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Send him random Fox calendar and love this, if you guys are really into like I was knew to invite.


I said before you. Hi, guys. Welcome back to a bonus episode of Girls Got Extra Extra special. Listen. All right. Yes, exactly.


OK. All right.


We're going to go to it. We're going into it. All right. Let's go. I don't know what else is there. I don't either. I've got nothing. I'm just kidding, guys. We actually have a really cool new partner with a bunch of really cool new partners. This we thanks to Deepsea for a supporting girl's got to eat. Gypsie is an audio app full of short sexy stories and guided sessions designed to turn you on and help you get in touch with yourself, get a 30 day free trial and you go to Dipsy Stories, Dotcom's Legget.


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And thanks to Bridezillas for supporting girl's got to eat, visit bright cellar's dotcom ciggie and you will receive 50 percent off your first six bottle box. A lot of good ones to talk about. I know. I'm really excited to talk about my urinary tract infection. I don't care and I don't currently have lost it. If you start getting sexier and start talking more with that because of that dipsy, you might need to get that Eugowra. That's true.


And then get drawn. I got I got a pretty letter. I got to pee on your pretty letter to see you. Like, actually, I got you to your pretty little. Oh, my God, I'm still not above paying on it to see what's wrong with me. You said you were going to. I don't let us down. I have high blood pressure.


I recently learned that we're going to talk about this. I'm worried about you. Oh, I should see a cardiologist I go to. I'm sitting empty, began covid tests. And the doctor last time was like, you have the blood pressure of like a old Irish man. White. Yeah, it's bad. And she was like, do you like your drugs? I was like, not really. I'm like, it's weird. And then she was like, are you, like, stressed out?


I'm sad. I was like, not great. I feel great. And she was like, this is a problem. So anyways, yeah, I have high blood pressure. Why don't I start talking about this? I don't know. Because you're going to pee on the kitty litter. Oh yeah. Well, tell me if I have high blood pressure. I don't it won't tell you that now. So I have to go to a cardiologist. You think your cat has high blood pressure, you won't be able to help maybe with cats?


I don't know. I don't how the works. OK, well, we're going to work on that for you. We mentioned this before. We tease this episode a couple of weeks ago about why we're doing this. We crowdsourced you guys on ways that you keep the passion alive and your relationship and how you spice up your long term relationships or any new term relationships. And we got these incredible answers and we were like, let's just put these all together into a bonus episode.


And that episode is really important, too. So if you haven't listened yet, I can't recommend it enough. If you're here, you should often go back and listen to that one. That was an episode called Prolonging the Passion with McKayla Boehme and Killed. It was really eye opening, insightful hot takes, but not so much of like do the thing, do this thing, do this thing, some of that. But we just wanted to hear what you guys had to say because you never let us down.


And you are so incredible and funny and inspiring. And we just want to see how you guys are keeping the relationship alive. So you told us and this episode is dedicated to that. Yeah. And we wanted to really deep dive on this because, I mean, we both feel like keeping the spice loving relationship doesn't just mean, like, crazy sex. You guys are like pegging each other. And I don't think that's what the average person wants is to like I mean, if you do go for it, a lot of bad stuff.


In the end, I think that most people aren't like, you know, I just want to curb your sex. I think people want to feel appreciated by their partner, acknowledged by their partner. You still want to keep dating your partner even if you're married and have kids. I think that you just want to feel like that spark that you would like once had in the very beginning. You're like, oh, a new person likes me. So we're going to talk about all kinds of we are in for crazy sex stuff.


But just like how you acknowledge your partner and make them feel like super special because I mean, people stop doing that sometimes because you just get comfortable. Yeah, it's really so it's more just like. Yeah, spicing things up but more just keeping that passion alive. Prolonging the passion. Yeah. So but we wanted to share our stories of talk about Zoove.


Do you want to do now or are you just read into it. Listen guys, stop tagging me and stuff about soup about like Campbell's Soup. No. You want to talk. I to go hang out with it.


I just, I hope it's my truth. I love soup and I liver soup season. Listen, every season this season as I've said. But I just, I can admit that it's soup season now. Like you can't be out here telling people in July it's soup season, feel like you're a serial killer. But like you look at me like when they're eating their soup, but like they're like channeling my inner Anna Greenberg and they're eating like Campbell's chicken noodle.


And that's not my truth. That's not my truth. That's not what I want. My bar is like broccoli cheese soup from Canara. That's my truth. I go to West Side Market a lot. I get. SUVs, I got to hale and hearty Campbell's canned soup is not my truth. Wow, it's not. I mean, listen, if they pay me enough money, I'll say it's my truth, but it's not my true. It's still nice that people think you when they're eating soup.


Fine. It's nice. I'll tell you, the night that I moved into my apartment, I don't know why I bet you're not out here. Like talking about Bujji Soups. You're Generosa Piñera. That is that's that's my peak. Peak. Peak is Piñera. Remember the first time you brought me to Hale and Hearty? I did not know what it was about because they're hard. They're like in business areas. They're not there's not a hale and hearty in the East Village.


Right. So I didn't know about this brand of fast, casual, amazing this. And you brought me there. I went off. I was yeah, I did. I've been thinking about it a lot that we need to make a trek up to fucking midtown.


Hey, deliver now they've expanded their delivery radius. What. Yeah, OK. They used to not because they're like fuck you world below. An office building has thousands of people in this building. Oh. Because no one's in midtown. Yeah. I mean it's sad but some of these places didn't deliver and I'll deliver now they're delivering. So I got three superstars, you know, so I was late to come over the other day. I was Testino Suvla from Hale and Hearty.


Oh yeah girl.


Wow. Yeah. I said, listen, hear me out on this. Yeah. You know how I feel. West Side Market because they don't do cream based soups. It's Broxson know they tons of them croquette out of your. Am I sure. Do I go there every day. They have broccoli cheddar. They have lobster bisque. They have but it feels oily. It's not thick. I like a Whole Foods soup. Sometimes it separates a little bit.


But like that's just what's going to happen when you put a cream based soup in the refrigerator refrigerator aisle that you have hot soups. Mm. You can. It's hard. It's hard. It's not my soup truth. I love soup too in the winter when it's appropriate. But I do love, I just love always. In Atlanta I used to crush Whole Foods soup. They just, they crush on the soup. They're chilies. Amazing. Hear me out.


You love soup all year. Yeah I not a cold soup though. I feel like people would be surprised to know this about me. That I'm a hot coffee person even in the summer. So this is like this. You're out here eating soup at eight a.m.. I you do not. So here's how you know what kind of coffee person you are. If you're like I like hot coffee in the winter and ice coffee in the summer. Yeah bitch.


So do we all. But do you drink iced coffee in the winter and hot coffee in the summer. That's how you know which one you actually prefer. I will drink hot coffee on the beach. Ninety degrees. I don't crazy. I rarely get iced coffee. I'm not hating on it. I can appreciate a nice coffee and a cold brew for sure, but I love hot coffee and people are really divided down the middle because use that you see those people out there, there's so many memes about it of like ice coffee when it's ten degrees out.


Live your truth. I'm hot coffee on the beach in Miami. OK, here's how I feel. First of all, I know this value and it's weird, but you know, it's not the weirdest thing that you could. I mean, it's not the worst thing about me. Yeah, it's not the worst thing about you. I don't because I'm a I'm an ice coffee most. Yeah. Most of the year because I really enjoy it. So for a couple reasons.


I like, you know, I take my morning walk and go get coffee and I find it hard to just walk with a coffee if that's hot, because I spill it. But secondly, I don't really love the flavor of coffee. I like the results of coffee. I like that it makes me jittery and like awake and I bluebloods like I want to drink it quickly. I can't do that with hot coffee. I just I don't love coffee.


So yeah, ice coffee is really like the lane I'm in, but I like to faster delivery. Well yeah that makes sense. I like the experience. I love like the feeling, the experience of drinking coffee. Like I get excited to do it, you know, like an ice coffee maker I'm super into. I'll do a French press here and there, you know, have so many mugs, bikini mugs, check out our mugs. There is a douchebag and all kinds of fun mugs.


That girl's got a polka dot com Newchurch. But, you know, I mean, that's the one thing I collect when I travel our mugs. Like, I'm just a big coffee culture person. I love going to different countries and see what their coffee culture is all about. Like Mexico City, Australia, like, I just love coffee culture. You are more just like I need to shoot this in my veins and it needs to happen quick. So I'm going to slug down an ice coffee where I'm just like I want to savor it.


But also I'm getting up earlier than you are. You know, if you you get up at three o'clock in the afternoon, you know, you're not trying to, like, get all jittery. It's almost time to go to bed when you get up for the morning and got it. That's why. Do you buy coffee? Because I'm groggy as fuck because I slept till three. I think I have not slept in three years.


I say you three is this morning and you just hit the like on it. I was like, oh yeah. I've been going through some shifts around me. I do try to send you like a sweet or funny message in the morning. I don't because I'm up at seven and now now the daylight savings does happen. I usually be up at eight, but by the time it's like eight thirty, I have a whole list of things I need to talk to you about.


I try to not hit you with that list. Yeah. The minute you wake up, well, you know that we'll talk about this because we'll talk about our relationship.


You and I are. I think I think how you speak to your partner, you're like. Right. And I and the tone you take with them and how you greet them in a text, when you greet them, when you see them we've talked about this before, is so important. So it's like I think you and I try you probably more than me, but I try as well. I think we both do. This usually hit me first in the mornings we like we try to say good morning with an exclamation point or a.


Smiley face, like it's really me, it means a lot like rather than just going in with like here's we have to do with work or whatever it may be, like little things like that, I think go such a long way. I think you and I like I mean, maybe it comes naturally to you. I sometimes find myself like needing to make those efforts of like let me approach this person in a kinder, nicer, lighter tone to start our communication.


And we talk about the two, like how you act when you pick up the phone and how you act when you see somebody in person for the first time. Like, I think it means so much. And like that just sets it for me. Some people aren't as sensitive to this stuff, but it's like I just I try to be conscious of it. And I think that's huge in relationships. I've read like articles and there's been studies on this stuff like that, that tone and like the acknowledgment and the excitement surrounding a person.


Yeah, I mean, I never want to feel like my partner or my business partner is so comfortable with me that they don't need to treat me the way that they would treat everybody else anymore. Like, yes, sometimes in the morning one of us has to wake up the person, not be like this thing is happening. It's no. Sure, yeah. But like, I don't want either of us to ever feel like it's been three years in business together.


And so you're like my back and call person. I don't have to like, acknowledge you as a person. Yeah. Just you get up and you just start in. Yeah. It's, it's like it's just it's always something to keep in mind with somebody that you're in, like relationship with of just like like why not hit him with a good morning. It just like it, I think it shifts the way the other person is about to receive whatever else you're about to say.


Yeah, I'm trying to butter you up because I'm like actually and I start 90 percent of conversations you more than me with hear me out. Hear me out. We haven't talked about this too much, but it's bonus episode. So fuck it. We have we don't have we you guys don't really know this about us. Probably we say hear me out to each other so many times. It's a lot of times we're trying to convince each other, do something that we probably do the other person is going to go for.


Yes. I'll try to think of a recent example.


It's usually something bad or it'll be like, want to hear me out? And then I'll send you a link to an Airbnb in Cabo and be like, hear me out the whole winter. It's either like a wild travel decision or like a guest. You don't know. I'm going to say yes to I guess you don't know if I'm going to say yes to it for you. It's real estate plans. Yeah. Hear me out. Hear me out.


Let's move. We're planning on some winter stuff away from New York. We'll see. We'll see how we do it all the time. It's become a reality or like so. OK, this is an example. Someone sent me a mosquito, mosquito, mosquito, you know, mosquito, mosquito designer, croissant, purse. It was twelve hundred dollars. I have not purchased this. Yes, but you guys know me so well. If you people deemed me I had not seen this.


I was appreciative. Again, I haven't bought this. I'm not out here trying to flag that. I buy a little bit of designer pastries for twelve hundred dollars, but I was kind of like, do I need this? And so I said, you go look and I said, hear me out. And then you were like, if that's what you needed this time it's a luxury pastry pouch. Here's why I like hear me out.


I put it out of the question. Wow, Blowering fine.


I feel like I get paid it. Here's why I like you. I give you a tick tock. Hear me out for a while. I hear me out. It sets up the conversation with your after you're communicating with somebody, you might not like what I'm about to say, but just before you jump down my throat, just hear me out. Yeah. You know, I feel like it's like it's like when somebody says, like, OK, don't be mad, but it's like a better way of saying that.


But I will say we usually use it when we know the other person is going to go. It's lighter. Like if I have a real thing I need to talk to you about. I like say, you know, can I call you or what? You you freak out what I say, can I call you?


You're like, what is going on? The scariest thing you ever said to me when I was like, oh my God. Like, should I be upset? Is when you told me you thought about moving to Delaware for the whole fall and you were like speaking really slowly and you were like, I just to I wanted to hear you feel good about this. And I was like, should I be more upset about this? You were like, you're treating this like I should be upset.


And then I didn't. Yeah. I mean, I know that you're not good to any of your real estate decisions. Yeah. The emotional rollercoaster took its toll on me the last few months with some life decisions. But OK, so whatever story time, I have not heard the story, Brianna. It's so embarrassing. This is about how you tried to keep your relationship. No, it's not. Just hear me out, OK? I'm so embarrassed to tell the story.


OK, so this is about my ex who I've talked about before. We met at the end of college. We were off and on. Just really. Yeah, off and on. Serious, not serious. Sort of serious, whatever. Long distance always for like six years. I've talked about him on various occasions. I didn't ever think he was really like my person, but we still went back and forth, ended the stands for a very long time.


And he's the guy that I talked about how I made my mom's empanadas for him and realized his love language was services. And that's what he like I said, he ate the leftovers and my pussy the rest of the weekend. Like, this is the guy that we talked about, the Love Languages episode. So Love Languages episode, this guy, the bottom line, like I made I cooked for him for the first time and it really worked in my favor.


So we were getting back together. Like he again, he was like in a branch of the military he was coming to visit whatever, the details are really important, but he was coming to see me and I hadn't seen him in a while. So we were kind of like getting back, starting back up.


And I don't really know.


I'm trying to remember somehow in our communication, it like came up here. We had this joke from college about him wearing swim trunks and like like a untraditional time, whatever. Bottom line, I think what happened was that he was like, I'm going to show up wearing swim trunks. And I was like, do it, you know? And then I was like, I'll plan a whole, like, tropical theme night. Kidding kind of. So I thought it was February.


So the winter in Atlanta. And then I got in my head like, I'm just going to go for this tropical bite, so I am going to create a vibe. Did you live alone? Yeah, I lived on North Island Avenue alone, me and Dewey, and what I like to call my Carrie Bradshaw apartment.


So I was like, I'm going to like, get margaritas. I'm going to make the empanadas, I'm going to do guacamole, I'm going to put on a tropical playlist and I'm going to OK. And when I hate myself, when he I had a little parties that I can't I'm so embarrassed because I live in Party City.


I was there last night and then when he comes over, I'm going to be like in a bikini, OK, in February. OK, but then I was like, I don't want to answer the door wearing a bikini like I could, but like I was just like I want to like have something to eat first. Well. And have him take something off because I'm not going to sit down in a bikini and eat that bananas. Right.


So I was like, I need a like a fancy cover up. OK, so also, of course I got spray tan apart, but do we groom department clean like I was going to mow the lawn. So I was like, I need like fancy cover ups.


I'm going to treat myself and get like nice, really sexy borderline lingerie bikini cover ups. I go to Bloomingdale's, I find to like I, I probably option really pretty dead at this point. I got a black one and a white one because I couldn't decide ones that looked like kind of like a lacy dress. I stole one of the black one. That's like it's a little much for the beach. Like you're like, what is she doing? So while I was paying the woman checking me out, I was like, girl, look at these cover ups, where are you going?


And I would like Miami, like, I just love it.


And she was when I'm going next week, it's like you're going to meet up and know because I said next weekend and she was like, Oh really? And we go back and forth and I have a whole line. I am lying. She was like, Where are you? And I was like, Gansevoort. Like, I don't think the Ginsburg is open anymore. I wish I stayed there once, like years prior. I was. I don't lie.


You know me. I'm not one to lie. I don't really roll off the tongue for me. I am blind, this woman, through my teeth of my trip to Miami. She is it for work or you know, she a chatty you concocted the whole story. Chadi is cashier of all time around. Like I walked out with my to cover ups. I was like I cannot believe what I just had to go through. It was such a low moment to eat empanadas in February in a bikini.


And, you know, he came over. It did work out. It didn't work. It did work out. Oh, my God. I was no, I would be really did work out. He was like so into it.


He was like, people love this guy from the bar pretty high with the theme night. Guys and girls love this shit. Like if you if someone doesn't like, fuck that person, like I mean, I'm, I you know, me, I don't even like cheesy stuff and I can appreciate the effort and stuff like that. So he came in, I had the music play and I had a margarita ready. Like then we were I think we fucked before the empanadas came out of the oven, like he was super into it.


Titties out. I was tan, you know, the apartment was so clean I had like a coconut candle blazing. You know, it was on point for hour and it was in February. So it was cold. Like, it really worked out our favor. He was wearing the swim trunks. He came in and put the swim trunks. That was the whole thing. This is an awesome night. OK, but I want to go to you because I was just stuff for the blue ribbon theme recording for me.


I just will never forget that girl you like, girl, when you say it's funny if you know you because you are the least likely to lie about anything like you more than anybody on Earth. So for you to make up this entire story you had to concoct, but also on the wheels started when she was like, where are you going? And I was like in my heart, like I was like, I cannot tell her. Honestly, I think that would have sounded crazier.


Right now I'm finding this date night. And yes, that's what I'm saying.


I can tell you're Bloomingdale, the middle of we'll show the cover up on Instagram. We always say that we have to do OK the coffee cup this week. OK, I added the the black look cute cover and the way it like framed my titties, like he walked in and he was like damn like I was like I nailed it. And that's such a good feeling. Target bikini underneath. All right. Well I'll take some photos of you in it, OK, after this.


Stop recording. What was it like one of those like MASH cover up. OK. Really inappropriate for the beach and black people, for black to the beach. You're like Miami, the last place on earth. You were black at the beach.


It's so like it's just it looks like sexy little lingerie dress.


I'm sorry.


I can't believe it's like a story I don't know about you. I'm always really excited when I land on one, though. Yeah. You know, and we had a great weekend. We got back together.


Yes, I had I'm having a lot of stuff that we got us. I had saved a bunch of stuff for him to do. I just have stuff around my apartment that's like someday when I get to wear your drill. I've like almost no light bulbs off the work. Someday when I get a boyfriend, I'll I'll have light in my apartment with that on your hinge, like looking for going to change the light bulbs. Dillons for he's going to relator a trip.


That's fair. OK, so while we are sharing sexy stories, Irana is going to tell you guys about this brand new partner. Yes, I'm very excited to talk about this. This is our new partner. It's called Gypsie. Basically what it is, it's an audio app full of short, sexy stories and guided sessions designed to help you get off. I listen to one last night about this couple of meagerness, OK? It's like travel to remastering and just being on the trip.




So this weird this thing about me, I feel like I never mentioned this on the podcast when I was like when I was growing up and masturbating. I always like to read erotic fiction. I wasn't a huge fan of watching porn and like now I've gotten into it a little more. But like, I never really told anybody that I thought it was like, weird. And then I did some research and I learned, like, women and men are sort of stimulated in the brain a little bit differently.


And women sort of like the whole 360 experience. And it is pretty common for women to like want to read about sex or your Fifty Shades of Grey. Yeah. Empire, as opposed to just like watching straight porn. This is so much more robust than this. I'm so excited we discover this. It is such a cool thing to use and you can use it solo or with a partner. So it's a fun group activity as well. So on Brand with our topic today too, there's so many different stories you can listen to.


First of all, they're short, so most stories are about ten minutes, which is pretty much all it takes me to mastering it anyway, right? That's kind of what I mean. I'm not trying to macerate like twenty who's out here favorite. But it gets like it's like prolongs. It's like this is a whole experience as opposed to like me, just like sticking my fucking vibrator on my club and me, like we're done and done, like listen to the story, get like really aroused while you're listening to it, you know what I mean.


Yeah, it gets you in the mood. There's a ton of stuff to choose from. So first of all, they're short. Second of all, there's a flame like emoji rating system. So, you know how like how hot each episode as people rate these on a scale. So you can pick, like, how hot you want this to be. There's tons of categories to choose from. There are stories that are woman and woman, man on man, male, female.


You choose, you choose, you go in, you know, how do I want this? Do I want her and her? Her and him. Him and him, you know? And if you guys get like, you know, if you guys get bored with the stuff you mass-producing I like to personally masturbate to like different stuff all the time. I'm they add new stories every single week so you'll never get bored. It'll spice it up. I have a hard time, just like going back to the same things.


Like I already know what happens in this movie, you know. Yeah, I get bored and they have a wellness component too. So I'm looking at it right now in the app Sensual Breath. It's like a 12 minute kind of a solo, a solo exercise of self touch. Oh, edgy. There's one on edgy and and these are just guided. I want to see that. Got a meditation guided masturbation. Not a thing did. I just saw that.


And so these ten minutes and like just getting to know your body like this is it whatever level you're at where you, if you've never had an orgasm, if you're wanting to spice things up with your partner, if you're just wanting something to listen to and get aroused into it and like masturbate, it's so good on so many levels. I didn't realize that. I mean, I guess I knew, but all my friends had were masturbating all the time.


This girl sat us down last night. I'm twenty five. I just had my first orgasm. I had to tell you girls and you inspired me to touch myself and she like finish her orgasm in the DMI.


But I think that a lot of people haven't like explore their body. They're not talking about this with their friends all the time. People haven't had orgasms. And I love that there's like a safe place to go to. There's a how to there's also how to throw out a dirty talk like it is like a one stop shops like learn about things and then get turned on like you don't, like, learn your body, learn how to get off, do this app.


It's just really like a really fun thing. It's female founded. It's two women. They founded the company. It's really fantastic. We can't say enough about it. And we're going to give you guys a discount for our listeners of the show. Dipsy is offering a 30 day free trial when you go to sea stories. Dotcom, Sluggy, that's a 30 day free trial when you go to deep sea stories, dotcom syzygy, and that's D ipca stories.


Dotcom sluggy. Yes. I can't recommend it enough. And I'm talking about something else we want you guys to indulge in and that is bright cellar's.


So we got I've blogging every night. We love this so much. And just a couple of nights ago I had a few friends over. We broke out the bright cellar's wine. I just got my ship in that day. So it was fun for me to leave in, like, open them. And we had a few friends and. Like that, come with a little cards, I'm getting ahead of myself, I'm going to tell you about it.


It's a wine subscription service that lets you skip the store and brings amazing wines, matched your taste right to your door. So you take a short quiz online. Seven questions, takes about 30 seconds. Then they use their algorithm to pair you with wines based on your personal preferences and they just send you a box of six bottles. The packaging is beautiful. Such a good thing to gift. And they have little cards that explains each wine, each vineyard, whatever it may be.


The Mai Bridezillas box in the summer was more whites, more. You know, I love a marble region, Sauvignon Blanc, a lot of that. Now I'm getting more into red, so I love this one I got recently. It's a cabernet. The brand is called Meat Cute, which is just so cute. The bottles beautiful. And I got to like, look it up and find out where the wine was from and all the wines I've gotten.


I don't didn't know them before, which is so fine. Like if you love discovering new wines like this is such the perfect way to do it. And it just again, we talked this before, is for anybody, but especially people that live in a city where you walk like you can't carry six ball. I can't carry six bottles. I get that stuff delivered always. Yeah. So this is just like the perfect, perfect solution because it's really hard obviously, to shocked yourself and your drinking habits and everything else we love about it.


To hundreds of private label wines. They're adding more every month. You can always get surprised. And there is a personalized wine concierge team that's available to answer any questions at all. DAMOS And if you don't like a bottle, they'll send a replacement in your next box. And after you receive your first box, rate your wine so your future matches will become even more accurate. So we love it so much. We love you guys. You guys have been getting it and doing your unboxing and it's really fun to see.


So nothing better as we get into peak drinking season and also gifting season. So we have discount for you guys. Visit bright sellers Dotcom Sorgi and you will receive 50 percent off your first six bottle box. Use our discount link to get your first six bottle bridezillas box for 50 percent off and that is Bahri to see L.A. Sorgi and get fifty percent off your first six bottle box of course twenty one plus to order and there are some state restrictions so there's a few states that don't have alcohol.


Delawarean one of them. OK, get your bridezillas, have some wine. Listen to Deepsea Masterbate. All right. I got my partner, you know, whatever this is actually that's a great way to what a great date night for your. Oh yes. Oh my gosh. Like that's that's the shit I'm talking about. Like the Bridezillas game today, babe. You know, like it's so exciting, like these new fun experiences to share that can just, like, spice up the relationship or what we're going to be talking about today for sure.


And also, before we get into it, there are a bunch of other episodes where we've talking about keeping the magic alive, creating a good sex dialogue between you and your partner, Dr. Morris, Dr. Ian Kerner. You guys can look those up on our website. You can just search the episodes and find them. But there's tons of stuff that we've done in the vein of this. And we're just going to talk about some fun, exciting listener submissions and how you keep it alive.


Yeah, and a few of you said things like that. You said that you have tapped into our resources in terms of the sex therapists and sex experts we've had on. And also listen to those episodes of your partner, too. So I can't recommend it enough. I mean, I keep referencing this, but for example, the tip that Dr. Emily Morris provided us with the, like, oral sex tip that a guy like Alex Utian, Alex, you perpendicularly.


I still haven't gotten a dry eye, but like little things like that, we can't stress enough. We say this over and over and over. You guys are probably tired of hearing it that like have a takeaway from a podcast or an article or whatever you're listening to or reading or watching and just say, I heard this thing. Let's try it. It's so easy, you know. So before we get into your suggestions and our suggestions, you know, obviously we'll talk about phone sex things, but just ways to sort of reignite things a little bit.


I think that like because what people are saying is the newness has faded away, you know? And I think that there is some shame in that when you talk to your friends or it's not talked about so much. And I think that, you know, once you're in a relationship three or four years, you do realize you just don't feel the same that you used to in the beginning. And like we miss that feeling that serotonin ranged from like a new krischer, like a new fun, sexy thing that you're doing with somebody.


And I think the people are like embarrassed to admit that to their friends, that it's sort of faded. And it's not just sex. It's you know, he doesn't ever tell me I look nice or like you said before, he doesn't talk to you. Good morning. After I leave for work. And I think there is no shame and and I think that there's no reason to beat yourself up. I do think that there's other things that can be wrong in a relationship.


We'll talk about that later that you should see psychotherapist for. But, you know, if it's just that it feels a little less spicy and exciting, I just think that that's really normal. And I think that, like, at the end of day, we all want to feel like sexy and desirable to our partners. This is just like fun ways to remind you how to do stuff like that. And I want to jump in to and piggyback on that and just say that the sooner you start this stuff, the better like we are.


Again, we talked about this with the coroner. He was the first person to really bring this to our attention of like, you don't start these things when the relationship has a problem. You start these things early. So you have the tools for when stuff does fade. You know, when the when the door opening. Dopamine serotonin goes away. Which one is it? Well, there's two different things I know from different things. We'll do a whole brain.


We should do that episode. So we are going to love drugs, start to fade away a little bit like that. You already have these things in place.


So like, again, like I said, that guy that I did, the sexy tropical night, we were years into some long term relationship, you know, and I'll talk about my another relationship. I had to as we get into these activities, we're going to talk about it, start this stuff early and then you could just keep it going. Like, don't just rely on the newness and the like, whatever will just do whatever, because everything you do is hot at the beginning.


So it's like these things are these tools are so grateful to be utilizing them every day, every week, every month, even, but just like starting to incorporate them so you don't lose that magic and lose that passion. And the shock and the newness is going to fade away. It just as I'm not saying, except being in a relationship, that you had bad sex and or you don't feel appreciated. But it just happens. You're not going to have the same kind of mind blowing sex.


I mean, that you had the first couple months, first year. I mean, if you still do before you go off. But not everybody is. And I mean, I think a couple of things. I think that, like, that's what being in a relationship is. It's you have to accept you're probably not going to have that newness again. Right. And I think you have to take stock of the rest of the relationship and say, look at all the other great things I got.


You know? Yeah. I'm not like seeing what their nipples look like for the first time, but like, I have this really special partner. And I was reading something today about, like passionate love versus compassionate love. And both of those things are really great. And I think that, like, there is so much to be said for having, like, a safe, comfortable, safe place in your partner. Unfortunately, some of the crazy stuff wears off.


But so much, I mean, at least for me, is just like making your partner feel appreciated and excited. And, yeah, maybe you pick them sometimes. I don't know. Yeah. And keeping your own life like we talked about the Mikhaela, it's a number one thing. Do not get lost in that person and turn into one. You know, it's like that's how that's the ultimate. Right. We did a whole episode on it or you know, it was a big theme of that episode.


And so that that's the where to start is just not bashing your life so much together that you completely lose yourself.


Yeah. And do a temperature check on your relationship, you know, and these just tiny little things that we can do to inject some like fun, some sexiness in the relationship, or do I maybe not want to be with this person because we just want different things in life. You know, a lot of people said break up. Yeah. I mean, that is the answer for some of these sex. You're just like, don't be in a relationship.


We got a lot of that, which you go off live your independent truth. I mean, I feel like we talk about this a lot. It's like we always talk about like, what's the takeaway of this episode? Can it be? And it's like, yeah, I mean, after you try everything, it's or just break up. And if you don't want to be in a long term relationship, then fucking don't look at us, you know, kill it.


It's like we get into it. Yeah. OK, the first bucket we're going to talk about is I love that you say never stop dating, making plans, prioritizing those plans, activities and things like that. So these all kind of fall into those things. I did not that's not original. I tell you. I used to I used to work in Union Square Cafe. Somebody came in. They were like, I wanna buy somebody a wedding gift card till I come out to eat.


And what they wrote on the card was never stop dating as it's not like a hot date. You know what? I love it. I just whenever I thought it was like a kick, you said earlier today, like, I love using that language. And I'll just say my experience with this was an ex of mine. We were really doing great. We have no problems. I mean, we would come to have any problems. But like we were dating, we were falling for each other.


We were doing great. And he said, I want to do date nights once a week. You know, it was like Monday night. He was like, I'll never get a job where he would work at night. So he was like, I don't I'll never work that night. That's like our special night. It was like one of the most special things I've experienced. A relationship that he took the initiative to. Nothing was wrong. It was just like, OK, I want to set aside a night for us and we would pick a restaurant every Monday.


I would have a cute outfit, you know, we would really look forward to it. And then we did go to couples therapy. Would we want wants and they said, you guys have to bring that back. Like that was so important in your relationship. If you're trying to make this work and get back together, whatever it may be like, that's so important. So we saw it from you guys across the board. Can't recommend enough. Someone said Wednesday night dinner is where we try a new restaurant we've never been to.


And we got submissions that they dress up for them. And I saw one that said once a month we pick up our favorite food, have a picnic, smoke weed and tell stories. I love that like these things are so important. Yes. And to me, it's the more enforceable version of like have a scheduled sex night. It's like I'm a me. I'm not making a calendar invite to fucking my partner. I'm not doing it. Like, if I'm doing that, something's gone wrong.


If that works for somebody else, that's for sure. Yeah. Great. I don't judge whatever makes you guys happy. I'm not in a long term relationship, but that's how you keep your ten year relationship will go off. But if you if you have a yellow aura, you need to put on the calendar. Yeah, but I respect people that just try to do these date nights. A girlfriend of ours because of Cobden, people can go out as much.


Her and her boyfriend did like fancy Friday nights were like she would just wear like a really hot dress and high heels and curl her hair. And I think they like because none of us are doing anything. I'm wearing my pants.


I've worn jeans once since March, like none of us are wearing any that stuff. So I think it's good to remember, like, just because I have this person. Well, I mean, they can go away, you know, so just remind them that you're like this sexy person that was. To be sexy for them, you know, you're not doing it for you to go, where are you going to go? Yeah, so for sure, I just I think that's so important.


I mean, let's talk about kid free getaways to, you know, and we're going to continue doing more episodes for us not wanting kids. We're not Blue Ball. And you guys with us, we see where it's coming and also with some, like, cool moms we have on the schedule, like, I love that someone said making kid free getaways a priority. We ship the kids off to the grandparents. You know, even it just just a weekend.


Like, again, we're not telling you guys to go out and travel and fly around the world. Like, if you can do a weekend trip and just a hotel, even in your town, the staycation, like you've got to get away from your children. And if they're babies and you're, you know, whatever, when you're able to to send them to the grandparents or a trusted sitter, like put it on the calendar, like give yourself something to look forward to with your partner.


Like that's kind of what it is. You know, like if I felt like I hadn't seen my ex and a little bit at least I would know that date and I was coming. I think that's part of it. You know, when it's on the books is really important to a lot of people. Absolutely. I think that I mean, mentally, they say that I mean, anything is obviously easier to deal with when you know that you have a break from it.


I mean, it's just easier when you have a date. Maybe now's when I'll talk about our relationship. This thing that we did, I don't know, like, you know, that we did this right. I mean, maybe you do that. So in terms of of trips, you and I did this thing and I thought we did it a couple of times this summer. You know, you and I like we are like best friends and we're so close.


We talk about everything, but we run a business together and that takes precedence over a lot of things between us. So like a lot of our conversations are about work, what we need to get done, what we need to produce, who do we need to schedule the merch, all the shit. And like, I think that what's so special about this show is that, like, we are best friends and we love each other so much. And so it's good for me to remember that we're like not just business partners, like we're friends.


And like that's what's really special about our our dynamic, I think. And like this summer, obviously, everybody's stressed out with covid. And you and I didn't see each other for so many months and two different times. You and I like gone to the car. I went to do so like one time for your birthday and another times that we can make some real estate decisions all through it. But it was nice to, like, just get in the car and listen to music and not talk about work.


So for me, like work is like our child. Yeah. And I felt like especially that second half, we went out to make real estate decisions that you didn't follow through with. It was like we got in the car with me. We just talked. Yeah. We didn't talk about the business, we didn't talk about work. And it was just like really fun to remember that. Like, we're not just business partners making these decisions all the time, like you parents and the like, you're still friends.


And they used to like each other. And you have this relationship outside of all these things.


And I wanted to say that in front of Kayla, but I think this is gonna sound weird from a stranger. But like to me, like, our business is very much like our child. And it's good for me to remember that, like at the base of it is that because we're best friends and that's why the business is so great. And I like respect to you and I love you. And to me, there was just like this really fun trip.


We talk, we just like didn't do any work stuff. And like I think that that's important that you do that with your not that you're my life partner, but like you do that with your kids and remember that, like the way that you created these kids because you like fucking right. You know, the way that we create a girl's got to eat. It's because the day that we met, we just talk shit on our asses and we wanted to talk about relationships and like, that's how girls got it got created.


That's how our child got created. I just love that you said that because I felt like that, too. Like it was just this really spontaneous, fun weekend where we didn't talk about work. We didn't have to work, we'd have to record anything. And then I also felt like that when we went to dinner maybe a couple of weeks ago, where for some random reason, we had a lot of shit to catch up on and like it was not work related, it wasn't.


And that we say work like you compared it to someone having children, which is a great metaphor for what we're talking about. But obviously, we also know those are very different things. But just like anything that can really dominate your life, like if you're buying a home together and that's all you've been talking about for the last three weeks, just go to dinner, go to drinks and don't fucking talk about it. Like talk about other stuff. Like you and I had such a, like, bonding moment over dinner.


I mean, there was like tears and all kinds of stuff. We just had a lot of stuff to work through. But like I have to remember that to not not like it's in a forceful way. But I we both have to remember that what you just said of like, we should have friend time, too, because we could literally spend all of our time talking about work decisions and stuff that has to do with work. The people we deal with, the merch, the show is like all that stuff.


So it's something you have to remember, like why you entered into a relationship in the first place. That's what it is. Why we because, you know, through Kobe, look, we didn't see each other for three and a half months, you know, and you don't get any fun, cool time together. And like, I just think it's important to, like, remind yourself that you're just people that love each other. And I felt like that, too.


So with covid, the three months that we were apart, like we really did talk about work all the time because why would I call you just to catch up? I've been talking you all fucking day about work anyway, so I feel like one thing. Remember the night we face time you with the family, like we all just kind of like we we were drinking, you were drinking and we just had this like family face time, like things like that are important right now.


So like go out to dinner with your partner or take a trip or do staycation at a hotel and like put a moratorium on like talking about the kids or work or all this shit. And just like remember why you like each other and like why you're together in the first place, because unfortunately, like all these things that bring us together, like all these things, then you create children. Time for each other to just try to remember that step as often as possible, once a month, do it, you know, whenever you can.


Yeah. Can I run through a few more of these? Yeah, OK, a few things. Just take notes if you're interested. This speaks to you. We just love some of the things you guys said. Strip game night. OK, Kinect for know if I can strip, you know, go off a scheduled strip Jenga. Also you can do truth or dare Jenga when you write the truth, like whatever it is, like sexual favor Jenga.


I love this one obviously more than anything, says some girl. Well, well, you got us hooked on hooking Hella fresh together and then this is a little sexy. We'll get into that category in a minute. But she says cook in just an apron and tell him he isn't allowed to touch till the dinner is done.


If he turned on Giammo or like, I don't know. I don't know if I want my ass hanging out and I want apron in like a little boy shorts, panties. I don't know that you want to walk in. My jiggly ass is just out. You know, Amy Frazier, who was exactly a year ago on our show, she just got engaged. Congratulations to you. And then she posted this Instagram story of herself cooking bacon in the kitchen.


I mean, she had like a big top on but like boy shorts. She's like making bacon with no pants on. And I was like, this is why you're engaged. Yes. Like this.


And, you know, sometimes it's just a matter for both people in a relationship or however many people you have in your relationship, if you have a Threlfall or whatever it is making the effort when you don't when you kind of think, I don't really want to do it again, don't do anything you don't want to do, you know, live your life, your truth. But sometimes it's just a matter of being like this thing would be hot.


I should just do it. Knowing the same thing is working out. Do I really want to go ride the peloton? No. Do I feel amazing five minutes into it and so amazing after it's over. Yeah, it's like it's sometimes that thing where you're like, oh, do I really want to put on something sexy and cook for him. Not really. I'd rather just be on the couch and watch TV and drink my bridezillas. But like you just sometimes just taking a second to put in the effort like is the payoff is so great.


I used to do this thing with my partner and this is also me flipping like a negative into a positive. And he was very nice to my ex who I am exes that I lived with. He's just like sleeping and just like annoy me because we didn't have a lot of time together on the weekends in general. And I was just past it. He was like getting up like Levings. I was like I was like finite time. So instead of being passed every Saturday and Sunday when he was Liban, I would like because I love to cook.


I like went to the store. I conceptualize like a fun breakfast I could make for him and I just like, did this nice thing for him. So when he woke up, there was food, it smelled good, there was something somebody had done something nice for him that makes you both feel sexy, like it's sex time. I didn't have to spend my time. He pissed off and he slept half the day because, like, I did a nice thing I enjoyed.


And it was just like a way to make him feel special. And I loved it 100 percent. I mean, I've said this before, like my love languages, coffee. I mean, aside from being right. But like that when I'm dating somebody and he'll wake up and bring me coffee or he comes over with coffee like it's it goes such a long way, like little things go such a long way, walk their dog, walk and a few more things.


What go in the one move on his ex. I love that someone wrote watch a love reality show, discuss things you love and hate about other relationships. That's amazing. And talking to other people really brings you closer together. That's what we did. Talk with friends and love this. Eat an edible and watch a comedy special. I love that new comedy special coming out with the comedian you like. I mean, I don't do edibles. No judgment.


They are. They ruin my life. So like if you if you're into smoking weed, stuff like that, I love this one at the same thing kind of schedule. When an artist we like drops an album, we go get weed smoke and listen to it in the car. That's a fun little ritual to do. And then the last one you can speak on this too, because I know this is your truth is dance party. So we saw all kinds of dance parties turning on your favorite 90s music, your oldies music, whatever it may be, twerk parties or little workshop in the living room.


Eat and Greenspan and her husband, our dance party, all they dance. All they do is dance up and down the Williamsburg Bridge, down the block. I've never seen it. You don't have to be that you don't to be like. So you don't have to put on social media like that's their brand. And I love them for and she's a person we've had on the podcast. I don't forget what the episode was called, someone you know when you know.


You know. Yeah. With Eden and her husband and perfect family. But just put on some music and dancing around is just like it loosens you up, it gets you excited in a better headspace, like it's such a good thing to do. My favorite dances I used to have with my accent, well, obviously it included charcuterie. So we were just like have secretary dinner. I mean, nothing makes me feel like more of an adult than just like housing a bunch like me.


And she's the face for dinner and a bottle of wine. Yeah, but we always turn all the lights off in the house and like make like a sexy playlist and like slow dance in the kitchen. And I just it's sexy like turns you on. It's like romantic and you want to go anywhere for it. I probably was wearing like boy shorts and tank top and it just was like the most special sweet memory. Like I actually when I think about our relationship, I always think about those moments because it just we don't have to do anything.


You know, we were just in our home with the lights off dancing. And I mean, your truth is making playlists. You've I'm sure we're making our playlist. I mean, if you break up, you'll never get to listen to those songs again for years. But, you know, I'm back. I'm back. I'm thinking of going to Kate and Jay because so many Jay doesn't dance. Don't get. This is why this is one of my cases, my best friend, Kate.


We have had so many dance parties in our house where we're trying to learn real choreography, you know, like we're trying to learn a real dance, a real Beyonce and Jay just like watch like I don't know if that turned him on or he was just making fun of us key like. But we would be like, so drunk in the in the living room, just trying to learn a dance are like really just going wild. And Jay would just be there like sipping bourbon in the kitchen, like these fucking bitches my house.


But I think I'm sure they followed later that night I was dancing.


Should turn you like I'm like Lucky Jay. His hot wife is just the grindin. Yes. Anything with like I mean some people I think, you know, your vibe is being like wild and crazy learned talk dance together. Yeah. And that's I mean, I'm, I'm so huge on music. It's like my whole life. It's like the thing that changes my mood. I put so much time in a playlist like I'm I'm music is so important to me.


It might not be for everybody, but even just something simple of like getting a record player. And you buy did this for Kate. I think he bought her a record player and then bought her lemonade. Beyonce's lemonade on vinyl, like the way vinyl sounds is just so cool anyway. Like having your partner's favorite music playing when they walk in. You know, I remember just growing up as a kid and my parents would have always had Tom Petty or the or Pat Benatar or the cars like on the record player.


And they were kind of dancing around cooking like that. They're not like grinding up on each other, but just like getting the energy going. Like music is such a huge part of like a happy home to me. I think so too. I think you do. To like change up the rhythm of your life. I don't know, not no pun intended of like, oh my God. I just think, like I like my brother and his wife always inspire me.


They've been together for almost ten years and they're always doing these like fun, cool things. They do like they make sushi together, like it's like a fun day. And they joint this like wine club where you, like, go to this place in Chicago. It's it's in the West Loop. I forget what it's called, but you just you go taste new wines and it's just like a different thing rather than going to like a sporting event or being fucked up in a bar.


And like, I can't imagine it's like easy to keep the spark alive after ten years together. But like, they always take trips and like my brother always makes sure to, like, take trips alone or go out to dinner alone, because I think they have this big group of friends that it's easy to fall into this pattern of like, well, yeah, we're going to socialize once a week and it's good to be with other people, you know, and he really goes out of his way to make sure.


And so they both do that like it's solo trips, it's solo dinners, it's time alone. And I think that that's like really special and important. Yeah, I love that. And I'm sure that they were into doing stuff like that early on because, like, I can't stress this enough. Like, if you never it's never too late. But if you just kind of start your path as a couple with incorporating these new fun activities and these things, it's so much easier like uphold.


Yeah. OK, let's take one more quick break to talk about our other partners for this episode and then we'll get right back into we're going to talk about the sex stuff.


OK, so I'm telling you guys about pretty later, you guys have heard me talk about it a lot. I opened it for my own health. No, I. I've never had a cat, and I love pretty. Yes. You know who loves pretty litter? She said it changed her cat. Mom, life is Dania, who is one of our Boston Celtics dancers that we love. So she before she even heard she was so hyped, hear it on the podcast because she was Ardizzone.


OK, pretty later. It's cat litter. I don't have a cat. I'm not going to pretend that I do. But I sent this to my parents and it has changed the game. My parents have numerous cats. They just got a new cat. Your mom is the cat whisperer. I don't every day. New cat. So there's three. Well, I mean, they live in a farm, three indoor cats, and now a total of three outdoor cats, six cats on this farm.


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Yeah of course the cat is a cat your kitty picks so to be approved. All right then. Next up, your pussy. We're talking about you Kaura, which is verb for UTIs. It's something that I suffered from for quite a long time. I had never really talked about it with people. I didn't realize how common it is. It's a it's a massive health issue, but it affects one in two women. And I think the common narrative was always sort of like drink cranberry juice, cocktail agreed to take cranberries.


And it's like, I don't know, like there has to be like a better way than that. I just, like, try cranberry. And you are. It was created by a chronic UTI sufferer. When we first heard about this, I actually was I told a girlfriend and she like jumped at it. She was like, I love this. It has completely changed my life because people suffer from this, like chronically all the time. There's not a lot of people where, like, it's going to affect your sex life negatively.


Yeah. You're thinking that you're going to have sex, then you're going to get an infection like that sucks. And they are they're so bad like I UTIs I've had in the past. Like I you feel like you're going to throw up. You can't sit up, you can't sit down like everything hurts. And it is like so mind I mean yeah. Definitely can't have sex. So I just I love what they've done. It's proactive urinary tract health supplements.


It's developed from the best research available. And basically you just take like a little packet, you mix in a glass of water and you drink it right after sex or however often you feel like you need the support. But it's really, really simple and it tastes great. It just tastes like a pink lemonade. So it's just something you can use to just have like a better peace of mind. The drink, MyCelx just flashing cleanse your urinary tract.


It also boost your immune system, which we can all use a little bit of right now anyways. It's especially important after sex or even exercise. It's also a vaginal probiotic and a daily supplement. So it cleanses biofilm from the urinary tract. That sounds sexy to cover your urinary health at all ages. I can't stress enough how bad these are because I've had them like, you know, how terrible it is. And you are is just like a really nice, easy, simple, good tasting thing you can do for your body.


And like you said, it takes the stress out of like having sex. I'm like, worry if I'm going to get one after sex. And especially like I mean, at least for me out of this relationship. And we wouldn't see each other for weeks at a time and then we would have a bunch of sex. And you're just prone to getting them into something like this is so great because you don't, like, have the stress like, oh my God, I don't enjoy myself in that I have the worst week of my life.


Right. And of course, you guys, if you're having chronic anything with your body, talk to your doctor. But this is something that can only help. Yes.


All right. We're going to give you guys a discount, get proactive about urinary tract help with you. Kaura, right now, you Kaura is offering 20 percent off for our girls, eight listeners. When you go to Ucore Dotcom Sluggy and that's UCU are a dot com slash GGGI. All right you end up in your post now let's get into the sex talk. Can I just come right out of the gate because I ran and I kind of come right, I come right out.


We divide and conquer with these and this. I took control this one and I read all of your responses and I compile them all into a dock. I don't know if you guys were kidding. Like I don't know if you guys were trying to make us laugh or, you know, why do you always do? Yeah, you always do so much.


But stuff. I'm like, I'm sorry, the bad stuff, Delonas. But Pegeen sticking various objects but trying to touch just be whole. No days like there be whole to keep things interesting. And then someone wrote after six years he liked my B hole in the shower so go.


But so I mean I think some people were just being funny. Like I'm sure some people are like this girl's got to eat like put a finger in his butt to spice it up. I would like to know what you think like about bad stuff like or just about like surprising somebody with something like that. Like, do you think this is really what people are doing?


Like they're like our relationship is is dull time to put a dildo in his butt. Like, are these bitches being serious? I don't think that your average person is like and someone actually said this to us. She said, you know, like, how do I spice my relationship up? I'm not trying to, like, peg somebody. And I always just, like, talk shit. I'm like I'm just mad I've done it. But I think that, like, in general and people say, like, I want to spice up my sex life, they just want to do something a little bit different.


I know that I fall into this right in relationships where I sort of have like I talk about this Ian Kerner, years ago, I sort of the same thing on the menu. Like I wake up in the morning, I give you a blowjob, I get on top, I get off, I lay, I'm back on my bed. You finish and then like, that's it. And I just I feel like sex. You can become really monotonous.


Greenberg's Srinigar especially. Actually Hallstein special, as we all know, is you email and leave. Tell her editor that our podcast is funny and she'll tell me. Tell me Anthony, tell me. I'm pretty outgoing and the newburn by and then you leave. I just think it becomes very easy and I think that like rather than going down like the black Diamond Hill of like fucking your man in the ass with a giant dildo, like there's other smaller things you can do.


And I think that when people are saying, like, you know, they want to spice your sex life up, what they're saying is like, surprise me, do something a little different. I think that there's like tiny little ways you could do that, obviously. Check out Deepsea, but. I think that people are like, I don't know how to, like, suddenly start doing this, I've never done it. And like, I think that somebody is, like, afraid to send a dirty text or send a dirty pic when you've never done it.


That's exactly what you should do it if it is going to shock the shit out of your partner. And they're like, what just happened? It's like, yeah, what just happened as you reminded your partner that your dick still gets hard for them or if you're a female, that you're still it's hard for that. You're going so hard, you still get wet. How about that? Yeah. You still got to watch out for them. Yeah.


And it's just little tiny things. Yeah. And start sexting early, you know, the second the morning we say it again, you know, hotcakes here. We'll just keep reiterating stuff till the day the podcast ends. But like the first time you have an amazing sex experience with a new partner, like hit them with that text next day. I can't stop thinking about last night. Start this shit early so you can evolve it as it goes on, because if you've never seen a sexy pick, you've never sexed it.


And then you you find yourself a year into a relationship. It's going to be hard to do. It's going to be challenging. So you have it you take it to the next level when you need to. Like you just keep up in the stakes, like do the boudoir shoot, get those professional photos, hide them all around the house. Can't recommend enough in Atlanta like all my girlfriends have used or I'm still dying to work with her. It's called own boudoir.


And look at that Instagram. It's so hot. Yeah. It's like boudoir photos can't recommend enough. You could text them to your partner throughout the day, but like, again, like putting them out and then they'll give you pronounce like putting them around the house, like getting your partner turned on stuff like that is is a great way to do it. I love that. Also, I was sort of thinking these other really crazy outlandish sex things like, I don't know, you dress your whole body in leather and rubber or whatever.


Those aren't to me like sustainable ways to keep a sex life like spicy. It's like, all right. Like if I have, like, dress up in bondage gear, like, where do we go from here? Like now we're doing this every time. Like, to me it's like good to start just building healthy habits. And to me like, yeah, the sexy BUJAR thing is like a one time thing that I love. But like can you kind of like smaller, healthier habits, sexier habits, you get built in and sending somebody like a dirty pic or a dirty text, they'll die or maybe they're in church with their parents.


You know, that's my favorite. Just any way and just like, slowly build this stuff in, like we talked about before, like, you know, when you go out to dinner and have this, like, sexy date nights. Yeah. That that makes you want to come harder with somebody, I guess.


But stuff like maybe try a new home or whatever, and you don't have to go so hard at the beginning with costumes and stuff like we've talked about this before. Any teeny thing that you can mix up anything. I said this before very early on, maybe with and or maybe you, Jared, like, I just remember we were like in the old studio where I was like the first time I wore boy shorts. My boyfriend at the time, like, freaked out because he just never seen me.


And boy shorts, like guys are simple when it comes out stuff. Something they'd never seen on you before. You don't have to go for sexy nurse. And we all play like what we're want to do all that. You can do that. We'll get to that. But like just one thing, you know, that just one item, like do the laundry on a special occasion or like just pick and choose.


Like, you can do small, simple things here and there. So you and you work up to the big things and you do the whole big, extravagant, whatever it may be on it on a special occasion or randomly. But you don't have to go so hard at the beginning and it's hard to keep up. It is. And I think that, like I think a lot of people are waiting for someone else to initiate sex because, like, I want to feel sexy and I want to feel desired.


But I think that, like, a lot of people just stop initiating sex. They're like they want to feel desires. They want you to initiate the sex. And it doesn't feel sexy to be like, OK, well, let's have sex now. You can't just, like, walk into a kitchen, start sucking somebody's dick. So, like, I initiate sex. I mean, I would, but not everybody. Well, I think there's other ways to initiate sex.


I think massages are the perfect way to do that. Like just like make it a little sexy. If you guys are watching TV, like, rub somebody back, rub somebody's leg, they'll get hard. They will. And then you start sucking their dick. Like, I just I wouldn't just like, rip somebody pants down necessarily, if that's not your vibe, but like find new ways to initiate sex. And I think that that's like really fun.


Like, you be the person to do it. Don't just always wait for somebody else. Yes, absolutely. Speaking of dick sucking, we got people that said blowjobs are honestly the secret. Never stop blowing your man. Surprise blowjobs goes both ways. If you're in a male female relationship, your man should stop going down on you ever about but keep sucking his dick. And this is coming from somebody I love sucking dick. But like, you got to keep giving blowjobs because this is his narrative of like the blowjob stop when you get married and stuff like that.


Just not every day. Not every week. But don't stop the blowjobs. I love you. Listen, guys, I wish I could explain, OK? Hear me out. I just think that, like, you don't like it because you're not good at it, but you'll get good at it by trying. And then I promise the more you do it, the better you will be. And the more you'll enjoy it, the more moaning and crazier shit you can slip a finger.


You can work the big worth of balls into it and spit on it, get real sloppy, like grapefruit, Google, grapefruit, blowjob or whatever. Blowjobs are the best. Yeah. And get excited about getting good at it, you know what I mean. Like we know you bitches. You are independent, bad bitches. You love a challenge. Start reading articles. This girl right here. I'll read this. She said my. Boyfriend read a GQ article on eating a girl out, and it changed our relationship, like read the articles, like this is the stuff we talked about the go back and listen to Shands episode dominating in sex and dating with Bajram, like learn a new skill, try it on your partner.


How lucky for you to have a partner to try it out on. I haven't been able to have someone emailed sideways in months. I didn't want this. OK, this I love sex somewhere new, once a month in public, etc.. I love walking in a bar bathroom. I love it. I can't get enough of it. I masturbate all the time to it, to somebody just like sneaking into a bathroom and bending me over and just fucking me in that bathroom.


I love it somewhere new. I said, I love that. Like, listen, is it your own kitchen island. Great. Just Newnes it doesn't it. Not everybody wants to fuck in public. That's totally fine somewhere else. Are you at a party. At someone's house. Fuck it.


They go ruin one of their bedrooms, their lodger, whatever. OK, send him random fucking calendar. And I love this. If you guys are really into like I wish I knew how to do invite. I'll send them for you. Your man got shot and killed. I actually had to do a new folder in our Google Drive this morning, actually keep you organized. OK, we get hotel stays, hotel rooms, hot, nasty sex. Even after years together, nothing gets my juices flowing.


The guys live. You're safe. You live your safest life. It's a pandemic. Hotels are super cheap right now. I can't recommend the Hilton in Cleveland enough. I know the Eurostar Magnificent Mile in Chicago, in Chicago. And nor do I love in a sexy hotel. Floor-to-ceiling windows you can fuck in front of. Yeah, I don't let somebody watch.


I don't care if you don't feel comfortable going to a hotel, then then don't. Seriously, we're not trying to encourage you guys to do anything you don't feel comfortable with. Right. And I have been to a number of hotels. We've we've done a few few trips lately for shows. Hotels are really safe. So good. I mean, No. One, hotel brands don't go saying like a like a shitty motel, but like in your city, in your town, find that hotel.


They're taking all the safety precautions, book a cheap night and go fuck your partner if you feel safe. Don't come for me if you feel safe. Hotels are it's one of Google it. They're pretty low in the risk list. And like you get them for that if you're in Chicago. The euro. Yes. The Eurostar Magnificent Mile splurge for the panoramic corner room. That's what I do for a hundred bucks. It's one hundred thirty dollars. Yes.


One hundred thirteen dollars. It's all. Thank us later. I have wine in the room. You just take the wine bottle. That girl hotel room. At times I've stayed at that hotel and fucked in that hotel is crazy. There's just wine on the walls. Hotel Saks like you can do if you are with somebody and you have been having sex like or not having sex and you've just been with this person in your home, your shared home, whatever it is for this many months now, like treat yourself if you feel comfortable, you are comfortable enough.


I honestly, I can't I can't recommend talking in front of windows enough, but I'm a little bit of a voyeur like that. OK, I'm going to run through a couple more of these just to give you guys. Could it suggest a road trip and surprise him with road head? Suggest a trip to the grocery store in seconds, Jack. I don't know. Do you do road head? Yeah. I mean it feels a little and. Yeah, yeah.


I also got a right to Grynberg. Don't have a house I could take anywhere. I have done it. I don't love it. Oh yeah. I also masturbate in the car. A long car trips as well. Different but that's me. But I mean I can have an orgasm while driving and she's a tough guys because like I used to like so you got to be ready to swallow. I read an erotic book together. I love that.


And she's like it's just different than like porn. Like not everybody wants, like, flip on porn, married for six years together for a vacation, anal vacation and all hols go on vacation. I like the idea of doing something new on vacation. I love that episode of Insecure one day before they left. This was the most recent season. Molly and Asian Bay they talked about before. They laugh to bring something you want to get into on the trip, which I love that.


And he brought a toy or something. She brought the lingerie and the blindfold and he ate her ass for the first time. So I love that if you're going on a trip, even if it's like you're going to be like, again, like whatever this is, we want this episode to be during the pandemic and post, you know, we went to be evergreen content. So let's hear when we're wedding, you're going to a friend's wedding like we're going to someone's son's wedding this weekend.


Pack something you want to fuck around with. Here's what I suggest. First of all, lube. I just I think lube is like a nice, easy gateway into the sex toy world that not a lot of people try it first. I like lube. It makes things really fun. I would also say if you're not really sure how to get in and we'll play we talk about this with would be inJune, just like a tiny little baby vibrator.


You can just, like, touch somebody's asshole with you. If you don't stick your finger up somebody that's fine. You know, just take a little vibrator. People go crazy for it. What better place to try it in a hotel room where you don't the clean up. Right. OK, he loves sports and I really don't care about them. But now we bet on the game and the winner gets to choose a sexual favor. I love this.


I love this because then you're all juiced up during the game for who is going to win. So because I dated someone that was like obsessed with sports, like we should have been doing this this whole time. Clemson wins, you eat my pussy and leave. And we can couple this with a great other naked Sundays. If you guys are in the NFL, do naked Sundays, bet on the game, naked Sundays. A lot of people don't get Sundays.


A lot of the naked Tuesdays market is pandemic. Where are you guys going?


We talk every Friday when we get home from work to start the weekend. I love this. It's so good. It's so good. Like you've had a stressful week. You can get home, you know, you're going to like that's how you start the motherfucking weekend before dinner Friday night. Like pour a drink and you fuck every Friday night. Go off every Friday. I mean, every, every day is Friday. So, you know, whatever.


Do you guys want Friday to be not Otake but sexy lingerie? It's not on tape. But again, I think this is just like one thing that people are just like we live together. You knows what I look like naked. It's like, no, I put something on it. Surprise your partner. I was doing this. And it wasn't we weren't super far into it, but we came home after like a date night and we were obviously going to talk.


But I was like, listen, go watch TV for a few minutes. I'll be right back. And I ran into my bedroom and just like put on laundry, I walked out and he lost his damn mind. It takes forever to get rid of that stuff when you're drunk, you know?


Yeah. Just think about it ahead of time, planet, but just remind your partner, like, how sexy of a couple of you both are. Yes. And if you again, if you don't feel comfortable at this point in your relationship or in general doing a whole production where you exit the room wearing lingerie, get a pair of black lace boy shorts or panties, wear a little tank top, no bra, let your nipple show and just walk around, be casual like they'll freak out.


They're so simple. It's like, you know, you know, you're being sexy. You're like, oh, man. But you have to be like, whatever. I'm just making bacon. And then your man's like, goddamn this. This woman, I love her, you know, you just met her. Simple, but they want to be surprised. They want to do absolutely. Well, absolutely. And I just like I just can't hammer this home enough.


Like, you don't have to be up in someone's butthole.


Look, listen, do it if you want to.


But I think the people are I think this idea of, like, spicing it up in the bedroom, like doesn't have to be as intimidating and crazy, like maybe your partner's out of town and like try face time sex for the first time. I know that again, that is like a little outside of people's comfort zone. So, like, build to it. I would start with like sexy text and sexy pics first, but like even some kind of like, you know, I love in a girlfriend of mine does this because her boyfriend travels a lot.


She'll drop like little sex toys for him to use into his luggage. So, like, she'll just give him, like, lube to masturbate with. Oh, I love that. And that like that egg the egg is where I heard about it because she she would drop those eggs we talked. So. Yeah. So the egg is a sex toy for a dude that's really affordable. And you can go probably to Babeland. We talked about on our episode with Babeland, but it's called the egg.


I think it's like ten bucks or something short drop that in a suitcase because you can really figure it out, maybe put it in there with a note and I have to. Yeah, a little tutorial instruction, a link to a YouTube video, just like I mean, and just there's so many women. They're simple, just, you know, surprise people to try something new. OK, we beat this to death by trading sex. All right.


We also got just like a bunch of miscellaneous, thoughtful stuff that I think can go in a lot of different categories. My theory thing that my ex used to do all the time for me was he would write me notes and so important I always used to say, like, why is should feel so good and like we just were so kind to learn. We broke up bad.


But he just told me constantly like that I looked beautiful or I was the best cook in the world and I would like changed his whole life again. Then he left me, but he a bunch of different times like would go get a photo of us developed, like write me a note on the back. Oh I love the photo and leave it for me and just use like little notes or letters and sort of in tune what you said earlier about like the first text you like.


He would sleep later than me and so I would go to work and he would send me like a good morning love of my life message, or just remind people that, like, they're special to you, they're sexy, you care about them. I mean, he was like so ridiculous about it. But, yeah, that's all. I just I think that the notes are a really special, nice thing to do. And if you compare it like a photo or something for no reason at all, that's great.


Cook somebody a meal for no reason at all. Come home with flowers for no reason at all.


Yeah. I really I love no reason flowers. We got a lot of this letters, post-it notes. There are so many cute little funny post-it like post-it like not just like a regular yellow post-it note like those funny little post-it you can buy like on Etsy and just wherever they like say funny stuff like on them, like at the top, like is a header and then you can just write a little post-it, stick it wherever. Little thoughtful gifts again like this isn't like big extravagant gifts but thoughtful gifts.


The nudes, we mention the boudoir photos and putting them in random places. And then someone said this, I love this. Send them Polaroids in the mail or like nudes in the mail. Like, that's so hot. Like if you especially if you're long distance. Jeez. Like this is that's what you do like. I mean, I guess I don't know maybe is it even if you live together, I would do that. They'll find it.


But you can be funny and awesome if you live together and you're male and you're mad stuff and like you just left this in the beds. No, I'll try to keep it sexy. Yeah. So stuff like that, like just so thoughtful and relationships take effort and work forever, you know. And if you don't want to do it, don't be in a relationship. I'm not out here saying I want to do this. I will see I'm undecided, but it's nice.


And I think that we can all become more thoughtful. I think some people are innately thoughtful. I think my brother's fiance is insanely thoughtful all the time, how her brain works in a different way, like she's more like in terms of she keeps she knows what the people close to her are doing. She's the first person attacks like hope you have a good show or have you a good trip like the gifts she's given. It's out of control. It's it's that's who she is as a person already.


Some people are not innately like that. But you can become more thoughtful and it's just an effort thing. I think so much this is don't like I feel like everybody is like wearing the sign in relation says, like, don't take me for granted. And no one wants to feel like anybody feels like they got you locked down and they don't have to try at all that the plans are over the sexy times, over the dressing up, looking nice, brushing your teeth, wearing cologne.


It's over. I mean, just brush your teeth guys, OK, break up somebody they don't you. But I just don't think that anybody wants to feel like it's locked up and done. And I love that you said that like it's always work. It's never not work. Like it's a privilege to be in a relationship, to have a partner, to have like a rock to to sit with you through the good and the bad times. And, you know, I just don't ever want to take somebody for granted.


And I don't ever feel like I'm being taken for granted. And that's why people cheat. That's why they have emotional affairs. That's why all these things happen. And it's not easy. It's work every day. Yeah. And just take note, like if someone says they love this thing, like tuck it away, like I gave this example before. I love this cake place in Atlanta. A piece of cake. You're welcome. For the free out again.


And my ex would get me cake, you know, for for birthdays and stuff, but also for no reason. Like I would come home and there would be a piece of cake like that for five dollars, you know what I mean. And he drove by the place on the way home from work or whatever it is like if you have a job where you have an assistant and someone's doing shit for you and you're not like kind of taking advantage of that.


Like, I just can picture a scenario in which a a person that has like, let's just say a man because like I don't know about sending men flowers. Like if if there's a guy and he is a secretary and his assistant, like, why isn't he just being like, Janine, send my girlfriend flowers like today or you know what I mean? Like every six months, like every quarter. Like we fucking love this shit. Like it.


It's not that hard, you know, like I always quote the breakup that Jennifer Aniston when she says every girl likes flowers, Gary, like we do.


And if you want to do for your man, like, listen, it doesn't mean an elaborate gift. If somebody says, look, I'm having a bad day, post me, it's a piece of chocolate cake over to wherever they are. And like, I would lose my mind if somebody did something. I mean, I really like sweets, but I mean, you know, something else somebody can sue. If someone did sue, I would lose my shit.


Even Campbell Soup, I would lose my mind. Like, I think about what it would mean if a guy like it's a third, fourth date, sixth day, like we're newly dating and he just shows up with a bag of Doritos. Oh, that was a dollar. You walked by the bodega on the way here and now you're going to get a blowjob tonight. Absolutely right. Get us that back. Fifty cents last time. Do you love Doritos?


Thank you. Trevor takes no money at all. Yeah, it gets me all juiced up. Last summer, I was dating that guy in Denver and you and I were going to Denver and he wrote us that Excel spreadsheet of like all the cool stuff we could do in Denver. Yeah, it was so thoughtful. And I fucked him four times a night. We got there. I was yeah. It was this tiny little thing. He's like, I live in the city.


I know this cool stuff to do. I want you and Ashley to have a good trip. And I fucked him so many times for that. I thought, oh that was really great when he did. But yeah, he did like one nice thing I remember, you know, then I cried in a bar with him in front of you. It's fine. You guys are real crying. It was so fun. It brought me and his friend together.


We found something to do.


We talk enough about talking about this. Oh, we talked.


I can't remember if we talked about it, I was dating this guy, I had gone to Denver, he read shows he did something. I was like really disappointing. And I was like very upset. And then we went out with him and I was like, well, I was with his friend, roommate. But we we separated, right? Because I refused. I was just going to go home. I'm so pissed at everyone. All right, let's get into it.


So we we we separated and there was like these two these guys were and they took us to these, like, stupid touristy spots.


When you guys saw that we were there, you were pissed. Like our listeners, our listeners were like, how dare they take you there or whatever. There was a story on know you guys were going to this rooftop bar. So we did want to go there, too. But then we went to another one that was bad. Remember, I think we talk about this podcast. They they didn't have the right music. They didn't have the right vibe.


If they weren't even bringing us menus for over like like the food, the menu looked once we finally got the menu with shit. Whatever. We walk across to the bar where you guys were or we thought you were there, we suspected we didn't go there first because we want to be like, hey, it's us too. We're going to sit across. So we walked in. I don't think I knew you were there, right? Yeah. So we first we walked in and I was like, oh, God, there's right.


And your best friend. And we we approached their table. Arena is crying in broad daylight. He it was not dark. Sun was setting. It was not dark, it was dark. And I was like still still some light. And it also I mean there's lamps so great. I was crying and the guy looked upset. And so we were like, oh God, what do we walk into. We go and sit, sit all the way across the rooftop and we couldn't not address it.


And I was like, what the fuck? I was crying.


And I'm just going to give this guy a fake name for a fact. And he was like, I think Danny was, too.


And we lost it, but we laughed. So I'm so sorry. But I know I use the word the name Danny, but the fact that he was like I think my friend was crying, too, like we lost it. We were like we bonded. We we fucked that night. So you both cried in public, in public, like like we were like next like a baseball stadium. Like it was a weird place to cry. You're just like in a big outdoor bar, like she was like also too new to be like crying about stuff.


It was it was funny. Anyways, all right. We veered off topic. Let's move on. I want to talk about. But these are all the miscellaneous ones that we love. I love so much.


You guys love to prank and scare your partner.


So someone like that hiding behind the kitchen island, scaring him, scaring him while he's naked, getting out of the shower. We prank each other. I try to genuinely scare him at least once a week.


I would not like this. So not I really would love it. It's so funny. Like when it gets other people excited, I just think somebody jumped out of our behind our kitchen island. I'd be like, oh, my friend, I'm going out, fuck you. And we well, I love it. You don't actually scare love Gary each other, OK? Yeah, I am. I love this girl. Sometimes you got to pick a fight to keep things spicy.




So there was a lot of these and it was. Yeah. And I don't you know, I'd say it in jest. I don't really think that's such a healthy habit. I think we can joke about it. And I, we, we've done it. I've done it. You've done it. But like there was a lot of these of like I call him a different guy's name, just, you know, like there was a they seemed a little immature and petty.


I don't think that's how I think a lot of our joking, too. But like, I think it's dangerous because they can dial and have all been those situations where you're like, how did we get here? Where I think it can be fun is like we've talked about healthy jealousy before. So like, I'll just start being like, who the fuck was that? Who the fuck was that? But I'm like, laughing. Yeah, I'm doing it.


So I think that's like a healthier way to do it. Yeah, I love this one. Speaking of the breakup, she says she channels her inner Jennifer Aniston and walks around the house naked while he's on the phone. The breakup of my favorite movie of all time. This leads us into another submission which was verbally admirer cat call each other when one of us is naked, no matter what. Great habit this is so important. Just acknowledging like you shouldn't your partner should walk by you naked and you don't even like just all you need to do is just a little cat call a little something a little tap on the ass.


Like show your partner that you're admiring them and you still find them sexy when they're butt naked.


OK, I want to I want to go back to the last thing you said about that being on the phone to take this a step further. I used to really I dated this guy. We always disliked this relationship. We always met in hotels a lot. And like, we'd have to like work. He would be on my work calls and I would just start sucking his dick. And a really fun game, I think, is trying to see how long they can stay on the call.


Oh, my God. Without making it sound like they're getting their dick sucked.


And it's like a fun game for everybody.


Just make sure it's like just a normal call, not like a trying to close a huge deal. You're going to ruin each other's lives.


Don't make their life better. I don't know. It depends on how we like to pretend we don't know each other at a bar. Lots of things. I think the. Can be really sexy. She's like a really easy, fun way to role play. I mean, we don't have traditional sides of the bads and we know it's randomly. You know, I would never do it. I saw a tweet one time that said this guy said, I know a couple that doesn't have a side of the bed.


How is how do you live such a chaotic life? Again, no shade of your true that that's what gets you go in the thought of it.


I can't I can't comprehend the thought of it. You don't have a side with make me feel crazy. I need such chaotic and it's all right. It is. It's too much of a mess. I recreate a first date. He cooks me breakfast every morning shirtless. What. OK, just every morning. Every morning he cooks you breakfast. She's not to go there. Yeah, I saw this one. I loved no phone nights like making sure your phones are put away for the night like work is done and then going on pick a night.


No phones. I love this. We have a monthly check in for our needs. Sometimes sexual, sometimes not. That's great. Sit down, see what's going on in the relationship. Jack, totally at stress. This enough temperature check as much as possible. Yes. Once a month we ask each other something new we've learned about each other and. Yeah. And I just want to know what you said. You kind of you said it quickly, but the recreate your first date is something we talked about with Charn Grover.


You remember, it's why don't know Guy Winch your boyfriend. Dan, great thing to do. This feels a lot more long term. This feels like you've been together a very long time like this. I don't want to call it a Hail Mary, but it's you can kind of only do it once. I mean, I guess you can start going into the archives and be like, let's create our second date. But like that first date, like he said that as a more of like maybe there's a little bit of struggle there and you got to kind of just like do something big and you recreate that first day.


But I still love that advice. I'm glad I'm glad someone brought that up again. Please. I got engaged that where we had our first date closed. And I'm happy that that happened. There's a sign like that. Oh, my God. The place where I met my ex burned down. Good. It burned down. I'm sorry for anybody who lost their business. I like this one. We only see each other on the weekends. This is on purpose.


I think it's good to remember, first of all, that nobody owes you their time. It's a privilege to have it. And you shouldn't just expect to see somebody five nights a week. We're all individual people and we deserve our own time. And I mean, I you know me, I love to be alone. I like, regenerate that way. And then I'm so excited to see people, but like people that suffocate me, I don't really enjoy it.


And I need a little bit of time. And I always like joke that like people on top of me twenty four hours a day and I do sometimes. But I think you should just like not expected. Somebody owes you their time all the time, like take time off, do your own thing. Yeah. And I think we get caught up in this like dating somebody and you're like wait we should hang out every night. No you shouldn't know.


You should it. I mean if that's what you want to do, fine. And if you live together, of course I get it. But I'm just like, what's the harm in taking time away? And then we had we had numerous answers, of course, that said distance and time apart makes the heart grow fonder, takes a little vacations, then you come back and tell each other about them again. Ties right back into everything. We talked about Mikhail and almost every expert.


This is across the board. This is it. This is the advice, you know, live separate lives, come together, keep the passion alive forever, have separate lives. Summer, Ashley and I, we spend every minute together. OK, I need to that we need to add this episode so that I can go home and change that. We can also spend tonight together. Oh my God, I'm sick of you just getting well. Hope you guys enjoyed this.


I hope there was some things you might want to, you know, listen again, take some notes, shut things down and thank you guys for all your submissions. This episode was about you and sourced by you. Yeah. Just remember, these things are normal. Everybody goes through this stuff. You guys are lucky to have a partner if you don't feel like you broke up with them. Yeah. Whatever you do. And and if you do a tropical theme night and sexy black cover up, tag me to see if you have to lie to someone at Bloomingdale's.


It's fine. Live your truth. You're allowed to lie. We want to hear what you guys did. If you have submitted, let us know. Don't dismiss but email. Yeah, OK.


All right. Well, we hope you guys enjoy this bonus episode. I loved doing that. This is like such a fun cut up episode. Yeah. Thank you guys for the spell. And as always, you know where to find us. Girls got each podcast, dotcom, new merch, newish merch. But you guys have been scooping it up, so keep doing so. Still plenty of time to get stuff in time for the holidays. Girl's Got It.


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