Happy Scribe

Five, six, seven, four, three goals. There's some goals and he goes south, there are some goals in this sort of spirit. What baby, can you hear it? OK, six, six, six demons trying to get here in. Guys, we been to the official season finale oh, thanks so much. We're excited. We're really good. So much. Like I said, thank you. I was like to say the filter so much.


Thank you, guys.


We really appreciate it. We're super excited and we are finally doing our paranormal activity.


Oh, it is. That's a fucking movie. That's a little movie.


That was a name of a parody episode. Paranormal episode, baby.


So you have been drinking and all this. It's going to be a drunk paranormal episode. Everyone's like, oh God. Here we got to hear these fucking drunk ghost stories when I hear this.


But can you make us some ectoplasm reticulum and ectoplasm shooters?


OK, so Kenny was nice enough to make us a little celebratory shots to celebrate the season finale of Jimmy Heath and Filter Sandflies.


If we don't know how to pronounce big words, let's not use the big word. Did I just say that I mispronounced celebratory, celebratory, celebratory uprate? Give me a break.


All right, guys, I love you guys so much. And we've I can't believe we're on the fiftieth episode. This is crazy new. Who'd have thunk it? I thought we were done before. I would stick with that.


I didn't think where I would make it. Honestly, I didn't think I would.


I just got here is like I'm on episode five.


Well, maybe we love you, Kenny. You have been an honor throughout all this. Mariah, we love you so much. By the way, guys, Mariah edits all that shit. She's the best. She spends hours, days on each episode.


So we got to give a huge shout out to Mariah.


And thank you guys listening. We really appreciate you giving us the most work on this ship. OK, guys, cheers. Thank you so much. And happy season finale. Oh, yeah.


Oh, here you go, please. Can you do that? Just like poison bitch. That's the worst thing I've ever had. Surprise. There's arsenic and all your surprise muthafucka.


It's dirty. We just have a crazy like trip this entire time.


Wow. We make it a drunk, high and paranormal episode. That would be a combo.


Did you bring your weed? I always have my weed in my little insulin.


All Zane would be licking his fingers after a shot.


I guess I'm so pumped right now. This is this has been built up and we're really excited that you guys finally we wanted to keep waiting, but Kenny was like, you guys need to bring this shit out now on your asses about this episode. Well, we're like because you guys have been calling in on the unfiltered hotline about this are of thousands of emails, a thousand thousands of e-mails about us doing this episode. So we had to do this episode on the finale.


And also what's cool is Kenny has been listening to our podcast before he even joined and he's been waiting for the paranormal episode. So now that he's a part of the show, he's like, we're finally getting it.


Isn't that crazy? Our biggest stand is on the cast.


This could be you. I'm giving up. I see an infomercial.


This could be you. We start doing the thing we did with Matt, like we're we're looking to replace that. He needs to be tall, handsome, nerdy.


Isn't that crazy that we like we're seeing that as a joke. Like next person we're going to replace. My next person is tall, lengthy, nerdy. I heard that it's we also writes this.


I love you, too. Let's jump right into it. Oh, my God. To play the intro.


We have our witch lighting up some candles for the episode, never again get get behind the camera. This is not where you should be. This. This is Heath's area, the whole episode. Forty nine.


Welcome back to Zanin Heat unfiltered. Thank you guys again so much for tuning in. As always. We really appreciate you.


This is you're about to point out the news like this is our neon sign that we have. And this is in my name is is one of those.


Wow. That's going to be a fun one. Oh, by the way, that's Mariah and Kenny back there. Correct.


Which we already I feel like we gave such an introduction that I really need to hear it again.


All right. Enough about you guys. This is this is our paranormal episode. And we are going to jump right into it. Like, get fucking started. All right. Just do it. We got nothing. All right. So many stories just to about. I never thought about calling part one.


I only go to the Four Seasons. Oh, not a bad idea.


That's the turnover episode with the guest that we have. That would be so funny.


That's the first question we ask, that you actually have had these encounters. Down it goes.


No, I feel things. What's your Zodiac sign?


I'm I'm a little drunk, so I'm going to have to look at the screen to make sure we go on topic. This should have been quick, huh? I know. Yeah. I took I feel like I even drank a lot. And I think you're drinking a lot, but which is covid vodka.


He didn't even do its coffee talk. Oh, my God. Let's just do it for old time's sake.


Six, seven, eight is Barbie doll. Baby, you heard the intro.


So when I can play it again. All right, let's get to it, baby. Y'all been waiting for so long for this. And we're going to get started right now to honor this episode.


We actually all decided as a group to go to a very haunted, spooky, insanely creepy spot a couple of nights ago.


And I did not like what what's fucking happened there. I hated it.


I didn't know it felt wrong on so many levels. The place is called Turnbull Canyon.


And what's weird is that it's not a spot that would pop up if you were to Google like haunted places near L.A. It's not like a hot you know, a lot of the you tubers.


I do like that. They go to haunted places they never go over that has never even heard of it or been there before.


It has a pretty insane history. I know Kenny has a lot of background information. There's been a lot of a cultist that have been out there that have sacrificed children. There's been murders out there. There's been KKK meetings and all sorts of weird fucked up shit.


That's what I was astounded by with like my research on this one specific place is that it's not just one thing that happened here. It's like a bunch of stuff on ered. Yeah. Like it's been going on since, like, I think the 20s or 40s.


It makes this. Place so special, like why does every like all these different people, all these different groups, I want to go to this place, why this place is a huge is it just like so much area?


It's a kind of like a four mile hiking area, like people go there and hike during the day. But apparently it's every. Yeah.


I mean, every weird sighting happens at night. So there's just been things from like people say that satanic cults go there. There's a long history of like sacrificing children at this location. They take them to the like the highest peak and they sacrifice them, these cults. And there have also been you found UFO sightings this year.


So a lot of people that go out there and see shit at night has been a lot of UFO sightings.


Why why would you see a UFO sighting there? Because it makes more sense if you see, like, Colton and shit, because they're all in the game. Don't know, because it's like near L.A., but it's not like a super crowded, dense area where there's like a lot of light pollution. So maybe you could see the sky clearer a little bit there, I guess never.


But both sides are a little iffy to me. But what we go like the city lights, we're fucking on. Oh, yeah. Beautiful, beautiful. Like it was clearer than anything I've ever seen. I was so fucking scared, though. I hated it. I hated it.


We are we going to talk about. I was going there. Oh yeah. OK, so Heath and Kenny were like, let's, let's go to this place.


And I was at first I was like, let's do it. Fuck yeah. Woo. And then like, as you were telling me, this shit that's happened there for some reason, Colts scare the shit out of me.


I don't know what about it?


What it is about Colts, it just scares me when everybody's in, like, the same outfit and it's like like the tall, black hooded like figure. It's that's terrifying. Yeah. I feel like for some reason humans aren't under those. It's more like just creatures to me, like a demonic spirit. We can like run away from these people like.


So when he thinks he wanted to go to this place, I was like guys, like people have been killed. I know I sound like such a pussy and I feel like three years ago I would have done this.


But like as I'm getting older, I'm just thinking about like, hey, if we just don't do that, we'll be fine.


Let's not let's not do that. We don't have anything to talk about. What's crazy to us. It's not like stuff that happened. Yes. Stuff happened in the twenties going on like early nineteen hundreds or whatever. But we were looking up stuff that was happening in like 2009. A woman had her throat slit out here, was pushed off the side of the canyon, left for dead. But somehow she ended up like crawling to a neighboring house, got shelter, ended up surviving.


And it was just like this crazy story.


And then in 2011, another person was murdered out there that was found like one farangis that this one place has just been like there's been so much activity there.


And it's like spanning like we've talked about cults and like UFOs.


And there were there was just weird things that happened with people. Like people have heard that there's an asylum that's that was old and burned down. And there was somebody that went to this place to kind of research it kind of like I mean, kind of like.


Yeah, so so going into this place, there's something called Hell's Gate, right? They call it the Ascension to hell, whatever they call it. Yeah, but we saw this spot, Hells Gate, and it's a double gated off spot. But apparently beyond this gate, there was the asylum that had burned down. Mm hmm. And there was an electric chair for electroshock therapy and.


Oh, yeah. Down electroshock therapy. Yeah.


But it kid went there to go out and explore and like, see this haunted spot. And as a joke, he was with his friends and he put the electric head thing on like the gear or whatever it was. And that's crazy because I feel like any of us would do that if we like.


It looks so old there's no way there's any electrical electricity in this fucking electricity with it. Yeah.


People said like the electricity was supposed to have stopped flowing when the asylum burned down, like, what, two years prior? Oh, yeah.


It's thirty years prior to like these kids discovering this like area.


But he ended up putting it on and for some reason the electricity had kicked on and electrocuted him right there on the spot and killed them.


I had a little bit of more juice left. It's crazy. I wonder how much juice there was like left in there like it.


Does that make sense to you how this there was juice, but there was no funny shit? No.


Oh, Mariah was spooky. Yeah.


No, it doesn't make sense. But I mean, obviously that's paranormal stuff. I hate when people do that to me. By the way, what.


I just did a good job. I always know. I know. I try to keep quiet. I take that back.


Just let me be funny and that's it. I feel like people do that to me all the time.


So I'm like, I should do that to other people because I feel like they do it to me because I'm not really funny. And then what if I say something funny? They're like, oh wow, hey, you're funny to me. Thank you. As long as episode.


But it's OK.


I'm kidding. I'm kidding. It's the season finale. We got to get crazy. We cannot be we got to we got to make it seem like we're good. We're we're funny. But we went to Hells Gate, though, we showed up, we went there. Well, I don't want to say we got. There was only a couple of us that got out.


Oh, you made it seem like we all made it out alive. Got out. No, we all clearly know that. Right. Right.


Like, I don't know if I'm getting older or I just I feel like I see a lot of shit online where, like, people do decide to do something crazy and they just fucking they don't make it.


They die because they decide to do something that they shouldn't be doing and. We're on our way there in my body, like something just kept telling me, like, no Xano Zanele, right now it is your duty to tell your friends not to do this because you guys will be fucked. You're going to be dead.


And everybody, all your friends, your family, everyone's just going to be fucked after you guys are all dead in this place because they're going have to live with this forever. And hey, Zain, since I'm telling you this right now, you should probably just do something about it in my head.


I'm just sitting in the car and everyone's like singing Hannah Montana. Yeah, like in the car. And instead, ass, like when we get there, I will Uber back drop me off and he said, You want to drop me at the gas station? I was just because I was probably going to have the ambulance and cops ready to go because I was just like, yeah, we can't do this.


I don't know if you feel the same way, but I stayed in the car because, like, I am obsessed with paranormal. I love ghost adventures and all that stuff. Like, I like that.


But this was it. Yes. I'm sure there's like spirits and stuff, which is fine. But it was like trespassing. Like, that's what I don't mess with because it's like stupid people that are alive do stupid things to people that trespass. And it's like, you know what I mean. Like it's OK. Stupid groups of people that go out and like will hurt somebody. And that's what I'm worried about. I don't care about a ghost. Like that's exciting to me.


But when it comes to, like, actually being in danger and like there could be something, that's what I'm scared of.


I'm not scared of the dark. I'm not scared of ghosts. It's actual people that can.


Yeah, I'm not. I'm not. And I'm not scared about like spirits and ghosts like that doesn't scare me. It's like it's just somebody out there. And it could be like anybody that's living out there and they feel like, yeah, they feel like they're in danger. Well, you never know. You just never know people.


Exactly. They don't know who you are like they don't. Yeah. Yeah.


I feel like that's the reason why I was so comfortable though is because I read so many stories online, like doing the research for this whole thing, like they're people.


A lot of people have gone past that gate that we were at Helzer or whatever during the day, most of them during the day.


But like but the thing is, is like there's a sign that says, like private property, like no trespassing, beware of dog and like nothing is past it.


That's what's weird is that, like, I was just open. Yeah. Nothingness. Right.


So it's like that's maybe why I was a little bit more like brave to go up with you because we were like at the gate. It was very creepy, though, being there.


I will say that I just had a real break. We so we got through the first gate that was like barbed off. You could like hop around the side. And then we got up to the second gate, which was way more intimidating.


It was like wrought iron, like there was like bricks. And then inside the gate looked like a horror movie set.


It was terrifying, terrifying.


And obviously it could be because we were scared and it was something exciting, nervous, whatever.


But there was this eerie feeling that came over all of us, like it was just like this, like cold, very something just felt, oh, so that wasn't just me.


You know, we started when we started getting on the canyon. I just felt very weird.


I turned to you at one point because I know, like, we were I was trying to convince myself that I was fine. I was getting very nervous.


But like, because when you're when we're when you guys were singing to the song you like, you taught me to, like, say, hey, we're having fun. I was like, yeah, hey, can't eat. Don't don't come. Yeah. He goes, I was just I was just so fucking scared.


And he goes, I just I, I can't, I can't participate right now.


Think he's going to like every song but I'm going to go, I'm going to hold back and hold it in.


But like he like honestly I feel like he felt what we were all kind of feeling which is just this. We want to show it right.


But I turn to you at one point, too, and it was just very eerie going up the canyon because you everything that's in front of you is illuminated only by your, like, car lights.




And then I told you, I go, Zane, turn around and you turn around and in the back you just see black. You know, you're going up words like up a mountain and you just drive around and it's black. There's nothing behind you.


I would understand feeling like this eerie presence if it was if there was if it was in the middle of nowhere, you know what I mean? But it was like residential and it's still there.


Well, how strongly felt uneasy. It's crazy how close we were to the neighborhood. What sick person seemed abandoned. Yeah, like it seemed like anybody was there. Like a lot of them were for sale. Yeah. And then other ones, like lights were off. It was kind of creepy. Let me be completely honest, though. I was thinking about this the day after. I was like, if we weren't told that we are going to this place and we just went there at one, we have had a bad no.


I don't think this feeling would have been in us at all.


We were just being like, where the fuck are we at? Like, we would have gotten out of the car. I thought he'll be like, oh, was there. And just I don't know. I don't know.


Because there were some times, though, even because we were trying to find our way out and we were all of us were very confused.


Like we were like, wait, didn't we just come from this weird one?


We couldn't figure out how to get out. It was like a horror movie.


It seemed like something like we were about to be the next people in the movie that were killed. And it was like they really felt like, I swear, like we turned down the right road.


You were driving and like you seemed very capable. And I was like, no, this is the road I would have turned down.


And then we just ended up in, like, the same like this we're dead and. Yeah, like a trail. I'm going to be.


Before you go, let me be completely honest, man. I was so scared because you were driving. I was hoping, honestly, that Heath was going to drive, but he wasn't driving.


You don't think I could get the hell out of there, you know? I know. So we're going to be he's big ass truck. We'll be good.


But we were memorize it. I was like, oh, my God. But it's. I was like, you know, whatever, and in my head, I was like, I hope Merai has the balls to run over any motherfucker that I would you want to be? Yeah.


What do you not look at me in the eyes and look me in the me and say you were.


Do you think I'm looking say I would run over a man, I would work for a man. OK, ok, don't hesitate. Not all women are woman but the woman is like this.


No, she's a nice girl.


But to get back to this double gates of hell. So we get to the first one, which I thought was like we got to get back to the gates. A hold of us.


It's just me and Kenny Zane and Mariah are sitting in the jeep. They did not want to get out at all.


I felt like a pussy. I mean, we could play on as I was like, wow. But then I looked at her and I was just like, yo, we're good, right? She's like, oh, they did not have our back at all.


Now they're like, Star, don't go any further with each other.


And we went, if something happens, we're good to go. Right. She's like, I was ready to I already thought of it before you do.


Y'all would have left this. I know you want to get something real down the fucking hill. You would have to remove park.


Kenyon Heath left the doors open and say it was like we should quickly was like we should probably close the door so we could just take off. I was like, I'll just take off, slam on the brakes. The doors will close. And she had everything planned, planned out. I wasn't worried. You guys are going away to go.


Once we got past that first, like fence. Yeah. They start like because then it started getting weird when you were shining your lights on the gate.


Once you got past the ones we got past a certain point, you were like, we need to leave.


Like this is getting a little too hard, like shouting at us, do the thing.


I'm like, I'm creeping through this like, don't be a moron. It's enough. It's OK. In this little cut out where it was to go into the gates of hell, there was this book, no joke, probably two and a half inches thick, just sitting there on the edge.


It looked like it was just placed there to like it wasn't it? Like, from my view, it didn't look old.


It looked like it was just placed there.


I wish I could tell you guys what this book was. And it still haunts me, I think, to this day. It was two days ago. It still haunts me to this day.


You both, because you put like we could hear you guys when you're there, right? Yeah.


You both were just like we should go for the book.


And I don't dude, it was this weird little hole where, like, you don't really look in my eyes.


You're ready. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


But he thinks we're like, let's go get the book. Imagine I saw heath care fucking like that would be fucking awful.


And I just feel like that's all I could imagine.


When you were going to go out for that book, imagine me dying by a book night.


How did he die? I imagine a 45 minute car ride back with Zane after you die. Hello.


I don't know if it was a mix of us being scared also and them being just like, let's go. That's enough, that's enough. And there's a few contributing factors.


I honestly feel like bless you. I mean, I'm blessed to be with you. I mean, what's the opposite of plus you? It's like Hail Satan. I don't know, Halcion.


Maybe we'll go again one day because I'm still really curious. I want to I really do like right now if you guys are like, fuck the podcast, let's go see what the book was and then start back up. But that's what's strange about the story, is that you'll say like you're like, yeah, two p.m. But like every single story that I've research that has happened here has only happened at night. And there was this one group of people that went there and they found all of these like dove carcasses, like just dead doves everywhere.


And there were feathers everywhere. It looked like it was like a massacre. I would have a fucking stroke. And my other one, with all the other bones were buried on top. And it was like animals and animals.


But in a baby, it only happens at night, though, like the girl like the girl ran away when she saw the doves. And then they went back the next day to like, take a picture like document it. There was nothing there. And there was yeah, there was an abandoned swimming pool that people would like. Multiple people, separate parties would find dead like animal carcasses. But there was one time that a group went there and there was a it was filled to the brim almost of animal carcasses, like cats, birds, like everything.


And then there was a baby carcass on top, apparently during like nighttime.


They all went and they saw this pool was like Filho.


And then the next morning, like, it's gone. And you guys wanted to go for fun. You guys are sicko's.


You have fun. We should hire like are you guys part of the fucking cold? Do you guys sacrifice babies in this force? Is that why you guys wanted to go?


Why do you want to bring up the why you want to convert me? Mariah. Interesting, I fucking knew.


But I also wanted to talk about other paranormal type stories. Do you guys have any ghost stories?


I know we had our fair share of ghost encounters or not ghosts.


I would say like more spirit or like evil science type encounter, evil science's evil sciences, Scientology, Sayon or whatever at the Dennie house when we.


Look there. I don't know if they ever talked about really spooky, by the way, before we continue the Denny house, Denny is the street that we all used to live on. That's where Heath, me, Todd Scott and Elton, we all that's when we first started really hanging out with each other.


We got to video videos. And then at that time is when we met David and David would come over and film his first YouTube videos. So that was like a very important part of our lives. So we call it the Denny House, because just to make it short and simple, but there was just a lot of encounters that we had the Denny house, very weird stuff.


I feel like your shit was scarier than any of ours because like you were in this, like just UAFA. You were like obviously like the guest house.


Yeah, I was in I was in the back house that seemed like not up to code.


It was very illegal. First of all, no bathroom was not up to code.


That's for it was it looked like it was like a little pool house that like kept toys and stuff that somebody was like, put a door on it. It was weird.


It was like it was like it was like 15, 20 percent complete four. Yeah, you're that. But it was cool. It was, it was, it was fun but yeah. No it's very, very eerie. And there was a lot of things that happened for the entire friend group. Yeah. While we were living there. I know Zane had with Todd. Yeah. There was, that was pretty weird encounter talking scary because I obviously did not experienced this.


I honestly I feel like I've never get back to that. So Todd, the situation with Todd was I was away, I was up like watching TV. I can't sleep. It takes me so long to fucking fall asleep. So I was up at like three thirty in the morning just watching TV in the living room.


And I just remember Todd walking slowly out of his room.


It was almost like he was fucking possessed. It was so scary.


He walks out of the room just like this. I'm going to go look for you guys to see he walks out of the room just like not on his knees. He was on his feet. He walks out of the room just like this. And he's, like, staying there for like a good thirty five forty. So hell no.


And I'm sitting and I'm just like. Like looking back of it, because I didn't want to miss what was going on on TV, but like looks all kind of angry. It wasn't just like it was Entourage Season six and it was like a good I just cannot miss it. So I kept moving back and forth and I was like. Todd and was like. And like it was it was so weird, it was almost he was sleepwalking, but he couldn't sleep.


I think he was just so terrified of what you just experienced and he didn't know how to, like, open up and tell me about it.


And he's like, why am I still on the floor?


So he's like, Zain, someone's in my room. I was like, what do you mean someone's here? He's like, someone's in my room right now.


And I don't I think I was just trying to be like like like low key about it, like just to like, let me know, like we need to get the fuck out of the house or something.


He was just he's so fucking scared.


And I've never seen Todd like this. I thought this is the first time I ever seen Todd like be like this.


Yeah. It was the first person that would not be into a paranormal or ghost encounter or or show fear in general. Exactly. But if somebody is in his room, he'd just walk up. Fuck this. Just, you know, pull this fucking bat. Yeah.


He's like, dude, it's like I woke up and someone was standing over me.


I was like. What the fuck are you talking about? You think I was fully awake, I was like, you know, like some of the encounters you've had, like, I can't move. He said he was, like, fully awake and saw this person sitting in front of him.


And I'm trying to remember specific details. Do you remember? Well, there was the time with somebody standing over him, but then there was also multiple times where he kept seeing people in his closet.


Oh, yeah. Like not even like, oh, I saw a hoodie, like he saw like somebody standing there over and over. And it was just this like like person. It was a presence that was like in the room with him that was just completely overwhelmed him with fear.


Yeah. To the point where, like, he was terrified and like came to all of us and like was freaking out. Yeah. And what's weird is like Denny House. I got that same vibe too. Yeah. Like there was something very eerie, like something just scary. Like it just had like there was a presence like that's where I had all of my what do they call it. The sleep paralysis. Yeah.


Oh that was all I thought was I thought that was daddy.


Daddy house in my Danny room was where I had like the gnarly sleep paralysis. Yeah. Where are we told something about that house. I think there was something weird about something happened at the house and like it got burned down. It burned down. That was what it was. The house got burned down apparently. And there was people inside that died.


That's what we were told that people were like in this house.


They got burned down, rebuilt like they rebuilt a house. Yeah.


And I don't know, like this could have been twenty, thirty years ago. But that happened. And that could be I don't. Right. It's not like I don't believe in spirits.


I just I've never experienced it. So it's hard for me to.


So that's the thing. Like I've never seen a ghost. I won't sit here and say like I've seen like you can't wrap your head around it. It's a very weird thing to comprehend.


Like, obviously there's been people who have experienced stuff that like I wish like I would I honestly wish I saw something so I could be very firm in my belief that I'm just like I've seen it. I know what I believe. If you don't, that's fine. I know my experience. Oh, fuck, I've never seen anything. And that's kind of what frustrates me.


It's coming from someone that doesn't believe in the shit.


But I've heard that you don't want to even make yourself too vulnerable to these like spirits and shit because, like, people like you is who they want to attach themselves to, people that want to see it like, oh, give me get right, am I wrong or right?


Like people that want to see it, they like tend to attach themselves to those type of people.


So I've never had that that personal like encounter. Yeah. That I can confirm. But I've had like really weird experiences like in our apartment that we had together. There was a night that I was alone there and I heard like I was in my room, like by the kitchen. Yeah. And I heard footsteps, like walking right outside of my door, like. To the point where I thought somebody was and I think I remember you like I called you called me freaking out.


Yeah, I was like, dude, I'm here and shit. Like, it was the scariest experience I've ever had. Like, it felt like somebody was sitting at the end of my room, like just watching and walking back and forth. And I got this just overwhelming like sensation, the hair is like on the back of my neck were standing up and I was like somebody something is in here right now.


And I should not be here. Yeah, it was like it wasn't like a welcoming spirit or whatever, where you're like, oh, it's a friendly ghost, Casper.


I don't think it was like anything that's in your room that's not you is welcoming at first. Right?


Like, there's no way. Well, there's also like we can get into this, but there's like their spirits or like ghosts that are from like family members or friends that have passed on, that you get like this sense of, oh, that's them. And it's like a. It's a relieving feeling like they're OK. Usually it's like usually some spirits when they die, if they've died and like a place where they're very familiar with they're in a house or something, they'll stay attached to that house, but they don't feel threatening to people that.


Right. And you know what I mean? Right.


There are people that are just there, ghosts or spirits that are just like this is where I this is where I feel comfortable. I this is my home.


And they're not trying to, like, push you out. Some are, but not all are. They're just they just that's just where they live as well. And it's not threatening. But what he experienced, it sounds like it was threatening.


It was it was so scary that like I got up, I like grabbed my bag, like I just threw shit into it. And then I ran out, like I physically. Ran through my door, out the front door, and then just bolted like I was like, I, I could not be in there because of how uncomfortable like I felt.


I don't know what. And I've slept there alone multiple, multiple times.


But something about it like that night just felt wrong.


There is a couple of nights where I've experienced where I felt like I couldn't be in the house because I was so scared that like something was going to kill me. So I just packed my bags and I just leave the house.


It's so crazy when we have these thoughts in our head that, like, we're just like when we sleep alone, sleep alone all the time, and then just one night you're just like packing my shit and getting the fuck out of here because I just feel like it is like your mind is your worst enemy.


Oh yeah. The reason like back in the day, they're like.


Hundreds of years ago, there was so many like ghost sightings and all this stuff is like you got people, there's no electricity and you just got like candlelight and you're like, you can make something up in your mind that you see in the dark.


Yes. Like, oh, my God, that was a face. But like, if you're, like, envisioning it, like you can make a face, like you can make you can have the most fucked up thoughts.


There's a lack of stimulation. Yeah.


And it will feel so real. You can put that out there.


Paranormal is anything that is not scientifically explainable, like you can't explain it by regular science, which is I mean everything that you've talked about thus far.


It's like it's your experience. You can't really fit it into any sort of like mental framework that you've been presented with thus far. But you felt it. It's like a gut feeling that you just can't articulate. That's kind of what's paranormal.


And it can also be described as supernatural. But supernatural is defined as relating to an order of existence beyond the visible, observable universe. So it's things that you can't observe. It's just a feeling that you get.


It's it's very strange.


And like I was saying, like it could be something positive to like my mom's best friend passed away. Yeah.


And she had like, she just loved butterflies. And it was like her thing, like she just like. Love butterflies, and the next day after she passed away, her husband was sitting on the patio and a butterfly randomly came out of nowhere, they don't have butterflies in the backyard or anything like that, but came into the patio and flew and landed on his shoulder and was just like sitting on his shoulder. I love that.


And it was the weirdest thing because, like, that doesn't happen. Like, you just don't have a butterfly. Just fly up randomly. Right. And land on your shoulder and just like, chill there.


Yeah. But the day after like that, that is so weird to me. Like that.


Like, like that's your thing. If I was like. I don't know, like to me, that's like a I'm OK, like that's a it's a comforting. It's a good. Yeah, this is a this is a crazy thought.


And I'm like, I'm not saying this is evil. I'm now I'm on the other side of like this this.


And I'm like, OK, what if there's a higher spirit?


You know, like God was like, oh, let me make this person feel happy, OK? I'm going to get a butterfly L.A. because I know your mom's best friend loves butterflies.


But if you're saying that, then that means you believe in God. Yeah. And then that means. Well, I mean that there I believe in God, but that means that they're in heaven and that like that is still them still comforting.


It still reminds you of that person and it gives you comfort in some sort of capacity, regardless of whether it comes from God or Spirit or, you know, you know, multiverse or the paranormal or anything like that.


It just it offers you in like a hard time.


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I know Mariah has a bunch of really cool stories about like paranormal things that she's experienced and if you want to share those because I've been there for some of it, you start with that one. Yeah.


OK, you can like chime in if you want.


So this year my grandmother passed away and Heath and I went to her funeral and we're sitting at the funeral and we had like martini glasses because she loved martinis.


It was the week, right? Yeah, it was the week.


So we're sitting in the room with my grandma and in her apartment we have like a security camera inside so we can keep an eye on her. So all the aunts and uncles have an app where they can, like, watch my grandma and her dog in case anything were to happen. Yeah. So when she passed, obviously, they cleaned up the apartment. They shut the camera off.


One of my aunts and uncles are like up by the coffin and just like hanging out with grandma and we're on all the cousins are sitting in the chairs and all of a sudden we hear like barking and we're like, what the hell is that? And we're all like, looking around. And my uncle pulls out his phone and the app notification for the cat.


Popped up on his phone, so we clicked on it. He goes, the camera shut off, though, like we don't use the cameras anymore, like it shut off. And Harden has been shut off for days, days.


Yeah. And but it was as he walked up to ghostwrite, he went up to Graham and he looked at it and it was my grandma's dog barking in the apartment cause we left her in the apartment come back for her. So the fact that she was barking and nobody was there like she does, it's very rare. Like she doesn't really bark. So she was barking. No one. No to the camera was turned on. We're all trying to figure out how the hell this is happening.


And then the martini glass falls off of the table and then we all, like, turn over like, what the hell is going on? Like, it was just like one thing. I was like, really, really, boom.


The glass was sitting on like a table like nobody was near. It was sitting. We were all sitting. Oh yeah.


The glass felt like no, it was, it was a table and a martini glass, like nothing would have caused it to fall at all.


And it wasn't just like. Tip like blue boom. Yeah, it happened so fast, like we all just like froze and we're just sitting there like you guys just saw that, right?


I think grandma drinking literally. So she's here. Grandma wants a refill, literally. That's right.


I thought then we all just relax like it was. So it was strange, but it was so funny.


And we were like this what like in a flash and grew up in this moment, like right there, like everything is here. I want to say that was the most like paranormal thing I've ever felt like that was like I took a second. I was like, hold on.


Yeah, but that's good though that you can still take it as like a thing of comfort. Like you're like you're with your grandma. This is how she would like, oh my God, this is so her like.


Yeah, that's right. We like you loved it. But like my whole life my grandma always told us she was like, when I die, like, I just want a pizza party. Like, don't take it seriously, like all this stuff. So like the martini glass, we're all like we all just kind of like we're laughing about it. And then we had we had pizza like every day that we like. We went out when we went to Staten Island for the funeral.


Yeah. We all as a family went out to eat like all like 50 of us went out to eat for pizza, like the next three days together. It was it was like someone was getting married, like music, like laughing because she would have won exactly what she wanted.




Yeah. I have another story that doesn't tie into it, but it's very similar. So at my cousin's house, there were three elderly people, my grandma being one of them. Yeah. At the house, they were just hanging out.


They were drinking, having a good time and they were talking about all the old people were complaining about like life, like life is this and life and this is stupid. Like complaining about like people talk, old people talk. Right. And the one said, oh, I have a poem about this that talks about life. And it's really funny. It ties into this. Let me go get it. So she goes, she grabs the poem, she comes back and she doesn't speak very good English.


She's Italian. So she told my oldest, my cousin, she was like, can you read it? Like, read it out loud, stand at the head of the table. Like, it'll be fun. Like, let's just read it. So she's reading this poem. It's like this really long poem.


She's reading it. And the whole poem is like basically what they were talking about, like complaining about life. And then at the end it's like but you have to celebrate life. That was basically to celebrate life. And they're all sitting at one end of the table, celebrate life.


She said as soon as she finished that last word, she said the last word. Everybody started clapping. The second people started clapping. At the end, the champagne bottle at the end of the table pops one and then a wine glass falls over.


The clap started and boom, this bottle of champagne popped off at the total other end of the table where no one was sitting. And at the same exact time, a champagne glass that was not next to it. It was like in the middle of the table. But again, no one was next to the glass fell down.


And and we have this on video. It's on video.


Yeah, well, like, I don't know, they have like security camera in the kitchen. Oh, get the fuck out of. Yeah. Do you have it right now. Yes. Oh my God. You have it. Yeah.


That's that's always like pretty crazy. I just can't believe we have the video.


I know guys obviously we're watching this video together for the first time. If you guys want to see this, which I think is fucking crazy, you have to go and we'll go on our YouTube channel. You two talk.


I'm not saying he's watch it with us because this is, like you said, is so exciting. I've never seen any video attached to, like, someone personally, you know, I've seen show and you don't even you can't believe it half the time.


That's what I'm saying. Like, I've seen so many videos of, like, paranormal stuff where things are falling off the wall. But then I'm like I just don't believe anything that I see exactly how I imagined that just the way I've seen.


So imagine it just like that.


You could see my grandma start to clap and then it'll pop. There's a full video and then they zoom into it. So you might not see it the first video, but there's a video of it, OK?


Whoa! Oh, my God. Oh, isn't that crazy? Oh, I just don't know what the fuck. Look at that. That's why that glass fell. They're all checking out.


What kind of champagne do they.


What the hell did we find that that we study this like that makes no fucking sense, Pop.


What this does is really weird.


Listen, I've been a bartender years back in the day. I've never seen a champagne bottle really go off like that without any movement or shaking it at anything like that. And there was none of that. No shaking the table. Nobody shook the bottle. The bottle wasn't warm before or anything like that to cause like it to, I don't know, pop off nothing. I don't know. And then the champagne glass, that's the other thing. It was crystal.


That thing fell on wood that they would crack and shatter into a million pieces. So many times they broke a glass. Forget it. Joe was always yelling at me. But that thing fell in the middle of the table without any movement and didn't even break. It was like like a slow motion fall. At the same time, at the pop, there's way around.


There's no fucking there's nothing happening. And the cork to be popping it like, that's very bizarre.


Wait a fucking second. Oh, my God. You guys are going to forget what I'm seeing right now. You probably don't even see what I'm seeing right now. Heath, I need you to look really closely. Look at the look at the black figure that pushes right here. Look. Who wait, do you see that wall? Do you see that look, it goes down, it goes up. Is the dot that. What is that, Zain?


Look at my arm. It goes. It goes.


Oh, wait. Look what it passes the chair. Look at the blacked out the posture right before the cup goes.


The right look on the floor. On the right corner. On the right corner. Oh, there's a dot. There's a dot. Do you see that dot.


What is right. How is that. You got on the right corner. But what is what is that what do you mean keep saying that's like you see that? Yeah. Do you see that? I don't know. What is that?


The room ends right there. That's a wall. There's nobody sits. Nobody like, oh, it's a wall. There's not like, you know, that's the wall.


Nobody was sitting there. Nobody was on that side. But look, it's after everyone reacts. Whenever we saw the dot before when it was going across the screen, it looked like it was literally knocking the glass over right now.


So you go, yeah, we see it go across the floor after everybody reacts.


So it looks like it like went across the glass, hit the wall and then scurried across the floor, but like, not believe your family hasn't seen that yet.


But like, this is what happened with the glass. Right.


That's literally like just literally just it could have been tied to any footage they know or imagined it was a same like object.


Just since my grandma passed, my grandma was the first person I lost, like the closest person that I've lost. Yeah.


So I feel like every day there's something that I'm like, well, there's Graham, there's Graham and all the cousins are in a group chat. We're like, this happened today. This happened today. So our cousin texted us.


He has a daughter, Giovanna. She's the one she has this toy that Grandma bought her.


And it makes a bunch of different sounds, but it's not motion censored or anything. You have to turn it on, then you can pick all the different sounds. Now, Thomas, my cousin, couldn't be there when she passed away. He was working. So the last conversation that him and his daughter and his wife, like, had with her was over the phone. This toy will go off randomly.


And the only sound that it makes, it makes a bunch of different sounds. The only sound it makes is thanks for calling. Thanks for calling over and over again.


We the toy my grandma gave her and then the last conversation they had was over the phone and he feels so bad that he couldn't be the best that one gives me, really.


So that's the only sound that I play. Yeah. He like Texas. He's he goes, I'm going to record it next time it happens. It plays right.


I know it plays randomly, but like it only says that sound like when she's playing with it she can press any buttons she want to play make.


Sounds like nobody's using it. Yeah. It'll turn on and it'll say thanks for calling. But that's also comforting too.


It's like it's, it's spirit expressing appreciation. Right. We love it. We do. Yeah. Frase really crazy.


Like I have not encountered any like anything like that to like connect connected to any family member.


I don't know how I feel about that. Like I like, like I like it. It's great.


I can't relate. I feel like. Yeah no that wouldn't make me happy. Yeah.


I only had one experience but it was with a family member and it was actually my grandma to my gimme. Yeah. We were so I've never I'm very down the middle with the whole paranormal thing by the way. Like just that's where my center is. I don't really know if it's true, if it's not, if it's whatever. I've never had any inclination either way. It's not like I was looking for these spirits or anything like that the night that it was in Florida.


And I went out with one of my best friend's Barbie and Emily, who we talked about on the podcast and.


I was under 21 and we went to this club that was 18 and up and I was drinking this night, he's only talking to the cops.


I was drinking. I was I was I was I was 18. I did it basically.


I went with them. Yeah. I'm like, I just need to fess up. But I went with them. I was drinking this night. It was probably we've talked about it that it was the night that I threw up on the rug was the second most drunk I've ever been. This was the first, OK, I've never been so drunk in my life. Good for you. Thank you. And I remember like it was an 18 and up club on certain nights.


And I knew that it was this night that it was 18 and up.


And there are always cops just swarming this place because 18 and up, it's a club.


They get served alcohol. Like if you're underage drinking, they are easy. Yeah. Easy place to get them. So I was drinking.


I went out of the club with my friends and I was puking and a cop saw us very quickly came over.


I was so paranoid and the cop was like.


Weirdly chill, like he was just very like. Everybody like I had this is five, six years ago, like this is six years ago, I have a baby face already, like, imagine what I looked like six years ago, but you're also six feet tall back then, too.


So, yeah, it looked like a tall baby. So puking, just puking in the street.


And I get carded even when I go into places. So the fact that he was just not even concerned at my age at all is just like, are you feeling OK?


I'm like, yeah, fine. They asked Barbie and Emily if they were. He's not going to drive, is he? No, no, no, he's not. Absolutely not. OK, just make sure he gets gets home safe. Yeah, no worries. I sat down on the curb and I was just miserable and this person and that was a group of a bunch of like club goers that were outside the club.


One of them broke off and ran over to me and the group and they were just like, hey, I just want to let you know, I know you're probably feeling really vulnerable right now, but you have nothing to worry about. Your grandmother is actually here with you.


She's looking after you. So you have nothing to stress about.


What were you, like, completely fucked up at this point or like this? No, I was no, I was completely fucked up.


But I was told the next morning by my friends what happened and I and all like they said, yeah, OK.


Like, it was out of nowhere. This person just broke off when I was like, just swaying in by the curb. And they they were like, hey, I just want you to know that your grandmother is with you right now. You have nothing to fear. I know you feel very vulnerable and you've never felt like this before, but you have someone looking out for you.


Then they turn to Barbie.


Witch Barbie has said that her family has a history of like I don't know if she would even describe them as mediums, but people that have been very kind of spirit interactive.


Yeah. Like they've had a lot of experiences with like the paranormal and otherworldly and whatever.


They turned to Barbie and they go, oh, and you don't even get me started on you. And they just walk away.


Right. You have no idea who this person was. No, it was a complete stranger.


If you're listening, I would I would think about this interaction every day of my life.


I thought about it a lot, something that would not leave my eyes because my grandmother at this point had like it was not long like after she had passed away and her death happened very quickly. And there were just a lot of things, I think about it a lot because I was at a gay club, I have never formally came out to my grandmother. So it was like that's felt like unfinished business for me. Like I never got to tell her, like, who I was.


I've never had that conversation. So just hearing from some random outsider that she was like with me looking out for me that night, that I got too drunk at a gay club, like, something's comforting about that.


You know what I was? It was this person like where they were. They kind of like being straightforward, where they mean where they like very, you know, no, they were talking with their friends like I was again, I was puking.


I was he doesn't remember when in question mediums. Sometimes they can't control, like sometimes they'll like. Like it's like tunnel vision, they'll like aim for one person, they're like, OK, well, I have to I got to go talk to this person now. Like, it's kind of like uncontrol.


Like they get like some sort of communication, like, yeah, go tell this person. And it's just right. And they're like, we go right. I mean, that's how it was described to me.


Like again, I like I remember that night in snapshots, but like the way that it was described to me as this person was just like they were probably leaving the club. But then I started adding it up as their friend. And then they saw me literally on the curb of this club, just like miserable beside myself. And they felt the need.


They just completely broke off from their friends. No, no, like, OK, guys, I'll be right back. Like, they just turned around and walked over to us and they were like this. I just this is something that I need to let you know.


And these people are just used to this. Yeah. So this kid probably does this shit all the time and you see the loyalty. All right.


Well, like some some people supposedly have like this connection where they can communicate. Right.


And imagine like if you have this this power, I don't want to call it a special power, but like you give a gift to to be able to receive messages or transmissions from a from people that passed over.


Right. Like if somebody's like if you were just walking around and like you got this voice that was like, go tell that guy sitting down there throwing up right now that I'm his grandma and just let him please just let him know that I'm watching over him right now.


Like, if you just, like, heard this voice come to you, you'd be like, hey, I just want to let you know your grandma is watching you right now and everything is going to be OK.


And she's looking out like that. That's that's real. That's like if that's really happening, they're like, how are people seeing this as myth's?


You know, like just not being taken seriously, though? Like, sometimes what happens to me is that I'm not saying I have OCD.


I don't know what it is, but sometimes, like if I, like, walk past this door, even if I'm like a hundred feet away, if my brain keeps telling me, go touch that doorknob, otherwise your dog dies, I will have to go back and touch the doorknob.


And just like that.


Yeah, it's like something it's just like that, like it's kind of like go tell this person like whatever it's like the necessity to feel the need to do something and in a certain moment the exact same thing.


We always have so much in common idea. And we discovered on this market.


Same thing happened to my cousin, though, recently. She just got a tattoo. My grandma, she went to a party. One of the kids moms came up to her.


She's never met this woman before, came up to her and she was like, I really like your tattoo was kind of easing into it.


And then she was like, I just want, you know, like your grandma is watching over you and all at the same exact thing happen.


And the fact that she was like Hotta is like a way to connect, like, oh, let her touch you, by the way. Like, I know it represents your grandma. Yeah. Yeah, that's nuts.


In Barbie's family, she has a lot of maybe mediums or people that have like had them bring them all while I'm extra large, I think.


Yeah, it's crazy that people are able to, like, connect with people.


You have nothing you know nothing about them. Right. Like psychic readers or something. Right.


Very good, huh. You know, which brings us to our night. Come on with our next topic. We actually just called psychic readers yesterday. My mother's going to kill me.


I guess I honestly, I don't like doing the psychic reads like that because I. I don't want to believe what they have to say. Like like I just I don't want to hear something negative because I don't want it to affect the rest of my life.


I don't want to think about that like you think it's going to be like a fortune teller. It's like this is something. Yeah. It's going to happen. Then you have it in your mind exactly.


Like I want to hear that because, like, I don't usually believe it, but I just I just don't want to give myself a reason to believe a stranger telling me right things.


Yeah. No, it is very hard to comprehend and accept like somebody telling you something that seems so unreal. Right.


Or something so deep and personal that you're like, how would you possibly you've never met this person unless something is paranormal, they have some sort of otherworldly ability, which is why we called we each called a different person for our Yeah.


Reading Spiritual Reading guide, as all of us intended.


Some of us that intuitive. Oh, my goodness. Ten, ten, ten tarot cards. Tarot cards. Oh it's like no Tenet.


The movie we just watched it.


He was he was trying to say that by higher powers we had seen it. We had into it, I will say my first tarot reader.


Was a little on the open ended side, very general, yeah, very general and very based off of what the card specifically was. Yeah. Which was kind of cool to hear.


And it was very like you have a ace of swords or.


Yeah, exactly what you're your first one. It was very like because we did you first, right. Yeah.


You're playing a video game. I didn't know what characters were and it was just I don't know what this means. Yeah.


It made us feel very unexcited for the rest of us versus like golf. We're all next. Right. But it was it was very like you have a lot going on right now.


Make sure it was very broad. It was just very broad, like make sure to go outside into your comfort zone where you're like you feel safe and like make sure to take the time for yourself to go into nature, because that's where you feel.


You know where you can right. Where you can, like, rejuvenate. And that is me, though, like I, I do feel better when I clear my head out in nature and I go, you know, into the woods, camping, whatever it may be. So I was like, oh, that does fit. But it was very like open ended and yeah, I'm sure it could be fitting for and then and then my ride was next.


Right. Was my, my ride was next. So which was with a different person. Yeah.


Different, completely different reader. And yours was terror. Terror. Terror.


Terror attacks. Yeah. Yeah.


Reader I had an intuitive reader. Correct. Right. Yeah. OK, so she was being a little bit more like specific. Yeah she was.


Or she supposed to be a little more specific with what I was asking for.


So I remember asking for what I asked for, about my love life, like was my future love life look like because it could look a little he's looking so, so serious. So I remember this lady just going well.


I see pineapple's, I see pineapple's connected to whoever you're going to meet in your life.


And I also see Skate's. She's moving her body.


She's very funny with your skater. Yeah. Could be a dancer. Could be a dancer.


I'll be like, oh I know a dancer. And she'll go, yes, right. Yeah. But every time you confirm something she'd like have a sigh of relief. Oh yeah. She was like Oh right, right, right, yes.


Which made it really hard to believe her life was rough. It was so good because like I thought the first time we heard it was like, oh, she fucked up. She was supposed to do that, but don't.


But she did say some stuff that was really cool. Like that was like she she was like, what's going on in your life?


And you're like, Oh, well, I just bought a house. And she was like, oh, I'm actually getting something. She was like. Are you? Are you flipping the house, are you like doing renovations or do you have plans to, like, remodel? Strange. It really threw me off until the one we did later. But I'm not going to give the mic to Kenny on that because your shoe is mine.


Your reader was so interesting.


I loved my reading mind blowing. Yeah.


I would like to point out to you that, like, we I asked for a tarot reading, which is the cards, which I was like, oh, like I don't know if I feel as confident because of Heaths was being so general. Like she seemed like she was using the cards to kind of dictate what she told you rather than like any sort of innate gifts that she had.


So when I got mine, I was like, all right, hey, how's it going? She was like, hey, you've never read with me before, right? Correct. OK, well, this is what I like to do to get like a sense of your energy and who you are. She made me, like, do some deep breathing. She made me repeat my name a bunch of times.


And the things that she started telling me were just very strangely personal notes.


Yeah, it was very on the nose, very fast, too. And the thing is, is that she unlike the other readers, I feel like that we kind of encounter that day. She was very calm the entire time and she was very sure of herself. There was nothing that she was like. Do you maybe think that like somebody in your family might have like a purple shirt? Like she wasn't asking any questions. She was telling me how it was like, this is what I'm seeing for you.


She talks about like work environment. She talked about relationships that I have with, like family members specifically. And I was it was very weird, accurate, just Yodlee accurate.


And I remember seeing your face while you're on the phone call. And it was I like your face was so just shocked. You're like it was. Yeah.


How does this lady know everything about me right now? And this is not like general shit. Guys like this is like this was shit, obviously, like some of the stuff that we were hearing. Very personal, very personal. But it was just all on the fucking nose to the specific detail. It made no sense how she would know. Right.


And it was like watching you take this call. It was almost like because you've said it and you even said on the podcast, you don't know where you stand with the whole paranormal stuff.


So I was like, it felt like watching you hear something that almost made you, like, question like how you felt about should I be so down the middle with this?


Like, this is giving me a reason to sway one way or the other.


Somebody say something so specific about your life and so direct to who you are and what you're dealing with was like I could see you were like taken aback. You're like, oh, this is like interesting.


There are times when it borders on like they're shocked. Yes, of course. For sure. But like, it borders on the line of like, uncomfortable like. Yes. And we talked about it earlier, like, I felt uncomfortable, not like knowing that I don't know this person and that they have such a weird specific snapshot of my life, having never like seen me, have never met with me in person, have never talked to me extensively.


This was a very short reading, by the way, especially on a phone.


Oh, yeah, very short. And I think she's very I think she knows she's she she has worth. Yeah.


Because she's very strict with their time and she's like, look, we're doing this many minutes. Yeah. I mean I give you as much as I can. She was asking too. She was like, do you want to keep it General or do you want to ask anything specific. Like she was open to go wherever I wanted and I was just like, I don't know, I guess like maybe my family. And she's like, OK, cool.


You like sometimes you could hear her shuffling, but then sometimes she would get like a sense of things before she even picked up the first part. Yeah. That's what was weirding me out too, is that like I hear her shuffling and she's almost not even done shuffling and she's like, by the way, I just wanna let you know before I picked up the first card, like, I'm already sensing that, that you're at a point in your life where, like, you're not a kid anymore, but people still look at you as a kid.


And I'm the baby of my family, like, everyone still is always going to look at me as a baby. So just the fact that she had that perspective, then she followed up and she was like, how old are you? OK, well, that would make sense. And I'm seeing a certain interaction with you and one other person that, like, it was just very, very and there was our answer to whatever her questions were were never know.


Right. It was never wrong.


She had the right fucking is almost like she knew. And she was just like asking the question. Yeah. Just to kind of play games like she already knows a fucking.


And so like like you said earlier, like confident it wasn't like. Do you have something going on that could possibly be negative or maybe you don't know how you feel about this and you might be unhappy because it was like there was this I'm saying this is what I am dealt and this is like, yeah, I'm throwing it out.


You guys, by the way, obviously we we had our first psychic reads and we weren't we weren't happy with it.


But we after we heard cammies, like saying that experience, we wanted to we have to experience our experience with Kenis like psychic grief.


So we made appointments the next day and we're like, we have to hear what she's going say about.


So then Maria had a call with the same girl that Kenny had, which was really interesting to where I stand.


Like I, I believe in psychics. I'm not super invested in psychics, but I do believe them. I believe people can tell the future. And I believe like I believe in mediums and stuff like that. But when it comes to the situation, like, I wasn't, like, super excited about it because none of us, none of us were right.


I just feel like, well, no one with my, like, religion and what I believe in, I just think, like, God has my plan and that's it. Like like I don't need somebody to tell me whether they're right or wrong. I don't really want somebody telling me, like, what I need to work on what? Because, like, I want to learn myself and like his he has my plan, you know what I mean?


But like psychic readings, like like the tarot cards, like I don't I don't really know about any of you believe that there's people that can connect to another world.


Yes. Why can't psychic people connect to another world?


I believe in I believe they can. Like there are psychics that have cracked cases before, you know what I mean?


Like, they've maybe that's that's just so that's like that's Shawn Spencer Good, which is one of my favorite shows. Very good.


That show they'll bring in psychics to try to crack cases and find missing people like that's what they try to do anyway.


What I'm trying to say is I believe there are psychics that are good and I believe they're psychics that are just very good at adapting to your answer and being like, oh, yeah, like, say, this lady was like, are you flipping your house? So you weren't flipping your house. You're like, no.


And she's like, well, that could mean a lot of things. It could mean painting a bedroom. Yeah. Course you're going to be painting about, you know what I mean?


The first lady said, I feel like right now exactly what you're saying, that they know how to adapt to your answer.


And we could all see that they would be like, well, that could mean a lot of things.


It could mean this this she would name five different things and then you would pick one that adapts.


We're talking about the other psychic reading, I think. Yeah, there were a little. Yeah, but this lady was very sorry.


It was scary how point she was with all four, all four of us. We all did it and. Yeah but what else, what else did she say about your read.


You're reading Mariah.


She was good. I do agree. But I think the thing she was saying to me as I was kind of just like, like I didn't really like anything with it, but it was very interesting.


Very you can talk about the love life because I got really I'm going to say it's very interesting. So she brought up the love life and she said, are you seeing anybody? And I said, yeah.


And then she said, is there a multiple people? I was like, no. She said, are there two people? She two people. And I told her no. And she was like, there's two people. I was like, no, there's not. There's one person. She's like, she was like, oh, then that means there's somebody that's interested in you could be a friend, could be. She was like, but you're not interested in them.


And I was like. I don't know what to do with that, and she was like, stop sending mixed signals, I was like, wait, what? And then she said he denies relationship was like she was saying we had like a rocky relationship and like something with our finances.


But we're. Are we OK? Are we right? Is there something that, you know, you just told me she was like, is there two people?


And I was like, you know, I felt like he was tuned out. And then I was like, oh, my God.


Like, because everybody talks about, like, how she stole me from you. Yeah.


And it was an easy thing.


I mean, it was her that really I hired this lady to plant some seeds like that was very funny and interesting.


It is interesting to see where they're coming from. But when I told her, like, no, I'm with somebody, she was contaminated.


How that throws off. Well, how long have you been together? I was like three years, like, pretty solid relationship. And she was like, oh, she called me a bad boy. Oh, yes, she did a little bit of a bad boy. I was like, yeah, he's a bad boy.


I guess I don't I'm not anymore.


Oh, he's the son of Jesus, you know. You know, she also says she said your boyfriend, he he seems like he's got money coming.


And I let go of it. I was like, you know, you said your boyfriend's finances are OK. Yours are a little rocky and which doesn't I was like, I feel like I'm doing the best in my life I have ever been doing.


But like, OK, I go off and she said in December, there's going to be a better financial situation for us.


Right. Very good. So what do I do with House for Christmas? What's it going to be, baby? Maybe I can surprise you with one hundred thousand dollar check. That is going to be sponsored by David, probably David.


But I would be so happy now we will take it. Yeah. So it's definitely interesting. I don't I don't want to like, disrespect the psychic community.


I love them, but I am skeptical not I don't think I'm skeptical. I think I'm just like not interested in.


Yeah. Like what they have to say. Right. I don't know.


My mind felt pretty good with her too. Yeah. She said I was very high.


You sound high. You said, oh you OK?


She said I was a very warm kind, a lot of positive energy which made me feel really good and so grounded.


Right now she's staying positive, as in covid positive. And that's the only problem.


And we didn't we didn't get to like deep in anything. You better not know. She's like how you played for fifteen minutes. Why the fuck was y'all on the phone for forty five. For sixteen.


But no, she she said that I seem like a really positive person which I try to be.


And then she also said December was going to look good, which was weird. Maybe that's what she tells everybody.


Oh that's what she told me to write. She's like It's Christmas time you it'll be good.


Oh she was like, she was like, do you have a family like reunion happening? I was like, the holidays. And she goes, I said, that's what she said. So obviously I have a big family. I'm very attached to my family. And she goes, I know it's like tough with the holidays, with family. Sometimes it's just like hard to to get out there. And it's just like, let's get this over with.


And I'm like, oh, God, whatever it is, it's all your characters. Yeah. She was just like, you have a lot of projects you're working on, but make sure to finish what you started before you worry about new projects.


And I was like, interesting, because that's how I've been feeling lately. Also, just the way that she worded a lot of things, like I feel like it's a general thing to just be like, I know you have a lot going on, but to you, she was saying she was saying, I know you have a lot of other ventures that you're interested in. And I know that other things that you're currently doing can't stop. Right. But I need you to slow down because she goes you're going to get burnt out.


Like she was being very specific. It wasn't like I thought you have a lot going on, right? I thought so. Like, it was like she was telling him she was like, you have a lot going on.


And like, you're a very positive person and you're you're you're worrying about a lot of things and you're trying to do more and more and more. She's like, you're going to burn yourself out and you're going to get to the point where you're just going to like take a step back and feel like you just want to watch the world burn and be like, fuck it, I did my thing and just, you know what? I'm done. Yeah. And I was like, that's so accurate, though, because I do get to that point sometimes.


I'm like, I'm doing a lot. I'm trying my best. And I just like I'll have this point where I'm just like, you know what, fuck it. I don't care. Like, I don't care anymore. And like, I'll just be like, I'm done.


Well, what's interesting about this lady, too, is that I for both of the psychic readers, I asked pretty much the same thing.


And I don't I don't I don't get too specific. Yeah, he doesn't care about a lot of information.


I'm very proud of it because I know you're not a psychic copper. Exactly right. I just want to see what they say.


So I told this lady I was like, hi, I want to I kind of want to give me some information about my how I just bought my house five months ago.


Do I have any hardships in the future? That's all I said to her and I just could not believe.


Everything she gave me, she was just like. Well, first off, have you like have you cleansed your house? I was like, no, I haven't my and she's like, we should you should just definitely clean, like, just cleanse your legacy, like spiritually, spiritually, cleanse, spiritually cleanse your house.


Right. She said, no, you need to mop your fucking 40 pints of blood.


So no, you need to you need to cleanse your house. I'm getting I'm getting the sense that you're just you feel like you're it's not your house yet, even though it's been renovated. Did you hear when she said that?


Yeah. And you didn't tell her.


And I never told her that my house was renovated because it was built was like it got completely renovated before Zain bought it.


Yeah. She was just like you are you're you're planning on you have a lot of construction going on in this house and you're going to have a lot of there's going to be contracts that you're going to see that you're going to have to see, make sure they're all good, thoroughly looking over these contracts and look over these contracts, make sure they're good.


And I'm saying I'm like, oh, my God, I have yet to, Howard, because you are literally going through that right now.


All I gave her was I just moved into my house five months ago, that's all.


I double check the contracts because Zane has come to me and been like, what do you think about this? This seems like really overpriced for what I'm asking for these little things that I want to get done. Like, yeah. Like the projects that he's trying to renovate and he's been dealing with multiple, multiple people, like trying to get the right contract, which is so bizarre. No sense.


And I've only posted one video about this. I posted my story. That's it.


You know, so it's crazy that she even, like, knows these things.


And then and then all of a sudden she goes, by the way, your windows just make sure that's all settled because she was just taking pictures, something about when make sure your windows are just all like just fix your windows, your doors.


And I was like, oh, my fucking God, I've had a ton of break ins because my windows and doors and that's all I've been talking about with my roommates, is that I need to replace these fucking windows and doors because there's so you can easily get into them.


And so we so I'm replacing them as we speak.


But it's just crazy.


This fucking new this I think something interesting, too, about the way that she presented that, because I feel like I heard it, too.


And it was similar to there was a time in your reading to I and mine, I think, as well, where she's just like, I know this might sound weird, but you check your windows or I know this may sound weird, but I think you should do this or like and it's something so specific and so shot in the dark, like it's just seems. So why would you be getting this from me? But it always resonates with everyone.




And what's crazy about that, I'm going to add on to that.


She was she said, hey, this might sound really nutty, but just take a moment to think your house, because I feel like you're not only feeling and I'm like, oh my God, because I have not appreciating my house at all.


I am so over it.


I'm not excited about my house just because you like trying to do so much and like. Exactly. You feel like you haven't been grateful, you haven't taken a second to be like, wow, this house is amazing, amazing. Like I'm proud and I'm excited to be here. It's just been like I got to do this, I got to do this, I got to do this. But what she was saying is just like take a second. Like, appreciate what you do have.




And guys, again, when I'm when she's telling me these things, I'm only getting one word answers like, OK, that's all I'm giving because I don't want to give too much. Right. And this is what she's telling me as I'm saying. OK, OK, so strange.


Maybe there is a little bit more to it and that goes deeper into like. Zodiac signs because the girl kept bringing up like Mercury retrograde, your Mars Jupiter moon is in this thing, which is going to make people a little bit more on edge with dealing with this. And it was like very specific. Yeah, yeah.


She's like but don't worry, it also sometimes allows people to slow down, which means that they can deal with their problems more.


And it was just very I don't know, is just so specific about so much to it, depending on all the planets and where they align currently like in your world and how it seems like it sounds kind of like wacky and kooky.


It does. But the more I think about it, the more the more I'm like, this is shit that has been around longer than fucking anything.


Yeah. And like.


To think that these things don't affect us like a gravitational pull of the moon on our tides, like, of course shit is going to be thrown out of wow or.


I love how. I love how like outside of this podcast, normally we don't believe any of this shit.


And we're just so right now we're just being so open to, like, believing some of this stuff and and just like kind of letting it right, letting it being open minded go through it all through our body.


Let us feel all this like spiritual shit that we normally don't believe in. I think that's really interesting that we're doing that.


I mean, I look at myself as like a blank slate with like a lot of big overarching issues. But like with this whole psychic thing, I'm very much down the middle. And so the fact that I was I was feeling swayed after the call. I just felt very like tapped into personally.


I felt very seen and very heard. And I didn't even say much just like you. It's like we weren't saying much. But we, like Kanye was about to invite her.


So I think that's one big thing is like a little bit of my doubt came from the fact that it was a phone call. But normally it's not a phone call, it's in person. So they're not going to be Googling in front of you.


They're not going to be able to be like because that was like on my mind, like, oh, maybe they're like looking us up, but like, I kind of want to see this lady in person.


Oh, we get like more like up. You already looked her up. Is she here? Come on.


You know, we thought we've gone on Instagram and stuff. We just we're just staying connected. But, you know, so it was weird. Like, I'd be really curious to do it, like in person down the road and then.


Yeah, because I only get Goldsberry because there are some questions that I answer. Obviously I'm not going to say it now, but they're like personal personal questions, questions about family stuff. And she was very on the nose with everything.


And I have you should you guys like some of the like really like I ask about a lot of questions about Hidayat because I just I you know, I love her.


I just want to make sure she's OK and like, taking care of and she was very on the nose with a lot of the things about and that. And so that's why that's why I'm really interested to see her in person and I get to go deeper with her. But that's what was interesting to you about doing all the research is like there are so many different types of readings. There's intuitive, there's Terho, there is like Reiki healing. There is like a candle spell.


Oh yeah. Like talk to pets. That works the way that my mom would love that she would if she could.


She got Jo-Jo the girl.


The well the thing is, is about our psychic too is that she does do that. She offers animal communication as one of her services and she is like a trained and certified veterinarian.


I don't know if I'd be a test. You don't have an animal. You're like my dogs and your dog saying like she really loved those bones.


You know, it's like I don't have a dog, one that was really cool.


And I feel like I want I really would like you guys to do it because it makes so much sense for you guys. There's so you've heard of, like tea leaf readings or whatever. There's also coffee readings.


They read the way the coffee when you flip the cup upside down. Right. A crock of shit. No, no, no. So they use Turkish coffee. So it's common in Turkish coffee to leave the grounds settling in the bottom of your cup. So from my understanding, you sip the coffee and infuses your energy with it. You leave one sip. So there's still like a little bit of liquid in the bottom of the cup. Flip it upside down, let it cool for a couple of minutes and then you, like, turn the cup back over.


And depending on where the coffee grounds are spreading, that is weird. Like I remember like like my second stop drinking our say.


When is your coffee coming out. My mind's out. Where's yours. Right.


I just feel like it would be so interesting to watch you guys do that because I know that there's like there's actual like logistics behind it about like closer to the handle. It's related to like your love life and things like that, just like mental capacities and things like that.


I feel fun to do that would be to do that for like a video. One of the bonus video that was funny.


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Pyg, love you so much.


Another weird thing that could be considered, I guess paranormal or whatever it may be, is people who think they've had like past lives and remember their past lives like young kids, since they're so close to being to the other, I guess, world.


So they had a life before they were born again. Right. Right. It's like like reincarnation. The thing is, they had a whole life before they were born again.


So a big thing about reincarnation is like people who didn't like, fulfill their life the first time or didn't get to do what they were supposed to accomplish, supposedly have been reincarnated to, you know, get a second shot or maybe everybody gets it. Who knows what it may be? I have no idea.


And the people that usually remember it are kids usually I don't know the exact age, but like under the age of seven, I would say.


Right. Because they're and then they start forgetting what are they what are these kids saying?


There are three year old kids that are saying things that you're like.


How are you even like knowing the names of friends that'll land? Right.


And yeah, there was I think his name was James. Little Katie. My toddler, obsessed with planes, just loved everything about it.


Like which is I mean, a lot of kids are obsessed with planes or whatever, but knew the names to World War, to fighter planes like these warbirds that he could name and was going in such detail about these planes and was like I used to fly these once he started naming them and naming specific places like in Japan and all these places, the parents, then they question it because.


That's right. How does he know he's two years old? How is he like like where is he calling this from? So then the parents would ask questions, start getting like into it.


And he was like pointing on a map like near Japan is like this is where I got shot down.


Do you think there's spirits taking over their bodies? I don't think so. I think it's just there.


They're still I'm I'm just seeing options, you know, and he would he would like point to these places near Japan and he'd be like, this is where I got shot down.


And he's like my my friends, we were all fighter pilots and we were here.


And he was like naming other people that he used to fly with. And they were like, what are you talking about? Like, where are you getting this from?


And they didn't like recording any of this. Like, there's no there's there's an entire like once it started getting further and further into the weirdness of it, they were like, OK, something's like definitely weird. But they would take him to like these memorials for World War Two and he would talk about names of other people.


And they found the names of these other fighter pilots. And he would point them out and be like, this is this person, this is this. This was my friend.


And then he would name them. Yeah, they recognized one of them.


I'd be I'd be like, maybe say that again. And one of them was actually still alive at the time. So they had to meet up with this little boy and this old like eighty year old man.


As soon as the boy saw him, he ran up and hugged him, started so excited to see him like and it was this super like emotional thing and was like that was like somebody that he like flew with and was talking about stuff that they had talked about in a past life. OK, and where is this older man? Like has like he's in that picture that they showed.


There's a video of it.


There's like a whole documentary about the older man believed that this guy is one hundred percent.


And it's also where does this little boy's name is James and the pilot that he has. His name is also James. Like, there's so many stories about it. There's kids that would talk about how they died in 9/11. Yes.


Three years old. And it was like years like before they were born.


And they were like I was a firefighter in 9/11 in the twin. And they would they would be in school drawing Twin Towers. And they're like, where are you getting this picture from?


So how we are now? And I feel like a lot of kids, too, will have these wacky experiences. But like this particular kid that you're talking about with like the fighter pilot. Yeah. His platoon and everything, like his parents followed that trail like they didn't let it go. They like they were actually I wouldn't either.


I would keep going. Yeah. Because I'd be so fucking. And they found out a lot.


There's another one. God I can't remember his name, but he's this little kid. I think he's in Russia.


That's. Oh yes. Was. Reincarnated and was living a past life on Mars, he swears like lucky little kids, swears he was from Mars and is so smart and is talking about the most insane scientific stuff.


And as a young kid, he's talking about Egypt and like the pyramids and the Sphinx, and he goes, there's the the gateway and the code to everything everybody is trying to answer in the world will solve everything is through a passage and a secret like button almost behind the Sphinx's ear.


OK, what's. Yeah. What's his name. Borescope Bruce.


Keep it on on Alvie. And it's crazy watching these. Sorry if I offended any Russians.


It's crazy watching these kids talk about this past life because it's so normal to them. They're just like yeah. What do you mean.


Like that's my other, my other mom. It's almost like. I mean Mars. Yeah. Like our psychic talk to us.


She a sociopath. In a shocking claim, the boy said that many Martians are immortals and stop aging at 35 years old.


Write that down. Thirty five. Thirty five. We got a little bit time to go. You know what I'm thinking?


What I would like to do, weekly psychic calls and see how much we ask the same things every time we have four or five different things that we ask every time and see how much all these psychics match up to the same.


Yeah, because the two psychic readings that I've had, they're pretty accurate with about my whole house situation when I gave no information about my house.


A lot of times kids are talking to ghosts or their imaginary friends, but supposedly they are more prone to seeing or being able to communicate with a paranormal ghost spirit, whatever it may be, because they are so young and so close to that realm still.


Yeah. That they are able to communicate because, like. My thing you know, my thing is my thing is a Howard kids talking to these imaginary go see spirits, but then Barney comes in the room and they're screaming like they're going to fucking die.


My little brother, when he was like maybe two or three, he used to run around the house and he'd be like and he'd have tickle fights with spirits. But we think it was my grandpa because at one point, me and my siblings, we've all had encounter. We've never met my grandpa.


He passed away before we were long before we were born. But there was times I think I've told the story before. I'll make it quick. But the one time I went to school, I had a test. I came back and my mom was like, How'd you do on your test? And I said that I did really good. And she was like, Oh yeah, how do you know? Or something like that? And I said, Because Grandpa came in my classroom and told me.


And my mom and it's just like weird because, like we've never met him and my little brother John, like I said, he used to, like, have tickle fights with him and stuff like that. And he used to run around the house, fall on the floor, laughing and be like, stop tickling me.


Stop tickling me. Oh, my.


So, like, if I was a parent and I saw my kid, I'd, I would be being tickled terrified. Yeah, that's that is terrifying.


It's like watching your dog stare into a dark corner and just snarling. That scares me. Oh, and we've seen it happen. Remember Megan Megan's dog. Yes. At the apartment. That was fucking insane.


This is her dog would just sit there in the corner looking up at the corner ruff and would look at each other like, oh, my God, it's happening.


Like she had the dog chasing a fucking seeing something that we can't see right now. Right. I have so many ghost stories.


I've another one sharing. I came prepared. So say my brother, his best friend, Joey, the first time they ever hung out, it was like in middle school. They were in his tree house and Joey started acting just like Strange. And John asked him about it.


And he was like, oh, no, I just like before like I thought I saw someone. And he was like he was just like brushing it off. And Jon was like, no, like, what did you see? And he was like, I thought I saw like a woman in, like a blue dress.


But then I, like, shook it off and she wasn't there. And he was like, I was just imagining things. Whatever.


Fast forward. He overheard his mom talking about how his grandmother. Before she passed away, she promised that she'd look over like their firstborn child, and Joey is the first born child and she passed away before he was born and he asked to see a picture of, like, what she looked like and they showed a picture and at her, was it at her wake or her funeral?


One of those she's wearing the blue dress in the picture. And he was like. And then they connected it. Yeah. Oh, my God, your family is so much shit happening now. I feel like I experienced anything like that.


I feel like certain people are more prone and susceptible to being, you know. Like, how do my family members not like me or why don't they want to connect with me after that? I don't know, maybe you got bad juju, you got a bad just fucked up.


I would like to connect with them in some spiritual way, but I can't. Yeah. The only weird stuff I've had, like, growing up was like the little posts on the bed corners would be rattling, like out of nowhere, almost like if it was an earthquake.


But it was Florida. Yeah.


Like the post would be rattling and then like pictures on the wall would not be falling off in the middle of the night, but they would be off of the wall and then propped up on the side of the bed. Mm hmm. What, like fucking weird.


Like if you were to take this, like if you were sleeping on this whole, like, wait before you continue, didn't someone in your family, like, sleepwalk?


That was another weird thing, my brother. In the middle of the night, sleepwalk. Went outside through the glass locked door that he couldn't reach or unlock and like put his blanket out there. And then the door was locked again and he was in bed and my mom woke up and was like. What something you would never naturally do ever for any reason.


First of all, he couldn't physically not possible for the door to be locked again on the way, coming back in, like supposedly if he did get outside, unlock and then come back in and then lock it again. My mom was just like, it didn't make sense. She still doesn't understand it. Sleepwalking is crazy. Yeah.


You got people that sleepwalking then, like wake up the next day and like, where's my stick of butter? And like then like record themselves in the whole stick of butter the night before. Yeah.


Like that shit's fucking weird thing goes whenever I wake up in the middle of the night and eat a stick of butter, I blame it on things like I'm not losing weight. Yeah, there's a video of him like in the middle of the night.


Just oh no. I mean I remember when I got prescribed the Ambien because I couldn't sleep. Oh my God. That first night, baby, I took a bunch of chips.


I put it together in one bag and I mixed it up. This is yeah. I was like in the middle of my Ambien trip. And I was in this shit and I was warned, my friends, that I do not do not do the spirits possess something about trying to get in touch with that, you know, outer body experience?


Yeah, it was the the ambience, the ambience. So I think that concludes our paranormal episode. We hope you guys enjoyed it. We really enjoyed doing this episode. That was a lot of fun. Oh, my God. I can't believe you guys are going to hear us until season two. This is weird. Like, it feels like, oh, like that just hit me right now two whole weeks.


Like, I know, like we've never done that before. We've kept your eye on him for about two months through months. The same goodbyes. Just see you later.


Oh but we love you guys again and thank you so much. And we're so excited to start season two.


We have store that we got a big, big season coming.


We're so fucking excited. He goes, big things coming, big things coming out.


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Here we are completely renewing the set is going to be a completely different vibe. Hopefully we should we just like change our, like coasters because we paint this couch.


We don't just paint, we're paying painted white. But yeah, we'll see you guys next season.


Say bye, season one, by the way, last season one. All right, guys, party.


I mean, what's about what's the southern way to say bye?


I don't think this say I think they just. Oh yeah. It's just the tip of the hat. You got to say it with your eyes. Oh, you got something right.


Come on, guys. Bring it in and bring it in. Come on, guys. Oh, and that's on season by season one.


I love you.