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111- The Map to Dating Apps & Rich Dudes (ft. my holemate, Paige DeSorbo)

Call Her Daddy

  • 3 days ago
  • 01:46:57

Father Cooper is joined by NYC reality tv star, fashion blogger, beautiful human and holemate- Paige Desorbo. The two describe their sides of the story to knowing each other through an ex boyfriend... as one of the girl's matched with the other's boyfriend on a dating app.. DRAMA!!! They also discover they were dating the same famous actor in NYC at the same exact time, going on the same exact dates LOL. Paige then details her newly single life, dating younger vs. older men, model apartment life in NYC, dating the bad boy phase, going to an all girl school, being in love only once, dealing with bitchy girls, and SO MUCH MORE. This one feels like you are sitting around, talking shit with your girlfriends. ENJOY DADS!!!

110- Will The Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up

Call Her Daddy

  • 17 days ago
  • 01:03:58

A week into being in a relationship and shit has already hit the fan for Father Cooper. Although on a journey to health and wellness, when times get tough sometimes a little toxicity just slips out like an unexpected shart. This week, Father Cooper takes a back seat to the daddy gang and shifts the spotlight. Get ready for questions of the week like you’ve never heard before... CUE HER RAP DEBUT. Father Cooper tackles a plethora of topics ranging from how to approach pegging a guy to how to approach a boyfriend who refuses to celebrate valentines day. Oh, and is it fucked up to date your best friends ex? Most importantly...will the real slim shady please stand up?


Call Her Daddy

  • 24 days ago
  • 01:39:03


108- Pick me, Choose me, Love me.

Call Her Daddy

  • about 1 month ago
  • 01:05:11

Father Cooper is BACK AT IT AGAIN detailing her violent interaction with her former New York neighbor and the recent incident where she almost killed her new LA neighbors. Classic. Then, Alex turns into a full ASMR Erotica Performer and details the skull fucking rendezvous that ended with her bodily chunks on the floor. Alex’s roommate, Lauren, is back and Alex calls her out for her Corona Dating App 101 fails. BUT, Lauren’s messaging style gets revamped before your eyes as she allows Alex to take over her phone and message the men herself. Lastly, but most important... Alex leaves the episode announcing a huge bomb Mr. Sexy Zoom man dropped on her before he left for London and a decision she must face and make by Monday. ENJOY

107- "I'm Just Not In Love With You Anymore."

Call Her Daddy

  • about 1 month ago
  • 53:17

This week is pure drama, drama and more drama. Father Cooper kicks off the episode by revealing a dirty package she sent across the pond.. but more importantly, she tells the Daddy Gang about a secret she’s been keeping from them. Tune in to find out what actually happened to Alex last month in London. This story includes the police and a very toxic third party that will be exposed and revealed. Lastly, someone who ended their 7 year relationship with their boyfriend joins the show this week and reveals how she found the courage to end it, the hard truth of ending it over just “not being in love anymore,” details on the breakup conversation, and life after a breakup. Guess who? ENJOY DADDIES!!