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With No. OK, so this is an update episode, it ended almost three months ago. Wow.


At Christmas or the day after we did twenty eight thousand to seven. Yeah. OK, so that's where we're at now. Quick update, Monica. You just arrived.


I did. I hopped off a plane. I hopped right off and then zipped to your apartment. Yeah, Molly picked me up.


Oh, so nice. I gave her a mug. Did she like it?


Yeah, she didn't like it as much as I wanted her to, but it's called Porgie Hugs.


No, no. Hedgehog's had to call it how we should make money.


As I say, Porcupine's and it's the parkis movie from our You Filthy movie.


And not to, like, crucify Elon Musk on here, but I'm just so not a fan of that Tesla.


Oh, I really I don't know if I'm gonna make it through this.


Right. Because you are feeling nauseous, right? Very. Yeah. That's the problem with electric cars that don't pipe in noise like the Porche pipes in noise through the sound system.


Chris seems fine, right? Or Karlan's fine. Totally. Yeah.


But just from our house to the Hanssens, which is five miles, Chris in the girls would be nauseous by the time we got there just because there's no shifting gears.


Here's what I figured out. So in every car you've ever been in, in your life, first you hear noise and then you feel acceleration. So your brain goes, oh, I'm about to accelerate. Like it prepares itself. It's just like when you're in the dunes, if you're looking in a direction that you don't turn, you get sick. But if, you know, if you're watching the path, you can turn all you want and you don't get sick.


That's what the driver never gets. So, yeah, the no noise without any warrant. You're just sitting there and also your body's getting tugged backwards and it makes you feel gross.


I feel good.


But if you let her know about.


No, I was also I don't want to cause she knows she doesn't listen to this garbage.


I didn't want to complain. It was so nice. And I also didn't know what to do.


We were on like the chipper or not. Yeah. No, she doesn't need the money. OK, ok.


But I but then I just started shoveling goldfish in my mouth but I was scared to do that because it was like I had to take my mask. I'm freaking out.


I got to like like like on um. Yeah there's, there was a lot going on. She's fully back. She is. Yeah.


So I didn't feel too good about a trip that mass right after I kissed her and I realized Kovik kiss me on the lips grandaddy's style. So we're all back together.


OK, so that's your update. You have been in Georgia for three or four weeks. Ten days. Ten days. And then here I was out of L.A. for like six or seven months.


And he's now.


But yeah, Charlie, we've been together.


It has a lot of dates for the cherry. Oh, he does. He do. Yeah. Oh, my God. Yeah. Well, three months is a lot's happened. Yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Well, first of all, I'm so delighted with how much people liked it. So fun.


Me too. I got a text from Baber's said The Perfect Ending the race to 270 with the perfect ending.


I still can't believe that's how it happened.


It was so fun to listen to.


It really was the anticipation was real. And I kept forgetting I would always call you after I edited it.


I mean, like, oh, I totally forgot. Aaron thought a girl so much. I enjoyed this first two seconds of any of those so much. I forgot someone wrote the funniest thing on Aaron's Instagram when he promoted that episode with the guy. Right.


Oh, that girl that you beat the shit out. And then I started feeling like I.


This happened as me being a man like I was like when I was a kid, when we posted, I reposted the picture, the arem posted of him in the newspaper.


Yeah, it was worth the beating. I was giving the beating.


I guess it's not in the newspaper. It's not you. You got you got to be willing to get dirty and. Right. The best part about the newspapers in the caption of the photo, it says in our weekly correctly, but then in the body of the story, then they misspell it.


Oh yeah, they misspelled it.


And they took away my accolades of third place, said I was fourth place.


Yeah, they don't I mean, if one thing I remember from childhood is a fucking third place trophy.


So it's been so much fun for me.


But then for you guys it's been really fun. Right. It's been a blast. Yeah. So fun. The funnest I, I love I yeah.


I just want to thank all the armchair. It's like it's so much fun on Instagram and all the compliments. I mean they're so nice to you, there's so nice to me. I'm like this can't be happening.


And that every single comment is I think two episodes ago it was we were face time and I said, I'm wondering how much longer I'll be rooting for you before I get jealous of you.


Everyone like so much older than me. Oh, I wonder when that transition is going to happen to know up symbiosis. It is. I'm just teasing. But they don't. They love hearing so much. It's just so nice. And all the girls are masturbating to Charlie, which I'm jealous of that too.


It's so wonderful. And then so just two days ago, the the last episode came out or we found out the results.


And I said to Aaron that morning and I said, Are you depressed at all?


I would be. Yeah, I was told.


Yeah, well, we needed to get a new challenge going. Yeah. I was sad when we stopped recording it like yeah that was fun. And then after listening. Oh that was the last one. Yeah.


I didn't realize it was real until we started listening to it. Yeah. Yeah totally. That is true.


You like in this little room and then you don't really think anything coming. Oh yeah. How could something be a product after that.


Yeah. I mean I was so excited to wake up on Wednesdays. Yeah. And listen to it like I didn't, I just loved.


Oh. So I usually get up at like five on Wednesday, so I listened first thing every time you get up at five so you can listen.


Yeah of course. Yeah. Well it's just it's not that he gets up at five so he can listen but he can't stay asleep any longer. That's right. Yeah. Chris Christie. Yeah.


Oh I like it. I'm so glad they're not pretending they were too cool to be like. I love being on a show.


No, no.


I think the coolest I ever pretended was when you told me Amy Poehler was a fan and you told me and Charlie Nather, we're like, cool. And I'm so sorry that I called you guys. Yeah. It's like I got to, you know, say I thought you'd be a little more. Oh, yeah, I, I was I act like this is normal. Know, of course she is. Everyone looks at Instagram. Right. If she loves it so much, why is she coming out my Instagram.


I started following her immediately when you said that was so.


So I guess everyone is you of course really curious about the updates. Of course. And one's not bad at all. And one is insane.


I think I know actual not I mean I have have eyes but I don't, I don't know numbers so I'm excited.


Well look at Charlie.


You know, he started at two thirty in. What do you what do you think he is today. Oh I might get into this. I'd be like the aren't people.


People really. I did a quick lift before I came.


I just to be sure I saw poor Charlie your arms, you. Oh, I. Taking up the whole room of nervousness, Guinn's going to separate the Bolaji Charlie ever since he keeps, well, bands in his car now. Yeah, he finds out you're at a party.


Yeah. You really let him have the. Oh, really went for the jugular. Yeah, those are about as cheap as Erens punch that girl. I think it is a compliment. Yeah, I think it's all your fault girls don't understand. You don't you don't understand what we're thinking about. Thank God. I understand that. I was already worried about that coming. Yeah. And you confirmed and you confirmed greatest fear.


And what does the female equivalent do you think, I guess to say?


Well, not you, though, because you don't really have this issue, but maybe the comment like, oh, you've gained some weight.


No, no, no. You guys are ridiculous. No, no. But really, you got to think about the whole context.


So this was the day we were finding out and I was saying, oh, no, I was actually saying the opposite. I was saying, oh, Charlie, you look smaller in a good way, like, oh, you probably didn't hit 270 because you're looking svelte.


Now, that's a good word.


Not a smaller, not smaller.


I just it's not your fault.


It's our fault now. But you really do have to put the whole thing into context.


I wasn't just saying, like, dry your eyes, go away. My arms today, your arms. But they look small. They're invited.


No, that wasn't what was happening was part of the whole thing.


My arms have been never as impressive as Charlie's. None of ours or have ever been yours. Yeah, well, you know, but I have had a couple summers, you know, I like to rip my sleeves off or my shirt off like anybody. But I. I think a couple summers ago I wouldn't put the sleeveless on because I was so embarrassed. Oh yeah.


Yeah. Oh not have you visible but yeah. Oh yeah. It is a real thing.


Well you know you've been with me for the last week and we were up in Monterey and I just had surgery two weeks ago so I can't work out. And it's, it's all I think about.


Yeah. I literally check in front of the mirror every half hour to see how much smaller I've gotten. I'm a little wimpy, the minuscule I told. And he's going up to protect. Yeah. I think I might have to stay around a little longer. I shrivel. Yeah. I'm surprised you don't have a little tape measure.


I know I don't need I my eyes are so attuned. Yeah. Yeah. I can look immediately. Too vulnerable. Right.


Not sure thing is sad. That makes me sad. Yeah. Just like. Yeah. Did you see that Jonah Hill post.


Similar to that he posted some paparazzi or something. Took a picture of him surfing I think.


Yeah. I think you're surfing. Yeah. And he was, he didn't have a shirt on maybe and they were making fun of him or something.


And then he posted a really like sweet, genuine, thoughtful post about. Yeah.


How it made him feel and how he never would go out without a shirt on and never go swimming without a shirt on.


And now he's owning himself. He's competent. And it just is that's like what is wrong with people shaming.


I just saw a clip recently of some asshole interviewing Jonah Hill and going like as another fat ass.


Are you afraid you're not going to be funny now that you're not fat? And I was like, oh, my God. And the look on his face.


Yeah, appropriately so is like, where the fuck do you you know, we don't know each other, bro.


Yeah. Oh, it was mad and horrible.


Yeah. OK, so Charlie. Yeah. Just looking at him, it's only been like a week since he was seventeen point four or whatever.


Yeah. How can we.


Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. So how big are you. Smaller to thirty five to thirty.


Wow. Oh my God. You lost ten pounds in the first week or so. I thought it was twenty. It was, it was ten and like about ten days.


Ten and ten days. I do remember the first twenty was probably two weeks. Wow wow wow wow. Just saw that blow and I mean it was, I was force feeding so hard.


Yeah. You were like four gwa haldimand.


Yeah. Yeah they do. They stuff them with. Yeah. They put a funnel in there. That was throughout. This is. It is. Yeah it is.


It's not great. There's a couple of bummers.


Veals also if you've ever seen like they keep these like really miniature fucking words.


Oh yeah. OK, so you're two thirty five as I said to thirty four.


Now I got to say I was really like studying some photos of you recently as I do in my free time.


And when you came into this competition you had your start photo and you looked phenomenal, but you at the same weight coming down was crazy.


It was nuts. Yeah. The vascularity is at an all time high. The veins in his shoulders have almost connected across his chest.


The goal, that's what we're trying to get Charlie to is one massive. Regarding how quickly that you can definitely see it, I don't even know if there's a vein that goes across there, but it will be we'll talk to a vascular surgeon if necessary. I'll donate a vein of my leg.


And then, Aaron, you finished at two sixty eight point ninety nine and it was winner and you did good.


What's your you're going to say no, I want to say it's not great, it's not horrible.


Yeah, I feel like so anyway, right now. All right. So it's been three months. Wow. I didn't realize that's how I have been to. Yeah.


And it's been three months in winter in Detroit. That's what I was setting up. It's like you're walking a bunch and stuff.


I did have. Yeah. You know what. Here we go. I kind of excuses but let's see.


Right now I'm hovering between 275 and 280. Mm hmm. Great.


Still down 30 pounds. Yeah. Yeah. Great. I was scared by you the way you were. Oh, no, no, no. Well, funny enough, it was mostly hovering around 275 and I got a little cocky about it. I'm like, well, I think since I should be where I am.


Yeah. Like, this is home. I can stay here and start eating like an asshole.


Yeah, I got a little cocky and but then as I pushed to eighty I was like, OK, you don't want to do it, you don't want to go down this road. It's almost like detoxing from opiates. Like once you've done it, you're like, I cannot go through. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That took a contest. And I got to tell you, I never I don't remember.


Of course, I've been lighter than that, but I don't remember feeling so good physically.


Yeah. At the end of that contest. Yeah.


Well there's also a ton of medical tests. Oh yeah. That's where you're going. Yeah. Airness so many. Oh yeah.


Oh right. Right, right, right. Yeah.


There's a lot of procedures and again some of those procedures kept me off of doing anything.


Yeah. Yeah.


Well one in particular the big the Big Mac daddy of the procedures was the, the deviated septum plasty up.


What were the other two.


I had three procedures. You had lasic normal three procedures in my nose. Oh yeah.


Do you notice Monaca. They made his nose wider. I was going to ask really. And I can. Yes, I know your face so well. I was going to ask you, do you notice because I don't notice it's cracks right here wider.


Yeah, I love it. That's fun.


Yeah. But I was wondering, how do they make it wider?


Did they put, like, fucking aluminum in, like, how is it. Well, you know, I don't ask too many questions.


You don't need any sausages. Maybe you just enjoy the big I don't want to know anything about how to do it. They put sausage packable Zorzi, but it looks as if they, like, took it, made a little bridge in there out of some material.


But keep it wider apart. I just don't know. It's just like if your options are just to go in there and cut and drill, how do you get it to go wide?


They filled a hole, I know. OK, yes, a little embarrassing to do to some years of drug use.


Yeah, sure. And by the way, shocked there was only a hole. Yeah. All right.


But speaking of that, you did a really brave thing during the surgery on, you know, you didn't take any medication.


Oh, yeah. That's really hard. I blew my mind. It was offered.


Yeah. And I didn't want to come off like a fuckin some kind of hero because it was you know, DAX was so proud of me, but I was like, you know, he said, I wish I could do that.


I'm like, yeah, but I don't have the surgery.


You have, like, is always getting turned into a robot and, you know, plates and scrapes to be taken to be off.


They did offer me opiates before they put me on the anesthesia. Yeah. They said they'll be a lot of pain and you can sign sign your name to get the opiates and that you understand, blah, blah, blah. And I told them that I was an addict and. Give me the pen. Well, yeah, funny enough, I yeah, so I declined.


Well, even before the surgery. Well, here's the thing. I thought I told you this.


I am so as they were taking me into the the OAH and they had already started the anesthesia survive. Yeah. I started thinking about getting pregnant. Yeah, and I go, so can I change my mind?


And I did try to change my mind. Oh good for a second.


And yeah. So they're like, no, too little too late. Yeah. That ship sailed. Yeah. So I did try to change my mind. Yeah.


But once they put that IV and you, you're not allowed to change your mind because you're right and you're probably out cold very shortly thereafter. Of course. Yeah. Yeah.


Well oh this is terrible. But I know that they give you first said first which is to it's antianxiety medication so it makes you not fearful of the procedure.


So generally it goes for said then fentanyl and then the propofol that knocks you out.


And soon as I start talking to the nurses I basically go like, oh, I'm nervous about today, hoping that they'll blow up the shot so I can enjoy it. Because generally, mind you, Monica, all those things happened in about seven minutes. So you're not you know, you can't do it like they give it to you and you're like, oh, this feels great.


But then they fucking knock you out. And I'm like, oh shit, this is my freebie. Yeah. It's the last thing I want like 12 minutes before I get knocked out. That's what I'm saying. That's something that's really impressive.


Oh thank you. I was pretty proud of you know what. Because it fucking hurt.


Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. Me too.


And fucking felt like someone hit me with an aluminum baseball bat. Oh. So yeah I am fucking out but only for two days so.


Yeah. Yeah it was an unimaginable pain by any means. You know I tend to be a little dramatic when it comes to that. Stay tuned for more. If you dare. We are supported by Boutcher Box. Hey, guys, hey. Spring is upon us. And what does that mean to you, Charlie? Grilling season and for you may be smoking as well. Big time.


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I'm going to pat myself on the back, so I was only on them for seven days yesterday and I was on nothing.


And the most rewarding part I kept trying to remember to tell you this, Gaga was here visiting who's a nurse for the last 30 years, Kristen's mom.


And she often was in charge of giving me the pills at the predetermined time.


And she said to me at one point, she goes, You're so undomesticated. I would be giving three times of what you're taking. And I can't believe you're in such a good mood because I know what you should be getting. And I was like, yeah, that's a big win. I liked it a lot. At any rate.


But yeah, only seven days and barely any while I was on them and then over and yeah, it hurt for fucking four more days and I took leave and things are fine now. They're totally fine. I'm very proud of you. Me too.


Everyone's doing so and I'm not buying pills off my washer. Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah.


That and you actually took the the dosage they gave you.


Oh it's airable. Yeah. Yeah. Because you didn't get together. No, no.


It just did its job. I know. Yeah. I guess they're designed to not feel them really. Oh my God. You know you zuckermann if you don't feel them.


Anyways I was a real left turn. OK, so but also one of the procedures was you. They went in there and they went down on your nose.


They were patching holes and they were watching holes and widening.


And I wish I could tell you how I tend to tune out because I get so nervous when they're explaining it to me. And I know it drives most people crazy, like, what are you having done? I know Adrian asked me, Ruthie. And I'm like, I don't know.


Look, I just don't care. Yeah, I know they're fixing me. I'm trying to remember.


I wonder if we can read between the two of us remembered the conversation you had where you were calling. So you had that.


Then you had Lazic and then you also colonoscopy, colonoscopy.


And so Aaron called to check in with one of the nurses before one of the appointments and she starts asking, yes, there was for the septal plasty, for the nose.


She said, oh, she she's get me all checked in and making sure everything's right, the paperwork. So she asked me about anesthesia. Have you have you ever had anesthesia? And I said. Yeah, three days ago. For colonoscopy, this is like, oh, good, you got to ask asleep, and I was, you know, like, well, proud of myself, I guess I should have had it years ago, so, yeah, I'm not allergic to it.


And she said, do you wear contacts or we need to know this when you're knocked out from the anesthesia.


I said, well, I did until 10 days ago. I believe and it's always if you want to go back on a game show. Oh, you're right. Oh. And then then she said, OK, you can't make this up. She said, Do you have any metal in your head?


I said, I have a titanium post in my mouth that I just can't put in a very low inflation. Oh, my. She said something like, Do you realize everything you just told me?


Overseas, are you really getting yourself together? Soup to nuts. Oh, my God.


Oh, and then. Oh my God.


And then she also asked, like, have you been in contact with anyone with Karen?


And I said, I just got Corona right before the eye surgery.


Right. The eye surgery. But I have gotten my first shot for the vaccine now.


She's taking this mother who lives some money, and then we were joking and then it became I'm also famous over the last three weeks I got famous.


I just don't think I be telling her, like, yeah, yeah, you earned my fame, as you should know, is fine. You are going to go all of his amazing life. Oh. Oh, I'm involved. Oh, God.


One thing you didn't do with the nurse is look at hiring either because another update.


Speaking of Ruthie Arendse married, you know, all the receptionists out there would be sad to hear that they probably already know.


Yeah, there's been some posts on my Instagram.


The other public poll I wrote about Ruthe. Yeah. Oh, yeah.


OK, I mean, you're already public on Instagram. I know.


Well, honestly, that was part of the that's almost what led us to getting losing control.


Talking about the receptionist, as I said, did you tell her you're in love and getting married? Yeah. Oh my God.


That was part of it. That was also part of it. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I told the woman on the phone that I was in a relationship. I've fallen in love like you would have done things that have happened to me earlier this month. Oh oh. Oh my God.


Yeah. So yeah I have a Long Beach girlfriend. Yeah. Elby Dobis LBC. Yeah. And DAX was kind enough to invite her on a trip up to Monterey and that was is like heaven. I love this girl. And to be able to be around everyone here and you get to meet her when we're done here. So excited because she just flew in. But yeah, she's lovely and smart and has been in therapy forever and is healthy and she got Aaron to sign up for insurance.


I know that's my favorite part about that class. Yes, I was I was so happy to hear that is incredible. It was incredible.


I want to tell the joke. I'm so, so sorry. You just did you check my insurance? Because I just got it. Like you signed up for basic health and like, just the standard. That's right. I am under the impression I haven't had health insurance in seven years.




And I have been the most unhealthy in my life all those years.


All the other funny thing is I meet her on whatever day you guys arrived, I guess Tuesday or something, and then we kind of get in the car to drive to Monterey. And pretty quickly I realize there's going to be a problem because I've like bought him a sandwich and cut it up in pieces for him. And she's bought on we're.


But like, totally caring for them and opening up things because I treat him like a fucking child and then I quickly realize she does do. And I said to her, whoa, whoa, whoa, we got to figure out who is nurturing. And every second year we have a different time slot. I don't want to step on your toes, but you have to let me, like, pamper these a couple hours of the day. Maybe I can do is breakfast him.


I I'll be there. So drew away now and what I know it is. Oh, my God. We would like the same thing about serving you like a king with a cute little king. You are his veterinarian with the tiny.


Oh, OK. So there's people who listen to Episode eight of the show, learn that I have only received a second place BMX trophy in my life.


And Aaron has this third place, questionable third place, dirty dirty karate trophy.


So I've gotten you guys.


Oh, baby. I have a mental at home now. You're going to need it. Oh, boy. Oh, my God.


Oh, Dad just presented to enormous, enormous, enormous trophy winner. Strongest race to 270.


Read all your stuff, 20, 20 from 230 to 270.


Total gain, 40 pounds of raw meat. Time frame, nine weeks ending neck earth, two times hedger. That is awesome. That's great. And Erin, what is your say?


Oh God, 2020 from three hundred and six pounds down to two hundred and sixty eight pounds. Thirty eight pounds and nine weeks for a record.


First place, whoever, number one, first. And Michael Weekley won't be the best, humungous best thing ever. I had to shop for those for so long by Internet because everything was kind of tiny in the fact that there's one fucking guy with the shirt on. Yeah, the guy's just got to make sure we get a picture. Oh, yeah. We'll post some good pictures and let's try and think of like superlatives to give you guys.


And so you got stronger. He's got no one person in world record.


All right. We'll put some pictures up of those, I hope you guys like that they're amazing. Thank you.


Again, I have another present and I hope you won't feel sad, Charlie, but this is this is something that, Aaron, I believe, needs in his life.


And I don't think you need it, OK, because Aaron had a he had a spell of depression during covid.


And so I just I want to make sure you're never without an antidote. So I have one more thing for you.


Also, Charlie, you'll be getting a big pot of spaghetti. I told Texas to make you spaghetti.


Perfect. Oh, come on.


I'll rip it up. I get sick. So, you know, I don't really know.


This is exactly what everyone's been asking me. I suppose I need to go.


There I go.


He doesn't make sense to the world. Number one person, this motherfucker roofed for 25 years.


He could share a steel plate off of it if it was necessary. Oh, it is.


It's my favorite Mondesire. I swear, he told me last week that I was going to get this blown up. Hang it in my house, I promise you said that, you know, you beat me. Oh yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, baby. Oh, I'm immediately just I feel like I'm turning red. Like, I was like, man, this is gonna make her so happy. Oh. Oh my God. Oh.


Oh oh oh. Oh. You can't even fucking pinpoint what it is about the photo. But one thing I'll argue is very, very much a part of it is her tongue.


Oh, look at her little baby. Oh, like little babies.


Got her tongue in a in a dish shaped those eyes.


It's perfect. Oh my God.


Back there, it's a 20 by 20 or something, 24 by the picture of me as a baby in a white dress. That brought Erin some joy during Cabanatuan.


Oh, and I want to thank publicly frame bridge like we got this idea was not enough time.


Yes. And Frame Bridge executed this in like that. Yeah. And that's the frame.


Nice. It's fucking gorgeous. So, OK. And now here's the more info. That's not yours. All yours is at your house. Oh no, you wouldn't have to travel with it. And that's mine. It's hanging there now. Oh. Oh, yes, I might even have to cover up the would you date DAX thing?


I don't know. Oh, we got to keep that.


Well, maybe the military poster will come down. I don't think we'll find them very often. Oh, so great. So let me look at it.


It wasn't fair to Erica if we gave you one of those, too. Well, there I've got it forever in my phone.


Oh, my God. You have tons of teeth. Yeah, full rackety. So many of the biggest eyeballs. I thought I was four years old.


And yeah, I was going to say that the one where you try to say you're like five or six. I never bought that. No. Eighteen point ninety two. Your eyes are the size of ping pong balls.


You already have enough hair to put it on. I know. So bearing in your fucking brow game is on.


Your mom.


My mom, my mom when I was home was they must have been so confused by this whole thing.


Well, I was like, I look old and all these pictures. And she's like, yeah, you're one day. And I was like, why do I look so old?


And she said, Indian children look older, that there are features or something and that they look, oh, I didn't agree with her.


But I will say these eyebrows are very rare eyebrows. Oh yeah.


Delta now. Right, right.


Even now, I don't think Delta has that thick of eyebrows and then the hair.


Yeah. So much hair. So much. Oh this little baby guy.


We got to just make sure nothing in there. Never. I will never do anything in my life again. You can't fucking quit going and I can always come home.


You hang this in front of your bed. When you wake up in the morning you can throw the big book away, stop right there, right in the trash and look at this baby and you'll know exactly what you're supposed to be. A good man. You you you can be proud of. Oh.


Oh, wow.


This baby, this baby. This place, this doctor baby. Oh, wow.


Yeah. Well, look, guys, this was so fun.


So fucking we're going to do it again. Let's come up with another race. Yeah. We got to figure out another race.


People had suggested that they both raced it. Two thirty but I knew that was a bad idea. Charlie was in the front and didn't even die it. Yeah.


I just returned to the last five before Hawaii. That's the big. Oh yeah. Oh. What were you still shaving? Another five. That's my last five years.


I don't know your love where you're at. Yeah. I was with Perfect's and yeah you can lose five pounds in this evening.


Others have that much more vascularity. Yeah. Okay. Well I'm very bummed I was working out so hard and then this surgery and then I'm just fucked for Hawaii and I'll probably get pushed around.


Oh people are going to shove me. I saw it at the pool. I am like going by in the lazy river. They're going be pointing at me. Look at that. The thinner man here who brought the giraffe. My kids are going to be crying. Oh, wow. They're going to be running up to Charlie's chaise lounge and acting like he's there.


If the wind blows really hard, I'll have to hold on to something.


Everyone here looks me. Everyone's beautiful. Everyone's Aaron's the most beautiful. He's no one person.


But he's the number one human being in America. And he set a world record. Your build up.


I was worried you were going to say 275 is great. Yeah. Yeah, I looked it up to me, too. I got nervous.


My weird habit I was in on this show. Hmm. That's like that's my pattern. I'm always like I want to protect him. So I'm like I know people were hoping he'd be like two fifty five. Yeah. So I'm like, you know, hey man, before we get to your thing, like fucking winter sports in Detroit. Yeah. Hard for anyone to. Yeah. Let me make you some eggs. Yeah.


I clearly felt like maybe I was letting somebody down like ride bikes, putting a few pounds back on. Yeah.


But no way. Also you look fucking incredible every time we a picture people people think you've continued to go down. Yeah. Yeah. Because you got your fucking shoulders are bang. And now all that really happened I think is that you started lifting weights again. Yeah. In your muscle came back like you stop lift.


That's the last part. You. Yeah. You're just shrivel away like me. I'm so happy the two of you are holding a trophy trophy. In fact, I need a photo. Yeah, that's.


Do you have your phone, Monica? Yes, that's great. Oh, my Lord.


Cell phone conversing Ever had a lot of it so much. Oh, it was so great. Oh, yeah.


You might be able to stages just perfectly where it's on.


This is on your wall. The baby picture. Picture that. Yeah. Well this is weird. Grab bag of items.


Oh my God. Oh my God.


It's my camera. Oh, here it is. There is one thing. One of my own personal use, Hietala, is she's with us.


I need to use. So take them right now. She's so proud of her dad. You want a world record? Yeah.


My poor actual dad, he has just been usurped so many times by my fake dad.


Oh, my God. By the way, I interviewed Monica's dad yesterday.


Oh, yeah. Well, yesterday he did it.


And I'm like trying to, like, get him to understand how I feel about the baby and the one.


So I'm like, well, you know, the picture.


And he's like, no. What are you.


Of course you're like, what if someone said to me, like, I have that picture of Delta in a white dress? Well, there's probably thousands.


Yes, exactly.


I said, like, man, when you came to the live show, do you think like, oh my God, that little girl in the white dress is really sounded pretty perverted and boring.


Yeah. All right. Yeah, I'm a little worried right now. I would fucking want to take care of her. Oh yeah.


There's nothing sexual, but I would let everyone on earth die. Yeah. Oh God.


It was between Aaron and that baby Ernes got to go. Oh, no one person doesn't compare to number one baby.


All right. I love you guys. We will definitely figure out how to party like this some more. There'll be another raise or there'll be more check ins or something.


Something will come our way. Yeah. Love you. Wait, wait, wait. What are you saying?


Real quick, someone suggested something.


Well, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Which is insane.


I think for some reason, Aaron, you at two thirty would look too skinny.


I think I do too. Yeah. You don't look like you need to lose 40 pounds.


No, not at all. Six pounds tops. All right. So, guys, thank a spanking.