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He brought over a travel pair of Bunyon correctors, I repeat, a travel pair of his girlfriend.


Hi, guys, welcome back to the first three year anniversary episode.


Oh, my God, it's about is up is probably oh my God, I can't believe it. It's like a real anniversary. Like, this is really right about when we started the podcast in the days, like one and two didn't matter. Oh, no, I didn't care about those. I don't care about two. I cared about one because like it's like we did it. Yes. And I was totally kidding. You know, I care about all our anniversaries.


I'm super sentimental side. But also like the month of our second anniversary was the best month of our lives. We had a billboard in Times Square last year on a world tour. It just who cared best of our lives year. No one asked, can't stress enough. We're going to be that person that peaked in twenty twenty. Like how I feel like like high school athletes. They talk about they're like, oh my God was glory days. Oh my God.


No, I feel like we'll make a comeback when in like December of twenty twenty one. OK, we'll be you know totally. Yeah. No I totally agree with I've never looked better so this is my year. I do feel good. My ways have got a little more snatched in the last two weeks has it. Yeah. You look great. Thank you. Great to thank you so much. I was like OK, we're going to take our part is going to roll right along.


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OK, I am so juiced up for this episode and it was not our idea. And I'm going to say right now we had a whole other topic planned and you're going to get that in April.


I was, I was on my way out the door to come over to record. But you know what? My favorite sentence do you say to me is do you want to record a different I, I like I get ready. I'm just like, all right, well, there's nothing that I love more that, like, I will masturbate to more than somebody canceling plans on me last minute. Yeah, well, I think about me all the time like I'm sorry, can we reschedule.


It just got really windy out but I don't live my truth more though.


I'm trying to just like flat out tell people I just don't want to. There's no excuse. I'm not coming because I don't I love saying sorry. I don't want to I just don't want you did it the other day.


And so I didn't have to. And I was like I like agonized. I was going to tell somebody I didn't want to go on this trip to this particular place. It was asking, I don't like skiing. And you got in there and you were just like I was like, what excuse am I going to make? And you were like, no, I get invited on probably two to three ski trips a year.


And I'm like, Oh, I don't do that. I don't want to do it. I don't said no. Yeah. And it's like I love winter and outdoors and nature, nature's air conditioning, you know, I love cold weather. I love Oprey ski, I love everything about it. But I don't really like going on ski trips because I feel like an outsider and I don't like the way it feels. You and I would like you and I would go and you and I would sit in the house alone together and read and cook and drink.


But we do that in New York. So what I really want to do, which is I'm probably not gonna happen this year, but I want to do a winter vacation that doesn't include skiing because I am dying to a dog sled, be walk around in snowshoes, see a snowmobile, because, you know, I love to jet ski. So of course, snowmobiling is like my vibe. So I'm like, really love all that stuff. It's just kind of the ski, not for me.


And I just it's one of those things. My dad skis all the time, my brother skis, all my friends ski pretty much. And it's just like I love that I found a fellow non skier because every ski season I hate it and I'm just waiting for it to be over because I hate Instagram, because I feel like a fucking door. OK, so here's like also the track and you guys tell us where we should go that has this.


But like if you go to like Nemacolin Woodlands, it's The Bachelor. It's just like a ski resort. There's nothing to do there. If you go to like a town like Aspen, there's actually like restaurants, bars, fun stuff to do, like why you're not skiing. So like there's actually stuff to do. So that's attracted to a town. Oh, absolutely. Yeah. And I did a ski trip. This was a couple of years ago with all my Atlanta friends.


We went to Breckenridge and like I got a massage one day and then I would just meet them and drink. I skied one day. I am not a good skier. I didn't ski in years. They brought me up on a black. My friend Travis had to help me down. I would go, you had physical. Now you sit down. And it was so, so bad to add another girlfriend. Like, was there and she goes fun and Skatoff and Travis helped me, it was like so scare shit of outside of ski accident when I was like 13, where I like ice skating, I like I really fucked up.


So it's not for me. I don't want it. I don't know why we're talking about this, why I'm sure that I want to put all that fucking clothing on on Earth. I don't want to be cold. I want to, like, lug my ass up a mountain and just like, go down. It's like the joy I get from that is not the drag. It is on a swing on the way up.


So this one ski trip we took me, it was I've gone. I can ski a little bit. I just I don't really enjoy it. I'm not good. So I can go down like the small hills and stuff like that. I know how to ski barely. And we went and this was I think this is four girls, four or five girls so many years. I think I was the the the winner. Like when I was home from freshman year in college, I was like eight.


So it was like eighteen and we went skiing. We had a really fun girls trip, one skiing one day like up don't know Pennsylvania or whatever. And Corey is so good at skiing. Shocker. She's just so good at like athletic stuff is like my best friend aside from Right. And Kate court. And she hadn't fallen all day. She was killing it. I wrote up the lift with her as we got off the lift. I got all fucked up in our skis, got crossed.


It fell. She was so pissed. She was like a bitch. I've been falling all day. You made me fall. That's I'm not a person. I make people fall. I fall. I'll get crushed by the ski lift getting off. And and we I dropped one of my poles going up the hill. I just dropped the person you killed a person I know, like so late. So I dropped it. Corey was like, oh my God.


She was like, I'll ski down. You take mine all ski down with one pole. You know, she's just so good you can just ski without poles. She gave me her pole, she ski down one pole and she found my pole and it was had been sliced in half somewhat over.


You could have killed somebody, first of all, if it came straight down on to them or if they had slipped. I know. I know that I've right right now I feel bad. You should. But I mean, listen, how many people are on the mountain if, you know, it wasn't like super crowded and I think I wasn't that far up. It it didn't fall out. But who just drops their pole hang hanging up? I'm just the worst.


When I was one time on a ski trip and I got off the lift and my skis just went wherever and I veered to the right and I skied right into a ski school, a circle of kids school and took a kid out. They were like they were doing a lesson. You know, I could show up at ski school, by the way, because you have, like, the masks on and the hood and the jacket and everything. And, like, you don't really know how old anybody is on the size of a child.


I saw I kids go out to ski school. You would just think I was one of the twelve year old. Totally right. But yeah, I skewed like, I just I was like, oh no, no, no, no. I just kept going. I plowed through two kids I fell in the middle of they were in a circle and I was in the middle of their circle. Fucked up the circle.


So far they know people love to ski with me because it's so funny and I'm so bad. I know. And now I just don't go. I'm living my truth. I was going to say no. Yeah. Oh, obviously, life is short.


We all know that now. So say no to shit you don't like.


It feels awesome. OK, what is going on. OK, we have a great plan today. OK, so anyway we got off track but I like I said, this was inspired by a listener that emailed us. We were ready to record a whole different topic for this bonus episode, which we have another one coming in April allegedly. So you'll get to hear what that was about then. It's already planned out. But anyway, this was an email from a listener named Olivia and she wrote with this is just I love this so much.


She wrote with the podcast Anniversary coming up, it might be cool to check in with some famous guests or stories like Job Girl to see where they're at. Now, another thing could be asking your how your audience lives have changed from the start of the podcast till now. For example, in the podcast start in two eighteen, I was teaching fifth grade and dating my boyfriend long distance over the past three years. I dealt with a long distance relationship for two years, then found out he was cheating on me for six months, struggled through a heartbreaking breakup, was inspired to make a change in career path.


And I just graduate with a master's degree from UGA. Now I'm single navigating the apps and planning on moving to ATL to further my career in social life. You all have seriously guided me through it all. So we wanted to credit her because we want to give credit where it's due and we're going to do everything, she said. So she outlined the episode. Now you guys are it's about. But what we're going to do today is obviously, of course, dedicate this episode to you guys.


We're going to talk about growing in three years specifically, Olivia. I mean, you guys know how we've grown. We're not going to harp on it too much. We talk about how we've grown, how much we love you every single week. But we're going to catch you up on the our former guests and what they have going on. We're going to check in with some, like, really crazy emails we've gotten over the years, worked on all of them.


Yeah, I'm obviously talking about how our lives have changed, and that's it. This episode is dedicated to you guys, also to us, because we worked really hard for the last three years of the show. And we are just so honored that you guys are still here with us and rode it out. And if you are a newer listener and you're like, I don't know who these people are, these stories are like, we will tell you the original story.


So we're not just going to like anyway. So Bunyon girl and you. I have no background, so if you're new here, this episode, you should you'll be able to follow along and there are all sorts of stories. Yeah, these ones we we knew which ones people probably asked for, but we crowdsourced it anyway. So do you want to talk about where you are now? Yeah, I'm in your apartment. I at my beautiful apartment that I am able to live in because of this podcast.


Actually, it's funny. It's the first thing I wrote down about where I am now. I moved from Brooklyn, Brooklyn to Manhattan, literally.


Yeah. You had such a big boom. I lived in Manhattan. I lived in Brooklyn for eight years, which is nice. I went from never being on a stage in my entire life to selling out. Seventy five years is going to be so much better than my no life change. So it's almost over.


I mean, I went from never working out my entire life to five, six days a week. I work out, my hair is growing. I got new teeth.


I got my thought is good.


OK, keep it off. I respect that. You know, you and I have talked about, like, how we've personally grown in terms of, like, our knowledge. We started the podcast. I think we've always given a really great advice and I'm always proud of the content we put out since day one. We talk about that a lot. But in these three years, I think that you and I really like made it our business to like, learn about every psychological theory, about dating, relationships, love, really read the books, the people that come on the show, psychological theory, psychiatrist, writers, authors.


So I'm just I'm really proud that we have, like, really, really made it our business to, like, go out and get a degree in these things. And I'm proud of the advice I'm able to give today. I was proud of the advice I gave day one, too, but I'm like really, really proud of yourself. And I have one more thing I want to say, but maybe I'll let you have. Your life has changed.


I'm going to talk about a little more like bigger, OK? I mean, not to, like, get too cheesy with it, but I just found my purpose in life. Like, ultimately, I've never felt so fulfilled. Like, this is exactly where I need I say my teeth. And now you're saying a beautiful thing. No, I mean, I pretty much look the same, right. I still haven't gotten fillers like I'm still here.


Same face. Hopefully I do. Look, sometimes I look back, I'm like, who is she? She looks so young. But it's like, no, I just I found my true purpose in life. I mean, before girls got to eat, I was doing influencer stuff. KROSBY Basic stand up writing. So I was moving in the right direction, but I just hadn't put it all together yet and figured it all quite out. And I knew there was more for me.


And I, I really just wanted to make an impact. I wanted to empower women in some way. I want to talk about relationships. I wanted to make people laugh. And I just that's all the reasons. Like, I want to start this. And if you guys really want more info on how we started this podcast, we did a bonus episode in Twenty Twenty, How Gigi came to be. And that's our that's our origin story. But I just I found what I need to do in life.


I feel so fulfilled. And I mean, prior to the pandemic, like, I felt like I was living in a dream, but like a dream that I created for myself, like that we created for ourselves. And I just had so many years of working toward this and struggling for money and feeling like I was behind and seeing other people get ahead and wondering, you know, like I have so much self-confidence. I always knew I was destined for big things, but still just wondering if I would ever get there, like, you never know for sure.


And so this was just the thing for me.


You know, I don't have to right now. At least I don't have to worry about money, which is nice, you know, and our career is on a great trajectory, obviously could be better with outside of a pandemic. But we're just going to keep doing more and more and not get complacent. One day I'll finally write a fucking book and we have some really fun, exciting things happening in the next year that we can't wait to share with you guys.


And yeah, I mean, that's that's ultimately for me. I can kick it back to you and I want to I still want to talk a little bit about dating and just kind of like evolving as a person and then we can wrap it up. Yeah. So, you know, two things I've learned, especially this year and things you either taught me is first thing is, you know, of course, the the weight of your words and, you know, to be more careful and more thoughtful about what you say and how you express yourself and things that you think are funny or that you think are edgy and, you know, really taking into account what other people are going through and other people's story and what they've gone through.


And so, of course, you know, no one wants to be told that they're wrong or not funny or not nice, but I really learned about the weight of our words. And the other thing that you guys have really taught me that I didn't even really realize because I grew up in such a sex positive home and I grew up really empowered to talk about a lot of things, but I didn't really realize how many women were constantly shame for every single thing I thought and felt and wanted to do.


And, you know, whether it's that you want to touch yourself and masturbate, you want to have better sex with your partner talking about abortions and miscarriages and sexual assault. And I didn't know how many women felt so afraid to talk about these things because my mom always told me my whole life, something happens to you. You tell somebody if you feel something, you tell somebody. And I didn't realize how many women were told to be quiet and to sit down and to not see those things.


And so if you and I can be the people that normalize that conversation and make people feel not alone and make people feel like, oh, my God, other people are going through this, then like, I'm so excited by that. And whether it's something really huge, like we've encouraged you. To report an assault or something really fun and wonderful, like we've encouraged them to masturbate more but stuff and get something in your butthole, I'm like, I'm really, really proud to have the stage to normalize those kind of conversations.


And I think we've earned it. You know, like I think you and I made it our business to be an expert in this field and and to support women. And we've done that. If you listen to your messages. Yeah, I just I can't believe we get to do it. It's like such an honor. And I just want to, like, not not ever fuck it up. But I mean, I feel like I've just continued to evolve and change as a person.


I feel like I become more empathetic. I have always had a drive to help people in need, but like more than ever and just kind of like give back and use my voice for good. And a lot of this is just kind of like growing up and paid more attention. This is not necessarily just related to the podcast, but just we all grow up and change. And I just feel like I have gotten more empathetic and compassionate. And, you know, we just hear and digest so many stories from, like you said, from our listeners, from our guests.


And, yes, realizing everyone has their own struggle. Everyone is not like you brought up like you. They don't think like you. They weren't raised like you. And it just ultimately that is empathy and compassion. And I just I feel I hope and I feel like I am constantly just becoming a better person with the help of what we've been able to do.


I've seen you really I mean, honestly, really put your money where your mouth is, the pandemic. You've done so many amazing charitable things. I'm so impressed. And I want to talk about our relationship in three years because now we've known each other for about three and a half years at this point. But, you know, I've see a lot of like work relationships just like blow up and dissolve and people's egos get involved and they can't work together.


And I think the narrative is that women can't work together and that they'll hate each other. And it's just like that hasn't been the case for us. And I think our relationships like better than it ever has been. And I'm like so proud of our partnership. And we talk about that all the time. But like, I think that we both work really hard. And I think there's like a great balance. And I'm really proud of like that.


We have grown in the exact same direction in three years or so. I said we're so blessed. It is it's not just women. It's rare for anybody. You see, men break up all the time. They just business partners in general. Like what we have is like so it's so sacred. And, you know, we we've learned a lot and a lot. This is baptism by fire. How do you start a podcast? How do you start merchandise company?


How do you build a website? How do you build a cool Instagram account? You know, a lot of this was just trial and error, baptism by fire, working seven days a week. We get messages saying, like, how do I start podcast? How I do X, Y and Z. We opened up the computer and Googled it. It worked really hard every single day for a lot of years that this this doesn't just happen overnight.


This is something we worked really, really hard on. And if you want to do something, put your head down and do it. Yeah. And I just our relationship is so special. I mean, like, I just feel like I found, like, a lifelong partner and you and I mean, yes, I have best friends. I had best friends before. Kate and Corey are still my best friends. They're like family. They're always there for me and my other friends, too.


I have incredible, amazing friends at a lot of them. But like, you've just become this like life partner, this business partner. I know you have my back at all times. It's just different like we are family, but we're more than that to like it's just it's really special. And I don't know, this is so cheesy, but you always hear, like, these couple these people on reality shows and just in general say, like, I want to find a partner to build an empire with.


And it's like you really want to do that with your husband or wife, but go off. But like, we really did it together. We built a dream together, like it's just the most special thing in the world. And I feel so happy about it. And I mean, as far as like dating and love, I mean, let's not forget we started this podcast. I said I wanted to get engaged that year. Now, I don't even know if I want to get engaged ever.


You know, like, I just I feel like I have so much love and respect for myself. And I realize you don't need a romantic partner to fulfill you, to complete you. I've said it so many times. I feel like the biggest realization I feel like I did have was at the end of maybe two thousand eighteen. So I talked about this the first episode, twenty eighteen. If you don't get to come in and like, fuck me up anymore.


And I feel like I have such a strong grasp on what marriage and long term relationships will look like and that they're not necessarily for everyone. And I still don't know what's what will happen with me. We all know I don't want children, but like I just feel like if I am true to myself and I stay authentic to myself and I'm open to love or whatever, I just I have confidence that it will work out for me, whatever that may be.


And I just I know so much more about guys and how they think and how they act. And I don't take things as personally. I know we say this all the time and I don't let myself feel is rejected and sad about guys as I used to prior to the show. It's a nice feeling of like control. Like I feel so much more in control of myself, my emotions, my happiness, like I control my life. I control my happiness.


You don't get to come in here. And of course, I get down. I'm a human. You're a human. We get upset, but like, it rolls off our back quicker. We don't let it take over our lives. And I know so much of that is just like how we've been able to, like, find our purpose, feel more fulfilled and just all that we've learned and like the information that we've amassed and how it's helped us kind of live our truth.


O I always felt like I sort of colored outside the lines a little bit. And like my mom said to me, you know, you always marched to the beat of your own drum. And I sort of took that as an insult. There's that. I don't think she meant it as an insult, but I was like, well, I don't want to be like that. I want to be like all the other girls that are satisfied with this, like nine to five job.


And I want to be like everybody else that got married at twenty seven and has kids. And I thought for so long, like, what's wrong with me. A bit like I don't fit into that box and that's not what my life looks like. And why don't no one like why isn't that working out for me. And then also like why don't I really want these things necessarily why I'm not satisfied with this. And this progress is really made me feel like that's OK.


And like you said, you found your purpose and weird time. I was offline the other day, but I think people put so much stock into the relationship and finding the relationship and really a relationship. When you think about all the things in your life, the relationship you have with your friends and your family, your jobs, your hobbies, your body, your health, the only thing you don't have control over is another person you're dating. And we put so much stock into those things.


And what I did, even though we have a dating relationship podcast, I put so much stock into all those other things for three years. You know, I didn't have the greatest relationship, my mom, my whole life or my brother, you know, and my relationships with all those people are so great right now. We've built a good network and I'm proud of my life. And I've always said, you know, if a man comes along and great and if they don't, then that's fine, too.


And I don't mind being single. And for so long I felt like what's wrong with me? And like, why am I so outside of the lines what other people get to have? And it's like just because other people have those things don't make them don't make them happy. And it doesn't mean that they won't end. And, you know, I've just I've done what you and I've always said, which is to just build a life that I'm proud of.


And so for three years, I've worked on that and that's what I've done. Oh, my God. This is like really this is like meeting a lot. I also love you and my time with you. I've I'm some guy with like, say that's me in the bedroom. Some guy told me he was going to stroke his cock to my Instagram all night.


And I was like, oh my God, that's amazing. I know about you, though. And I wanted to just, like, plug you one more time.


I've always just can't recommend me enough caring about working with Angelina. I know you always put us first, put the business first, and I trust you. And you've never done anything in three years that have made me feel like what's going on here. I don't trust this person. And again, I think that that's that's hard to come by that and just the work ethic, like I talked to this before, we don't even have hammered home anymore, like I asked you to do this.


And I had been like Lokey vetting you prior to that of like figuring out if you were someone you like to work hard and was smart and creative. And it's like, you know, but I still didn't know you didn't know really enough about me. And so we just like we're so, so lucky. Like, I think we yes, we work hard. It's not luck that we've built this successful business, but it's lucky that we found each other and lucky that, like, we are so honest and transparent with each other, we share a bank account, like we're in pretty deep, you know, and we just we had one week.


Rayna was so sick she couldn't work. It was before we had two holiday shows. I had to plan them all. Rayna could not work. She physically not work. I've had days recently. I could not work. I was crying. I was so devastated. Like, you have to you have to pick up the slack like it's how it is with any real partner in your life and you know your you know, your husband, your wife, your, your boyfriend, your girlfriend.


Like it's it's a business relationship. But like that's what it's all about. It's like someone picks up the slack and someone makes your life easier when you can. And that's why you have that's why people enter into partnerships. They want that. They need that. And like we have that with each other. Yeah. You know, we wouldn't have this this community if it wasn't for you guys. And you guys have such amazing ideas and you really have this whole episode was inspired by this.


Yeah. Half of the emails in this episode are about designers, and that's what makes us work so hard on this. So it's for you. But yeah, my small things, I fulfilled my lifelong dream of going to Australia. Koala's, that's I flew Delta one the first time doing that.


I got to go to the lounge. And I mean, I just I really do love where I live.


It's so important. I moved to New York. I moved into it like a like a trap house that shouldn't have been inhabited. Our first studio was not legit. I really like to live there. I don't think it was safe or anything. I think it was up to code in anyway. And that's what I could afford at the time. And I've upgraded I've upgraded my life. I love where I live. I'm happy every day is this is a small apartment, but it's like my favorite place to be.


And that just that's meant a lot to that. We still September 1st of twenty nineteen was like really a really special day for me. When I moved in here, I was here.


Yeah, yeah. I have to do anything. It was great you packed a mug.


OK, so maybe we will actually just run through a few of our partners before we get into it. And just to tease what's coming next is all the people you want to know about.


Now we, Gormogon, all of them, Bunyan's for job, all the thing. And we didn't leave anything out. Just you guys know, we went we went through every single former episode and we got the tea on all of them. We got to see. OK, so I am going to tell you guys about a partner that we haven't talked about in a minute, but I'm excited to talk about them again. And maybe you're listening on some of them right now, Rakan ear buds, we listen to podcasts, we listen to music, we work out.


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Oh, that's so cute. It's not that.


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So all in stock items are delivered in two weeks or less. I have had nightmare situations where I boarded a couch and it took 12 weeks, so that would never happen there. And then there are 30 day return policy with simple returns and exchanges. Really can't say enough about them should. I've gotten so many pieces from them rugs, lamps, all of her outdoor furniture is from there. And this is just where I want to get all my stuff.


I'm obsessed with their all their furniture and the way they put it all together. And then what I'd love is like if you look at a piece, you can kind of see what other people have done with it. They put other people's Instagram photos. So I'm not the best designer, but I can replicate what I see. So if you were like, I love this chair, let me see how other people put this chair in their space. I mean, their website just go to it and like its decor porn.


Yep. And then we'll give you a discount so that you guys can start shopping. Now, article is offering our listeners fifty dollars off your first purchase of one hundred dollars or more. Go to article dotcom sluggy and the discount will automatically be applied at checkout. That's article dotcom syzygy to get fifty dollars off your first purchase of one hundred dollars or more. OK, I am so excited about this. OK, so I should. I went back through all of our former episodes, looked up every guest and were friends, a lot of them.


And we have lots of pregnancy and abstinence marriage engagements, engagement announcements, one divorce announcement. Ashley and I have none of those things happen for me, actually. Yeah. I mean, and it's not every single gasp. It's like the ones that really have something happen. And we're sorry we forgot anybody, but let's not every single guys we've had in the history of guess would take like an hour, but like just the ones that really have updates.


And of course, you guys can always follow these people on Instagram, Seus updates for yourself. But we thought we would share some, so I'll kick it off. Let's see. Andrew Collin and Nikki Glaser, we had it together. Well, they live together. They live together in St. Louis. They are starting a new podcast and march. You guys can check that out. They'll both be on it. Chris DiStefano, another baby on the way.


I don't know if this is this is we're allowed to announce, as he's talked about in his podcast, we're not like breaking the news. He's. Another baby with the same woman. I have another girl. I mean, he was so clearly so in love with her years ago when he was on our show. Yeah. And he's a girl, dad. Now, Amy Frazer, we talked about her terrible break up and cheating situation, and she was in New Zealand with her child and her boyfriend, and they are engaged.


Dale, are Dale single on the what we thought he was, but now he's like spotted with Claire? We don't know what's going on, guys, but prior to that news, we've been texting a little, not like that, but we are trying to get him an upcoming episode. He's expressed to me like he wants to come on the podcast, but he just wants to let things simmer down a little bit. So Dave is doing OK. Connor beaten and Vienna Ferran, they had a baby having a baby, so.


That's there. That ship has sailed. You know, we respect their marriage, but we love Qatar. But yeah, so they're locked in Casey Balsom and her what? She engaged. She's engaged. She came on the show. She was engaged. They had like a covid small wedding. I think they really had it. But yeah. So they're planning a wedding covid hit. So they they end up getting married. Andrew Shults is engaged and Bajram had her baby.


Derek Pace is engaged and living in Iowa or something. Yeah, he's off. He's off the map. Eden Greenspan is pregnant with baby number two. Hannah Burner has a boyfriend. I have a crush on him. I'm going on her podcast in a couple of weeks. And I'm like, am I going to tell her? Like, I don't want to make it weird. You know, he's older and he's so sexy. OK, Heather McMann got married.


Yeah, OK. Right. Yeah, married. They just did like a little wedding. OK, and I'm going to kick it to you. I was going to let you read this one. But listen, I watched the show so much so. Yeah. Yep. Shapp, one of our first guests like years ago, Rose, yet Rose has a girlfriend, which is crazy. It's funny that we've announced that two people are in relationship.


She never would have seen it coming. He has a girlfriend. Crispi Our actually our very first guest ever got married and moved to the middle of nowhere to move. Yeah, they live in upstate New York. They have like a farm estate and they're like constantly working on this farm estate. So they're paid. They just like of city. Kourtney and Casey, who are on our show two summers ago, got married also. That was a lot. Yeah.


Kourtney McGinest, Casey James Salenko, last episode we ever had in the old house studio. And they were engaged. They had been killing it. They had graduated from couples therapy and they got married at Sidney Washington, who could not be more beautiful, is now like a chef on Instagram and a cat lady I played Cat Lady AM Mike Cannon. If you'll remember, my cat and my fiancee were on our show in June of twenty nineteen. My candidate is baby and my fitty got a dog.


Got a dog. And can I tell you that I helped him with his dog announcement.


I said you should do an ultrasound of the like of a dog and it I met Miramshah who was our doctor that we have to the show for our episode about abortion recently was is very recently engaged. We have one divorce which we we're working on now. We're talking about somebody because so many of our guys have put out books, comedy specials, TV shows in the last year or so. You know, always just follow along with these people. We have people on the show that we love and respect and we love and respect their work and we're really excited to promote it.


So always follow along with these people. There's tons of really, really great content that they've all put out. Yeah, just a couple of years before we get into our best listener submissions, stories someone wrote that they wanted just updates on the guys we talked about with McKale is reading. So we had Mistick Mikhaila on. She read our auras and she read the words of guys that we had dated. And that was in the summer this past summer.


And my more student, more serious acts for me.


And then a guy that I dated casually and she was spot on nothing with my ex ex that's I mean she whatever. I'm sure that's still accurate. Whatever she said, if you wanna listen back. But the other guy, it was spot on. She was like, he's not going to have sex with you. Like it's just not going to really progress anymore because we had been dating before whatever in the pandemic kind of threw a wrench into it. And then Kelly pulled a card on that guy, too.


We talked about this with her when she came on and she said, I just see you getting disappointed like they both were so spot on, like everything they said about him was accurate. So now, obviously, she's she's incredible. Now, I believe in psychics. That's my three year update. I really didn't used to believe in stuff. And it's just like we've been blown away by these people and then yours be two of them held true. I guess you saw that guy.


Not true truth. There was one about somebody who, like, I didn't actually date. I was just like so in love with. And she was like, that's just not the guy for you. And I'm just sort of like watched his life over the last year. I'm like, oh, you don't live a life that I like. Yeah. The other one is actually that's the guy that I spent like Christmas in New York with who I said to like I had spent a bunch of time with we like rekindled things through the fall.


And just like she said, he just wants to live on a boat and I don't know, sail off into nowhere. And he's like, happy for me and proud of me. But like, our lives don't matter in any way. And I don't think he likes shames me for it, but like, that's just where our lives are going to lie. So that's how our life is going to be. And so she was dead on about that, too.


Yeah, I've asked her about two things since I asked her. Can I send her a picture of a house I was looking at buying and it's crazy. She said, you can have this if you want it, but you're not going to. And I was like, why would I not? I got kind of mad about it. We went down there to see it. It was it was at the beach and I did it and it was part of the neighborhood.


Like what? She nailed it. I asked about this dog situation. I don't really need to get into it. She nailed that, too. She's just incredible. So I don't know. We're just going to give an update on her that she's still accountable. We miss her every day.


Oh, it's hard for me to not text her literally. All the time, yeah, because I had a situation with a guy in the fall also who Kelly told me she did a reading, I cried, it was fine. It was hard to not text McKeyla, but, yeah, that guy's life sucks, too, now also. So, listen, it's just your opinion is that everybody who's not dating as their life sucks now. Yeah, exactly.


And they've slowed down really hard always. OK, should we get into a few of our best stories? We crowdsource these and we really got so many of the same that you guys want to hear about. So we're going to do that. A couple of things. There was a few that we did get updates on and that just weren't I don't want to say appropriate. There's one that you guys wanted.


And I know I talked to him. It's a guy and you can take your guesses. And he just didn't feel comfortable. I have been talking to him for years now. So I got, you know, like I got updates on him before. It was a situation that we went over with one of our former guests, and he just was like, I'm past this. It wasn't a great thing for me and I am in a better place now.


And I would not I'd actually don't what you guys talk about. So I was like, sure. So if you're like, why didn't you talk about this person? That could be why. Yeah, we we want to respect everybody. And there's nobody there to talk about today that we didn't check. We got permission and then thank that they know that they're really. But again, also, if you're a newer listener, we've done so many segments over the years.


I'm almost called. Is it weird? Inspired by listener psycho Mesoblast Rina. Is it weird what I say?


Is it weird I didn't get it or not of this took a turn that we've done so many segments. And so these are all inspired by those different ones that we got on the podcast. And do you want to start? We're going to read you. We're going to catch you up on the stories first. Do you want to read about Fat Job Girl? Yeah, let's just come out of the gate with a job girl. You know, we're friends.


We became friends. So I already knew this. I already knew everything was going on. But I said, can you just write us a quick update, like in a concise, you know, paragraph so we can read it on the on the show? And she said, absolutely. The background is this was just a girl that was dating this guy. That was that was really great. And he wanted for jobs. We talked about it with Jared and Jordanna and we were like, no big deal.


He'll probably just wonderful job. And then that'll be it. So it was that was a pretty simple story. We don't need to read the original email. It's just about this guy went in for jobs and they did continue to date. They kind of like they had a serious relationship, she said for job guy broke my heart fall of twenty nineteen very unexpectedly. I was devastated for a long time as this is my first real heartbreak. But now I see that this was for the best.


He told me to never tell anyone about what we did. So naturally I told the entire JGI Facebook page and made hundreds of friends. She said, I'm very happy with my life now. I just graduated college. I have amazing girlfriends and I'm building a career path I'm proud of. I spread the full job gospel whenever possible. A few months ago, I met some DJ fans in my neighborhood in South Boston and taught them how to give a foot job.


Did she tell you? When did she tell you? She you know, I'll get more on this show. Oh, my God, let me finish this. I taught them how to give a job in public on the side of the street.


That's amazing to walk by that I have yet to find someone special enough to use my talents on science, but I'm in no rush. I'm living my life for myself and for the new podcast episode every Monday morning. And she's wonderful. We heard a chat. She's now she can actually becomes friends with so many of you guys. You know, we talked about this for years. I become friends with every single person I ever worked for us. Like everybody has been a photographer for us.


Any city, all of our graphic designer, your clothes are with, like those kind of people that I get close to, like the fans. I'm friends with the people we paid. I did tell Rayna not to invite our accountant to her birthday party. One year I was like, you cannot you have to stop this. You got kind of mad. I was like, we have to draw the line somewhere. You told me that I wasn't allowed to invite her to my own birthday.


I didn't even question it.


I was actually a little embarrassed.


I even suggested it. Look, you know, we do our agents. We love that we're friends, that we hang out with them. But I was we have to draw the line our accounts right now. You cannot invite the accounts to your birthday party. It's too close. The account accounts, our business manager. It's like they know more about you, that they know all my grandma borders. Are they CPAs? I don't know. Am I right?


They're Jewish. Oh, my God. They know more about us. They know more about me than you know about my my grandma and I draw that line. OK, ok. This is an email that made us laugh out loud. This is Bunyon girl. This is maybe we're we're coming out a little too strong. Are we going to be to continue this? Well, those are our two most famous. Any disease now we can. OK, ok, we got to OK, but hold dad girl.


Yeah. Bottle we have rosewater we spaghetti hands. Yeah we got them all. OK, let's go. Let's do that. This is ok. Let's be honest, this is probably the most, the funniest, most iconic IMO we've ever read on the show. And this was very early on. It's 2013 and we also like we really dig deep to find emails that aren't just about weird sex stuff like just weird stuff in general. Almost positive. This was the first is this weird segment really.


I'm almost positive, but don't like don't tell me if I'm wrong. I'm all right. So the original email, if you guys haven't been listening, I've been dating this guy for about three months and we're super comfortable with each other. Already, however, I was sleeping in his house and he told me that his bunions hurt and he had to sleep with his Bunyon correctors, I said, sure, because I'm not an asshole. He whips out. The scariest thing I've ever seen, basically is the splints for your bunions.


But the most cringeworthy part was when he was clacking around like a horse walking around in his Bunyon correctors. It sounded like he was wearing gloves, could not live. I mean, it's like bringing me back to mouth media reading this. Kalac at around out the way you think, Clackety.


Yes. And you did that. I was immediately dried up and couldn't have sex that night. Is this a deal breaker? Am I being too sensitive? Is this weird touch base that her name's Tori, so we could say her name so jittery.


Love this girl talk. I just I hope this is funny to you guys that there's a man just clacking around. It was the market. It was the email itself, the whole slacking around him. And then we said, right, it goes by him socks, carpet your apartment, do whatever you need to do. So he's not klac it around. And he was admitted later that you weren't really paying attention at the beginning of me reading the email.


And then you piped up and when you said carpet your apartment, I lost my mind.


It looked like there were moments that I guess it was hot in that studio as bugs. And I just sometimes I just zoned out. I, like, forgot where I was. OK, we have an update. She said walked back in and you were like by himself, carpet your apartment, whatever you have to do. So he's not clacking around.


I of course, I would fill you guys in on Bunyon guy. Bunyon guy is no longer our IP. He didn't die. I'll try to keep it brief, but I'm going to give you guys all the important details. First of all, I need to mention this. After he debuted, his prized Bunyon correctors to me at his apartment. The next time you slept over my apartment, he brought over a travel pair of Bunyon correctors. I repeat a travel pair.


I love this girl so much.


I cannot I don't know. But I did know by doing a thing before him, let alone a travel pair, I was shell shocked and told me, you leave in my apartment again because I'm not an asshole. About a month after I wrote this to you guys, things with binding guy fell apart. I think whipping out the binding characters gave them a new sense of comfort around me. And basically he started expecting our relationship to move extremely fast. He told me he wanted to get engaged within the year, but never once considered my feelings or plans.


I told him I wasn't ready and he was moving too fast. And ultimately I ended the relationship because of this. I guess when a girl doesn't run away from you clacking around in your Bunyon correctors, you want to put a ring on it now. And this amazing guy for one and a half years, and he is Bunyon free a hashtag blast. Also, you can use my first name because I hope I was I was able to. So I hope I was able to bring Bunyon character awareness to the community, stay woak out there also.


Also, she attached a photo of the body and correctors he had. Yes, they they are extremely orthopedic and would dry any girl up. Tori Bunyon guys x. Oh God.


You guys are so funny. I love when you guys write the punch line. Yes. Like no jokes need it. OK, well you know, awareness plug in girl update. We're just going to run through our other two partners and then we will get right back into it. We have so many other good updates for you guys. I am going to tell you guys about Fatfat fun. We're obsessed. I can always tell you guys about the Springboks.


If you don't know if appart fun. It's a seasonal subscription box. They're so great. And the Springboks is centered around the theme grow forth. So it is supporting self care and self growth in the new season ahead for everyone is passionate about showcasing amazing women. Twenty female founded brands are in the spring box this season. Use coupon Kajiji for ten dollars off your first box at Dotcom. OK, so I'm going to tell you guys what I'm just going to get right into it and tell you guys what we're in.


What was in my Spring Fatfat fan box because you can customize them, you can choose the things that you want. So one thing I got is this Jenny Caixin water hyacinth tray. I love Jenny Kane. I've been very recently obsessed with this tray. You can just, like, put it in your apartment and put water on. It's great for a coffee table. I got the splendid faux fur slippers and crystal pink color. I just love some slippers.


I got the bucket hat, the Alison Olivia reversible bucket hat. Obviously I have the this Verso Botanicals Super I Sarum always full size products all the time. That's one of the things I got an arnow Laszlo's see my deep cleansing bar. That's a great brand and like a really expensive bar. So let's see. Oh this pink cactus thermos thing with a straw which is on brand. There's some makeup. Brown's nail polish is all kinds of things. So the boxes are just incredible.


You cannot believe everything. You've got them for the price and they're always just really cool new designers. Like I have stuff that I've gotten, in fact, that phone boxes that I have used and bought. And again, like in terms of like makeup products, even clothes. And one of my favorite robes came in a phablet phone box, we're just obsessed, they always help you discover something new and the value of the box is just so, so incredible.


And then there's membership perks as well. Early access, easy shipping, flash sales, they're more customizations. Maybe even when you just get your first box, you're able to customize a little bit, too. So we want you guys to order your Springboks today. Sign up now so you can snag amazing products like the Jenny Kane water tray or the Vasso Botanical Super Sarum, all the stuff that I mentioned. When you customize, use coupon Gogi for ten dollars off your first box at Wakeford Fatfat.


Fun Dotcom. Get one for yourself. Get one for a gift. Like, can I recommend enough to start your spring off. Right. We love we love these boxes every time I get one. I'm so excited. I'm OK. And then speaking of something that you can do nice for yourself. We're talking about Daim, which are pleasure toys. So damn products. It's a women founded company, is based in Brooklyn. They make toys that close the gap.


I'm going to tell you about a couple of different toys that I like that they make, but their toys are beautiful. I love the material. I love the colors, and I like the versatility as well. So one of the ones that I really love that I have at home is the ARC. It's a G spot vibrator. It's for internal or external use. It's waterproof. They have this photo of somebody with some girl with it in the bathtub.


And I'm like, OK, what are their different modes for? How fast do you want it to vibrate? Obviously, it's medical grade silicone. It comes in some different colors. I love both of the colors, so check that out. It's called the ARC and then also the EVA two, which is hands free. It's so cute. It looks like a little gremlin. It just like clips on inside of your vagina. Basically, it's a cultural stimulator.


You could use them together, which I've suggested in the past. Again, the colors are beautiful, it's waterproof, there's different speeds with the motor and includes a charge in case there's lots of stuff to choose from. It looks nice. The packaging is nice, it's classy. And then of course, they have the palm, which is a flexible vibrator. It sort of bends your needs. All these are great ways to distract guys, help yourself go to sleep or wake up wonderfully.


Listen, give yourself an orgasm and we're going to give us a discount so you can do that even better with DAME, your satisfaction is literally guaranteed for fifteen percent off your first order. Go to DAIM products dotcom JGI. OK, let's get back into it. I'm going to do a quick one. Just tell you guys what happened because you asked and then I'm going to talk about movie theater, anal girl here and I've been chatting. So you if you guys remember I went on this date where the this was back in September, I believe early September, late August.


And the waiter sprayed me in the face with this rosewater come to find out that waiter was fucking one of our listeners. Moms' that was a computer that was like her booty call. And I asked her if her mom is still booty calling that later. She said she'd like to cry, laughing emojis. And she said, I don't believe they're together in that way anymore, but they have this connection or whatever. And she says he's a really important person to her.


I wish I knew how to explain that dynamic in an easy way, but last time I got an unwarranted update from my mom and her dating life, she was seeing someone else. Her mom went through a divorce and her mom, like, has multiple dudes in the mix. Her mom's like sort of an icon. We talked about it. She wrote a whole bunch of stuff. I'm not going to get into my personal business, but she's got the guys and she's got brose in different area codes, all different countries.


And then she had those the young waiter, like her mom's like I was like, is your mom? I can't divorce life. Yeah. She was like she said in the past two, three years of my parents divorce post divorce experience makes me want to write a memoir. So I guess Rosewater Waiter is still part of my mom's life, but she has to meet other guys and so she doesn't really care. And I'll tell you guys about movie theater, anal.


We this was when we asked you guys like crazy stuff you'd done when you were younger, like your younger childhood, teenage years. And her submission was with my first boyfriend in high school when I was 16. I did anal in a movie theater with his brother and mom a few rows up. I got away with it, thank God. But I farted. Come in the bathroom, which was gross. OK, that is just the part. I don't actually remember that.


You read it, read it, but oh, we did not read that part. I would remember it.


All right. Wow. You guys really were like, that's not possible.


Yada, yada. I was like, that's not possible. And his mom's in the room.


So she sent me even a video like, she's cute. She's so great. And she was like, I promise you, I'm not lying. I know you guys think I'm lying, but I'm not. She she gave me the and I asked her, like, all the day I was like, can you give me, like, all the time? And she was like, of course, look at me all the time. She said he was my first boyfriend I lost my virginity to.


I started dating. I was fifteen. The anal situation happened. I was sixteen. The movie was a Kristen Stewart movie. It was a like American, something I don't know, something you guys don't know about. And she was on her period. So she had a tampon and they couldn't do normal sex. And she was like, I was young and Sprite at the time. Anal didn't hurt. Now it does. But that's besides the point.


She said the first time I did anal with him, my boyfriend at the time, this sounds like a lie and this is super embarrassing for me. So seriously, please keep this entire situation anonymous, please, she said. But I shit on his dick. The first time we did anal, I cried and started freaking out. He was super nice and calm and had baby wipes. Guys, that's so normal, by the way. Like anal, usually there is soap up there by poopy involved.


And so she was like that first was clearly not trauma, clearly not traumatizing enough for me not to do it again. So, yeah, the movie theater time was just one of the many anal situations with that first boyfriend of nine since then, I have I haven't done anal with any guy. I don't know why. Just hurts too much now, I guess anal with my high school thing, because now I'm 22 and I eat ass and then she's having this really funny video.


She's so cute. And she said, I got to please keep this anonymous. So that's the update on the movie theater girl she's asked. Let me see the video. What the video is her like showing you how she. No, no, no. Being like I know this sounds crazy. I, I need you to see my face and a lot like I had my period as a whole. Things like you don't you just don't have to fuck in a movie theater like no one was making you.


She was like, you know, it was just it was this weird situation where at the movies we had to fuck and his mom was there. So we definitely had to find his brother. Right. So he got on the floor in the movie theater. Oh, that's you're right. OK, that was an update we had talked about before. The first time she actually tagged us in a story. I reposted her story. This was a while back.


And she goes, Hi, I'm movie theater, anal girl. And then I was like, oh, my God, girl, we've been dying to talk to you. And so I did ask how she said he was laying on the ground and I wrote him and we were hiding behind the seat since we are on the floor. So, yes. And then I gave you that update and you were like he was laying on a dirty movie theater.


There's no process there. Yeah. You know, one is making you fuck in a movie theater. And this guy was like, we're doing it. I'm going to get on the floor in a movie theater. I can't get over it, guys. OK, next, we're doing one of Rayna's favorites. This is an email. We use it in our YouTube reel. It's a classic. This is dead butthole. Oh, my God. I'm so glad I got to do this.


OK, that butthole. Let's do the original email because it's a good one. OK, of course. OK, my dad is a key to my house because he often comes over to check on the dogs, etc.. A few months ago I had brought a dude from his home one night. The next morning we were fooling around and my dad comes over unannounced and walks in on me but was naked on all fours, giving the dude a blowjob on top of the sheets on my bed.


There is literally no time to react or put anything over me. There was nothing to save me. My dad saw everything. He freaked, shut the door and ran out. The guy looked at me and said, I think I just locked at your dad. I said, Yeah, well, I think my dad just locked eyes with my bottle. So I think I have a bigger issue. Keep in mind, I'm thirty two years old. Thirty two.


They should not be happening to women our age. It's you. If you're eighteen, it's like. All right, well, you didn't have to lock the door, but like, OK, so we have an update. Sadly, Butthole Guy and I only made it three more dates after this tragedy. I was hoping it'd be a great story at our wedding, but he turned out to be a total doorknob. I've never heard anybody say that before, but pretty funny.


Luckily, my dad and I are super close and we were able to smile, really laugh it off. But we have never spoken about it again until last weekend when he decided to drunkenly bring it up at dinner. I don't know why I thought this is an appropriate time to clear the air, but he definitely knows now that he has to announce himself before just letting himself in. Thanks for checking in and looking forward to hearing your episode. You guys are ASP's.


I'm sure there are more guys out there just waiting to have a super unfulfilling and awkward sexual encounter with me. So I'll be sure to fill you in when it happens again. So I'm glad you guys that you and your dad are OK. Yeah, listen, my dad watches our live shows. He knows all about Ashley's vagina. He knows about my first vibrator after the live show last week. He knows what I wrote my journal. He knows I was getting just banged out by dudes at nineteen.


So I don't know. Listen, Dad's at some point, I guess, except their daughters are people. Yeah. I just I saw my dad see my butthole next. Let's talk about spaghetti hands. Just quick update. You guys really do want to know about spaghetti hands. This was a girl that her boyfriend's family, they reached into the they reached into the spaghetti pot with their bare hands. So she told us. And you guys thought this was crazy.


It was. It is. It's crazy. She said, my boyfriend and I are still together. I finally brought up the situation and how I felt to him, and now I make fun of him for it every time I cook noodles. Well, my mom also bought one of those spaghetti spoons that is so fatty. Her mom was like, listen, your family's fucked up. I have not eaten spaghetti with this family since this day. I have, however, talked to several people and no one thinks this is a normal thing to do.


My real question now is which of his parents started this? Surely they do not both come from families who use their hands to scoop noodles. Right. OK, so we'll get an update next time she can. She can crack that code.


And still, honestly, even though some girls dad saw her bottle and there's binding kraja, this is one of the weirdest emails to me. I can't imagine it. I know it's hard to picture, but imagine we got one email or one. I forget where this came through and some girl said that her family did that, too. So we did get like one more like validator to understand this.


OK, this is just a quick update because with Kelly night's episode, we are asking Kelly to basically say just give some feedback on some different things. And this girl's sister was dating her roommate. So Kelly pulled cards for these people. And we were just talking about whether that's a good idea about idea what was Kelly's exact feedback. We Kelly, I think Kelly said it was it was good. And because, yeah, the email was kind of crazy, just like her sister was dating her roommate.


That's kind of not the order of how things. I was there, I felt very like new girl, but we all felt good about it, right. All right. So we have an update for you guys to let you know how it's going. Hello, Queens. Hey, girl. Can I read my email about my sister that was dating her roommate and you guys were all rooting for her? Well, I am shocked and so excited to share that she married him last week.


Callie was right. He really is a king, treats her like the royalty that she is. As Callie said it, it was very fast and no breaks, but we couldn't be happier for them. I officiated the wedding with five days notice on a sunny day. Everything is go. Here are some pictures because my sister is the hottest wifey ever. Can't wait for the live show. And she shared pictures really are so. Oh, they're so.


And they just had like a small little thing like, you know, like overlooking San Francisco. OK, this is crazy because that Kelly, that was in the fall. I mean, like they were just started dating in the fall and they're married this really great. You guys asked a lot about the girl who was thinking about women from Kelly's episode. She I talked to her. I feel like you guys were like, does she have a girlfriend?


She does not. She's actually still with her boyfriend. But some things have happened and she feels closer to him than ever. And she feels really supported and she feels in a really good place with her boyfriend, that relationship. So I know you guys were curious. Don't need to read her whole story. But, you know, she just was like, I hope it will let anybody down. We're like, girl, as long as you're happy.


So she's doing great. Yeah, I thought it was great. I think that she feels like you and me in the audience inspired her and empowered her to have those conversations with them. And she did. You know, he knows it's on the table. And and then there was one more that Kelly pulled the devil. Remember that? Yep. I forgot the whole story. Kelly pulled the double card and that girl touched base and said he was the devil and it was awful.


Oh, my God. And that was worse than we could have even anticipated. OK, last one.


This would overwhelmingly shock. This was crazy. It just it's I'm not going to read the whole email bottom line. This girl was engaged and her her fiancee was going to have his ex in their wedding. Has he stayed close with his ex girlfriend? And she was going to be in the wedding and she was getting, like, really crazy. And she was like kind of a bully. It was wild. We were all so shocked by, like, how could this possibly happen?


We met her, the girl who wrote the email in Miami in April twenty nineteen and couldn't believe she was there. She goes back and forth between like Canada and Miami. So we met her in person. We were so excited to meet her. She's such an icon for the story. And so we were like, whatever happened with the ex in the bridal party? And she said, unfortunately, as our wedding was supposed to be in twenty twenty, I am one of those covid brides that has had to postpone.


Our new date is set for later this year and come hell or high water or ex gf. We are getting married. One good thing is we are getting married in Canada and currently they have a mandatory three day quarantine upon entering the country. So although I don't put a passenger show up, it's going to cost her a little more than she probably anticipates. Keep her out. OK, as things progressed following that email I sent two years ago, my fiancee finally saw how crazy she really was and no longer wanted her part of his groomsmen.


I dodged that literal bullet. I hope she continued to slander me on social media for about a year or so. After I sent you that email, I thought that was it until I started receiving threatening letters in the mail with no return address. Unclear how she got our house address. I haven't received anything yet this year, but try not to speak too soon. She remains in contact with my fiance's groomsmen, prying them for information on our new wedding details and trying to have them join her at ambushing our wedding.


They, too, don't understand why she is so fixated on our relationship and after nearly four years, why she can't move on at this point. I don't put it past her to show up at our wedding or even our doorstep. Going to need bodyguards at the wedding to take a bitch out if needed. If she's serious, we'll put the call out. We have so many Canadian listeners. Well, have you guys go stand guard like crazy? Oh, man.


I left out the fact that my fiancee and their mutual friends have asked her multiple times to stop harassing me. I think these attempts only fueled her fire and he's broken off all contact with her for almost two years now. OK, something to note that I learned after all this started that her and my fiance had been broken up for nearly a year before I met him. They remained friends. She helped him when his mom died, as I said in my first email, and she helped him move on for residency.


He had dated a few other girls casually prior to meeting me, but I was the first one that was Instagram Facebook official. The only thing I can drum up is that she was thinking their friendship would lead back into a more romantic relationship at some point and that me being in the picture would jeopardize that. To this day, I've still never had a conversation with her or applied back to any of the slander notes or threats, just trying to ride it out like the horse girl I am.


Also, like, we really love this girl. Her energy is so great, we're so glad we got to meet her in person and she just like she really did, keep her cool through all of this. And it's like it benefited her. She just had faith in her relationship. She just chilled out. And this her fiancee finally saw the light. Well, we're really happy for her that she wrote it out and they got to this place and ready any time I could use a girl.


But I'm we're excited. You guys are getting married. And we will we'll send the drug squad to protect your wedding. You just ask her all over the Facebook group just for it. We'll get Photoshop girl there to mobilize Childreach, all you guys to do. For Chubb's, the reception of the squad was outside her wedding.


OK, OK. So we are going to move into the last part of this episode, the most emotional part of this episode. And this is that we asked you guys how your lives have changed in the past three years.


OK, here's the thing. This email was like we don't do this to, like, jerk each other off. We read this was an idea from a listener. Like, we're not like, tell us how we changed your life. We just we wanted to know how your life is change. And you guys say these things and we're going to read them because they're your words. And this is not self-serving. I think it's very like a lot of people will resonate with a lot of these stories.


And I think more than anything, yes, they're like girls got to eat, helped me. We are so honored. It means so much, but like it's more so just inspiring. Also, you helped yourselves, you know, like you heard something that inspired you and you took the reins and you did it, you know, and how many of us hear something that's inspiring and don't even take one minute to try to put those things in action.


So every one of these things is something that you guys did. And we we love and appreciate your emails. Yes, I agree. So do you want to take it? Yes, I do. I'm going to kick it off. Thank you for it. Actually, I'm actually labeled as blowjobs. And I was like, it's fine. OK, since starting to listen to Gigi in October twenty eighteen, I have adopted a dog, Oribe. He can do.


He told a guy that blowjobs are for boyfriends to get out of giving one libero subsequently got very into giving blowjobs to the point where it's maybe my favorite thing to do to a guy girl. I masturbate to blowjobs. She both of us. Why? I've asked her the other day to give him Roedad I bought and I like what I have to always say to me when I'm hungover, tired, whatever, Kajiji macerated so much more and use different methods and ways to get me in the mood.


I thought you were going to like, Hi Madeleine.


OK, ok, ok. I'd do it again during that. Masturbated so much more.


I'd use different methods and ways to get me the.


Taken and said fire naked pigs to a guy they serve their pandemic, laughing with you ladies all along the way. So much more. Thanks for spending time with me each and every week. The number of times I really love you both is insane. It makes me feel not so alone in this world that can sometimes be very insanely lonely. Oh my gosh. You really were just like, wow. So are you going to do it sounded like did I not read that one?


OK. Honestly, we have said it since like day one. If we can make one person feel less alone, like somebody else is exactly like you, then like we have done our job. And girl, you are not alone. If you can dream it, if it's something you're going through, someone else's do. Yeah. And go off with all your masturbating and blowjobs and liquid ivy and all of that could be happier than when somebody demands me that they gave a blowjob to completion.


They masturbated to a blowjob, they sent fire nudes, crumps. I might be the most proud of this. I know. OK, I'm going to be the next one. This one starts you women have changed my life. Picture this. Twenty three year old virgin who had her first date and first kissed six months prior to the start of your show. I would send paragraphs of text to my bubble matches, would get loads of dick pics and hardly get asked on a date.


I stumbled across your show while working in a graduate school research lab and I remember laughing to myself and at the past day mistakes as I was completed. My experiments are experiments. I just picture with like a beaker and she's like, God, I'm so fucked up, she said. The first line she's like, did not nail that. OK, since listen to your show, I've gained a healthy dose of confidence and asking for what I want in a relationship and not being afraid of the person I'm seeing cannot meet my needs.


I bought a vibrator and read. She comes first, written by previous guest Ian Kerner, and have had well over 100 orgasms go off for County in Chicago.


I love it, she said. A little tick marks in her journal.


OK, I have bought a vibrator for three other women in my life so they too can experience orgasm vibrators. Yeah, I ordered orgasms. I bought my first dildo and took my own virginity after listening to Like a Virgin as I was petrified to have sex for the first time later I got my first boyfriend confidently made my sexual debut, broke up with my first boyfriend, tried being friends with my boyfriend, and then after I learned he voted for Trump, blocked my ex-boyfriend, go, Oh guys, my job on the floor.


I'm so thankful I've had you and Rayna and the gang supporting me. You are the first thing I listen to on Monday morning at six thirty a.m. and you have awoken this beautiful fuck. You have awoken this beautiful, confident, kind and sexual being. I mean this with all my heart. I love you and I'm so grateful for the lessons I've learned from your podcasts.


I do like cheap talk about virginity, yet you have people. I am like that. Thank you for normalizing. Not I've definitely heard about that where you're so petrified for like what's going to happen when something goes inside of you if you're going to bleed. If I was going to feel you do it yourself, who cares. Yeah, I don't cry. Sorry. I want to respond to what you said, but I'm crying. No matter how many more emails we read, I still cried.


All of them. OK, and. All right, next one. I've been wanting to write this email to Al for some time now to thank you both. In November of twenty eighteen, I found out I was pregnant. I was twenty years old. I was ashamed. I went through my abortion alone. It was through that dark time that I found Yalies podcast. After my abortion, I lost the fun wild Amy that I had always been yours podcast allowed old Amy to come back.


Remind me how beautiful and strong women are. Remind me to love myself and forget what the haters say because I literally don't care anymore. Rainer, remind me to bring out my sex stories and keep cooking. Not at the same time. Actually remind me to be your boss ass bitch and bring out my interview on say I'm truly grateful for you both and constantly listen to the podcast and hope one day. I'll see you both live in Austin, Texas.


Sorry for all the Yarl's. I was raised in Texas and it rubbed on me. Thank you again for bringing out the fears Texan Reagen that I was hiding for too long. Oh my God, it's heavy. I just we're just so proud that you guys and we can speak to someone like the next one is like we debated because it's really long. But this one, I just think by resonate with people. So she says, so let's create the scene.


It's twenty eighteen. I'm engaged getting married in the fall. I pretended I had everything figured out. My friends thought I had everything figured out, but I didn't. I had my true feelings and acted and responded and made decisions based on what others wanted, not me. I got married that fall. I was excited truly, but there was something in me that wasn't feeling it. I had hoped it would go away, but alas, it didn't.


We bought a house a few months later. I wasn't excited. I began listening to you guys early in twenty nineteen and talking about relationships and all that. Help me truly realize what I was feeling, why I felt it, and then I can't keep hiding it. So then covid hits. I told no one but hoped Quarante would help. It didn't. It got worse. I began to actually hate being home and being in the same room as this person and felt trapped because I couldn't go anywhere.


Well, my office opened in July. You bet your ass I went in. Going into the office still didn't help. And so finally, one day I come home and finally release this pressure built in me by telling him I'm not happy. It was so fucking hard. I literally held onto this for over a year. And to be honest. I thank you to in some way, because you've inspired me to think for me, not for everyone else, or care about everyone else, one of my issues about saying this out loud was to not disappoint others.


But you guys taught me that by not disappointing others, I will continue to disappoint myself. So here I am. It's been about three, four months since I said it to him. Divorce is underway and I feel so fucking amazing. It's sad and I'm sad, but I finally feel free. Truly, I am so happy to be going through this. I've learned so much about myself and what I want a partner. I wish I realized this before, but I was a dumb 22 year old who said yes and engagement and a twenty four year old who got married without truly wanting it but faking it.


And now and now I'm a 26 year old who's smarter, wiser and a boss ass bitch. I'm so happy for my growth and for finally choosing myself before anyone else. So thank you both for helping to shed the light. I'm growing into a beautiful sunflower because of you. Love your sunflower.


That's you guys. I'm so proud of her. And honestly, like you choose yourself.


I'm just like, proud of you guys. Yeah. Oh, you're not going to make anybody happy by choosing their happiness and, you know, staying just to make them happy. Yeah. And that guy will. Thank you. OK, I'm going to pull myself together. OK, this next one, slider, make us laugh and it's from a woman. Just to clarify, I'm I have been listening since day one. Fast forward to now. I bought a house, got my masters, got my job making six figures, got engaged, got married and got a second dog, both Southern Excuse and sending love to Ashanti.


Yes, but what you are probably interested in looking at you, Ray and I took some sex tips from you ladies and switch it up in the bedroom. I blindfolded and went down on my wife. This bitch literally thought I was because she started shaving a landing strip. But anyways, keep slapping girls. I read it in person. Thought a man was referring to his wife, this badge, which made me laugh anyways. But actually, yeah, that I was like, no, this is our moment.


But it was so funny because she was like my wife thought that I started going down on her because she had strep.


She's like, no, it's this podcast I've been listening to, but also like she Blainey's traps. Yeah, OK.


This all just this is a there's a little bit of a trigger warning for this one that's going to be triggered to you guys about suicide. It's not too graphic, but it may as well give that OK. She says, I first just want to say thank you. I'm tearing up even as I'm beginning to type this out because I truly can't thank you ladies enough. A little over two years ago, I was in a very all consuming relationship with who I thought was my person.


We had gone through an abortion together. His family took me in because of physical abuse from my family and he was everything I didn't know I wanted or needed. Eventually we broke up and that day I knew it was for real. This time that night, I overdosed and tried to take my own life, but was later revived. I went through liver failure, a psychiatric stay and all the therapy you could ever imagine. However, around this time there was a podcast you ladies put out called Breakup Bootcamp with Amy Chan.


After I listen to this episode, I completely broke down. I didn't feel alone anymore or like the pathetic girl who would kill herself over a guy. I can't even describe in words how much that episode meant to me. All of it just resonated and it gave me the push I needed to actually move on. I still suffer with depression and anxiety, but listening to this podcast hold me accountable each week, it has become a way for me to track my progress in my growth.


Not she's like, not journey LOEL.


We still see Journey Girl. It's fine. I can now confidently say I'm in a good place mentally with an absolutely incredible job in cybersecurity and I'm living my truth. It may not be the truth of who I was back then, but the truth I'm living now is much more fulfilling. Thank you, ladies, for getting me through the difficult times of the best guess, the best comedy when I need it and the constant love you make your fans feel I wouldn't be here without the help of your podcast.


I love you both and hope to see you soon at a live show. Oh my God, no. We are going to wrap it up with something funny. But it's such an honor to make you guys feel like this and help you to find a community. And whether it's through our words or our guess words or the writing that they have, it's like we rarely ever get an email from somebody where I think, like, this is the first time I've ever heard this.


Like somebody is always experiencing what you're experiencing while we're here. We have an episode coming out on Monday with an incredible guest who's going to talk more about depression and anxiety. So if you have any of that going on, it should be a great episode for you. Yeah, OK, I've quit my toxic job, started my own business and killing it, saying no to men that haven't done the work and saying, hell yes, all the sexy bad stuff.


You ladies are a force of good. Thank you for all you've done in helping people make little shifts that will transform their realities. Well, thank you, guys. This wouldn't be we wouldn't be here without you guys three years later. So we can't thank you enough. And this just means the world, you know, people say mean things to us. Like these are a reminder that like why we do what we do and that we are an amazing community and that it's overwhelmingly positive and supportive and loving.


So we love you guys. Yeah. And most of you. Yeah, most of you. You guys say all the time that really changed your lives, but you changed my life and actually changed my life and this community of women and you know, the couple of Mendleson I'm a. Totally different person than I was three years ago, it's because of these stories, because of these emails, because of our gas, I just it's made me like a much more I'm going to stop crying.


It's made me a much more accepting person, accepting myself, accepting of other people. Everyone's just human. Everybody has a story. Everybody has a different life experience. It's brought them there. And we are so honored to be the place that you guys tell your stories. Yeah. Thank you. I think you have all of that, too. I say this all the time. I say this all the time now, like like gets to me that I like.


We can't respond to all of these, you know what I mean? Like, we have a job to do. Like we can't you know, we could actually spend all day answering emails and like we can feel that you we can feel them in our heart. Like, you know, I couldn't ever possibly respond to all the messages I got about we like I wouldn't be able to like, you know, work. And it would take a lot out of me.


But like, we are really we just thank you guys so much. If we didn't read it on the episode or we didn't respond to you like we are just so thankful that you trust us with your story. And thank you for sharing. It was with us. And it wasn't because it wasn't as good or as important. You know, we could only read a few for timing and we just thank you guys for even submitting them. Yeah. And well, we promised you is for the next three years, the next however many years you always choose, we'll make a great show.


We'll great guys. We will do everything we can to put out the best product and show that we can to uplift you guys, to make your lives better and and to help you divorce your husband. Yeah. And get by to get those rescue dog 100 orgasms. Let stuff break up with toxic man. Get a rescue dog. Better nudes. Yes, better blowjobs. All the things just have better divorce, better divorces. Don't get married in the first place.


Yeah. Have no kids. Don't get married. Be like I eat your wife's pussy better. All right. We love you guys. Thank you for sticking with us. Yes, thank you. We hope you guys enjoyed this episode. Like I said, we have a really great life changing episode coming on Monday for you. So in just a few days and in the meantime, you know where to find us. Girls got each podcast, Dotcom, We Are Girls, a podcast and Instagram and Ash Haas and Raina Greenberg on Instagram.


Girls underscore Godet on Twitter and YouTube. Dotcom slash girl's got to eat and we'll see you Monday. Thanks, guys. Have a good weekend. Bye.