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Preview of Derek Chauvin Trial: the Homicide of George Floyd. What to Expect re: Jury Selection

Justice Matters with Glenn Kirschner

  • about 11 hours ago
  • 12:36

Former Minneapolis Police Office Derek Chauvin (along with three other officers) is charged in connection with the homicide of George Floyd. In the first installment of this daily video log, I take on a few of the issues that will be addressed on day one of jury selection, scheduled to begin on Monday, March 8, 2021. There are many tactical and legal issues surrounding the trial. The overarching question is: will George Floyd, his family, the community and our country see justice for what was done to George Floyd? Please consider becoming a #TeamJustice patron at: podcast, "Justice Matters with Glenn Kirschner" can be downloaded where you get your podcasts.Follow me on:Twitter: Facebook: the show (

New DC US Attorney Channing Phillips Arrives and January 6 Security Failures Product of "Optics Concerns"

Justice Matters with Glenn Kirschner

  • 5 days ago
  • 06:28

In three related stories: 1.Veteran Federal prosecutor (and my friend and colleague) Channing Phillips takes over as Acting US Attorney for the District of Columbia, dislodging Bill Barr acolyte Michael Sherwin. 2. Today's Senate hearing reveals that Pentagon officials - including Gen. Charles Flynn - brother of former Trump National Security Advisor and admitted felon Mike Flynn - refused to send National Guard troops to protect the US Capitol on January 6 because it would be "bad optics." 3. Intelligence reports publicized today indicate that insurrectionist groups are potentially planning another assault on the US Capitol on March 4.Support the show (

FBI Dir Wray Testifies About 1/6 Law Enforcement Failures, Republican Senators Ask Foolish Questions

Justice Matters with Glenn Kirschner

  • 6 days ago
  • 08:58

It's undeniable that there were significant law enforcement and security failures at the US Capitol on January 6. FBI Director Christopher Wray testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee about what the FBI knew and when it knew it. Although these are serious issue, the Republican Senators did their best to inject a good bit of levity (albeit unintentionally), asking about everything BUT the Trump-inspired insurrection at the Capitol. Here's a recap of the serious AND the frivolous questioning of Director Wray. Support the show (

NY District Attorney Cy Vance Investigating Steve Bannon for State Crimes: Trump's Pardon Can't Help Him Now

Justice Matters with Glenn Kirschner

  • 10 days ago
  • 07:29

Steve Bannon may have won a battle by accepting a Trump pardon to help him get out of his federal prosecution. But Bannon may end up losing the war, as he's now being criminally investigated by New York District Attorney Cy Vance. Importantly, not only is a presidential pardon inoperative against state court prosecutions, but the US Supreme Court has said that accepting a pardon is akin to a confession to the crimes for which you are pardoned. As I mention during the second half of this video, if you'd like to sign the Team Justice letter to all 50 state attorneys general urging them to open investigations into avoidable COVID deaths, you can read the letter here: here is the link to sign the letter: hope you'll join us in our efforts to hold Trump and company accountable for preventable COVID deaths.Support the show (

Sen. Ron Johnson's Lies in Senate Hearing into Capitol Attack Give Aid & Comfort to Insurrectionists

Justice Matters with Glenn Kirschner

  • 11 days ago
  • 08:01

Senator Ron Johnson tells outrageous lies during the Senate hearing into the January 6 attack of the US Capitol. Indeed, CNN reported: "Ron Johnson just dropped a ridiculous conspiracy theory at the Senate Capitol attack hearing." Johnson's lies clearly were designed to give aid and comfort to the insurresctionists. In this video we tackle the following question: do Johnson's lies constitute the federal offense of Accessory After the Fact, in violation of 18 US Code, Section 3? Please consider becoming a #TeamJustice patron at: podcast, "Justice Matters with Glenn Kirschner" can be downloaded where you get your podcasts.Follow me on:Twitter: Facebook: the show (