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The Rush Limbaugh Show Podcast - Sep 25 2020
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PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: Trump's out making the case for himself, trying to unify. With a few minor shifts in news coverage, we could be a totally different country with a totally different outlook. Trump at Latinos for Trump event at Doral. Rush reads an email on why Biden's hiding. Pelosi to Biden: Why bother with debate? Blockbuster: FBI, Obama knew Steele's primary sub-source was a Russian spy. Everyone in Washington was colluding with Russia -- except Trump. Steele's source was Igor Danchenko, a Ukrainian Russian spy who lives in Washington. The establishment was in bed with Russia, not Trump! It's the scandal of our lifetimes. Governor Northam and his wife test positive for China virus, Trump has Virginia rally tonight, which Democrats are trying to cancel. If they're so convinced Biden is going to win, why are they so worried about Trump? Rush doubles down on prediction there will be no Trump-Biden debates. De Santis lifts all remaining coronavirus restrictions in Florida. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: DeSantis allows all businesses to reopen at full capacity. Democrats resurrect lies about Trump telling people to inject bleach, drink Clorox. Why's Biden hiding? Thomas B. Edsall's warnings for Biden. Caller impatient with Barr and Durham. It's frustrating but 45% of America will vote for candidate with the (D) no matter what. Trump's approval should be at 20% with what's been thrown at him, but he's at 52% in Rasmussen. Hydroxychloroquine. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: CNN guest says he fears Civil War after election because "significant number" of Trump's base are domestic terrorists. We're living through a revolution. Cavuto battles Clyburn on accepting election results. Thomas L. Friedman fears a Civil War. The Trump base is afraid of what's going to be done to them, so they're staying quiet. Democrat domestic terrorists have been engaged in violence for six months. The fears of liberal women.

The Rush Limbaugh Show Podcast - Sep 24 2020
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PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: We don't need hearings to see who Democrats are, they show us every day. Democrats rioting in Louisville. Democrats want the chance to destroy Trump nominee. Trump, just like in 2016, refuses to commit to accepting election results until he knows the circumstances. Axelrod says Trump is encouraging violence after the election. How Biden can still avoid debates. Wisconsin ballots found in trash. The Breonna Taylor story is the definition of Drive-By Media, narrative based on lies has roiled the nation. Democrats boo Trump at the RGB memorial, cannot stop from politicizing everything. Rush stands by prediction that Biden won't debate. Democrat Colorado governor encourages in-person voting. Rush has been encouraging everyone to vote in person, flood the zone, create a landslide. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: Liberal icon RGB had 100 clerks, most of them white. Systemic racism? Dems worry DiFi too old to run SCOTUS hearing. Benjamin Crump compares the Louisville cops to Nazis. We don't need hearings to understand who Democrats are. NPR on Rush's suggestion to skip hearings. Graham says Dems will get their chance to probe the nominee. Caller challenges facts of Breonna Taylor case. Never Trumpers run ad based on vicious lies about Trump in fake Atlantic story. We should not subject a SCOTUS nominee to destruction by Democrats. Meadows, McEnany push back on question from Playboy reporter. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: Democrat flip-flop on in-person voting is big news. Kayleigh McEnany vs. Jon Karl. Previewing potential Amy Coney Barrett hearings. Will Biden debate? Is Biden campaign calling early morning lids on campaigning because they're trying to change his Biden clock so he doesn't suffer sundowning in 9PM debate? Ex-cop on Breonna Taylor case. RGB is beloved by liberals for advancing liberalism, not for being a great jurist. Dukakis in 1988 was last Democrat nominee to concede on Election Night. Ask Biden if he'll accept the election results, not Trump. NYT: 5 things Biden should be worried about.

The Rush Limbaugh Show Podcast - Sep 23 2020
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PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: Trump rally crowds are massive, ignored by media. No curiosity about who these people are, why they turn out. Senator Chris Murphy: GOP is a cult, already support nominee they don't know. Dems already have started destroying nominee they don't know. Man who gave ultimatum to parents with Trump sign in yard and threatened to withhold grandchildren has apologized because of discussion by Rush. Senator Murphy's wrong, two Republicans already have defected, the cult is the Democrats. Trump supporting grandmother from The Villages says she'd disinherit kids who tried to blackmail her. Today's parent-child relationship compared to the way Rush and his brother were raised. Biden campaign scared to death, doing debate prep, Trump outworking him. ABC panic over poll showing Trump leading in AZ, Florida. Trump supporter says she lies to pollsters. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: Louisville preps for Breonna Taylor riots. Rush gets angry email from mother who says he doesn't understand the perils of modern parenting. Facts of Breonna Taylor case. Who are the people at Trump rallies? People at Trump rallies have felt ignored by Washington elites, now these people are the most influential people in the country, but they go unacknowledged by the media. Millions of Trump voters were never registered to vote before 2016, so nobody ever talked to them or cared about them. Trump was first person to try to reach these people. Democrats plan to steal the election after election day, have already undermined the integrity of our elections with Russia hoax. Senate report on Hunter Biden proves Trump was right to ask the Ukrainians to investigate. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: One cop indicted in Breonna Taylor case, CNN says mob not satisfied. Hunter Biden report shows Trump was right about Biden's son's illegal deals in Ukraine. Biden on tape bragging about firing prosecutor investigating his son. If a GOP candidate had a report like this come out about son, campaign would be over. Where's Hunter? Biden was briefed on his son's illegal dealings, claims he never spoke to him about it. If Chris Wallace doesn't bring up Biden's lies about Hunter's business in the debates, it will be journalistic malpractice. Daniel Cameron announces facts of Breonna Taylor case, which do not fit the mob's narrative. Video shows U-Haul in Louisville pulling up with signs for "spontaneous peaceful protest". Caller thinks smaller families open up grandparents to blackmail with fewer number of grandkids. Voter fraud. Leftists can't tell themselves the truth.

The Rush Limbaugh Show Podcast - Sep 22 2020
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PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: Romney is on board; Trump has the votes to confirm a justice. If Trump is a sure loser, how can his pick be unstoppable? Skip the Judiciary Committee circus or they'll Bork the nominee. This could be the end of Roe. Graham on Hannity. WaPo: Democrats are powerless, after being on the verge of communist utopia. Joe Biden's supporters are threatening to burn down the country if he loses. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: The way the media treats Judge Amy Coney Barrett's Catholic faith versus Biden's and why. Manu Raju demands voters decide, as if they didn't already! NBC presses McEnany on why Trump retweeted Rush's suggestion to skip hearings. Caller asks when and if all this lawlessness leads to a civil war. The violence and cultural rot aren't going to be rolled back with one appointment or election. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: Trump introduces Gov. Mike DeWine of Ohio and crowd boos! White House says Trump likes Rush, but they're working with the Senate on hearings for the nominee. NY Post: Why Judge Barrett is hands down the best. You lost the Senate, Democrats, so you don’t get to pick the next justice! America's Expiration Date, the new book by Cal Thomas. Caller on Democrats shaming, bullying and name calling. Democrats blew out the time limit on Kavanaugh, and they'll try the same thing with Cocaine Mitch's three-day limit for this nominee. Sen. Barrasso slices and dices Biden's dark history of smearing judicial nominees.

The Rush Limbaugh Show Podcast - Sep 21 2020
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PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 1: Rush tells Democrats that they brought their Supreme Court panic on themselves by eliminating the filibuster. Democrats threaten to retaliate with court-packing scheme, statehood for D.C. & Puerto Rico, and 16-year-olds voting. "Moderate" or "undecided" today just means anti-Trump. Remember, the GOP won Senate seats in 2018 thanks to Kavanaugh. What could RINO Republicans do in a vote? Why won't Plugs release his list of SCOTUS nominees? PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 2: President Trump praises Rush in North Carolina speech. Trump dares say he doubts RBG deathbed plea. A president has the power to nominate for the Supreme Court as long as he or she is president. Harry Reid ended the judicial filibuster, and now it's biting them. Somehow, it's our fault that Plugs said 200 million will die of COVID. We need to fill this seat ASAP. Andy McCarthy: The Constitution's requirements for a nomination are all met. PODCAST SUMMARY HOUR 3: Leftist hate embodied by Leo Guinan's column where he demands father choose between voting Trump and never seeing his son or grandson again. Will Democrats want to be seen attacking Barbara Lagoa, the Cuban-American judge on Trump's shortlist? Barbara Lagoa, Cuban-American on Trump's short list, fought to keep Elian Gonzalez here in freedom. A 4-4 Supreme Court isn't good for America.