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The Future of Sex feat. Cosmopolitan Editor-in-Chief Jessica Pels

Girls Gotta Eat

  • 15 days ago
  • 01:22:24

The pandemic completely changed our day-to-day lives, but what about our sex lives? We're discussing how the last year affected couples and singles, and what the fuck the future of sex, dating, and relationships will look like. Our guest is Cosmopolitan editor-in-chief Jessica Pels, and we're unpacking data gathered by an incredible study by the Kinsey Institute in partnership with Cosmo and Esquire (spoiler alert: pleasure is the priority). We're also sharing our listeners' sex/dating outlooks, chatting about bikini waxes vs. sugaring, and our TV recs take a turn. Hope you enjoy! Check out the April issue of Cosmopolitan and follow Jessica on Instagram @JessicaPels. Follow us @GirlsGottaEatPodcast, Rayna @Rayna.Greenberg, and Ashley @AshHess. Check our website for show dates and merchandise. Thank you to our partners this week: Truff: Get 15% off sitewide + free shipping with code GGE at Uqora: Get proactive about urinary tract health and 20% off at Calm: For a limited time, get 40% off a Calm premium subscription at Rory: Go to to try out nightly defense for just $5.

Dating as a WOC and Fetishization feat. Amy Chan

Girls Gotta Eat

  • 22 days ago
  • 01:22:30

On this episode, we are sharing stories from our listeners about dating as a woman of color, from messages they receive on apps to partners not understanding their experiences to fetishization. We're also bringing on a former (and favorite) guest Amy Chan, founder of Breakup Bootcamp, to discuss her experience growing up as an Asian woman, feeling shame as a child to leaning into the sexy stereotypes as a young woman, and her mindset today. We also discuss how to talk to your partner about these topics. And before we dive in, we're up to our usual antics with a divorced dude date story from Rayna, Ashley being single-shamed, and a tip for taking your phone sex to the next level. Enjoy! Follow Amy on Instagram @MissAmyChan and check out Renew Breakup Bootcamp as well as her book. Follow us @GirlsGottaEatPodcast, Ashley @AshHess, and Rayna @Rayna.Greenberg. Check our website for show dates and merchandise. Thank you to our partners this week: Allform: To find your perfect sofa and get 20% off all orders, go to Pretty Litter: Use code GGE for 20% off your first order at FabFitFun: Get $10 off your first box at with code GGE. Dipsea: Get a 30-day free trial when you go to

Divorced Dudes and Single Moms feat. Katya Libin, founder of HeyMama

Girls Gotta Eat

  • 29 days ago
  • 01:30:30

Are divorced guys the answer? We're unpacking it and Rayna is leaning in. Then we bring in Katya Libin, founder and CEO of HeyMama, to share her story of being a single, working mother -- the struggles and successes, building her own company, the importance of a support system, co-parenting, dating when you have a child, and more. We're also discussing walking away from a relationship you know isn't right (even when it's a month before your wedding), and how to vet someone before considering having children with them. And on the topic of mothers, Ashley shares a legendary story about her mom that we all can relate to. We hope you enjoy! Follow Katya on Instagram @KatyasLife and check out HeyMama. Follow us @GirlsGottaEatPodcast, Ashley @AshHess, and Rayna @Rayna.Greenberg. Check our website for merchandise and show dates. Thank you to our partners this week: Raycon: Go to for 15% off your entire Raycon order. Function of Beauty: Go to to get 20% off your first order. Feals: Become a member at and get 50% off your first order + free shipping. Candid: Go to code GGE for your risk-free starter kit + $75 off. 

Cringey Social Media, Selfie Tips, and The Royals feat. Chicks in the Office

Girls Gotta Eat

  • about 1 month ago
  • 01:38:58

We're so excited to collab with the Friday Energy pop culture queens, Ria and Fran of Chicks in the Office! We chatted with them about all the gossip of the moment (Royals, Bachelor, Kardashians, Harry and Olivia), but also tapped into their own personal lives/boyfriends, and social media expertise. We're discussing whether cringey social media is a dealbreaker, following/liking hot models on Instagram when you're in a relationship, how to take better photos for your own feed, and more. And before we bring in the Chicks, we're going off about NYC's energy, the vaccine, and Botox/fillers. Hope you enjoy! Follow Chicks in the Office on Instagram @ChicksInTheOffice, Fran @FrancescaMariano, and Ria @MariaCiuffo. Follow us @GirlsGottaEatPodcast, Rayna @Rayna.Greenberg, and Ashley @AshHess. Check our website for show dates and merchandise. Thank you to our partners this week: Nutrafol: Get 20% off your first order + free shipping at with code GGE20. Calm: Get 40% off a premium subscription at Rory: Try out Nightly Defense for just $5 at Daily Harvest: Get 25% off your first box at with code GGE. 

Pandemic Proposals and Facetime Sex feat. Hannah Berner and Des Bishop

Girls Gotta Eat

  • about 1 month ago
  • 01:29:18

In their first podcast interview since getting engaged, we have Hannah Berner of Bravo's Summer House and comedian Des Bishop join us to discuss their whirlwind romance. We're talking about age differences (15 years between them), Facetime sex (they give tips), the Gen X DM slide, going from 0-60 between the first and second date, moving in together quickly, healthy fights (we witness one), and more. We also share our listeners' stories of pandemic proposals, engagements, and breakups (yikes). And we're dropping a crazy Catfish update from Rayna's story last week, Ashley shares an insane customer service experience, and we taste test flavored condoms. Enjoy!  Follow Hannah on Instagram @BeingBernz and Des @DesBishop. Check out their podcasts Berning in Hell and Des Bishop Podcast. Follow us @GirlsGottaEatPodcast, Ashley @AshHess, and Rayna @Rayna.Greenberg. Check our website for merchandise, show dates, and to sign up for our newsletter. Thank you to our partners this week: Ritual: Get 10% off your first 3 months at Buffy: For $20 off your first purchase of $80 or more, visit and enter code GGE. HelloFresh: Go to and use code GGE12 for 12 free meals + free shipping. Dame: Get 15% off your first order at