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What is up daddy gang. It is your single father, Alex Cooper. We call her at the top of the fucking morning to you, daddy gang.


It is your founding father, Alex Cooper, backordered Arga one for another episode of Call Her Daddy.


I am still in London. Hello. Welcome back to the show. I've obviously lost my mind. Yeah, I'm still here. I actually I haven't moved.


In fact, I'm sitting in the same fucking location in the bed with the microphone. I haven't showered in a fucking week. Listen, it's the craziest thing. I love to report it. I'm still in London, bitches. You're all like, I didn't know it was an option to fucking leave.


Technically, my quarantine ended on Monday, so the country still on lockdown.


But I technically could, like, leave the apartment and, like, go to, I don't know, the fucking airport.


But it's the craziest thing. Daddy gang, I'm still here.


And to give you an idea of where my mental health is, at last week I told you guys that I had been ghosting my therapist for three weeks and counting, OK? She makes me pay the week that she knows I'm ghosting her because she knows I'm being unhealthy. So she tries to be like, no, you have to pay, so just show up. And I'm like, don't you take the money and I don't want to see you.


So finally, things turned around. And last week I put on my big girl pants and I made the executive decision to go my therapist and show up to my therapy session.


I mean, the hell you're all like, no, no, you go, it doesn't matter. I showed up. OK, so there I was. I'll never forget it. It was a brisk morning cocktail in one hand, therapy on the other.


I'm just kidding.


I would never booze before therapy or whatever I gather there in the door. So the scene is set.


Cue my 50 minute therapy session. Hello, therapist. Woman said I.


She looked at me a little sideways and she said, Alex, where are you?


Took a minute, collected my thoughts, clenched my asshole.


And I said, Hey girl, hey, go. Hey. I was like, Hello, hello. Oh my God. It's the craziest thing. I'm in London. She's like, I'm sorry, back. I'm like, I can't really hear you. Connection's not great.


She's like, OK, so you're having a full blown quarterlife crisis.


And like, how do you know, fuck, fuck.


You really hate to see a daddy gang. You really hate to fucking see it.


You never want to let your therapist down. Then she proceeded to look at me and ask me the one question you never want to hear from your therapist.


She looks at me and she goes, Alex, are you OK? Literally just like that.


Now, I wanted her to fuckin play some warp and be like, yeah, bitch, we're in London, what dick are we on tonight? But of course she's my therapist. She's like, are you OK? I looked her in the face. I said, You know what? I don't know. That's why I fucking didn't go see you this week, you stupid bitch. That's why I got on the zoom. You tell me, am I OK?


Just get it. Honestly, I'm not getting so fucked.


So we had a long conversation and essentially she asked me, why are you there? How is it going and are you happy? And I said, I don't know. I don't know. And I don't know. He's like, Oh, that's fucking great dating.


In that moment I realized in therapy, oh shit. I guess I haven't really taken a minute to self reflect on how this quarantine with this man is going for me. And also why did I really put myself in the situation?


I think last week I was like for Dick and just because we want to avoid the parents basement. But I think there's something deeper and darker.


And I think that's what my therapist was getting at. So she gave me a task and she told me next session, which will be when I upload this episode on this Wednesday, have those answers for me, think through it. So naturally, I'm going to do it right here on this podcast, dialling all the way back to being a tiny bit immature. But it is my life. No one is. I'm completely out of my comfort zone right now, being in quarantine with this man under one roof.


The games don't work. Oh, I'm going to leave him on Retter. Oh, I'm going to ghost him. I can't do that when I'm under one fucking roof with a man in quarantine.


He's right there. Where am I going to do, run into the second bedroom and lock the door? He's going to be like, Alex, are you OK? I'm like, leave me alone. Like, it doesn't work.


So the technology that I've used in the past to fuck with men, not even fuck with men, just finesse my way through life and just not have to fully deal with them for a 24 hour fucking period no longer holds true.


I am in full blown hell, you know, and you're all like, oh fuck. So when I realized that, like, I can, I technically could ramp up the fucking crazy and do some weird shit in person and like freak the fuck out and have an exorcism before his fucking eyes. But that's boring.


We know how to be toxic. So I realize why don't I use this time for something else?


You guys know where I'm going with this? Why don't I use this as a time to practice something that I'm not familiar with and maybe is not my strong suit? Maybe I should play house. Maybe I should work on stability and companionship and friendship and comingling.


Why don't I put myself through a relationship boot camp? Can she even do it?


Can she be not toxic till Thanksgiving? And so I'm trying and I don't think I'm awful at it. I've made him a couple drinks. I shower, I'm being kind to him. I'm compromising. We watched golf. We watched the Queen's Gambit go watch on Netflix.


It's a new good series. I'm realizing I'm not awful to live with. And I mean, he's been great. He's I think he's more of like a relationship guy. Like, he knows how to do this. He wakes me up, he gets me coffee, he brings me breakfast in bed. He's not awful. He's actually quite charming. The one disgusting thing and disturbing thing he's done is quite frequently he'll ask, oh, do you want any help with your podcast?


Like you want me to listen before you upload it? And I'm like, please stay six feet away social distance and go fuck yourself, buddy. OK, OK. But honestly, being nice. He's a very nice guy, very hot, very sexual loving, all the things I need to chill.


But here's the psyche part of it all. Why is it going well? Why am I not freaking the fuck out?


Here's what I came to the conclusion of it's not freaking me the fuck out because we're not in a relationship.


No. Is this maybe this is in the healthiest, but knowing I can leave at any moment and knowing that I never have to see this man again if I don't want to, I can get on that plane next week and never see him again, or it could go great and I could continue to see him.


The point is, there's no pressure that helps me not feel suffocated knowing that in the back of my mind, because essentially it also helps that I put the cart before the horse. I put the cart.


That's not not the saying. I heard my mom say that the other day.


Put the carpet, put the carpet, put the cart, put the car.


You put the cart before the horse, which means you live together before you're in a relationship. That's what I'm doing. I'm living with someone before I'm even in a relationship with them. Test the waters, bitch.


I listen, in all seriousness, here's the thesis here it fucking comes, folks. Get your fucking notepads out. Someone please write this down in Yemen. To me, I'm realizing this is about to be what I'm going to tell my therapist.


Why would I feel uncomfortable being. Here, for some reason, I've always equated companionship and living with someone and being in a relationship to having to compromise my independence and to give away some of that. And I think that so far I'm happy because it seems like the complete opposite.


Having been in quarantine with this man, I feel like I'm running my life the same way I'm sitting here, I'm doing my podcast, I'm getting meetings done. I'm doing Zoome calls and I'm basically going about my life, how I would be doing it if I was in quarantine in L.A. or in New York.


So I think that what I thought wasn't possible is seeming to me to be possible. You can have companionship and you can also have complete autonomy and independence in your life. Jesus fucking Christ.


My God. Alex Cooper coming in for the her daddy fucking podcast this week. Autonomy cart before the horse, independence and Companionship. Hello. You're all like we've lost you. But you guys get what I'm fucking saying. Basically, guys, maybe this isn't relatable to every single person listening to this podcast, but anyone that's listening that you are an independent person and you like to be on your own and you like your alone time, sometimes any type of relation to us, even if it's a friendship or somebody's going to live with whatever it is, sometimes that shit is scary to us because we like to be on our own and have our own shit.


Every time I get closer relationship, I freak the fuck out. I'm like, nope, I feel claustrophobic. Nope. That feels too controlling. Nope, I feel tied down and it's really like, well Alex really look through it, you stupid bitch. Are you tied down because apparently you can give a part of yourself to someone, but it doesn't mean you lose a part of yourself when you give that part. You're still whole within your fucking self.


How low? I mean, you guys, it really is truly like self-help over here. Oh, my God. I think that someone at the door. Who is it? Someone's at the door. Oh, my God. It's fucking door dash motherfuckers. Daddy gang, we got a new fucking sponsor. And this one literally hits very close to my asshole because guess what it is. Door dash. Oh, my God, Alex, what is Dash?


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OK guys here that daddy for twenty five percent off your first order with Jordache.


All right, daddy gang, I feel like every week, in a strange way, this is like a second therapy session for me. I get to double dip because I feel like talking things out almost helps me. And hopefully by me talking my situations out, it helps you.


Not that I'm saying that every single person listening to this podcast is going through exactly what I'm going through, because if you had asked me a year ago to come to this conclusion that I just came to earlier, I would not have come to the same conclusion as I am now. I would have been like, suck the dick, fuck him, commit another man in London, quarantine with five men, return to the fuckin states like I was in a different place.


So the point is, is everyone in the daddy gang is different. That's what makes us the fucking daddy gang. We all have different views on things and we pull and we take from others fucking experiences. That's why I read Questions of the Week.


That's why I have different guests on speaking of guests and having guests on what a fucking transition daddy gang I produce and I write the show every week.


Shocking some I know. Well, go fuck yourselves. It's the truth. And I make a decision every week.


Who do I want to have on the show? Who will come on and be able to entertain the daddy gang and make the daddy kings Wednesday smell like good old fucking morning dick in the best way.


However, I also am a god damn woman of the fucking people.


And I've heard you guys and you guys have wanted a daddy gang member to come on the show. You've wanted one of our own. And I have heard you and I also to have wanted the same.


So without further ado, this week's episode is going to feature a daddy gang member, a daddy gang member who has extremely different views than me. We date differently. We fuck differently. We suck dick differently. And yet we're both fucking daddy gang through and through. We're fucking daddy gang.


So let's get fucking into it. I couldn't help myself occasionally throughout the episode, I'm going to pause the interview and make a couple of comments about what I was thinking in that moment, because a lot of the topics that this guest brings up are tactically very different than what I do and how I date. And that hopefully is going to be a huge, relatable factor for a lot of people listening. We don't all have the same dating styles and we fucking love it.


So motherfuckers get ready to hear from one of our very own, the first ever daddy gang member to sit down and do a call her daddy episode with me. It was a fucking pleasure introducing Katy Florence.


Hi, welcome. What's going on, guys? Oh, my God. Daddy gang member on the show. How are you feeling right now? I'm feeling good. I'm so fucking excited. I'm ready to get into it.


OK, good. So, Katy, basically, this is how I found Katy. I was on the Internet just doing my thing on Instagram. And then I came across a video that you made that was sort of on Brand with call her daddy and she makes these amazingly funny videos of you put together all different types of personalities of girls. So like your heart, your emotions, your logic, the red flag side. And she makes these little skits about basically dating.


And so when I watch these, I was like, wait, this girl definitely has a story to be told. And when I found out you were dating, I was like, OK, get the fuck here. And you live in Florida? Yes, I live in Florida. Yeah. Tell us about yourself. God. So I'm twenty four years old. I graduated from the University of Central Florida with my psychology.


Oh, we love this. We love the major. So it definitely helped when making the videos and it helped me be very self-aware. So my videos are called the Council. And I started on tech talk during quarantine.


Actually, dude, that is so fucking wild that you literally just started this because of quarantine. Yeah. What were you doing prior to quarantine?


I was a substitute teacher. Shut the fuck up. Yeah. So you were being a teacher. What did you want to do with your life that while you're being a substitute teacher?


Well, I am a registered BAYBERRY technician, so I work with children who have autism. Amazing. And then I was going to work towards being an Abha, but you need like a lot more schooling. So I was like slowly but surely working towards that. And I was going to be like the goal. But now, like, I'm having so much more fun doing this. Like, obviously I still love it.


Right. But I think this is like what I was, like, kind of meant to do because I'm having so much fun doing it.


Dude, that gives me chills because the fact that you can look at Korona and quarantine and you used it as a way to do something you've never even thought you would be doing.


But I can like we can dive more into that because you were a very big part of that, actually. Why? Yeah. So people always ask me, like, how did the council start? And I always leave one part out of the story because I'm like the only time I'm telling this one part is when I'm in front of Alex Cooper director.


I have never heard this story. Thank you, guys. I have no idea what she's got to say waiting for this moment. So I remember I got ghosted on New Year's Eve, right from a guy that I really liked and I was heartbroken.


New Year's Eve, New Year's Eve, like the worst holiday to go someone ever, because that's like the one holiday where you don't spend with your family. Right. You want to fuck someone at midnight. And also it's like you like that's the one day here that you're like you have the plans, like you're gearing up for it. You get your dress, your makeup, and then you get going, oh, my God, Katie, it was it was horrible.


So I was here for you. I was ghosted and New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. I spent the whole day crying, just completely heartbroken. And I looked in the mirror and I saw, like, how ugly I looked. And I made myself laugh from making a joke. And I just was kind of like joking about the guy, like whatever he said anyways. And I just, like, made myself laugh. And then I was like, you know, I don't know how I'm going to do it, but I'm going to talk about my relationships and I'm going to make people laugh from them.


My first idea was a sex podcast.


And so I was like, no one has a sex podcast out. Like there's no female who talks about sex explicitly. Right. And I was, like, ready to dive into it. I was like, oh, my God, I know it's going to be called. This can be great. It's going to be life changing. Right.


I was telling a guy friend about it and he goes, let's call her daddy. Know, like, I'm sorry, call her was like, I never heard of that. And so he was like, listen to it. I think you'll really like it.


I listen to the first five minutes and I was like, there's no fucking way I'm coming out with a podcast. I'm not going to try to compete with this bitch. I was like, there's no way like, this is golden and I'm not even going to try to touch it. But I was listening to your podcast one day on a road trip, and then I turned it off and I sat like in silence. And it really helped me kind of think about my relationships and kind of break it down.


And then that's when the council came to be, because I wanted to make a video about how I always ignored red flags. And I was like, why am I ignoring red flags? And then that's when all the characters came out. I just got chills from that.


OK, I'm going to chime in here for five seconds. Please don't hate me. I hope to anyone listening. If you were looking for a sign or fucking inspiration or anything. There it is, guys. The fact that Katy is sitting here saying she was a substitute teacher, she thought she had her entire fucking life figured out and then quarantine hits and she pivots. She has the audacity, the goddamn balls, the biggest balls to just be like, you know what?


I'm going to try and pivot and I'm going to go into a complete new career field. She goes for it, she finds inspiration, she goes for it. And then all of a sudden now she's going off in a complete different direction with her fucking life. Anybody listening to this podcast, I hope you can use your fellow gang member, Katie, as a sign, take her as inspiration. If you're sitting wherever the fuck you are in the world right now and you're like, I hate my job, I have this passion, but I don't know if I can make money.


I don't know if I can do it, do it literally fucking do it.


Use Katie as a sign she's a fucking baller. She's going for it. So whatever it is for you that you're passionate about, maybe it isn't social media, maybe it's something else.


Do it. I mean, I don't know. I just thought that was really fucking cool. And I love how she shared that with me. So I love you, Daddy.


But really, that is what the daddy game is about. Anything is fucking possible. OK, I'm sorry. I'm fucking done. Now, we're about to talk about hockey, of course, because she's fucking dating.


Katie also, in fact, labels the man that she fucks and gives them nicknames.


So the guy who ghosted me, he actually I gave him a nickname. His nickname is Mr. Big. No, he's your he's my Mr. Big. You have names for your guy. Oh, yeah. Over here. Like Slim Shady, Canadian Mr. Sisu man. Oh, my God. So he came back so he came back.


He's back around still being toxic. No, no. Fucking me over. Wait, wait. OK, hold on. So you have this man, he goes to you on New Year's Eve. Then how long later did he come back in the picture? Oh, God.


Maybe a month later. A month later, he's like he's like, what the fuck does that motherfucker even did he even give an excuse?


Oh, sorry. I've just been really busy. What's up? Oh, OK. You were in New Jersey. You I'm so confused because we spent Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve together. Oh. And New Year's Eve. You were busy.


You spent Christmas Eve together. I was shopping. I was helping him shop for his family.


So you know how heartbroken. You know, I was heartbroken when this happened. So, of course, when he came back, I was like, it's fine. Yeah, you're fine. You're busy, but fuck you. But fuck you. Yeah.


OK, here's where I fucked up. OK, I was going to say the second time. Oh, no, no, no.


So he comes back in a month later. He ditches you on New Year's Eve. Yeah. You start hanging out again then where's the next ghost. I'm so sorry.


Probably like two weeks later it was well, it was real quick. It was like two weeks. But we had like spent like it had kind of like we went back into our group.


So you were like almost hanging out every day. Exactly. You're back into it. And then two weeks later and two weeks later, he's like, by the way, how does he go through that time?


Oh, it was just like it was just communication just stopped. And I was like, I don't even care. I the amount of times every I think every guy's like, goes to me. Every guy. Why do you think that is? I get very clingy. I'm like, OK, so I'm dating, but I'm a fraud like listening to.


But at least you can own it. I admit it.


I'm speaking, OK. So I'm here on this podcast to speak for all the people who have no idea what they're doing during sex. I love it and are just no idea what they're doing during relationships. Like you're just a fraud listening to this, but you're trying to gain that confidence. But you just you don't have it. So I'm here speaking for them.


I love that you're saying that because there are so many times where, like, I feel like I've read people's messages, me being like I'm loving everything I'm hearing. Great idea, Alex.


However, I double texted him and I'm in his bed right now. And I want everyone to also know, because I know that I like coming from a place of like being the father. I'm telling you everything. I've also played myself at times and I've gotten ghosted. But I love that you're here saying, like, listen, I love the daddy game, but I'm also a fraud sometimes.




Aren't we all know we all k I just want to double check that there's no one. It's me again.


Sorry. Hi. I just want to double check. I don't want anyone giving Katie shit for being how open she just was.


I want to do slow clap, slow clicks for fucking Katie.


It is not fucking. You know what it is, though? He was the first guy to give me an orgasm during sex walk. That's not OK. We OK? We and how you're. How old are you? Twenty four. I'm 24. And this was written. This was recent. So you just had your first orgasm during sex?


Yes. And I've been having sex for quite some time.


I started having sex at a very young age like I was out of the womb. Oh yeah. Ready to fall. No, literally we. Can I ask you, when you lost your virginity? Sure. I was very young. I was 15, now 24 years old.


And you finally have finally had my first orgasm. And it's a life changing lots for you.


Life changing, but well, I was able to give myself orgasm, so I would always, you know, have sex and then go home, masturbate, and then I'm good size. I know it is sad. And I thought that was normal for so long. I thought that was normal. And I remember reading somewhere online because everything you read on the Internet is true. Right? Of course. And I read somewhere online that like 70 percent of women can't have orgasms during sex.


So I thought I was, you know, normal. And I wasn't mad when I wasn't having sex. I wasn't even, like, trying to respect it.


And according to exactly. Exactly which that is a true statistic like internal penetration. Kind of you can't exactly. There it is internal penetration. So later on, I found out that most women don't have orgasms through penetration alone, but in general, men don't have organized during sex.


Right. OK, ok, ok. So that's where I fucked up.


And then once I found that out, once I found a guy who actually took the time to get in positions, I was more towards me instead of like trying to please himself. That's when everything changed and my standards got a lot higher in the bedroom. Wow. Because I realized all these other guys, they were just using me as pocket PCs, how I say like their personal pocket pussy. And what I mean by that is that they weren't even trying to please me.


They weren't even touching me. There was no foreplay. You are doing only positions that worked for you and you got off in five minutes. You didn't even care about me.


You didn't even care. And also because then it goes back to you where you also didn't really expect more until you had more. So you thought that was normal. And then the minute you met a guy that's like literally fucking you in a position that, like, is stimulating your right, making you feel good and he's focusing on you. Right. All of a sudden it's crazy because you get out of that, like, cloud of thinking. You're having great, good sex, I guess.


But I just don't come. And then you have the one guy that you meet and you actually are coming. You're like, yeah, wait a second. What was I putting up with before that exactly. And how did you have your first orgasm? Like what was the Pisit like? Oh, we were on the couch.


I remember exactly. We were on the couch and I was on top riding him and I remember he was like, don't stop. And I was like, oh, he must like it. He was telling me, don't stop because he knew I was enjoying it and he knew that was a position that was going to make me come. And that's what I realized. And then once I came, I remember I was so confused. I was like, what the fuck just happened to my body?


Oh, and I got up and I looked at him and he looked at me and he goes, Shit hits different, doesn't it?


Oh, you mean like I what have I been doing for the past? How many years of my life know. Literally it was life changing.


And then he brought me to the bedroom and then we fuck some more and then I came through penetration. So now it's a lot easier for me to come. Other guys can make me come now because I've already broken that barrier.


I know how to work your body. Yeah. So it definitely helped me kind of be more comfortable with actually allowing yourself to have an orgasm because a lot of us hold back to. Tell us about you being clingy. I don't know what it is, I just like I get used to a certain sort of routine.


Yeah, I got used to a routine, so I'm with you, like, a lot. And we hang out a lot and we enjoy each other's company. I'm going to want that like 24/7 because I'm used to it. Yeah. So once you start pulling away because, you know, I'm kind of getting like clingy, that's when I cling on even more. And it's almost like sometimes people do that because they've been single for so long. I mean, I've been single for like like single single for like almost four years now.


So when I do meet someone who I feel like they could be my potential new boyfriend, I'm so excited for it. And I want to do like all these things with them. And so I'm trying to like, knock it out, like, let's go to Disney. Let's do this. Let's do that. Like, I'm like that type of bed. And it scares them because I come on so strong. But it's like I've been single for so long, like I'm ready to like not enjoy life with another person.


Kind of. I kind of.


I really respect you for saying that though, because I think a lot of bitches are like, I just don't get it. And it's like, Mary, you are constantly, literally sitting on his porch steps waiting for him to come home from work. And you're like, are you ready for dinner? And he's like, we didn't have plans tonight. Like, please relax. Like, you're at least being like I get that when I find someone that I like.


I mean.


And so do you have a type like do you have if you look back and talk.


No, I'm just going to I feel like I tend to be attracted to kind of the alpha of the room, the one who's got the most friends, the one who's like getting the most attention and a sense of like you can make people laugh.


You're kind of the life of the party. But those are the dangerous ones. Yeah. Because they all they want that attention so badly they'll do anything for system.


And that's where you have to be very, very careful because then it's all about him. When you like you like the man in the room being Alpha. If it is all about him and he really leans into that man in the relationship, it's going to continue to be all about him. Oh, yeah.


That's where it's hard to say a sociopath or like a narcissist. Yeah, I wouldn't recommend I'm pretty sure Mr. Vega is a full blown sociopath.


Yeah. This just happened recently, I wouldn't say it's super fucked up, but it was just like you knew what you were fucking doing, right? I was like pretty drunk and I was telling him we were talking about, like sex and relationships. And I was like, I don't know, I'm looking for someone that I can match with sexually and also like on a mental level, like, I want to be able to, like, match both things.


And he looked at me was like, you don't think we have that, like, mind fucking me? And I was like, wait, I didn't know what he wanted me to say. Like, I didn't know how to answer that. So I was like, not really. I don't think we have that. And he was like, Katie, how do you see us now?


I'm really mind fucked. And I'm like, I wasn't expecting this at all. And I was like, I mean, I know you'll always have like a special place in my heart. That's where I fucked up.


Oh, and they're so manipulative. Katie Yeah, exactly. We have exactly a sociopath. Just wait for it.


And so I'm like, oh, you know, you'll always like have a place in my heart. But I like at the end of the day, I don't trust you. I don't trust anything you say, but like, I'm not going to lie. Put anybody in a room like I'm going to go towards you was like, that's nice. Can I see you as a really good friend?


I'm going to start bawling eyes all my own. All I could do was laugh.


All I could do was like, you know, my first first rule. You can not tell a guy I know I always have this. That's why I'm that's why I'm a fraud. Because I'm a I'm a simple I'm a full blown same. No, but and then to follow it up and be like, you know, I don't trust you at all. Yeah. I spent all my time with you. Yeah. I don't trust you at all.


Yeah. You know, if we're in a room I'm going to pick you. Yeah I know. I'm going to get sick at the end of the day. No, no. There's better.


There's. This is so unhealthy. I know it is it's extremely unhealthy because does he other than, like sex, like consistently make you feel great about yourself?


He'll compliment you. Yeah, I get complimented. I think what he told it was one of those.


Oh, I've never I've never dated a black girl before.


You know, you're like really pretty for.


And I stopped him. I said, what? And he was like, you're just you're just really pretty. And I was like, yeah, I wish you would have continued that sentence. I get that a lot. I've never dated a black girl before. You're the first black girl I've ever dated.


Why do men think that's something you should say? I don't know. And it's so awkward. It's so uncomfortable. Like, do you want do you want like a manual like. Yeah. Like it's going to be a little darker than you do, but like, nothing's different, nothing stopping on the inside. There might be a little thicker down there, but it's still the same old, the same bitch like it works the same blow up. Wow.


It's crazy. It is a fucking miles of what we can. I think that's amazing for you to touch on, like how that has affected you in dating when men do date a lot of white guys or. I do.


Yeah, I do date a lot of white guys. It just happens. I mean, they just. Right. Right, right. And they're telling you that you're just pretty black girl. How fucked up. And. Yeah. And what do you usually say to that?


I usually just don't say anything. I don't know how to respond. I mean it's the best response is no response. Yeah. Like it's just like I'm just so uncomfortable and like it's almost like they say it like they want a prize for it, like oh congrats. There was one guy as his dick is in my mouth, I'm literally sucking him off. He goes, oh my God.


Had from a black girl is amazing as I'm sucking him off. Like What do you say to that. Like how about just head from Katie is amazing. Katie lasing dude, did we have to go there. Oh what in what world. Like they're psycho.


Why the fuck would you say that to me while my while your dick is right and they probably I don't know what his thought process was, but you know what?


I found out that white men have told me the nerve, the audacity.


It the fucking girl. I got the fucking nerve, you know. So you just kept did you just keep sucking it or.


I just. Yeah, I didn't even know what to do. I just, like, fight it a little. Yeah, I shut up man.


That good is really that good. Wow. So have you. So you've experienced that a lot.


Yeah. Like literally every white guy that I've dated has said that and it's just like I don't, I mean but it's usually just that like that one sentence.


Right. And then they don't like mention it again but it's just like you don't know how to respond to that, like it's just awkward. So men out there like just don't say that. Well it's like if you looked at him you're like, wow. Like you're one of the only like white guys that I've ever dated. Like what is he supposed to say. Yeah, it's like me being like you're the smallest dick I've ever been with. Like, what should I say?


Like, yeah, yeah.


No, literally, like make him feel so insecure. Do you have any advice to people interracial dating.


I would say just the same. Like if anything, like just try to get educated, like there's certain things like I mean some people just like learn about like different cultures and stuff which is like very exciting. And I like have fun with it. I mean, I'm from an interracial couple. My mom's white, my dad's black. So I just like, love that, you know, so I don't think twice about it. It's just like natural to me.


I just don't understand.


And I think that's amazing for you to say because I'm like men and women, there is no reason for a man to make that comment right.


Or just like be like scared or like to not like if we're going to be like different, like everything's the same. Everything.


Vagina and nipple rings. Yeah. Like we're good. Like we're good. It's going to feel the exact same if not better. Fuck you better. I know. And again, like you said. Had from Katy. Yeah. Had from Katy is amazing. How do you think your head came it. Oh OK. Here's my thing.


We're getting better. We're getting worse. What do you think. What is this noise. It really just depends on my mood. There are some days where I can take it a little deeper than others and there are some days where I'm like and it's just the tip.


I'm not even like. I know. But I will say this. I am not ashamed to say that I do not swallow shit tastes like warm boogers and battery acid.


OK, I'm not. And warm, but I have never heard that in my entire fucking life. We were we we can you this is fascinating to me.


Fascinating how how how do you, like, explain to them what you're about to do? Like when he's about like, how do you. Have you ever heard a guy like what you're now going to swallow might come? I let them know like they know.


I usually say because there's a lot of girls I think that would prefer not to swallow. Can you give them advice?


How do you go? I mean, usually most of the time I give head as like foreplay and then we get right to it. I've never done it to like I mean, there have been a couple of times where they like, came in my mouth without warning and I kid you not I spit it onto his stomach and was like, what the fuck was that?


Sir, you warned me, sir. We I wasn't ready yet.


So so you it just it's just gross, you know, it's the texture, it's the texture of it that throws me off, throws you I'm like very big on textures like I can't do smoothies. Like if there's chunks in it like I don't want. Oh OK.


So I could see that it's like. Yeah like I it doesn't it. Honestly, like I've never had like sperm that tasted bad. It's just not.


But it's, it's just the fact that it's warm and the texture of it, it just reminds me of boogers like it's like let me halk a warm laghi into your mouth and tell me how easy it is for you to swallow it.


That's what I say to God. Katie is going in like OK, when you go to spit it like where are you spitting it.


I just run to the bathroom. So you keep it in your mouth.


Yeah, I think it works. That is worse than you're marinating in the. Yeah. You just got to run quickly and then how are you able to just stop it from going right down your throat. You just. Oh I.


Oh yeah. I pulled that once. I taste a little bit I'm like oh and then oh just finished jacking it off and like you thought, you thought you were going to get a sneak attack on me.


Go fuck yourself. I commend you for saying that you don't swallow. I think that's good. I think girls listen I personal shame in my game. No, no shame in the game. Absolutely fucking not. That's why I love having people on to hear about their different techniques. You know, have you ever been drunk and you thought to yourself, like, I'm about to rock this fucker's world, I'm going to try something new? Oh, yes.


So I'm in the pool with a, you know, different guy.


And I'm like, OK, I'm doing this. I'm going to suck his dick underwater.


Let me think about that for a second. Really think about that logistically. Oh, no. Yeah. They give you a it's going to be so good.


It wasn't until I completely submerged my head underwater and shoved his dick in my mouth that I realized I had just fucked up. Oh, right.


So you're like this is like logistically is not working or not working. So I come up, I'm like gasping for air, just coughing up just loads of water. He's hysterical. And he was like, I knew what you were trying to do. I knew what was going to happen, but I had to watch it. I had to watch it go down. And that's why I don't trust men.


I don't trust you. Like, honestly, I'm very entertained right now. Leave this bitch can take the chlorine gulp and then take my dick right after it. No. And he let you do that. That's the thing about men is it is frustrating because they will never stop if it's about to be a good time. Even though he knew that you were about to literally go and gorge yourself in chlorine water.


Yeah, OK. So then you just stop. Mhm. Yeah. When did you get your nipple spears.


Oh right after my last breakup. Like girls dye their hair.


You I got my nipples. How did you decide to do that. I would literally pass the fuck out.


No I had always wanted them for the longest time and then my roommate at the time she was like, oh I want them to. And I think she had just gone through a breakup as well. So I was like, Oh, let's go get them done. And we held each other's hands. Here's the thing. Here's the thing, because a lot of people ask me about this. When you get your nipples, you have about a 50/50 chance of it increasing this sensitivity or taking away the sensitivity completely.


In my case, I can no longer feel in my nipples I have no sensitivity at all my nipples.


So I'm like, that's kind of sad, right? I mean, not really. They I didn't really have feeling in them to begin with because I have inverted nipples. So when they're inverted, they actually tell you to get them here so they can pop out.


And you could feel more like I guess normally there is no like normal reliables.


This is good information, though, because I've had women write and be like, what do I do? Like, I have inverted nipples, like, what's wrong with me? I'm like, nothing wrong. There's nothing wrong with you. So you found that by piercing your nipple, like helps them, like forces them out.


I love the look of them. Like I can't imagine my boobs without the nipple rings.


Have guys loved it. Oh yeah. I always feel bad.


I'm like, don't even don't even try sucking on it. I know it tastes like pennies, like rubbing metal, like I don't feel anything but they're pretty to look at.


Like that's true because if you can't feel and he can like taste the. Yeah but like but it looks hot.


It looks so good. OK, so tell us about you were saying to me, so you've been in a monogamous relationship. Yes. Talk to me about the other side of your life. So I was in a polyamorous relationship at one point and not so polyamory. I don't even know. There's so many polygamy, I guess you could say basically you're like openly dating more than one person. And it's it's kind of hard to explain. You kind of just do what's best for you.


There's like different definitions. So it can be like whatever you think a relationship is, you can be with that person, but you're never going to get that title. It's kind of like you're just doing the relationship thing without the title and then you're doing it with multiple people.


So can you kind of. That's interesting. So you're you were dating him a man and then were you both also dating another person or you were both just dating other people?


So I was dating this guy. He was the one who introduced polygamy to me at the time. And I was trying to figure it out. I was learning about it and I felt like it would be best for me in that time frame because I had just gotten out of a monogamous relationship and I didn't like it. And I was like, oh, maybe I need to try this. I was willing to try it out.


OK, that's good. You're open to it. How old were you?


I was, I think twenty two. I was like junior or senior year in college.


I'm like, how did he like bring it up to you.


Like what is he said he we were on the phone and like things we had been like texting and like talking every once in a while he was like before we take this any further, like how do you feel about monogamous relationships? And I was like, honestly, I don't believe in them anymore. And he was like, well, it's perfect because I'm actually like polygamist.


Right? And you're like, is this a really weird way of you saying you just want to go fuck a bunch of bitches? Because, like, I just wanted you to be open because I could see some guys being like, I love. No, I'm like that's also like a higher level word that, like, not a lot of guys would introduce.


Yeah, I'm not something like. Yeah. So he wasn't like just like fucking other girls. He was like dating other girls, OK.


And so he was in like pretty like together relationships with them. And then I was like introduced and here's where it started getting weird.


So I'm fascinated. It's fun if you're also dating other people.


I was not at the time. I was just seeing him and I was seeing him while he was seeing multiple girls. Now I was starting to meet the girls, so now I can put a face to them.


When you say meet them, like tell me, like, what would it be a scenario that you meet them?


So we all went to the same school and he worked at one of the places on campus and we would all like go visit him, obviously, and he'll be like, oh, that's like so-and-so. So I mentioned you to her and like we all knew about each other. So I was like, oh, hey, like, nice to meet you. And of course, you're going to do the initial, like, comparison, right.


We all look alike, which we all look alike in different font. Oh, God. You're just like very similar. Oh, God. Yeah.


And then here's where it's like really just started going downhill. It wasn't like me and him anymore. It was almost like he was trying to get like a sister wife thing going on. I felt like yeah. So I asked him for advice on something and he was like, oh, you know, I don't know about that. But like you should ask her, she knows a lot about it. And it's like, no, no, I have a relationship with you.


Yeah. I don't have a relationship with her. I don't want to like, talk to I'm coming to you directly.


Yeah. So the line started getting blurred and then he would like tell me about their sex life, like his sex life with her. And it's like I'm not jealous but I'm a little uncomfortable. I guess he would just say things like, oh, that's weird. That position didn't work for you. It worked for her. Like, she really likes her position. Maybe we should try it again.


It's like, what do you want to know that like, I don't have an issue with you fucking another girl, like literally an hour before I come over, but I just don't want to know about it.


That's fascinating to me, because without you hearing about them, maybe that would technically be considered in back in the day, just like you're just dating multiple people, writing open about like I'm also seeing other people. Right.


But the fact that he was creating a relationship around normalizing talking about them to you and normalizing talking about their sex life. Yeah, I could. So see where that gets the lines are blurred. Yeah. And then you also can't help if you're really liking this man. You can't help. But I would even jealousy is not even the right word. It's like you start to just wonder, like, well he's saying all these things to me but he's saying to her to right.


And that fuck with you. Oh yeah. And then you just think like well, he didn't have sex with me tonight. Is it because he's having sex with her tomorrow or because, like, she's better and like you started like even though you're not jealous, but you start comparing. And that's where I knew, like, maybe this isn't what I'm meant to do, try to, like, pull myself out of.


That's really that's a good point, Katie, because I think that knowing myself, I do compare myself and I know that's not healthy, but we. All right. Right. So if you now know what the girl looks like and he now mentions their sex, right, when you're having sex with this guy, you inevitably are going to think, wow, I wonder, like, do you have to perform a little bit better? Right. He's going to go fuck her tomorrow, right.


What if she's better than me? Right, exactly. Where can I ask you like to you you just we're all like just using condoms and like that's was I or.


Most of the time I got tested right before he got tested, everyone got tested like I'm safe, right? So we knew, like, if there was anyone else, like if they were dating other guys as well, like those guys had to get tested. So, like, there were sometimes we use condoms sometimes. But I knew like, I felt it.


Yeah. The crazy thing is that you said you're like the issue is, is that I wasn't dating anyone else. Right. And it's interesting to know, like maybe it would have worked better for you, but you would just get out of a monogamous relationship. I met this guy and he'd already in itself was like something crazy. So it would have been interesting to see, like, have you met him at a different point in your life?


Like right now you said you're fucking I like my thing is the reason why I stay away from relationships is because I do want a one on one like monogamous relationship.


But I always hate putting that title because I feel like someone better can come along and I want to be available if that person does so. I never want to settle down with someone. I'm like still waiting for that perfect person right. To where I'm not even looking for like if someone better is coming, you know.


OK, well, can I give you advice? Sure.


Because hearing about your Mr. Big Situation, I had one of those and hearing you say that you don't want to settle and you're you're waiting for that person and you're like you. That's why you don't want to get into a relationship. I was the same exact way. I was like, I'm just keeping him around because he's toxic, but it's good sex and like, whatever. Yeah, but I would say to you, at some point, if you start to be like, I haven't really found that person, I would I know it's easier said than done.


But a lot of times when you have that toxic person in your life that Mr. Big in your life, you don't even realize it, but you're not even fully allowing yourself to be open to new healthy shit to come in.


So my therapist said, oh, you're there. Might be OK. Yeah, yeah. And I remember when I cut mine off, I was like, this is going to be so lonely. I loved our sex. Yeah. And then all of a sudden I met an amazing person and I was like, wait, what the fuck. Yeah. What if I hadn't cut that off. And it's hard because it's consistent and it's toxic. And so you it's literally like you probably know I can't get her anymore from this person.


He's like me.


So you're not even vulnerable. It's like he's a dick. He's got a great dick. So whatever. But to find a new person, it's hard for you because it's like you still don't even realize how much energy you're putting into someone toxic. How the fuck are you going to find someone that's healthy?


Yeah, exactly. Yeah, I'm in my therapist. Oh, like my therapist.


You're like actually my therapist. I'm like, OK, well that makes me feel the same exact thing. Do you would you consider your sex life like do you like to look, are you dominant, submissive. Like do you like to get wild. Like how what would you describe your sex life like.


I would say I like I am a little I want to believe I'm dominant. Right. But I don't think I can do it. I do like making the first move a lot of the time. I love that, but I do like being controlled at the same time. I do like being hit a little bit.


If you slap me in my ass, I'm going to cry.


If you slap me in the face like, Oh, have you ever gone too far? I've had a nightmare once.


And I was like, No, no, I don't think it's ever gone too far because I'm you know, I hang out with little bitch boys, right?


You hit me harder. Harder. Come on. I'm like, whoa, they just get I don't know, there's something about it.


Like, guys still don't know the difference between, like aggressive and like I guess just like going fast, like there's a difference.


Like aggressive doesn't mean you have to go like super duper fast, like calm down. Like they'll be aggressive.


I love that topic. That's a good mendleson. That's a good point. It's like when you want to have a guy and, like, be super aggressive and get fucked, like aggressive. Yeah. A lot of times if you're inexperienced, man, I feel like they like are like, OK, now it's like pound hurt. It's like no you don't have to know. I could go so slow. Yeah. And still be being aggressive and like oh yoking me and like Yeah.


Me up against the wall that is hotter than like we're going like ramp's right.


Or when they like grab your face and they're making out with you super quickly like I can't keep up and I'm like I hate when people kiss me so quickly, like I like their mom's about to walk in, we're like rushing to do something. Come, let's slow it down. We're not going anywhere. Like, you could still be aggressive, but it doesn't have to be quick. Right. Or my favorite. Have you ever had guys who are so aggressive and they're like rubbing you outside of your jeans and they're like, oh yeah, oh, you know, they're like, oh, you're killing.


You're like, get them to click. Ratio is genuinely thirty. You're in between my thigh and my left lip like you're nowhere near my clinic. Oh don't like. Yeah you like that. Like I think you like it more than me but I don't even get how you like you know how to tell them. So I'm like oh yeah, they'll find it eventually.


Dude what do you think in the bedroom. Do you have any tips. Like do you feel like you've got something that like maybe the daddy game could use, have you had any guys like look up at you and be like whoa, I can't believe she just did that.


I know when I'm on top writing one thing that's really help. To me, learn how to ride is you can balance a lot better if you place your palms on their pecs.


So if you kind of like boost yourself up like that and then start, like, kind of bouncing on it, I mean, that's what I just that's my go to.


I just like bounce on that deck that there she is. Oh, I love that. Because I think I've always told I think when you're doing it, like when people are like, how do I get on top and like, how do I feel comfortable?


I would say my biggest advice for getting on top is like finding stabilization.


Right? Because you are you have to be so comfy. You have to be so like you need to know that when you go up and you come back down, you're not going to be cramping. You're not going to be like, this is awkward. Like where am I? And then putting your I agree. I always put at least one hand on his chest. Yeah. And then that allows you to have a lot of movement.


You can do a lot more. I want to go back to you brought up red flags. Yes. And I think that that's such a good topic.


I like I haven't talked about a while on call her daddy and like, is there anything, even if you like, reference back to your videos, like, are there any like go to ones that you're like ladies? Yeah. Listen to me. Is this this?


Then you need to run the ones where I mean the one that I hear almost all the time is I really, really like you. I want to keep doing this. But I just like I'm not ready for a relationship yet. Can be like, wait, can we give it a little bit of time? Like, I don't see myself. I just don't think I'm a relationship type of guy. But I definitely want to keep doing this.


That's like the ultimate red flag. It's so true. It's so true because no one, if he really liked you right, he first he's not going to be saying that to you. A guy a guy is never not down for a relationship if he finds the right girl. Exactly. So, like, if he's saying that to you ladies, you just have to kind of know, like, he's not down. He likes fucking you. Yeah, but he's not going and he wants to put it out there so that, like, if you aren't down, he kind of doesn't give a fuck if you walk away.


Yeah. It's like I totally understand. Like, oh I completely get if you want a relationship. Sorry. Yeah. He's like kind of saying like I don't really give a fuck if you leave, but I'll continue to fuck you if you stay.


Yeah. That awful. So ladies, I agree with you. That's a good one Katie. It's like if, if he's saying that to you, run.


Yeah. Just leave me alone to fuck. But I feel like a lot of girls always are saying they're going to hope that they change their mind and you're not going to change your mind.


It rarely, rarely happens. That's a good point.


Thank you so much. I know you came from Florida for this and I can't thank you enough. I think in person meeting you, you were so right. I remember we were going to do a resume and I was like, we have to meet. And it was meant to be. Yeah. So fucking happy that you came on. And I'm happy that the daddy is going to get to hear your story.


I know you have. I don't think you understand everyone like out of everything that I've done in this past year, like you guys being on call her daddy. I feel like I've made it like it was this that everyone knew they were like, that's all you've wanted to do was to be on call her daddy specifically. And the fact that I'm here, you guys manifest, you can do anything.


You put your mind literally chills because I didn't know this story. So I'm like sitting here. I had no idea that you that this was something you wanted to do. I was like, hey, do you want to come up like daddy going, like, let's do something together.


That's a goal from the very beginning. Katie. Yeah. Thank you so much for coming on the show. Thank you for giving all the details about your sex life.


I can't wait for your family to hear things like daddy getting you to realize that Daddy is always like, I want to come on. I'm like, did you tell your parents, are they ready for this? But you said they're fine. Yeah. Your father's so excited.


My mom was like, is it like, can I watch it today? Oh, my God, no. And I thought, oh, my God.


Well, I thank you so much, Katie. Tell us where we can find you. Your social media's on Instagram.


So take ticktock everything. Ticktock, YouTube, Instagram, Katy, Florence, Katy, Florence, like the city in Italy and then the council page a separate but it's linked to my bio on my main Instagram kiddie porn. So you can see it, you'll find it. But it's all Katy, Florence, Twitter, everything.


Katie, Katie, Florence. I can't wait to see where you are and I can't wait to see where you and Mr. Big are in a year. He's gone. You're gone. You're getting away. Oh, once I'm in L.A., it's gone. It's gone. OK, that's it. You move and you get rid of it. We're done. We start new shiny new talks. Just not him. Exactly.


Yeah, Bill.