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Hello, everyone, I'm Patrick O'Shannassy, and I'm excited to announce that starting next week, we will be expanding the Colossus family of podcasts with the launch of business breakdowns. Be sure to click the link available in the show notes to subscribe to business breakdowns on your favorite podcast player. Business breakdowns is exactly what it sounds like. A new series that dives deep into a single business. We believe that every business has secrets and lessons to learn from, and our job is to bring those to life in each episode.


We started creating breakdowns last fall. We tried and failed 20 times before getting one done that we were proud to publish. Each breakdown requires much more than a usual conversational podcast. Each episode takes research shaping guest selection and having read it. We plan to keep honing what makes a breakdown great. And in the years to come, we plan to break down every single interesting business in the world. We also plan on working with a wide range of hosts and guests as we map the world's businesses.


But to start, we're very excited to introduce you to two new members of the Colossus Squat.


In fact, you've already met both new hosts Zac Foss and Jessi Puji have both been guests on Invest Like the Best and Founders Field Guide before the incredible experience and perspective to the table.


Most importantly, they are insatiably curious learning machines just like everyone in our audience. I'll be doing breakdowns too, because it's one of my favorite ways to become a better investor. Next week, we'll be releasing three episodes on Shopify, Chappellet and Alibaba. After that will be releasing a new episode every Wednesday. So look out for upcoming episodes on Visa, Costco, Twilio Coupon and more. Business breakdowns is also part of something much bigger. We've realized that the deep dives we want to create fall into a number of categories.


Businesses are only one unit of exploration. We'll also be exploring entire industries like railroads and freight current trends like Nettie's and historical business and investing events like the roaring 1920s or the collapse of long term capital management. Finally, for Colossus to truly succeed, we need to tap our most valuable asset are uniquely brilliant audience. If you visit joined Colossus Dotcom, you'll see a number of ways to get involved in this mission to capture and share the world's business and investing knowledge so that we can all be better builders and investors.


We're looking for expert guests, researchers, Bayti users for our future app and more. Before we get ahead of ourselves, let's come back to the task at hand. We want to make business breakdowns, your favorite new place to learn about companies. We believe progress happens one step at a time. And this is our first step hit subscribe. Look out for three great episodes next week. And thank you so much for being a part of this journey with all of us at Colossus.