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So it looks like President Biden has decided what to do with the US attorney's installed by Donald Trump, and this is a good news story because what President Biden has decided to do will undoubtedly move us in the direction of justice and justice matters.


Hail Glenn Kershner here, so there's an important story that sort of flew under the radar yesterday with all the hullabaloo surrounding the impeachment hearings, this hullabaloo still a thing. The story has to do with how President Biden has decided to deal with all of the Trump installed US attorneys. And it is such a good story. First, let's turn to some of the headlines. This from NBC News. Biden's Justice Department to ask nearly all Trump era US attorneys to resign.


OK, that's a good headline.


But what caught my attention is the nearly all part, because it's entirely usual for an incoming president and incoming administration to ask for the resignations of all US attorneys because they serve at the pleasure of the president. They are what we call at will appointees. So it's not at all unusual for President Biden to ask all US attorneys to submit their resignations. Most administrations, both Republican and Democrat, do that.


But the nearly all part caught my attention.


So here's how The Washington Post reported out the same story Biden administration will ask remaining Trump appointed US attorneys to step down, with few exceptions.


Here's what The Washington Post said about that. The Biden administration is expected to ask remaining US attorneys appointed by President Donald Trump and confirmed by the Senate to begin stepping down. Though the Trump appointed federal prosecutor investigating Hunter Biden, President Biden's son, as well as the prosecutor reviewing the FBI's 2016 investigation of the Trump campaign, will be allowed to continue their work, a Justice Department official said.


Folks, why is this such a good story? I'll talk about that in a minute. First, let me explain the process. As I say, any time a new president takes over.


Typically, he will ask for the resignations of all of the US attorneys because those are presidential appointees. Then what happens is people throw their hat in the ring. They literally apply to be US attorney. Some of my friends have applied to be US attorney for the District of Columbia U.S. Attorney's Office. Some of my friends have applied to be U.S. attorney in Virginia at the Eastern District of Virginia US Attorney's Office.


They throw their hat in the ring. Let me just add as a footnote, I opted not to throw my hat in the ring for any US attorney position, and I'll talk more about why that is in the future.


But after people apply, then they are interviewed. And here's who they're interviewed by.


They're interviewed by the senators or the staffers of the senators in the jurisdiction where that US attorney's office is located. This is the norm. This is the tradition. So the senators from Virginia, for example, will interview the people who have applied to be U.S. attorney in Virginia. And then the senators will make recommendations to the White House, to the president about who they support to be the US attorney in Virginia. That's how the process goes.


So here's why this story is such a good story, because as we heard, President Biden asked for the resignations of or will ask for the resignations of all the Trump appointed US attorneys a good thing because Trump and Bill Barr were not known for picking the best and the brightest and the most honest and the most ethical and the most law abiding US attorneys.


You know, people who fought to do favors, though, for Roger Stone and and Mike Flynn and others.


So this is exactly the right move by Joe Biden asking for all of these resignations.


But with two exceptions. And it's the two exceptions that are the inspirational part of this story, because as you heard from that Washington Post reporting, those two exceptions are one, John Durham. That's the US attorney who has been investigating the FBI, opening an investigation into the Trump campaign, the whole Trump Russia thing. And think about it. When the FBI started interviewing the Trump campaign, President Obama and Vice President Biden were in place, were in office.


So in theory, depending on what U.S. Attorney John Durham finds, that could end up being critical of, among others, Joe Biden and the administration he was part of. And Joe Biden said, I want that work to continue. I'm not going to interfere with it. I'm not going to remove John Durham, that U.S. attorney and the other US attorney he pledged not to remove is the one in Delaware investigating his son, Hunter. Think about that. The results of that investigation could very well be bad for Hunter Biden if that U.S. attorney finds some wrongdoing.


And Joe Biden, our president, said I will not interfere in those two investigations by removing those U.S. attorneys. I don't even want to give the appearance of interference in those two investigations so those US attorneys will be allowed to continue. Can I just tell you that this is the government we want, this is the government we the people deserve? Joe Biden making decisions based on what's right and what's fair and what's just and what's honorable, not just what's politically expedient or what is in his self-interest or his son's self-interest.


This is inspirational, this is the kind of government that gives me patriotic goosebumps and they're not always easy to raise on me. After four years of Bill Barr and Donald Trump making decisions about the Department of Justice and about US attorneys offices that were in their interest to protect them, to protect Donald Trump's family, this is beyond refreshing. This is the government we, the people deserve. And isn't it wonderful to have good news stories on the justice front? Because justice.


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If you want to be part of that team, if you want to be part of that effort, please feel free to come over to Patreon Dotcom and join us. There will be more information, more concrete information about that project in the very near term. As always, folks, please stay safe. Please stay tuned. And I'll look forward to talking with you all again tomorrow.