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Welcome to today's edition of the Rush Limbaugh Show podcast. So nice to see you today on the radio on the EIB Network. My name is Ken. Helping to keep conservatism alive right here on the EIB Network with you. A lot to cover today. I sense a lot of disbelief. I don't know if you're sensing that that's something that I'm seeing and hearing a lot, you don't. Well, it's there and you see it and we saw it, for example, during the Obama administration, the least transparent administration in presidential history.


And that's according to the news media. And the disbelief is from not only people in the news media, some of whom are even in on the left side. They are also and they show the disbelief and then they cover for Mr. Biden in his administration, but the disbelief is.


And you probably heard it, I can't believe they're doing this and just fill in the blank. I can't believe we're not allowed to cover the border. I can't believe. What's happening with immigration, I can't believe what's going on in the military, I can't believe that a day after Biden told ABC News he considers Russian President Vladimir Putin to be a soulless killer.


Putin responded, saying it takes one to know one. And he added a message to Mr Biden. I wish him good health and I say that without irony or joking or joking, and then Russia. I don't know if you know this now.


They recalled their ambassador after Putin was called a killer by Biden.


So this is some of the the little back chatter that's going on as. Biden tries to figure out where he is and one more thing about Biden, and we have so much to cover today because we want to drill a little deeper into the border because of the lack of coverage, both intentional and accidental lack of coverage. I don't think people are getting a sense of what's happening at the border. So we're going to talk about that. But. I don't know if you saw I think it was yesterday or the day before on Fox, Dan Bongino made the comment that some of his friends in the Secret Service anonymously said something's not right with Joe medically.


And several doctors, including a doctor I have on my own show regularly in central Pennsylvania, publicly came out and said. Joe Biden is demonstrating, unfortunately, the signs of dementia and there are some definite. Problems there with mental capacity and also maybe some physical issues as well as well, and I'm just shocked that this is not a big thing, because if you recall, one of the things they tried to do to get rid of President Donald J. Trump was to say, this guy can't do the job.


This guy can't handle it. He's this he's that 25th Amendment running at the moment, you remember all that it was it was a constant drumbeat and. Most people know that President Donald J. Trump is as sharp as a tack. You say what you want about the guy, but he's as sharp as a tack. And not just on Twitter, but we have a president now that people are now publicly coming out. People within the ranks are leaking the information.


And I think the only reason they're leaking it is so it gets out.


And that's kind of being ignored by the media as well or covered, we have some great news from Florida Governor DeSanto.


I'm going to share that with you coming up. You may remember earlier this week. Tucker Carlson got into a little dust up with the United States Marines and then the United States Marines, their official Twitter account made some comments about Tucker. They have since apologized. I want to read the United States Marine apology. Now, you may remember Tucker was talking about women and different rules and things.


And it's it's similar from I don't want to say the Marines are just like the Army because in a Marine is going to beat me up.


But it's similar. There is an effort right now. People are obsessed, obsessed with diversity. They're obsessed with the meat, the women, this, that and the other thing.


And Tucker was just calling attention to the fact that and I think this is a very commonsensical opinion. Why are we putting so much emphasis on this? This diversity thing, when there's so much more to the military anyway. The Marines responded, they deleted the post, the unit apologized because there was a big backlash. Because people were like, what's next, you you already the Bush administration already has the FBI making comments about Americans and the DOJ making comments about Americans.


What's next? The military now wouldn't surprise me the way Biden thinks the few minutes a week he does think by himself. Here's what the Marine said, we are human and we messed up, we intended to speak up for female Marines and it was an effort to support them.


They are a crucial part of our corps, and we need them to know that we will adjust fire and ensure the utmost professionalism in our tweets.


So that's kind of that's a very Marine like apology. But there's something brewing with the Army now, and we're going to get to that. Meanwhile. Everything at the border is getting worse. Think of what the border was the worst you've ever seen it. Whether it was under Obama, under Bush. The way the news media made it out under President Trump, OK, it's worse than that now. It's worse than that now. And they're asking for volunteers, you may remember that.


The the the federal government is saying, hey, I know you guys are working and everything, but can you volunteer because it's getting so out of hand because they have lost such a grip on what should be the most secure border that should be the most secure border on Earth.


Because our safety comes first. Now, I know this is a foreign phrase, this is a phrase that agitates people on the left, America first, our safety. First, our security. First. An open border is not that, and the border mess is only going to get worse, and now people are starting to come out and discuss it in detail, the mistakes that are being made. Also, do you know there is there is a media blackout.


There is a media blackout where you have to be very selective when you go down there, the days of, you know, Mike Wallace from 60 Minutes showing up, remember that? That's Mike. He's he's a joke. Isn't the journalist. Mike is a journalist. He's the one that when Mike Wallace showed up, he were like, oh, no.


Oh, man. The truth is coming out now. It's that guy in the trench coat on it.


With Chris Wallace, it's like, well, don't worry about it, if you're on the left, he'll cover for you because he hates Trump and you know the rest of it. So Russia, we said. It was so different. Because President Trump made border security a priority and this is, I think, the biggest problem right now that we're seeing with the left and Joe Biden's administration, it's always been about priorities. The priorities, if you take a page from the Constitution of the United States, should not be that difficult to wrap your head around.


Peace, security, the well-being of the population, etc., but for some reason, the priorities are so messed up. It's become diversity and political correctness and. Anyway. Rush laid this out before, and based on this, I think we all know what Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are doing is only going to make the border worse.


Here's cut one, solving a problem and you don't need the bureaucracy anymore solving the problem and you don't need the Democrats anymore solving the problem. And you can't blame Trump for it anymore. But apparently the pictures are so bad in the suffering the children is so bad that not even the drive by media wants to cover for the Democrats, Mexico, especially in the southern border, is simply behaving like they have been committing to behaving for decades. Well, maybe two decades, 20 years, they've been letting their southern border slide.


Nobody was pressuring them on it.


Well, we all know the reason both political parties in America didn't mind open borders. The more the merrier. Democrats for voter registration, the Republicans ostensibly for cheap labor to Trump is the game changer here now and the reason the Mexicans are doing what they're doing on their southern border. It only took a couple of days after threatening to slap a bunch of tariffs on them. And look what happened. They started and hearing the law that was already on the books.


This entire situation that we are in with illegal immigration could be rectified with the simple enforcement of existing law, which is what the ICE raids are going to be. There's simply there's nothing new about them. There's nothing draconian. There's nothing outrageous. There's simply the enforcement of existing law.


We haven't done it for so long is why it looks inhumane and mean to people. But it's existing law. There is so much law in this country that if we would just enforce a lot of it, that we don't we wouldn't need any new laws of any sustenance consequences. What I'm trying to say, but we don't enforce a lot of them. Let me give you an example. Remember when the state of Arizona under the governor. Jan, Jan, come on, mind.


What is that? She was a rush baby, the governor, Jan. Anyway, they were so frustrated that the Obama administration would not enforce basic Jan Brewer, would not enforce basic United States immigration law that they crafted state immigration law that mirrored federal immigration law. You know what happened? The Obama regime sued them under the premise you guys don't run immigration. The federal government does. You don't get to dictate immigration policy. We do. So screw you.


And of course, the courts upheld that. All right. Here comes Andrew Cuomo and whoever else, Gavin Newsom, the rest of these Democrat governors advocating that illegal aliens get driver's licenses. We don't need any new laws to involve TSA. We just need to have somebody in the federal government say, you can't do that. You don't run the immigration law. You don't have the authority to grant driver's licenses to non-citizens, to illegal immigrants. Now, Governor Cuomo and his crowd would fight it because that's is part of you mentioned this is one of the first steps, you know, driver's licenses to motor voter voter registration.


We all know what the game is. This is my point about not needing new laws. All it takes, but law is worthless if it's not going to be enforced and violators are not going to be held accountable.


And so since these laws are not being upheld, this gives us a reason to come up with new laws. We don't need any new laws.


When you get right down to brass tacks, all it takes is somebody, Senator Coleman, the people in New York, you can't do that. Immigration law is not your province. It's the same thing with sanctuary cities.


Now, people say, wait a minute, Rush, what about federalism and states rights?


Well, yeah, states have rights, but in matters of federal law, the states do not trump per say, and the federal government has total purview because the federal government controls the unified border. You can't turn over border control to individual states. We will be right back.


Celebrating the wisdom and wit of Rush Limbaugh, next.


You're listening to The Rush Limbaugh Show. My name is Ken Matthews. Your guide on the EIB Network today in the numbers, 800 to a 228 82. I want to go back to the border for just a second, because four years of all the issues that are out there.


Don't you think that the border is among the simplest to understand there's so many analogies?


You know, there's a reason you keep up gate around your poll. There's a reason you keep a fence around the power plant or people put up fences or it's so easy.


I never understood. And then, of course, you realize there's so much more to open borders. There's, you know, one political party that's making money off the labor issue and another political party that, you know, I think it was.


Was it Matt Gates? I can't remember which, congressman, but it was it was a it was a funny line, but it was true. He said that under Biden, its catch and release and vote, which I thought was dead on catch and release and vote. So I put it this way.


The sad thing about what's going on at the border, chances are people coming over the border may have already been exploited at some level.


Is that I think that's a safe thing to to presume they're maybe they're trying to escape something or someone. And yet they're met with more exploitation, whether it be employment, exploitation, God forbid, human trafficking, sex trafficking. Drug muling. And then the the icing on the cake for the Democrats, of course, is voting because you could be any of those and still vote the Democrats in California, they'll come and pick you up. Oh, yeah, we'll be there and we'll bring a gift certificate to on your favorite stores to.


So you think about what's happening at the border, but people forget, they forget it's a security risk. The national security correspondent for Voice of America's name is Jeff Seldon. He recently asked Air Force General Glenn van Hurk now. General Van Herk is the commander of the U.S. Northern Command, and he said this standby Cutaş might have you seen any evidence that terrorists are actually trying to come across the southern U.S. border?


I can't go into the intelligence that I see with regards to what nations what what's coming across the border. But I will tell you that I have seen intelligence that gives me reason to be concerned about what comes across the border.


So you are correct, border security is national security, and we need to know exactly who is coming across that border and what their intent is. And how we get there is a policy decision, but it has homeland defense and national security implications.


So here you have national security implications, health implications, criminal issues with the exploitation on either side. All the illegality that's attached to this, you have people masquerading as someone or people that they're not to get young people across, it's despicable.


And on top of it all, your kid. Your grandkid, your child, you might be in college, whatever, you can't go back to school in some areas of the country that are under Democrat Party occupation because of covid, but these people are being let in with covid. They're not being quarantined. They're being let in. Check them for go. OK, this one's got covid. I just go to the left. What do you mean the left?


Well, I'll just go to that city there. Whatever. Here's some Kleenex. This is what is actually happening, we're in the middle, according to Joe Biden. The one they installed on January 20th, the biggest pandemic in the history of the human race. And we have an open border. And people are just pouring in, and sometimes it's a terrorist or sometimes it's just a kid who never learned not to sneeze in everybody's face.


And you're not allowed to cover it. And this is what is this, not the third or fourth? Part of the government. That the Bush administration has said, OK, you can't cover this, so the Border Patrol, nothing against the Border Patrol because they have to follow a chain of command. So they're saying, no, you can't you can't come on these right, right along. You can't cover this operation at night. You can't do this.


The FBI says the same thing. DHS says the same thing.


So little by little, we're getting less access. Yet citizen journalist and you know, some woman that lives in El Paso goes out with her iPhone and she does better reporting than we're getting from the network news. So we have a crisis at the border, but you're not allowed to call it a crisis.


But FEMA is down there. Why else would you send FEMA down there? It is crazy, I want to talk quickly about the the latest army development. Because we're talking about the military and the border and everything, Colonel Timothy Holeman is the Army's chief diversity officer and this goes to what we said at the top of the show, priorities. How difficult is it? Well, I believe that the left has always made it more difficult. And I think most conservatives would agree, and I think now more people are finding out being under a Biden regime, that leftist ideology, socialist ideologies make it much more difficult to do your job no matter what your job is.


Colonel Timothy Holeman is the Army's chief diversity officer and his aim is clear do what he can to help open a path for future Army leaders and make the force as diverse as the nation it defends. So said the Twitter account. And people went crazy. So crazy. I'm not going to repeat some of the things that were said. It was it was crazy.


But several people did point out that the Army's policy could actually be seen as more divisive. While Fox News host Laura Ingraham pointed out how diverse the army already is and of course, she got in trouble for it. You got to be careful with the truth, Laura. You know that. Why are we funding this, the army is already far more ethnically and racially diverse than most American institutions, said Laura Ingram. But that broke from the script.


And you're not allowed to break from the script. How about siding with one half of the country against the other? What does it do for team cohesion? Says Dinesh D'Souza. So there were some very intelligent comments and there were some very snarky, funny ones, too.


And I don't want to repeat some because, well, their standards, 800 to a 228, 82. Yes. We are going to squeeze in some calls today, too, on the EIB Network. It's always such a pleasure to be here with you, especially now. And you can count on this.


You will continue to get the truth and the facts from the EIB Network. And it's so important now because heading into this last break, we were talking about these major institutions in the United States that under the Biden regime and that's what it is.


It's a regime when you have barbed wire fences and no one can get into public buildings that we pay for. And there's people patrolling the capital city of the greatest nation on Earth with them, Ford's. It's a regime. So how soon all our freedoms return?


Who knows, but the fact that we as the people are still being limited on crucial information about every major issue that's facing us right now from elections to and we are a moment ago we were talking about the border. Rest assured, you can tune in here to get the scoop. And the funny thing is. It's not funny, it's ironic that. So many things that Rush Limbaugh said over the years was right on the money, it was timely, but more importantly, it was informative.


And I loved when people started calling Rush America's anchorman, because when you think about it, and he would always remind people and I loved it, he would say this is where this is where the news media gets its show prep.


And that's true. That's true. Anybody in a newsroom with a brain knows if Rush is covering something. It is relevant to the American people because Rush.


Was plugged in to the American people. For over three decades, and I know that the left couldn't figure it out and people in mainstream news media couldn't figure it out, what is it about this guy, this big boisterous voice on the right that connected with so many different people? Well, No. One, he's honest. Number two, he's himself. And those are two things you rarely get a news media is not is that not the case? Honesty and they're being themselves.


How many times do you meet somebody? And you're disappointed? Rush was just the opposite. Rush was just the opposite. And you'll find a lot of conservatives are. How many times, though, have we seen the darker side of an of an actor or a talk show host in television? Remember all the scandalous stuff about Ellen? How many times we have this version of somebody and see, that's what the news media is brilliant at doing, they. Suspend, they keep this narrative going, but they also they can build a framework of someone, they build the personality and then they protect that person.


From having to explain themselves to the truth, one of the greatest examples of that, where there's two now, well, there's three, four, five, six. Let's go with three. Obama, Hillary and Biden. You know how they protected Obama, they still are they're still not running things that have been released about President Barack Obama, truth about the last 10 years. Hillary was the same way Hillary on paper was the greatest woman. In the entire world.


And smart. And then you see her in a debate, you can't stop laughing and of course, Biden oh my God, if the news media if the news media didn't cover Biden, like didn't cover him at all. And didn't prop him up. He wouldn't even have been elected to the Senate, and that was half a century ago. So now more than ever. We need to make sure we're going to the right places for information. And we're getting the facts and the evidence because.


The way things are unfolding now, not just on the border, but the way things are unfolding under the Biden administration, I think this disinformation campaign, it will continue until he is voted out.


And it'll even be worse when Comilla takes over, and I give that about a month, but I'm a little I'm a little ahead of it.


A lot of people say it'll be a year. I think in about a month, Camilla will have just about had it, so. OK, OK, great, great. Look, look, I want it. You promised me I didn't have any numbers when I ran. A lot of people don't like me, but you promise me if I played along with dementia, Joe, I'd get this. I want to wrap up one more thing about the border, because once again, Rush gave us the truth and now we are seeing it with our own eyes.


And what happens when you and I start seeing things with our own eyes?


That's when the news media says, no, no, no, you're not seeing that. No, no, no. And isn't that the most frustrating thing, especially for you folks that live on the Texas border, New Mexico, Arizona? You live on these borders.


And you see things with your own eyes and you see the news truck come from some fancy market. And they show up to cover it, then you're watching the news and you're watching it, we've all experienced this, especially with mainstream news media and they're covering it.


Behind me is the Rio Grande River and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And you're like that, is it? Nothing you're saying is true. I just pick my kid up from school a mile from there and you're lying. So we now have to pay attention like we've never paid before. By the way, speaking of kids, Rush had a great comment that nails the entire issue. Cut three.


We have this couple that called yesterday that said they are being asked by their church who was asked by the regime to house kids in their homes, and they were told, do not discuss this.


And they were so outraged by it. They called here and told me and you.


And I'm kind of surprised I didn't get picked up anywhere, it did not get picked up anywhere. Listen to this. This is Jim Bridenstine. He's the Republican from Oklahoma who has been just outraged that he can't get in to see these kids. I mean, they're hiding. They're trying to shelter. They're not using the usual liberal accompaniments for this cause. There's something else going. They want this actually happening under the radar. Whatever's going on, they don't want you to know about it.


And proof of this right this time was on Fox today. Bill Hemmer said you were turned away on the 1st of July. You're going to get access on Saturday at Fort Sill in Oklahoma.


That's correct. The rules are very stringent. No. One, you can't ask questions. Number two, there can be no recording devices. No. Three, you can't talk to any of the staff. You can't talk to the children. You can't talk to the medical personnel. And if you have questions, you can send an email. You can't take any pictures. But after the tour, they will send pictures to you. But there can be no pictures during the tour.


This is not what we expect in the United States of America. And certainly the media here needs to stand up for itself.


See, normally when it's for the children, they want you to know everything in the world they are doing so that they can benefit from the display of compassion. But in this, they're hiding. They're trying to keep everything that is happening with these children from public knowledge. The media is not allowed to talk to them. Members of Congress are not allowed to talk to them. No pictures, no nothing. So it's obviously something very clandestine going on here.


If we haven't reached it already, we will. We're on track to reach a level of news manipulation hand in hand openly. With this administration that many of us have seen, if we've studied history and I know people in this audience have had the misfortune of living under dictatorships and communism, and they've watched things morph slowly from socialism and socialism is just communism without armored vehicles. And guns in the street, that's the only that's the only difference there, that's it.


And we are witnessing that now. We are witnessing the Biden administration saying openly, oh, no, we don't refer to that this way. And then we've we've made it clear to the newspaper we don't there's certain things we don't talk about, there's certain things you American citizen are not allowed to say. There's a whole bunch of stuff you're not allowed to see. But thanks for paying for everything. That's something else that we have to keep in mind.


Millions of people losing their businesses, kids out of school, people out of work.


And we've decided to take on the equivalent of another country coming into our own to pay for it with what?


800 202 2082 on Ken Matthews will be right back on the EIB Network, 800 202 2082.


My name is Ken. We're keeping conservatism alive on the EIB Network. I am your guide today. And so much of what Mr. Biden is doing now, they warned us about.


We warned you and then they were so brazen, they even said, we're going to get rid of fossil fuels, we're going to do this, we're going to do that, we're going to open the border.


Remember, I forget that guy said what was his name, Baso or Boso or something. He said, we're going to dismantle the wall. Remember, he ran for president for about 13 minutes and he was going to dismantle the wall.


You're going to what? We finally got we finally got enough Republicans with the guts because they didn't have the guts before President Trump got there and President Trump would, and that's the best thing about President Trump when it when a Republican.


And that's why, oh, I have a list of Republicans that are retiring. You're going to love it. Yes. Sometimes the swamp drains itself. Yes. Some rhinos are leaving, as we predicted.


Because I think what's going to happen is whatever President Trump decides to do, he will be on the periphery and he will be calling people out. And those of us that love American want to put it first, we will be cheering him on. And before President Trump came to. Politics, nobody would call out a Mitch McConnell or a Mike Pence, they were afraid to. Because those guys have too much power in the party, nobody would call anybody out.


Nobody had any. Nobody would call anybody out. They would call the worst person out. They'd call their their adversary out, but they would never say, hey, you said you were going to vote for this and you threw me under the bus. What are you, a liar? Nobody did that. Until President Trump showed up, that's that big awakening. So when you think about. We listened for years, we listened to the Democrat Party say we have to have open borders, we need to be more globalised thinking.


There's no reason we need borders, why do you need borders and how many times do they have to say it? Now we have that that group in power. And what are they doing? They're trying to open the border again. 800 202 2082 Terry Perfect, Lubbock, Texas. Welcome to The Rush Limbaugh Show. That can forever dittos to Russian thoughts and prayers to Katherine and all the family. Russia's greatly missed and will continue to be by a lot of people in this country as spirit certainly is going to live on through conservatives like us.


I just want to talk about the diversity in the military a little bit. To me, as a combat veteran, that almost sounds like an oxymoron in the sense that, you know, when you join the Army or the Marines or the Navy, Air Force, any of these branches, you're no longer an individual. Your thoughts and your feelings and you know what's good for you goes out the window. You're supposed to be focused on the mission. You're supposed to be focused on your squad, your battle, part of your platoon, your battalion, your brigade, whatever the case may be, you're not supposed to be putting your wants and needs and your special, you know, attributes in front of the unit.


And a lot of these snowflakes or these liberal minded individuals don't understand that as they join the military. And, you know, quite frankly, in my opinion, politics has no place in the military because we're not supposed to be discussing that the mission is put before you and your job is to complete it, whether you have to improvise and overcome situations that you didn't see coming or whether you have to be uncomfortable for a little bit, it doesn't matter because the goal is it's like that crazy poster you see everywhere that describes teamwork.


It's a group of individuals trying to achieve the same goal. That's what the military is. And when you start to divide the military into little subsections of individual, then you're taken apart from the very culture that the military was meant to be. And quite frankly, I think it's going to ruin the military. And in that you see it happening in America every day, everybody wants to be an individual. Everybody wants to be their own special sparkling person.


And that's not the way that it should be. We're supposed to be a people. We're supposed to be Americans. We're supposed to love our country. And that's what these people don't get because they step foot trying to defend or claiming that they're going to defend the United States. But turn around and out of the side of their mouth say that they don't even like the country, that they, you know, put the uniform on every day for supposedly with pride, greater and greater people and patriots are stepping out of the military every day because they don't want to deal with this kind of stuff anymore.


I've seen it with great, great friends of mine that have said, you know what, enough is enough. I'll go be a carpenter. And it makes me mad. It's disrespectful. And I think it paints the the the reputation and it taints the respect and the loss that people have given, the lives that we've lost, soldiers, Marines, airmen, sailors that have given their life for this country. Just to see where we're at right now, I find disgusting and insulting.


I am.


I'm so glad you called Terry, because you summed it up perfectly. I mean, even a college professor can understand what you just said, and they don't understand a lot sometimes. But yeah, that's the word uniform.


It means uniform. And people want to change the uniform.


They want to change the haircut. They want special shoes. They want a special belt. And as a civilian, I continue to look to the military because of people like Terry, because people go in, they put on the uniform and they leave whatever else they brought with them behind, because like my dad said and others I know that went through boot camp, they beat it out of you. Figuratively speaking, I don't want to trigger anybody.


There was not a beating. I don't want to trigger anybody.


But, yeah, that's I think that's why so many people were commenting on this this week, whether it be Tucker or Terry calling the show or other people. We're wondering, are you trying? And this is a legitimate question for liberals. Are you trying to weaken our military?


Compared to other militaries around the world. We'll be right back. Still to come on the EIB Network, more of your great calls, more of Rush's wit and wisdom. And I'm very excited about this.


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It's good to be here with you today, I'm glad you are here because it's rainy and cold in Central Park. Last time it was sunny and I don't know about you, but I get all wound up when it's sunny, but it's just rainy and cold. It's kind of like Joe Biden's mind, very foggy and not clear what's going on, you know, outside 822, 28, 82, if you want to join the conversation here, is that really cool announcement we have now.


This is coming up with you, Rush's audience for next week.


We're going to recognize great American business is on a special show.


We'll have more details coming. But as you know, Rush was all about the American promise.


That was like a core of Rush Limbaugh, the promise that in America, if you put your mind to wanting to achieve success, self-sufficiency, you could, which is why we're looking for stories from you, particularly if you were influenced or inspired by Rush to start and run your own business, whether you started your business with Rush's words in your mind or you advertised your business within this program in your home town, we want to hear your story.


So the number for today and if you want to share that story, you can all you don't have to share a story. But if you'd like to, you can call this number 800 202 2082. Leave your name with Mojo.


That's the name of the call screener. Callsign Moja Plus, if you go over to Rush Limbaugh Dotcom, there's another video there in the Rush inspired series, if you want to check that out.


But again, if you started your business because of something you heard from or learned from Mr. Limbaugh over the three decades he spoke to you, every day, call, leave your name and number Mojo one 800 202 2082.


And sort of in that same category. You know, Rush was. Two to millions of you, so many different things, and you've been so gracious in sharing this, but as someone who is in radio, I speak for others in radio. Rush Limbaugh was a radio guy's radio guy.


He's a guy that, you know, broke in young. Scrapped around in the business, paid dues, and then, like people say, became an overnight success in 30 years. But Rush started in top 40 radio and a lot of us did. So I found yesterday and I didn't clear it with anybody, so I'm not going to play it now. OK, so don't panic. Back in New York or wherever, but I found some choice.


Radio cuts of Rush Limbaugh, a.k.a. Jeff Christie. In McKeesport, Pennsylvania, and in Pittsburgh, just flame throwing, smokin hot D.J., and it is it's brilliant. And but what you can hear and I played it on my show in central P.A. and and my 13 listeners, I only have 13, but they're very loyal. They loved it. So I put it on my gabb page, Gabb, Dotcom, that's it's like Facebook, except it's free speech.


Gabb is like Facebook, except you're not banned or censored, says Kent Matthews Whiteouts. It's near the top. I put the link there. It's on YouTube, if you can find it on YouTube. But if it isn't on YouTube, there's no reason for it not to be. I mean, there's nothing bad in it at all. There wouldn't be. But if you want to hear ten minutes of smokin hot. D.J. playing the music, talking to callers, but so many things that Rush was doing in his teens he was doing a couple months ago on this very show.


And I think that's another thing people loved about Rush, is there's a kid in their.


There's a there's a kid in there, there's a smart aleck in there, but he was doing some of the same stuff with callers and the jokes and the music and something that struck me, one of the first top 40 tapes I ever heard of Rush Limbaugh. He was 19, the one that I heard. And he said what someone would call him and he would say, thank you for calling the Jeff Cristie radio network. So he already in his teens.


He already how American is that? In his teens? He was already envisioning the EIB Network and this this mega operation that would exist and span the globe, over 600 stations and millions of listeners. Even as a teenager, he in McKeesport, you know, I'm just going to start calling this a network. So apparently, apparently it worked out. So if you have a chance and there's a great picture of Rush there as a 19 year old in this funky 1970s shirt that I don't know, I think he would still wear today, I don't think it's anything to be ashamed of it.


It has every single color in the Crayola box on it. And that was the 70s. I grew up in the 70s, like many of you, 800 to eight to 28, 82. You know what we've seen recurring recently. And it drives me crazy. The recycling of the Russia story, how many more, Miles, is the news media and the Democrat Party? Going to milk. From. AFAIK, Russia story, when we have since found out that the people that actually colluded with Russia and now it's documented.


Thank you, John Brennan. Thank you for documenting that and your notes and pointing out that Hillary and Barack Obama and James Comey were all in it and two out of three of them knew that the Steele dossier was poop. Thank you for pointing that out. Hillary even said in the meeting, according to John Brennan's notes, and I know you haven't heard this before, because no news media outlets going to touch this. She even said, well, even if it isn't true, we could still use it against Donald Trump.


And that sums up the Democrat philosophy. Even if something isn't true, they can still use it to come after you. And the reason you can do that. Is if the news media is on your team. Regardless if it's true or not, think about it. Nobody in the news media said with the Steele dossier. Whoa, whoa, whoa, this is what's the confirmation, the confirmation is we hey, Trump, OK? But nobody said.


There's no push back as long as you're all on the same narrative, as long as you all dislike Trump, it doesn't matter what's made up.


Look at the trouble they got in on MSNBC. Look at the embarrassing situations. People like Rachel Maddow and that other idiot. What's his name? Mike O'Donnell. O'Connell or Lawrence. What? This is Lawrence O'Donnell. Lawrence O'Donnell. What a clown. Look at the trouble. They got into running their mouths and saying, you know, tomorrow night we're going to break this incredible story up. Sorry, didn't happen, but. Right. But but Trump is still a bad guy.


So just remember that this is absurdity. And now. They're they're trying to recycle Russia again, and I think this is a couple of reasons, I think this is to, you know, to keep Trump in a negative light and to keep eyes off China, because I think Biden happens to be a puppet of China. But that's only my opinion. I mean, you saw him yesterday, right? He was sharp as a tack. He didn't look like a puppet to me.


Wink, wink. So I want you to listen to this. You have cut six standing by, Mike, this is listen to Rush on top of this Russian game and other recycled games, well ahead of everybody else.


If the news media only listen to Rush, their ratings would be so much better.


Here it is. I want to create little hypothetical here, and I want you to imagine that for the past two years I have promised you. Multiple times a day that Hillary Clinton is being investigated by the Clinton Foundation is being investigated, that Bill Clinton is being investigated, they're being investigated not just for the private email server trafficking in classified documents, but in addition to that, the Uranium One deal is being looked at and the Clinton Foundation's pay to play the secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, and her husband were actually accepting personal payments disguised as donations to their foundation in exchange for policy considerations while she was secretary of state.


And as they all assume she would become president. I've been telling you for the past two years there is an investigation happening. Nobody knows about it, but it's serious and it's taking place. And it's only a matter of time before Mrs. Clinton is going to be found guilty. It's only a matter of time before the details of this are revealed. And I've told you this every day, multiple times a day for two years. And I've embellished it with every imaginable detail I have led you to believe.


And you believe me. You trust me. And I'm exploiting that. And I'm using that. You believe me when I tell you these things. And I have led you to believe that for the first time in our lifetimes, an actual series of Democrat criminals and crimes are going down. That I am assured constantly by multiple sources that it's only a matter of time and this goes on for two years. And then one day, one day, it is announced that there hasn't even been an investigation of Mrs.


Clinton because they did start one and found that she had done nothing wrong. What would you do after two years? Of me telling you and you wanted to hear it, you want this woman locked up, you want this woman and her husband to be held accountable, they've gotten away with so much. And I've been telling you for two years in our little hypothetical here that it's finally happening. It's one of the secret projects that Donald Trump and his team are working on.


And then one day it is revealed that there literally is nothing to it, that everything I've told you is nothing more than a big fat lie.


And of course, during this two years, I would have told you that I have multiple sources assuring me I wouldn't have named any, but I would have told you it isn't just me. What would happen after something like it, you'd be gone. You would want nothing more to do with me or this program, and you would be profoundly embarrassed and you would be angry that you have been toyed with, that you have been used, that your emotions have been manipulated by me.


You would never forgive me. You might even take it out on all of talk radio. You might just be so disgusted that you have been so lied to for so long, so confident that this would shake you to your core.


Well, this is exactly what has happened. It's exactly what has happened on CNN, it is exactly what has happened on MSNBC. It is exactly what has happened on every comedy show on HBO. It's exactly what has happened on Saturday Night Live. It is exactly what has happened in The New York Times and The Washington Post. Virtually every mainstream media outlet has lied multiple times a day to each of their audiences. They have manipulated their audiences emotionally. They have led their audiences to believe things that they did not know were true, no matter what they believed.


And unlike in my analogy, they brought on multiple sources to confirm that what they were telling their audiences was true and was going to happen. And the bottom line was that everything was going to be made right, because Donald Trump was going down. What this has shown, Fox, is that Rachel Maddow, just, for example, is not really the star of her show.


Fake news was because when the fake news stopped and when the bottom fell out and when there's no more emotional reason, you don't need to have your emotional anger and extremism fulfilled because now it's been totally blown to smithereens. Rachel Maddow is not enough to make you turn back into MSNBC. Fake news was the star fake news as the star at The New York Times. Fake news as the star at The Washington Post. Fake news is the star at CNN. And when the fake news stops, well, it never actually does stop.


But when this particular fake news story goes away, look what the left wing media discovers. Like so many other left wing hosts and members of Congress and people in general, they are wholly dependent on fake news being peddled in order to have readers, in order to have viewers, in order to have any kind of respect. There isn't any blockbuster fake news that certain to bring down Trump than the viewership is going to fritter away. Because it isn't those people attracting these audiences, it is this fake news, everybody misunderstands this, it is the fake news, it is the toying with their audience.


It is the manipulation of their audiences, emotions that kept that audience, those audiences glued and whatever numbers to these various outlets when in trust me, I know this when a television or radio show's host is dependent on a fake crisis on fake news day in and day out in order to have an audience, this is their big problem. What they have learned is they need to create and continue to create and manufacture fake news. And that is what is going to happen.


That is their only salvation.


The Rush Limbaugh Show, my name is Ken Matthews, your guide on the EIB Network as we keep conservatism alive.


Steve in California in the Bay Area. Steve, welcome to the EIB Network. Hey, thanks, Ken, and great job. You guys doing a great job and I just had a story about Russian is the fact that many impacted so many people. And of course, the liberals will take it wrong, but it had to do with truth. And, you know, Rush Rush did carry a message. But I used to love when he used to say, don't doubt me on this, don't doubt me on this.


And it was really interesting. And I know this is kind of like a just a personal story, but I was battling cancer. Came and it didn't look too good. That's a start and, you know, I like to hold to a strong faith and I trust in the Bible. And now don't misunderstand me. I'm not saying Russian God.


I'm know the liberals would probably say something, but what I heard in my mind one day was, you know, just all this fear talking, what's going on and deal with cancer and all that. But I was just remembering some of the scripture, and it's almost like God said to me because I was just listening to Russian and he said that. And it was almost like I said, don't doubt me on that. Don't doubt what I'm saying now, my promises.


But it was that assurance of his voice, the authority and the joy that he used to bring me. What I used to hear him say that because this guy did have a strong measure of truth and I know he has a faith. And just like when I'm saying, like, you know, when God promises to show them this is don't doubt me, I will see Russia some day. It's almost like God saying don't doubt me on this. But anyway, I want to say that those words brought so much joy.


I am now doing fantastic. I was able to get through so much just by pretending God was saying to me, don't shout, bring fear and then fear weakens your immunity system. Uh huh. So I just I don't know. I love Russia for so many reasons. But that one, as weird as that is and has probably minuscule as that is, the guy just was infectious. And I just. Yes, those words those words affected me and produced great stuff.


Anyway, I just wanted to share a great member of Russia with that.


Well, Steve, you did that so beautifully. Your words now have impacted other listeners and you pretty much explain talent on loan from God and what it means. And it you're so right when you said, you know, some people might be offended.


As we know, people on the left live in a perpetual state of being offended.


But there's nothing more exciting than confidence and truth and energy. All in the same presentation. And that's what Rush did decade after decade, as the news media scrambles to protect the Joe Biden fantasy presidency, more people are coming out and saying, you know, something's not right here. I've heard doctors say it. Dan Bongino said that some of his Secret Service pals anonymously have said, man, I got to tell you, this is this is worse than you think.


And this should worry us as Americans. But it's also another rush. I told you so. Listen to this.


Let me tell you something. You know, I don't often reach around and pat myself on the back because everybody beats me to that. But I have to tell you, folks, I was among the first to tell everybody that he's a Trojan horse, that he's a figurehead, that he's a placeholder. Joe Biden doesn't know where he is half the time. He literally has debilitating mental acuity issues, and yet he's the Democrats nominee. Somebody has made this happen or a group of somebodies has made this happen.


We don't know who they are. We think Bernie Sanders. But Bernie Sanders is not the wizard behind the behind the curtain pulling the strings somebody is. And whoever that person or that small group of people, whoever they are, we don't know who they are. And they have not run for election. They have not put their issues out. They have defrauded people. They have tried to make people believe that they have nominated some squishy little moderate, somebody known.


But it needs to be afraid of when, in truth, this party is become Marxist, Leninist, communist, and the people running it are those people. And Biden is not going to be running this administration. He's not it's not his agenda. He's going to be the figurehead. He's going to be the guy that appears on TV when the president needs to. But even then, it's going to be much. And in fact, it won't be long.


If Biden wins and they keep him functional through the inauguration, it isn't going to be long after the inauguration. He retires, resigns. He's not capable. He can't do it. And everybody behind him pushing him knows this. We have a group of people that are literally running the Democrat Party invisibly, and they're getting away with telling the American people that their standard bearer is a moderate traditional Democrat, cares about the blue collar little guy is interested in labor.


That's not who's running the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party is being run by the same people that love Black Lives Matter and Antifa. The people that have put Joe Biden up are running a fraud. Kamala Harris is in on it.


And the thing that well, truth in everything you just heard Rush say. But the thing that's scary is the Democrat Party and its members.


Are okay with it? That's what worries me more than anything I could understand if it was an honest mistake. You know what happened to Joe? I don't know. He kept hitting his head on the side of the pool over and over. I don't know what happened. He's always swimming. What's going on.


But, no, we knew going into this this was going to be a problem. And Rush also knew the Democrats would end the filibuster if they won. And what are they doing now? Exactly that.


There were no politically based filibusters of judicial nominees ever in this country until 2003. Let me repeat that, up until 2003, there were no politically based filibusters of judicial nominees. The filibuster for legislation and again, it's not really a filibuster in the sense that people are not required to go to the floor and keep talking until they can't anymore, it's just they short circuit that they they acknowledge somebody's got the fortitude to speak until 60 votes can be achieved to stop it.


So essentially, the Senate changed rules that legislation outside of the budget required 60 votes. To stop debate and then go to the vote on the actual legislation, but that was never applied to judicial nominees until 2003 when the Democrats invented the judicial filibuster to stop the nominees of George W. Bush. Prior to that, it was common. That if a nominee were qualified, the nominee would get a vote on the floor, there would not be a filibuster to stop the nominee from even being voted on.


The Democrats started that in order to go after Bush's lower court nominees, district court was really aimed at Miguel Estrada. So the Democrats started all this to prove the point that prior to 2003. Judicial filibusters didn't exist. Look at Clarence Thomas, Clarence Thomas after all of that crap. That was his confirmation hearings was confirmed to the court with fewer than 60 votes. So was Samuel Alito and there have been others. But in the modern era, those are two prominent justices confirmed with fewer than 60 votes.


The filibuster didn't exist. The Democrats invented the judicial filibuster in 2003 to stop the nominees to lower courts of George W. Bush. Harry Reid pulled it again in 2013 to include all presidential judicial nominations except those nominated for the Supreme Court.


And by the way, the Senate can make whatever rules it wants.


And if a majority votes on the rules changed and it's changed, the Constitution does not say anything about filibusters. The Constitution, because the filibuster was not actually invented until long after the country was founded and began operating. Now, what has happened with it? And the reason the Democrats did this in 2003, the first thing was Bush was illegitimate. If you look at Florida recount, he didn't really win. The Supreme Court rigged the game, blah, blah, blah.


So Bush was not like us. So therefore, he shouldn't get any of these judges. But there was also another aspect to it, which was the Democrats, as I pointed out. Yes, they never lose. They don't lose and therefore they don't respect the authority. In place following elections that they lose, the only authority they acknowledge is their own fault when they lose elections, the first thing you'll start hearing about is the tyranny of the majority and how rules need to be changed to empower the minority.


You never hear this one, the Republicans are in the minority. Only when the Democrats are. And what the Democrats actually seek is to give the minority more power than the majority and in the process, undermine.


Duly constituted elections, but it's not unprecedented. In 2013, similar provision on limiting debate for most nominations, the 2013 measure passed the Senate by a vote of 78 16, but only govern the rules for that Congress. Democrats at the time held a majority in the Senate. The rule changes when Harry Reid did this in 2013 and when the Democrats did it in 2003, there wasn't any of this accompanying news about how the Democrats were destroying the Senate and shaking it up and forever changing it and doing great damage.


There wasn't any of that.


The media was applauding back then because it was all aimed at stopping Republican nominees, celebrating the wisdom, words and wit and the intellect as on display right there, making the complicated, simple Rush Limbaugh 800 to eight to 28, 82.


Let's go to Sonia in New Orleans, squeeze in a call here on the EIB Network. Hi, Sonia.


Hello. Good afternoon. Starting to you. Welcome. Thank you. I don't have a story of opening a business, but I have a story that's just made me kind of what I am to do politically. I listen to him since 1988, since day one, I was not involved in politics or anything. But because of him, after 57 years of living in America, I became an American citizen. Just to be able to vote for president, don't wonder, no wonder the story of the business, which is the story of how much Rush made me see the light.


It is a beautiful story, and it's just as important now did you get other friends and family to vote for President Trump as well?


Oh, yeah, all my family, I only have two people who are Democrats and I don't talk to anymore.


And you know, my point you don't talk to it is probably just as well.


Well, thank you for calling, Sonya. That's a beautiful story. We'll be right back.


800 202, 2082. My name is Ken Matthews, your guide on the EIB Network, and you would often hear Rush talk about pushback from we the people and here is a great example of that as red states. Because of the revocation of the Keystone XL permit, they are suing the Biden administration. So Biden follows through with a promise, an executive order, he's going to wipe out the Keystone XL pipeline, he's going to suck up to environmentalist wackos, he's going to turn on the donors spigots again.


And that he did. And here are the details about the extent of the damage of Biden's executive order. Eleven thousand jobs eliminated simply by killing the Keystone XL pipeline, 8000 thousand union jobs. This would never happen if the Democrat Party were the Democrat Party. You and I think they are killing 8000 union jobs would never happen today. It happened without even a thought. There wasn't even a concern. Biden just did it. And in the process, he eliminated one point six billion dollars in wages.


You think that's not going to have an effect on the economy? 11000 jobs eliminated, 8000 of union jobs by by aggregate wages of one point six dollars billion. That's a lot of spending power that's gone. But it's an appropriate beginning to the Biden presidency. Maybe the country will unify around the view that Democrats are job killers because they are they kill jobs throughout this country in blue states and blue cities all of last year by mandating. A lockdown, a shutdown of all of their businesses and restaurants, you name it, in all of those blue states and cities and not stopping the riots, not stopping the looting so you can save.


Before his first day was over, Biden nuked 8000 union jobs. Keystone XL pipeline. The Wall Street Journal reported the president signed an executive order to kill the pipeline on Wednesday. According to Fox, Biden is the nine billion dollar project was more than 10 years in the making. It had been up and running. It would have spanned over 12 hundred miles to send nearly 800000 barrels of crude oil per day from Alberta, Canada to Nebraska. This was part of the reason why the United States had become a net exporter of energy.


We had become completely energy independent. Well, now we're going to miss 830000 barrels of crude oil per day. You talk about a shock to the system. We'll get some of it. They'll have to put it on trains, not to put it on trucks. They had to get rid of the pipeline. Oh, yeah, the pipeline is unsafe and it goes underground under air. You're going to get a leak in there, could kill the cows and whoever whatever animals are grazing up there on the fruited plain.


I had to get rid of it. We had to get rid of it because, well, the unions didn't want it in the first place. This is big oil. This is evil. Fossil fuels, so. 11000 jobs eliminated, one point six billion dollars in wages. Now this story says that liberals have opposed the Keystone XL pipeline due to environmental concerns, citing the extra fossil fuels required to process. The type of oil the pipeline would carry.


The Obama regime rejected the project in 2015, but Trump made moving it forward a priority early on, 300 miles completed since construction finally began last year.


But like so much of what Trump had started and it was paying off, Biden has come along and wiped it out.


So the question is, will there be any injunctions filed by Republicans to stop any of Biden's executive orders? Well, we shall see.


I certainly hope so. 800 to eight to 28, 82. Let's go to Debbie in Appleton, Wisconsin. Hi, Debbie. You're on the EIB Network. Hi, good good morning, good afternoon. I got to say, I just had to call and say first how much I really miss Rush and my first call and actually the only time I had called Rush was once, many years ago. And I had called him to say that I wanted to tell him I'm sorry and thank you.


And he asked me what I was talking about. And I said, well, first I have to apologize to you because I was a real liberal and I would yell at you on the radio. I was driving in my car to my next call and I would say that's not true. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And then I started thinking and and after a while I was like, oh, my gosh, that's right.


I have been this idiot this whole time, buying all this crap from the Democrats. And it was funny because Rush was so insightful. He said, Dubi, I got to tell you, you really, truly were never really a Democrat, because if you did, it never would have sunk in.


I said, well, you know, you're probably right. Right. But he was he he just I tell you, I miss him so much. I love what you guys are doing, you know, by bringing his voice, keeping it on the radio, because it's so hard to believe that a personality that I've listened to could affect me so much. And how I feel and how sad I was that that he passed away is way too soon. And and I just extend my condolences to Katherine and his family.


You were really lucky that you had him in your life. And we're really lucky that we had him in our life as well. He just was an amazing man. Well, Debbie, thank you for such a wonderful call and now and now your words are becoming inspiration. We'll be right back on the EIB Network.


Well, here's some exciting news. Eighty six billion dollars from the the covid. Relief Bill, eighty six billion go to union pension funds, I didn't see that, did you see that on the news? I didn't see that.


That must have been in the same report with the 460 million dollars that paid off San Francisco's debt.


This is so. I want to say disingenuous, but there must be a a more severe word I can use for this amount of money, which is ours, some of it's just printed paper that's been used to keep this this thing alive. Mr. Biden was here in Pennsylvania, you know, one of the battleground states couple of days ago. And he calls it the help is on the way to I call it the hell is on the way or or relax, everybody.


Hell is here. The Biden administration is here to help. By the way, this is this is probably one of my favorite, unfortunately, but it is a good one. This is a New York Post headline today.


Nursing home administrator was petrified by Andrew Cuomo order to take in covid-19 patients. Where was the news media when you needed them?


That's the question we all should be asking. Where were they when we needed them to get to the truth?


A young college grad gunned down while simply walking his dog. A mom, Michelle Parker, vanishes after she drops off her little twins as a babysitter.


An Indianapolis mass murderer leaves six dead. Nancy Grace here. These are just some of the cases we're investigating on crime stories. It's so easy to think it will never happen to you, never to my family. Right. That's not true. It does happen. And we want to help every day all crime stories.


We break down the biggest breaking crime news and try to put the clues together. We speak with family members, reporters, investigators, police and specialists. Every day is a mission every day, a chance to stop crime and to keep one more person safe.


Join us, listen to crime stories with Nancy Grace on Thee I heart radio app, Apple podcast or wherever you listen to your podcast. Thank you so much for joining us and celebrating with us. The wisdom, the words and the wit of Mr. Rush Limbaugh. At the top of the show, we spoke briefly about how what's his name, you know, the guy they put in there on the 20th Biden, he made a comment about Vlad, Vladimir Putin.


He said he's a killer. And then. Putin responded, It takes one to know one, so there's this little back and forth going, but I think the entire Russian thing, especially now, I don't know if you saw The Washington Post the day before yesterday.


According to The Washington Post, which you know, you can trust, I'm sorry, I can't say that with a straight face sorry, but they claim that Putin targeted people close to President Trump in a bid to influence the 2020 election.


So we're back to don't look at China, don't look at Dominion. Don't look at the Democrats. It's all Putin's fault again this week. And Rush had his theory about that. True, too. Here it is, folks.


I am of the opinion that it looks to me like everybody in that town was colluding with the Russians except for Trump for crying out loud. And, you know, we wouldn't know what we learned yesterday, last night. And if it weren't for Judge Emmet Sullivan, if Emmet Sullivan hadn't insisted on this stuff with with with Lieutenant Colonel Flynn, then we wouldn't have seen the documents that the FBI tried to hide. And and that they they were released some time ago now, they were demanded to be produced, if it weren't for the fact that Judge Sullivan can't wait to put Flin behind bars, which isn't going to happen, we wouldn't have learned what we now know.


And this has been known by so many people for so long. Do you know that the people in this investigation actually went out and got liability insurance for themselves because they knew how rotten what they were doing is? They knew that the Mullard team was all about getting Trump there to investigators in this team telling each other, this is not looking good, Jack. I know, Fred, there's a distinct get Trump attitude with these people, the source folks.


Trump was right. Trump has been right about all of this, the source for the steel dusting of the steel dossier. Remember, there's not a single thing in it that is true. Not there's not an allegation. There's not an assertion. There's not a single word in it. That is true. It is literally made up the source for the Steele dossier was investigated by the FBI for being an asset for Russia. That guy had contacts in Russia.


Trump has been right about this from the get go. The FBI knew the Steele dossier was bogus. They knew there was nothing to it. They still went and got FISA warrants. What this news is today that the sub source, which really is not the steal, is the primary source. This guy is actually the primary source. This the guy that fed Steele the B.S.. So in a way, he's actually the primary source. They call him the sub source because Steele's name is on the dossier, so he is presumed to be.


The primary source, but he was fed this stuff. By. A Russian agent, a Russian asset. And folks, this is it really is, even though it's it's kind of in the weeds thing to try to explain. I'm a give it my best shot here. It really is a bombshell of a report, Christopher Steel's main source. Was the subject of a two year FBI investigation between 2009 and 2011 under suspicion of being a Russian spy and a threat to American national security.


Obama knew it, everybody knew it. And yet they they use this guy when he became. The source for Steele in the Steele dossier, the FBI says that this source had previously contact with the Russian embassy and Russian intelligence officers. We know the name of the substories, thanks to Paul Sperry. And we know that he, for a time worked at a Democrat think tank, the Brookings Institution or Institute. The FBI knew about this investigation against the into the Russians by 2009 to 2011, the FBI knew about this investigation into the source in December of twenty sixteen.


It knew the FBI knew they were relying on information from a suspected Russian spy. OK, the name of the Russian spy, the sub source for Christopher stainless steel dossier that everybody knew was being investigated as a Russian spy. The FBI knew it. They investigated him in 2009 to 2011. His name is Gordon, then Shinko. He's Ukrainian. He lives in Washington. He lives in the D.C. suburbs in Virginia. He is amongst the natives. Catherine Herridge, CBS News.


The primary, some source for the Steele dossier deemed a national security threat, subject of 2009 FBI counterintelligence investigation. According to new records, those facts were known to the CROSSFIRE hurricane team in December 2016, which means that Obama knew about it. They they knew that somebody who had been investigated as a Russian spy attempting to undermine the United States was the primary source. They knew he was a liar. They knew he made things up out of whole cloth.


And they still they went to get FISA warrants based on this guy. And still they knew it was all lies. Adam Schiff, everybody knew. We're just now finding out ourselves this sub sauce, Ukraine. Remember, it turns out this guy worked closely with Lou Cannon, Colonel. Oh, say, can you see Benjamin, who was a good friend of the whistle blower, he worked side by side with Fiona Hill at the Brookings Institution, at the National Security Council, at a Russian spy at Brookings and the National Security Council.


And he's a best friend to Fiona Hill and Lieutenant Colonel.


Oh, say, can you see, Vandeman, the impeachment, the Trump impeachment, the Russia scandal, they're run by the same bunch of people. And the CROSSFIRE hurricane team has to have been part of it because they knew all of this.


And the thing that is so frustrating, and I know you must share some of this frustration as a rush listener in the know and you knew about these goings on. As some of the people that were trying to scam the American public were doing with this Russian joke, the scam, what is still frustrating, it is still being talked about, referred to and taught well where you're allowed to have school, if you have a governor that lets you go to school or whatever.


But that's the thing to me of all the frustrating things about this level of misinformation and the fact that the Democrats, they can count on, they can bank on whatever tripe they throw to the news media, the news media will frame it up accordingly. And in this case, it was the steel Dorsey and others, as Rush explained.


Yet there are still people out there keeping this alive, and that's the frustrating thing, you would think that once it comes out, once the truth comes out, they would either have enough sense to drop it, because every time it comes up in front of intelligent people like yourself, these people make idiots of themselves.


Every time someone on The View says, well, you know, that's that's my joy. Bay'ah voice.


Well, you know, Trump was in that rush. What do you think, Dr. Whippy? But every time they bring it up, they make idiots of themselves because it there was nothing there there. Or to quote Van Jones, it was a nothing burger. Yet here we are in twenty 21. And we're getting shadows of I think we should bring Russia back up, yes, it'll it'll get attention away from dead people and covid and China and stolen elections.


Yeah, yeah. Russia. 800 202, 2082. You know, if you are interested in saving as much as 800 dollars a year on your cell phone bills. Well, Rush thought so, and that's why he introduced you to peer talk. This is the cellular phone service with a 30 dollars a month unlimited talk and text and data plan. That's right. For you and your family.


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Now, here's the real icing on the cake. Pure talk uses the same cell phone towers as one of the biggest cell phone service providers in America. They focus on providing great service and support with every pure talk employee located in the U.S. from your cell phone, do this, dial down 250 and say pure talk, get started. You'll say 50 percent off your first month. That's down to five 00. And say pillow talk, just pick up your phone right.


A pound to five 00 and say talk.


Guess what? Somebody from there will answer and you're off and running.


And here's Rush with the rest of the Rush's story emails. Rush, this is such an old story. Now, why is it why are you so much time on it, folks? It's an old story, but it's the it's perhaps the most outrageous political scandal of our lifetimes. The danger is having it thought of as no big deal because it's now so far in the past, the more that's learned about it, I'm not exaggerating. It seems like everybody but Trump was involved with the Russians in an effort to bring Trump down.


Trump was exactly right from the get go about this. Let me give you some other little information about this. Remember now the same FBI. The same Democrat Party, the same bunch. Of diplomats from Ukraine testified during the impeachment hearings in the House for or against Donald Trump, those people. Every one of these local weeds in the Washington establishment. So concerned about Russian interference in the election. So scared, so worried. We're using information from a Russian spy.


To investigate this presidential campaign, they were the ones in bed with Russia, not Trump. At the same time, telling the American people how horrible it was that the Russians were involved in meddling in our affairs and trying to sabotage our election, they were the ones in bed with the Russians.


Fiona Hill, lieutenant colonel. Oh, say, can you see Vandeman, the whistle blower, Adam Schiff, everybody in the CROSSFIRE, hurricane team KOMY, Brandon Clapper, they all were in bed with the Russians. They all knew. That's the source and the source in the dossier were absolute liars, they were Russian agents. Remember, Clapper and Brennan testified they didn't see one shred of evidence that Trump had ever colluded with Russia when they were under oath at congressional hearings on television.


They're lying through their teeth for two years about this. This is the FBI. Kimberly Strassel points out this is the same FBI that claimed Carter Page was a Russian agent. They knew he wasn't. They just needed a fall guy to go get a spy warrant. From the FISA court and Carter Page was the guy. They claim Carter Page was a Russian agent. They were making that case based on information from this Russian spy, that's the paper trail.


This Russian spy is who gave them cover to go ask for a warrant on Carter Page. But as Mr. Russell points out here, most importantly, the FBI never told the FISA court about the investigation of this Russian spy that took place between 2009 and 2011. The FBI withheld that information. They continued to read up their applications at the FISA court to surveil Carter Page and the Trump campaign. The FBI vouched for information supplied by a suspected Russian agent. They knew that he was lying.


They knew he was a Russian asset. The same FBI trying to tell everybody how horrible it was that Trump was involving the Russians in our elections. They were.


The FBI, MI5, MI6 in the U.K., my my lord folks, I mean, these people were so thick and into it with Russians that it's even a bigger crime. What they did to Mike Flynn, it's an even more outrageous thing that Jeff Sessions recused himself as attorney general on. Just a couple of more things about this. We have known for a long time that the sub sauce, the Russian asset, the Russian spy that the FBI investigated from 2009 to 2011, we have known this guy disavowed the Steele dossier, claims it gets even better.


This guy told them that what Steele submitted was not true and they continued to use it.


And Adam Schiff knew that it wasn't true and Fiona Hill knew it wasn't true. And Lieutenant Colonel will say, can you see Vinland knew it when they all knew it wasn't true. And there are some source this Russian spy told him it wasn't true. They continued to use it.


What we didn't know. And what the FBI didn't tell anybody until now was that this guy was a known Russian intelligence threat.


Who had been previously investigated, this guy, Victor Trinkle, had attempted to penetrate the Obama administration, this guy attempted to run a spy operation on the Obama administration, and the FBI knew that he was still considered dangerous just because of that, rather than throw his allegations about Trump away and discard them and rather than they should have been up to Capitol Hill and they should have been telling Congress what was going on, they didn't say a word about this. They the FBI continued to use this guy's lying claptrap to salvage CROSSFIRE hurricane, the investigation into Trump stealing the election with the Russians.


So the FBI, they keep that information from Congress. Katherine Harris says they never told the FISA court about it. They kept saying that Carter Page was the spy. Carter Page was the guy they needed to surveil.


I mean, it's just it is a continuing outrage and that that everybody involved in this sordid tale was aware that not a single aspect of what they were alleging about Donald Trump and the Russians was true.


Yet think about how comfortable the Democrat Party and the news media still is keeping portions of what Rush just explained as being false. They pretend it's true. And you've probably got a whole generation of college students out there because of the timing and then the fact that they took a year off for covid, they probably think it's true.


Well, you just heard the truth right here. I got to tell you every day. Florida Governor De Santos. Is making people happy. Seriously, no, no, no, I'm serious. Every day he is putting America first. This is just what I'm observing.


I mean, listen to this. And this is such a bold step. He is excluding critical race theory from the state's education curriculum. He said the the public schools will not be teaching any critical race theory in the classroom. God bless them some.


But, you know, whenever don't you get excited when you see someone in government that has a brain.


And then they use it, so there's there's there are people that have brains, but you don't know how they're using them. This is good stuff, this is great stuff. This is the same guy who knew the right decisions to make and how to put his citizens first before covid compliance and communism. So you people in Florida. Well, you know how lucky you are. I mean, this is good stuff and this critical race theory, you're very familiar with it, but this it is it's poison.


It's poison. Speaking of poison, this is kind of a interesting headline. And here it is, this is this is your this is your classic classic Blue City headline. Milwaukee judge and president of Drag Queen Story Hour has been arrested and charged with child pornography. And there it is, and now for the rest of the day, and probably most of tomorrow, the mainstream news media will do what it can to cover it up because, you know, they're always talking about how awesome drag queen story hour is and how we need to stop teaching these kids about that darn U.S. Constitution.


Don't you try to force my kid to learn the Constitution. I'd like to see a man in drag reading Dr. Dr. Seuss. I mean, not Dr. Seuss.


No, no. You can't do that 800, 282, 28, 82. So. We've been looking at what Biden has been doing. I'm sorry, Joe Biden, what Joe Biden has been doing since he took office. Now, a lot of people don't even think he's doing it.


Again, that's that's the kind of creepy thing that people are pretty much coming out and saying, this is not right, what's happening? He's not right. Who's running the show now, if you missed it at the beginning of the week? He's about to increase taxes. The most since 1993. Now, do you remember I'm sure you do in this audience, you do your neighbor might not. If they still have a I'm with her bumper sticker on their car, they probably don't remember anything.


Let's go back to 1993, to the last time taxes were raised this much. Now, you may remember. Rush said anybody who has the power to tax has the power to destroy. And he was crystal clear they're destroying the American dream. Here's Rush. I don't know how many of you saw the president last night in the Rose Garden after this thing was passed. You had to be watching CNN to see it.


I'm I'm literally I think I would be used to it by now. But the gonads of it all just continue.


So overwhelmed me to come out of the Rose Garden and to talk about how gridlock is over and the slow growth of the 80s has now been rectified, the low investment of the 80s has now been rectified.


It's 1993. It's over halfway through 1993. If any of you doubt that all that was going on last night was getting the rich, if you think this was about economic growth, if you think this was about expanding job opportunities for the middle class, if you think this was about deficit reduction, you've missed the point. You're wrong.


It's not about anything other than restructuring the American way of life. And with tax retroactivity. And I have a little bit more to say on this a little bit later on, too, with tax retroactivity. My friends, let me tell you what's been taxed.


Your dreams. Your American dream has been taxed, let me share with you, let me tell you let me tell you why I think this way, the real rich, the Perot types, the Henry crevices of the world, the Michael Eisner's of the world, the people with 150 million, 100 million, 50 million.


This really is in terms of dollars. It's chump change to him, not chump change. They're not going to agree with me, but this if you're going to if you're going to structure this now, hear me out on this. If you're going to structure something that's really going to get money from the rich, then you have a couple more brackets here. And you punish certain time as types of income, not just wages and salary, and expand the rates on certain types.


Now that's happened. And don't misunderstand, I'm not changing a previously stated position.


But when you are when when you target people who as families make 180000 and 250000 in those brackets, those are attainable brackets.


Those are brackets.


Those are figures that people can and do earn in salary.


Those are the amounts that can be earned as wages and in many cases at those levels. Those are wages where you have enough left over to save. And how many times do we hear that the American savings rate is too low from our very own government?


What has happened? We hear it a lot. What has happened here is with the combination of retroactivity, taxing property, in essence, is what this is. You're taxing property, you're taxing savings, you're taxing something other than income. The income has already been earned. Contract with the American people has been violated with retroactivity.


When you start taxing of these brackets, you're taxing people's dreams. You're taxing people's hopes, people who want to get to that level. And this is done purposefully.


This is done with the notion to to somehow redistribute wealth and and purchase the goodwill of the people in the middle class who you hope recognize what you've done if you're President Clinton and Vice President Al Gore.


The dirty little secret is that most of the people who voted for this didn't want to present the United States comes strutting out of there and talking about his mandate. I really have a theory, who was it around the first mile under four minutes, Roger Bannister right behind him, Roger Bannister, whoever it was, what was ever heard from him again?




In fact, so little was heard from him. Most of you don't even know if I'm right that it was Roger Bannister, but he's the guy who broke the record.


He put everything he had into it. And he put maybe more than he had into it, and so he had nothing left, and I have a sense that's what this thing's all about.


This is really this is the most substantive. You talk about dirty wins in sports.


Hey, look, this is not sour grapes. A win is a win. But in calculating the effect of this win on the victorious team in the future, this is really a victory for congressional leaders.


More than anything else, the traditional liberal Democrat leaders in the House of Representatives got their way.


Again, that's that's who the victors are here, folks.


Clinton walks out there and has to pretend this is this is his bill. It's nothing like his original bill. He lost the B you tax and it was replaced by gas tax. The tax increases on the rich are still here. So we can. Remain consistent there, the notion that prosperity was possible, the notion that improving oneself was possible. You don't get that from this bunch. You get from this bunch that if you're the right kind of person, if you are this Revathy, then they'll let you do OK.


You don't hear anything about the individual. You don't hear anything about the empowerment of people from this crowd. All you hear about is how the tax code is going to be used, lift people out of poverty or the tax code is going to be used to get even with those who benefited unfairly.


It is not the stuff that motivates people. It's not the stuff that makes them feel inspired. It's not the stuff that makes them feel enthused.


And the 80s did, which is why they must be destroyed in people's minds by these new socialists who wish to control as many aspects of the human condition as they can. It's a tax on your dreams, the power to tax. Is the power to destroy? And this bill could be the beginning. Of the destruction of the American dream, another lesson so many of us learn, but the left just can't seem to grasp it. We'll be right back after this.


My name is Ken Matthews, your guide on the EIB Network. As we celebrate the wisdom, the words and the wit.


Of Rush Limbaugh. Grabbing another phone call here from Livermore, California, this is Ray. Hi, Ray. You're on the EIB Network. Hey, Ken, thank you for being there. Thank you for what you're doing, Catherine. And both Nordley James Golden, thank you all. Most of all, thank you for Rush. As you mentioned, his wisdom, his words and his wit. I would like to point out his humble generosity also, if I can add that to your list there.


I've wanted to tell the story on the air, but I've been told not to because Rush being humble and generous as he is, it wasn't supposed to be about him. But I'm calling you on a rush, iPhone seven that he gave me in February 2017, one of one hundred and thirty iPhone seven recipients in 2016, 2017. Now, this is it was at the time a thousand dollar phone. And that may not mean a lot to some people, but it really does to me because I would never pay that much for a phone.


But Rush had no problem giving away one hundred and thirty one thousand dollar phones and then telling people not to talk about it. And in fact, his generosity continues. My daughter read the rest of your series and she sent a little poster up for a contest and in return he sent her a GoPro camera and just, you know, unsolicited. And then we I called the show and thanked him for what he had done. And he sent out another gift to my daughter with all sorts of rest of goodies, audio book sets, more books and unsolicited.


Just just sent this stuff out. He's just such a wonderful, wonderful man. And he he'll be greatly missed. He's he's like a big brother or an adopted father to me and people like me. I'm glad I found him in 1989. Charter member of the Limbaugh letter also. And just thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Katherine. Thank you. Bo and Ken and everyone at the EIB Network. Keep up the good work. God bless you.


Right. That was a great story in.


You really showcase the fact that Rush enjoyed.


Seeing people and making people happy, and he was at a level of success where he could and that had to give him such a wonderful feeling of satisfaction to be at that level where he could do those things, like for your family or or your daughter. 800, 202, 28, 82. I want to go back very quickly to the Sanches we have time, Mike. Do we have a minute? We have a minute, don't we? Yeah.


I just want to mention Florida to Santurce Governor to saneness, because I think he's doing a great job.


And I think what he's doing, standing up politically, peacefully. And getting engaged, as our elected leaders should, against some of the propaganda like this critical race theory and so much other stuff, and I want to juxtaposition it with a story that just broke out of Virginia.


Where a group of teachers. Compiled a list of parents who were questioning the racial curriculum in their school.


So as we're we're aware that this is going on, but also be aware, even when you and I as citizens and voters and people like Governor Santos as leaders and some of the people in Congress that are actually doing their job even as they try to push back on this, people get targeted here.


You have a parent group.


This is in Loudon County, Virginia. So they put together a list of parents suspected of disagreeing with school systems actions. This is Soviet style intimidation. And you know what? I bet you some of these teachers know they're doing it, but some probably aren't even bright enough to realize that they are reenacting. Dictatorships from the past, right in our own country under our noses. So as you've heard so many people as guides on this program, in the spirit of Rush, get involved, stay informed, because our country is at stake.


We'll be right back.


By the way, I took that that it's an audio soundbite, but it's on YouTube of Rush Limbaugh in the early days as.


Deejay Jeff Cristie, which I just think is incredible, I, I have two cuts and I put them both on my Twitter because I haven't I'm back on Twitter, I'm still banned from Facebook, I'm still banned from LinkedIn. But on Twitter and Gabb, you can find those. One is from 1971, once from 1974. And if you want a really neat fun. Rush Limbaugh retro experience, it's so amazing to hear the humor, the energy and the timing.


Of what we heard as recent as a couple months ago when he was 19 years old and he was talking up top 40 hits, it's pretty amazing stuff. And don't forget to check out the updated Rush Limbaugh dotcom while you're at it. And tomorrow, it's going to be Brett Winter Bowl, he will be your guide, and this is how and tell your friends this is how we keep conservatism alive on the EIB Network. So much great content and valuable lessons that are needed now more than ever under this bizarre Biden regime.


We still don't know what it is yet.


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