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No. Monica, has this rubbed off on you in any way, the challenge? Yeah, probably not. Well, it hasn't rubbed off.


It's rubbed me the wrong way. Oh, sure. Mostly just me rooting for Aaron. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


It's so interesting, though, because you love underdogs. I know. Well, you're turning me into the underdog here. That's exactly right. Two to one.


Well, still, I don't think you're the underdog, even with my assistance.


But, you know, 90 percent of it is attitude. Is that what it is? Yeah. What they said and here I think it's like, you know, but that elementary school poster that's not even close to the real number for success in life attitude.


Steve Jobs, that's a great attitude. No, no, no.


But like, if you believe you can I mean, Michael Jordan Dyce, great attitude. He was known for that. I don't think there's any a highly successful person that you would say has a great attitude.


No, no. I mean, attitude. Like, I believe that I can achieve this, OK? It's 90 percent mental maybe. Sure. But even on the surface, an attitude sounds nice.


It sounds like you're telling people like, hey, it doesn't matter that you were born this way or that just like you, all you gotta do is be positive and you be a president.


Or if you're 52, you could still be in your dyslexia.


Yeah, yeah, that's right.


Attitude with my attitude. Got you at it. By the way. I don't think I ever had a great attitude. Like, I remember being a struggling actor and everyone was like, I know I'm going to make it.


And I'm like, I'm not going to make it.


The odds are staggering. I can't even get an agent. I'm never going to make it. I never thought I was going to leave. I did not, you know, my whole my whole thing was I'm preventing a regret. I know. And I love it yourself now.


Yeah. Great. Added to now. Well, depending on how we define great new attitude. Oh no. No editing.


I don't know that you don't point the point is, do you know, Charlie, I got a new each. Yeah, but you and Charlie are the same.


That's why I said, do you know what, Charlie?


But Charlie knows it's an anthemic song for women.


I'm disappointed that you don't don't know it, but maybe the performance recorded version. Yes. All right. Well, let's take a little detour for us.


Do you think it's called their new attitude? Of course. It's got to be.


Oh, it's Patti LaBelle. Oh, it is. I mean, it's I thought of the sisters the same time.


What was the plan? I can picture the video. The point is singing, I guess I can't know where I'm going and I know what to do.


He knew I had it. I do not know. I've been trying to make a playlist for you and I, Erin, and I'm doing a bad job at it. It was locomotion and she loved it.


Oh, she will do it. I keep looking up the songs in it and plus and then it doesn't work.


People would throw up if they heard our list. It's so bad there is not a bass line. Electric bass line. Oh, yeah, I yeah, I want to hear a little more. Yeah, I just picked her up like her workout. How does it feel to be working out on this? Wow. Oh. Oh. I'm sure you heard this at the roller rink. I would be sexually intimidated by the. Fatima. There are guns tax ready.


I know you guys, huh?


Yeah, the Leyburn I'm ready to pump pretty long time before that chorus came in and it's the one line that you remember.


Oh, and a nine songs we can't get out our had our do locomotion.


Everybody's doing a dance now. Oh, it's the worst song.


But Aaron says do the locomotor, you know, get into another venue motion.


My favorite is when you just changed a little bit of a word. You do that often. I do that often when I give one example.


I'm Robert Bass and I came to get that. I'm not internationally known, but I'm known to rock this microphone because I did stupid.


I just changed. Robert Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.


OK, you're going to Bob Robert, Bobby Bass and I came here I am now and that's another thing I'll get you.


I am not internationally. I just change it from I'm not to I am not, I am not internationally but I am known to rock this microphone. It's funny how well we're doing something new today live.


That's right. Live weighin.


We've thrown out the strategic advantage for both parties like you would be heaviest at night. You would be late, early in the morning. But now here we are at noon forty. And so both guys are fucked. And the one thing that's exciting about is this will be the first time they're on the same scale because we have no idea if there's a fucking five pound difference on your scale last year, I just this is the least regulated competition of all time.


FCC they would have a field day with this.


Yeah, it's obviously willy nilly. The host is on a team.


There's no regulation. It's covid.


I look at this as the voice. You pick a contestant, you believe it, and then you post, yes, you're Charlie's coach, which makes a total sense because you were like, I have total control over my eating. So you guys are a perfect pair.


I'm not. I just learned about this. Now, if I had known, I would have been coaching him this whole time, going would have won.


Well, he probably will. And you'll you'll share in his victory. But this paired off beautifully because we've got a couple of addicts together trying to figure this out.


You had a couple of contests. Yeah, this is good. Come on.


I want Aaron to lose to win. But I don't want you or I to say that.


Oh, OK. I don't want no way what I want him I want them to both win at the same time. So I have to do a double payout.


Yeah. So you actually have to pay twenty in this case. Oh wow. You do some time. You, you double wall right.


Oh my gosh. What would have been nice and generous is if they tie they both get five carnot split in half but you know somehow quadruple back which doesn't make any sense.


Yeah I like it. You just have to get me. I think I kind of.


Yeah. So first and foremost, we're coming off the heels of Thanksgiving week, which was a real challenge for Charlie so much. But for Aaron. Did you find Charlie that it made your life easier?


I would think so. But the tricky thing of the day is you eat so late, you start thinking you're going to eat around two and you got tasked with deep frying the birds.


Hmm. Yeah, you did back to back birds out there. So that was an hour. Oh.


And you probably expended some energy doing that. Yeah. And then I was thinking, you know, it seems like you're going to eat around two or three, which you really don't till five thirty. Yeah.


So I don't think I ate as much as I thought I would that you should have that I should have, should have eaten more.


And I was getting nervous for you because we ate outdoors and it was freezing cold and I thought, oh Charlie's berlo in through calories right now to keep that big frame warm spring.


There's so much mass now to get the blood to the edges of the government for it. Yeah.


So it might have been a net zero for you. I wasn't as good of a day as I was hoping for. But overall, do you feel like you've put on some weight this week. A little. This week was hard, harder to eat.


We were watching you on endorphins and we thought, oh, is he going to start slowing down?


What a precarious situation you're in that you have to do that class every day because ideally you would do a different workout. It just be max out.


Yeah, but I'm glad I do it every day doing some kind of movement as opposed to just going and sitting down and lifting stuff and eating rice for your heart.


Yes, I know. Yeah, I know.


So it is good I do that. I coached him on that. Yeah. Monika's idea.


And so Aaron, from your point of view, was it harder than you thought? Easier than you thought? It was definitely hard. What was the hardest. That gravy. Yeah, the stuffing, the mashed potatoes, all the shit that I've cut out. It looked really good. And pumpkin pie, you know, and that's not usually my go to. But yeah, Charlie came by every five minutes with. Something other something else delicious on this plate that really rubbed a little little.


This just fun.


And he laughed at me while I was eating a hard boiled egg.


Oh, but I stuck to the turkey, breast and vegetables. Musselburgh, Musselburgh roots, I guess. So maybe where I've gone where I don't even know what I was eating, whether those root vegetables. Oh, right. I didn't know. Yeah.


That could have been the cause of the binding too, because I barely eat any of those tubers might affect us all up.


We're all constipated Charlie. Not me but Kristin and the dog and Frank Franconia is once they got into some of those tubers he probably did. I might have slipped them a couple of you know, I've been known to be drinking and he is under the table like Uncle Eddie. Yeah.


But all in all, I feel I did a pretty good considering.


Yeah, you did. Yeah, it's impressive. And did you have any delayed gratification when you woke up in the next morning? You're like, oh my God, I did it. Yeah I did. I woke up and got on Instagram, my new love of my life. I've avoided this my whole life. Oh no, no, no. I'm an addict. Yeah. So I woke up that morning and started perusing through Instagram and I can just you know, everyone has snapshots of their overflowing lakes with food and gravy.


If I can just overflow it off the side of the.


And I was like, OK, you did do good. But that looks so good. And the day after Thanksgiving is a you know, that's a leftover day.


Dagwood people making Skyhigh Turkey sandwich all Gallia.


I would say for me there were two highlights of the day. There was where we all get things. That was really wonderful. You missed some of us. I know. I was pooping.


I was your pooped in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner.


I know because I was telling me what I. Oh my God, you got cursed.


I just knew I got to the point where I was like, it's going to come out of one end if that makes sense.


I was so uncomfortable for it mostly. Again, what you were saying, Charlie, because I didn't eat anything all day. And then I ate about three thousand calories and sixteen minutes.


Yeah, I was stuffed. My plate was not that impressive. No. Oh for me too. I had that basketball protruding from my rib cage. Oh yeah.


I mean I guess it is something to know if you don't eat anything all day. I feel like. Oh you didn't do any warm up. Yeah. Warm ups. You got to prime the pump. Yeah. And keep that thing prime at all times. So the thanks I was absent.


I apologize, I missed yours and it bums me out but that was really wonderful. And then second to that or even tied to that was one of the dogs got their hands on the casket, which is so funny to me.


It was a substantial car like half nylon. Yeah. I just think of how much that dog will remember the time it got that whole bird off the counter and empowered it. And then Molly got it, wrestled it out of his champers. It's a big German shepherd and she had to wrestle the carcass out of his mouth. And then she brought it out and showed us all. And I was nervous.


It was the little dog Coco, that was my first thought, was that I was so hungry for all that turkey smell and then went after one of the smaller dogs. Oh, closest to the car. Yes. I'm going to have to empty my God, because I couldn't focus in on what she was like. Yes. It looks like you just destroyed go like this thing. Like you don't even think of the Porcher.


You're putting these canines through, like think how much we can smell it in their noses. They're supposed to be like a thousand times more powerful than ours and they're just getting it crammed in their nose all day long. And then Coco walks by, old, blind, juicy, looking good, even blind. And you wouldn't even reprimand Bebe for, you know. Yeah. Then people get locked in his. You just go. Go. Yeah. Look like a turn.


Cogo inside out. Oh my God.


Did you notice when she got punished and put in a cage. She didn't even give a thought.


Not because she was willing to serve her sentence. That's right.


She, she is like alpha consider all week because that was worth it.


Oh I'll do the time. Oh yeah right.


Even if you could present her with these choices, if you say you can get that whole burden then we shoot you afterwards. Fucking no way. He doesn't go get that bird. There would not be anything that her name's.


What is it though. Oh this is amazing by the way.


Can open doors and he opens the door to go in and out like Benteke friend Eric. Yes, dog Eric trains Pippi to do crazy things.


No, no, people did all this on her own. Oh, no. I think Eric secretly training. She probably. Well, that's a nice play. Terrible tricks, frankly, because it's the bane of their existence, because people letting everyone in and out whenever she chooses. So now they have the deadbolts every door to keep either in or out. And it's only a matter of time before she can figure out how to get in and out of the deadbolt.


I know.


Like, it's Eric being, like in a fire. Hippie could go like everyone people to help, like a classy, classy type. You see Eric trying to make Pippi LRC.


Yeah, that's a good point. But the funniest part is, is that Coco will be stranded outside and it's early in the morning and then he goes and lets her in.


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I saw you on pack in your butcher box Aaron, and it was a treasure trove of yummy meats.


Oh, you ain't lying. I dove right in the thighs. Looked delicious. Oh hell yeah. We got thighs being cooked tonight. I found a recipe for crispy garlic thighs. Oh, there we go. Cast iron skillet. Oh yeah.


Me. Oh, baby. It would be hard for you where you live, Erin, to get awesome grass fed beef. Yeah.


You got to go downtown and it's crazy expensive. But this is fixing all those problems. Yeah. With butcher bucks you're getting a nice quality meat for like six bucks a meal, which is crazy saying. I mean, come on Charlie.


Yeah. What was the crown jewel in your butcher. Mine never ended.


It was just one thing. After the next, the salmon is going to be convenient because I buy it.


It goes bad and it's wild Alaskan. Yeah, not farm raised. What would you say that gains were from the butcher bucks.


Probably two point five, at least for those New York strips. Yeah. Major gains with the butcher bucks. Listen, we have a special offer for race to 270 fans. When you sign up now, you get two New York strip steaks and a pack of bacon for free. That's four times gains right there if you put that all down at once. So for a limited time, but your box is offering new members, two New York strip steaks and one pack of bacon for free.


In your first box, just go to a butcher box dotcom slash race. That's butcher box dotcom slash race to get two free New York strips and a pack of bacon.


So boys enjoy those butcher boxes. Oh, yeah. I'm going to enjoy the moderation, my friend.


It's delicious meat. I know Charlie is going for the game.


I might be wrapping those New York strips in the bacon. Well, good luck to both. Yeah, it's healthy, ethically raised beef and organic chicken and wild salmon. So bon appetite.


And then post Thanksgiving, unless you were doing some secret stuff I didn't see bulletproofing in the whole day yesterday, I went and got a little bit of turkey at night after you went to sleep while I was watching TV.


Did you go and look, make make sure my eyes were closed and then tiptoe into the kitchen?


I guess I was being a tiny bit sneaking.


In all honesty, turkey and chips. I did.


I just get so much turkey and you be just like peepee if you got locked in your room after forgetting. But I've been more than happy to do that time. Yeah. Joke's on us. So I like where we're going with this. So he's your athlete and Aaron's my athlete.


I don't know. You just want this to be the case so that you don't feel guilty anymore?


Well, I don't feel at all guilty. All I don't want is for you to be mad at me. That might be off the table, though.


Yeah, I don't think you're coming back from that. I want to stay somewhere impartial. Just make it known that we should be impartial.


We're setting the rules as we go. You know what you could be doing to help your team? What you could persuade some food.


I asked him earlier if he wanted food. He said, no, he's not following my regimen very well.


Well, that's an issue between you and your athlete.


Aaron is male in this, except for when I go to sleep, I guess I think everyone did a little bit less than last week.


Well, do well.


We had a later weigh in last week, so it is a little skewed. But I also want to just for my athlete, I want to defend him because he's not a braggart or excuse maker, but I'll make them for him.


He has not gone duty today and he's had very little peace, so he's probably two pounds heavier than he is, is my guess.


Any excuses from your side?


I mean, a lot of barbecue last night that I'm not holding on to anymore. OK, you let it rip. I did weigh in last night, though. Oh, you did OK.


Just for your own. Oh, I could. I couldn't wait. Oh, now. Well, no, I mean, at least I couldn't wait.


So let's just recap real quick last.


When Charlie was a two hundred fifty four point five pounds and Aaron was at two eighty nine point seven pounds, which means Aaron was nineteen point seven pounds away from his goal in Charlie was fifteen point five pounds away from his goal. And apparently now there's twenty thousand dollars on the line if there's a draw.


Oh, my God. Oh, boy. Well, who would like to help? I'll help out first. OK, I'm me. Get to my skivvies. Yeah. Why not butt naked. No, I can look away and you can get naked.


I think he'd enjoy you looking at his ass. It's so impressive. Oh, it's incredible. See the way Darren undresses here? No, no, no, I got to get the watch off the hat.


I hate that when you go to the doctor and you have to weigh the make you weigh, but they don't really want to wait for you to take your shoes off or anything.


And I'm like, this is accurate. They don't care too much. They're just writing it down.


Well, I think they're just the only thing they care about is like a massive loss or gain. You're right. Exactly.


So they're like, just keep your shoes on every time. And then I can still figure out.


But I'm like, this is my excuse to know me.


Like, well, powerful. Those bonds are very, very you might want to go. You might want to go on the hardwood. OK. All right. I don't know why, but ok.


Oh I mean for the size of his buns.


Look, there's no cellulite or anything that very smooth. OK, I like that one.


OK, I don't like we have to keep in mind about the poo brigade. Big exhale. All right.


I should take a picture. Get that air out. Hold that.


OK, what do you make of that?


I think you've got five pounds of poop in you. That's what I think.


Just like we saw. Mm hmm. I got to write that down. It is OK. Is it.


We let here until it's OK to ninety point six to ninety point six.


So we've come up point ninety nine a pound.


Yes. And by the way, this scale could just be a little different than his. No. Yeah, true.


I would have loved that like five times. But the poop. How will we know how to do it?


Well, listen, this is not over. Oh, no, no. I just mean I mean, I don't know.


Maybe you could have a big you could have a big Dirie and a bunch of pieszecki downside side. What was it, two ninety point to ninety point six.


OK, so I write it on the board. Yeah. Oh, OK.


Charlie's getting undressed now. He's keeping his socks on and his hat, which is a cheat, but we'll accept it. OK. He wants to get it on very firm ground. This could be amazing.


Both of you guys, the scales are off in your favor by five pounds.


Charlie, are you unhappy with yours? OK. Oh, that's not great.


It's not that far. Oh, it's not that it's not great, but it's not that far off. Mm. He's on his fifth attempt now. Where are you getting the best of seven. Oh it is OK. Four point two. Fifty four point eight.


So I think that's pretty close to mine because.


Well let me see what I have. Yes.


OK, well I'm relieved. Yeah. He didn't really go anywhere and you didn't really go well. Neither of you really went places.


Oh, I'm a little upset with upward for the first time.


I know, but that's the pool. Yeah. Certainly your poop would weigh up more than a pound.


Like you said. It's not it's not over. So I'll be I'm over it. That's right, people.


And Charlie didn't do very much. Charlie. Oh my. Oh, this is great.


Now, I think this was the right call. Now that he's your athlete, you're pissed at him.


Now, this is wonderful enough. A little. A little. Yeah, yeah, yeah. OK, tell us what yours was yesterday.


So last night this was 11 pm to fifty eight point one to fifty eight to fifty eight.


Yeah, that's much different. Yeah.


But I think that's so if I waited I think tonight I'd be to fifty eight point really. I'll gain three pounds in a day. Right.


Right. So fifty point one. So a little under four pounds this time. Yep. Three point six pounds here. Yeah. Hmm.


If we were to accept I think and we didn't get it, we didn't get an errant way in either this morning.


So it's all very confusing, this contest. It's a match. I love it. It's twists and turns. That's what I like. The drama is like one guy went backwards, one for me.


Now, almost nothing happened fast enough.


These last twelve hours of a half hour of stuff happen. Yeah.


Wow. Well, that's fun. Real time.


Yeah, like real time. I'm so curious. Now we don't know about your scale at home. You also could have lost weight but your scales three pounds lighter than mine. Yeah. We don't know. We know.


All I know is that my oh well. Is I know how we can somewhat new and is calibrated but I get it. What if you put a ten pound dumbbell on it. I have done that. And it says ten pounds. Yes. And it says twelve point five pounds. I have no. Yeah I have.


Well I have one at home so I'm going to do some calibration. There you go. Yeah.


No, I've done that with mine.


OK, of course we need the exact same ten pound dumbbell like impossible to solve. I feel good with that skill.


You know, what we could do is we could put a gallon of water on that. Right. That's the way to do it. It'll be within point one.


Mm hmm. Mm. Uh huh. Uh. OK, so look, the ante went up so if there's a draw it's twenty thousand dollars.


I guess it's ten thousand each contestant. This is what they do in boxing.


Like the draw is almost impossible. So they feel no problem giving time to.


So I'm not that worried about this new I mean it would suck but I would I met up everyone else since I was my idea.


OK, all right. That feels fair. It would have to be.


We're each on the same day and the same that same day. Yeah.


Like what if I was two sixty nine and he was to seventy and.


Well the goal is to seventy.


Oh you see. No you know you don't lose. You would have made. Yeah.


You would have won in that situation. Right.


Well no.


He's your athlete. Yeah. Oh yeah. This is great. Should we, should we have a side back now.


We can have a side effect on society. I don't want Aaron to feel like I'm not on his team. I don't feel we're we're on both people's team.


And you're clearly not on Charlie's team. That's been. That's true.


But he is because he loves watching Charlie get this call. So my favorite well, I missed one of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving was when Charlie went in the pool and he gets hot, too.


And everyone was talking about he like he looked insane.


He looked like I was nervous. I think PB was nervous. There's a silverback loose in the house.


Oh, yeah. Yeah. He's parading around in little short shorts.


It was Charlie that got people worked up for the food or maybe. Charlie, who got after that car? It was a dog that was my first. So the money, it was dark out there, just holding the way she's holding it.


We like by the scruff of the neck. Yeah. Yeah, the scruff of the car is what was left of it.


So when you decided to go swimming, did you have any real desire to swim or are you just like, oh, if I go in then I can walk around the house for a while with my shirt off because I would love it if that was the case.


I really wanted to hit that Jacuzzi. Oh, OK. Which I guess could have been the pool, too, at that point. But that's true. No, I try to be discreet and sneak right out of the bathroom.


OK, but then when you were done bathing, you were kind of in and out of the kitchen.


A time for my rent memory, mostly for Jess. OK, yeah. Yeah.


Oh, it's still talking about. It's nice, isn't it.


Nice just to be appreciated because the women don't care. Like the next day I was like, oh god. I could have stared at Charlie for another hour walking around and people noticed but they weren't like where I was at.


I would have given anything for you just to tackle the refrigerator.


I wanted to see you like I could demonstrate the powers of wow. Oh. Like the rest delivery's here. Oh, OK. That's perfect timing.


Well, let's eat. Let's get Aaron going in the wrong direction. Charlie, action. No, it turns out that in order for exactly. Both, both people are going in the wrong direction because I've had my my three peanut butter and jelly is today.


So I'm like, do you think if necessary, we'll have to pivot to race back to original way?


Oh. All right. Love you guys.


Good luck to both of you. Truly more to you, Aaron.


But good luck now, my darling.