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So the Republicans want to pass voter suppression laws, let's fight back with the democracy pledge.


Hail Glenn Kershner here, so I think we're all coming to realize that the Republican Party is no longer a party of ideas or ideals. Now it's just a party that seems determined to stomp on the voter's right, trying to pass laws to suppress voting rights, to literally stop the citizens from casting votes.


You've heard the stories. You've seen the headlines in recent days. Here is just some of what's being reported.


This from Vox State GOP have already introduced dozens of bills restricting voting access in twenty twenty one. This from Salon. Republicans roll out tidal wave of voter suppression. Two hundred and fifty three restrictive bills in forty three states. This from The Washington Post.


How GOP backed voting measures could create hurdles for tens of millions of voters.


Well, folks, you know what Republican politicians love what they covid, what they lust after big fat corporate donations.


And that is why we created the Democracy Pledge TDP, The Democracy Pledge, a grassroots initiative, a citizen driven all volunteer effort designed to put companies, corporations and businesses on the spot on the democracy spot. And I'm pleased to report that Huff Post did a piece today on the Democracy Pledge. Here's the headline. The Democracy Pledge aims to put businesses on the spot over Trump's election lie. The group will ask companies to acknowledge that Biden won fairly and to refuse to support candidates spreading theories about a stolen election.


And here's how that article in Huff Post opens WASHINGTON.


A former federal prosecutor that would actually be a former federal prosecutor has launched a campaign to press American businesses to openly reject the core assertion that former President Donald Trump and many in his party continue to make that the twenty twenty election was somehow illegitimate. And how are we going to do that?


Well, we're asking companies to not support, donate to or endorse politicians, political campaigns or political action committees that promoted false conspiracy theories surrounding the 20 20 presidential election or otherwise acted in ways contrary to a representative democracy.


And friends, here's how the democracy pledge works, but first of all, please know this is not a fundraising endeavor. This is not a money making endeavor. This is a democracy making endeavor.


We have a small but fierce and determined group of volunteers. And what we're doing is we're contacting companies, businesses and corporations and simply asking them to stand up for democracy, to take the democracy pledge to decline, to support politicians that worked against democracy, that tried to undermine democracy.


This is not a difficult pledge to take. Or the companies can decline to take the democracy pledge, they can refuse or they can stonewall.


And what we do with that information is we put it all on our Web site, w w w the Depledge Dotcom, the letter D, the Depledge Dotcom. Please go to the Web site. And what you will see is a list of companies that have taken the democracy pledge that stand in support of American democracy and a list of companies that don't the companies that support democracy. Here's the beauty of it. You're going to see their name and their logo.


And if you click on their logo, you're going to go right to their Web site. You can let your consumer dollars do the talking.


Here's the thing, folks, you're going to want to buy sneakers, you're going to want to get ice cream, don't you want to spend your consumer dollars on businesses that support democracy when you're buying your sneakers and your ice cream?


Here's the other thing.


If you go to the Web site, w w w the Depledge dot com, you can sign up, please sign up. It costs nothing.


And if you sign up, you will get periodic email notifications about which companies are choosing to stand with democracy, which companies are taking the democracy pledge and which companies are declining. And you can make your consumer decisions accordingly. But please sign up because there's strength in numbers.


Here's what I will say.


Voters voices are loud, but for corporate America, consumers voices are louder. So, folks, let's let them hear our voice.


Because like justice. Democracy matters.