisa is constantly owing her father money and and Kelly is just emptying her pockets at the first chance to anyone who comes to her with an issue.


This this made no sense to me. The scene with the money, because we talk about this in the reboot where we say these are privileged kids that are going to a public school in the Palisades, but they're well-to-do.


But yet, you know, this is sad amounts of money here. I have twenty three dollars. I was ready for a pull out like twenty three and ones and change and maybe a button and then slaters for a button.


Yeah, I have thirty six dollars from birthday presents. I mean we're just like that's something my, my five year old would say you know, like if he's doing well I mean. Thirty six dollars must be. Let me tell you from the tooth fairy.


Listen Mike, my kid has made one hundred twenty dollars off the tooth fairy this year. He's seven years old.


I don't know how to stop this. Wow. But we gave him rideable. I know, but what do I do? I gave him twenty for the first tooth. Right.


Because you're like, that's a big trick. This is. But kids don't have that brain where it's like they don't understand, like the concept of like a signing bonus. You can't give someone something as if they can't be like, hey, this is your first one, good job. And then they're just like, I need that every time I've dug a hole I can't get out of. And he's lost a few teeth. And now I think I'm up to one hundred or one hundred twenty.


I don't know how to stop this because I so much money for a tooth. Listen, I know and here's the thing, too, is it's usually because that's all we have in our wallet. Like I don't have her. I don't. Well I haven't I haven't used cash in, you know, almost a year. And and, you know, you just have twenties because you go to the ATM and it spits out twenties. We never use them.


And then it's like, well, I'm not going to go in my kid's piggy bank and break a twenty thousand, so I just give him a twenty.


But now it's like, shit, I've given him twenty and now he's expecting twenty for every tooth.


It's like, yeah, I wonder if like kids must talk. I mean they must talk internally to the tooth fairy giving you know, they talk amongst themselves at school too because my kid will say like well such and such got this for a tooth and I'm like well such and such parents are assholes. That's, that's what I say to my kid. Yeah. Wait assholes.


Because they didn't give him enough are assholes. No, because they give me too much. Made you let me give me too much. You look right. It made me look like shit. Yeah. Yeah. That's the biggest asshole move there can be. Totally just. Yeah I thought that's what you're saying.


Just to be clear and by the way it is another actor and I have worked with them. It's not Beckmeyer by the way. OK, but I do know who they are and I've said, look, you make me look bad. You're an asshole. Yeah. Yeah, that's good.


It's good to get first of all, it's always good to get someone's children involved when you have a grievance that's that's like rule number one going back to the scene.


Yeah, I see. I was I was thrown off by Kelly calling Jesse a stiff pickle. I actually did a little I did look that up in the Urban Dictionary. We were on the same page last night. That's so funny. You and me, you had to be some of the only people using the Internet to access that page at that moment.


Like, did you get a knock on your front? Did you get a knock on your door from the FBI this morning? Why you were looking up the word stiff pickle, right? No, not yet. But I'm I'm sure the feds are. You know, I'm sure they're on their way one of these days. It seems to me Urban Dictionary said it was real. But I wonder, like, it doesn't it doesn't feel real, folks.


I've never heard it before. I've never heard of it before. I've never heard that before. And but it feels just for our audience, it means like it's the same as saying you have a stick up your ass, stop having a stick up your ass, stiff pickle.


I just find it odd that the writers would use that for like there's a few things.


One is the writers must have really giggled in the room when they when they came up with that line and thinking, like, are we going to get away with this with standards of practices?


Actually, let us say stiff pickle.


Second, kudos to Tiffany for saying stiff pickle with a straight face with her delivery and none of us giggling. I thought for sure that Elizabeth would break on that because we've talked about this in the past. Elizabeth was very easy to to to make break. And we all kind of just kept a straight face and kept going. And I'm not sure, you know, going back to filming this, if we all knew what a stiff pickle was, it just said like.


Boners that would have been like more and more natural at that stopping. That's a it's a really funny thing to tell a bunch of people there. You guys are being a real bunch of boners right now. Yeah, I typed in my notes. Just say stuff in quotes. I mean, that was the I, I really do detect some like you hear about like the Disney animators putting, like, naughty stuff in there. Like, I don't know, it seems like there's some like weird I don't want to say disgruntled.


They might just be regularly gruntled and having fun, but there is like some hidden sexual stuff I did not pick up on as a kid. Like stiff pickle, not so hidden. Oh yeah. And I mention this because I just if you're going to need a binder, folks, that's a high school joke.


Yeah. This is getting an idea to get rich from a magazine again, which is like I get these weren't produced in sequence, but it is it is just so funny how fast the show moved to like, oh, this magazine says we can make some money.


Let's all do it. Won't that fix our problems, by the way? Simpler times, because nowadays we'd be on the Internet and that just opens up a whole, you know, like rabbit hole that we would be going down of how to to make money. But here we only have a few options back in the 90s, you know, it's like, oh, magazine. The babbler has this ad in it. You know, that's where you saw ads and then you get an idea.




It was also like I remember that as a kid, this was not a thing you guys made up that the National Enquirer, I'm sure they still are advertising, you know, like, well, we'll pay cash for Bigfoot kind of thing. It's like that was a thing. And part of that is a way for them to generate free press. Because guess what, folks? No one's showing up at the door with irrefutable proof of any of this stuff.


But, yeah, I remember that. I remember seeing, like, yeah, prove that boy exists. Make some money. And we're in the halls of Bayside for Maria Tortilla Jessy's disguise, which I have in my notes as, quote, not great. The makeup, hair voice, just maybe Sean. That's Jesse, that's oh, my God. Well, thank God you were sitting down, Martha. Yeah, that is that is one Elizabeth Berkley playing a Jessie Spano as Maria Tortilla.


Not great. What a what a disguise.


No one will ever know. Yeah, yeah. I mean, that's just like I get it away. But the only person who doesn't know is Mr. Belding.


Oh yeah. The person who put like hello.


Or someone to show up to your school in a Halloween costume. But yeah, he. He just doesn't see it, you know why he's too. Laser focused on this camera like an actual lunatic, all he cares, all he he does not eat, sleep or breathe anything but camera these days.


He's got a porn to produce with Mrs. Belding. I was going to get to that. Yeah. Why do you think that camera. I have it in my nose. Why does Belding want this camera so urgently? And the only thing I could think of was he has some sort of like, weird sex thing to do with it. That's it. There's no other no other reason it's this time sensitive to him. Then, like, they already ordered the weird leather masks and Barbara and Steve, the next door neighbors are coming over and like, we need this camera by Thursday.


Folks are like, this whole thing is a bust. That's why someone needs a camera that bad in 1990.


Come on, grow up. But yeah, Jesse herea probably not going to break this accent out again any time soon, I would imagine. Um, and I love how, like, Beldin doesn't recognize where I come around the corner and I'm like, hey, Jesse. Yeah. I mean, that's you know, that's just good comedy. But it is like there's also I mean, I don't think we can different times. Right. I get it.


This would never fly now. But not only is I think Jesse's not only is Jesse's like accent like New York. Yikes.


Belding just talking louder and slower to her because she does not speak English as their first language. That's you do something that's maybe that's OK. That's what you got of that. OK, I absolutely look sure I do that, but I don't do it on TV. Of course not. But yeah, that's what Belding does. And, you know, it's all just for fun and games here. The film club competition advertise in the background. I'll tell you what else had some bad delivery was my, my, my, my delivery of bad mama back Mama Seeta at Mama SEATO.


Yeah, yeah. I mean the popular Batman film from the year.


Well I just felt like my delivery was off. I could have done better. And, and then I as I was watching this like, well how would I have said it. And I just kind of I feel like I didn't quite understand the joke, you know, because the thing is, like, you've heard of Batman. Well, this is Batman Mashita and I. I think I should have just like maybe maybe the direction from Don, the director would have been try to find it more like it's you have to kind of come up with that.


Not that's not on the tip of your tongue. And I felt like the way I did it, you know, in this take was it was just came to me too easy. I was just like Batman and Seeta. But I should have been like, you've heard of Batman. Well, this is Batman, mom, my sister, you know, like something like that.


I think that, like, he was like like you just had like you were creating it, as you were saying. And that would have been a more natural way to, like, lie. Yep. Yep. Yeah. I mean, my thing would be like, hey, guys, maybe let's get a new color on this page. I think we can beat this joke. I think we can come up with something else, but we're not. Batman was the kind of color time the year before.


Speaking of color, this shirt, my outfit, like I mean, I wouldn't talk in that way, but I know that's the thing. This this thing is this is a different look for me because I'm wearing, like, these really tight pants and I can't quite get my hands in. And if you notice throughout the whole episode, yeah, my colors are enormous. The shirt is huge, but I can't quite get my hands into my pockets. And I, I tend to always want to put my hands in pockets when I acted.


It's like where do you what do you do with your hands instead of hand acting? And so you try to jam your hands in your pockets to kind of hide them. And throughout this whole episode, I was like, look, I can't put my hands in my pockets that kind of like put my thumbs. And I kind of do like a a Slater thing. Yeah, but these pants are kind of tight on me. Yeah.


I mean, in a weird way, you know, I kind of mentioned at the top of how this is like I do wonder why this episode was held, you know, like why did that? And I think I kind of get it. It it feels just like a different show, like like you guys still look like kids. And a lot of ways you're the looks are not as dialed in as they will be. Like, I do get why they produced this episode.


And then we're like, oh, maybe we hold on to this one until the fan base is more established.


I think I understand. And. And we're at the max where we will meet Mr. Thompson, who is played by Sean Masterson, he came up in the second city where he worked on stage alongside Mike Myers, Steve Carell and Bonnie Hunt, among others, an improv actor. Yeah, I'm a huge fan of improv actors.


I've worked with a few in my in my career and their second city. And there's a Groundlings here in Los Angeles, UCB, Los Angeles, New York. I don't know if our audience goes to any of these. I don't know if you have, but probably not lately. But I'm telling you, going to the Groundlings or any of these is so much fun. These are such talented people to be able to do improv. And yeah, Sean, you know, coming from that, I mean, you got guys like Stephen Colbert and Chris Farley and Tina Fey, but he's doing a hell of a lot of prop acting.




Yeah, I, I am in the same way that the kids feel like this feels was from last season, but it feels like a very different show than the episode we just watched last week.


It just the way the way Sean is moving through, it just it feels like he's in a different scene than everyone else too, in a way that is just like incongruous, I guess would be the word I would use. You know, there's some funny stuff here, but it just isn't like it's like two musicians playing different songs kind of thing. And I wonder if some of that is his background in improv. And he was trying to like, I know what to you know, I wonder if he was doing more than he needed to in a way that like because it's a little confusing, too.


He's like very clumsy, but he also catches his walkie talkie like his character.


There's too much I don't know who this guy is. There's too much going on.


He keeps dropping stuff and he it just feels all over the place.


It made me question whether or not this was actually on the page, whether this was scripted or if it was something that he did like. Was was his character description, you know, this guy who could be possibly a government worker that is clumsy and he just came up with these these gags, you know, shoved his hand in the glass, jabbing his pen into a bun or whatever that thing is, you know, hitting his head on the on the video video game machine, the walkie talkie.


There was a lot going on. And I'm just wondering, like, where was that scripted? I don't think so.


It doesn't feel like it is it doesn't feel the only thing that feels like much. It feels like that.


Thank you. Yeah. It feels a bit much. And in a way we're like it only I think it really only serves the story the one time building like hands on the file. And he's like you with the file, which, by the way, could have been the only clumsy joke. And it would have I mean, we don't need to go back and critique, you know, this guy's performance. Thirty years ago, he showed up. He did the job.


But like it it felt more confusing to me of like, why is this man so bumbling? And and I have him later. My is the clumsiest man alive.


Well, but that happens a lot of the times when when a guy comes on or an actor guy is a person used as a blanket, a person comes on to guest star. Is it sometimes you want to make an impact, you want to do something that's going to make you stand out. And we've seen that on the show a few times. I just feel like he could have been helped, maybe a little bit more. I'm going to point the finger at Don Barnhart, because that's something Director Billiam, because I think Sean was you know, his background is improv and his background is second city.


It's like, you know, you go big or go home. And I think Don could have easily pulled that back and said, you know what? Let's just let's let's let's pick our shots here, because it's just not necessary. But, you know, nothing nothing wrong with with trying to make a big impact and not working. I'd rather have that than the opposite.


So sure, he definitely took some big swings. I mean. Yeah. And again, no, just. Yeah, like like like he's in a different show. It's hard to explain when you see it, but it was like because I'm trying to think like, why does this feel weird. And then I saw I was improv background. I'm also a big fan of improv comedy and worked with some of my favorite, funniest people I've ever gotten the chance to work with come from improv.


But it just it just felt it just felt off, especially in a story that opens with, like, bad weird acting and then uses that again, I don't know, just strange. He offers the kids ten thousand dollars, which if someone shows up where you're eating a cheeseburger and you're a child and they say, hey, I'm going to give you ten grand, you should not. That's there. That's not don't trust that person. I don't care what they say.


I don't care what they're talking about. Also, what are the kids going to do with ten thousand dollars now? I tell you, has that how you got started? I haven't seen it yet. And there's the scene where someone pulls up and offers you Tengiz.


This way is I just like, what are you going to do with ten thousand dollars children?


I don't know. A car like what are these why the kids don't even want all this money? People always say that, like, what are you going to do with all that money? What do you what do you mean what am I going to do with all that money? I'm going to say I said I'm going to save it. I'm going to I'm going to do whatever the hell I want with it. I mean, if you give me ten thousand dollars right now, I'd go like, well, that's not enough.


What am I going to do? I wouldn't. You're right, actually. I mean, Disney, like the Street folks, they're opening their doors again soon as I figure out how to spend ten thousand dollars. Yeah.


This is like a trip to Cabo or something, you know, like if you want to go, you want to see a nice trip. That's a really nice listen. That's what trips are going nowadays. I mean, it's it's crazy.


But back then, with with ten thousand dollars is a lot of money but split between the six of us. Yes.


The gang I mean, you're going to you're going to split it. And I mean, shit, it looks like they spent it looks like they dropped that on their special effects budget for this this scheme.


So, you know, and Kelly is going to give her money to her dad anyway.


She'll give it away on anyone down walking down the street. Just miss, can I bother you? She'll hand them all her money. That's what she does.


I probably could trick Kelly, though, and tell her that she's not going to get her full cut. I'll give it to her at a later date and come up with something be. And she would. Absolutely. Because she's so nice. I'm going to hold it. Absolutely. Yeah, she would absolutely. Give me the money. Electric screech too. Yeah.


I mean, sweetie, I mean, honestly, let's face it, folks, this is like if ten thousand dollars actually entered into the atmosphere of this group of friends, it would one hundred percent all be in Zack's bank account by sunset.


I mean, we've we've seen how savvy Lisa is. So that's I guess this is the one that I would have to watch out for. Yeah. And and Slater, I mean, maybe you're right. You would pick the easiest marks first and then you'd work on Jesse. You it up like a fake college fund for Jesse. And I went you went to go retrieve it in several years. You surprise. Remember that Khaibar say I'm going to donate it to some active.


Yeah. Some save the whatevers.


Yeah. We're going to save something to save something. Jesse, give me that money and that we find out. Lieutenant Thompson is both clumsy but also good at catching his walkie talkie. This is where I mean, like the Lieutenant Thompson character, the the wheels fall off the wagon a bit for me. Um, Bezerk promises him one alien. It's also kind of hard not to keep picking apart this guy. It's just weird how he like he he plays them in a way where it's like, oh, he's because he's so clumsy, he'll be easy to trick.


It's like it just is too many ideas. That's I think what I'm going to keep saying, too many ideas, including the fact that Screech got like super powers again. Come on, Daniel, don't hate the player. Hate the game. OK, it's a good point. And think about it like that then. Too busy player hating this felt to me like the gift. I know it's just radio frequencies, but it's like a thing happened to Screech and now he has like a power.


These two episodes are, I believe the only time that happens as like cartoonish is this felt like that was an act to you forgot to say that.


Oh my God. Sorry. Look at that.


Hey, we just let's switch let's let's switch roles and just like you want to do, want to be. And it's fun. It's been so much fun so far.


Oh my God. I'm not going to do you because I feel like my impression would upset you. Oh God. I'm going to just cruise right now. That's upsetting. You're setting you're setting yourself up now. I know the audience wants to hear. I'll think about it. I'll think about it. I'll get back to you. We should do an episode where we just switch it on, I think. Sounds good. Put it in the books. But yeah, we're in the the halls of Bayside here.


Screech got his tooth filled from his the most dangerous day on set ever.


And now all of a sudden he gets radio frequencies from a tooth filling. How in the world did the writers come up with that?


Don't hate the player, hate the game, play the game. The game at that point is like it.


Yeah. Again, like this episode. It just has there's there are just two gosh darn many ideas like screeches. It's like this is so much. And to what end folks. Really to what end of this, this charade which has like has to be one of the crazier climaxes I've saved by the bell. History will get there. We're getting there. And yeah, you know, we're in Belding's office for the clumsiest man scene. And that's what it is.


I mean, it's like he's just it's like we do get the building fixes his pencils. I do like I love that that we're right.


That that was very funny. Yeah. Just his reaction is is priceless. And we've set it up just for in case that, you know, this is your first episode listening to us.


Yeah. Welcome. And I'm sorry, but we've set it up where Dennis had a thing with his pencils, like his pencils always had to be in a row, perfectly lined up on his desk and did not like when you touch them. And looking back now, I always thought it was just. Dennis Butt is actually a Mr. Belding ism, yeah, that I think possibly he may have come up with or maybe the writers came up with, but it is a it is a thing like those pencils do not touch Mr.


Bell. Never noticed. I never noticed that. But it is now that I know it. And they do. It's one joke in season one very quickly, like Belding doesn't like it, they just throw it out there and never to be mentioned again. But yeah, sure enough, he fixes those things real quick when the clumsiest man of all time starts fumbling around from the UFO investigations unit talked a lot about writing here today, there are two back to back horse jokes.


I mean, there's two horse jokes back to back to close out this scene. That is that that's I'm surprised that one got through because that's as a writer. That's fun for me. But I feel like someone along the way would have been like a one horse joke enough, maybe that's just me. I think it's just you. I was I was just thinking, like, he gets called out to some stupid joke about a horse in the pool.


See, the polo team has a horse in the pool because swimming classes are so low. I know. And he says it's horse play. It's I think you could have closed on the horse. The polo team has a horse in the pool. That's plenty horse joke. And I get it.


Possibly why I didn't even notice that joke or give a shit about that joke is because I was I was just baffled by this receptionist that every once in a while comes on.


Where is she? We've already established that his office is he opens the door and it's the hallway like, where is this receptionist?


Where is her office? This is yeah, I had a spooky ghost.


Maybe. I don't know.


That's my that would be my pitch. Hey, guys, lunch is going to be maybe. Oh yeah. Maybe it's like this is all like a simulation. A building is like talking to the computer in charge. Right. That's cool. That's a that's a fine theory. Why not any of this, uh, this scene again, we're just it feels like building the LT have just such wildly different energies. It is. It is just that I can't say anything more about it than that.


It ends with him catching that screech, as has radiowaves and. What are you saying? How did this guy make it past all the government training? He's a all.


And that takes us into the max where we will get the gist this did you catch how quickly Zach is like now I got Max to show us some tricks, like, come on over like that. Talk about a smooth transition of just like Max is going to come over here and do some tricks. It's like, OK, I'm not sure how any of these are going to help are going to help our ruse, but. Sure, why not? Max, come on down.


Yeah, I just again, I think because maybe this was the you said this was our 12th episode of the first season. So we were still using Ed, correct. Alonzo and still finding ways to use him, still finding ways to be like how does how does his magic help us this week. Right. Which is such a funny mandate to look right into your show. I do understand why they eventually bailed on it.


Yeah, I was. And to me, I think we discussed this before, but he's in a black T-shirt rather than the usual red. And I couldn't remember what the reason for that was to somebody say.


I think part of it I think honestly, the dumb short answer might just be the illusion he's doing like the the Martian ears probably hide better against a black shirt would be my guess.




He mentions Mork and Mindy, Mork and Mindy, which feels like a very dated reference to my ears now. But it only went off the air. It only went off the air excuse me, seven years before this was taped. So any reason, all things considered, anyway, is going to teach Screech how to drink milk like Mork Martha? All this is the only time you guys are ever drinking tall glasses of milk at the max, I think.


Pretty sure I'm sure somebody will point out to you how wrong you are. And the lady on Twitter also prepared. So no, please. Oh, every day in my life, someone pointed out last week I really stepped in it when I said Terminator two had already come out and inspired that guy's a leather jacket. Look, it didn't come out till later the next year. So WAPs. Oh, my bad. Well, OK, then, Arnold Arnold had the jacket in Terminator one also.


So you're technically correct. It's just. Woops, what are you gonna do all these years? There's too many of them. I think you're doing I think you're doing great. Oh, my God, thank you. Thank you. I appreciate that. And I think I think you're doing great, too. I think everyone's doing their best these days. It's my official stance for the last 30 years and.


Yeah, of course.


And and Max. Max drops some serious game on these kids. He says the best illusions are created in the mind of the beholder.


That's a real shadow. Why are you why are you talking to kids about the mind of the beholder? An illusion like everyone is just these kids are it's amazing.


They all made it out of Bayside with like they're too trusting and they let too many adults talk to them about weird stuff like, Max, go back to the kitchen and figure out why you're in debt and why these kids had to pull you to the max. Oh, my.


Yeah. Max, can you please, like, make your make all your bad decisions disappear. Can you put those in a hat and never pull them out again? The your eye of the beholder.


How much I'm in debt like Max you have you you haven't paid your employees in three months.


And yet, Max, these like these tricks are just this is crazy when you so you guys are so in the next scene, you guys have broken and you've broken into school. I mean, you are you are trespassing, all of you. And you must have gotten there pretty early because you like rig the place with special effects and then it's it's like a reverse psycho. Like as you were watching the kids plan, when it gets to the part where Screech removes his face to reveal an alley, like, what was your thought like?


Were you at all like how did they like what what was your thought process?


I guess that's exactly what it was. I was like, what? Wow. OK, we went through great lengths to get to that incredible lengths. I mean, my thing was I there was a few things watching that scene. I was like, the agent isn't perplexed by this kid that opens his mouth and a radio frequency comes through like that, doesn't like spark something. Like we just kind of put that off to the side. Like he saw him in the office of Mr.


Belding notices that there's something weird about this kid, you know, but this agent, I mean, it's just it's just weird. I don't know. And then, of course, you know, he's like, well, we're going to have to bring him back and dissect him and then screech the way he delivers the dissect. Yikes. It's very, very Saturday morning cartoonish.


And I look, I know these are stories for TV. And if if people would just communicate properly, they'd be much shorter. But it's like whatever. I guess we're going to go through it. But how does the gang not take a beat in that moment of dissection to be like, OK, sir, we can explain exactly what's going on before you take our friend to Washington and cut him up into a million pieces, which they would have found.


He's a human. He's a human boy. If they put a knife in him, that would have been pretty evident pretty quickly. But no, he's going to run off and that this whole thing is bonkers. I know watching Mission Impossible, it's literally Mission Impossible.


It's Tom Cruise ripping off a face of someone like even Mission Impossible did not do anything as crazy as Screech, removing his own face to reveal a large alien head.


Um, and you got to imagine that Max was there, like helping them the whole time through this, like breaking and entering, followed by visual effects fraud. I don't know what kind of crime they're committing. It's not they're definitely like defrauding this man out of ten thousand dollars or so they think. That's a crime, that's a real crime, but scheduled for dissection and we're in Act three, we are cruising in to Act three now. Yeah, he like sorry before we get there, I forgot he does the live long and prosper.


Like, it's like there is just there is just way too much here. There is like at what point could you, could the note have been to him like hey tone it just a few notches down. Like we'll still believe that you're an agent. I don't know.


Well because he also has to be the straight person. Right. Because we're so out there. And if he's out there, it's too there's no anchor. Yeah, it's a ship without a rudder. I mean, it seems like it is. It got guys TV is hard.


It's a hard collaborative medium to make and a lot of decisions need to go into it. And I nothing but respect and appreciation for this show. Lord knows it's done great wonders for my life, but it's just like this just doesn't work. And I get I get why it was held. I get why some of the producers involved were maybe like, we need to put our best foot forward every Saturday for this first run, shelve it. The kids won't notice.


They they certainly won't talk about it in three decades. And that brings us to actory, I have in my notes you, Mark, Paul, that this is an unusually religious scene for Saved by the Bell. A lot of a lot of real concrete talk about like God and heaven that you don't get, I think, ever again. You know, obviously, with with Dustin Sudden passing, there's like a sad layer here, watching him as a kid, sort of saying his final prayers, talking about death, not, you know, but but it was.


But it's also just like zooming out of that, which I can't ignore. But that's, you know, but like, it's weird on a kid's show to be like these kids believe in God.


They believe in heaven. It seems I mean, you mentioned there's like some religious undertones and stuff on set and how Peter's edict about like, no swearing and that kind of stuff, like, do you think that was a top down call? I don't know. I mean, you watching the scene, I mean, you had some deep thoughts there. My my thoughts just went to how am I asleep with all the lights on?


And I'm sitting there thinking, like, man, I if it would be such like if you're going to write about this on on any network show now and you were like, OK, so the character prays to God, like that's like a big step for you is like going to talk about these children, like religious beliefs in such concrete terms. So yeah, I was having some deep thoughts like, well, you know, that just feels odd. It's also Sweetland is like, yeah, I mean, Zack learns Screech would want to bring him to heaven with him, which is like what moves him to save his life.


I mean, it's kind of fucked up people to just like let him get chopped up by the government for for money otherwise. Um, but yeah, it's a it's a strange thing.


I did not notice they were trying to sleep with the lights on, but there's so many things to me that were strange in the scene and the religious aspect of it did not even occur to me. And scratch the. No, I did not. I was like, what what am I wearing to sleep? Why am I sleeping with the lights on? Sleeping in the same bed is screech and I we're having a sleepover and he's in my bed.


It's nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing.


Look, if you want to share a bed with whoever you want, look, I'm just going to say, growing up, did you ever share.


No, I'm just throwing it out there because this is it's just you and I know no one else is listening. No one's listening.


I don't know. I mean, like, I feel like boys especially maybe who knows.


Things are always changing in this world, but like it would be like the floor of a living room area, which is like a bunch of like pillows and sleeping bags and blanket. Like it was like it was like a sprawling commune of of sleeping arrangements, but not in the same bed. No. I mean, and then it's just like it's it's weird. He even says at the very end, I'm skipping ahead here to the end and I have something else before we actually go.


And the same time. Yeah, but then he says, do they wear underwear in heaven? Where the fuck does that come from?


You're saying that while two boys are in bed a, it doesn't make sense. Why did the writers write that? Why does underwear come out of his mouth while he's in bed with me to take that, to take some of the tension?


I mean, but it is it does as a. Oh, OK.


Well, what's the rest of that conversation like? Did they were underwear in the closet? Like, where does that go? I mean, if you're in don't remember someone talking about their underwear.


Yeah, it's I mean, like I get that it's trying to be sweet, but I did, I was watching it. I was like, whoa. So like one screeches typing a will. Like that's pretty dark. And he's talking to Zach about heaven. I'm like, it's just like what is going on. It's all over the place. It also just for my own record keeping here, the episode that got produced immediately after this one and also held until the final season is called Slaters Friend, and it deals with Slater's pet pet chameleon dying already on a chameleon already and his pet reptile and.


It I was I was watching and I was like, well, maybe the reason they held these two is because it's like kind of weird for a kid show to deal with, like a death episode in the first season and also just keep this kid might die, like, that's kind of like dark, heavy stuff. And maybe it was too complicated to introduce to them to your audience at this juncture. Here's another here's another fun thing that I want to point out, the audience, do you notice that when I turn off one light to go to sleep, it turns off the other light as well?


Hmm. That's a little a little magic. Well, it is magic.


I'm going to fill you in to some TV magic. I, the actor, do not control the lights when whenever you see a movie and you see practicals, which is, you know, we have the overhead lights and then the practicals, which are these lamps, we are not in control of any of the lights on set. It is the up to the electricians to flip that switch.


And as an actor, even even with like a switch on the wall, you'll see an actor just put their hand up to the switch, but they never quite turn it on or up. And, you know, you might make a movement, but it's your timing it with the electrician. You put your hand on it and then the electrician pushes a button and it turns on the the practicals or the overhead or what. And that's exactly in this scene.


I just put my hand on the knob and both lights turn out, turn off, which is a little bit of movie magic or television magic in this case, my iPod. Did you ever work with an electrician who you were like, man, this guy cannot get his rhythm right on my lights turning on and off like I will never work with this person again? No, no, I know that's funny, but, you know, I mean, usually those guys are really good and they're the best.


They're what's keeping the place from burning down straight up. An electrician on set is like one of the most important people. They're there.


They're the reason this whole thing, this whole just bundle of wires and hot lights isn't burning us all alive. Nothing but love and respect to the electricians of the world. There's some of the best people I love.


I like when you when you're working on these sets. I mean, it really feels like a family. And, you know, it's just these are these are it's a collaboration. And on every show that I've ever worked with, I've made friends on, you know, both sides of the camera. And yeah, I just I that's why I love what I do is because you go to work and you get to work with some really talented people. And, you know, it's it does feel always like a like an extended family, which is such a great part of the job.


Oh, also, as long as we're talking about continuity, we do learn we learned already that Screech believes in heaven and goes from the House party episode because when he's afraid he will kill his mother by breaking the Elvis statue, she appears to him in a vision as a ghost. So that's on character for Screech and that takes us into buildings office for a brief scene between the lieutenant and Richard. You know, just what seems like just an opportunity to put him in uniform, like that's really drive home, he is from the government in case the kids at home are a little confused about which where the ruse begins and ends.


He is he is from the government as seen by his uniform. And he puts a ticking clock on Beldin, like, get me that alien by 3:00 p.m. Again, this just is a is a crazy, crazy story. And now Belding's roped into this or the feds are going to rain hell down on Bayside. That seems bad.


All I took away from this particular scene was who the heck is that in the background when the lieutenant opens up the door to the hallway and we can see across the the way in the classroom seems to me that it's a man with a mustache. And I don't think they would have put a extra to play a teacher in that room because that that's obviously the classroom over there. But it just looks I think it's actually a crew member. I actually think someone was sitting in that room and didn't know that that they would see into that room and they just got caught.


They're just taking a break, kind of like a kind of like a sat down at a time when the boom makes an appearance.


I think that that is a a crew member that makes an appearance. And I've watched it over and over again. And I think the crew member looks up and kind of like goes, oh, shit, I'm on camera. Yeah, OK. I mean, let's see it. Instant replay. OK, here we go. Watch this. So you don't see it there. But when he comes back in, I get that right right there. Oh yeah.


That guy's ok. I remember. Looks up and then he puts his hand to his face like oh shit, I, my job might be in jeopardy here. How do you see these things.


I swear to God like you really do. It's very funny. You notice things I have never picked up on, very nuanced like background stuff, mostly other people's unforced errors.


But yeah, this OK, so we are in the final scene and I just again like what, where did they get all these in masks, all these screech masks rather.


Like in the matter of like two hours, like like did they have like a masked person? Does someone at Bayside, does their dad work for George Lucas? Like, where did these come from? It's so interesting because as I was watching this scene, that didn't even occur to me like, yo, how did we make these within? That didn't occur. That didn't occur like these custom. Like, I know.


Because what what what I was questioning is why do I not have one of these in my possession?


How did I not keep one of these as a sentimental, you know, item from my days on saved by the Bell? I mean, we talked about like, you know, when I was on NYPD Blue right now, you know, I took I took my fake gun. I took my fake badge. I took my notepad and a desk lamp and things of anything that just came down.


Yeah, it wasn't take down. I took things of which is I mean, I took jewelry and and all kinds of things. I don't have a lot of items, but my gut like to have a screech mask.


I mean, how did how did we not keep these.


How did you not say I mean, how do you not make the like I feel like these would have been a Halloween commodity. You guys were.


But again, it goes back to when we filmed this when we did this show, we never thought anyone was watching it. And if we didn't, we didn't know what it would become. And it was just one of those things. I mean, I don't think anyone in this in the in this scene. And what do you think?


There's like thirty three of there's a lot of there's a lot of extras. So there was a lot of mask being made. I don't think anyone has has that mask. And it was, you know, that no one cut. It was I mean it looks like his face.


I was trying to figure out, like, you know, the thing of like the Michael Myers mask from Colorado State, it's like it's just a well, Shatner mask from Star Trek. Like I would if it was my job to to get these masks ready, I would just find the closest thing to Dustin's face at a Halloween mask store and then put a wig on and call it a day. But it it weirdly looks like it's like I don't like I I was trying to crunch the numbers like they did in the real life of Saved by the Bell.


Do they make these. But my question in the world of saved by the Bell is like, what was the point? Because as soon as they put on the masks, they're just like, hey, he's not an alien. Also, the masks aren't real. And it becomes a lesson about like telling the truth, because, believe me, like you shouldn't a trick like telling lies is wrong. That is suddenly what I'm to learn as a child.


But isn't it like the thing of what it sort of falls into to the world of cartoons where if you can't pick out the real person, I'm thinking like, yeah, I like it, but it but it doesn't make sense because they put on the mask, then everyone's taking them off.


Mario leaves his on up until the credits roll, which I really love. He really seems to be enjoying it. It's fun to use that F word, but ID like they could have just as easily said, hey buddy, we didn't have time to make fifty masks because we're not actual psychopaths. But, but it was all a lie and you shouldn't lie to kids. I don't know. It is like this is I don't understand the move. I don't.


You don't get the move. Yeah. You shouldn't lie to kids but I steal your car keys. Yeah. So I have it in my notes too. That that was a perfect crime by Zack Morris because of all the improv work we've established. Like he's forgetful, he's clumsy. So yeah, he loses his keys. It's kind of the I mean, Zach's dad is going to be audited by the IRS every year for the rest of his life because of this.


But other than that, it's a victimless crime. And that's it. That's Close Encounters of the Nerd kind. A a extremely bizarre episode. Marples, I think we've we've uncovered. But as my good friend likes to say, fun. It is fun. Oh, my God. I want to meet this guy.


He sounds like a hoot. He's such a fun guy. He is such a fun guy. Might as well be a mushroom. There's a joke kind of small. We have some homework for next week and it's an episode. I know you're familiar with running Zach be the most, um, dare I say, infamous of some of the things that are not age poorly. And if you thought Maria Tortilla could have read the room a little better. Boy, oh, boy.


You're in for one for next week.


Hey, I'm going to loosen my collar now, OK?


Hey, hey, look, we're here to do the work, if you want to call it that. I mean, it's not work for me. I think every every minute of this is, you know, I'm hey, I'm still having fun, but we are here to do some work and some that is like unpacking like, yeah, there's some of the stuff in this kid's show is like not the best. And I'm we will see what.


Saved by the bell really tried to say about race and privilege, like there's I'll put it this way, you're all the characters have stories about race next week, and I'm looking forward to exploring those with you.


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