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Welcome, welcome, welcome to armchair expert. Happy Monday. I'm your doctor, Daniel Shepherd, this doctor.


We're joined by your surgeon, Monica Myles.


Hello. Can I take one second to say that? Ah, sweet, sweet friend. Be WAB hasn't been with us this year. He's been working remotely. He has. And I don't want anyone to think that we've forgotten about sweet wah wah wah wah or we don't value him the most. We talk about Laura sometimes she comes up with the gas and I just want everyone to know that we fucking love lobbyists so much and we value him so much.


And he's our spirit animal. Yeah.


OK, on Rupert Grint, Rupert Grint, you must know him as Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter film series.


Of course, Monica was all atwitter and aflutter about this guest.


You are a flutter because it was like the most handsome man in the world.


He's so handsome. Is it all right to say handsome when you're underage?


You were so taken aback by his mature buddy.


Yeah. In his sexy torment, the fact that he matured in such a beautiful way in front of your eyes. You enjoyed that?


I really did. I was really excited. It was like a pop out, but like a really positive pop out. So, of course, he was in all eight. Harry Potter's also sick note moon walkers and he is on a show that I have since gotten addicted to because we interviewed him called Servant on Apple TV. Plus, it's so creepy and so yummy. I really do recommend it. So please enjoy Rupert Grint. We are supported by Rafi's Monaca.


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Good morning again. Good afternoon. Oh, good, I'm so glad we tried again.


Yeah, I think so. Good now. Really good feeling about it. Yeah, me too.


I think it might have been a blessing in disguise, Rupert, because I ended up watching three in a row the servant.


Oh really. Wow. Oh. And I am addicted now. So I think this was oddly like a wonderful thing that happened.


Oh my God.


Is it creepy? I can't wait for Monica to watch it, but I'm afraid you probably won't be able to watch it by yourself. It's scary.


It's kind of a different scary not so many jumps, jump scares. It's just generally disturbing.


It's not pop out and it's not gory, but it's twisted.


But the food is kind of gory. I find all sorts of cooking in it like eels.


All that Eocene is insane. Oh yeah. I was thinking, boy, that must really be how they do it, huh.


They Neyland Aneel to a board. Yeah.


They've really researched how you do stretching the script. It was kind of impossible because it's such a slippery thing. It's like this idea of nailing it to a board. Kind of like stigmata.


Yeah, very stigmata won't be giving too much away about it because you find this out in like the first ten minutes of the pilot. But Monaca, here's the premise.


A couple has a baby and the baby's probably 11 months old in the story and they hire a nanny that they found from a farm in Wisconsin. And she arrives and they show around the house. She's very modest and meek. And she we find out on the first night she prays she's religious, she's very quiet. And at night, we see the father go into the baby's bedroom and sit by the crib and he's crying. And we see that the baby is a doll.


It's like a really lifelike doll.


And so you're like, oh, my God, what the fuck is going on?


And then in the morning, the new nanny gets up and she goes in there and she says, wake up and she takes the baby to the stand and you keep waiting for her to realize it's a doll and she just never does.


Oh, wow.


And then so she brings the baby down and then the mom's going to go to work. That's where they got the nanny she wants to return to work in. The mom leaves and he basically says, like, you don't have to pretend.


You don't have to pretend like you can go out. You know, she's grieving. We lost our son. Oh, God. And she's so confused by what he's saying.


He's like, what are you talking about?


And then Rupert plays the mom's brother. And what a wonderful departure for you.


You're like a Philadelphia guy. I don't know yet. You seem to have a drinking problem. Yeah. Among other things.


Yeah. It's kind of like everything you can take. Yeah. Very different to anything I've done before. But he's just such a douche bag.


Yeah, well, what's interesting is everyone is unlikable. Yeah.


And I was thinking the whole time if I had created the show and I was, I was casting people, I'd have to have a conversation with them that would go like this. Like, listen, you can't get protective of your character. You're an asshole. Like, you have to kill me.


If you want to come on to this project, you have to commit to being very unlikable and not protect yourself. And I wonder if there was any conversation like that.


Not so much, because, I mean, really, especially in season one, everything was kind of shrouded in mystery night, kind of we didn't really get all the scripts. We didn't really know where it was going. And I think it's actually it's in me somewhere. It's kind of dark side. Of course, I really loved tuning into that.


So, yes, you as a human being, of course, are multifaceted, like we all are. You're a piece of shit some days and you're so shockingly kind of benevolent on other days.


But I imagine you have a similar thing that happens here with actors and singers who are on the Mickey Mouse Club show. Yeah. Where are they going?


Like one of two directions. Like they have to reclaim their adulthood. They have to like it. And often the singers have done it through like really outward sexuality, like, no, no, I'm done with Mickey Mouse and now I'm a sexual being.


And you're going to have to just accept that.


You mean Disney, specifically the Mickey Mouse Club, like Britney Spears, Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus. That's Disney. OK, right.


OK, now it's on to your point. Yeah. Now I'm mixing metaphors.


But I do wonder, like as you were doing all of the Harry Potter movies, did you at all fear like, oh, I'm not going to be able to be multifaceted, I'm going to be, you know, safe?


Yeah. I mean, I really wasn't kind of aware of it, really thinking about it for me. I was just all about the books. I was a huge fan of the books and I was obsessed with that character.


So for me, it was all about being wrong. I didn't really see any kind of career after what was done. I don't really see that far ahead. But I guess, yeah, there was definitely time where it felt quite suffocating. I mean, it was it was heavy. It was kind of every every day for like 10 years. And then. Yeah, that is wild.


Almost no one's even been on a TV show for ten years. Yeah. So it's a lot of times the movies take a year to shoot. And I mean, it was a great experience. It's such a nice kind of family atmosphere. It was always kind of the same crew and we kind of grew up with. So it was it was a great place to be. But sometimes it definitely felt like I want to do something else. See what else is out there.


Yeah, well, I would imagine just the sentencing of it. Like at some point it must occur to you, like, oh, man, this is going to be great. Oh my God. We got four more books. Oh, God. You guys are going to split the last book into two. Like, it's almost like a sentence.


Like just I guess some about if you do a movie, the notion of becoming the sequels like you would wish for because it doesn't happen to barely any movies. Yeah. And so it's all like mental framing.


But if you enter something, knowing that there's going to be seven of a minimally and then ultimately eight, I could see where I would start to feel like homework to do. Like, well, we got to get this done.


Yeah. Yeah, for sure. And that kind of grew as we went along because I think when we first started, only maybe three or four books were out and was originally only going to be two movies and they were going to kind of see how it goes. And yeah, I mean, it just never ended.


It just everything came back and it was kind of like Groundhog Day because it was always the same sets.


It was the same people. It was. Yeah, but it was it was great. I loved it. I still have. I mean, it's 20 years ago this year when the first film came out. It's just insane. It's hard for me. I got a very different perspective of it now, but I'm out of it. And it's been kind of a long time has passed. I can appreciate what I think it was.


I better continue to evolve as well. I can't imagine you're actually like through with your final perspective on it.


Yeah, I think definitely. I think now I've got a kid writing to be a whole new kind of er I guess I mean, I don't watch them. I've seen the first one maybe twice now and once quite recently, but I haven't really watched any of those. It still feels to say I can't detach myself fully, I can't face it.


OK, so there's many different motives for people not watching stuff. What is yours?


I can't really put my finger because it wasn't like it was a bad experience. It made me so conscious of my face of like I'm doing. And I could almost feel myself doing things. And I just from then I just kind of stopped doing it. I like being in the moment and creating it and then just leaving it.


I think that's the healthiest perspective to have. I and the other side of it, I'm so disgusting. If I do some funny, I want to go watch it on the monitor. I'm like, oh yeah, yeah. Oh yeah, OK. And then maybe I can fall higher or whatever the thing is. But I have had the experience.


I hosted a game show last year and I was so out of my comfort zone and I was occupying this role that I had grown up seeing people do like Pat Sajak or Alex Trebek or these famous people, and I can't make the leap to that.


I'm now doing this with this preposterous wheel behind me so that I never want I like avoided the monitors.


I've never seen it. But for me it's more because I was afraid if I saw it, I no longer be able to do it. Like I would just lose all confidence. Like if I see what a terrible job I'm doing, I won't be able to continue.


Yeah, no, absolutely. I can completely relate with that.


I think there's also something to when you're involved in something that takes so much energy and so much time that even with this show, like will record it.


And then I go back there when I'm editing it, I'm spending all this time and there and I really, really love it, but I really do not want to listen to any of the episodes again.


Like, I kind of actively like I'm like I do not want to listen to that because you've already put all the energy in and I don't know, it almost feels like, oh, I should have done something else here or. Yeah, I don't know. There's some there is something weird about that. Oh yeah.


You're just so critical of yourself and it's I really struggle that actually watching interviews is the worst thing to me.


I go, oh oh here's where I'm disgusting too. I love watching myself on late night talk shows. Isn't it repugnant, Monica? No comment.


I wish I had that.


I wish I had, uh. I don't want to see the ones where I'm pretty sure I did shitty, but looks OK. I promised Monica I would tell you this. People who listen to this show have heard this dozens of times. I'm obsessed with how handsome you got. Like I am obsessive.


I don't know what even chapter of the story it is, but my daughter started going through it in there. I want to say it was like the third or some it starts on a train maybe is a little later.


Maybe it's was the fourth or something, and I'm like, Lincoln, how fucking how wide and fucking how gorgeous is Ron Weasley now?


And he's like, No, no really. I was losing my mind.


I was like, he is so fucking good looking, you know, who cares about anybody else? Look at this guy. I was really bowled over with your look.


I don't believe you. Yes. Oh, no.


You he was telling everyone because it was over a period of time where everyone was watching the movies again and and like every five minutes, just like, look at this guy. So he's so handsome. Yeah.


I think there was a lot of transformations because we were so young. It's such a long time. You see, it's kind of grow up like Matthew Lewis that was like it completely blossomed into something completely new. Right.


And I think when you're watching them for me, because I'm a piece of shit, everyone starts out cute. They cast all these cute kids. You are 11, right?


Yeah, I was 11 now. So everyone's adorable.


And I'm watching with great anxiety that eventually someone's got to look crazy. It's just that it's the law of the jungle.


Someone something's going to happen.


And so I do think I'm paying way too close of attention to that. And so my delight when I saw what you were turning into is a young man.


I was just like, God damn, if they had the crystal ball or something. Yeah, all three of you. Yeah.


There was some awkward stages for sure. Not for you, but you. Oh, my God. I couldn't get over it. My Harrison Ford is one of my biggest regrets. Oh, tell me.


Shoulder-length had my hair down here and it was like it was like I think everyone actually had a face of come of having this really long hair.


They like to kind of wizardly.


How was it we went through all kind of puberty on camera. Yeah. Yeah. See, yeah.


You kind of feel well, not at all, but it is.


Yeah. But everyone in the world saw everyone, so, yeah, and people when you meet people, they feel like they kind of know you because they they grew up with you kind of become such a huge part of their childhood. Of course, an intense kind of relationship.


Absolutely. Because you're defining not unlike music can you're defining an era of their life, of the transition. We've talked about this before. In fact, we just interviewed Amy Poehler. And there's a pretty big spectrum when you're a comedian and you're out in public. Naturally, people are like, oh, I'll go kick this guy in the back of the knee or grab him by the neck, you know, because you're a good time, Charlie. And then expect that, you know, if you see Angelina Jolie, you just kind of stare from across the room and you're nervous.


She'll, like, embarrass yourself in front of her and you might not even approach her. But I got a message for you. You're in the comedy camp like, oh, I went to school with this guy.


Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. A lot of kind of one in ten days ago.


Ha. Yeah. Yeah.


It's I don't know that I can make an equivalency to something like Harry Potter where it was over such a long period of time. Mainly the books came out over this period of time, the generation mine that followed it.


Didn't you make your parents take you to the bookstore supermoto for like multiple of the books?


I did like the midnight by God and God.


I just love them so much. And we were growing up with those characters, like almost at the exact same time. You know, it represents so much I mean, we've talked about this before, about on this show, on one of our fact checks. We sorted DACs on the Pottermore side. Oh, yeah. And then we were like jokingly talking about huff and puff and some stuff.


And people got so I mean.


Yeah, truly. Truly her. Truly her. Yes.


Yeah. Their identities are so connected to this world I just don't know anything else that's like it.


Yeah. It's probably on and of itself other than maybe like the Lord of the Rings people.


Probably definitely three like this is so vast. Yeah that's true.


And everyone that was born in like the Lord of the Rings, we're reading those books long after that.


And no public thinks they're like an elf or whatever. People think they are huff and puff. But then you're the representation of all of that. That's like so much. Yeah.


Was there a level that was unmanageable? No.


I mean, we're just so busy. We were making the movie, so we were kind of not so much exposed to it, but I think, yeah, there was definitely times like you say, like premieres and gradually kind of getting used to the amount of people that it kind of losing your anonymity. Yeah, I never really being invisible anymore. Just that kind of gradual change was. Yeah, I think it was definitely hard to kind of get your head around.


So I'm quite a shy private person and suddenly to be kind of put in that that world, it was overwhelming for sure.


And then also the responsibility as well, because, as you say, the fans of the books and they hold these characters in such kind of high regard in that were you ever like shit faced at eighteen and smoking a joint and it crosses your mind like, oh, fuck, I hope the Potter world doesn't somehow find out about the like that you live with a little bit of a burden hovering above you.


Definitely, yeah. It was such a kind of buzzkill because you do you do you do you kind of have to think about you can never quite relax.


Right. Because I guess you are kind of this role model figure. It's hugely important to these one. So it's. Yeah, I mean, it didn't stop me from having fun, but yeah, it was always a kind of a bit of a shadow.


Now I have one more question about this and then I'll I'll let it go. But the other thing I imagine would be interesting is like at some point you guys were loaded.


So if I was in that class right now I'm a movie five and I'm 17, guess what? DAX Shepard would be driving a Ferrari work would be so weird.


And I think the other adults who met me is eleven. That would be interesting for them. What was that aspect of it like?


Yeah, really strange. I don't think I ever really told me really when I got the part that was going to be a big part of it. But yeah, I mean, gradually it became too much too young for sure. I shouldn't do it. It's quite overwhelming.


Like, I literally did not know what to do. I mean, a hovercraft and an ice cream van.


You bought a hovercraft and an ice cream van. Yeah, I almost think that was my first car. Oh, my goodness.


Yeah. And then and then a hovercraft that you could take out over like hovercraft.


Yeah, I would say I've always wanted one of those. Do you still have it. Yeah I do.


Yeah I so I haven't been in a long time. I crashed it quite badly last time I was out and it is impossible with no brakes.


Right. There's the tree like a mile away. You can, you're probably going to hit it.


The only way you can get out of a situation is to turn it and apply more throttle. Right. So you're like right. When you're getting scared, what you have to do is look for it in the other direction.


Yeah, it's it's lethal. But yeah, I know it was a lot to kind of take on, but it was amazing, so much fun. And I went through a phase of animals. I'd like alpacas.


Oh eggs. Oh wow. Yeah. It was a whole thing.


What an interesting interest for you. At what age was that, 18.


Yeah, probably rather 16. Wow.


OK, to psychoanalyze you to me that tells me you want to like be on a farm. Yeah.


Yeah. That was, that was the idea. But it was chaos.


Alpacas are insane of course. Did you have fantasies of like yielding wool from them. No.


I just know what it was about. Riak it's hard to conceive now looking back in hindsight, rationalise it. They're not with me anymore. They went to a responsible alpaca farmer.


You loaded up the hovercraft and dropped them off. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, I guess I just did stupid things like that. Were you living with your parents still? Yes. At that age I probably was, yeah. I'm from a big family. I want to five and we had a field and you stocked it.




But yeah nowadays I'm a lot more kind of sensible I guess. Sure. I haven't done anything like that at all.


Now your dad growing up, he dealt race memorabilia. Yeah.


He had like a store where he sold like coffee tables made of like tyres and he sold them on QVC. No, on QVC. Yeah.


Was he someone who had fantasies of being a racecar driver himself? Yeah. And he did for a while. And he's kind of early twenties. He was a we have so I don't know if it's Big America rally.


Oh yeah baby. I mean it's not big in America but yes I love Rally. Yeah. Yeah. So he used to do that kind of rally stage. My brother does as well.


No kidding. So he is a fearless gentleman. Your father. I think that's always been a big problem of everyone cos every, every male has got some job related cause I'm kind of the only one who does.


Was he so sad you weren't taking your fortune and starting a race career? I would have been heartbroken if I were him.


Yeah, I know. But I mean, yeah, my brother, he did it for a long time and he was good. I was never cos I'm not famous. Right.


What order are you in these five kids. I'm the oldest one is kind of exactly two years between us. So, so uh it's kind of a good spread then.


I feel like you're breaking the conventional thing because you feel like a middle child to me. I'm a middle child. Do you feel like. Yeah, I get I love like a peacemaker.


Yeah, I know for sure. I'm not the kind of typical oldest child. I think my brother was always physically bigger than me as well. So I never really felt like I had this kind of authority. He was always the one that was the protector like. Did it stand up to the bullies?


Oh, is he a redhead as well?


No, my sister I have a sister who's right as well. But I know that it's kind of a mystery where it came from. It's a weird gene.


Can I tell you, I only had three rules in fighting other men. There were only three men I wouldn't fight. I would not fight a man who took his shirt off immediately, because that's a man who has so many shirts that he's learned to take it off before things get going.


Yeah, yeah. Too. I would never want him to fight a married man because you're fighting his children, his wife.


He's got a lot going on, a lot of stake.


And then third, I don't care if the person was eighty pounds, you just don't fight a redhead. The gnarliest fight I ever saw in my life was in junior high and it was these two redheads and they were so angry.


They were crying while they were fighting and they were just not quitting.


There was some they had a crying one just bawling and angry, but they didn't care that they were crying. They were fucking I mean, and then I've since seen, like I bet I've seen probably seven fights with redhead's and every time it was really something else. Hmm.


Yeah, I, I've got that fiery. Because that is that is kind of a red headed thing, but what about when you're really pushed to the edge?


No, I don't really feel anger. I can't remember the last time I was I was angry. Oh, I'm quite a laid back person in that respect.


I avoid confrontation.


Well, just no, I'd let you push me around because I despite what you say I am going to keep this rule is a good rule.


I'm going to I'm going to use that as well. Yeah. You're nervous.


No, there's just you know, there's that the anesthesia thing. Yeah. Pain.


Yeah. There's so weird things, you know. Well, you would know that redheads respond differently to anesthesia.


I've heard this year. What is it? It's like when we feel more like we have a lower tolerance.


Yeah, that's the rumor. I don't know if that's true, but do you feel pain to feel pain.


It's funny. Yeah, I do. And spice like I don't know if it's really is related, but like I have no tolerance for spicy food and she's ketchup for me it's like on the edge. Oh wow.


They are supposed to be more sensitive. Oh. And also maybe that's why those guys were crying because it hurt.


So they were beating each other up.


I think they're all fighting for their life, whereas like other guys, we're just fighting for some status in the group. They're like their life. Felt like I was on the line.


Maybe I want to recommend a book to you. Oh, yeah. Go. Still life with Woodpecker. Have you ever heard of that book? Right. OK, I think it's Tom Robbins. Well, fact check. It's definitely Robbins. I think it's Tom Robbins still life with Woodpecker.


And it's basically an homage to redheads in the value they've had throughout history.


And this is really fantastical fairy tale story. He's a great author. He also wrote Even the Cowgirls Get the Blues Jitterbug Perfume. Great author. Anyways, please read it, especially if did you have a daughter or son?


Yeah, not yet. A daughter. Yeah. Oh, congrats. Thank you. Yeah. It's kind of weird having it in during a pandemic. I think it's been a blessing in disguise. We've had all this time to like kind of lock ourselves in and work out outside INTERFET like we've really bonded and yeah, I'm loving it. It's great. Yeah.


Because when we had our first daughter, I basically wanted the whole world to go away and I just wanted to sit in the bed and stare at that little Subway sandwich.


And then the only thing that got stressful is like you felt like you were missing out on a lot of stuff like, oh, this is so lovely. But also I'm completely missing my life, whereas I feel like in quarantine, you're not missing a damn thing.


Now we've got to do is just pat down. And I mean, she's weird because, like, she hasn't really seen any other humans apart from us and our extended family. Occasionally it's it'd be interesting to see how she develops if this kind of continues longer.


Does she have red hair? She did. When she was born. She was bright red button. It was blood.


But no, she definitely didn't.


I mean, she looks ginger like you can tell, like now, speaking of covid, you have the unique distinction of having caught H1N1 swine flu back when that was around.


Yeah, really weird. Wasn't sames, right. During a movie, the fifth film, it just been released. Yeah. I went down and it was like a weird one where I was hallucinating. Oh no. I went outside in the middle of the night once chasing a fox I think.


Oh wow. It was insane.


It was the kind of the worst I've ever felt. And it was for like two weeks.


You know, the unfortunate thing about H1N1 is like swine flu. We've talked about that. What a foul name for something is like.


You don't want to tell anyone you have it because you have to say swine flu. Swine.


Yeah, no, it's kind of the worst one, isn't it? Did it come from pigs? Well, it has to. I don't think so. So it makes me think that the person suffering has like cross pollinated with a swine.


Yeah, yeah. It's the worst one. I mean, outside of like if there was like diarrhea, flu.


You want to say it. Well, yeah, well that's right. But I'm just trying to think of anything could be worse than swine flu.


Well, I mean, this is all bad related and pangolin.


And so I guess when this started breaking out where you like will fuck last time I got swine flu, I'm. Yeah, I'm likely to go down. Yeah.


This is my first store. Yeah. I must be susceptible to like these weird kind of viruses but yeah. End I think. Yeah. So far I haven't, I haven't killed this. Yeah. I'm kind of surprised that I bet your family was shocked.


They were like oh I would have guessed alpaca flu but not swine.


I don't even think we did a pigs. We did have pigs are was that was often.


Stay tuned for more armchair expert if you dare.


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That promo code DACs never go to the post office again.


All right, so I had to really big, exciting shocks for Monica. One was, of course, that you guys have the exact same birthday and Monica's one year older than you.


Oh, yes. So fun. Dave Chappelle, we discovered that also same birthday.


But I'm going to knock you on your ass right now.


Right? Rupert carried the fuckin torch. Oh, really? Oh, yes.


Yeah. We're obsessed with the. We love the well, summer Olympics summer. Was it summer. Yeah. When London hosted 2012. Yeah.


Tell us everything from the phone call to the. What did you wear, how long did you have to run. Were you panicked. It would go out like walk us through this.


Yeah. It's kind of a bit of a blur to be honest with such a kind of hysteric time, like having the Olympics in London.


It was such an honor to be asked, like, what were some of the other non athletes that were doing what you did? Ricky Gervais was running.


I think he did the same did the same stretch. I did. Oh, yeah. And like little stretches and you have to wear this whole thing. And I'm not really I'm not I'm far from an athlete. You have to wear this like sports kit. Is it like flame retardant?


Yeah, I guess so. Yeah. Weirdly, I think no, I couldn't have been like a gas thing in there. I didn't go out.


Was it spandex. Were you in like Lycra nervously.


Like I was in this kind of like maybe it was, it wasn't, it wasn't kind of snug fitting. It was kind of a loose fitting kind of like track.


Oh thank God. Yeah. And I was running I found now five was so as I say, it was kind of a blur. And I met Boris Johnson. Oh.


When he was the mayor, was it heavy do you remember. Yeah. How heavy was it.


The torch. Quite heavy. Yeah. It's kind of a big old thing. I've still got to let you keep it.


Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Back up. So there's no there's a hundred torch.


I didn't know that. So wait a minute. I'm so confused. Don't you hand it off. Oh yeah. So they give you a rep.


No, no, they do. They give you a replica of it. Yeah. I didn't keep the torch that I passed down to someone else.


I'm going to do some looking into. Well it must be like footage of it all gas. Are we talking. One hundred yards are like a quarter mile. All those don't make it. Oh yeah. You use miles. I was probably caught some of it. Were you drunk? Maybe. I saw you.


I've actually no memory.


I remember Boris Johnson is like flashes of a crowd.


Oh. I would be so self-conscious about my run. If I like a nanny cam, I don't run.


It was I do remember that kind of practicing the room.


Can I be honest about the opening ceremony? Maybe Monaco cut this out. Oh, jeez. Yeah, this is going to be dicey. I felt very bad for London because the previous Summer Games had been Beijing. Oh, yeah. In China.


Yeah. And that was the most elaborate. Like, you just got to enter that thing going. Well, we're not going to be able to do with Chinese.


Yeah, that's a hard one to follow, isn't it.


It was so spectacular you didn't even know of like is this digital like what's going on here. It makes me think of the eighteen. I want to say it's eighteen eighty nine World Fair in Chicago. Maybe this year might not be right, but the previous World Fair they unveiled the Eiffel Tower. Oh jeez.


And so the people in Chicago were like, what the fuck are we going to do? There's no point.


And they ultimately ended up designing the first Ferris wheels. What came out. Let's go now.


And I think, oh, we had some moments in the London thing. It was Danny Boyle.


Yeah. And you got to call on this rich treasure trove of culture that England's you got the fucking Beatles can access. So that's kind of a nice cheat. The Queen. Yes. And it was a lot of the queen talk about the queen.


Yeah. Because I'm obsessed with the crowd. Sure. Yeah. So what are your feelings on the royals?


He's got to be careful, though. He lives in a country that's like asking us what we think of Trump. I'm happy to say no, no, no. On that Trump. We got to do one that's more like the Kardashians, but I'm happy to speak on that as well.


No, I think it's more like us speaking publicly about the pope. That's what I want. OK, yeah.


I mean, yeah, I think it is probably a divisive thing. There's pros and cons, but I mean, overall, I'm okay with that. Good. I think they kind of fun. They don't really, I don't really know.


They kind of don't have much, but that's because they don't do anything.


They don't they don't have much power. Tax does not like the royal.


I am so angered that this great country, England, is still rolling out this page. Yeah, it's so serious injury.


I find kind of a bit of a kind of yawn and like meritless status.


Yeah, you're born like I don't know why you don't feel about them the way people feel about, like trust fund people who are born into a billion dollars. It's like you're not going to look up to them. I'm happy for them. They got a billion dollars.


Are you looking up to them? But I find it fascinating and I would probably. I find it fascinating if there was a family of trust fund. Well, that just was passing down money, and that's true. It's a very interesting story.


Yeah, I think it's interesting. Well, the other thing is, is it ruins their life. So it's not even like like you watch the crown, you realize, oh, none of these people got to marry who they wanted to. Princess Di was a beautiful human being that was killed because of this fucking crazy circus.


And no one's happy. There's no there's no winners for sure. No, everyone's losing. I guess the tabloids win. That's who fucking wins. And any time there's an industry where only the tabloids, when we got to be against it, I just can't ever see it ever ending it.


There's never going to be like a revolution right now, surely. I don't know.


And also, what a waste of time that would be to get rid of them, to have a revolution, to get rid of them.


No, you wouldn't need a revolution, parliament or whatever. Would you convene and they'd get a three fourths vote and go this. We've done this long enough. This is to let them be OK. All right.


Yeah. I met the queen once.


I went to her 80th birthday party and you get a whole primer on how you're supposed to behave before you MLO to like, call a man as in Jamm, you can't say mom can't look her in the eye directly.


That was there was the whole whole thing. Like she's a deity.


Yeah, exactly. And we did like a show was like a sketch. We did. They played on this. It was like a big stage variety show. And we did this handbag skit on set.


OK, oh she's fun. She likes comedy. Isn't this funny. Confirmation bias. So that's a good story to you and to me. I'm like, oh yeah, for her amusement. Like they got these talented people who have done something in their life. And then for her amusement, they have to perform.


It's like it just happens at the White House, too.




Like they do like Jason did, is show this movie.


They're like they do this on a movie if they went and screen Harry Potter. But to make these kids do life sketch for her amusement, it was prerecorded.


Oh, yeah. Well, that's a little less.


It's a strange it's a strange world.


Yeah, it's all right. Everything's good. I love England. I love their democratic monarchy.


What is it called? It's got a weird term that's totally contradictory.


Yeah. OK, we're going to get off this topic. I just want to bring up one fun thing about your filmography, which is this could be an American British thing. So you did a movie in 2010, Wild Target you with Emily Blunt, who we know and love, Martin Freeman, who's just one of my favorites.


Great. And then Rupert Everett. There's two Ruperts in that. Or am I out to lunch on how many Ruperts there are in England?


There's quite a few. There's this Rupert friend. We only have Rupert Murdoch in the US now. Rupert Murdoch. Yeah, waiting. I wrote a letter to him when I was a kid because we had the same name. What? Yeah, my school.


No, my school wanted they needed money for like something for the school. And they thought because of my name is Rupert that he would give us give our schools money. And I think he did. No, really.


Did it work.


Oh hi. My name is also Rupert. Yes. I need some of your money. Is that goal. Yeah. Oh. Oh my goodness.


I wonder. I'm trying to prepare myself mentally for when I receive a letter one day, especially after this er saying my name is Dack.


Yeah. So give me some of your money. You must be the. I'm trying to think how I feel about that.


What is Dex, what's the origin of that. There was a popular book in the seventies called The Adventures by Harold Robbins and my parents had read it when my mom was pregnant and the lead character's initials spelled DACs and he went by DACs and so they named me DACs. And then I had never met ADEX my whole life. But then once I got on TV a couple of different times, people have come up to me at restaurants and said, like, I'm DACs too.


And then they were named after that book as well.


Oh, wow, that's cool. Such a big responsibility, Namee. I definitely felt that was like naming our daughter. Yeah.


Were you very vocal? Did you guys have arguments about it? Is it a mutual one?


We always had one name. Oh, is it secret. No, she's cool. Wednesday. Oh man.


Oh yeah. Rouper we were really like yeah. Why Wednesday.


I don't know is actually kind of George's name. She's always wanted a cool it Wednesday and it just felt right just because we start calling a Wednesday before she was born and it just kind of stuck. She couldn't be anything else.


Now in the US, Wednesday is a day of the week here. Yeah. What does it mean in England. The same we have as well. Cereal's.


Yeah, I guess it's going to be confusing, but I mean it'd be easy for her to kind of spell.


Oh yeah. Yeah. Well actually it's the hardest day to spell. Yeah. It's not logical wetness day.


That doesn't even make sense when it's the nesse.


Yeah. Yeah. No yeah. It's not easy.


Well can I tell you, Wednesdays, probably my favorite day of the. Because it's the first optimistic day, yes, like it's in sight, it's in sight, it's the dawn of optimism.


Yeah, no, I guess that's good. Yeah, yeah. We're going to tell her that's why she's name.


Oh, she's the dawn of optimism.


Oh, that's good. Yeah, that's very good. Yeah. I mean there's a say I don't know if you have it in America, but like as like Wednesday's child is full of sorrow. It's a whole like run.


Oh, I've never heard it. No, I guess it's a poem and it's yeah.


There's a line. It's like Wednesday's child is full of sorrow. Yeah.


Let's hope she rejects that part and sticks with the doorknob. Yeah. Now let's talk about Instagram, because this is a fun story.


Yeah. So you have a record. You have the record for the fastest trip to a million followers.


And just having now met you for an hour, I can't imagine you give a flying fuck about that. But let's talk about.


Yeah, yeah.


No, I mean, to be fair, that did surprise me. I mean, it's been something I've kind of avoided for so long. I just didn't ever feel really like a me thing never happened. Need to, like, share anything with the world. But I don't I don't know what prompted me. It was just I just thought it'd be fun. It's been a kind of crazy year. Why not?


Was it this year? This year? Yeah, it's just a few months ago already.


And so you got to a million followers in four hours and change, right?


Yeah. Yeah. Amazing. Yeah. I don't really understand what it means, but yeah. No it's great. I'm not very good at it. I'm not like you to six post six posts. I know, I know. They're all like seven trailers. Like seven content.


Yeah. Promotional. I mean that's good. That's. Yeah.


I wouldn't mind a picture of you in that. Could you dig up a picture of you carrying that torch and post. The people would love that. Yeah. Yeah.


That's the kind of thing you should be putting out. That's the content.


Yeah. Maybe it'll jog your memory too. Yeah.


I should watch jog. Oh my God. Really nice pond. Jog your memory. Good. Also if you popped some photos up of this alpaca collection you have no photos.


Be of interest to me. My photos of none.


There's no record of it. What about the hovercraft. I think possibly. Yeah. No, we take out an ice cream truck. Oh yeah. The ice cream. Yeah. This is some good ideas.


All right. So the servant just got a season to know. Season two is coming to come out.


It's come out. Yeah, it's come on every Friday. Oh, Apple TV plus Apple TV plus every Friday.


This is my favorite thing is when I sleep on a show and then there's two seasons which is so great.


Yeah I did it with Lost. I've only seen lost like a few months ago. Yeah. And did you finish it. Yeah. Kind of got a little bit insane at the end.


Well I was so into that show I started watching it, I was like this is the most intriguing show of all time. Then there was an episode where they found some weird metal pork.


Yeah, the whole time travel.


And then they simply did not address it for four more episodes. And I was like, fuck this show. You introduce the pork four episodes ago and no one's talking about they had the writers strike.


I think in between the making of I think some they had some oh OK.


From the port until they re it there was they had the transport department writing it. Yeah.


Do you shoot the servant in England. No, in Philly. You do it in Philly. Well that makes sense because M. Night Shyamalan. Right. That's his. Yeah.


Yeah. That's where he lives. Yeah. So we're in this little studio. Maybe we got one location. We never leave the house. So it's kind of really great. I love it. And we can film in sequence as well, which is really unusual.


Yeah. That's such a great luxury. Yeah. For people who don't know quite often you start a movie and the movie's going to start at, let's say, the Astrodome in Houston and it's going to conclude at the Astrodome, the end of the movie, but they're only going to rent the Astrodome. What time they're going to run it on the first day. And you're going to film the first scene of the movie in the very last scene in the movie.


And you're trying to track where you're going to end up and you just kind of got to throw a dart at the dartboard at that point.


Yeah, but it's it's such a unique show. I think just in one place almost feels like, yeah, it's it's such a small space as well. And we're filming it chronologically and it feels very kind of a very different show.


The house is so sexy. I want that house so bad. Do you love that set?


So it's such a great house. I mean, it's a fully working house as well. Usually with sets. It's kind of like a kind of a cage. So you can't really interact. And this is fully immersive. It's like kitchen works. The toilets work.


Wow. Have you ever sit inside the SAT house?


Not what I did, but you got.


Yeah, it's good to know is that every shot in California I did a pilot there maybe like ten years ago.


Now it's most English people's favorite place on planet Earth because the sun is out 365. Most people I know that are English that come here, they're like, I don't, I can't leave. I don't.


Yeah, no, it is insane. The weather having. Rain almost kind of feels quite unsettling, and I really like it, I like to be more than we found it. It's a place I've kind of grown to like.


It is weird, like you're driving around unlike any other place in the country. You're in the acting business.


And then every drive you take, you're looking at your peers and colleagues with their new shows on billboards, and you cannot escape being aware of like who's doing what it'd be like if you worked at General Motors and there's billboards of like who got promoted to branch manager.


And there's Doug. Yeah, the anxiety of that.


But now I have so much fun that whenever I go, I go quite a bit.


Well, Rubert, you're a very handsome gentleman and you're very lovely. And you carried the torch, which we likely will never know what this fucking the Olympics are coming to L.A. maybe a week or when L.A. is hosting the summer.


Yeah, yeah. A while away. One hundred years. I want to pitch that. It'll be the first time ever. I assume I'll have you on my shoulders and you carry the torch.


Oh my God. That's dangerous and exciting.


It's so exciting. High risk, high probability of error. And also like handing it to the person. You'll be so high up.


Yeah. And I have to lean down and we might fall over at that point. Catch the person on fire. Oh wow. You better stay tuned.


Yeah, I'm going to watch that. Yeah. If we get this job you better watch it. All right. Well, still life with woodpecker. Yeah. I've got to get that. Tom, Rob. And amazing. Great talking to you.


Yeah. I'm so into the servant. Everyone should check it out. Season two is now available on Apple TV. Plus, it's very creepy.


All right, Super Bowl. All right. Thanks, guys.


Thanks for doing this presidency saying everyone stay tuned for more armchair expert, if you dare.


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Monaca What did you make your hungry little mouth last night?


I made these ricotta toasts, had charred tomato walnut, had this balsamic glaze. It was so delicious.


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Twelve free meals including free shipping at Hello Fresh Dotcom DACs twelve and use code DACs twelve.


And now my favorite part of the show, the fact check with my soulmate Monica Padman. Near the ground. I want you to be. Hello, welcome back from commercial break. Let's talk about a nice service you provided me with today.


You picked me up at my residence at nine thirty a.m. and you transported me to my doctor and I was given a good bill of health.


Yeah, yeah. That's a good update. Thank you for that. You're so welcome. It was raining.


It was raining. And you were sad. You had your sad, your seasonal affected. Your mood disorder. Affective disorder. Oh affective disorder.


That's what is called seasonal affective disorder can also be called seasonal mood disorder. But that doesn't spell sad.


Yeah. And that's just because people don't like effective.


It is a weird word. It's a beautiful word. It's a great word.


I don't want to be on the wrong side of your sound.


So I'm going to say it's a great word, although it's a Pavlovian at this.


No, I don't think it's it's not Pavlovian. It took me a while this morning to figure out why I was like kind of poopy. Yeah, blob's.


Yeah, I was driving and I was like, oh, it's gloomy out.


Oh, wow. OK, that wasn't the first thing you notice when you woke up. Correct. And um. Oh my God. The T-Rex is wearing a hat and Michigan hat.


That T Rex is from Michigan is all great.


T rex is you take a picture of a proud T rex as we say this a lot and then we forget I guess you could post it today and say this will make sense in a week. Oh, cliffhanger. Oh.


Foreshadowing the pictures weirdly cropped because I don't want you to see some stuff. What don't you want seen.


Oh by the way the is their water bottle. It is. Yeah it's back there. It's under the T rex is occipital bone. Oh thank God.


The me baby number two is alive. Oh this is helping my sad.


I think at some point it'll just be a culture like I think all that water will have evaporated out of it and they'll just be that's the birth of the birthing process.


Do you think it'll become Amber like T. Rex? Ding, ding, ding. Jurassic Park finding the DNA of the dinosaur in the mosquito that was in the amber.


Oh, my good circle. Michael Crichton.


This was Rupert Grint. I regret that we didn't ask him what his house is.


Um, well, having talked to him for an hour, what would you guess? I don't know.


He's hard to pin down because he's a more introverted person. Yeah, he's not flashy. Not at all. Which I appreciate. The Hogwarts are flashy. Right. The Hogwarts is the Griffin Griffin of Griffin Doors are unflashy.


They're like brave and. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


I would say we've got to be careful with what adjectives we're using. You look, we learned our lesson.


Yeah. Did we? Because we're talking about. But he, um, he's very introverted. But every time he would say something, I found it to be very interesting and bizarre. Yeah. Like he wrote to Rupert Murdoch was so weird.


All the ice cream van hovercraft bureaucratese, the first person I've ever met who bought a hovercraft.


And I know people who want every kind of machine.


What can you tell me about real life hovercrafts? Yeah. So what it does is it has these fans underneath of it. And then how big is it? They come in all kinds of size, the military one they can put Hummers on and shit that they took across the sand dunes in in Iraq. But the hovercraft, I'm sure he bought these kind of smaller search and rescue ones. They're probably eight to nine feet long and probably four feet wide.


I put a couple of people in them and. Yeah, and so what happens is it has these fans underneath of it and then it has a big rubber skirt around it and it inflates the rubber skirt and it creates a pocket of air. So the pressure coming out of the skirt elevates it.


And then there's fans on back to propel it forward or left or right. And so you can move seamlessly from land to water to any surface because it's just hovering.


How high does this hover? Inches. Oh, really?


Well, I mean, the bladder itself, like the side skirts are probably eighteen to twenty four inches, so a couple of feet off the ground, but then the skirt comes down.


So it only looks like it's maybe two inches off the ground. Huh. Yeah. Interesting. No one has one except Rouper in search and rescue people in northern climates. Just really funny.


I'm going to buy one.


Oh I got good for you anyway. So he, he's, he is the owner of a hovercraft. He is. And he has all these kind of interesting tidbits about him. But the farming. Yeah. Alpacas and he just kind of keeps them all to himself which I kind of like, like he's not like oh I do all this crazy stuff and I want to tell everyone about it.


Right. With a different personality. He could be annoying, like, oh, you're the world's most interesting person. You collect alpacas and drive around in a hovercraft. But because he doesn't even want to tell you that it's very charming.


Yeah. And it's it's clearly not for the showiness of it.


I like that. I wonder if in general. No, that doesn't work for Jess. I was going to say I wonder if in general, if you have red hair, it's kind of like being tall or tall.


People slump because they don't want to be sticking out poppy syndrome.


That's called the tall Poppy. I learned that from Dr. Wendy McGill on an upcoming episode of Nature versus Nurture forthcoming.


Heretofore, I thought that was a very interesting concept. Yeah. People who who stand out so much that they need they feel they need to, like, kind of shrink and become smaller. Yeah.


OK, so do you really prepare meals to cook by nailing them to a board?


Oh, that's a great question. I got to say to I don't want to yuck anyone's yum but no thank you on eating eel. Oh.


Iron Chef recommends nailing it to the cutting board by putting a spike through its head and skinning playing the eel. OK, so that's real. That's really cool. I don't want to get that in early in the kitchen.


Yeah, but you're a little bit of a baby in the kitchen. I'm just going to say that you're not you're not going to like it, but you didn't.


Oh, here we go. Here we go into the fish territory. Oh sure. You're going to wait in.


Ding, ding, ding. Yeah. OK, I'll say I don't want to say, but the apartment did smell like fish.


It did smell like fish. Now that is not because of the recipe stop lapping. It is not because of the recipe or Alison. It is because. Of me, it's a big deal and my apartment has what I'm realizing, zero ventilation, including no hood on the stove. Yeah, no nothing cooking it in a Ziploc bag.


But yes, because even I made eggplant parmesan days later, once I got the smell out, it took some days. And then that smelled for days. Like it's it's not really the fish, it's the apartment. However, the fish smell did linger and it was a prop.


I'm really proud of you for admitting that it was knocking out you for it.


It was smelly and you you could not stop talking about it. And I was getting bummed out by that on the fact checker in real life, no, in real life, when I when I admitted to those like it does smell.


I told you. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.


And and then you made a hold to do about my house smelling and well it was really comical for me because you had a girls night planned on the next day, multiple days later, OK.


And you were like in a panic which was just really comical ending to the whole debate.


Yeah, but you made fun of me. You got it. You made fun of me a lot. Or I thought I was graceful. No. You think I rub your nose in it. I don't.


Yes. Oh yes I do. OK, but not but it would have been totally funny and I was really trying to think like, why should it be like getting irritated by this? Because he's right and it's funny and who cares? But then I really tried to deep dive and I thought, oh, I'm really sensitive to like my house smelling.


Oh, that makes a ton of sense. Yeah. Yeah.


Which I never really put two and two together. Oh yeah. Obviously that's some childhood. Yeah. Yeah. So I should have been more sensitive. Now why would you think about that. I guess if you forgot. Of course I forgot. Yeah exactly. It was fine.


Anyway the smell is gone. The meal was very good and I've since made multiple other meals. That house smells like that now too. Yeah.


But if given the choice between your house smelling like eggplant parmesan the next day or fish, what would you choose.


Eggplant parmesan. Yeah, me too. I just wanted to but I sure like that either I open the door going forward.


Oh no, not my God. Oh my God. You can't help yourself anyway. So I probably won't be making eel any time in my apartment.


So I fucking eel. I mean it better it would have to taste so insanely good to have to deal with nailing that skull to a fucking board and stuff.


People have octopus too. Have you tried it. No, it's well first of all, they're so smart calamari.


The Oceana report showed that like fifty percent of it is pig anus.


The restaurant's so right out of the gates. Even if I loved it, I don't know that I'd be clamoring to eat it.


What do you mean?


Fifty percent is pig anus that in restaurants they're selling it as octopus.


No, no. Calamari is an octopus. It's squid with. Yeah, yeah. I think it's squid is an octopus isn't it.


Well like you can only really get octopus at fancy fancy restaurants and I think it's right. And even then it's pig anus I think. Oh I don't think so. The biggest thing. Yeah sure. Yeah. Octopi are very distinct. They have these like rings. And I watched a cooking video yesterday of a woman making octopus in her house.


OK, I know is a full octopus, calamari, pig anus, Oceana. I can only imagine what's going to get advertised to me now in restaurants everywhere, right this second, people are squeezing lemon wedges over crispy golden rings, dipping the rings into marinara sauce in their eating hog rectum. Now they're chewing satisfied and deeply clueless. It's payback for our blissful ignorance about where our food comes from and how it gets to us. However, we did note that pig intestines are edible and are more commonly referred to as pork chop chitterlings.


You know, I don't need to go further into this to know, but I still think if you order octopus at a nice restaurant, you're getting octopus.


Oh, octopus for sure. But calamari. So this lady made an octopus yesterday and I saw the video and she was holding it up. And people like octopus a lot like it's like delicate. Yeah, a delicatessen.


It's a delicatessen because I'm so grossed out by it. Yeah. But it's too much. But I want to be someone who is open.


Mind appreciates the finer things, but they're really smart too. So I don't like the idea of eating them. They seem like pigs.


Yeah. Pigs are real smart. Makes we ate bacon yesterday, just yesterday. Yeah, it's been a while, too, and we ate it today and I eat that.


Oh my God, you're on a bacon tear. I know.


OK, we talked a little bit already about redheads in pain. Mm hmm. So we probably don't need to go HRO. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


We keep talking about redheads in pain. We found that redheads were significantly more sensitive to cold pain perception, cold pain tolerance and heat pain tolerance. Heat pain perception threshold was also lower, but not significantly so. And redheads. OK, so they're saying perception versus tolerance different. That is weird. Redhead red letters redis redheads are harder to sedate, so they're harder to sedate. Yeah, it is. In addition, there is a recent evidence that redheads, redheads are redheads.


Oh my God.


It's so hard to say that redheads are more tolerant to local anesthetics and more sensitive to opioids.


Mm. OK, so local anesthetics, more tolerant, more tolerant and then opiates less tolerant.


So yeah, I guess it requires more anesthesia for a redhead. Does that make, does that seem right.


Yes, but they also feel more pain. This is confusing. Yeah. That's only it only occurs naturally in one to two percent of the human population. Red headedness.


Yeah, that's smaller than I thought. OK, a number of studies have shown redheads feel pain differently and have different body reactions. For instance, one study found that people with red hair are more sensitive to thermal pain, while another showed that they are less sensitive to a wide array of painful stimuli, including electrically induced pain. So it's not as simple as saying that redheads are more or less tolerant of pain. They just tend to feel pain differently.


Interesting, very interesting. And it makes me picture some weird study that was conducted on redheads with electrical shock to see how they dealt with it.


How do they know this exactly?


So rounded up a bunch of gingers and strapped into some oh, no electrodes and zapped them.


The CIA did it. Yeah, probably to make it even more intriguing. Research has also shown that redheads require more anesthetic. OK, that's all right. Consistent. Interesting. OK, you were right about still life with Woodpecker. It's Tom Robbins. Yeah. Oh good. You're right about that. I hope he reads it. Did H1N1 come from pigs? Yes.


Swine flu. Swine flu.


Oh, my God. OK, so I looked up some Olympic stuff, OK, and. He was never there. There's a really funny this is so funny, there's a quote by by Rupert.


Yeah, OK, there's a quote by Rupert that says, The Harry Potter star told BBC News it was an overwhelming experience that he hoped to remember forever.


Oh, oh, oh, oh. I laughed so hard when I read that you already knew he was going to forget it.


He is remembering he's literally zero.


Doesn't know if he one hundred feet or two miles doesn't know who he got it from, who he gave it to. He really meant. God I hope I can remember this tomorrow.


Oh. Oh my God. Made me love.


So I think it's a little bit of a product of being in the Harry Potter franchise is like life is just so spectacular.


Yeah. Because we were talking about the queen for a long time. Yeah. It was like I met the queen and I was like, wait, what.


Yeah. Like he just remembered. Yeah. But for him.


Yeah, you're right. I think it probably does have to do with living a heightened life, a kind of this kind of happens to when I talk to people who have brought to the sand dunes, like of course they remember the trip really, really well. I remember we went out and Barbara and I don't because what hey, I've done it a thousand times and it's the level of heightened excitement is lower because I'm used to it. Yeah. And I'm just always aware, like, oh yeah.


These trips are super memorable for people. Yeah. But they're just one of many trips. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. OK, so speaking of how far people run, it just says they run a short leg. Almost anyone can carry a torch provided that he has this says he won't like that is at least 14 years old and is able to carry it for at least four hundred metres. Four hundred thirty seven yards.


OK, so twelve hundred feet. OK, quarter mile. OK, so that's, you know, down the track. Yeah, they do like some cool stuff.


This tour is like the Stanley Cup. People drink beer out of it and Houben and you know, all the stuff about the Stanley Cup, they poop in it.


So the Stanley Cup, when they win you, you win physically the same Stanley Cup, there's not multiple.


So they're just holding it for a year. So they take it everywhere. They take it on the on the tour bus. They take in all kinds of shenanigans happen with the Stanley Cup because of that.


Yeah, I think they're all I think they're all trying to do something that no one else has done with the crowd grow. And I think a lot of them think that would be pooping in it. But I think most of them have to.


Who do we know who's won it?


Deon must have been on a Stanley Cup winning team. And imagine we should find out.


Yeah, I'd like to know more about this and, you know, gets progressively bigger the cup, because they like weld the that years.


Oh, I think well, we don't know much at all. There's so many rumors, but not enough facts. I almost think I got an email that was like, do you want to interact with the steam?


Actually, I do think you got that. You're a couple of years ago. Yeah, but you said no. Well, I, I know everyone's pooped in it, so I don't like what would I have a Diet Coke out of it.


Not after what has been through.


And you could have pooped in it. Added your own poop to pedestrian. I'd have to do something. Wow. Novel. Oh my god. Yeah. Just like the T-Rex with that cute hat on.


OK, the name of Britain's government system. You said democratic monarchy. Constitutional monarchy.


Yeah. Yeah, I thought of that an hour after we left.


Oh you did. Yeah. What is the poem about the days of the week when a child is full of sorrow. OK, so the poem is this version is Monday's child is fair of face. Tuesday's child is full of grace. Wednesday's child is full of woe. Thursday's child has far to go. Friday's child is loving and giving. Saturday's child works for its living. And a child that's born on the Sabbath day is fair and wise and good and gay.


That's one of the stupidest poems I've ever seen. What does that saying? It's just so random. Mother Goose.


Sorry, Mother Goose. I don't mean to offend, but none of that's true. None of that makes sense.


Well, it kind of makes sense. No money. Child is definitely fair face.


Exactly what on earth is that mean?


Oh, man. Well, Saturday's child works for a living.


I think some people I think they think, well, if I've rhymed, I've accomplished something like this is a real accomplishment because I rhymed.


Who is Mother Goose? Is that like multiple people or.


Let me look now, that would be mother geese.


I know, but they're parading around this imaginary author of a collection of French fairy tales and later of English nursery rhymes.


So a lot of people I go back to that poem, it just don't anyone that reads it should think, well, that was a waste of time. There was nothing of value in it whatsoever other than that the words rhymed.


Yeah, some sometimes rhyming is fun. Yeah. Sometimes it's spectacular. When Shakespeare does it, it's incredible. You like it when Shakespeare does it.


I can't understand exactly when someone explains it to me. It's really impressive. Well, somebody could explain this and maybe it's just as impressive. Somebody explain it to me.


I challenge someone to do that. I accept that challenge.


OK, Laura has a theory and armchair theory about you. She wrote down here, OK, I'm going to say it.


I'm also going to say I don't think she's right, but you tell me. All right. She says she thinks you don't like the royals because you're an atheist and people believe that God ordains king or queen. Basically, that that's a very solid theory. Totally makes sense. That's not my issue with it. It's phony, unmerited status. Yeah.


I don't even think because you never bring up that that God ordained them that. So did you even know that?


Well, I guess I know that there's always been this complicated relationship with the pope and the kings of Europe. Oh, yeah. And that when breaking during the Protestant Reformation, that that came with it, this great risk that the pope would take away their authority to be. But. It was all hogwash, you know, it's all hogwash, it's all the words Pringle's and that's all.


Well, thank you so much for that Rouper Rouper you silly son of a gun. So you need silly valiant playful.


Uh oh boy you can barely carry a torch.


I love you.


I love you.