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Welcome to today's edition of the Rush Limbaugh Show podcast. What an honor it is to be with you on Open Line Friday, the Good Friday version. On this day, the Lord has made and this special weekend, my fellow Christians recognize the. The crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, and I hope that it is a great Easter weekend for you. We do have unique responsibilities, but also some unique joys. Lot to talk to you today at 800 to to 280 to.


One of the joys is to do something that Rush absolutely mastered beyond belief, and that is that Rush had the ability to pick up the entire mainstream media like a guitar. And put it on his lap. And play it and strum it at will. And he could do this any time he wanted to, and it was such fun to observe. Now the watch this. Joe Biden's dementia. Has announced that it wants to reignite the corrupt Iran deal.


Which was, of course, a pathway for Iran to have legitimized nuclear weapons. And it was Joe Biden's boss and still Joe Biden's boss, Barack Obama. Who authored that and shipped the money illegally at night, this ransom payment to Iran? It was Joe Biden's boss and current boss, Barack Obama. Who allowed one of the satellite organizations of Iran, Hamas, to ship? Well, it's a smuggle across our southern border, cocaine using the same some of the same coyotes that Joe Biden's dementia is allowing to drop little kids off of 14 foot fences.


Into our country, so they want to reignite this deal. Now. This. Even as he's in heaven. Rush Limbaugh's accuracy rating just went up again. I worry that Biden is going to reverse this. I think Biden's going to come up with a way to reinvigorate the Iran deal. And I think it's going to result in the United States losing its energy independence. Believe me, the United States becoming energy independent. That was not on the drawing board for globalists.


The Obama crowd, and I'll guarantee you this, the Biden administration or Obama, too, is going to do everything they can to reignite the Iran deal, which will get Iran nuclear weapons. They're going to do everything they can to unwind what Trump did with Iran, including these remarkable new relationships with Middle Eastern Arab states and Israel.


And it has come to pass from heaven. Rush's accuracy rating goes up. The official ratings aren't out yet because I don't I'm just a guidepost. I don't get to see the Sullivan Group ratings, but I've heard rumors through EIB circles. They come out on Monday and anticipate at least a full percentage point, maybe up to one hundred and one percent. Correct. Now. For Rush in the Sullivan group, as that's going on, Joe Biden's dementia through Barack Obama's teleprompter and with permission of Obama, no doubt, is also seeking to reshape what capitalism means.


And we'll get into a whole bunch of this during the show. They're selling tax hikes for this non infrastructure plan. It's 94 percent other things, six percent infrastructure. You have Nancy Pelosi, who's looking for more forms of blue state bailouts because one of the big shell games they play is in the highly taxed blue states, the lesser taxed red states and the paying the bill for deductions for big house loans and mortgages. Look, I liked those two.


But it was really a way of passing the bill onto these high tax states to reasonably tax states, and so what what we've been talking about this week and one of the things that we must approach, if you're in business, you must speak out. If you work in big business, you must speak out. I know there's private I know that there's secret groups of conservatives at Microsoft that used to be an open group. It was they did it like libertarians and conservatives at Microsoft.


That was the discussion group. I know their secret groups at Microsoft talking about, well, we've gotten so woak and I've heard that there are secret groups at Delta Airlines. You got to speak out because some of the things that are going on as they start to maneuver into this weird authoritarian model with which you see these companies getting very, very woak all on the side of the left, putting up very opaque. Well, we hate this this Georgia voting law.


We hate this is Delta Airlines and Apple, and we'll talk about that later in the show. But as they start to remake and reshape the role of capitalism, it seems clear to me what the role of capitalism is. It's to back up the party's pursuit to control us all. And in exchange, they get to purchase some really interesting things such as this. Just as breaking news out of the left coast of Washington State, parents are getting notes from their insurance company, telling them, we will no longer give you any information about any thing we pay for for your 13 year old kids.


But your kids can create their own patient portal. And, yeah, you'll end up paying the bill or we'll cancel your insurance. This is something being purchased by these technocratic companies from corrupt so-called governors like Jay Inslee. On a nationwide basis, watch what these authoritarian corporatist companies purchase in these packages of all this money that they're borrowing, right. One of the things they're purchasing is a reinstallation of the mortgage write off. And again, I loved getting a tax write off for my mortgage costs.


When they took that away, we paid off our house and I no longer carried any debt on my house because I wasn't getting that tax advantage. So you have now this as well and follow this really clearly in the wake. Of 40 percent or so of small businesses being knocked out, done away with during the medical useless selective lockdown, so politically advantageous to the left, what did the big business partners purchase?


Waivers to everything. Hypertension, the insurance companies purchasing access to your kids, what did they get in California? The movie industry, the entertainment industry got a waiver from the covid rules.


Now is they're looking at this lockdown and these businesses that have been destroyed during the lockdowns look at a change in places. The number of small businesses in the United States has been one of the prime sources of jobs, but also the prime sources of a liberty lab. Small businesses can choose to go woak or they can choose to not go woak, they can be politically neutral or they can be political. It's all up to them. But if you look at the way big business is leaning into support, being against the George voting law, which is nothing more than voter I.D., and we're not going to have all these crazy mail in ballots, et cetera, it's a return to sanity.


So when you see these big companies saying, oh, well, it should never be illegal to hand out water. That's not what it says, it says election officials can hand it out, but the campaigns cannot. This pressure will go down under these small businesses that have been so crushed during these lockdowns. This is part of the process of getting everybody onto the WOAK side. And in wake of this and we had callers say this yesterday, we are in a perfect moment for pushback.


There's a bunch of new trumps being born right now. It is going to be a huge battle, this one, to the seizing of voting laws across the country. It's a prime battle, but there are people this week waking up, parents in Washington state saying what? I have to pay for things you do to my kid insurance company, you're not going to tell me what it is. Boom, red pills, it's happening across the country. It never could have gotten here without this radio network, the EIB.


Now, speaking of that, we need to let you know something about a very special program that will be available this weekend over at Rush Limbaugh dot com. It's a tribute video about the life and career of our al, but with many familiar voices, family, friends and the overrated staff. Justice Clarence Thomas is featured in the special. Here's a clip of Rush describing the kind of guy the media never portrayed.


I don't think you would ever meet anybody with a more infectious laugh. I think that you would be stunned.


You would not find an angry, broken man. You would find someone loves life, is thrilled and honored to be an associate justice on the U.S. Supreme Court. You would find somebody who is well-adjusted and happy, loves his wife, has a lot of hobbies. One of his favorite things to do, he's got a big bus like an RV bus. And during court breaks, he gets in it and he and his wife tool around all over the country and they stop at RV parks and state fairs.


Hey, stop at places where real people happen to gather. You might even stop at a Wal-Mart and go in, might even go into a Costco and people come up to him all the time.


So, you know, you look like Clarence Thomas and he does laugh at them, tells them that he is you wouldn't find a more genuine real guy.


And when the situation calls for sincerity, you'd get it and you wouldn't find anybody smarter either.


It's a thrill to know him. It's a lot of fun to hang around him.


There's something else about this feature. Rush's brother, David Limbaugh, is in this video tribute and he tweeted this out about all of us in Rush's audience. He said, quote, I have no right to speak for Rush, but I'm going to speak for him anyway. To the extent of expressing my immense appreciation and awe at his fan bases. That's us. Profound love for him. Thank you. I knew he was loved, but wow, it's even beyond what I thought.


So grateful. Many more words of wisdom from Rush as we roll along Todd Hermann, your guide host this week on the EIB Network.


It's a very hard thing to fight against free stuff. It is a very difficult thing because people perceive things as free and of course, they want these things. No Rush wanted so much for people to experience the permanent joy of achievement versus the psychological sugar rush of free stuff because he knew that fake free leads to real dependence. When you're obsessed with wanting things for free, who is it that promises to do that for you? The Democrat Party in the government, free Obamacare, free health care, free food stamps free.


Of course it isn't free, but to them they think it is. That's the first thing about it. But the second thing about it that bothers me is the expectation. That people that invest and build out and build up on a give away their product as a public service or some such thing, whereas the easy answer is to go out, get a job, earn the money you want to be able to buy the things you want and the things that you need.


The idea that such a foreign concept marks a huge generational shift to me, I don't know. Like I said, it's a pet peeve every time I read and not just to the millennials when when I read people demanding or expecting or celebrating something as free, there's something about it. Since a red flag, something that gets my instincts highly attuned to this is not good. The expectation, the hope that something would be free when nothing is. Well, that's absolutely not true.


The moon's free, it's there for everybody, nature's free, it's there for everybody. In fact, there was a Broadway tune that said the best things in life aren't free. That they're there for you and me, but you don't possess them, they are the delights of life, but you don't possess them. And to a certain extent that's true. But we're not talking about the delights of life. We're talking about things and stuff that these people want hope and expect that it would be free.


When you're of that mindset, somebody comes along and promises you they can deliver, then they're going to have you for the rest of their lives. And yours, too.


That's what Joe Biden's dementia through Barack Obama's teleprompter is offering in exchange for being allowed to borrow and spend all this money free, free, free rush formulated something so important that as we're seeing this fight back in Texas against the vaccine passports, also in Florida, we're seeing a fight for voter integrity in states like Georgia. Arkansas has a bill I think is passed to prevent enforcement of unconstitutional gun diktats from the federal level. In the state of Arkansas. Rush had a way to fight back against tax increases, even even against the so-called filthy rich.


You remember when the Democrats decided to go after big yachts and yacht buyers with massive tax increases like Biden's teleprompter is now contemplating? If Republicans would simply remember these lessons from Rush that corporations don't pay taxes and corporate tax increases hurt the workers.


You remember over the years, I've always told you Democrat targeted tax increases on the rich never work. And the reason they don't work is because the rich don't just sit there. And make targets of themselves. The best example I can give you of this is when the Democrats raise taxes on luxury yachts and boats and Atholl thought, all right, we're going to screw the rich, we're going to soak the rich, want to raise taxes on their yachts, you know what happened?


The rich stopped buying yachts made in America. They started buying yachts made overseas. You know who suffered, the people who make the yachts in America, they were laid off, nobody was buying American made yachts because the Democrats had raised taxes on them, so they were buying them overseas. So the yacht makers in America laid off their employees. The Democrats end up harming their own voters. Same thing. You raise taxes on the rich, whether it's income.


Well, they're going to find a way. They're going to innovate and adapt. They're going to find a way not to pay. I'll give you another example. You may not remember this. 1993, Bill Clinton decided that he was going to have a tax increase on corporate CEO salaries. Yeah, any corporation that paid its CEO over a million dollars would be taxed at a new tax rate, over a million dollars.


Well, that was going to make it really hard for corporations to find the best CEO they could find. And what they did, they created stock options.


They created a way to compensate CEOs outside of the traditional earned income.


So they found a way to not pay that tax. In fact, I think it was done on purpose to create the stock option angle, and this happens all the time, capital gains taxes, they'll raise tax on capital gains.


People find a way around it, the ingenuity, the adaptability and the innovative characteristics of the American people unparalleled anywhere in the world. And you know why?


Freedom folks, the American people have the freedom and liberty to be as creative as they know how to be.


And by the way, we're not all created the same talents and abilities. Some people far more creative than others in certain things. Others are more creative and other things than others. And it all works. It all evens out. But it is the freedom that Americans have. It's the liberty that Americans have that permit.


This kind of innovation. Adaptability, people around the world probably have the same talents, I know they do, they just don't have the liberty or freedom where they live to put them into action, put them into play.


Take note, Republicans, what Joe Biden's dementia is contemplating this increase in corporate taxes, those jobs that came back to the heartland, those jobs that came back to the Rust Belt, they're going to be shipped out again.


Are you there with the people who've gotten these good paying jobs back as as as Joe Biden's dementia condescends to them that, hey, maybe you can go getting into green green industries. Maybe it's time for a new career. Maybe you should learn to code. The constant refrain, you have an opportunity to seize the attention and earn the loyalty of American workers by pointing out this reality, as Rush explained it with the example of Yats. If you have in your neighborhood people who've lived through, let's see, the expansion of government, the ultimate expansion of government into communism, and they've escaped it and they're here has some thoughts about that and what we can do as we continue to unfold the news together.


Todd Hermann, your guide host this week on the EIB Network.


Thanks to my friends in Spokane 590 Kikue in T for let me use the studio again. You want to know just oh this. I got a tip coming up. You know that Apple's CEO has also come out with a statement about the Georgia voting laws that I'm pretty certain Tim Cook has never read. Wait until you see what team I've found out about the hypocrisy of Apple. It's extraordinary. And by the way, lest you doubt that the team, Libby, views us as family, that is you, me, all the fans of Rush, Michelle is going to join us here from Grapevine, Texas.


She was on hold for two and a half hours yesterday, and this team decided to take her no, call her back today. And here we have Michelle from Grapevine, Texas, on the Rush Limbaugh program, Todd Herminator, guide host. Michelle, it's great to have you here. Welcome. Thank you so much, and I do appreciate a team for calling me back. I wanted to discuss with you sort of this insidious march towards socialism and how the at the very, very top of this administration and the Democrats in charge, how they are lying to us.


And as an example of this, when the president two days ago was pitching his one point nine trillion dollar, quote unquote, infrastructure package he was talking about made in America and bringing jobs and goods back to America in almost the next breath, incongruously, he was saying, but I'm going to raise the corporate tax rate, anyone 28 percent, which and China's corporate tax rate is 25 percent.


It's a complete disincentive for any corporation who has to respond to their shareholders to bring jobs back to America from China. It's an incentive for them to expand their corporations, their corporate work in China. And it will affect all of us because we will lose jobs here in America and we will pay more for consumer goods coming from China than we would if they had been made in the United States. But we have to become, as the Democrats say, woke to this, that we are being scammed by this administration at the border, at the CDC with our loss of liberties and being told what to do and not to believe our ears and our eyes.


It's brilliant.


I just it is very, very terrifying to me that they believe truthfully they can look us in the eye or, you know, speak to us over, you know, on television. And we are just being absolutely compliant. I was scammed a week ago and this feels I was and I was the victim and I was very compliant. And this seems to be what's happening to all of us. Yeah, but not this level.


Yeah, but not to you. Not in this case. Not to you. I want you to know something you've just now typified why the Democrats were so afraid of Rush because of the information, 33 years of information that you can turn into power, all of us, by pushing back against these things. Michel, what you just said, there's not a host on the joke called CNN that would be able to succinctly explain the scam of what is going on.


So, look, take this to people who have these jobs now that were brought back, the rustbelt jobs, the heartland jobs. Take the information Michel just shared with us to your friends that regard. I'm so glad we got you back on the show, Michelle. Thanks very much for calling Russia's program. By the way, if you know people who have been through what Michelle's describing, the ultimate conclusion of all this is, of course, this weird China model that the Democrats are clearly working this country towards with government and big business become one preying on us.


If you know people who've escaped countries like that to come here, please. Please make sure that your kids meet them, that they come to schools, to speak to your churches, to speak, to talk about what this looks like, it's another way to take information, this potential power, and make it powerful. Now, you want to hear we had Russia's visionary statement earlier. You want another one? Listen to the Mahat use a brilliant example of how socialism destroys, but he doesn't cite the Soviet Union or Cuba, Russia's example has proven perfectly correct.


Rush When you and I were growing up, there was a living embodiment.


Of the disaster of socialism and communism, it was called the Soviet Union. Well, young people today do not have a Soviet Union. There isn't an example. I've failed socialism, communism, as prevalent as the Soviet Union was from the Soviet Union, was 50 to 70 year existence, a 50 to 70 year teachable moment. All we've got now is Venezuela and Venezuela is not big enough, not powerful. I've never has been a threat to the United States.


It's some little tinhorn down there. And it's not enough. It's abject failure. And socialism is documented. It's 100 percent true, but it's not big enough to convince young people they look at it and say, well, they're the wrong people running. It didn't have enough money dependent on oil too long, whatever they can come up with.


Any kind of you don't want the closest. And I'm going to I'm going to maybe step in it here. Do you know what the closest example today we have? To the abject disaster we think is awaiting us. What's the closest and I'm not talking about China, because that'll never work, people's tech gear comes from China, so I don't want to go to China and don't say North Korea because nobody takes them seriously. A little pot bellied dictator. And it's not that big an exhibit yet, but it's getting there.


What is the nearest example we have? Of the eventual implosion, California, now Europe as a whole, but see, the news coming out of Europe is not truthful enough.


Europe is not being reported on as failing. Europe is not being reported as as imploding. It's not being reported on as being overrun by immigrants. But California. And it's not bottom up yet. But there is no Republican Party. It's a one party state. They have been overrun by illegal immigration. And California used to be a dominant Republican state. And not that long ago, it was a state of Renaldo's Magnis, George Deukmejian, Pete Wilson. The Republican Party used to be dominant in that state.


It's gone. And for one reason, illegal immigration and the rise of the radical uber left. You know, in the California assembly, there are seven Republicans. What must that be like? They are looked at as a total joke by the Democrats in the Assembly. They're probably not invited to any meetings, they're probably not on any committees, and if they are there for comic relief. California is all these sanctuary cities. California is aside from the coastal areas, California is a state that is close to abject poverty.


The divide, the income gap, the wage gap, the wealth gap in California is stark.


The people who live inland in the valleys and live up north and in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada can't compare to the wealth in Hollywood, Silicon Valley, San Francisco on the way up.


And then you go down to San Diego for a bit of it.


But it is clearly got the ingredients of a state that is at some point going to not be able to sustain itself. But it doesn't look like that now, the lure of socialism. What is it? So we were growing up there was the Soviet Union for all of our lives as a testament to what communism is. It kills people. Communism kills people. There is no prosperity. There is no plant. There's no abundance. There's nothing but fear every day of your life.


We had that. There was no magic allure to socialism, that we didn't have the 60s and the leftist radicals who hated America and actually were enthralled with the idea of a Castro Quivira Soviet Union because they were jealous of the power.


But young people today, there is no equivalent of the Soviet Union. Venezuela doesn't work, the Chicanos don't work because the face of China is not what the face of the Soviet Union was. And my only point was that California is trending in a direction that will someday be an example of the failures of socialism and liberalism for one and all to say, look, it's beginning now. People are leaving the state not in droves, but it's been a trickle and it's continuing, but it isn't there yet for those of you who live there and understand living alone.


Yeah, it is.


But for people outside of California looking at it as the land of fruit and opportunity and hope and light still is that it's going to be a while.


That was my only point, is that young people today don't have a living example of the horror. So it's left of their imaginations to dream of this utopia that they are going to build and create, even though it hasn't ever been done. Well, it hadn't been done because they haven't been alive when it has been tried, but now they are alive and people like Alexander, Lukashenko, Omar are going to lead the way over the carcasses of brontosauruses like Schumer and Pelosi.


And take your pick and the rest of them rushed, nailed it as always. Now, information into power. If you live in California, in San Francisco, safely lock all the doors, go down and film the Tenderloin, film. The people living under the freeways in a state run by Democrats in Oregon do the same in Portland, Seattle. You know where to go. Film it, be safe. Send it to your friends in the red states and say protect your votes.


You will not believe the utter hypocrisy of Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, as we continue to determine your guidance.


Host this week on the EIB Network.


It's Todd Hermann, your guide host this week on the EIB Network. I want to thank all everyone at Team VIB for having me here in you for hanging out with me. It's 888 222. So they're coming. They're lining up. You have the corporate Woolco hottest archi. It's the corporate cowards being pushed by the corporate alcohol tests and to some degree, the globalists to get what you can get behind. We got to make sure that vote vote fraud is the latest person to do this is Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple.


He says that voting ought to be easier than ever and he rips the Georgia voting law. I would love to say to Tim Cook, just one question. How many pages is the voting law? Because you look at you deer in the headlights, no idea, because the man's never read it guarantees never read it. If he has, then I assume he's going to be changing. The rules at Apple. Because a member of the EIB staff. Found the acceptable forms of I.D. to have a an iPhone.


First of all, you can have your address on file with your existing carrier, then you need to have either a driver's license or a state issued ID, but we're not done yet our credit card or a passport or military ID or utility bill, so long as it has your primary address and same name on it or an original or certified copy of your birth certificate. To purchase an iPhone. And Tim Cook says that this voting law is it's unthinkable.


The CEO of Apple, which, by the way. Do you remember this, do you remember? Do you remember Obama phones? Do you remember this? The fake free stuff corn is so pervasive that voters actually believed Barack Obama was was taking free phones out of his stash, Rush explains this perfectly. You'll remember this if you have been a long term listener. The EIB Network, October of 2009 in Detroit. You know Obama at this point. This is after the stimulus.


There's another plan Obama is offering residents in certain cities rent free something, deposits or something on a few number of housing units. And these people have to show up at city hall and get in line and apply for the free, whatever it was. And of course, there's not enough to go around because the Democrats can't give everybody everything, be it health care, being housing, being an apartment, what have you. So our man in Detroit, who at the time can Rogalski with WJR went down and talked to some of the people in line waiting to get whatever freebie Obama was offering.


It was the equivalent of stimulus cash that was going to be used for a housing allowance. And see if you remember this.


Why are you here? To get some money. What kind of money? Obama money. Where's it coming from? Obama and where did Obama get it? I don't know his face. I don't know. I don't know where he got it from, but he's giving it to us to help us out. We love him. That's why we voted for. It coming from Obama's stash now that's 2009 is not this group of people still waiting. The Democrats have been promising them free this and free that, and they're still waiting for it.


There was also the Obama phones. Oh, Charlie, Indianapolis, Indiana, graduated. Sir, you're on the Rush Limbaugh program. Taught Hermann your guide host. Got about 90 seconds. Be brilliant. All right, thank you, Todd, great show today and happy Easter, my friend. You too, sir. What I wanted to touch on was I believe that this whole push back against the law changes to make it easier to vote in order to cheat.


Is the Democrats leading advance and kind of laying the groundwork for the future narrative when the same Americans who opposed open borders and high taxes and counterculture and energy defendants show up at the ballot box and just resoundingly reject the agenda that Biden has been pushing through, that they will then turn around and say, no, no, no, everybody loves our policies. This is only being rejected because of all of those racist voting Jim Crow laws that you guys are.


Oh, I love it. I love it. No, you know what I see again, just note to D.C.. No, to Joe Biden's dementia. No to Biden's handlers. The biggest radio audience in history is smarter than you are. They already had. Charlie, I'm glad you waited. It was a fantastic phone call.


More as we continue taught her and your guide host this week on the one and only EIB Network.


There is a battle coming for our freedom machines. That is what I consider are disgusting gas powered vehicles. Mayor Pete wants to install what he's going to call a mileage tax. Rush taught us over the years to never accept the liberal premises premises that they make for their arguments, don't agree to their terms, don't allow their terms to be inserted into the conversation. I would go so far on this this per mile tax to tell you that this is an enemy premise.


I'm not calling Mayor Pete an enemy. He's an opponent. I think he's an enemy of freedom. But I would say this. That if they succeed in convincing enough people that this is a per mile tax, what actually happens is we end up being tracked every where we go. And there's a lot of things that they use in this way that they'll put a terminology on it, that you'll then suddenly see, of course, the Mockingbird's adopt that premise, such as calling Joe Biden's, you know, borrow and spend plan, an infrastructure bill or a covid relief measure.


But this per mile tax, how do we approach it? There's a lesson from Rush on this on the major topic of not accepting premises. There's also a mini lesson on how to attack the push to get the government GPS units into cars. And that's that's not a that's not a guess. They're installing these things and pushing things in the left to states. So let's get into how we do not adopt the language of the enemy and then hear Rush explain how to avoid accepting local premises.


We'll get to that as we continue on the EIB Network.


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It's an incredible honor to be here with you today on the day the Lord has made this Good Friday before Easter. And I wish you a blessed Easter with your family. If you do celebrate that and these are the times God's decided will live in, he does trust us to do the right thing. And the more that we trust him, the more he can trust us. Speaking of trust, OK, all right. Let me set the scene for you.


Mayor Pete and this is part of the theme of this first segment, Rush is going to remind us to not accept liberal premises. So part of the theme of this segment is to not use language of our opponents and their political enemies. So I want to set the scene, Mayor Pete. Is fascinated with doing what they have done in Washington state and in Oregon, which is to pretend to invent something called a per mileage tax. And even people who are free marketeers fall into this trap.


Well, it's a usage tax that's good. No one. The gas tax is. A usage tax if you purchase five gallons of gasoline. When you go back and purchase more. You're paying for the usage, your car rolls by every mile you go, subtracts the gas from your tank and a good portion of that up to half or three quarters is going to taxes depending upon where you live. So this is not about a per mileage tax. This is a surveillance tax.


And I speak from experience, this is you paying to be surveiled. This is you paying to be blackmailed, they're going to blackmail you with your own money and with your permission, if we allow this, it's a surveillance tax. Oregon and Washington have pushed this. It is you either go to the DMV every year, probably four times a year, and let some bureaucrat take a picture of how many miles you've traveled and you pay based on that, or you put a smartphone app or a GPS unit in your car.


It doesn't just track how far you drive. It tracks things like the computer thinks you made too aggressive in a turn of a turn.


Calling it a per mile tax and accepting that it's not just accepting the premise. It's accepting the language of our political enemies. This is a surveillance tax because it turns into something that just surveils you and blackmail's you. For instance, the further away you drive from the city core, the more money it can charge you. If you drive at times where the government has decreed that you shall not drive, but you shall take a bus or choo choo train, it will do that some days it may decide to double or triple the cost to drive into a city.


It may it may demand that you pick people up. And become a volunteer, uber less, you pay more in taxes. This is a surveillance tax and we need to call it that. Now, let me set this specific scene for you before we hear from Mayor Pete. There's great footage of Mayor Pete. And four SUVs in downtown D.C.. Mayor Pete unloads his bicycle from one of the four SUVs. He then takes a lot of time to get on his bicycle.


As the four SUV surround him and then Mayor Pete pretends to bike to work. All show, all virtue signalling. And he's talking about this during an interview last Friday on CNBC, Squawk on the Street with anchor Kayla Tausche. Mayor Pete, secretary of transportation said was asked, what about a mileage based tax?


I think that shows a lot of promise if we believe in that so-called user pays principle, the idea, the part of how we pay for roads as you pay, based on how much you drive the gas tax, used to be the obvious way to do it. It's not anymore. So a so-called vehicle Miles traveled, tax or mileage tax, whatever you want to call it, could be a way to do it.


So it's not anymore. Why? What physics have changed, the petroleum we burn now comes back, it's reinvented, it reconstitutes no. They want to be able to surveil and blackmail you. I know people who tested the per mile app in Washington State and they got notes like, well, that that turn was a little tight and you braked and, hey, I think you were in the lane. And, you know, we'll just go ahead and send a ticket to you.


Or better yet, why don't we just charge your credit card? That's what this is about. Do not accept the language of our political enemies, no, Rush was a brilliant teacher. We know that in here in this clip, he explains to a caller that goes beyond not using the enemy's words, we must never accept their premises.


The question arises, basically, I want to know why such a small minority of people like the environmental wackos can stop drilling and more. They can stop us from making new refineries. But issues like tax cuts and border security are clearly supported by the majority and kernohan by the people Washington wants to do. I'm going to answer your question for you.


It's it's a good question. And the answer is it's not such a small minority. The problem is politicians and politicians.


Genuinely, generally. Poll and focus group and find out what people want and give it to them. That's how you stay elected. That's what's so frustrating to people like us. We want leadership. We don't want people bending in shaping with the wind. We want leadership. We want somebody challenging Democrat liberal premises, stop accepting liberal premises. But that's what we do. Let me give you a little story as an example here from the San Francisco Chronicle today.


They went out, they took a poll of people. Californians support the idea of charging green vehicle fees that would make drivers of gas guzzlers pay higher taxes and offer discounts for those driving less polluting vehicles, according to a survey by a transportation researcher at San Jose State University. York State of California charges drivers registration and licensing fees and gasoline taxes at rates that do not take into account the pollution levels of vehicles. But the survey, a research associate with the University of Minetta Transportation Institute named after Leon Panetta, found that Californians would support a variety of taxes and fees to raise money for transportation improvements, as well as combat global warming, including raising vehicle registration fees in average 31 dollars to an average of 62 dollars, doubling them and having higher polluting vehicles pay higher rates and cleaner cars, lower rates.


And they also believe in levying a mileage based tax that would replace the 18 cents per gallon gasoline tax per mile amount would vary depending on how much a vehicle polluted the air. The researcher at San Jose State. The public is very supportive of these green taxes and fees. This is how it's worked. They have created all this guilt. And you've got people in San Francisco who think this has to be done. And when you have, you know, linguini spined politicians who simply care about being re-elected, it's not a minority of people that are getting things done.


It's not even a small minority of people that are getting things done. This is a thing liberals get hold of something and they don't stop there. No matter how much of it they get, it's never enough. They want to keep going. This, this, this, this is traceable to 1980. 1980 to 1982 83, this is when the modern global warming movement began and it's been steady and they just keep plodding away. And here we are now, 28 years later, 25 years later, and it's taken hold.


So we're you know, we're accepting the premise and trying to refute it a little bit. We should have stomped on it way back when. I'll tell you what's going to happen, especially with this new proposal that I see that this researcher I just mentioned, this in the Chronicle today, The San Francisco Chronicle, raising registration fees and then getting into a a sort of a two tiered or three tiered tax plan based on the kind of car you drive. They're going to raise taxes on the gas guzzlers.


They're going to reduce gas taxes on the what are called environmentally safe, non-polluting cars.


This is going to affect their tax rate income. What it it's probably it's if it doesn't go up, it's like when they raised gas, when the gas price went up. And the state was urging people to drive less, save the planet, drive less, be more economical. People like sheep did what the state said, and it didn't take long for the state to realize, hey, our gas tax revenues plummeting here. And so they raised gas taxes to make up for people following orders to drive less and to go buy more economical cars.


So the bottom line is when you have a state government like yours in California, Wayne, which is run by liberal Democrats, you can make book on the fact that your government expenses, taxes are going to go up every year regardless of what you do to reduce them. Oh, they never stop. They keep plodding along. Twenty years ago, he was tracking now look at where this is advanced. It's advanced to a step of we're going to need to track every inch you drive.


We're going to need to review your driving so we cannot accept the per mile charge. It is a surveillance tax. This week, we played Rush response to the immunity cards that you would present to business to see, see, I'm immune to this virus now that's graduated up into vaccine passports, which I would call big pharma passports. I think it's cloaked government. It's a government passport, it's a business passport, it's our traveling papers. But let's not call it a vaccine passport.


Speaking of that. Governor Rhonda Santurce in Florida has just signed Executive Order 21 81. It's just been officially issued prohibiting the use of vaccine passports both by the government and business entities in Florida. Just as maybe every family can, we just all face towards Florida and give Rhonda Santos a thumbs up. Thank you, Governor.


Much more to fall as Todd Hermann, your guide host this week on the EIB Network.


It's Todd Herman, your guide host this week in the EIB Network. You heard about Biden and what he wants to do to Major League Baseball. And once again, once again, next segment once again. It's the prophetic rush, almost everything we've played today from Rush is prophetic compared to today's news where he predicted what was going to happen. We'll get to that as well. Let's go talk on Open Line Friday to Tom in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Tom, you're on the Rush Limbaugh program.


It's taught and your guide guidance today. Hi, Tom. Hi, Todd.


Happy Easter to you, too. We all Miss Rush, but you're doing a great job and tie on his words and your words to today's issues. And I appreciate that.


Well, that's high praise. I thank you.


I everything that the Democrats do, they're wrong, but they are persistently wrong. As Rush just reminded us, they always come back again and again and again. And as Republicans, we seem to have the attention of a five year old.


We never and the issue that I called about was what I call the the Biden gas tax because of his policies on energy. In my case, the gasoline cost has gone up a dollar a gallon. Now, the average driver does a thousand miles a month. That's 500 or 600 dollars a month additional out of my pocket because of his policy. And we should we should let people know that it is affecting everybody that drives every day of their lives. They're paying more because of Biden.


Well, and it's going to get worse. It's going to get worse because you bring a good point. You try this on for size. Tom, living outside of D.C. by about 15 miles out in Virginia Alexander area, it can cost you 47 bucks per drive. And that's just the toll. That doesn't include the gas. We're talking nearly a hundred dollars per day, not gas, but the toll then you have to pay to park. You could spend in D.C. 125 bucks a day to go to work.


Now, I mean, it's D.C. So come on, there's no depressions. There's no economic recessions. If you want more money, you take more money. Everybody from their benefits from the big government, thievery of of of people's resources. I'm not saying taxes are theft, but I'm saying that jacking the rates up to 50 dollars per day to get to work, that seems like thievery to me. Tom, I appreciate the phone call. Beautiful, beautiful.


Chattanooga, Tennessee, thank you for calling. Russia shows all the year of support, years of support. Let's go talk to Roy in Oklahoma. Roy, you're on the Rush Limbaugh program. Todd Hermann, your guide host today.


Welcome, Roy. Yes, sir, I miss you. I miss him terribly. I grew up with an eye for most of my opinions with him, and I hate to imagine I hate to admit it, but I had become a college duke.


And you don't get that. If you don't get that sheepskin, you don't you don't make money.


Yeah, I again, I'm an American Indian. American Indian. I'm not you're not an American, you're not a Native American, American Indian. No, I swear I. I'm an American Indian. I wear it like a badge of honor. I'm like the red badge of courage, like the Scarlet Letter. My dad is what they used to call when they hired the federal government, hired him to be the breed half breed breed Indian. Mm hmm.


They call him, see the herding. He made them like it.


Oh, I love it because I got so many things I want to say.


But the most important thing, I am really, really tired of the college view. And I am a college student. I'm sorry. I apologize.


But why later did the college pukes? Why are you tired of it? Because we got short on time. I feel like you should write a book because you have so much to say and that's very important. But why are you sick of the college pukes as an American Indian?


And again, because I while it took me 20 years to get to college and listening to them. They're what they do is say, you owe me because your ancestors abused my ancestors. Let's give them straight. Until the end of World War Two, when America said that it had to stop. Yeah, yeah, it was that way. Yeah, I got American handed them. Yeah, we kicked everybody but got it.


I understand it perfectly. Roy, you said it so well. And you know what? This spring and I want to thank you for the phone call. Just the clock is our enemy. Roy, I want to just say that you reminded me in a second there of of the great Walter Williams, God rest, Walter, Walter and Russia together in heaven.


Oh, wow, Walter was was an African-American great academic who used to absolve white people of their guilt. You called Rush's show. I'm thinking Roy could start a service now for some of these college pukes that they could go to. And and he doesn't he doesn't agree with, you know, this generational you abuse your ancestors abuse, but he could sell passes. You could give people an absolving card. The Liberals would pay for that. Great Collaroy. Thank you very much.


Now, this weekend, I want you to be sure to see the special tributes to radio's greatest of all time, R.L. Rumbo. You can find it at Rush Limbaugh dot com. And so many folks have contributed to the creation of a special like our former president Donald John Trump.


Rush Limbaugh was in a class by himself. There was nobody like him. He was an icon. And frankly, he was an American hero to so many, what he's done for the conservative movement and so many other things for our country, for the health of our country, for the benefit of our country. That's the thing he loved. He loved our country more than anything else. He loved our country.


He did love our country. And you can watch that again this weekend at Rush Limbaugh dot com. One of the many things that Rush was great at was calling out. Even segments. Well, I mean, Rush loved America, but he loved sports, he loved athletics, he loved it because in the purest sense, they should be meritocracies. But as Joe Biden's dementia is now telling Major League Baseball, Yeah, move the all star game, I want to comment on that.


Then I want to bring Russia's words to the fore, because he did not did not pull any punches in speaking back even against his beloved football. It's Todd Hermann, your guide host. This week on the EIB Network.


Breaking news out of Washington, D.C. A vehicle has smashed into a barrier outside the Senate side of the Capitol. Two people loaded into ambulances. It's my understanding that there are two Capitol Police officers who are injured. Just take a second police to just say a prayer for the two Capitol Police officers, please. That's the Holy Spirit would be with them and that they would recover. And we'll keep track of this Senate side of the Capitol car smashed into the barriers outside the Senate side.


So we will keep track of that for you on Russia. Show the. It's a hard thing to transition from. I have a thing about cops getting hurt. And it's it's kind of a personal thing, so I'll just I'll swallow and move on to the program. In fact, maybe well, yeah, I'll move on with this. There are big businesses that are run by people. And there's this it's tempting to believe that because you are a CEO or or you're a star and you've got all sorts of money, that that means that you have enough money to tell the world, you know, forget it.


I'm not going to do what you say. There's a there's a phrase for that. You know, it's the blank, blank money, blank, blank, blank money. This is what we call it. In tech. You get a big enough exit. It's blank, blank money to the world. I'll do what I want. Elon Musk does that. He acts that way, but that's not the case because a lot of people, they never get over peer pressure and they never get over, you know, allowing that to affect them.


And that's that's happening with Major League Baseball and sports. And, you know, Drew Brees ended his great NFL career the last year. He played actively with with a apparent rapist's name on his helmet, Jake Blake. So, you know, accused of rape and trying to rape those women again the night that he was shot by the police. So there is Joe Biden is wanting to see the the Major League Baseball game moved out of it than he wants to see.


He wants to see it just everything. Go woak. And he spoke about this and we'll play the clip of him later in the show of Biden saying it himself. Now, Rush went just directly to the point about pro sports needing to take the knee to the local hardest. He said it's cowardice.


You know, my opinion is I think professional sports needs to man up. You got you've got the Reverend Jackson demanding that Bud Selig cancel an all star game in Arizona because of the immigration law. Al Sharpton is on them. Now, you've got the owner of the Phoenix Suns running around saying, well, I've got to do this. You've got a bunch of liberal sportswriters suggesting that the baseball team be boycotted wherever they go. I think sports needs to man up, get liberalism out of it for crying out loud.


Take a look at 70 percent of the people of Arizona support the law. The professional sports want to be associated exciting with illegals, lawbreakers. This is no different than the Republicans supporting amnesty back in 2007 because they don't want to offend anybody and they hope to get these votes.


So you have the ownership of the Phoenix Suns, the Los Suns and whoever. We don't want to offend the portion of our fan base. So we want to appear to be politically correct.


We want to appear to be all inclusive and so forth are, well, fine and dandy. But what happens with them contributes to the overall deterioration of the culture of the society.


I just I just think it's cowardice. I'm sorry, I think it's cowardice, pure and simple. Ozzie Guillen, the manager of the Chicago White Sox Venezuela. Said he will not go and participate in the all star game as a manager coach. If it's in Arizona, OK, so we're supposed to change everything, we're supposed to deal with American law by reacting to what Ozzie Guillen of the Chicago White Sox says, no, if he doesn't like it, he let him not go.


Don't go find and then don't go. It's fine if you don't want to go, but we're not going to change federal law, state law, just so you can show up at an all star game.


This is it is a interesting thing about the intersection of politics and sports, which I thought was not supposed to happen, but.


It it obviously is this just the bottom line here is it's cowardice, it's running, there's a cowardice disguised as supremacy, cowardice disguised as I'm better than you, cowardice disguise. I'm more open minded than you. Cowardice disguised as I'm more worldly than you are. I am a better person. I'm more tolerant than you are.


It's just cowardice, pure and simple. And if it isn't cowardice, it's pure ideology. Nothing, mother. Nothing other than political liberalism that's guiding the opinions on this, which is common and OK in politics. But tell us that. You know, don't give us this superior, I'm better than you are a multicultural garbage, just tell us you're a liberal, you disagree with the law, and you don't think that the jerseys ought to say sons because it offends you.


Don't hide behind holier than thou. You're better than everybody else stuff. That's the thing about liberals. They just can't be honest about who they have to always denigrate everybody else.


Well, we have to wear these Los Suns jerseys because there's so many racists in our state and we have to battle it. Sorry doesn't fly here on the EIB Network. I really thought my experience with the St. Louis Rams was that sports cannot. Be politicized, these people, you know, Ozzy Guijin and all these other people who don't if you don't like playing in the United, don't like playing in Arizona, go back and play for Hugo Chavez and try to make the millions of dollars there that you make here.


You know how everybody, folks, they're all for diversity, as long as everybody thinks alike, if you work in a love diversity, as long as everybody thinks the same thing, if you work in a corporate environment.


Look, I. I have I have radio station. Seattle's a kind of a corporate environment. If if you can speak up and lose your job or we could not speak up and lose our country, it really is time to start to ask questions in these meetings where we're pressured. And I'm not saying that's happening at work and gladly it hasn't, but I know people who are pressured. It is really time for us to speak up and say, wait, I'm sorry.


I am not willing to pretend to be a racist just because I'm white. I'm just not. Is anyone else in this room unwilling to do that? People are waiting for folks to lead them. And we're going to have to do hard things because because it was also Walter Williams who said that freedom is not the natural state of things.


Now, this weekend's Easter is a writer of eastern Passover, Passover is a beautiful, beautiful event and they're perfect examples. On occasions, families get together and celebrate. And remember, there's lots of pictures and video. And, you know, it's been that way for decades. How do you keep all those family movies and pictures preserved forever? You do that with Legacy Box, the company that specializes in digitally transferring your family memories. It's a company that Rush trusted with his memories, and you can trust him with your family memories.


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So they'll rush both trusted. We'll come back with an update out of Washington, D.C., more information on these officers and the suspects. And what do you think was Donald Trump's greatest accomplishment in office? El Bo had a great analysis of that.


Get to that's Todd Hermann, your guide host this week on the EIB Thottam and your guide host this week in the EIB Network.


And CBS Baltimore is reporting that this case in the capital where a car ran into a bear. Apparently, it also struck the officers. And we've heard a couple different reports of that. So please do pray for the officers. There's also an officer told Fox News they think they shot somebody and that would perhaps be the suspect in this. And if you've ever been to the Capitol, they have these massive gates near the gates. I mean, they're barriers they can pull up out of the street to stop cars like this.


And so just looking at the picture, it is the Senate side of the Capitol that the by the train station and those gates are pulled up. They say stop on him and they are not those gates aren't going anywhere. And so it's Capitol Police can see an SUV that has surrounded the scene. So really do take a moment if you are praying person and pray for the recovery of the officers, that they would recover fully from this. There was something there are many things that we've talked about that President Trump did in office that that we're seeing Bidens.


You know, the approach of the people who handle Biden is obviously to undo these things. We talked about to reentering the clownish agreement to allow Iran to get legitimized nuclear weapons. We've talked about that. We talked we talked about the dismantling of the team. Yeah, we have the Department of Homeland Security team that existed to find. You know, illegal immigrant sex traffickers in our country that that was done away with clearly any form of border enforcement has been done away with.


Something else, as Russia is mobilizing troops towards Crimea and they say this is an exercise. This is the time of the year they do those exercises, but not normally to this degree. Do they do these things we're seeing aggressive flybys by the Chinese Communist Party's military seeing aggressive posture as we saw the Chinese Communist Party, you know, functionaries basically go chest up with our folks in Alaska and they're taking they've already taken a mental assessment of Biden. That's what they do.


And probably they came back and said, look, this guy can't possibly make quick decisions, can't do it. So they're testing him. So Trump achieves a lot. In terms of being a guy that our enemies and our opponents in the globe couldn't. Predict easily now, what do you think was the most important aspect of Trump's term in office, Rush considered many of the president's accomplishments, but the Mahat landed squarely on one thing Trump did that stood out to him.


Let me ask you a quick question. What do you think Donald Trump's greatest legacy will be? Here's my list, and I think I'm going to have to add that to it.


The Supreme Court, three conservative justices, right? Operation warp speed, i.e. the vaccine. So Supreme Court operation warp speed, highlighting the need for national election reform, identifying the Tricon. That is such a big one. You realize Trump has been hammering the Chinese since he was opening his campaign 2015, even before that. Trump is the guy who literally made news, he made it be news that Hunter Biden and Joe Biden had a relationship with Tricom business interests.


How about identifying the deep state problem? Exposing the fake news media. How about creating the greatest economy in American history by way of massive reductions in regulations and tax cuts? I think one of the biggest legacies Trump's going to have is making us energy independent. I tell you, I worry that this is going to be lost. I worry that Biden is going to reverse this. I think Biden's going to come up with a way to reinvigorate the Iran deal and I think it's going to result in the United States losing its energy independence.


Believe me, the United States becoming energy independent. That was not on the drawing board for globalists, the Obama crowd. We can't accomplish our goals if the U.S. becomes energy independent, if the United States becomes a net exporter of energy, of oil that gums up the works like you can't believe you watch. I don't know how long it's going to take, but if we lose our status as energy, it will require purposeful strategies to bring that about.


And if that happens, if the Democrats literally if Biden and his crew. Actually succeed in revoking our energy independence, folks, that would be the biggest indication of what we're up against. How about bringing an unheard of level of peace and cooperation in the Middle East, and how did that happen, by the way? Why, I think moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, every president had promised to do it. Trump actually did it. And I think finding a way to get all of these Middle Eastern Arab states to unite with Israel because of Iran.


And I'll guarantee you this, the Biden administration or Obama, too, is going to do everything they can to reignite the Iran deal, which will get Iran nuclear weapons. They're going to do everything they can to unwind what Trump did with Iran, including these remarkable new relationships with Middle Eastern Arab states and Israel.


And they are. And Rush is right even more. We'll come back to him to guide host this week on the EIB Network.


So we continue to monitor the happenings in Washington, D.C., continue to pray for the officers who apparently were hit by this car that hit a barrier in the Senate side of the Capitol. Now, just hearing word that apparently the suspect came out of the car with a knife is what we're hearing. And we've also heard and that would make sense then if the suspect was shot. Not that it wouldn't make sense to shoot someone trying to go at officers with the car.


So we don't know anything about the suspect yet at this point. That's what's happened to capital, consequently is on lockdown. There is a story out of Waukegan. Kagan like that, I don't like this word Latin because Latin activists protest renaming Thomas Jefferson Middle School and Barack Obama after Barack Obama, Michelle Obama.


This is, though, a great way to dig into one of the things it's on our side, as were in what Rush had called a death struggle with communism. And that is what we need to do is buy some time for them to eat each other. Not not yet. Not yet. Literally yet. I mean, not that comes later. I mean, if they succeed, they'll eat the zoo animals first. Well, no, first the pets, then the zoo animals.


But let's dig into this and use some of Russia's wisdom to do that as well.


It's taught him in your guide host this week on the EIB Network, a young college grad gunned down while simply walking his dog. A mom, Michelle Parker, vanishes after she drops off her little twins as a babysitter.


An Indianapolis mass murderer leaves six dead. Nancy Grace here. These are just some of the cases we're investigating on crime stories. It's so easy to think it will never happen to you, never to my family. Right. That's not true. It does happen. And we want to help every on crime stories.


We break down the biggest breaking crime news and try to put the clues together. We speak with family members, reporters, investigators, police and specialists. Every day is a mission every day, a chance to stop crime and to keep one more person safe.


Join us, listen to crime stories with Nancy Grace on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcast or wherever you listen to your podcast. What an incredible honor and thrill to be with you and to chat with you on this open line, a Good Friday version of Open Line Open on Friday, 802 to 202 on today, the day the Lord has made for all of us. And The Times, this is the times he gave us to live in. And I've begun to be grateful for living in these times because it means that maybe our kids don't have to live in times such as these.


And it's tempting. It's I don't know that it's tempting, but it can happen that people become demoralized. I go back and forth because I see the left on the march in and I go back and forth between it's over. And I do think that for some areas it's over. San Francisco is it's gone. It can't come back. I mean, it's going to have to just completely change Seattle, Portland. And I mean, those are cities I know well.


So I won't make judgments about cities. I don't know as well that that may well also be gone. And it's also tempting to think we have to win it all back right now. And yes, hey, look, if H.R. one passes this this stealing of the vote and if there's not successful court cases from every single Republican attorney general, we're in deep trouble. But that's that's not that's not exactly what we have to do. Part of what we need to do is buy time, because leftism consumes itself, because it is a it's an ideology of greed and avarice and anger and bitterness.


That's what it is. It's it's acidic. And right now, they have a protection from their own acid or their own venom, but that doesn't last. Here's here's a case in point. It's kind of funny, but it's also a case in point. There's a guy named Edgar Castellanos. He's a District 60 school board member in a place called Waukegan, which is a cool name for a city, Waukegan, Illinois. And he is one of many, quote, Latin.


I've never met a large number of friends because I have family who spending large number of friends and family who are Hispanic. I've never heard anyone say Lack's.


There are there's white liberal so-called journalists in Seattle who say that Nixon one day, one of them said, well, I just worry about the BIPAC community. And I started to Google that. I'm like, I don't care. It's just another way to to divide people. So this guy, Mr. Castellanos, Edgar Castellanos, is not in favor of renaming Thomas Jefferson Middle School after Barack and Michelle Obama, Thomas Jefferson. His sin was and it was a perversion of human rights to own slaves.


Jefferson was thought of as a decent slave owner. If such a thing exists. And it's my recollection that upon death, he freed the people he'd held in bondage. Good for him. Too late. And at least he did it. But why not Michelle and Barack Obama? Well, you have to ask. Edgar Castellanos came to the United States illegally as a child or as the news report here says that he came here undocumented as a child.


ABC seven says that. So he said, I will not be part of renaming a school after someone who did not and does not represent the undocumented community. OK, so the criminal community. No, I'm not saying it was his fault he came here as a child, I don't know who brought him. I don't know the circumstances, but let's just put this in real life language. That is, that he will not back anybody who does not back criminals.


So when you get into intersection of politics and you divide people up by grievance groups, eventually you get a war of grievance groups. And I can I could prove this, like if I suddenly had this awakening that I'm, in fact, a 14 year old girl, but gay and and also that the Republicans have been all wrong. And in fact, we need to we need Wokingham and an hour to go to MSNBC with this great awakening. I could suddenly be a victim instantly.


Instantly. And that's that's that's then my opportunity to now go to war with other victim groups. On this great this great periodic table of victimhood, remember the periodic table up, didn't chemistry the periodic table? We can buy time if we can just buy time eventually these groups eat themselves. I know it's difficult to think of buying time when you have things like this. This is this is CNN. This is CNN. Just just this flat line. CNN politics tweets chief executives and other high ranking leaders from more than 100 companies, including Target, Snapchat and Uber, have issued a public statement opposing any measure that denies eligible voters the right to cast ballots.


That's brave. Wow. So what you're saying is eligible voters should be able to cast ballots. That's exactly what the Georgia law does. It makes sure eligible voters can cast ballots. Well, in fact, anybody can cast a ballot. What it does is make sure only eligible voters, eligible voters get their votes to count. And to these companies that are saying these things, you CEOs, this is just like you saying we only want people who pay for our stuff to get our stuff.


You want to put this to the test target? Let people come into your stores and take what they want. Well, they're supposed to pay, we're supposed to be eligible voters. We can buy time because the left does eat itself, because there's never that the government never goes far enough, there's never enough, never enough power, they'll go to war with each other eventually. Rush explained that for leftists, there's no limit on what the government should do to you or for them.


And a lot of groups not happy with what Obama did. And it just amazes me and it really does. These groups are unhappy because Obama didn't do what they expected, which obviously means Obama has been lying to some of these people in these private meetings with them. For example, I have here in my formerly nicotine stained fingers a piece of one of my tech blogs. I don't know which it is. I printed it out. Doesn't matter. Say it's a Reuters story.


It's what it is, President Barack Obama's plans to make life a little easier for some foreign tech workers, but Silicon Valley representatives are disappointed that his immigration changes will not satisfy long standing demands for more visas and faster green cards anyway. Univision, the anchor at Univision, again, Whorey Ramos, and he's got this figured out and he's not happy. He joins the tech, but he's in being unhappy, but for a whole different reason. Univision anchor Ramos described Obama's executive action as paying a debt.


To the Latino community in an interview with Fusion colleague Alicia Menendez, Jorge Ramos denied that Obama had kept his promise on immigration. Obama hasn't even gotten close to keeping his promise on immigration in full because he had pledged to take action in his first year and he didn't do it until his sixth year. Hornsey almost went on to say that President Obama must do more. And he's still leaving out six to seven million undocumented aliens that need help. Asked whether Obama had kept his promise, Jorge Ramos said, well, not exactly what President Obama promised during 2008 was to present during his first year in office immigration reform, and that would have applied to the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the country.


He's going to benefit more than four million people, the undocumented parents of U.S. citizens and legal residents. However, that would not include another six to seven million undocumented immigrants in this country. They're viewing this as a debt that's being paid, a debt that is being repaid. Now, how do you. What you must believe, if you look at what Obama is paying a debt, tell me, what is it? Well, I don't think it's that I mean, yeah, they got him elected, I don't think it's that at all.


I don't think this debt. I don't think Jorge hey, Ramos is talking about election payback or anything when he talks about how Latino people are owed a debt.


I think he's talking about the fact that California used to be Mexico. And in Arizona, used to be Mexico and whatever else, and I think the debt that they're talking about goes far beyond Obama's first year promise.


I think the debt involved. Hey, you have been using Hispanics to pick your fruit, to take out your trash, to wash and drive your cars, to cut your lawns. And it's gone on long enough. The point is, when you hear a guy start talking about how Obama owes them a debt, here's let me put it another way. I think the Democrat Party has realized they have what's the term they've maxed out with the black population? I mean, how much more how much better can he do it?


Ninety three percent every election. OK, that's done. We got that. We own it. It's time to build on that. And so up next are the Hispanics and it's the Democrats are going to treat them. And corral them the same way they did the African-American community, in essence. What Hispanics have been doing all of these years when they've been doing jobs that are beneath Americans, it's been the equivalent of slavery.


You mark my words. I'm not saying Obama is going to tell them this is going to be the activist impetus.


For the immigration activist groups, and it's not going to become a matter of dignity, that's what this debt being repaid really gets to, and that's from El Ruscio himself, an explanation of the opportunity for us to buy time, because we're seeing now that people who represents criminals, criminal illegal immigrants, are demanding now that they get to be above on the intersectional periodic charts of victimhood and therefore retribution opportunities.


Above. Michelle and Barack Obama, we can buy time and still when we come back, MTV thinks they have to come out with an admission and a mia culpa for causing mental health problems from that rush on the double standard of pop culture's Todd Hermann, your guide host this week on the EIB Network.


It is open on Friday. Phone calls to come later this hour, 888 to 280 to just an update out of Washington, D.C. The capital remains on lockdown. Person apparently drove into unhit some Capitol Police officers. This is on the Senate side. I guess if you've been to D.C., you know where that is. If you haven't, maybe you don't really matter. But this matters is the condition of these officers. There was an ambulance scene taking two people away.


Now, word that the suspect, upon striking these officers for whom were in prayer, apparently get out of the car with a knife. We're hearing now that one of the officers was stabbed. So we'll continue to keep you up to date on that. This came this morning. It's not a story I found. One of the themes to be brought to serve as great story that there's a guy named Chris McCarthy and he's the president of MTV Entertainment Group and is from The Washington Post.


He's about to offer a rare mia culpa and undertake an ambitious plan to remake programming at MTV and sister stations, including Comedy Central, VH1 and even Paramount Plus. And he was inspired to do this because he's worried about the effects that they're having on on the mental health of young people. And he was inspired to do this because, of course. The Duchess of Sussex. Talk to Oprah. About being sad and depressed. Now it's her right to speak this and you can be plenty rich and plenty depressed about the family of the late Robin Williams.


And this was the turning point. He says that. About a scene in there, like spin off of Jersey Shore or whatever it is, there is argument and terrible relations between boyfriend and girlfriend and terrible things said and pushing and shoving, having reality stars say someone is really messed up. Well, that's not the proper way to reflect the story. It sends the wrong message about somebody's mental health.


We need to do better. OP, you're supplying programming. Well, where the reality is not reality. And where young people are saying, why can't I get paid? To take my shirt off. On TV. Why can't my life be? To get to be famous for being famous. That you have. Songs in artists featuring the song WRP by Whatshername. That's about as misogynistic as that song, and I'm aware that it's by a woman as exists and this is your awakening.


Listen, I've been around teen mental health, I'd be glad to sit with you one day and go through the actual army doing. I know Rush, of course, was on the cutting edge of societal evolution about all the problems with pop culture.


Years ago, this infuriates me. What is happening outrages me. It scares me. It insults me. It's all of it. We're losing the country. And what what is frustrating to me is that so many people. Don't see it, and those who do are not willing to do anything about it. Everybody scared, everybody is frightened to what's going to happen to them if they've been everybody's afraid of the Democrat Party. That's where the fear in this country, everybody's afraid of the government.


They're afraid to speak out. They're afraid to do anything about it. It's it's it's the path of least resistance for them.


But in the meantime, this whole notion that society owes anybody what they want, if they can say they're discriminated against for some reason, when it gets to the point that we are providing the means and the finances, the resources for social activities or whatever it is, it's it's scary to me.


This is all part of a culture deteriorating because fewer and fewer people and fewer and fewer businesses and fewer and fewer institutions actually have a moral core or they're not willing to stand up for their moral core. And you're talking about the double standard.


And one of the greatest illustrations of it is that rappers can practically say anything they want about women, and it's called art and they win awards for it.


I don't know about you. I have some television shows that I like and I TiVo them.


And the P word stands for Urinate is common now or when you're ticked off, you are. It's common. The word bitch is common. In sitcoms, in television dramas, you know, I'm so naive in my hopefulness. For 23 years, I've been doing this on this stage four years prior to that in Sacramento, actually 27 years I've been doing this, and every year it's easy to see the cultural decline taking place, the rock right in front of our eyes.


And I keep for all of these years, I've said to myself, OK, at some point it's going to bottom out. People going have had enough of it and it's going to end. And it never does. It's it's not it's nowhere near bottoming out and it's nowhere near people standing up saying, hey, enough of it, it's getting worse and it's going to continue to get worse. One of the things Andrew Breitbart is being. Lionized in his death.


And he is being heralded in his death as one of the. Things that the Breitbart empire was focused on. Was pop culture, Breitbart grew up in West Los Angeles. He was surrounded by the epitome of wacko leftism. Today, he grew up and was part of that eventually for a lot of reasons. He had an awakening and escaped it. And one of the reasons he put together his big empire, big journalism, big Breitbart TV, big this and all those different websites are one of things that Andrew Breitbart was trying to do was to have conservatism.


Make an impact in the pop culture.


He believed that the combination of the pop culture and the media were the source of all of the destruction and the deterioration of things in this country, that the media had long ago abandoned their constitutional requirement that they were now part of a leftist agenda openly and up front. Honestly, they were not even making any pretense as to not being objective or holding the powerful accountable long ago, given that up. And the pop culture is made up of people.


I'm talking about the audience who don't know 90 percent of the substantive things going on in this country that will someday take from them their freedom. They look at it as gaining stuff to the extent that they even care. And those are the two areas that he was primarily interested in. And they're both extremely important. And that's all part of the fact that there is a double standard. But forget the double standard ever going away. It never will.


So even there, as Rush discusses pop culture, did you hear him say it will never stop getting worse? I go back to this what we talked about with MTV and his executives concerned that the Jersey Shore spin off is the thing that's a terrible precursor to mental health problems for teens. With all due respect to that gentleman, your entire network. Is uniquely harmful to teens and maybe you can have that awakening. We'll give you an update on the Washington, D.C. circumstanced, the suspects reported to be dead.


Todd Hermann, your guide host this week on the EIB Network.


And happy Easter to you and a fine observance. Good Friday for you. Update out of D.C., it's now two or three media sources reporting that the suspect who apparently rammed a car into police officers who are injured are prayers for them. That suspect is now confirmed dead, apparently upon hitting the officers or perhaps that barrier that then hit the officers, we don't know, exited the car, we're told, with a knife and was apparently shot. So we'll continue to pay attention to that.


The Derek Shervin trial is continuing and to be much, much, much to unfold on that. We're talking earlier about the fact that The New York Times is sort of kind of doxxing.


The jury saying that there is we don't know much about them, but here's what we do know. And then we also talk about the fact that a lot of these jurors faces are on video, CNN all day with their faces. They're going to get recognized. And clearly, if the jury comes back and says, hey. It looks like George Floyd died from a fentanyl overdose, which. I mean, that's what the defense is saying, and to me, it's it's a strong possibility.


What position are going to be in? Right. And there's this focus on these bystanders, this piece in The Washington Examiner that takes the instance of George Floyd and this is why didn't people intervene? Now, why didn't they go and I don't know what you would do, the police or the police and what do you call push the police off? But but that they filmed it on their cell phones. And there's this sort of dynamic, if you've seen, for instance, the Uber driver.


Who was an Asian-American who was, I think, murdered when these 13 and 15 year girls decided to steal his car to carjacking and they drove away with him hanging off, and there was this they they crashed the car and the man died. And the girl was worried about her cell phone, that there are a lot of people filming that, but none of them stepped in. And the 13, 15 girls with tasers, no one steps in to open the door and pull the girl out, say, no, you're not taking his car.


That we sort of our cultures sort of have mutated into a stand by and watch culture. And I've seen this time and again in like the antifa circumstances where even Tifa and they're not an idiot, they're a thing, I can prove it to you beating on people. And there's a bunch of cell phone footage and I get it. There's a lot of people there. But look, Rush Rush talked about this in terms of police. And I would say, look, you're on the side of law.


You're not. And if you give in to incivility. And you allow mob rule, you'll end up with mob rule. If you stand by and film mob rule, you're you're filming what you're going to get for yourselves. So Rush said it's this way. In this clip, it's only 19 years ago that everybody in this country was running around proudly waving flags. Everybody, including athletes, were carrying flags around the bases in the Major League Baseball playoffs.


NFL players were proudly carrying the flag to support the first responders of 9/11 19 years ago. First responders, the police, sheriff's deputies were the heroes in this country. They were loved and admired and respected. Everybody was driving around this country, it seemed, with the American flag streaming outside car windows all over the place as a reaction to 9/11. And now look where we are now. Now it's a time to choose. You are either with the mob or you are with the police.


You are either with the mob outside a hospital in Lynwood, California, where two sheriff's deputies are fighting for their lives. They are supposedly out of the woods after untold hours of surgery, after being shot point blank range in the face by a single perpetrator who was laughing and smiling all the while doing it. The deputies were parked ever rookies. They were in their patrol car and they were just on lookout. I mean, they were just not doing anything.


They were stationary. And the perp walks up point blank and fires at both of them and standers by started celebrating. But it's time to figure out where you are, folks. You're either with the mob, you're either with the Marxist of Black Lives Matter in Antifa, where they still are gathered outside the emergency room of this hospital, denying anybody the chance to get in. They literally were blockading the entrance to the hospital emergency room if there were any emergencies that needed to be treated at this hospital.


Black Lives Matter had blocked the entrance and the exit. So you know what the hospital did the hospital send us a tweet. Please do not block our entry way as though black lives. Oh, look, they're tweeting this dude. They want us to leave. Dude, we better leave. The Black Lives Matter mob made it clear that they hope these two innocent sheriff's deputies die. He made it abundantly clear 19 years ago, not even a generation ago, 19 years ago, the police, firefighters, EMS, all first responders were the toast of this nation.


Including among African-American athletes, video is available should you need to be reminded of these athletes proudly, happily carrying the American flag on their field of play, both the National Football League and Major League Baseball just 19 years ago.


What happened? Nineteen years ago, they were the glue holding this country together, 19 years ago, they were among the biggest heroes in our culture and society. They went into buildings to try to save people. Now they are the most hated, disgusted, reviled among us. No, they aren't. Sadly, so much of this is just PR and marketing, so much of this is people deciding to get in on this because of PR and marketing, not because they really hate cops.


They just think that it's the cool thing to do. So protests really. The Democrat base becomes violent when the police do their jobs. Remember, Joe Biden is demanding the disarming of Americans just as his supporters are making life a living hell in cities all over the country. So, my friends, the question is. You still want to talk about peaceful protesters, you still want to claim that's what this is all about, peaceful protesters, you got to make up your mind.


You're either with the mob or you are with the police. And some of you weren't alive 19 years ago. Some of you were so young 19 years ago. You don't remember 19 years ago, in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, downed aircraft, Shanksville, Pennsylvania, you couldn't find a single person not supportive of the cops. You had people lining up to show their support. You had athletes and other public figures demanding to be involved in public ceremonies.


And in public displays of support for police and first responders. Some of the very people today who have now magically appeared on the other side of this who now think the cops are a bunch of murdering pigs. Nineteen years ago, couldn't get close enough to them, couldn't let every one of us know how much they supported them and how much they loved them. So what's changed in the last 19 years, these are things you need to ask yourself, particularly if you weren't alive in 2001.


If you were too young in or you need to ask what's changed and if you don't know, you need to believe people like me who have no interest in lying to you.


But I will tell you, the cops haven't changed, Black Lives Matter has come along within these last 19 years, and they are a full fledged Marxist communist organization by their own website announcing who they are by virtue of that.


And it is a thing to behold if you've ever seen it, and I have of black cops. Being told that there are white supremacists and worse, the white wife of a black cop, that gentleman also a Marine.


Also a combat veteran, also a volunteer at his kids kindergarten. For that family to receive an email from that school. With a cartoon for kids to watch saying that all cops are murderers. That happened, I interviewed the woman. With that, this isn't yet verified, while Fox is reporting, it will hope it doesn't become verified. But Fox has reported that in Washington, D.C., that one of these officers has passed. And I do hope that you will pray for both officers will come back on the EIB Network.


Todd Hermann, your guide host this week.


Hey, don't forget to put aside some time this weekend to watch our video special online at Rush Limbaugh dot com about the life and career of Maharishi. You can stream it free this weekend in the days to come. It'll be available later today, Russian and available over the days ahead for you to view. Thought it might be available as early as right after the show, but instead it'll be available later today exclusively at Rush Limbaugh dot com for this audience, first at our Web site.


Appreciate your patience while we make it available to everyone at Rush Limbaugh dot com. You just heard Rush in an impassioned defense of police officers.


The Washington, D.C. acting chief of police, Capitol Police and D.C. chief of police have announced that we did lose an officer just now. In Washington, D.C., and Good Friday. And so to the family, no doubt. Thank you for having a brave person who is willing to do a job that everybody knows can end this way, and so the end of watch is today. And it just I just know there's a lot of cops in the audience.


I'm really sorry. Before. How this segments of the society decided to treat you. You really don't deserve it. It's really not right, and I pray God's peace upon this family. And I hope that you'll join us in that. And the Malchow himself made very clear, even upon his death, that the show would continue and so the show shall continue, will go to David in Lansing, Illinois. David, you're in the Rush Limbaugh program.


Todhunter, your guidance today graduated. Thank you, David. Welcome to the program.


Hi, Mr. Todd Hermann. I like your show because you apparently speak your mind.


And I want you to put up a sheet that I have 18 years experience as a professional delivery driver, mostly trucks. And I agree with you early in the show that the proposed mileage tax is really a plan to track us rather than a tax alone. Here's a comparison of the existing gasoline tax to the proposed mileage tax proposed by Butat judge stomping on our heads with the edge of his boot.


In case one, the gasoline tax is a usage tax and socialist's should love it because on its face, the more gas one buys, the higher one pays. You know, as far as the gasoline tax rises, more people should sell their SUV like Hummers and buy a more efficient car like a Toyota Prius or an East German Trabant or something like that.




And so we have case number two, the proposed Budha judge's mileage tax. Now, the intent is to tax usage, but we already have that, but in case to that, we'll get rid of the incentive to drive a larger vehicle because 10 miles in a Hummer is equivalent to 10 miles in a Prius, you're still driving 10 miles. So why not just drive a bigger car, you know? So, yeah.


Let me let me let me stepping. I might be I might be a tiny bit ahead of you in this, not out of a sense of disrespect. You're an incredibly intelligent man. I can tell they already know the make of your car, I guarantee you, because, look, I come from the leftist lab. Not only is it going to adjust for the make of your car, the weight of your car, the carbon of your car, David, I promise you this.


They're going to crank up the rates per mile the further you live outside the city core. So what you're saying makes sense and then understand that there there's secondary intent is to get everybody into the city states. Does that make sense? That makes sense to me now, too, and I was going to say, you know, if they're tracking your mileage, they might be tracking your location. And so then they can target people like rural people. I mean, that was my next step.


I was going to say something like that. But you put it the way you put it was more, you know, not only tracking your local.


Yeah, they're not only tracking your location, they're tracking your speed. They may well tell you was you're on the road, hey, the next 11 miles are going to be 40 dollars per mile. You're sure you want to do that? Because there's a train station extra. That's really what it's designed to do. It's it's a surveillance method and it is a blackmail method. And man, David, I appreciate you waiting to be on Rush's show and for all the years of support.


Thank you for that. We'll come back and wrap up this day on the EIB Network. Todd Hermann, your guide host this week right here.


It's really impossible for me to overstate how much work goes into doing shows like this, and I'm the least of it. And there are so many people in the background, Paul, Susan, Craig, Allie, Greg, Keith, and I think Keith, his mojo. Everyone has a nickname here but me, Mike and Coco Jr. and Coco, I could go on and I know I forgot people. I apologize for that. Please know that that that that's it's a it's a labor of love, love of you and also love of the mahat also because it is Easter coming up and it is Good Friday.


Just I would tell you that from a perspective of someone that's Christian, if you're curious about this holiday, one of the things that we observe is the resurrection of Christ. But that also came with the the crucifixion. And one of the things that's remarkable about that in my mind is that God knew what was going to happen. And Jesus knew what was going to happen. And he could have stopped it and he didn't. And God knows what's going to happen.


And he picks some people to be alive during this time. And to carry on our shoulders the responsibility of this time. And I believe Rush in the last months of his life was so kind to share with us his faith, and I'd also ask us just to consider the faith that God has in us to be able to maintain this home. I do think our founders were inspired by God. So have a happy Easter if you observe it.


And it's been an honor to be with you today in signing off this week on the EIB Network. Hi, everyone, I am so excited to launch my very first podcast, The Truth, with Lisa Booth with I Heart Radio and Gingrich 360, The Truth with Lisa Booth is a podcast, rejects everything, Jex fake news and will never bow down to the political correctness poisoning this country from within.


You're ready to step outside of your comfort zone and join me on this wild ride and buckle up and tune in on March 24th, my very first episode, The Truth with Lisa Boothe every single Wednesday on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcast, or wherever you get your podcasts.


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