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Welcome to today's edition of the Rush Limbaugh Show podcast. Well, here we are again. And it's a pleasure to be with you, and I hope wherever you are, it's Sunny, we're finally getting some sunshine here, even though we're under occupation. A lot of states now, as you know, are occupied by socialist and communist.


If you're in a free state, by all means, weigh in during the show. And if you're if you're not in a free state, which is now most of the country, most of the country is now wearing the the compliance cloth or the face diaper or what I like to call the freedom muzzle. But we now know that Texas free state, Mississippi, South Dakota, I mean, Kristi Noem has been on the cutting edge of taking care of this for a long time.


She's been ahead of the curve. And then Florida, the Sanchez is in the fight. So if you're not that lucky, hopefully the team is going to cheer you up today with some great comments and words of wisdom from Rush.


That's what we're doing today. My name is Ken Matthews, celebrating the wisdom of Rush Limbaugh.


And keeping conservatism energized because it's been a rough few weeks, been a rough few months, actually, the last Supreme Court justice. Backstab, they threw some more cases down the well without looking at the facts. I know it's frustrating as a fellow Rush Limbaugh listener, as a fellow conservative and patriot, I can't imagine but ask my wife she can imagine. She she experienced firsthand and some of the things I say at home, I cannot say on the radio, have you ever had that experience?


Some of the things you say in your car when you hear the news, you cannot say at church, especially if you're part of the service. So don't do it 800 to eight to 28, 82. How about Governor Andrew Cuomo yesterday? That was absolutely incredible. Years ago, Saturday Night Live sold out to the left completely. They didn't always used to be that way.


You know, Rush would talk about this all the time. What was happening to not just mainstream media, but how so many. Comedy platforms, allegedly comedy platforms, late night TV, Comedy Central, those stand up shows on VH1 and remember MTV, that's like radio with pictures. Of course, now now there's no songs on MTV, it's just. Weird stuff anyway. And. I was thinking about. God works in mysterious ways because he he he trash Saturday Night Live, he destroyed all late night television because now most people in late night TV, sadly, are just leftist puppets.


They're either compromised or afraid, whether it's Kimmel or Colbert. But when you turn on an Andrew Cuomo press conference, it's like the great writers of yesteryear have gotten together. With comedy gold, it's amazing now for people who don't know Governor Andrew Cuomo, he's the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, he is a hero to the elderly. He is a Emmy Award winning renowned author on crisis management and placing blame.


And many of you may or may not know that Andrew Cuomo is a hero to homosexuals across America.


He's an icon and not just in America. I mean, he is loved among communist strongholds in California and elsewhere. When this guy gets up and starts talking, it's almost as entertaining as when Joe Biden speaks. Do you know it's been, what, 44 days or forty three days since Joe Biden? And he's the guy that. Yeah, he's the guy in the Oval Office now, Kommissar Joe, he has not had a solo press conference.


So a month and a half, no big boy Q&A, no standing. In front of the press corps and answering questions like the leader of the greatest nation on Earth and did you see yesterday the White House cut the virtual event feed? Virtual event feeds are very big with Joe because it allows him to stay in the basement. And that's where his cassette is and the answering machine. After Biden said, I'll be happy to take any questions. About my leg hair now, he didn't say the leg hair part, but he said, I'll be happy to take any questions in the White House was like, no.


Oh. So I think we should be grateful between Andrew Cuomo and Joe Biden, who needs mad TV or Saturday Night Live. It was incredible. The left has become experts at the non apology apology. His approval rating is down in the 30s, which I always thought it was. And I happen to think and I could be wrong, I think what's happening now with these women coming out and accusing him and by law, all women have to be believed.


You know, well, that's what the left told us, that's the whole metoo thing, I think it's a distraction because I think when the truth comes out about covid and how Cuomo did that. Did you did you know he won an Emmy? I just want to make sure you knew that I think he'd end up in jail. So I think at the end of the day, the Democrats believe they can weather a. You know, a chick thing.


Some babes coming out and making accusations they can weather that more than all the grandmas and grandpas that died in New York. It's amazing. And who was ahead of the game? From day one. Rush Limbaugh, Rush Limbaugh had Cuomo pegged years ago. Just like he has most people pegged on the left. Let's take a listen to this. Andrew Cuomo is one of the biggest empty suits running around in American politics today, benefiting, of course, from the pedigree of his father, Mario, the pious, another morally superior guy to everybody else, 66 percent of New York state coronavirus hospitalizations are people who stayed at home.


They were not essential workers. They did not leave their homes. They got sick in their homes. They were quarantined. They were locked down. They got sick in their homes and then went to the hospital. So do lockdowns even work? Was the lockdown even necessary? The spread of the Wootten virus in America can be directly said to have occurred on nonaction from Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio, not Trump. Trump's got nothing to do with this. Trump has nothing to other than trying to give them all the hospital beds they said they needed, sending him a Navy hospital ship.


Oh, you know, the bunch that built the hospital beds in a Central Park Samaritan's Purse?


They volunteered. And Cuomo wants income tax payments from them. And they've been kicked out, by the way. You know why? Because Samaritan's Purse, a religious organization, doesn't believe in gay marriage. So Andrew Cuomo has kicked them out of the state and is now going to start charging them state income tax for the days they helped him out in Central Park with the hospital beds there even while they were volunteering. Donald Trump had nothing to do with this.


Where did Cuomo put them? He flooded the nursing homes. Rush, I can't believe how hard you're hitting Andrew Cuomo. We should be coming together in this time, Rush. What do you do it, folks? What am I doing? We have sat by under what turned out to be, I think, a lying, false premise that a shutdown would be relatively short in order to get our arms around the virus and stop the spread. You realize that there are Democrats who are still advocating for this shutdown to not end, for it to go on in perpetuity, that there are people attempting to shame if you want to get back to work and start providing for yourself and your family, if you want to hold on to your career, your job, your life, you're being virtually shamed.


You're being attacked as somebody doesn't care about life. You're being called a crazy murderer by a bunch of people who think they are morally superior to everybody. The political correctness crowd, the people that were behind the Trump Russia collusion scandal, the people are behind all of this phoniness designed to get rid of Donald Trump.


What am I doing to Andrew Cuomo? I've had nothing to do with the shutdown other than opposing it has to. Cuomo, let's just review here. Let's look at all the areas that he was wrong. We're talking about liberal Democrats who are prey's to the heap as brilliant and compassionate. And they pose a great threat to this country and to us. They are not properly reported on. They're not properly analyzed. Their skills, their talents, when found deficient, are lied about and glossed over and instead were told about what a reprobate in a damaging, dangerous guy Trump is when he remains our only hope in the elected class.


Andrew Cuomo was wrong. He downplayed the virus until the middle of March, six weeks after Trump's travel ban in China. Yeah, Cuomo is part of the crowd running around, calling Trump a racist and a xenophobe. This is the guy who allowed the subways to run without any kind of cleaning or disinfectant. The homeless were living in them and using them as bathrooms and toilets. And Cuomo said, well, they've got to run because our essential workers need them to get to work.


And then when Cuomo discovered that you can disinfect the subway car with ultraviolet light, this is two weeks after they tried to destroy Donald Trump for pointing out that ultraviolet light works, disinfecting the virus on various surfaces. Cuomo is a genius. Trump is a dangerous idiot. He's the guy that sent the sick to nursing homes, which sealed their fate in many cases. He claimed he didn't have enough ventilators. You wonder why Trump talks about ventilators all the time because Andrew Cuomo was complaining about not having enough.


A bunch of Democrat governors that are complaining we don't have enough ventilators, federal governments letting us down can get enough. Trump is trying to tell everybody they had every ventilator they needed and they had a surplus. We made sure they had every ventilator they needed. They didn't need. Cuomo was saying we need 40000 ventilators. They didn't need any more than 400. I think the number was. The reason why this bothers me is because these people are at the center, the focal point of the incompetence that has produced the current status quo, the circumstances we're all living in, and they're being praised to the hilt.


They're being heralded as the best and brightest among us.


And the people who want to reverse this trend and get going, rebuild this country, get the economy back up and running, let people's lives have meaning again, we're the ones being accused of having no heart, no compassion, not caring about whether people died. The exact opposite. Good Lord, why is it it said that some of these Democrat governors apparently don't care about people who live and die? Because if you look at the death numbers in their states, they're kind of high.


Why are they getting a pass?


Why are we being told how great and heartfelt and compassionate their actions are? And over here, Donald Trump, who's tried to give every one of these governors everything they said they've needed. And he's right, private phone calls, they thank him for doing whatever he's doing for them publicly. They go out ripped to shreds. On ventilators or in 95 masks or whatever the heck it is, and he's moved a massive federal bureaucracy as rapidly as possible to try to help these governors because he's trying to help people.


I think Donald Trump is devastated over what's happened here. He's devastated about every aspect, I guess, devastated over what has happened to the people who've gotten sick.


I think he's devastated by the number of deaths, I think he's ripped apart by it. He was riding high. He had beaten back every attempt to sideline him, to destroy him. He had enacted policies that caused an economic rebirth in this country, the likes of which most people alive today have never seen. That's how great and roaring the economy was.


And here we are, seven weeks kaput. He's got to be devastated by this. Because he does care. Why would a guy want a great roaring economy anyway? He didn't care about people, what is the economy if it isn't people? The American economy is nothing more than the American existence. But if you listen to the liberal Democrats and his moral superior, they'll try to tell you that economic activity is greed and innate selfishness, and it equals death and it's destroying the planet, using fossil fuels.


And he's not renewable. It's 90. These people are absolutely dangerously, insanely stupid.


The American economy is simply the out right illustration of the superiority of American freedom and American enterprise. The U.S. economy is the expression of American exceptionalism. The American economy is the evidence each and every day of the great opportunity that exists for everybody in this country that wants to work hard to try to access it. And anybody who is interested in a roaring, expanding great economy by definition has to love people, has to want the best for people. And on the other hand, a bunch of people willing to have this economy shut down interminably, watching people lose their livelihoods and then their lives and then their jobs and then their careers and who knows whatever else.


Those are the people that don't care about people. Those are the people that don't have one bit of empathy or compassion. If they're willing to sit there and actually advocate and sponsor and promote the policies that have taken us to where we are today vis a vis the economic lock down and shut down. You can't tell me those people love people. Those people have anything but love. They have revenge. They have vengeance. They have anger. They're looking to get even with somebody.


These are people on the left, a Democrat party. Their objective is to punish the successful and to punish those who use freedom to maximize their own standing wealth, opportunity, what have you in this country. It's the exact opposite of the way they are reported. And I've not had I've had it with this idea that the people advocating never ending destruction and pain for people, the economy being shut down, is destroying people, livelihoods and lives. They do not love people and they do not have any kind of an exclusive hold on this so-called compassion, we continue to celebrate the wisdom of Rush.


Next on the EIB Network.


I know liberals like every square inch of my Borio naked. 800 to a 228, 82. My name is Ken Matthews, your guide on the EIB Network. I'm still I'm still shocked that I shouldn't be we should not be the Democrats have set up a false reality. And it you know, I was talking to Cookie earlier and we were discussing the fact that where do people go now to find out the truth about anything? Because the media has surrendered to the left for whatever reasons they've surrendered so the media will not delve into.


Governor Cuomo, and that's why this new crisis came up. Remember, Democrats are masters of the crisis and they know what crisis people care about and what crisis they don't. And that's what you want to do, you want to put so much chaos down the pipeline. The everything that you're seeing now is that chaos down the pipeline, and you'll see probably in a in a few months, if they need to manipulate the population a little more for a policy or something, you'll see new strains of covid or you'll see some weird thing happening.


And what is so amazing is. In Rush Limbaugh, we have someone for over three decades that was so far ahead of the news media, no wonder so many of them dislike him. You know, he used to say that the news media tuned in to him for prep. And I used to get such a kick out of that because. Sometimes we would know I was in part of the news media, but even when I was doing Top 40 radio.


He had Prepon, I'm like, where did where did where did he get that? How does he do this? But you do realize that right now. No one probably has even heard that Georgia just passed sweeping. Election reform, oh, yes, oh, yes, and and when you think about it, what they're doing now to make the election safer, all the stuff that Georgia is doing is stuff that we called them out on the night the elections were stolen.


I say elections, plural, president and senator, I would call that admitting that they were wrong. They just like so often is the case with government. They wait until a better time because they don't want to get caught being wrong. Why isn't anybody talking about that? You've got stuff going on in Arizona and Wisconsin as well.


And this is probably going to end up being, as it always has been, the only place where you can get the truth.


And that's really a shame, because now more than ever, now more than ever, with what's happening in the country. With the man living in the basement and 12 foot barbed wire fences. And never talking by himself for six weeks, China's got to be laughing their tail off now more than ever, we need platforms and outlets and people communicating. Why do you think they're keeping your mask on you? Why do you think they want to keep you away from each other?


Because if we start sharing the truth, the left is going down and the number is 800 to a 28 82 on the EIB Network.


I want to squeeze in a phone call here because the phones are going crazy, which is awesome. Crazy in a good way. Not crazy like Biden in the basement way 822, 28, 82. OK, I'm going to say it. Bugger in Mississippi, bugger, you're you're you're on the EIB Network. Well, what's going on, man?


It's nice and sunny here in Biloxi, Mississippi.


Good. We got sunshine here in two weeks.


Oh, awesome. But I got 69 degrees. Well, now just now you're just showing off, given the temperature.


Now you're just bragging. Yeah. Yeah, I might as well, since we're all so.


Yes, but you are you are free Neandertals. According to Joe Biden, you date you give him right up basically. I am not Oremus this whole time. Bookal. I'm an adult, I know. What I should do and what I shouldn't do. I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid. It's it's ninety eight point six, whatever survivable. You know, I'm not stupid. Oh, and another thing I think they threw that involves had bigger brains that Democrats do.


Well, I would agree with you there.


And, you know, it's interesting that the name calling started soon as Mississippi said, you know, we're opening up. This is ridiculous. We're not playing this game anymore. We're a free state and Texas is on board. And Florida and South Dakota and a variety of other states, I want to say Oklahoma, but I'm not sure. But feel free to weigh in if you're in a free state. But what you said is absolutely correct.


This should have never been mandatory. It should have never been mandated. And for God's sake, whose idea was it to give governors the power to control your health?


None of this is in the Constitution. People are waking up. 2020 was a I call it the year of 20/20 vision.


We all awakened to what really goes on in elections, the the criminality that takes place and the cover up. We realized who the FBI works for doesn't work for me. I don't know if it works for you. We know it works for the Bidens at some level.


Because they're going after people that wear mega hats and are on TV screens or TV cameras in Washington, D.C. to question them, and then they'll sit on Hunter Biden's laptop for a year or they'll sit on Seth Rich's computer for three years.


Where is the FBI when you need him? Would be my question. And I'm talking about the leadership.


Please don't misinterpret when we go after. The Democrat Party, we're talking about the leadership, we're talking about the commies, Christopher Wray lying yesterday, a bald faced lie. To America, a lie we didn't find any antifa or BLM. Presence at that riot, that's a bold faced lie. Oh, and something else just came out. I want to share it with you and you might be hearing this first. I don't know. It's from the Epic Times.


FBI counterterrorism official says no firearms recovered during the January 6th capital breach.


So week by week. Day by day. We are learning the facts of what happened, it was not an armed insurgency led by Donald Trump, one of the reasons they had to impeach him within 72 hours and keep these lies going is so people buy into it. They can show you select photos and videos in mainstream media.


Oh, my God, it's terrible. Look at all those people with guns. Wrong. No firearms recovered. So that blows up the whole armed insurgency, does it not? And then when you look at the 28 videos that are circulating and seven of them show Capitol Police and other officials letting people in, it wasn't even a break in. At worst, it was destruction of property or maybe trespassing. But they cannot tell you that they need you to keep your mask on over your eyes, 800 to a to 28, 82.


Now, yesterday you saw Biden get cut off after he said something that very few people could believe.


He said, I never thought I'd see Joe Biden say this without Jill saying it for him. I'll be happy to take questions, Joe Biden said that yesterday at a virtual event. And then they shut down the virtual signal, something else that Mr. Limbaugh predicted. Long before it happened, here's the cut. Now, here's my take on this, folks. Biden seems to be failing now at a geometric rate. I mean, it's it's pronounced.


His incoherence, it seems like it always it always goes racial and this can't continue, they can't continue to have to come up with ways to explain Biden's obvious fixation with race. There is no question that he is fixated on it and not just because of these two examples this week throughout his career, when Biden attempts to be funny or tell jokes, there's there's very often a racial component, such as when he talked about how you can't go into a 7-Eleven anymore unless you can speak Indian because there isn't anybody in there but Indians.


And that's years ago. That's just old Joe. That's just Joe.


That's how people excuse him. Look at what he's done, he's insulting Asians, he's insulting Latinos the past two days, he has literally really insulted blacks. It's quite incredible. They continue to cover up for him. They send Clyburn to the congressional black Caucasians out there to try to, but they can't keep doing this. And what it means is they can't let him loose. They can't just open the door to the basement. OK, Joe hit the great outdoors.


They can't do it. They've got to try to keep him under some semblance of control.


So that means it has to mean that they are desperate to run out the clock in a virtual election with a virtual candidate. That's what they are attempting here. That's why no debates. That's why Plug's doesn't go anywhere. He might leave the basement for the living room and they might put a teleprompter. He might go to some Knights of Columbus Hall or some such place to do a speech where there is no audience.


It's a virtual candidate with a virtual election he cannot debate. He cannot go on the stump. He can't they can't let him do any of these things that are almost required almost every year for American politics. So the plan, I guess, is to sit on this lead, which I don't even think they're confident is real, but that's the plan to sit on the lead through the fourth quarter. I've never seen a candidate that doesn't exist. This is the first phantom candidate I have ever seen seeking the presidency.


It's like he doesn't exist. They put him on TV now and then they have him address groups virtually, but he does not interact. What are you laughing at? I know I'm a naturally funny guy, but I'm telling you, it's like he doesn't exist. It's a phantom except his face not disfigured. But he's, you know, Phantom of the campaign. Maybe that would be a great ad play off The Phantom of the Opera. I've been racking my brain trying to figure out how to get Biden out of the basement.


Because to do so, we'll lose him the election, they know this, getting him out of the basement, forcing him out into a real campaign and not a virtual campaign will lose him the election.


And the other part of this equation, and Russ should mention this, too, if the news media did its job to inform us, you know, how they always say what they're the fourth estate, they're going to bring truth to power.


They're going to give us the facts so we can decide.


No. Joe Biden knows, just like Obama did, just like Hillary, just like Cuomo, they will always be protected by the news media. So they have a little edge. They have an edge over conservatives. And this this is the same here in Pennsylvania. It's anywhere you go. It's anywhere you go. Democrats know they can get away with a little more.


Imagine if you will, imagine if you will. In a far off galaxy, but can you imagine if President Trump just disappeared from press conferences for 41 days or he never met with people in person, he just stayed in the basement?


Could you imagine what the press would be saying and doing? My God, he had one of the greatest records of the U.S. presidency. And and what they were saying and doing was just false rhetoric.


But Joe knows well, Joe knows very little, but he knows he can do or say anything. And whether it's Heraldo or anybody at CNN or almost everyone in a college. He knows that there'll be excuses made, he doesn't even have to defend himself because there are enough puppets out there that will do it for him.


So he was he was never quite he's still not getting questioned. This is a dangerous time. The control of information that you and I need to make decisions about the future of our republic. Is being held from us and manipulated. I'm Ken Matthews. We celebrate more of the wisdom of Rush Limbaugh, next.


Thank you for tuning in to the EIB Network. My name is Ken and the number is 800 228 2082.


And we are keeping conservatism alive on the EIB Network.


And we're thrilled that you're here taking your comments and callers. Coming up, we're not even through our one yet and. Thinking back about Russia's ability to survey the landscape, both politically and culturally, it's a gift. That he had people just don't have that gift and he was doing it in the 80s, he was doing it when he was doing music radio, he had the ability to size up the environment, Rickon it all pull out the information we need, put it there.


That's an ability that very few, if any, people in news have anymore, because they're so biased, I think one of the most disingenuous things that I have been observing is all of the love and Biden worship over the vaccines. When President Trump was on the case a year ago and he was creating this partnership with private and public and government, and he was fast tracking this and they were researching that and approving this and that.


And then Joe Biden gets installed as the new commissar and all this is handed to him and the first thing he says is, wow, I had to start from scratch. And if you rub my leg hairs is wet, something like that, I don't know. Comilla explained it better than that. So I want to go to yet another I told you so moment that just drives so many of us crazy that really know what's going on. Here it is.


We're going to have to get in here fast. Otherwise, this is going to become the Biden vaccine. It's going to become the Biden economic recovery. I mean, this is what the media is setting up. This is an objective that that they all have, particularly if it works and if it works, they're going to be doing everything they can to make people think that this vaccine only happened because of Joe Biden when Joe Biden had nothing. I mean, zero, zilch, nada, nothing to do with it.


Trump is not getting credit for this vaccine, and it bums me. He's addressing Operation Warp Speed, the vaccine summit. He's talking about this now, delivering remarks on Operation Warp Speed. I want the guy to get the credit that he deserves.


Let's jump this now because our microphones are there and scientists and the might of American industry to save millions and millions of lives all over the world. We're just days away from authorisation from the FDA and we're pushing them hard, at which point we will immediately begin mass distribution before Operation Warp speed. The typical timeframe for development and approval, as you know, could be infinity. And we were very, very happy that we were able to get things done at a level that nobody has ever seen before at the gold standard vaccine has been done in less than nine months on behalf of the entire nation.


I want to thank everyone here today who has been involved in this extraordinary American initiative.


I just wanted to get this on record as the Trump vaccine. They're trying to call this the Biden vaccine. They're going to keep trying to call it the Biden vaccine. I wanted you to hear this I didn't know was going to be, but I'm glad he recognized all of those people who had a role in making this vaccine come to this unprecedented. There's never been a vaccine hit market in less than a year like this is really is unprecedented.


So when you think about how the news media cottle's and protects Joe Biden and how they work every day, they're still doing it to destroy President Donald Trump. This is what's so. I don't know, I think it's criminal, but obviously that's just my opinion, it's just so over the top when you and I and Americans. All needed the news media to give us information. About what was going on, whether it was in election, whether it was a false flag, Capitol Hill cluster.


Or whether it was a flu out of control. That's been hyped up, miscategorized, tested falsely with the PCR that can be adjusted death cases that were lied and manipulated, hospital bed numbers that were manipulated all in the middle of this, you have incompetent leftest actually making decisions that are causing people to die when the majority of Americans are going in.


I think I have something like this. Didn't did not, Becky, have something like this about three years ago? Yeah, she did. That concoction she does with the apple cider vinegar and she takes a bunch of zinc and then she has a bunch of fresh air. She's back on her feet in three days.


Well, no, you can't do that. You must be afraid. You must be very afraid. Fear, false evidence. Appearing. Real or accepted as reality, that's the power of fear, fear is the only thing the leftist ideology has as fuel.


There is nothing on the left that if you broke it down and you calmly discussed it with someone, it would make sense. You would get halfway through a leftist ideology, whether it's whether it's the green movement, whether it's the minimum wage, you'd get halfway through and you'd say, what the heck are you talking about, dude?


You're not making any sense.


So before you have an opportunity to hear how toxic a leftist policy is, they're calling you a name and it's worked for 50 years for them.


We really need to have a wall. Well, I think we should have open borders, why do you think we should have open borders? Because you're a racist. And on it goes. And the Republicans are thrilled to sell us out. We'll be right back. So you remember yesterday, Christopher Christopher Wray lying to Congress again about what really happened on January 6th. Now, here's a story that broke today from KGW News, a third of the protest cases.


Have been dismissed by the U.S. Department of Justice in Portland. Have you ever wondered what the media and big tech is hiding from you, like massive stories that actually affect you and your life that they don't want you to see because they make the left and the Biden administration look bad? Well, now there's a podcast dedicated to exposing all of that each and every day. So download the fastest growing podcast in the conservative movement, the Ben Ferguson Show podcast right now.


That's right. You can listen to Ben Ferguson show podcast on I Heart Radio App, Apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast.


Download it right now, hour two of the show all stacked up and ready to go as we celebrate the words, the wisdom and the wit of Mr. Rush Limbaugh.


I have to say something. I just saw this during the break. We have some really exciting segments. We're going to take some calls this hour as well. But I'm watching this punching around the news screens in the studio. And, you know, Governor Andrew Cuomo now has assembled some some attorneys.


I gosh, I hope he was able to find a leftist attorney in New York.


Do you think there hope there is one. But but. Here's my favorite comment so far from the attorneys. Governor Cuomo didn't know the effect or if he was making these women uncomfortable, and from what I understand, there's more than three we haven't seen. And again, I think this is a distraction. I think that I think Democrats are so comfortable with sexual harassment that this is a fallback position. So if someone says Governor Andrew Cuomo made such horrific decisions with leadership while he was writing his book about leadership and decisions.


And when while he was accepting his Emmy, that a lot of people died. Because he was arrogant. Ignorant. And has an ego that's out of control to get our attention away from that, they said, yeah, look at what these chicks are saying. But I guess my thought would be if someone said this about your CEO, oh, he doesn't even know what you know, what's happening, he didn't know what was going on.


Oh, yeah. He's the guy I want in charge. I want a guy who reads people that badly. That he's making life decisions, life and death decisions about my grandmother. That's the guy and you know, it's the guy, because when his brother shows up on a major news network who's whose ratings are in the toilet with a giant slob and they're doing comedy schtick while grandpa is dying on a ventilator, that's the guy. That's him, Andrew Cuomo.


OK, now I want to get back. I had to share it because it was breaking. It broke right in front of me. Have you been watching what's going on in Washington? I'm sure you have.


Washington will not have cheerleaders anymore. We're done with that shit, we're done with the cheerleading. Who in the world wants to see physically fit women dancing and cheering on the sidelines anyway? So for the first time since the NFL's longest running cheerleading team was founded in 1962, there will be a coed dance team in its place.


Finally, men will have an opportunity to be part of the NFL. Oh, my God, we need to rename the team, they're the ones that were the Redskins, remember, and there were some white Wolke people that were very offended by that. Why don't you just call the team the Washington Hokies? You serve Coca-Cola, you have a local palooza at halftime. Everybody comes out and they keep their distance.


They wear their mask completely over their head just so the diversities there. And once again, Rush Limbaugh had a name for this years ago.


Here it is in a truly pathetic new story. This is deeply troubling. We have been talking recently on this program about the chick bifurcation of American culture, the feminization of American universities, the chick bifurcation of the news business from the Associated Press. This is a story by Melissa Dutton. And this is about man hours. Brian, you went to one of these just last week, a man shower.


Man showers have become popular for prereading bond. This is pathetic. When Jonathan Morris's daughter was planning her wedding, he thought that the groom was getting overlooked. So he planned a guys only man shower to welcome Brian Weigand into the family. The party included manly snacks, manly games, manly gifts. Seemed like there was a lot of hoopla for the ladies, not too much for the guys, said Morris of Maple Valley, Washington. It was really fun.


It was male bonding out there. Shower is geared to grooms are a growing trend in the wedding industry, said Alana Baroni, the entertainment expert. If you heard about this, we have a growing trend other than Brian go on to a baby shower. I've not heard of a growing trend and marriage. Of course, I don't keep up with weddings much.


Don't go to too many. Yeah, that's true, right?


It was a couple shower, but you still went and still went. Showers geared to grooms are growing trend in the wedding industry, says a woman, Alana Baroni. It's another example of grooms leaving their stereotypical roles behind, she said, noting that male bridesmaids and female groomsmen are also becoming more common. That doesn't mean they're abandoning tradition for Rob. Why is the man shower was a warm up and not a substitute for the bachelor party? Yeah, it was a precursor, a chance to get the guys together and let off a little steam.


Highlights of the man shower included playing football, drinking games and rock band video game where players perform in virtual bands. No, there's no stripper, I guess the strippers, the bachelor party.


But we don't hear anything about the bachelor party in this story. We only hear about the man shower first and foremost. It was getting all my friends together in one place. Said the groom was from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Meant a lot for everybody to mingle before they got to the wedding to get this. This is what did it for me in this story.


Men are also recognizing that showers are a great way to acquire tools and other necessities needed to maintain a home, said Abby Buford, another woman spokeswoman for Lowe's Home Improvement Stores, which launched an online wedding registry in 2006. So the purpose of the man shower is to teach men how to do housecleaning. Great way to acquire tools and other necessities needed to maintain a home. So anyway, man showers. If you have a son who is soon to be getting married, don't be surprised if someone comes along and says that we got to throw a shower for the groom, too, in addition to the bachelor party.


And note that this is an idea straight out of the female brain by wedding planner. Would you do unfortunately if you were married? We do a.


Wow, I don't even like the name man shower anyway, 800 to a two 28 82 on Ken Matthews on the EIB Network as we celebrate the wisdom. And the great insight of Rush Limbaugh, and it's just amazing, day after day, it rings true. Day after day, you can insert it right into the current goings on. In particular, Washington or or wherever, it's amazing when you think about that and you don't get it anywhere else. We used to expect this from news people remember remember watching things like Dateline or twenty, twenty or sixty minutes or whatever, you'd watch those shows and you'd say, Oh, we're going to get insight.


We're going to get the truth about the tire that blew up or we're going to get the truth. I don't know why I'm talking in this accent. I'm sorry. It just happened.


We're going to get the truth about the tire that blew up or the the pharmaceutical company or whatever.


We're going to get the truth. We're going to get the insight. We're going to get both sides are going to be debate. It's all dead now, dead. And to make sure it never is alive again, censorship is there to shut you down, to shut me down, to ban your Web site, to track your decisions. And the icing on the cake is to take pictures of your red hat if you're in the wrong city at the wrong time.


The number is 800 202 2082 freedom loving patriots, you'll always have a place to weigh in right here. John, Oregon. Hi, John. You're on the EIB Network.


Again, welcome. I haven't waited on hold this long, willingly since I canceled my Dish Network.


So anyway, that's funny. Anyway, I want to say this.


I applied for a half a million dollars of term life insurance. I'm 62 years old and, you know, serious business. So the insurance company wants to make sure it's all good. So they sent out a nurse. She weighed me, measured me an EKG, blood year and family history, a venereal disease, every disease I'd never heard of I was asked about. But guess what? Not one peep about covid. They didn't ask if I had a swab that it has to.


I have been asked to have been tested because they're like Vegas. They know the odds and it's not even on the radar. And that's wow. That's sort of hit a note with me. It made me realize what's really going on.


Did it make you realize, John, that so many people in the medical profession know what's going on, but their leaders, the leadership and their employers have told them, are you don't you don't need to talk about it?


I remember with the hospital numbers that allegedly started to spike due to covid, and I would have nurses call me anonymously or they'd send me messages. Please, please don't mention my hospital. Don't mention my name. But I got to tell you, we got we got, you know, 75 beds open here. We're not even full. And I thought something's not right here.


And that's been going on across the country. But again, John, where was the media? They could have been doing stories on this, just like your call. What a great story that is.


Yeah, it just it really tells you, you know, the disease is real, but what the manipulation of it for political gains is just sickening. Well, I think one of the biggest the biggest causes of covid is just watching television. So once you eliminate that word, got it. There you go, you sound so much healthier now. Well, thank you so much for calling, John, and good luck. 800 to a 28 82. What another great example.


And I can tell you right now you're not going to hear that on other platforms anymore because the word has gone out, the word has gone out. You're not supposed to question the vaccine. You're not supposed to question any type of process or information with covid.


And God help you in Pennsylvania, if you mention a stolen election, I don't know if you heard, but our lieutenant governor said it's hard to quote him because you know how when people say stupid things and our governor and lieutenant governor do that a lot in Pennsylvania, it's hard to quote them exactly.


But it was something to the effect of if you are out there saying the election is stolen or it's fraud, that's a lie and you should lose your First Amendment rights, something like that. You know, very, very.


Markes Lenine, I'm Ken Matthews. We'll be right back.


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When Rush discovered this company, Leggat Legacy Box, he started talking about them nearly every week.


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They will digitize. They'll put it on a DVD, they will put it on a thumb drive.


They'll put it on a downloadable file on the cloud, however you want it start online for this legacy box dotcom rush, you'll get fifty percent off their regular price legacy box dot com slash rushed.


Earlier, we were discussing the fact that Rush did a great job of not only getting you the truth, but exposing the shenanigans of mainstream news media. And I was thinking back to a life changing moment for me when he really exposed them with this.


Do you remember when Bush chose Cheney to be his vice president, every media figure on cable news or who has a column in Newsweek or Time magazine or The Washington Post, New York Times on TV, Cheney brings gravitas.


Cheney, we have a montage with not one repeat. You got Jonathan Alter in there. You've got Sam Donaldson twice. Now, you tell me, how is it that fifty drive by journalists can come up with the same word to describe a political event, the selection of Dick Cheney as vice president for George W. Bush? He's got gravitas.


Well, who somebody had to come up with at first and what would cause somebody to suggest gravitas to Cheney, a bias against Bush as an idiot, uneducated, unserious, unsophisticated frat boy. So he chooses Cheney? Well, they've already got this picture of Bush based on nothing other than their own liberal prejudice. And so here's Cheney, who has been in government for a long time. He's been secretary of defense. He's been chief of staff then a number of things for decades.


He bring his gravitas and then do they all pick it up or did some of them sit around a bar one night, talk about this? They came up with the word, nobody went and used it. You know, I have how many times we've made a joke about this, but it's true. If you miss the NBC Nightly News, no big deal. Watch the CBS Evening News. If you miss the CBS Evening News, no big deal.


Watch ABC's World News Tonight. If you miss that, no big deal. Watch CNN. If you miss that, no big deal, watch MSNBC. If you missed that, read The New York Times. If you missed that, read The Washington Post. If you missed that, read USA Today. If you missed that, read the L.A. Times. If you missed that, read the San Francisco Chronicle. You missed that. Read The Chicago Tribune.


If you missed that, read, pick your paper.


And virtually every one of those sources, the same story will lead the same take on every story. It's no different. And they wonder why viewership is plummeting, advertisers are dwindling. They wonder why circulation at newspapers is going down the tubes.


You miss this show, you're not going to get it anywhere else, for example.


So I don't frankly care whether these people have conspiratorial meetings at CNN to figure out how they can screw conservative, because frankly, I think that's their purpose anyway. They don't have to get together and talk about it. That's the reason they exist. I want to go back. I want to play this montage of gravitas. This goes back to the year 2000 and one of the all time great montages. This happened within a day of President Bush selecting Dick Cheney to be his vice presidential running mate.


You are going to hear Al Hunt, Juan Williams, Claire Shipman, Steve Roberts, Vic Fazio, Jeff Greenfield, Jonathan Alter, former Senator Bob Kerrey, Margaret Carlson, Mike McCurry, Sam Donaldson, Eleanor Clift, Walter Isaacson, Mark Shields, Judy Woodruff and Sam Donaldson. And none of these are repeated.


He is a man who needs all George W's weaknesses, lack of gravitas. We see the son who is seeking some gravitas. They were looking at candidates with gravitas, but he has the gravitas. And you can sum it up in one word stature. It may go to the gravitas or to use the favorite phrase of the moment, gravitas.


This will give some gravitas and some credibility. I think the gravitas that Cheney brought to the ticket, what he gets is gravitas, a sense of weight. He does not need anybody to get in gravitas.


It means that, you know, gravitas. I think he also needs some gravitas to give gravitas. Well, he brings gravitas. He does seem to bring some gravitas, gravitas, because you certainly have gravitas tonight. They displayed tonight a certain gravitas.


I think gravitas is the word. Unfortunately for the governor, you can't graft gravitas. He has gravitas.


No, I don't care. I don't care how it happens. I don't care whether they all got together, decided or one person used it and they all decided to mimic.


They are who they are in that montage is a good illustration.


It is a brilliant illustration. And from that day on, many people realized the puppetry and how the news media is for the most part.


Gosh, I hate to say it, but it's true. They're either lazy or biased most of the time and they make so much money, they're going to do what they're told. So let's say there's an outlier who wants to break the story on covid or break the story on the election.


They will beat him down 800 202, 28 82. Let's go to Iowa. Linda in Marshalltown, Iowa. Welcome to The Rush Limbaugh Show, Linda.


Oh, and thank you, Ken, for doing such a great job. And I am going to speak for our entire state here. We proudly reelected Donald Trump president. Twenty twenty. And I know people that will be hearing this is going to say, wow, she got on this phone, Ken, and that last fella, he made me laugh so hard. He doesn't know what patience is. We had to do ratio that went through my town here.


I was 17 days without electricity in this landline phone, seriously. So I have patience.


And I very well know that our Iowa Constitution is very strong here. Our governor is doing amazing. Our elected officials there in Washington, D.C. are not afraid to speak up for Iowa. We stand our ground. We are strong and we are Iowa. Nice. Wow.


And you're a free state and proud of it. And because you're on a landline, a major company can't hack you in your car.


Isn't that amazing?


So believe it or not, you have the most secure defense technology on Earth today, Linda. You have a landline phone. Truly, truly.


And when they're talking about home, I immediately think, oh, look at what Bill Clinton did when he was president. I have been a proud Republican voter for 53 years, voting Republican. And I do know the difference between Democrat and Republican. And I'm so honored to get to talk to you today. And I feel that all of the other hosts have been holding up the legacy that Rush has left for us. And I even made that comment on the site for Katherine, because that woman is amazing.


Yes, she is. I feel like I want to say some women, we roar, but we're strong.


Wow. Well, Linda, what a beautiful call. God bless you. And Iowa, it goes without saying a free state. And even as Linda was speaking to me, the DNC was putting together a task force to go to Iowa. Now, what the heck's going on?


I thought Joe said we owned Iowa. What's going on? Do we need to get some? More Dominion computers out there. What do we need to do that 800 to to 2082? That's what the the news and the mainstream media is afraid of. You heard the montage before and now we all do montages. Everybody does montages. I don't know what talk show host it doesn't.


I love doing them because no matter what it is, if it's something that needs to be said about, well, one of the great montages, we did one recently and I'm sure it was on IIIB already, but the fact that everybody was told, don't call it a riot or a protest, call it an armed insurgency, remember?


Call them domestic terrorists. Don't don't call Aunt Sally with the with the mega hat. Don't say that. You know, she was led in by Capitol Police and she was kind of disoriented.


What's going on in here? No, no, no.


Say she was an armed terrorist. That way. The FBI and the DOJ can use the Patriot Act to shut us up.


And the media is right there helping them out. People wonder why the disdain so many conservatives have for the media, why do talk show hosts look at the news media? They look at Don Lemon or Brian Williams and they roll their eyes and giggle because they have no credibility. And again, when we needed. The news media, when we needed the resources of these news organizations to dig deep and help save our republic, they let us down. They sold out.


This is one place that didn't and will never do that. I want to go back to another great. Audio soundbite of Mr. Limbaugh. Here it is. I want to talk to you young people out there. I really do. I have, I think, noted on this program on several past occasions that something about the new media, that the explosion in new media and the effect that it's having on attitudes among young people. It's troubling to me all of the MySpace dotcom pages, my face, you know, all of these things, YouTube, it seems that what drives all of this is something that these young people have not lived long enough to learn to cherish.


And what's driving it is this desire for everybody to know everything about them and the desire to maintain some privacy about one's self is being cast aside. And that's, you know, that's not good. You know, all of your life is not everybody else's business. But what is it that's driving this? What's driving this is in a media world we clearly live in a media world is a desire to be heard, a desire to be known, a desire to be seen.


And that all boils down to a desire for fame. Now, we've always had this in our culture and has been typified by Andy Warhol. Everybody gets their 15 minutes of fame at one point. But that was not something said in a complimentary way means everybody's got to make a fool themselves. One of these days, we're all going to know it. It's good if it only happens once for 50 minutes when you make your life's mission, to have everybody know everything about you, you are missing a key ingredient of motivation for success.


Now, know what you're saying, some of you young people. What about you? What about you? You're famous. Yeah, but that was never my objective. And, you know, I don't have any regrets. But I'll tell you, I would trade it in a minute, but I can't. But I would gladly get rid of all of this fame. Unfortunately, I can't for a whole host of reasons. Number one, I'm in a showbiz business, but the fame aspect had nothing to do with getting into this.


The key for genuine happiness is to set high expectations for yourself in terms of work and achievement, then go meet them and possibly exceed them. And then all these other ancillary things that that you think you want will fall in place. They'll happen if the achievement part takes place.


When I finally got into radio when I was sixteen, the only thing that drove me was doing it as well as I could, just being the best I could be at it. That's what drove me and kept me going, like getting fired all these seven or eight times.


And we've all been fired. People at Mount Anything have been fired. All of us who have been fired have all been told by some boss who fired us that we're no good, that we don't have what it takes. What sustains you through that? Your self-knowledge, that you are good self-knowledge, that you can do it, self-knowledge, that you can excel at it, not to prove them wrong. It's because of your your love for what you do.


And you're not going to let somebody who fires you, who tells you you not good or don't have what it takes, you're not going to let them ruin your dream.


Now, naturally, you have to have the dream and you have to have the love. You have to find out what it is that you love doing and then go for it.


And if you do that, you'll never work a day in your life.


Well, I take that back. It'll be drudgery days. But for the most part, doing what you love will never be talked of his work. You'll say, Yeah, I gotta go to work today. You'll want to you'll want to go to work and you won't look at it. His work. It's where you go to be the best you can be. We all have problems at work. We all have, you know, coworkers and people that are going to snipe at us when we succeed and get on a success track, they're going to be jealous.


But hell, that's part of life. There's nothing new about that.


You learn to deal with all these kind of things, but you can't you can't set out what you can and you might even achieve it. If you want fame and if you want to be heard, noticed or seen, you might be able to do it and pull it off. But I will guarantee you you're going to be miserable because then your whole existence is dependent on that kind of feedback, because fame and notoriety are the result of things happening to you from others and they can leave you as quickly as they found you.


And then where are you? If you've got no foundation or substance that has generated the notice, the achievement, the the fame that that people claim that they want, then you've got nothing to fall back on. But if other people can make you in the sense of providing you notoriety and fame, then they can also destroy you. And you don't want to give people that kind of power. You don't want to give people on the one hand who love you in the moment and make you famous and so forth.


You know, a fickle people could be down the road. What if they don't care about you? Then you're not famous anymore and you don't have any notoriety unless you've got a foundation.


So the motivation for anything work related in life ought to be. A finding out what it is you love, be honest about it, and then go do it. And if you can't find anybody to pay you to do it, find a way to get paid, doing it to pay yourself.


I have been concerned for people that are young over this this quest to just put every aspect of their lives up on various websites on the Internet, because what it does say is notice me, notice me, notice me, but notice you for what I notice you for just being who you are, will fine and dandy. But there's no achievement behind us. It's no achievement to put all your data up on some website. Have other people read it, especially when they don't know you.


You can lie about yourself. What a great person you are, all these achievements you've had. But who else knows it besides you and the others reading it and who knows whether they believe it? So it just it bothers me in the sense that it's not it's not a healthy motivation for for people to have.


But I'll tell you this, do not this goes for any and all of you, not just the young people in this massive audience, do not let.


The never ending drumbeat. Of catastrophe, apocalypse, doom and gloom that is on virtually every media outlet and in way too many movies, don't let that affect you. You are an American. You live in the United States of America. You live in the most prosperous country the human race has ever produced and known.


You have no reason to participate in this doom and gloom and apocalypse, because for everybody who's participating in it, take a look out there and all the people who aren't and ask yourself, why aren't they affected? Why how come some people are happy here and how come they're doing?


Well, because they're doing what they love, because they have confidence and because they know the opportunities that exist in this country and they're out there trying to access as many as possible rather than getting depressed over what a bunch of stupid idiots socialist liberals in the media are doing and saying and trying to make you feel rotten.


Don't give them that kind of power.


Another great example of why millions celebrate the wisdom and the words of Rush Limbaugh. We'll be right back.


The number is 800 202 2082. My name is Ken Matthews, your guide on the EIB Network, as we celebrate the wisdom and wit of Rush Limbaugh.


Now, we've heard from Catherine several times in the last few weeks. Rush and Katherine did so much for so many people, and you could sense it. You could sense the joy when Rush would. Give someone a prize or award a winner, or if they had a contest, he loved having the ability to do that. And here's a great example, if you remember, and I'm sure you will, if you were a regular listener. When they called the winner of the two if by T sweepstakes, here it is, hello, filicide.


Rush Limbaugh here and my wife, Katherine.


And we're on the phone to tell you that you are it you're the big winner, Phyllis, of the Jeep Patriot as part of our two of my sweepstakes.


You're kidding. No, this is this is Catherine. How are you?


I'm fine. I am delighted to talk to you. My goodness. We want to do it. I can't believe. Well, believe it. It happened. That's why we're calling you. It's it. We're so excited. This is this is one of the biggest sweepstakes that we've had. And it's a beautiful SUV. It's all yours now. Oh, my.


My hero. Yes. I'm used to that belief. And are you. Are who you. You're from Kazakhstan. Let me when you when you entered, did you think you had a chance at winning or were you just doing it to do it?


No, I did. I honestly did. I just I thought to myself, why wouldn't this be wonderful? Because I can't get down brokedown. Oh, that's so great.


Every winter that we've had, I've asked them that and every winter thought that they were going to win. This is this is incredible. You're keeping the streak.


Well, thank you so much. I don't know what to say. I can't imagine anything more wonderful.


We really thank you guys, because you really help us help with the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation by buying the tee and entering the sweepstakes and everything. And they just do great work and all of you that help us make this possible just great. We really do have profound appreciation to love for you. We're really honored that you're in the audience. People like you make the country work and everything. We really are happy to have you join our winners roster here.


You can buy off your mom is the most efficient person. Would have been thrilled with this. Excellent. Thank you. Oh, honestly, I've never tried to call your show because I know how hard it is to get in. But we're we're kind of conservative people and we we love America and we love what you do for America.


Well, God bless you. God bless you. And thank you again. We're really thrilled that you are the winners. And congratulations again. And don't forget that we will be back in touch with you to handle all the logistics of this.


I appreciate it. And thank you so much. Thank you. Must take care of you guys. Congratulations. All right. Bye bye bye.


You can tell they love America. You can tell they're conservatives because there was no negativity. When Rush said, did you think you were going to win, you know, I did, I did. That's the mark of conservatism. You think you're going to make it?


Of course it's America. Why would not you think he got a shot? Good. His chance as anybody else. Instead of what you hear in the mainstream news media. There's no way you're going to make it, man, not without the help from the government, just saying sorry, just not why not?


Well, it could be any number of things, skin color, gender, I don't know. But don't get your hopes up. Look at the difference. What more do you need to know? I'll tell you a quick story, and it has to be quick, because we have a hard break coming up. For years I listen to Rush like you and I, and I still enjoy hearing Rush. Remember when he would give away the iPhones? He would give them away like candy on my show, we'd be giving away like, hey, you got a coupon for a sandwich.


And Russia's like, you know, all day long we're going to give an iPhone every caller. Remember that. Well, I tried to use. I was on hold for so long and a friend of mine says, what are you doing? I said, I'm going to win this iPhone, what you can. It's against company rules.


I said, I don't work for the EIB Network. And then he explained to me. Well, you do you're kind of related through the company on the syndicated companies that I said, are you telling me that I've been on hold for an hour?


This is me as a radio person calling from the station, calling from the say. That is to me, that's one of the funniest things that ever happened to me. And my friend said, dude, dude, hang up, hang up the phone.


You cannot legally win that prize because it's a conflict. But I want a free iPhone. He's given them away like candy.


And here we are all together today on the EIB Network. We'll be right back.


Remember? All the talk of a covid pass, you know, you have to go by and digitally prove who you are, if you've been tested, what your health status is. Well, they're doing it in Europe and they started it in New York City because New York City is an extension of Europe. Yes, and they did it at a Nets game, they did it at Madison Square Garden, they did it at the Barclays Center.


So I've just given you a little heads up. That's where things are headed. So the people that say, well, they can't track us.


It's not like they know they're sticking cutups in places that shouldn't even be seen. What do you mean they can't track you?


That's exactly what this is. Can you imagine it's here.


I am thrilled that you are here today. Thank you for being part of this. As we celebrate the wisdom of Rush Limbaugh earlier this week, Katherine Limbaugh. Was here on Tuesday, and you may have heard she revealed that the Battle Hymn of the Republic was played at Russia's funeral and many of us know this was one of Russia's favorite songs.


And on the morning of April 16, 2008, he was doing show prep watching President George W. Bush welcome the pope to the White House. And he was so moved. And so, as Russia always did, he couldn't wait to share that moving moment with all of us. And he did so as soon as he kicked off the show, ladies and gentlemen, before we get into the political news of the day. I want to play for you something that happened this morning on the White House lawn, the largest welcoming ceremony ever in the history of the White House for Pope Benedict, the 16th.


We have audio sound bites of the president's greeting to the pope, the pope's response, and I saw something that genuinely moved me and I was sitting here staring at this and listening to this, and I was just blown away by it. I was two things happened at the event in the music itself moved me like I haven't been moved in quite a while. And the setting where it took place and the reason that it was happening just I mean, it was I'm sitting here thinking divine intervention.


Today at the White House, Battle Hymn of the Republic was sung by the U.S. Army Chorus. And you have to hear this, particularly if you haven't had a chance to have your TV on today or radio and you didn't hear this. You have to hear it. And you have to imagine a crystal blue sky, a crisp day in Washington. The pope and the president on the reviewing stand with others, the camera occasionally focusing on the U.S. Army Chorus.


And you realize this is at the White House and a song written in Tribute to God is being played at the White House. We have in this country there has been such an effort and it has been way too successful to remove God from anything public. Not only was God present, but the largest White House welcoming ceremony ever participated in a ceremony thanking God of respecting God and of offering up a tribute to God in this this is you just have to hear this runs about 447.


It's infectious.


So well done. U.S. Army Chorus, the Battle Hymn of the Republic. O o o o o o o o o o o. This is going to be for. Oh, oh, oh. Glory, glory, glory. Lori. Variety of forms of. They. And daughter. Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba. Jesus Christ was born. We are going to have more. He got to the title game in the Holy Land of.


Yeah, oh. That is just beautiful. I am I'm at a loss for words to describe the impact that had on me and I was not even paying close attention. I was looking at the computer and I had the TVs on, which are to my left when I'm sitting at the computer. And all of a sudden I heard this start. And, you know, I told Kookie up in New York, get me the song. I want the song as part of the audio soundbite.


She said, You can hear it as I can always hear God's music. I can always hear God's Battle Hymn of the Republic.


That's the U.S. Army Chorus. And that was at the welcoming ceremony for his holiness, Pope Benedict the 16th at the White House today.


You can see how powerful that is and how God played a role in Rush's life. And you can see how so many people want to censor songs like that. Actually, to many people, it's heartbreaking that it's actually going on.


This is the part of where we are as a country that I have. So I've such a hard time wrapping my head around. And I think a lot of it is just because of the media. They're fueling division. And now we're in a time when everybody says the partisanship is worse than ever. And I would argue that. What is happening, the small group of people on the left that dominate the news media and that create the division and they they fertilize the fear they're seeing that we're starting to awaken like in 2020.


And when we elected Donald Trump and they're worried. Liberals call us evil, if you were a conservative, they dropped the name Nazi. These are people that never even read history. They're trying to cancel us. They talk about how our very existence is so dangerous that we have to be corralled, limited, stopped, and that was coming out of Congress, some of these some of these comments are coming out of Congress.


If you understand liberals, the way Rush understood liberals, none of this is surprising. Here's Rush on January 16, 2001. Twenty years ago, he clearly explained that liberalism is a religion for many of those on the left to worship at the altar of man politics is the means through which devotion is expressed.


Politics is church and they do have a god. But it is, man. They believe in the primacy of man. The state is God. Meaning Washington government is God, the religion is politics, any views that are in contrast to that are heretical. That's their creed, you see, the liberals are fundamentally people who think that people are the way they are, if they're corrupt, then everybody is corrupt. Theirs is not a belief which embraces virtue.


They are suspicious of virtue because they know they are not virtuous, not in the traditional sense. Many on the left who worship at the altar of man. And by this I'm talking about the environmentalist wackos, the feminists, the these militant extreme left wing groups.


They are opposed to God because God is an authority higher than man. And to them, of course, there is no authority higher than man. And their politics is simply the means to which their devotion to the altar of man is expressed to liberals. Religion is their life. Abortion, my friends, is the sacrament of the religion of the pro-abortion crowd. It's the reason they exist. They are the religious left. They are as religious as anybody else.


It's just that their religion is one of man and politics is the means of imposing the religion of practicing it. Whereas conservatives say that they are charged with witnessing meaning. Spread the word. Well, liberals view it the same way, except their religion is one of man and politics is how they witness. They are deeply and totally devoted to their religion. And this is why, by the way, they're not interested in debate. They're not interested in getting along with people.


Let me ask you, Christians, would you give the devil a seat at the table just in the interest of bipartisanship? No, you wouldn't. The devil is someone that you are at odds with each and every day. The devil evil, however you phrase it. Evil is something which must be constantly defeated. You must be ever vigilant. You don't extend a hand of friendship to it. You don't say, hey, let's be bipartisan, let's get along.


You don't compromise your beliefs in order to be friends with evil. Well, this is the way liberals look at conservatives. We're evil. We are a threat. And therefore anything that they do to defeat evil is justified. Therefore, lawlessness is not lawlessness, it's virtue. Whatever you do to defeat the evil surrounding you is indeed virtuous. Like any religious zealots and extremists, the liberals find any views that are in contrast to their heretical no. My friends, it boils down to quite simple.


And I think if you want to understand the left and how it is that they consider themselves the presumptive authority and anybody else, the interlopers just try to put yourself in their place and look at politics as your religion. And you go to church every day. Many of you think that you're devoted by going to church on Sunday, liberals going to church every day, in fact every day is spent in church and whereas they fear men of religious faith who are conservative because they say, well, it's not not a place for religious people.


Politics isn't why you'll impose your religion on the rest. Why would they be afraid of that? Why would they be afraid of the imposition? Because who is imposing their religion on anybody? Well, the reason they're afraid of it is because that's precisely what they are doing with their religion. They are indeed imposing it on everyone else. It's just that their religion is politics. If you look at it in that context, you'll have a much better understanding of what animates them, motivates them, energizes them and inspires them.


And once you look at it that way, it's not hard at all to understand why they are intolerant of things that they consider to be threatening. Just imagine the things which you consider to be threats to your religion and ask yourself, would you tolerate those? Of course not. You're not. You don't think you're supposed to. In fact, it's a sin to do so. Well, they look at it in much the same way, and it also helps to explain why it's a 24 hour a day calling with them.


And if you just think about it and give it some investigative time, you'll you'll have a lot of these questions that you've answered scratching your heads.


Why do they hate us? Why do they fear us? Why do they consider us such? You look at it in the religious context and it will become a little bit more clear to you.


Another brilliant explanation of liberalism and liberals on the EIB Network as we celebrate the wisdom of Rush.


More of that.


Up next, you're listening to the EIB Network. How many iPhones do you think Rush gave as gifts to listeners in this audience? And as I said earlier, I never got one over the years. How many? 100. 200. You'd be surprised. Rush love technology. I loved how he got so animated about it, he loved Apple's innovations with the iPhone, the only cellular phone company Rush ever spoke of was pure talk, and that's the wireless cell phone company that doesn't charge you extra when you go over on your data plan.


Here's Rush with more.


OK, folks, you shop for the best price you can find on insurance, on home mortgages, on vacation, travel, maybe even cheeseburgers. I don't know. So why not do the same thing with cellular phone service? It's not like your other utility bills, electricity or water, where you have a little say over how much your big bill is, your cell phone number is your own, and who you choose for cellular service is all up to you.


One company makes a compelling offer it's worth thinking about. One company makes such a compelling offer, it's worth thinking about. It's pure talk. They offer you unlimited talk, text and six gigs of data for just thirty dollars a month. And guess what? If you go over on the data, they don't charge you for it. Pure talk. They don't charge you. Now you know why? I mean, six, six gigs of data is a lot of data.


The average ordinary American.


That is a tremendous amount of data. So they're pretty safe on that. But even so, if you go over it, they will not charge you. Compare that monthly price. Thirty dollars a month to your current cell phone bill and you'll see why it makes sense to change. Now, I don't know what your cell phone bill is, but I would wager you that it's sixty bucks or more, maybe a hundred and twenty, maybe seventy five or more.


This outfit, Pure Talk, is offering you unlimited talk, unlimited text and six gigs of data for thirty dollars a month.


Now, pure talk knows they're in the same business with the likes of AT&T and Verizon and T-Mobile. In fact, get this. They use the same cell towers of one of the big companies that covers ninety nine percent of country. I'm not allowed to tell you which one, but trust me, they use the same cell towers, meaning connectivity as one of the big companies. They offer superior service. 100 percent of the pure customer support team is right here in America.


So you make one phone call to them today. You can start to save money by switching to pure talk. All you do is get your cell phone and dial pound two fifty. Next, you say pure talk. It's that simple. You'll say fifty percent off your first month. That's pound to five 00 and then say pillow talk. One of the talk, customer service people be right there on the phone to help you. And by the way, it's legit.


Thirty dollars a month, unlimited talk, text and six gigs of data. Pure Talk, USA. You're listening to the EIB Network. My name is Ken Matthews. Let's squeeze in another call here before the next break. Jill in Traverse City, Michigan.


Jill, you're on the EIB Network. Welcome. Well, thanks, Kim, I'll be real quick, I just lit up when you opened the show today, letting all of America know, look, the Dems, big tech Hollywood mainstream media, they're all portraying in front of us 24/7 a completely false reality. I got so excited when you said that. And today is a good example because look at the Capitol Hill right now. Exactly, it's just again, they and they're all on the same page, Jill, that's what's so scary about what's happening now.


That's why I always talk about the media letting us down, because instead of the media being the people that could have exposed it, they're part of it.


They're buying into the the Magga narrative, the election narrative. And it's frustrating for people like us. And thank God there's the EIB Network and some other outlets or platforms or it it's crazy.


And then look at look at the social media platforms. You go to check it out, you go to Google it and Google Googles already said they're not a Trump fan.


They're not a Megafaun, you know.


So what do you do other than pray and do the research on your own, you know?


But I thank you for calling Jill, 800 202, 28, 82, and remember for you folks that somebody tells you some at work and you go, oh, let me go to Snopes, I'll check.


Snopes is for DOPs.


OK, remember that your guide on the EIB Network 800 228, 2082, and Jill called earlier from Michigan, I believe. And she was talking about how. There is a reality that's being created, it's an alternative reality, and the funniest thing is, have you noticed how media says you and I embrace a false reality? Many of us out in flyover country, right, we have a false reality, we don't understand the seriousness of covid. We don't understand that it was a fair and honest election like that moron that said this was the most secure election in history.


Do you remember that guy? I am so glad he got fired. Who would say that with a straight face?


Well, someone who wanted you to believe it. Here's another example, I have to share this, because this so upset me when I saw this headline, the U.S. Capitol Police obtained intelligence. Yeah, that's kind of never mind of a possible plot. OK, so let's take it a possible plot by a militia, because that's the new buzzword. Its its militia, its domestic terrorist, its right wingers, that's the new game in town to scare people, the U.S. Capitol Police obtain intelligence of a possible plot by a militia to breach the Capitol.


No, not another insurgents, not another unarmed riot where people were trespassing and some stuff got broken. Yeah, but what about that cop that got killed that was such a heartbreaking lie that everybody from Chuck Schumer to Joe Biden would keep that lie alive when that man was not killed in the manner they said.


That's despicable. The U.S. Capitol Police have increased security today, so they already have 10000 plus. Military in the capital, you already cannot get near all the Capitol buildings. And according to why they did this, they obtained intelligence and this is the best part of the story with a supposedly credible threat. Of a possible plot. To breach the Capitol, can you imagine if you were in a courtroom with that jibberish? A supposedly credible threat of a possible plot, the attack is reportedly going to happen today, which is the original presidential inauguration day.


So basically someone went and peeled a conspiracy theory off the Internet, which that's what the left blames the right with, right.


What are you, a conspiracy theorist? You only think Govan's the flu. Don't you listen to CNN? Here's the press release the U.S. Capitol Police Department is aware of and prepared for any potential threats toward members of Congress or toward the Capitol complex, we have obtained intelligence that shows a possible plot to breach the Capitol Byan by an identified militia group that we will not identify for you. You mean like an Adam Schiff whistleblower, that type of person you're not going to identify for us?


These people, they all morph together. Whether you're listening to a network newscast or some spokesman in the Biden administration, they all morph together. What can we do today to create false fear, build policy around it? And keep leftist in line. And I was saying yesterday. What do you think China thinks when they look over and see this? So they they heard about a threat and then Nancy Pelosi shut down votes and shut down business for the day.


That's pretty scary when the greatest nation on earth gets a possible, probable, maybe supposed threat.


From an identified group that we're not going to talk about, let's shut it down, people, let's shut down freedom, it worked with covid. They have no credibility, unfortunately, 800, 28, 82. Immigration back on the front burner as well. Biden wants to tear down that wall. You know, think about it. Reagan wanted to tear down a wall, too, but I think Biden's just confused. So what Biden has done in the last five weeks is set the stage for another 150000 illegal foreign national children to enter the country.


And I just read an article and I forget where it was. I apologize. But the the trafficking, the human trafficking has now spiked up to the point. That the human traffickers at the border. Are using wrist bands. For certain age groups and categories, because, you know, they treat people in a horrific way, they treat them as products, it's horrible.


That has actually happened, the border patrol overwhelmed. Ice overwhelmed. And, of course, in typical fashion, your leftist cities across the country are pushing back. With their sanctuary city, this and sanctuary city that that to me is probably one of the craziest things that the Biden administration is doing. The wall was working.


It was effective. It was saving manpower, it was reducing injury, and it was getting people that want to come to the country legally at a legal port of entry where they could be vetted. Why should they be vetted? Some people say because the number one priority of our government is to keep us safe. That's it.


No free education, no free cars, no free health care, none of that. Your number one job is to keep your citizens safe. Protect the Constitution and protect freedom, and the fact that Biden doesn't know that really worries me. Back in 2010.


Rush gave us a history lesson on the true history of the Statue of Liberty, the Emma Lazarus poem, Give me your tired, your poor, your hungry, huddled masses, blah, blah, blah, does not and never has appeared on the Statue of Liberty. It was a poem written in a contest to raise money to build the pedestal for the Statue of Liberty. It was not even put on display inside the exhibit, inside the pedestal until years later.


The New Colossus is the title of it. It was written in 1883 in nineteen 03. Twenty years later, it was engraved on a bronze plaque and mounted inside the Statue of Liberty. You don't go to the Statue of Liberty, wander around outside and see the new colossus as part of the design on the outside of the Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty was never meant to be a symbol of immigration. It was meant to be a symbol of liberty and freedom.


The Statue of Liberty, as designed and constructed, had nothing to do with what Emma Lazarus wrote. And it's another distortion of the left to suggest that this country was founded for the express purpose of taking anybody, anywhere, any planet, any country who wanted to come into the country under the guise that they were poor and they were huddled, they were hungry, they were thirsty. It was not about immigration at all. It was about liberty. They don't call it the Statue of Immigration.


We call it the Statue of Liberty. It was dedicated October 28, 1886. It is a monument commemorating the centennial of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Nothing to do with immigration. It commemorated the Declaration of Independence. The French did it so profound. Did everyone in the world think the declaration was? And in fact, Abraham Lincoln often gave it more weight than the Constitution itself in terms of its deep meaning. Lady Liberty is stepping forward.


She is meant to be carrying the torch of liberty from the United States to the rest of the world. The torch is not to light the way to the United States. It is to light the way to liberty to the rest of the world. Lady Liberty is carrying the light of liberty to the rest of the world. It is not a beacon for immigrants to get to this country because they're tired, your poor, your huddled, hungry or thirsty.


How many public school history teachers do you think are hearing what Rush just shared for the very first time? See, that's the thing. You rewrite history, you change it, and you keep stacking falsehoods on it, and pretty soon you sound like MSNBC. Let's let's squeeze in another one. This is one of my favorite, and I laugh because we transition from that into how Rush would poke fun at some of our favorites.


Listen to this. October 20th, 1994, in Massachusetts, Senator Ted Kennedy on the campaign trail with former President Bill Clinton and says Clinton country hit.


And after we all do what needs to be done for the next two and a half weeks and we elect Mark Rosevelt as our governor and you really and you re-elect all Kennedy in the United States Senate, where are you going to start on the 96 campaign to elect Bill Clinton as our re-elect him on the next? So you see, we played this over the course of many months, years, and people take stabs and wild guesses at what the senator was, may he rest in peace saying and he wasn't saying there were no words here to translate it again, like we can squeeze it in here before we have to go to the break again.


And says Clinton country and. Oh, dear sir, we all do what needs to be done for the next two and a half weeks and we elect Mark Roosevelt as our governor. And you really? And you really owe Kennedy in the United States Senate, where he got his start on the 96 campaign to elect Bill Clinton as our re-elect him on. Senator Kennedy, October 20th, 1994. Wow. And here we are with Joe Biden, who's given the late Mr.


Kennedy a run for his money.


We'll continue right after this.


The number is 800 202 2082 as we celebrate the wisdom of Rush Limbaugh. And we have a little absurdity now from the new climate czar, John Kerry, who's flying around on his Lear jet.


He's a billionaire and he just said recently that we have nine years left on the earth.


Thanks again for terrifying the children, John. Unless we rejoin the Paris Climate Accords and end fossil fuels, the earth will end. You know, Rush was on to this scam more than 15 years ago.


Try this one from yesterday's stack, I don't know if your people know this or not, but Al Gore has been out at the Sundance Film Festival out there in Park City, Utah. This is one of Robert Redford's big do's. And apparently Al Gore is working on the movie. What is the name of this movie? Oh, that's right, An Inconvenient Truth. The movie will document his efforts to raise alarm on the effects of global warming. And so he brought Tipper and the kids out there.


He's attending parties and posing for pictures with his fans. He's enjoying macaroni and cheese at the Discovery Channel's soiree. He's palling around with Larry David Curb Your Enthusiasm as the husband of Laurie David, who drives the Prius and then flies the G5. And Larry David says, you know, Al's a funny guy, but he's also a very serious guy who believes humans may have only 10 years left to save the planet from kookery with a C.. Now, the last time I heard some liberal talk about 10 years, it was 1988, Ted Danson.


We had 10 years to save the oceans. We're all going to pay the consequences which would result in our deaths. Now, Al Gore says we've got 10 years, 10 years left to save the planet from a scorching. OK, we're going to start counting. This is January 27th, 2006. We will begin the count. Ladies and gentlemen. And from that day on, for a decade, the clock counted down the days, you may remember this, it was on Rush Limbaugh dotcom 10 years later, zero hour came and went.


We're all still here. Here's Rush again a decade later. So everybody's asking me what's going to happen, you know, we've been running the Gore countdown clock at Rush Limbaugh dot com for ten years. Al Gore said ten years ago that we had 10 years to save the planet, that if we didn't, that life on earth would be totally unlike it was 10 years ago. And then guys like Larry David came along. You know, he's a funny guy, but when he gets serious, you have to listen, because Al's telling us that if we don't act on this, the earth is going to become this giant skillet in 10 years.


Well, here we are 10 years later and nothing's changed. It isn't any hotter than it was. They're having to make excuses for the heat that never happened by claiming the ocean ate it. Oh, yeah, the ocean ate the heat. It's way down there at 700 feet below the surface, 700 meters. So that would be almost a half a mile down there. And that's where all the heat is and it's going to it's going to come bubbling up there and it's going to heat the salt water and the heat that the Ocean's Eight is going to heat up the saltwater.


The saltwater is going to flood, and that's how we're going to get the rising sea. This was in all of the pro global warming climate change analysis of last week. So people say, what are you going to do when the Al Gore clock hits zero? And that's a surprise. We're still working on that, folks. One thing we never thought about until yesterday, what do we do when a thing hits zero? When we started this 10 years ago, who thinks 10 years down the road, other than we knew that Gore was full of it and whatever he was saying wasn't going to happen.


And that's been the secret sauce, if you will, of the Democrat Party and their platform. It's all connected to. Well, the basic the basic mantra is you must support the Democrat Party and their policies or we're all going to be dead before dinner.


We'll be right back.


I want to thank Crash and Greg for managing the engineering portion and the call screening portion of the program today. And Kookie, for doing, as always, a brilliant job in surgically inserting these wonderful soundbites that. The the Battle Hymn of the Republic is one that gave me goosebumps, and that's, I think, one of the reasons so many people identify so comfortably with with Rush Limbaugh.


I think that is one of the reasons. And someone's computer just turned off on the air, but it's off, so that's good, but I think that's one of the reasons so many people identified with Rush because he reacted the same way that we did to the greatness of America.


If you go to Rush Limbaugh Dotcom, you'll hear that exclusive conversation between Rush and Catherine and you'll see some beautiful photos of the memorial.


God bless you. See you next time.