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Why do we not give ourselves any slack when it comes to sex, we're all perfectionists, right? We all think sex should be this cookie cutter experience every time. It should be beautiful and perfect with rainbows and flowers and sunshine every time. That is not a reality, that sex does not look like that for anybody. Look into his eyes. They're the eyes of a man obsessed with five, six eyes that block our secret bedroom eyes. They call them in the Bible.


You're listening to sex with Emily.


I'm Dr. Emily, and I'm here to help you prioritize your pleasure and liberate the conversation around sex. Today, I want to talk about fear. Hear me out. I know you're like, well, that's not sexy. Oh, but it is.


Once you figure out how fear plays out in your relationship and then further in the bedroom, then you can learn how to let it go. You can even have more incredible sex with better communication. See, fear takes many forms. It's kind of sneaky. You know, maybe you're afraid to tell someone how you feel about them. Maybe you're worried about asking your partner to try something new. Whatever those fears are, I'm telling you, it gets in the way of you expressing yourself, asking for what you want and living your authentic sexual life.


Now, I get it. It's vulnerable. We're afraid of rejection or afraid of judgment from our partners. We worry that we're going to offend them. If we're honest about our desires, we're going to fight. Well, today, we're going to take the first step towards facing our fears by actually talking about them. I take calls about period sex. This is a big fear for a lot of people. Fear of rejection, worries about penis size.


And we talk a lot about body image fears in this episode, too. There's so much we cover here. I hope you enjoy the show intentions with Emily. Join me in setting an intention for the show. So when you're listening, we want to get out of this episode. How could it help you? It could be, yeah. And I've got this fantasy and I really want to learn how to discuss it with my partner, even though I've never told anyone before.


My intention is to help you identify your sexual roadblocks so they no longer hold you back. All right. Enjoy the show.


What are some things when you think about sex, that's still scary you? You know, what are the things that you still have fears around when I think about what I do here, my job and in talking to all of you, a big part of it is breaking through those fears around sex that holds back. A lot of it is just that we're afraid of getting rejected. We're afraid of asking for what we want.


And when I really start to think about, like, what are we scared? What are we so afraid of? Like with sex, like if we could just break through our own worst enemies were so afraid of talking about sex. We're so afraid of being vulnerable. Maybe we're afraid of being naked with a partner because they're all bad. Once they see us naked, they're never going to want to go through with this. Right or what? I see my penis.


It'll be over once I show who I authentically am to my partner. They're going to break up with me. I really want to talk dirty. But what if I sound stupid? I'm afraid. Afraid, afraid. Afraid for fear. For fear. It's all fear. It's all fear. So I thought, let's break through the things that scare us. Let's break through our fears, because I'm telling you, remember fear, false evidence appearing real. It's our false evidence, you know, what do they say?


We're the the judge and the juror. We make up the rules around things that we're going to be afraid of and then we abide by them. We're like, oh, well, this will be awful.


I mean, I can never tell my partner I want to be spanked. I can never make a noise during sex. I'm so afraid that they're going to think I sound weird and we are holding ourselves back. From actually having the sex that we deserve and that we want, so I want to know from you what is holding you back sexually. What are you still afraid of? And how can I help you break through it, even just the next step?


Believe me, there's a lot of power in just stating it out loud, saying, oh, this is something that kind of gives me a lot of anxiety when it comes to sex. You'll realize the power it holds of you and then we're going to wipe it out this week, OK? We're going to wipe it out, get rid of your fears. Some people, including myself, historically, in the past, I was afraid of period sex.


What if I got my period? Would if I believed what if something happened? 20 in California is calling about this very thing almost on cue. Hi, Sydney. Thanks for calling. How can I help? Hi.


We definitely. Yes, it's so perfect.


I was like, yes, that is one of the things we're so afraid if we get our period, right?


Yeah, definitely. So I just started dating my partner recently, like within the past few months, and I actually have a really bad period. I guess you could say. I get my period almost twice a month sometimes. And I tried birth control before and the birth control actually somehow made it worse. Yeah, that happens. I'm not on it and yeah. So I'm not on it anymore. So of course I do get my period a lot and I've been reading a lot of stuff on like period sex, like how it's supposedly magical, like the purity of blood.


And all this stuff is a little weird, but I've really been wanting to try it and my partner has also been wanting to try it. But I just like I've heard so many scary stories about period sex, like the blood getting everywhere. Like I want to know, like first how to calm down my anxiety and how to prepare for it.


I guess. Sydney, this is such a great question. I can't tell you so many of us can relate to this. So first, let me tell you this. One thing is that there's no there's no rules around it. There's some women who think it feels amazing. They're like, oh, God, period, sex. I'm really horny and it feels really good. And then some women feel like it's more painful, you know? So really, you just have to try it out and see how it feels to you.


That's one thing. The other thing is, I mean, how yeah, blood can get everywhere and how you prepare for it is you just throw down a towel, throw down two towels, throw down the towels that you can wash or the ones, you know, the beach towels and things you don't care about. And if you think you're going to get it, just keep it. I always keep a towel by my bed just in case I've got a towel, like, right next to my bed.


Actually have the sex towel. So it's like a sex sheet someone sent me. But you could use any towel and then just bleach it because, you know, when you're 20 years old, because I wish I do this at 20, that it really wasn't a big deal, because I'm going to tell you, like for me, it's on the first two days of my period, I get cramp, I've bad cramps. So I don't actually want to have sex.


But then a few days in, I just tell my partner, I'm like, oh, my period. And we just throw down a towel. So I think that's how you prepare for it and you go slow and you just see how it feels. But I don't think there's anything to be shameful about. And I think that some people might think it feels amazing. And I do believe that women's menstruation is magical. You know, we give life.


It's where the power source is. It's the creative force of life. So I do think there's some some truth to that. But I think that it really gets a bad rap because women have been shamed for it. What I love a city. You're going to change the narrative because so many women are grossed out because they think their partners are. But if you're like, yeah, I'm with a partner, let's bring it out. I got my period.


You'll realize that it's not a big deal at all because we all bleed. Right. So, I mean, that's how I would prepare for it. I would just go slow and see how it feels. And I think you'll you'll get to figure out your rhythm. You know, we actually did a podcast with a woman named Lisa V.T. and she we talk all about it and it might be really relevant for you. Now, Cindy, I'm really glad you got off the pill.


When did you get off of it?


Sydney So I I've been on and off in high school with my first time taking it. I was on Accutane. It's like an acne medication and I had to be on birth control for it. And right before that, my period wasn't like as bad as it is now. It was just like once I started the birth control in high school, it just like got worse and worse. So I was only on it for like six months. I went off of it for quite a few years.


And I just started college a couple of years ago. I think about a year ago was when I started the pill again, but I was only on it for like six months. And I kept telling myself, like, it's going to get better, it's going to get better, you're going to go away and never did it now.


Well, so you might want to get her book. It's called Flo Living and or just check out the podcast, because what what I love is there's all these women right now who are truly warriors. And they they figured out that that and also we did the. Her name is Jolene Brighton. Her book is Beyond the Pale, and so what we're finding now, Sydney, is that the pill has a lot of side effects for women. And we used to just think it was this benign pill.


Just take a pill doesn't really count. But what happens is you could go on and even just for a few months or a few years. And then when you go off of it, for many women, their period is never the same again because it really messes with our hormones. And so if you read up on it or even if you download her app, that if you get educated or you get interested in your flow in your cycle and you take some of these tips, a lot of it has to do with diet, avoiding caffeine certain times a month, avoiding certain foods, not having coffee when you first wake up in the morning.


And she healed her own hormonal imbalance with food and exercise and diet before the pill. Women didn't have these kind of problems.


And now we're finding there's a lot of side effects of what might have happen is that you became dysregulated, right. And your body was never able to catch up, because when we go on the pill, we're actually suppressing our immune system or suppressing our normal ovulation cycle. And we can't just snap our fingers and our body gets back to how it was before. And then you were on the Accutane and so you will get it back on track. There's nothing wrong with you, but I don't like that you are having periods twice a month and they're really heavy.


But I, I wish I knew this at your age, Sydney, that I could take matters into my own hands. So I would recommend just kind of reading up on it and just seeing what you could do. And there could just be maybe there's some supplements you could take because you're young and I don't want you to go back on the pill to solve it because that won't work. I think that's part of the problem. So anyway, that's.


Yeah, and so I think is that does that answer your question about sex? Because really, it's just blood. It's blood. It is a little blood here, but I don't actually find it that different, to be honest. But maybe some other women do. Like I said, sometimes it's really painful for me, sometimes before sometimes a week before my period, like when I'm ovulating, it hurts a little bit because your cervix drops. And so I realized over the years I never knew what that was.


So that can kind of happen. But again, every woman's different.


Yeah, definitely. Does that help? Much worse. Yeah. I'm majoring in sociology and I wanted to pursue a career in criminology, but I started listening to your podcast a couple of months ago and it's really making me want to change my career path. So thank you. Of course.


Sydney, keep in touch. I'm here for you, OK? I'm so glad to hear it. We need more smart sex educators, more young women out there doing this work.


Thanks. No, thanks for calling. Bye, Sydney.


I love it. There's so many young people now who are in college and actually looking at a career in sex education because our social work there really wasn't as many people doing this. Definitely not when I started fifteen years ago. And now there's a lot more people who are finding interest in it. So I love that we're here to help you to figure it out. Fears, fears, fears.


What do you have any fears that you guys have here on my room? Colin, are you guys have any things that you think are still holding you back sexually?


I think the fear of rejection is something that I often fall into. I don't know. There's honestly so many.


Right. Fear of rejection, like making a move and being rejected.


Yeah, I think that it's something where, like, I'm usually like less understood than my partner is just because of, like, past issues with like I don't know. I think I have a fear that, like, something is too good to be true. A lot of the times, even with like work and stuff like that, I'll be like, oh, like if I really like something, then like it's usually going to get taken away just like me or something like past childhood experiences.


So kind of like having to reassure myself that that's not the case and that it's like all in my head.


Yeah, yeah. That is. There you go. And how you break through it I guess is putting yourself out there enough to realize that that's just you might get rejected. Sometimes we all get rejected, but then you also might not.


Something that I kind of thought through myself was that like, if someone rejects you, it's usually not personal. They might be like going through their own thing or like it. Just a lot of the times people always think that it has to do with them. But like most of the time, other people are focusing on themselves so much that it's not really about you. It's never what I think. Yeah, it's very wise. That is true. I've been telling you it.


I can tell you five years of evidence of that is that it's never what you think. It's the things that we worry about. That's why it's fear. Is false evidence appearing real. It's it's it's just it's not people are sort of obsessed with themselves. They might reject you, but it's not for what you think it might be. It's usually where they're at in their lives. If you think about it, usually what we judge in others, we fear in ourselves.


Usually we react to things based on our history. It's like when you are dating somebody, you're showing up with your whole history of, you know, attachment and they're showing up. But it's almost like there's four people in every relationship. There's like your parents and their parents. Right, coming in or there's like whatever sex, it's like their parents are the way you live and your parents, I mean, what were your issues that you grew up with or your styles of, you know, fear of maybe.


Yeah. When you were younger, maybe your you got excited for things that didn't happen overseas. So you're like, well, I cannot be excited for anything, but it's so why is it, you know, that at your age too? You know, because it's just I don't know. It's constantly like literally I always say all day, every day, bringing yourself back to the present moment, checking in with yourself, checking your own facts. Is this true?


Does it serve me? And what will you call in from a man?


What do you get anything that's fearful that's held you back?


Yeah, this is kind of a different view of the question. But I get just in the moment, just right in the moment of like right before having sex, I get scared of how long it's going to take. I guess, like, do we really have enough time for this before I want to go to bed.


Really? Because you're sleeping like I need eight hours. Yeah.


I just have this thing in my head about I just going to take so much effort and so much time, even though it's going to be really fun.


And really it's so funny. I mean, is it is it are you afraid that it's going to take you a while to evacuate or your wife or just in general and I love this, your wife, because you still get it like we don't things don't go away, right?


Yeah, both both me taking a long time and her and just honestly, it's just nice saying it out loud to you. I feel like just saying it out loud, like shows me how ridiculous the fear. It is real though, right?


It's real. And then what if you could, now that you've said out loud the next time you're with or you could be like you're like, oh, how long? And you're like, oh, wait, I'm super psyched. I get to have sex right now. And that's it's training your brain. It's the exact moment. See, there is power. Listen, if you just call up and tell me right now you're afraid of I'm telling you it will no longer have the same hold on you.


So let's talk to Joey. Thirty eight in New York. Hi, Joey. What's going on?


Thanks for calling family. I don't know if you remember, but I felt like previously like I wanted to share my fetish with my girlfriend. Yes.


You're familiar. Tell me what happened.


So I told her about it and she really embraced it. She's really into it. And it worked out really well.


I'll tell you, I'm so glad we tell me what was your fetish again, just so we can share with the listeners. Oh, it was spandex. Like, I really thought you were nice. I'm so glad.


So what happened? So you called in because you were you wanted to know if you should share it with her. You were maybe afraid to share it and then you shared it and she was like, cool.


Oh, I would love that. I'm like, love it. Give me some that like hunt spandex. This is it. You faced a fear and now you're getting your fetish, your fantasy, taking care of. Yeah. What does it look like.


Are you buying her things or do you guys go shopping for spandex or she wear it in the bedroom. I'm just curious now.


Well it's like it's really great because like she loves wearing it for me all the time. She knows I've turned on, I get from it and like we go shopping, you know, and like, I buy it for her. And it's just it's just like really adds to our sex life. It really enhances everything.


Yeah. That's what happens. Joey, I'm so glad that that has worked out for you. It must be a relief and it must be pretty exciting right now to to not be living with that secret.


Yeah. Like, I'm really glad I took your advice and took the leap and, you know, put myself out there for me to Joey.


Right. You see how it's really enhanced your your sex life by stating your truth. In a healthy way, Joey, I'm so glad you made my night. Oh, thank you. Yeah, I love it. Thank you. And thank you for sharing that with me. Anything else we need to know about it?


Just really you just want to thank you for your great advice. So, Joey, I'm here for you.


I'm so glad you called back in and keep me posted. I think that's such a great. You know what? How long have you had this fetish without telling somebody?


Like forever, like you're thirty eight, so twenty years, yeah, I mean, look at that. And I think that that's what we forget, right, that our partners want to please us. If we love our partners, we or we care. We want to be great lovers and say, OK, I'll wear something spandex. That's really cool. So it is all about that.


Now you can continue to grow together and figure out what she's into and love it. Thanks, Joey. I'm so happy. It's perfect that you called in tonight to know morphia. Have a night can. Think about it, you guys, Joey, like I didn't even tell him to call, I didn't ask Joey to call and say that he faced a fear. And hopefully this is a wake up call for you, whatever you are holding on to right now and whatever you really want to try with your partner.


And you're not trying. I mean, he's third. I can just imagine if it's a fetish, meaning like he's had it a means. It's actually a requirement for you to be your most aroused, just like a fantasy guy would be nice to have a threesome or be nice if my girlfriend wore spandex. It's like he has linked up spandex with his arousal, his arousal linked to spandex. And so for 20 plus years, Joey's holding on to it, afraid of rejection, afraid that someone wouldn't be down with it.


Maybe he was afraid people would make fun of him or they would leave him. But nope, he brought it up and she's like, great, I'm down, let's go shopping. And then she gets off because he's excited about it. And you guys see that that is what happens. Nine out of ten times, I would even say on this show ten, ten times, because if your partner rejects you for what you're truly into, then you get to ask yourself, is this really my person?


And that's OK, too. We all deserve better. We'll be right back.


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What anxieties do you have that are holding you back right now? How can we help you confront them and let them go? The funny thing is some things that came up, Colin was saying that he sometimes worries when these parts of sex, how it's going to take too long, like, oh, God, what time is it going to take? Too long. And then Amanda at the break said that she has those same concerns, too, with her boyfriend.


So you first of all, you're not alone with the fears, but something about just stating it out loud and saying, this is where I'm at, kind of take the charge away. Take the power away. Let's talk to Melissa. Thirty two in North Carolina.


Hey, Melissa, you there? Hey, how are you doing? How can I help? It's going well.


Kind of a morbid story. I hate to do that to you, but OK, we all and I'm. Yeah.


I'm in a relationship with my wonderful fiancee and we're actually expecting our first child and we're very excited about that. But recently, I've had a lot of issues with him wanting to have sex in the middle of the night. Like you'll wake up from a dream just turned on you. He'll come over and try to just sit back. And he did that once. And I had this massive flashback of a really terrifying event. And I started going to counseling and we were doing a specialized therapy and found out that, you know, this was be reliving sexual abuse that I had gone through as a child.


Wow. And so now I'm just terrified of, you know, he likes to do things at night, and I'm afraid I'm going to have another flashback. And I don't want it to affect our relationship. Yeah. Wow.


OK, well, Melissa, I'm so glad you called in and congratulations on being pregnant and expecting your first child. And and I'm really glad you went to therapy for that. And so, first of all, I love that it's, you know, put this out in the open. And, you know, if you've had a sexual assault and you've had something scary happen, it would make sense that when someone startles you and wakes you up in the middle of the night, that that would be really hard.


So I'm sorry. And is it something now? You said you went to a specialized therapy because what I was going to suggest is MDR therapy. Eye movement. Exactly. Oh, you did it. OK.


Wait, so how long ago did you do it and how often?


I've been doing it for probably around eight months now. I was going every week and now we've backed off to maybe once a month just because as of lately, I found out that I'm having a little girl. And of course now I'm starting to have worries about, OK, now with the girl, am I going to have issues that she's going through her developmental milestones? And I know they may shut off my own worries and start worrying about her. I'm not worried about my whatsoever.


Right, right.


Right. Well, that makes sense. I mean, and you said you're still in the therapy. When you were going more regularly to the therapy, did you feel that it helped you with some of these fears and some of these anxieties? Absolutely.


I mean, it it helps because I was starting to remember things. I had absolutely no idea that this happened. I had suppressed it for so long. And now that I remember, things are making a lot of sense. But of course, the more I remembered, the more flashbacks I started having. And it was very difficult to almost train my fiancee to know what to happen if he experienced one of those and how to kind of talk me out of it and why.


So that's why we took a little break, because it was becoming very often that that was happening. Oh, wow.


I'm you know, I'm sorry you're going through this, but, Melissa, I'm really glad that you're you are actually tackling all of this at 32 with your first child coming. I mean, I would recommend some more maybe some more therapy if you can if you can go back and see your therapist. I was able to do my MDR and Zoome during the quarantine. There's like some kind of system you could use on the computer. But do you ever do any, like, mindful practices?


Because it sounds like there's a lot going on. So of course you're having flashbacks and then, you know, being pregnant with your first child also can if you're if you naturally are more worried about things, it would be heightened. And so I'm wondering if you have any coping skills around helping your anxiety. Like, for me, meditation really, really helps. I just have had to learn it to sit and breathe through something and then get really present, because when you're present with worry, they can't present, cancels out worry presents, cancels out anxiety.


And the more you can get yourself in that state, there's some great apps right now like free meditation apps. I love Incyte Timer. It might just help you if you do it like ten minutes a day. It's a practice. It's kind of like exercise for your brain and maybe it would get back into therapy. You know, it's such a good time to go. Do you have a huge change coming up and transition? You know, having a child.


When are you due? I'm doing the end of January, OK? I would try to see what you could do for some self care right now, if you have time, I would I would start a meditation practice. Are you exercising or moving your body at all? That really helps, too.


Yeah, actually, that was I mean, that was my coping mechanism. Before I used to run certain races. I was a super structure. Of course, I can't be as active as I was a year ago because I'm carrying all this extra baggage now, but I still try and remain active. I'm a health care provider during a pandemic, so it's just going to go.


You've been going at it. Well, I mean, if you can, it seems we need each other to you know, women like you probably know what to do.


But I'm going to tell you right now that if if you can maybe get back into therapy once a week, you know, sometimes I taper off and go to once a month and then I go back every other week because I just think it's a really, you know, important part of my of my mental health and wellbeing. And then a little bit of meditation, you know, like I said, an insight, Tamara, you can even just sort by your meditations for anxiety.


And it's you'll have to just sit there and breathe it. Sometimes it's a 10 minute calming exercise because the more you do it in the moment when you're having worrying thoughts, you'll know, oh, I can go back to this moment and breathe. I can go back and feel my body on my feet on the floor. I can breathe. I can, you know, so I mean, that's what I recommend me. You're doing all the right things.


Maybe you want to get another EMT or a therapist if you feel and if you she's working for you, that's great. So it's good to mix things up.


But I would say, you know, I love that you're so self aware and you're actually able to name it and say this is what it's happening and it's happening in the middle of the night and it's happening, you know, thinking about my daughter. So I would just say, do the things that you're already doing, but kind of step it up. And I would still try to move your body and exercise, if you can, and breathe. And just don't be hard on yourself because because it's a lifelong process, you know.


But I think that you can get better at managing it. We can all improve, you know. Yeah.


And that's you're right. I mean, I know a lot of the things I do for myself. It's more so, I guess, trying to convince him that it's not him. Oh, OK. Very self-conscious. And that is it. Is it me? Is this why it is that it's not you. I promise you it's not you.


It's so common. I have to tell you that this is such a big thing. This is why we don't often talk about sex, because we feel, you know, we often feel so rejected by our partners. Whenever they don't want sex, we assume it's something stigmatized. That's our problem. And so I think that just letting him know you could even say that we talked, you could say, you know, I want, you know, has nothing to do with you.


I'm working on it. I love you. Attracted to you. Let's try to have sex, you know, Saturday mornings instead of Saturday night just for now. But I think I understand that, too, you know, so we can't imagine how could it not be me, you know, somewhere in this messed up sex education, we get we we somehow link up with our partner doesn't want sex with us, that we did something wrong. But that's very rarely is that the case.


I mean, maybe for a fight or, you know, they cheated and we have a built trust up again and we resent our partner for not helping on the things build up. So and I would think to see your husband, you guys could listen to some of these shows together. A lot of couples listen to sex with family together, either on Sirius or on my podcast. Sometimes our partner is just a little bit more education or they need to hear it from someone else so it's not them.


So however you think your husband will be able to hear the message and feel safe and you can just keep reinforcing and give yourself love and compassion for what you're going through and then also reassure him that it's not about him and find other ways he needs to be loved and supported right now. But take care of yourself, your caring little life in you. So, yeah.


Thank you. I appreciate it. Of course, I was terrified to call and speak about this, but I know that there's probably many, many people out there in a similar situation, so it's good for them to know they're not alone and it's OK to speak of. Yeah.


Melissa, thank you so much. I'm telling you, this helped so many people listening. I know it. We're all nodding our heads here to go and sending you lots of love. Thank you. Thank you. And thanks for calling.


I appreciate it. Have a great night, Melissa. Take care of yourself. You know, that's what we're saying here, is that it is a little bit scary calling into a radio station. I get it. You're like, oh, God, I just start talking. But what I found in fifteen years of doing this that once you call in and just that first moment, you just kind of sink into it and then you realize that by stating those things that we think we can't say and the things that we're so afraid of, it takes away its power.


It takes away the charge by saying it out loud. And not only that, much like what Melissa said, it it also helps others. I'm sure there's a lot of other people listening right now who also have fears around, you know, trauma around sex, and hopefully that, you know, will allow people to take this next steps in their healing journey as well. Let's talk to Julie, 40, in California.


Hi, Dr. Emily. Hello. How can I help you? What's going on?


OK, let me. You a little bit of a back story. I met this guy 17 years ago, was my first true love, first mind blowing orgasm. Sex was amazing because of financial. Difficulties our relationship. We both went our separate ways. I'm still in contact with his sister. You know, I've had other relationships, but it's been 15 years now. We've been broken up and I don't dream about him. But when I do it, because something has happened to him the first time he got into a car accident a few years later or so, he broke his nose.


And just recently he was 24 oh dead. And in that time, his brother had passed away. And my question is how how do I. But I think it's a clear connection. Yeah, we actually talked just recently and it was a good talk, but now I get him out of my mind. Everything reminds me of him. And I don't know if that's it for me. I don't know. It's just I know Julie.


It sounds like it.


Have you have you seen him in 15 years or you just talked to on the phone?


You know, just like I said, I'm friends with your sister, so I may have seen pictures of family events and he may have been in. Got it. But since we broke up, I have not had one word with him up until like a week or two ago.


And how did you know then that these things happened to him when you had a dream about him? I would ask his sister, is he OK? And she would just kind of she would just say, yeah, you like you feel connected to him.


Now, here's the thing. I feel like it's funny that you're not funny, but interesting you're calling about this because a lot of people email me a call about sex, are dreaming about their ex, not necessarily some sex therapist.


But I would I well, my belief is that when we dream about an ex, it's oftentimes because it's reminiscent of a of a time in our life that relationship represents a part of ourselves that maybe we are feeling really connected to.


And maybe it's your youth or it was really young love. And so we want that thrill again. We want that excitement. But I don't believe that it's necessarily that you should be with him. And so if you can somehow get peace, that there's some kind of maybe soulful connection. You have you you had, you know, your first loves. You know, I always think that my love, when I had one in my early twenties was just it was so pure and so raw.


I'd never love that much as an adult. And so I, I don't think it's about him, per say, but it was about me at that time and learning to love and being away from home.


So I don't know what it is for you, but unless you want to see him again or you believe in, then I actually just don't think it means what we like to think it means. I mean, are you asking me like does it mean you should be with him or.


I just I didn't I didn't even know that. I just think it's like how do I stop thinking about him now? Because we haven't had a conversation in years. And how common like a text conversation would you ever want to talk to him on the phone having a phone conversation or. See, we did have a phone conversation. OK, how was that? It was good. It was just like we talked about the good we talked about the bad.


So, you know, have them laugh. And I said a couple of tears, you know, talk about our relationship and the possibilities of a way didn't work out. Well, why don't you see it?


Would you ever want to see them? Would you ever want to just get coffee with them or me? What's preventing.


I would, but I would. However, he's their type of person, like, no, no, no, no. OK, you're an expert. And he's like, I don't know why I'm talking to you, but I am, you know. Yeah, yeah. I mean, we were both at fault in the relationship. There was no cheating.


It was just it was 15 years ago. You're twenty five. Yeah. I mean, come on. I mean, I can't even. Yeah, well there are things that are taught me. You're a whole different person right now. So what do you want to see him or do you not. But you. Because, because there's a few ways to go here. You could just call him and say, I think we should meet up and see, you know, see if there's a connection, if he's not in a relationship and you're not in a relationship and it wasn't an abusive or toxic, who knows.


You hear things like that all the time, that people go to their high school reunion thirty years later and fall in love with their, you know, high school sweetheart.


Again, that could happen. But if you're telling me you don't want to do that, then I would start a practice of every time you think about him, let's think of a thought that you could replace it with, like I am deserving of great love and passion or I will find my love, you know, my partner or something like that that you could replace it with, because then eventually you can retrain your brain.


But if you also think, well, maybe I should just meet him up and see what. You know, you could try that as well, so decide which way you want to go with it. Yeah. And that's the thing. I brought that up to him and he hasn't responded to that.


OK, well, it sounds like you want to meet up with him, so I would just. You've nothing to lose here. I mean, maybe he could reject you. Maybe you won't even be attracted to him.


But to me, if you're both single and you had talked on the phone for a few hours, maybe he's fearful, too. Maybe he has. Who knows, maybe he really is in a relationship and we don't know.


But it could be helping you face your fear, too. I would just push it. I don't maybe think you wanted to. Maybe he's got something to be shameful of. But it sounds like you guys are still connected in a way. I mean, I would love to have coffee with my ex from 15 years ago. I think it would be a blast. So not even because I want to be with them. I just think it's part of our history, which is why we often never forget our exes, because we we we we bonded, we loved, we connected.


You share so much with people that you love. And so I think it says a lot that they just don't go away. Right. But sometimes, you know, we attach to meaning when we don't have to. So I say you got nothing to lose. You're a grown woman and see what happens. Won't let me know. Oh, yes, please do. I'm your for it.


We are all going to wait to hear back from you. OK, take care of yourself. Julia. I'm really glad you called. I really do. I can't wait to hear. I love when you guys call me back and tell me what happened. That's what I want to live for. I mean, no pressure. But honestly, talk to a lot of you. The last two years, what has happened since? I'm getting a quick break.


There'll be more sex with Emily. Thanks, everyone, for supporting our sponsors. You know, we only work with sponsors that we enjoy ourselves. And I hope you do, too.


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We're only as sick as your secrets. You recall that saying think it's for my gut, it's kind of an AA thing. We're only as sick as our secrets, meaning the more secrets we have, they actually make us sick. Whatever we hold on to. Right. You're holding on to us, sharing a fantasy with a partner. You hold on to, you know, your fear that you're going to look bad in the bedroom or you're going to do something wrong.


So then you just keep worrying and worrying and then that worry compound itself. And then next thing you know, you can no longer be intimate with anybody because you're so afraid of it. You know what I was thinking and thinking about this show tonight, I was thinking like, what are the fears that I've had? And I know that I definitely had fears around talking about sex. I think I didn't even know that it was OK to ask a partner for what I wanted or to tell them to do something different, because, number one, I didn't know what I wanted.


So I knew if I said to a partner, you know, you have partners who say, does this, Emily, is this feel good? And I would just say, yeah, whatever you're doing feels great, because I knew if I said no, they'd say, well, what else?


And I didn't know what was on the menu, so I just wouldn't say anything. And even now, it's not my favorite thing to tell my partner when one of my favorite things at first it still can be challenging. But now that I know what to do, I know how to do it. And I think I had fears about not being good enough in the bedroom and fears about intimacy. And I had fears around showing who I really was to a partner and being vulnerable.


I definitely have fears around vulnerability. I got a wall built up and I want to be the first one to make a move. I didn't want to be the first one to express my feelings with fear of being hurt. And then once you realize that that's your fear, then I then I've realized that once I start putting myself out there and I never realized what that meant, either put yourself out there like, oh, God, that sounds awful.


But once you do and you say, you know what, I have feelings for you or I want to take this to another level, or why try this thing in the bedroom, whatever it is, you realize that you're being your best advocate. And then if it's something you truly want and you ask for it and then your partner says, no, I'm not into that, or, oh, I would never do that, or they make you feel bad about it.


Well, then you have more than useful information then, you know, doesn't mean you're a bad person. It means that you are actually if you look at it this way, you're closer to getting your needs met. You're closer to finding a partner who is interested in fulfilling your needs and being a good lover to you. So I think you actually, when you are able to be the architect of a life that you actually want, when you face your fears in every year of your life and every asking your boss for something that you want to raise or having a confrontation with a friend setting boundaries is really scary.


But once you set boundaries, it's just it's a game changer. But all of those things are really scary because we don't have a lot of practice, especially if our primary caregivers didn't practice boundaries or practice fulfilling our needs. So, you know, we're on this journey learning. We asked this question to our Instagram audience, sex with Emily. What scares you in the bedroom?


Farting. I can't wait for people to get over that one, so what, everyone farts keep going. Not a big deal. Not being good enough. If I enjoyed swinging and my wife would enjoy a bigger penis over mine, that's a huge swinging fear. I just wish that I could get this into all of your heads, all the guys. Can you get this into your little head that you are more obsessed with your penis than your partner is?


I promise you that. I promise you that your partner, if she's going to agree to swing, it's not because she's like on the hunt for a bigger penis. That just doesn't happen. If someone's going to leave you, it will not be because of your penis. I promise you, she won't like how I come on a certain day. I get that. I get that fear, but also that's why we're healthy diet is so important and also so what?


You know what we are what we eat sometimes, you know, things taste differently. But I don't think it means the world's going to end. So why do we not give ourselves any slack when it comes to sex? We're all perfectionist, right? We all think sex should be this cookie cutter experience. And every time it should be beautiful and perfect with rainbows and flowers and sunshine every time. That is not a reality. The sex does not look like that for anybody.


Maybe in the movies, maybe in porn, no one's farting and no one's spitting out your splurge because it tastes like shit doesn't happen.


I never say splurge, can't help it, but that's what happened, OK?


Him being turned off by my body because I have no booty. All of us are worried about how we look in the bedroom. Right. Once we accept ourselves. Really, I swear to God, once you love your body or even like your body, you won't be thinking about these things anymore. It's a practice hemorrhoids sometimes after anal. I don't want my partner to see. I get that. Just use a lot of lube. You can avoid hemorrhoids if you breathe and go slow and use lube, being completely honest about what I want.


Starting something new after divorce of 18 years of marriage. I understand that fear that is really scary, that is scary, but take baby steps, baby steps, you know, it's a muscle datings, a muscle. If you haven't taken 18 years, it's going to be scary. Do it anyway. That I won't come. It's a common one, unintentional body noises, I know it's natural, but it still feels so cringe every time I get that.


Again, I'm telling you, you get past that, I don't I think you do just just ignore it. Not a big deal. Laugh. Keep going. God, I love our Instagram audience is really good that he'll get bored or doesn't like it. That's also why I tend to put myself last, but I'm working on it. Yeah, we're all working on it. I don't really want you to put yourself last either.


If you think about it, they just take advantage of the fact that you have put yourself last. And if you put yourself last, guess who else is going to put you last? Everyone, literally everybody. Because if we don't become our best advocates, why would anyone else we show people how we want to be treated, we model that to other people, just remember that. So how you treat yourself is how others are going to treat you. You're giving them the instruction manual.


Not being able to get hard with a new person is also a fear happened two times right now. Yeah, I know it's happening a lot. This is my fear around that, too, is that there's so many more men I'm hearing from who can't get hard once or twice, and then they keep not able to get hard. And I think, you know, we talk about this a lot, but just go perform on your partner for a minute.


Your reaction will come back or talk about it with your partner, and then you realize it's not a big deal. And also, a lot of erectile dysfunction is about blood flow. So it really helps to be in shape. Exercise, watch what you eat, get the blood flowing everywhere. It's all blood flow. Stay with your clitoris, too. Not being able to find my sexual partner, that's also a fear. I get that you will the more you become your best sexual partner, is it crazy?


This is so true, though, the more you become your best sexual partner to yourself. You're more likely to find your partner, you know, that whole thing, like you complete me or you're looking for someone to complete you will be your better half. I don't I never like that saying because that's assuming that you're showing up as a half person. And that you are deficit in some way, but if you find somebody when you're feeling hole, you're more likely to find the right match.


That's such good advice. It's how do you think you can actually do that? But like, what are the steps that someone should take if they want that to happen to become a fourth person?


So you mean to become your best self? It's a lifelong journey.


And I think the first thing is recognizing that that you don't feel complete without a partner. A lot of people feel that way. And I think that's another thing that happens with society. Whenever you're single, everyone wants to know when you're going to settle down and you're going to find somebody. It's never OK to say I'm single. And so I think that's part of society pressure and part really, truly, authentically being comfortable in your skin, being alone, having a fearful life, having a rich life and with friends and doing things that interest you and living life on your own terms.


I believe when you have that and you could take or leave a relationship truly and authentically is when you find one, I can tell you that from experience and from talking to thousands of people. And so if you're finding yourself feeling broken or walking around feeling like you are incomplete without a partner. So to answer your question, are we that's the first step, is identifying it and thinking, thinking I'm totally a complete person and I'm going to I'm going to work on feeling OK, because then you're showing up is like needy and you're less not always needy, but you're showing up even if it's subliminal.


Even if it's. I got to find someone, I got to find someone to feel complete. It's just you're putting that out there that I'm not enough. Let's talk to Ken in Arizona. He had some thoughts on sex fears as well. Hi, Kenny. Hi, Emily. It's been a while since they've called in. And if you remember me, I'm the one who used to write down the stories and everything is mainly my wife or playing them out and everything.




Oh, my God, Kenny. Of course, we talk about you all the time about the piano. You wrote erotica for her. Yes, yes, yes, so that that is just kind of died down and we just have just have a really good sex life that happens maybe like once a month or like a night or something that's once a month is better.


That's amazing, Kenny. Yeah. Right. So what about people just going and just I know it's hard to change having a beer, but what about just trying to be you know, maybe you're playing a role of someone who's fearless and then that helps you become fearless in general. There's just there's times where I would never have thought in a million years where, like, my wife and I end up having sex in the closet in the morning while our daughter is strapped into her highchair.


And we just knock out a quickie real quick out of the spur of the moment.


That's high everything. And it's. Yeah, and it I mean, she could literally happen today. That's what they kind of think of listening to you. And she called me. She's like, I, I can't stop thinking about that. And of course, I'm a truck driver, so I left and I'll be home tomorrow. And now she's like, I'm going to she wants to write her own erotica. I got to wait out this weekend and I'm like, OK, what what did I do?


I create a monster.


Yeah, a really good monster. I mean, I love your story, Kenny. I mean, I really do. See, that's really beautiful. How long have you guys been together?


It'll be ten years in December. This is going to be our ten year anniversary. Oh, happy anniversary. I love this. I love that you I mean, just to tell everyone that you actually wrote her a story, erotica of what your fantasy was and you left it for her and then you came home and she had totally acted out the fantasy she was wearing the thing, the black lacy thing, I believe. And by the piano, I mean, I saw him.


I was like it's like I was there at something. But Kenny, I think it's really it's inspiring because I think that shows that you guys are putting effort into your sex life. And it's as a result of that 10 years in, it's still going strong. You had sex in the pantry.


Yeah. And we were like, I never would have expected to do anything like this my life. Oh, what's what's the three if you manifest it.


Oh, meditate. Masturbate manifest. Yes. Thank you. That's why you're the doctor.


Yes it's true. I mean this. And what else. Because if we don't manifest what we want then we are, then we live in anxiety and fear and then that happens. But if we're like this will happen, this is what I want. This is what I feel. And then we meditate and masturbate on it. That's just going to happen. This works.


Exactly. It works. And you brought you brought up that word fear. You're fearless in any type of relationship. But I've told friends this. If you're if you're if you're fearless, you know what? Turn off your mind in roleplay. He's somebody else. Is somebody else.


That's a really good point. Going back to your earlier point. Yes, I think you're right. That's why roleplaying is so powerful for so many people, is that if you can suspend belief for a moment and you could you just think, OK, you know what? I can't be this fearless person. Right? I'm afraid I'm just going to go in and I'm going to be my alter ego. I'm going to go in as a strong, confident man.


It's amazing what can happen. You're like, I'm not myself right now. And I think that's why a lot of couples love roleplaying, too, because you just you can just kind of take away the blame. That's so people love acting or improv. It's just like be something else. Show up as somebody who is confident, you know, it's like that.


Fake it till you make it or, you know, act the part. You're an inspiration, kennealy. You're an inspiration.


Oh, Christ. I will talk to you guys later. OK, bye. Have a good night Kenny. Thanks. Bye. All right. That's it for today's episode. I'll see you on Tuesday and thanks for listening to sex with family. Be sure to like, subscribe, give us a review reviews. Help us. And also, if this show helped you any way, you learned something right now, just send your partner, a friend, a lover.


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