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Welcome to today's edition of the Rush Limbaugh Show podcast. Well, great to see you, people of Earth. It's great to be on the Rush Limbaugh Show today for so many reasons, first of all, it's always bittersweet because Rush is its treatment week and he's in great spirits. He's energized and he'll be back before you know it.


The number is 800 202 2082. The reason I'm so thrilled to be on the Rush Limbaugh show, as always, but we're in the middle of a coup. And I think it's obvious that the news media has sold out the American people. I'll be playing some soundbites and you'll hear some of the idiocy coming up on that.


But more importantly, I had to tell you, the vote just changed again. Right now, seventy two point three million people so far have voted for Donald Trump. I have never been more proud to say I voted for Donald J. Trump and. I'm part of that that little group that everybody mocks and kicks around and calls names and rolls their eyes at seventy two point three million of us. Now, here's the theme of today's show. And I discussed this with the whole team, Ali and Mike and Craig, everybody, we discussed it.


What we want to do today is get a state of your state. We need an update. And it was critical that all the words rhymed ideas it had to do.


It just stated the update, state of the state, whatever, because we can no longer trust the news media. And if you question anything that they say, whether it's if you have a question about covid or climate change or voter, I'm going to say the F word. I can't believe I'm saying it on the EIB Network. I'm going to say the F word right now because it's been banned from all the news networks fraud. Voter fraud. Here's the big breaking news this morning.


And this is why I want you to call into the show today, because we need to find out in particular with the battleground states and you know who you are, you bunch of troublemakers like me in central Pennsylvania. You should see the cluster that's going on here in Harrisburg, P.A.. Oh, my God, don't even get me started. 800 to eight to 2082.


Call in to the EIB Network. Give me an update how things are on the ground, what the pulse is. But so many things have changed just since I walked into the bunker studio today, analysis of election night data from all states shows millions of votes. Were either switched from President Donald Trump to Biden or. Lost using dominion. And other vote count systems now you hear a lot of gibberish in the media, like voter fraud doesn't exist, irregularities don't exist, nobody's trying to steal the vote.


Please don't believe them. You have to stop this. The only reason we are this far in this now, what has become a fractured. Voting process. We were in the middle of a third world voting process because in many states, these Dominion machines. Just like the Diebold machine of 2001 that patriots and conservatives tried to reform and that was shut down, you don't know what's going in and you don't know what's coming out. And I took copious notes on this because I don't want to get in the weeds because I'm not a computer geek.


I mean, the most savvy tech guy on the EIB Network is Rush.


But I'm going to attempt to share some of this with you, because all week long on my show in Pennsylvania, I heard it on Todd show, people are calling in and they're saying, what can we do?


How do we help? And I have one of the most effective list to share with you. The most important thing I want to start the show with today. Is make it clear to you that your state, according to the Constitution, has the power and the final authority on this election. It's not Jeffrey Toobin. I just wanted to say his name.


I'm sorry. I'm sorry. That was uncalled for, because you know what?


A lot of news people do that all day long on the air, figuratively speaking. If you watch news. I'm sorry.


So what's his name?


Don Lemon on CNN or on MSNBC? The morning joke.


They do not have any power with vote counting, with auditing the votes, with recounts, with projected anything. The Constitution of the United States gives all the power to you.


And since there's seventy two point three million of us that voted for President Donald J. Trump and probably 72 million are listening. I think it's imperative we start calling our state legislature. The different legislators in our legislature and our assembly and make it clear. That they are not. They are not to verify this count. Because it's against the law, the Constitution says they're the finalists authority, but the Constitution also says when an election is in doubt. It falls to the state legislatures in these various states, whether it's Wisconsin or any pick it, pick one of the states that's in play right now, one of the states that MSNBC and CNN are ignoring.


What what problem? I don't see any problem. What do you mean? Millions of votes were switched from President Trump to Biden. How would they do that? It's not like we put a man on the moon. I was talking to Ali before the show and I said, you know, I used to watch American Idol all the time back in the day and American Idol can count all the votes. Within an hour and put them on the screen and I'm still waiting to find out.


Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, or Lebannon County, Pennsylvania, it's crazy, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, Arizona, all in play that kicks in.


The electors clause from Article two of the Constitution that says state legislatures, not courts, are the final authority to settle election disputes for the presidency. Now, this is very upsetting to Chris Wallace.


Because Chris Wallace believes he's the final authority on everything. I'm sorry. Not really. The Constitution empowers state legislatures to do this in two ways each state shall appoint in such manner as the legislature, therefore may direct a number of electors. Here's what has to happen. This is the appeal we are making to you. As great Americans and fellow voters and incredible Rush Limbaugh show listeners, you must contact your state. Politicians, your state assembly, and you must say.


You better not certify a stolen election or we will do everything in our power legally and peacefully to destroy your career.


Now, the reason I put it that way, you know that probably 60 percent of most people in politics are manipulative, narcissist, lying hacks. So you you want to appeal that way? I mean, it's not going to appeal to them. If you say our nation is at a crossroads, what we do now is going to set the stage for generations. These people don't care about generations. They're cranking cash. Do you think Mitt Romney and Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi care about the next generation?


Nancy's worried about losing her gavel or her teeth.


Which he keeps in the same drawer. So we want you to call in today with updates, but more importantly, start right now immediate audits of computer systems. You call up your state senator, you call up your state rep, all these people to talk trash all year. I'm a conservative. Yeah. I back up Trump and then soon as they get elected on President Donald Trump's coattails. Which is kind of ironic, wait to hear the story in Michigan, because the way they're cheating in Michigan, the way they stole it in Michigan, is just, oh, my gosh, it's brilliant.


It has to do with algorithms and presets and all this stuff and wait till you hear how many states had the computer people show up. The eve of the election was kind of odd. Hey, I just got a check under the hood for a second here. What are you doing with that little switch there? Witnesses, witnesses coming out of the woodwork. Something must have clicked over the weekend, maybe. Some of the seventy two point three million people that voted for Donald Trump or the 15 or maybe 25 Democrats that are actually informed in the country, maybe they said, you know what, I think this election is being stolen.


Why would you say that?


Because Fox News said Biden would win by 12 in Pennsylvania and he's now 10th. He's one tenth of a point ahead. And there are now more illegal ballots in Pennsylvania than Joe Biden's lead. So you call up your elect, you call up your assembly in the States, you call them up. Say, hey, how you doing, I pay your salary, I need you to listen to me and get back to me, see, we are the boss.


This is what we forgot. This is what the news media and and Barack Obama and leftist knuckleheads have preached for decades. They run us. We, the people. We pay their salaries, they are our employees, you need to call your employees in Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and three other states now are on the radar, but I haven't got them confirmed. You need to call them up and say, look, here's what I want you to do, state rep so-and-so or you'll never get another dime for me and I will just never support you again.


We need immediate audits of computer systems and election counting. We need forensic audits and it has to be by the state legislature. Don't let some Jim Comey want to come in and say, don't worry, the FBI is here. You can trust us. No, we can't. No, we can't. You've proven that Jim Comey, you've you've you've put such a stain on the FBI that when, you know, when the FBI in in the Pentagon show up to, you know, bring clarity or justice to a situation between you and John Brennan, that leftist communist hack, you've you've shamed this country.


You've made this country really take a step back and what we fall back on in America.


Is the people, and that's who I trust. Coming up, what politicians own the Dominion and ex and other computer systems that are stealing votes from President Trump and putting them in the Biden column.


That's all coming up next on The Rush Limbaugh Show.


This is The Rush Limbaugh Show. My name is Ken Matthews. I want to thank you for tuning in today. And if you're one of the seventy two point three million people that voted for President Donald Trump and re-elected him, I am so proud to be a part of your your little group of seventy two point three million people and thrilled to be talking to the Russian audience.


That seventy two point that's that's the count as of an hour ago. It's growing. It's growing because they keep finding more legal Trump votes and more scamming Biden votes because that's how you steal an election. That's how you do it. Seventy two point three million people not easily controlled. Seventy two point three million Americans thinking for themselves, having enough sense to either check or not believe people like Chris Wallace or Chris Cuomo or I'm out of crisis. But the mainstream news media think about that.


Think about the failure of the misinformation that took place. We were told that Donald Trump would have such a small group of people show up and Joe Biden would just be a party. And I'm not talking like the mask let's dance party that took place in Philadelphia last night, not last week. Did you see that? Did you see that on TV?


This is when I think Fox called Joe Biden the pretend projected predicted fantasy president sort of elect and everybody started dancing. And I mean, there were bodies.


I don't have a mask on, but it's a pandemic. What's up with that?


What happened? Philly, you blew it. And now what?


There's 650000 illegal votes just in Philly.


Gosh, and here's what I say to mainstream news media does Rush Limbaugh and the EIB Network and the other talk radio folks, do we have to clean up everybody's mess? Apparently so, because how in the world are these networks going to walk back this ridiculousness? How how are these networks, Good Morning America and those morons on The View, how are they going to walk this back when we have now hundreds of people coming forward across eight states saying, yeah, yeah, that that wasn't right.


That wasn't right. That was broken. That flipped the vote? No, that wasn't stamped right. That came in late. You weren't allowed to see that. You couldn't touch that. That was shredded. That was in a trash can.


And every day the mainstream media is on board with the KU. That's why I'm just going to throw this out, I hope I don't get in trouble, but I've become addicted to news, Max. Because it's when you go from MSNBC or CBS over to Newsmax, it's like you go from fantasy world to, oh, there's my country, there's reality.


800 202 2082, The Rush Limbaugh Show to the phones we go, let's go to Kansas, Mount Pleasant. Is that Wisconsin?


Yes, that's correct. I just want to say I talk to your call screener and I'm very upset with the GOP people and also punditry. I've been, you know, GOP person for about 15 years who I work the poll. I started out as a poll watcher and I realized, gosh, I have no power as a poll watcher. I want to work for actual polls. So I got involved over this election. I was the youngest person there.


The elderly are there from six a.m. in the morning until a lot of times nine or 10 o'clock at night. I mean, some people take shifts, but where are the rest of you? Where are the rest of you who claim to be patriots? Why aren't you working polls? That's where the real action is. As we can see, we got punched in the mouth on this election. And one of the big reasons why is because we're not there.


There is no such thing as a Republican judge on the south side of Chicago, OK, or in the cities in Detroit. There's no such thing. There are Democrats behaving and acting like they are GOP people, but they are not. So this has been going on for years and the pundits have missed it and the political people have not made sure our people were there and trained. So we're partially to blame and it has to change and it has to change before Georgia.


Candace, you covered so many great things there, I was cheering you on, I was giving you fist bumps because, you know, I didn't want to touch you the wrong way because of covid. You nailed it. We are well. And candid is correct. Candice's is correct. The GOP plays a big role in this. In fact, if you ask around, you'll find that some GOP folks own interest in some of the computer systems and accounting systems.


So let's go back to what she said. You're exactly right. Where are the young people? And God bless the older Americans. So many of them are so many older Americans take part in this process because they've seen with their own eyes some of the shenanigans that Biden and the Democrat Party are pulling. They've seen it. They've lived through it. Maybe they served in a foreign country and they saw it. Maybe they experienced a rigged election or they had to go and help with something across a faraway land.


They've seen it firsthand. That's why they appreciate freedom.


We have a generation that appreciates the iPhone.


Or fast food or whatever it may be, unless they served, that's always the exception. The 17 plus million veterans and the people serving now, that's always the exception. But what Candace said is absolutely true, but I will say this, Candace, and here's the hope here's this should make you hopeful. President Donald Trump has brought more diverse and young people to the Republican Party than in 60 years.


It is truly it's it's so exciting to be here because history is happening before our very eyes and ears. And you will make a difference because we you, me, Rush, we're the people.


Who has let us down, you know, my youngest son was asking me about what's going on in the count, and he's 16. And he hasn't wrecked his car yet. And I said they're trying to steal the election. He said, What do you mean? And I was thinking I was trying thinking of ways to explain this to him. But I said basically the news media has failed to do its job. News people and journalists have failed to do their job for so long that we have a public of really smart people, some of whom are just uninformed.


You know, we all have I was talking to a friend down the hall just a minute ago during the break.


We all have are, you know, a family member or a neighbor that they're very successful and, you know, they're great parents or their great coach.


Maybe they have fancy degrees and they went to great colleges and maybe they're but for example, I know a surgeon that voted for Biden. How do you do that? How do you get through medical school? You can open up a human body, repair it and fix it. And and you were conned by the news media over Joe Biden, how can you not understand what Joe Biden did with China and Ukraine and Turkey and Russia and a whole bunch of other stuff that nobody wants to cover yet?


You can open up a human being and save their life. This is this is the craziness that we're in. And where does that come from? Comes from the news media.


It comes from the news media not telling the truth, the news media immediately hooking up to the narrative and as I said before, about the seventy two point three million so far that voted for Donald Trump.


We think for ourselves. We don't just do what we're told. When you say, OK, put your mask on, you can't go to church, you've got to shut down your business, we're the people that say why, why, why are we doing this? I'm perfectly healthy. Why are we putting why can't we go to the to the party? Were the people that say why yet, unfortunately, some of the smartest people in the world. Our followers now, I don't know if people follow somebody like Biden or some of these news anchors follow that because of their wealth, I have no idea what motivates them.


But I want to give you an example.


Of why people don't trust the news media. This is Gayle King and Major Garrett on CBS. Obviously, they're very upset that you and I want to protect our constitutional rights.


Well, it goes against our history. It goes against good governance. And the longer it goes, the deeper it will create divisions in this country about what actually happened in this election. And the president and the Republicans who stand with him will have to bear the responsibility for whatever comes from that. I don't know what that's going to be, but this is not in concert with the way we approach governance in this country. It simply isn't. Everyone knows all rational Republicans know these lawsuits are essentially, dude, he's like from 1984.


This is not rational approaching of governance, what a bishr. Anyway, let's hear the rest, hearsay, meaningless and distractions. So he just called millions of votes now confirmed by the Gateway Pundit and several other sources, including people that I know personally that are in government. They've confirmed it with me on the record. They have enormous credibility that that the Dominion vote counting system computer program, it did not glitch. It is a set algorithm within the voting machine.


And just so people understand it, it is a feature. When you buy the machine, you can go in and manually change the count feature.


If you want that machine, well, for every Hillary vote that comes in, let's go with eight for Alexandrea Cassio. I didn't mean to terrify you.


That's never going to happen. But they could set that up if they want. Let's hear the rest of major faux pas, period.


That's all they are. They are delaying the inevitable. Every sensible Republican on Capitol Hill knows that in his or her heart of hearts and their mute testament and loyalty to the president will only serve to encourage him to resist what is inevitable. The transition of power and history will judge them harshly.


Wow. Throwing in that oh, wait, wait, there's I think there's more.


I think he's going to one thing you can always count on from a liberal, you get a lecture, you get a threat and you get an insult. Have you noticed that? That's their debate style.


You know, their debate style is not evidence presentation. Formulate it, conclude, no, no, no, it's you should be ashamed of yourself. This is not how we normally do it. What kind of person are you? Any rational human being would have done it differently.


And by the way, there will be hell to pay.


But I will quote Churchill in this one sense about this entire situation we find ourselves in.


You cannot reason with a tiger when your head is in its mouth and you can't investigate the truth if your head is in your rectum. That's my quote. I'm sorry. That's not Churchill, Major. Your name was. It's so cool. I don't know how you could say what you just said. You have such a cool name.


I want to go to Hanover, Pennsylvania. Welcome, LW, to The Rush Limbaugh Show. This is my stomping ground. Welcome. Yes.


And after hearing that, I feel like I am going to say that conspiracy theory.


Well, let me tell you, any program analyst is worth their salt, knows that he who writes the source code controls the input. What I'm trying to say is that what you see on a digital screen is a GUI interface. You might be pushing a but if I designed the code to say A record B, it will record B and I also can design what's called a switch. Was what you were alluding to, whether I could say record A until X, then switch to B and I can tabulate that and analyze that software is encrypted, encoded.


You can then have your own personal people go in there and manipulate that switch.


And every programmer knows that it's in secret code. It's in COBOL code.


It's an all code that's used. It's one of the major reasons why most federal agencies do not outsource their code. Trust me, they do not outsource their code.


But the parties outsource are counting. What's up with AQ? Isn't that interesting?


The most sacred right we have. In fact, they pay more attention to counting money in banks than they do counting votes. Yeah, can I say one more thing, Ken? Yeah, are you are you a computer guy?


LW We've spoken in the past locally. I used to be and systems analyst and my eight where I work now in a different division where I deal with quality. But yes, and it was frightening when I was going through my training and they showed me how you can manipulate. And I was like, holy cow, my son does digital forensics. They need to check the source code. That's plain and simple.


And I got a feeling after what I've heard from Trump, they may be.


Well, I want to thank you for calling LW And you just brought more clarity to this. And, you know, I know the Rush Limbaugh Show audience. Is hungry for a way they can make a difference. I know there's been talk of rallies and things of that nature, and there's nothing wrong with that. There's nothing wrong with rallies and and God knows, prayer is and should be the foundation of all of this. What I say to people when they flatter me with asking me a question, I say we need to stay positive.


We have to stay focused. We have to stay engaged. This is no time to be mopey, bitter or angry. I mean, the man that hosts the show every day is a stellar example of how to punch through adversity and still get your job done. On the EIB Network, the Rush Limbaugh Show and the the remember, there's seventy two point three million of us in. What LW is just talking about is just to add to what I said at the top of the show, get in touch with your state legislator.


A sap, get the phone numbers, look it up now during the show, you have to call your legislature because we have a constitutional stopgap in here. This is the brilliance. This is the checks and balance system of the United States and people like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. And it goes all the way back through history.


Wealthy leftist elites and sadly. Not everybody was in the Democrat Party, there were some Republicans that are involved in it now and then, they've always thought, I'm smarter than the American people. I can shortcut the Constitution, I can go around the rules. Governor Wolf of Pennsylvania is a wonderful example of that. He thinks he's the smartest guy in the room. He's not. And you can't just violate the Constitution when 72 three seventy two point three million people just elected or re-elected Donald Trump.


And now you're saying, yeah, I found something in the trash and I want to count it seven days later, that's not going to happen. Electors cannot be seated when the election is in doubt. That's checks and balances. States have the most authority at this time in history, more than Chris Wallace, more than Gayle King, more than Oprah.


I know some people think that, you know, Alyssa Milano, she's so smart. She's almost as smart as Ashley Judd. They don't know Jack. About this country or the constitution, you must call your states, you want to help President Trump, you want to save a stolen election as we uncover more facts.


That's what we do. I'm Ken Matthews. We'll be right back.


Thank you so much for tuning in to the Rush Limbaugh Show. Eight hundred to a 228 82, the EIB Network. My name is Ken Matthews, I am thrilled to be sharing this afternoon with you millions of listeners and seventy two point three million people that voted for Donald J. Trump. And when hundreds of witnesses have come forward and computer analysis has been done and video has been shown, we can't get major news networks or newspapers to even investigate. That should worry the heck out of you as an American.


Let's go to Spencer in Montgomery, Texas. Hi, Spencer. You're on the Rush Limbaugh Show.


Thank you for your service, Mr. Matthews, calling from the home of the Texas flag, and I'm a 41 year old voter, I have never been compelled to dial a radio show nor contact a state representative until yesterday, coincidentally on Veterans Day. And I urge my representatives here, even though this is not a swing state. If they need inspiration of what a fight looks like or how to fight, talk to some of the great Americans that made this place great in the first place.


And if you're not with us, get out of the way. What's on the line is the Republican Party. And I hope they realize it and I hope they're paying attention. We will not stand with them unless they're standing with the president. Thank you so much for your call, Spencer. Extremely well put, and I couldn't agree more, and that's part of the problem. The president is surrounded by people other than his family and people I can count on my hand, some of whom I've had the honor of meeting personally in the White House, that he can trust the rest.


You just don't know. You don't know if someone's going to go Romney on or Boehner or Paul Ryan or Pat Toomey. You just don't know you don't know when someone's going to lose their spine or maybe they have a big lobby offer or maybe they don't want to set a liberal financial opportunity.


So they stick their head up like Senator Pat Toomey and say, what a fraud.


I don't see any fraud. I mean, I don't think the president should be doing this. I don't see any issue. Well, then you're blind.


And that's not a slant slight toward blind people. It shows you now that the rubber has hit the road, just like Spencer just said, the rubber has hit the road.


So, you know, yes, let's fly the flag, yes, let's vote, let's do that.


We had the young woman call from Chicago earlier that said, why aren't there more young people at the precincts?


And that's a great question.


And so many older Americans have seen firsthand what freedom looks like, what it tastes like and what it's like to lose it. They've seen things, many in the case of veterans that Spencer was referring to. They've seen things that most people cannot imagine.


And they know how easily it happens. At the top of the show today, I said this reminds me of a of a third world election not be cut, not because of President Trump. Because of the Democrat Party. The people who pay your salary have come to you and said, sir, ma'am, we have a problem here, can you help us? And what have we gotten from the Democrats for years? I don't know what you're talking about.


What are you, a racist? It's wake up time, it really is, you got to get on the phone, Republicans and Democrats get on the phone, get on the phone to your state reps and say, hey, do you have a copy of the Constitution? Because there's probably not one at the local university. So you may have to go Barnes and Noble and buy one. I have seven. I can loan you one. Read the Constitution and understand that this is part of the dynamic and the greatness of this country.


That's what checks and balances it is when things go sideways like they have. With Joe Biden, with Barack Obama, with Hillary in the soft coup. When things go sideways. You can fall back. On the American People, 800 202, 2082, this is the EIB Network. I'm Ken Matthews and will be right back.


It's all coming out and sadly, as an American.


Who do you trust to get the information other than the Rush Limbaugh Show and some other talk shows and some great alternate media and alternative media outlets, whether it's Sharyl Attkisson, Sidney Powell, Breitbart, Newsmax, I mean, there's some great platforms out there.


I can't go through them all. But the things that are breaking today will have a major impact on our lives. And all we're getting from mainstream news media is. Biden may sign on to the new green deal. Or who's he going to put in his cabinet? I don't even know if Joe Biden can open a cabinet by himself. And he he got a lot of votes, too, I mean, at least that's what the computers say. Coming up, we're going to showcase a couple counties in Michigan and we're going to go back to your calls because we want to get an update from around the greatest nation on earth.


I want to hear how it's going on the ground because we can't get journalists to investigate. We can't get some of our politicians to respond. I'm confident that in the next 48 hours, there's going to be a lot of responding from your state reps, because once you make it clear to them that you're part of the seventy two point three million people that are fed up and we will never vote for you again, we will go out of our way to make sure you're never elected again unless you wake up and look at the voter fraud and the fact that this is not a coincidence.


This is a systemic issue. You know what that is?


It is great to see you this afternoon on the radio, on the Rush Limbaugh Show.


And if you would like to send well wishes to America's anchor guy, Anchorman. For Rush.


Go to special notes to Rush at Rush Limbaugh Dotcom, and there are beautiful notes and letters coming in and there's if you want to see just a wonderful Web site and a slice of Americana.


And the greatness of this country and the greatness of this audience and the love of its host, Rush Limbaugh, go to Rush Limbaugh Dotcom, check out the Limbaugh letter while you're there.


And don't forget to get the app. I have the app now. It's awesome. Now, it's one more device in my house that disturbs everybody because I'm listening to all these different things and taking notes, but check it all out. And if you want to help the president of the United States, I urge you to call your state legislature. Call the people there. That's how we stop the theft. Of this election, it is an election theft, somebody messaged me on my Facebook at Ken Matthews and they said, why are you calling it stealing the election?


Because it is. It's a coordinated operation, stealing an election. It's not easy, you have to have a whole bunch of people in on it. You've got to get you got to call people up and say, hey, Miss Pelosi, you know that company that counts votes. How much money do you have in it?


I would love to see. Wouldn't you love to see journalists do journalism? Wouldn't that be the best? Now, what do we get, what do we get from journalist? We get up here, Mr. Vice President, what flavor is your ice cream? That's why we're in the position we're in right now, if you want to know, that's why we're in. That's why we're went. Because when the Democrats are falsifying covid death and covid cases journalists are reporting on, is Khateeb getting married?


Now, here's how we are being distracted. This is what I was explaining to my son regarding. The what I believe is widespread, I think the big issue is computer, I think it's the Dominion Company. That's how you really control elections. That's how they do it in foreign countries. We have the technology. We know it was done. We need diagnostics, we need audits. We need all that stuff that the computer guy that called from Pia was sharing with us.


But here's what I said. You need a distraction and it could be legitimate. So all units respond to the gas station robbery. While across the street, the bank is being empty and I believe that's what we're seeing now, it's all fraudulent, it's all wrong, it's all illegal.


But the smaller crimes, if you will, can be pooh poohed. And that's why you hear morons in the Republican Party. And there are plenty I don't need to name them all.


I don't have time. That's why morons in the Republican Party as well are saying, OK, so there were a couple bag, a boat bag of votes at the, you know, post office, so some dead people voted. That's going to happen.


You know, it's not going to affect the election because they're drunk on the Kool-Aid. Now, that Kool-Aid might be their big fat salary. It might be the fear of being picked on on Twitter, because, let's face it, there's not a lot of guts in Congress right now.


But that's what we're seeing, so all units are responding to other crimes, the gas station robbery, that's the analogy. That's what we're seeing now, bags of votes, dead people voting, counterfeit ballots, fake signature ballots, fake IDs, fake postmarks, all legit.


They're all happening.


It's happening right here in my lovely Commonwealth. Run by Governor Wolf, a wolf in Obama's clothing and a nutty political hack, Josh Shapiro, who wants to run for governor, and he thinks if he continues to be, you know, like the sidekick. Of our governor, if you will, he's going to get it's a it's very complex, you know, it's a Democrat thing. It's a blue state for the time being. These are all fraud.


What I just mentioned, every one of these things. Is it's improper and you should not certify the vote. But Democrats and Republicans explain them away individually, that's why the news media is not showing us a pattern. The news media is either too lazy. Two stupid. Or in on it, not to show us the pattern. Not to say all those people in Pennsylvania, those people in Michigan, they're just whining. What about the other seven states?


So are you going to say that? You've got a bunch of Americans just whining, you have a bunch of whistleblowers coming forward and taking the heat, did you see what they did to that post office guy? CNN said he recanted. He didn't recant. He was interrogated for three hours without a lawyer.


And that standard left is fair. We've seen it from Carter Page to Mike Flynn if you come out and start throwing the truth around. The people that want to control us all are going to shut you down. Most people in D.C. are or in your state capitol. Our gutless or self-serving, I think we can agree on that. I know it's not politically correct to say this is talk radio, that's why I'm in talk radio, that's why I have the honor of being on Rush Limbaugh Show, because we don't have to we don't have to kiss politically.


Correct. But like Good Morning America.


Most people in the news media are the same way. That's why politicians and the news media kind of work together. They get along really well. Have you noticed that? Have you noticed that there's a slight division between the seventy two point three million people that voted for Donald Trump and John King? Or Chris Wallace, back to the analogy, so there were all the units are responding to the gas station robbery. And they still trigger alarms and people still respond, but they can wiggle out of it and they can say, look, let's move on, gosh, it was a gas station, get over it.


It's still a safe town. Let's heal the country. Look at how to look at how divisive President Trump is trying to count all the votes that he earned and he earned them. Let me tell you, you want to talk about someone who earned his reelection. He certainly didn't. He certainly didn't get any help from anybody else. He earned it. And while he was re-elected, he pulled a long down ballot. He strength in the house, he he saved the Senate and some of those people are still stabbing him in the back.


That's why if you're one of that group that voted for him, you got to hop on the phone.


Meanwhile, in the analogy across the street, underneath the bank, with the help of the bank president, some guards, you know, like a Jim Comey guy or maybe a John Brennan type dude, the bank is completely empty to no one even broke a window or a door.


No one even noticed. You might think I'm using that as a analogy like the computers I am. That is how they're stealing this election. For Joe Buyat. They've done it before, the same feature was on the debulked. Voting machines, you may remember that from 2001, four years, people have said we need to remove this ability. Of a computer. To flip an election. Right now, we have a computer, you go in, you take your ballot, you put your fill in your little ovals or however you do it in your state, it goes into the computer.


From that point on, your guess is as good as mine. That's a third world country dynamic right there. If you're driving home saying, I hope my vote gets counted, that's a third world country. And that's what Democrats and Republicans, the party, the establishment. The lobbyist and the news media has allowed to happen, that's why there's a hand count. There's a hand count taking place in Georgia, why? Because they use the same computers as those seven other states I mentioned.


Bear with me, I'll bring him back up here in a second, but I don't have it on my screen, I'll bring him up in a minute. The night before the election in Georgia, who showed up the voting computer, dude, and I just got to check something, how do we know that? Because three people came forward and they went they said it. Three people that were at the precinct. That's the other thing that drives me crazy about the mainstream news media and Democrats in particular.


You guys could see a rumor on Twitter from a drunk rock star and you'll put it in your headline if it hurts Trump. But three men or women, Americans, that's job was to watch a precinct or pay attention, had concerns about something and you laugh it off.


We're done with this, we are so done with this, I'm just talking about the seventy two point three million because those are the people that are awake. Those are the people, the people that voted for Donald J. Trump. We didn't buy Chris Cuomo or whatever. And I can never understand what Van Jones is saying, because he's always crying. Van, it hurts your credibility. It really does. There's nothing wrong with a man crying, but, you know, come on, man.


If I can quote Joe Biden, 800 eight, 28, 82, now, really quickly, what is a hand count just to explain it? This is not here's what I thought it was before someone explained it to me. I thought it was someone sitting around, a bunch of people sitting around, like on the floor with a case of beer and some chips.


One, two, three, four. Know what it is? All the ballots. Are separated and put in stacks of the candidate, so you have a Joe Biden stack, a Trump stack or whatever stack of stack, this congressman, this senator, that candidate, that then the machine's only job is to count. The material paper. That is a fair count because you can control what's going in and coming out and you can confirm it once you get into scan's.


And digital and barcodes, that is when somebody like Dominion or the other three companies that dominate our election process, including in Europe, by the way, this stuff's going on in Europe.


This stuff happens in Europe all the time, people go to bed in Europe and they think they've got a new whatever, and the next day they wake up and go, what happened?


I don't know. You have to ask the people that run the computers. That's how you can spin it. The hand count is the best thing, if I had my way, we would hand count every single vote in this election because if we don't, you have lost the trust of the American people. Now, I know people like Barack Obama don't care about that, but we need to remind our legislators that we outnumber them.


Seventy two point three million people re-elected Donald Trump. I think it's safe to say that that's a force to be dealt with. We'll be right back. You know, your online identity is always at risk. And Rush has the solution, that's why there's like friends, I hope this doesn't happen to you. That said, there is a much better chance that you will be a victim of an identity theft crime before your victim of any other kind of crime.


Did you know that? I hope it doesn't happen to you, but those are the odds. Online identity theft is a newer kind of offense and it's widespread out there. It's a silent crime. It happens often without anybody knowing that it's actually happened sometimes.


Most of the time, if you're a victim of cyber crime, you won't know it for a long time because cyber thieves are successful of hacking into a massive database, stealing a large number of identities. But they don't start using those things immediately. Take some time. They sell the stolen identities and then the people that buy them then take their time utilizing them. Nobody's in a real hurry here. Once they've got your data, they've got it. They can do anything they want with it and maybe plant malware onto a device that reads credit cards without anybody knowing however it happens.


The point is, you don't know it's happening unless unless unless unless unless you get LifeLock. Yeah. LifeLock specifically will let you know that you have been targeted. LifeLock will let you know whether they've succeeded in targeting you or not. LifeLock is the leader in online identity theft protection. And no one company can prevent all identity theft. My good friends. But LifeLock is the one company that provides online monitoring on your behalf. They got a full restoration team in the event that you do become a victim, meaning they've got a team of people that will drop everything and not stop until they have resolved the identity theft and receipt and associated crimes that happen to you, not until it's all fixed or they go away.


So between that 24/7 online vigilance and experts can help you figure out what happened to restore your good name. You're going to be impressed with life locks, comprehensive protection, sign up, LifeLock, dotcom, get protected, LifeLock, Dotcom, the website. Use my name and you'll save 25 percent off your first year's plan.


So glad you're listening to the Rush Limbaugh Show.


The numbers 800 to eight to 28, 82. My name is Ken Matthews. We are covering so much ground today and people are calling their messaging. They're going to Rush Limbaugh. Dotcom people are energized. And what I this is a challenge as far as the world spins out of control. And most of that spin is sped up by the news media. Whether it's the covid pandemic, when they need it, the distancing, distancing when they need it, the riots, when they need them, antifa, when they need backup, whatever it may be.


It's so. Challenging not to be upset, is it not? Seriously, I was I was talking to Mike before I came on and I said, God, I mean, I'm looking at the stuff that's breaking just during the show, the the computer stuff and the analysis and all the stuff that's proving state to state to state the stolen votes, the fraudulent votes. And then you turn on most news organizations and and newspapers and you go online and it's it's either banned, censored or or mocked.


I've never other other than dictate dictatorships, socialism, communism. And other faulty forms of government, I've never seen the government mock its own people to the degree that the left does it. You know, we're not smart enough for our own health care, we're not smart enough to manage our own money, we're not smart enough to understand voting machines, I bet you most people in America can count better than what's going on in some of those precincts, 650000 votes in Philadelphia.


Now, we got there's so many there's a stack there's about 10 different cases that have broke in the last 24 hours. The biggest story, the biggest story now is we have to make sure that we share with our friends, family, neighbors how the Constitution works, because a lot of the people in the Democrat Party don't know how it works. You can't you can't, like, tune into Alexandria, Casio, Cortez, and then and then get it confirmed by Joy Bay'ah.


And get a review from Don Lemon to figure out what's going on in this country, but the the second article of the Constitution says that your state legislature.


Not the courts, they're the final authority you get in touch with those people today. There what is today, Thursday, yeah, get in touch with them, some may be at lunch now, some might be napping.


It's too rainy and to be on the golf course, get in touch with them and say, hey, hey, you better not. Verify or certify this election because it already has proven to be fraudulent and they're not legally allowed to, if there's something wrong in your state, they have to stop and examine it and audit it.


So I want you to demand those things. Computer audits, hand counts, accessibility, observation, and not this garbage that they do in Philly. Why don't you stand over on the other side of the river? Yeah, yeah. Tammy will count it. She'll give you a thumbs up when it's done. No, you need to be able to see it. The first way is done in every state across the country making election laws for presidential elections. That's the that's where a lot of the states went sideways.


And in our case and we have kind of a dictator, governor. Well, Governor Wolf, that's just my opinion, though. It hasn't been proven yet, not until the next lock down. But I knew when he said postmarks don't matter, signatures don't matter, and you can just get your vote in any time you want and we're going to do mail and votes because of covid. I knew then the steel was on. I just didn't know how extensive it would be and I didn't know that would be a cloak to cover up what they're doing with the computers.


The second way invokes the electors clause of the Constitution. This makes state legislatures, not the courts, not CNN, not FOX. The state is the highest authority in determining if a state elections laws are violated in the presidential election and what response is appropriate for those violations. So now is the time. This is where the rubber hits the road.


For the greatness of our country, see what your state legislature is worth, call up those people that talk big on the campaign and have fancy websites and demand a recount.


Pretend to elect Joe Biden. Has announced a 10 to six week. Was it ten to six, mycar, four to six? I mean, OK, I'm sorry, OK, 26 would make sense. I'd be like a schedule four to six week mandatory national shut down and wearing mask.


No, I'm just laughing because we as conservatives, we warned you what what was going to happen and then.


Nah, nah, nah, no. I just wear my mask. Why? Why do you wear a mask?


All you have to do is ask someone that question. And if they are compliant and they're Biden voters, they get angry. But a lot of people can explain why they do or they don't wear a mask anyway, so that's coming. And I noticed that after President Trump did a damn good job handling covid. Joe Biden is just mimicking some of the stuff that President Trump did or said, and because the news media is so terrible, no one knows what the heck, who said what when, why.


They're still grown men and women running around saying Donald Trump locks up kids at the border, even though Barack Obama built the fenced in areas, not necessarily cages, they're fenced areas.


And he was the first one to do that policy. And and the president's policy, by the way, and this is something, again, that a lot of people don't understand.


You have to separate adults or children, not only because of human trafficking, because if they're not, the child's legal.


Parent, you don't know what the dynamic is there, you don't know if if these two people are kidnapping someone over the border or whatever.


Anyway, I digress.


I want to get back to what's going on with the count, Tucker Carlson last night did a phenomenal job on Fox, as he always did.


Does. I didn't mean to say, did. I was I was thinking of Judge Jeanine Pirro because she was fired. But we need to keep an eye on all these people that tell the truth, because obviously, if you tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, you're not that welcome in mainstream media. There's a lot of we're not going to talk about fraud. We're not going to talk about the real Kelvyn numbers. We're not going to talk about Muehler.


And that's another thing. Not to be. Mueller up. I'm just kidding. I would love to that'd be fun, you know, just figuratively speaking. Why is it that Mueller and John Brennan and James Comey and let's just face it, every single person, including McCabe, every single person that was involved with the first coup in framing Donald Trump after he was exonerated by the Mueller report that took two years of our lives. And that's what the Democrats worked on for two years.


And they worked for a year on the impeachment. And then the past year, they've been trying to keep Joe Biden breathing in the basement. So what the hell have they done for four years? I don't know. But why is it that all those people are walking around free? They're being hired by news networks. I'm looking at Jim Comey now on MSNBC. What the heck, dude? You should be in jail. They're writing books. They're going on The View.


This is why we laugh at the news media. If the news media did its job, there wouldn't even have been the need for a Mueller investigation.


Actually, Joe Biden wouldn't even be he wouldn't even have been running I want to get back to the phones because we have a stack of great calls and we want people to come in or call in with the state of your state on the Rush Limbaugh Show, because I know for a fact seventy two point three million of us, this family of Donald Trump voters, we don't trust the news media anymore. We trust each other. We trust the people. That's how our government has been designed.


And somehow the news media kind of squirmed its way in. And well, what about us, we're an esteemed fourth estate, you're not in a state, you're not esteemed, you have no credibility, you are part of the problem. So don't worry, the people will fix it. Let's go to Ted in Raleigh, North Carolina. Hi, Ted. Welcome to The Rush Limbaugh Show.


Ken, good afternoon. Thank you. If we and I'm talking about the seventy two point three million Trump voters accept this Third World election, like the media is pushing us to believe, like Fox News and Yahoo! Then shouldn't we be expected to accept Third World living conditions soon after they eliminate the Second Amendment? Well, it's already happening in major blue cities. It's interesting that you bring that up, Ted, I can't help but wonder if if we can just get a few more people to do what they're told, like, I don't know, how many people are you having over for Thanksgiving?


Did you get permission from your governor?


No, you know what I mean? That's what that's yes, that's 10. Oh, it's 10, you're allowed to have 10 over, OK? Well, I think thanks for calling. Did you bring up a great point? I mean, we should let you get who you vote for.


And legally, we need to count votes and we need to examine this. More carefully and something else that I want to bring up here, in addition to you calling your state reps and I know I can't say this enough, but I have some research that reflects on what we were talking about earlier about these voting machines.


And it's really and this is the other thing I really believe and I I get this whenever I listen to Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi talk or Cory Booker, they they they think that they're really smarter than you and I are.


And I don't I don't know if that's the case. So what we found already in Michigan, as I promised, I would tell you that there's big problems in Michigan. There's all kinds of voter fraud going on in Detroit, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, of course. But I want to go back to Michigan. There is a Ph.D. and several other engineers that saw how.


It looked like weighted tabulation to them, but they weren't sure. So they did a experiment. I'm going to put this on my social media platforms. I will put a link on it on my website. Ken Matthews Media dot com, because no mainstream news media will touch this. There's about eighty six countries countries excuse me. There's eighty six counties in Michigan. The top four counties. Were analyzed by scientist because I know how much Democrats like science. Trump's margin was reduced by a minimum of one hundred and thirty eight thousand votes.


Because the computer. Was programmed in the top three counties to decrease Trump's votes at a certain breakoff point and give them to Biden. It's called a linear transfer. It's an algorithm, and it happens to be a feature of the computer system. It's not a glitch. It's a feature. So you can take two to one or one to two or two to three. It's called a weighted tabulation feature. And it's in all our vote counting software, and it's been around since 2001, and neither one of the major parties want to get rid of it.


Why do you think that is? Because of a guy like Trump comes along and things get really crazy and a whole bunch of people are going to re-elect him. Well, you can't have that. I mean, at the end of the day. A lot of these people talk trash in D.C., in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and other capitals around the country in your states. Oh, it's all about the people. It's the people's vote that counts. Your vote counts, really, because when it counts, you mess with it.


If it really counted, Joe Biden wouldn't be I don't even know if he walks anymore, he wouldn't be like moping around or sashaying around. With his pretend presidential office plac. The more Republican precincts, the more votes Trump loses, they did a linear transfer analysis.


In the top three counties. And that's why you get that analysis in the news media that says, well, you know this a lot of people here, a Republican, it's weird that they're not voting for Trump.


And then Mitt Romney will say something stupid.


Like that's because everybody hates Trump like me, but they like all the other Republicans. I say wrong. I say there's a better chance of you voting for several of your Democrat. Favorites and Trump rather than the other way around, so they did a scientific analysis. And every single transfer was linear. Now you guys are to you men and women that do code and computers, you know what I mean? There's nothing unprogrammed in that. Computer, there's no such thing as a glitch that's not an anomaly, it's not a what a coincidence that every time Joe got when a certain percent or Trump got a certain percentage ahead of Joe in blue state blue counties, blue precincts in battleground states like the state we're talking about at the moment were six excuse me, soon to be eight.


Every time that happened, Trump started to lose votes in the wee hours of the morning and Biden started to gain votes. Now, the beauty of it is when you come in and say, hey, I need to see the computer, what went in and what came out, we don't know.


Now, do you see why it's a third world thing now, do you see why people in Philadelphia don't want someone like you or me sticking our nose into our own business?


Actually, more voters voted for Trump. Straight ticket than any other time in history. The same with more Democrats voting for Trump, so they went to really heavy Republican precincts around the country and they set it up where they could take the votes. The algorithm will take the vote from the Republican pool of votes and throw it over to the Biden.


Now, I bring up the scientific aspect of it, you know, common sense, if you're one of the seventy two point now seventy two point four million that voted for Trump in the United States, you know darn well that a guy who can't find his way to a rally by himself is not going to get a crowd of more than 10, is going to beat Trump by 60000 votes in a county that has loved him for four years and elected nothing but Republicans.


That's common sense. But the media and the left doesn't have common sense. So I invite you. Let's believe the science. Let's count, let's audit and let's be patient, because I know and Joe Biden would agree with me. We should not certify this election until every vote is counted. We'll be right back.


It is unconstitutional for your state legislature. To certify an election or seat electors if there is. Fraud or irregularities that can be proven, I think it's safe to say that at least six states have that situation now. One of them is a state I'm from. I'm Ken Matthews on the Rush Limbaugh Show.


And, you know, we're in that same boat with a lot of irregularities. There's lawsuits at play. Several states have triggered a recount. And I think we should demand a recount just based on not just the fraudulent coverage, but the lack of transparency. I mean, what who's trying to hide what when you think about it? Isn't that that always seems to be the case, is it not? Especially during the last four years. Every time they come at President Trump with something, he's the first to say, all right, release the phone tape, release all the documents from Mueller.


I have nothing to hide, whatever. And it never happens. And we're in the same boat now. They set you up for several years.


This was part of the plan, let's pretend that Trump is a big meanie and he's not going to leave the White House and gunned down in election.


No, no. That's why he's the guy saying count all the legal votes. If he was trying to steal the election, he would say, don't you dare touch that machine. But for some reason, liberals with PhDs don't understand this. I don't I don't understand why they don't get it. I'm sure they still think Trump is a Russian spy, but he's not. Let's grab another phone call.


This is Chicago. Dave in Chicago. Dave, thanks for calling The Rush Limbaugh Show.


Thank you for taking my call. I don't want to die, I want to start off by saying I don't want to downplay the severity of the China virus because I know it's serious and deadly. But here in Illinois, they're getting ready to do a total lockdown again. But everybody shut down all restaurants. And I know in the last debate with Biden and Trump, Biden said that he is one more lockdown's. And it's just sticks in my mind the way Trump said that we cannot do that.


We won't have an economy to come back to. And it's it's nerve wracking. It's upsetting. And maybe the only good news is I am seeing a lot of people in restaurants defying that order. But it's still it's it's scary to think that they could collapse our economy by keeping these locked down.


Well, I'm thrilled that you called Dave, and it's funny that you mention Chicago, because that's, as you know, politically, one of the dirtiest cities.


You know, it's just a corrupt you know, it's like so many progressive Democrat cities, they get run into the ground economically, the the school system, the drugs, the graft, the corruption and then the ridiculousness. And there's some there's some hard working great law enforcement officers in Chicago trying to do their job. But you can't do your job as a cop if you're being run by a progressive liberal. But getting back to what Dave said, the mask is a compliance test.


Who will do what we say without pushing back? You know, I said this months ago, my late grandfather is spinning in his grave right now. He fought against the Japanese in the Pacific in World War Two, and if he knew, it would be this easy.


To shut down the greatest economy in the world and paralyze the greatest nation in the world, think about how easy it was without any evidence of the level of severity that they claimed was at play.


And like Dave just said from Chicago, and I don't if you're if you feel this way, you don't have to say this anymore, especially conservatives. You don't have to always preface it because the Democrats know the coverage of covid and their spin on covid has been B.S. for months. We know it's severe. We know it targeted certain target certain people. We know lives have been lost. But, you know, like the president said and by the way, the president got over it, he's 74 years old and he beat it in two weeks, should we destroy our entire nation?


Over an amped up version of the flu that no one will tell us the truth about and they won't. The news media has not told us about false reporting, false death, false cases. They've lowered the threshold on the case, the case verification. You could have like one little tiny little covid, covid thing in your body that's not even related to that virus.


And you're a covid case. Or you could get hit in the head with a hammer. Any recovered case and we know this, this has been going on. You know, it's almost the same way they're handling the voting thing. What are you talking about? There's no fake Das. There's no fake covid count. We're not shutting down the economy. Who benefits when the economy gets shut down in the United States? That's a great question to ask. We'll be right back.


And, of course, some of the big news of the day analysis of election night data from all states now showing millions of votes either switched from President Trump to Joe Biden or they just were lost using Dominion and other counting systems.


Hmmm, kind of crazy. Your calls coming up.


Thank you for tuning in. Rush Limbaugh, America's anchor man, I have lost track. Of the times I have said over the decades. Someone will bring something up to me, some scoop, some bit of news, something that's happening, something that's relevant to this great audience of great Americans, they'll bring it up to me and I'll say, oh, yeah, that was on Rush.


I heard that on Rush. And from time to time, you'll notice that that's been happening with Tucker. That's why I think everybody's angry at Tucker. Tucker Carlson. Just like sometimes people get angry with Rush because there's there's only so much room for so much truth. In an environment where a select group of people want to control you and think they're smarter than you are. Now, maybe they don't own a calculator, maybe they don't know that as of now.


On the East Coast in the third hour of the Rush Limbaugh Show on November 12th. There are seventy two point three votes. For Donald Trump for reelection, and I don't even have the latest update, that's a lot. We are we are a strong group of people, and we're informed in many cases because of Rush Limbaugh, because when the news media was saying, look outside, see how the sky is green and it's raining purple. And you said, I don't think so, and then you turned on CNN and they said it and everybody said it, but you said now the sky is blue.


You turned on and you heard Rush Limbaugh say, you know, the sky is blue.


And everybody went, thank God somebody has a clue in news media. And it's Mr. Limbaugh, that's why it's always a thrill to be sitting in this chair. He is resting, he's planning on getting back as soon as he can, you know, it's treatment week. I just wanted to update you on that. Also, another update. Senator Bernie Sanders has agreed to be the U.S. secretary of labor camps if he's picked by Joe Biden. So a lot be good.


I would imagine he'd be fun to have around the camp. What are you doing? Why aren't to working harder? Come on. I got money to make seventy two point three million people, we know our mission. We know what it is, how do we save our country, it's got to be frustrating, you know, 17 million veterans, they understand that dynamic. Many of them made the ultimate sacrifice. And they are such an example of.


Getting out there and getting things done, but we have a chance to do that now, we have a chance to peacefully. In a positive manner, focused and engaged, contact our state legislatures, especially in the states that are at play and will review those later, most people know them now. Earlier we were talking about Michigan, but we've got all kinds of situa. We had Nevada and Wisconsin and Georgia. There's a recount in Georgia and of course, Pennsylvania, the battleground state.


And it goes on those legislators. Constitutionally cannot certify an election, nor can they seat those elector electors, can't be seated. Unless the legislature signs off on it. That's the beauty, that's the brilliance of the Constitution of the United States, Article two, everywhere you look. Our founding fathers put up. Protections. So somebody like Joe Biden couldn't come in with the help and support of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and Team China. And flip millions of votes.


From the president of the United States to his side in the dark of night, and that has now been proven through an analysis of election night data.


And that's the tip of the iceberg, so the next person who says to you, oh, there's voter fraud thing, that's just conspiracy theory, don't you get tired of that?


Don't you get tired? The the people that refuse to investigate who was on the Eppstein plane and who was on Eppstein Island, they just totally blacked it out. They refused to investigate Hunter or any of the Biden family. You come to them with a stack of affidavits and witnesses and videos and ballots all mangled up with names from who knows where, and they got nothing to see here.


So I think, what, seventy two point three people voting for President Donald Trump prove is this we're just getting tired of the news media in lockstep with our government, in particular the Democrats saying, hey, Americans. Shut up and put your mask on and listen and do what you're told. That's what we're kind of done with now and see Trump reignited that and all of us. If you are a student of history and chances are you are if you listen to this show.


And you know, Russia's we haven't seen an American spirit and an energy ignited by a man and his ideas in the way he treats us. Since early in our history. And this really upsets people like Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer. Because they're about as boring as watching paint dry. And plus, they lie. It's like a double whammy, you're not only a liar, you're a boring liar. Let's go to Sherry in Casper, Wyoming. That is beautiful country.


You're on the Rush Limbaugh Show. You yeah, I've been with Rush since the late 80s, and he helped me raise my kids in California during the 90s, it was wonderful. I had a couple of points to make and one, as you were mentioning earlier today, about what can we do out here in Trump country and what I was thinking. Another thing we could do is we could donate to the Trump campaign, because I think that is what he is using to hire the investigators.


I know some are are a volunteer, but if the 72 million of us. Oh, yeah. And a week or fifty dollars or whatever, it was a lot more money to, you know, to get more investigators out there. And the other point I had to make was that there would probably be a lot of people or some that would be dyed in the wool Democrats that might come in and volunteer and say, yeah, I'm a Republican, I'd love to do this, but we don't want to have Democrats in sheep's clothing come in and sabotage this recount like they did the first count.


And so my axiom is don't trust but do verify that they were a Republican in the last 2016 election so that we could be.


Sherry, that is those are great thoughts, great advice, and I didn't even think about capitalizing on the wonderful support Trump has because from what I understand, he does have to generate his campaign has to generate their own funds to do this. You know, and there's a lot of lawyers involved. And I pick on lawyers a lot, but I have to admit that there are some good ones in the mix. And that's the other thing. And I am so far from ever giving advice to someone at the level of President Donald Trump.


I just pray that the lawyers he's bringing into the mix are being vetted because God knows, just like politicians, there's plenty of opportunists in that realm. And, you know, even working on the Trump campaign is going to look good on your resume. We need people like Sherry said.


We need people that are going to be honest and focused and and ethical. And I couldn't agree more. Whoever we bring in and this is that this is the part because the news media refuses to cover the biggest election theft in the history of the United States. I still don't know why they're not doing it, but thank goodness for Rush because he's on it every day. And he told you months, years ago.


Months ago. And I remember early on in the covid thing, remember we said, you know, what's going to happen? They're going to shut it down so people are going to lose their businesses. You're not going to be able to go to the movies, the mall.


They're going to say, hey, I saw you heading to that wedding and I ratted you out. And that is the communist socialist leftist dynamic to a tee, which is. You need to do what we tell you to do. And people who are not doing it, if you rat on them, you'll be rewarded. That's how communism was built, that's how it was built, and the Nazis operated the same way. If you see your neighbor not wearing a mask, if you see your neighbor with four extra people.


Mourning the loss of their family member at a funeral, you need to call this toll free number so the governor can get them in trouble. How did this even happen? Like I said, my grandfather, among other people in my family, fought in wars and it. People would worry about that in the 40s, in the 50s. You know, we would worry about the nuclear threat and then we would worry about the communist threat and we would say if they come to get us, how are they going to come in?


You think they're going to come by boat? It's going to be a submarine is going to be missile launch. It's going to be 50 twos.


What the heck's going on?


Little did we know it would be a bunch of blue state governors that would say put on your mask. Step away from the storefront.


And then the economy would crash.


And then smart people, sadly, so many smart people on the left think they're the smartest people in the room.


Have you noticed that? And sometimes smart, well-intentioned people are the least informed. And when we really needed smart people. They got on the wrong wagon, they got on the wrong bandwagon, they got on the I don't like Trump on Twitter, he's mean. The heck is wrong with you? Do you not see what's happened in the last four years, have you not looked at any chart or graph or economic indicator or marker? Have you not looked at the 411 miles of wall?


On the border, have you not looked at things that were a problem that were solved like the Veterans Administration, like crappy trade deals, like funding, black colleges, prison reform?


No, no, no, no. The really smart liberals are not looking at that. They're looking at. His hair. Or how he how he looked at someone the wrong way. Or they're busy taking. Kelly McInerney out of context, you know, it's the news media's job, it's a journalist's job to put things in context.


That's why you watch the news, right, you watch the news, supposedly want to get caught up on what happened, they put it in context. Here's the event. Here are the facts. Here's how it may or may not affect you. But the news hasn't done that for decades. They take everything out of context. The story comes in, the evidence, the facts, whatever it may be, and then the newspeople, the geniuses, they all sit around and they say, OK, how can we arrange this?


So the public believes covid is the black plague and the public believes that voter fraud is just it's Trump being Trump.


He's a big baby. He just doesn't want to leave the White House.


And we're supposed to believe people that have been lying to us for decades. Well, that's over.


I'm Ken Matthews on The Rush Limbaugh Show. We'll be right back.


The Rush Limbaugh Show. Thanks for tuning in. My name is Ken Matthews. Don't forget, you can send a great message to Rush. At Rush Limbaugh Show, I'm sorry, Rush Limbaugh dotcom. And you can send him well wishes, et cetera, and there's also some good stuff like signing up for the app and the Limbaugh letter, one 800 to 228, 82, if you want to join the conversation. You know, it's interesting.


I've worked so hard this week and I have I've been very good. I haven't been yelling.


I'm a little hoarse because all last night I was on the phone and it just seems like I've been on the phone.


I'm sure you have experienced that as well. Whether you're texting people or or you're calling people. What's going on? What is up?


Did you just see that? Did you just see that on the news? What happened here?


You're not alone. The entire world, speaking of the world, by the way, which I don't know that much about, I don't travel much, but I think it's I think it's absurd that people are congratulating. President pretend predicted. Projected elect Joe Biden before the votes have been counted, before the vote has been certified and before President Donald J. Trump has conceded, and that's why I'm so proud I voted for Donald J. Trump like the other seventy two point three, now point four million people.


Here is the biggest news of the day, in my opinion. And there are so many other things at play.


The biggest news, I think, to us as Americans and it and a reason to be energized, to call our state legislatures and ask the men and women that we elected at a state level to put their money where their mouth is. And get constitutional and fight for us and fight to save the state in the country. Is this an analysis of election night data from all states? Shows millions of votes either switched from President Trump. To Biden or completely eliminated?


How do they do it with the Dominion? System, the Dominion Counting Operation System, now, if you're interested in that, you can ask some of your legislatures, legislators in California in particular, they they own some. Interest in that, I would like to see the news, I don't know if there's any. Well, Tucker would probably do it. I'd like to see someone at a news station ask. Everyone that represents us, hey, do you guys own any you don't own that vote counting thing, do you have any interest in that?


Just curious, you're not on the border. And the reason I bring this up, you may remember after 9/11, there were some Bush administration officials.


Who had investments quite large in airport security units, the 360 thing that you stand in, you put your hands up and you pray that it doesn't expose that you're not wearing underwear.


Oh. And no one ever really cared about that. The reason people don't care. I think when you're in a state of confusion or fear. Or anxiety. You're thinking, oh, gosh, I don't even know if I'm just going to beat us down. I mean, look at how the news treats us. Look at how academia treats us. Look at, you know, it's just terrible. I don't even know if I want to get into it.


You have to get into it. Donald Trump only has a handful of people in Washington that have his back. And the the the 72 million of us that voted for him. And the way to have his back is to get in touch with the state's. And say, look, I want an audit. I want to see receipts. I want to know why all these perfect linear transitional algorithms are moving these votes around when we're all human. How did that even happen?


And then Mitt Romney explained it. Remember, he said, well, GOP voters just hate Trump, but they're still voting straight ticket. Senator, that's why you didn't get elected president, because that just wasn't a bright outlook, but there's another example. There's a really smart, successful guy who's made a money. And he's in denial. That a computer algorithm was in place to lower Trump's votes in Republican precincts in a linear fashion and has already been exposed in three Michigan.


Precincts. In top counties. It's crazy, it's scary is what it is, because this is on top of all the dead people that vote. That's crazy. Your calls when we come back. Thanks for tuning in. Thank you to the EIB Network and the team for taking care of me when I'm here. And thank you to Mr. Limbaugh for the opportunity. I know this is a very challenging time and it's it's an honor and a responsibility to sit in the chair of America's anchorman.


And thank God you're here to keep the fight going. Thank God, because. I have gotten so much. Or so many audio sound bites, and I'm not going to I want to take some more calls, I wanted to play some more because I got some of the news media's funny. Some is going to get you angry. You know, a friend of mine said I stopped watching.


He said, I stop watching news media. I just listened to a couple of talk radio shows, including Rush and that's it, and he goes, I'm so much calmer. And that's a good point. That's a good point. Because the the the news media is no longer packaged, so you and I can make informed decisions.


It's it's a story, it's a narrative, there's actors, there's actresses, there's fake crying, there's fake shock. I mean, you see people crying because. A particular person was elected or not elected, but we have human trafficking and horrible things being done to children all across this country.


Also being ignored by large parts of the media, not all. There's all kinds of stuff going on in this country that we need to be informed of as American citizens, not just at the border, but in schools, we have some of the worst run schools.


I mean, what's going on now with the the the shut downs of schools throughout this country and the destruction of this entire educational learning curve of this generation, what they've done to people in middle schools, young people. And it's not the teachers.


It's the administrators, it's the politicians, it's the unions. Most of the teachers I know want to go back to work, their heart aches that they can't be in a room with their students. In many cases it becomes like family for four good teachers. Your students are like your family. You know that. And it's heartbreaking that and I started this before before the break, it's heartbreaking that exaggerating the danger of something that is dangerous, Kovik not good covid did take lives.


But when you compare it and that's something else the news media will not do, they will not allow us to see comparisons or trends or anything. The only thing we get from CNN is a narrative. Imagine if the time Don Lemon spent lecturing us on white privilege, if he just took a little time to maybe investigate voter fraud or 40000 thousand plus fraudulent ballots through Detroit, that's in the latest lawsuit.


Governor Cuomo orders restaurants, bars to close at 10:00 p.m. amid the covid uptick.


He also limited. 10 per 10 people per party to think about that. Did you ever think the governor would tell you where to go, when to go? What to wear? Think about it, schools closed. No, you can't go to work, I can't go to the movies. What about if I want to go on vacation with my family? No, no, no. We're not letting you go to that state.


And then when you come back, we're going to quarantine you. But I'm healthy. It doesn't matter. I'm not a doctor, but I do play one as governor. That's another problem we have everybody looks to Bill Gates, he's a computer programmer and the richest man in the world. And a bunch of intellectuals give him all this credibility, you need to do some research on his background with vaccines and other issues. That's incredible that that's all you have to do.


Well, Bill Gates told me to wear a mask. If Bill Gates said hit yourself in the head with a hammer, would you do it? Well, I don't know. He's pretty smart. He's a billionaire. He must know something about Hamer's. Here's another big development today I want to share with you. Ten Republican attorney generals. Attorneys general, I always get that wrong, 10 of them from the following states. Have put together an amicus brief.


Missouri, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, South Dakota, Alabama, Arkansas and Texas. They are urging the Supreme Court to get involved in the state of Pennsylvania. That's like a letter from the friend of a court.


It's a petition by a person or group that's very interested because they're worried these 10 states, these 10 attorneys general, they're worried that if this moves forward, if your state legislators sell you out and they certify a stolen election.


That's the end of free and fair elections. That's the cornerstone of our republic. So what do you trust then, we already don't trust the leadership of many of our largest institutions. We already distrust the speaker of the House, of the head of the FBI, the former head of the CIA. Maybe the current head of the FBI. I don't know. So what else are we going to lose trust in, this is what's so scary, the other thing, think about the mask.


And think about the shutdown. Most of the people that are proposing the shutdown, you may remember, Dave, called from Chicago and he's concerned that another shutdown. It's going to totally wipe out what's left. Of certain areas of the country, in the economy, in the economy, and I think this I think it really rattled the Democrats that President Trump not only did he survive.


The Melaku and the Ukraine ridiculousness. That was really Joe's baby, when you think about it, was it not Joe did the quid pro quo. President Trump is the guy that said, listen to the callers, nothing there and there wasn't. And now they realized they looked at his numbers and his polling. His approval rating is higher today, and it's going up, it's going up, he had a higher approval rating during covid when all the news media was blaming covid on him.


Why? Because most Americans know better. That's why this is why you're seeing the panic. This is what the Democrats and the leftist have. This is what they've dreaded, this what if. 70 plus million people see through our garbage. What if 70 million people look at the news and say that guy's a clown? I don't care if he makes nine million dollars a year or not. Besides, his makeup's too heavy on his left side. What if that happens?


Well, it has. Donald Trump, that's how it happened between Donald Trump in the Oval Office and Rush Limbaugh on the most listened to show in history. A lot of people are informed and it's driving the left crazy. I mean, I don't I don't know where this is going to go. I will say this, I do believe you and I have more control than we've ever had as American citizens in our lives. I think this is this is definitely one of those times.


How often have we heard this? Well, you know what? Votes don't matter. Nobody cares. We all have a mopey friend, right? I have one friend that's determined the end of the world is happening every day, I'm like, dude, what's up? I don't know. It looks bad. What do you mean? I think Trump's going to win it, no way. Everybody's against us. No, we outnumber them. We outnumber them.


Believe me, when you start calling state legislators and that's their only thing in life. That's their only gig, and they know if they don't get re-elected. They may have to go out in the real world, the private sector, and earn, oh, they might actually represent you, they might actually respond to you. This whole thing stops. In less than a week, this whole kabuki theater stops the minute the states get involved and say enough, there's too much fraud and we're not moving forward until we've figured out what the heck is going on or not going to let you steal our election just because Chris Wallace doesn't like Donald Trump and he keeps calling Joe Biden.


Whatever he's calling today, I'm Ken Matthews. We'll be right back.


800 202 2082. My name is Ken. I'm in for America's anchorman. It is thrilling to be part of history with the rest of our friends, seventy two point three million that did not get conned that think for themselves. They're not easily controlled. They love America with the passion. And many of them, if not all, are in this audience. History is being made.


This is that time you hear that that's a big thing, everybody says that, especially on the left, every, you know, every day is this and that this.


In two months, there might be a mandatory mask. Edict. You might get arrested. Scene without a mask. Think about that. Well, that's not going to happen. It's happening in England. It's happening in France. And it's happening in Australia. And now there's I think there's new lockdowns in Italy. Well, why aren't I hearing that on CNN?


Because they're busy lecturing you on your white privilege. Their job isn't to inform you, it's to get you feeling so bad about yourself. And by the way, if you happen to be one of the millions of black Americans.


That helped Trump break all kinds of records. The biggest in 60 years. Thank you for that, you know what CNN does to you. Oh, my God. Well, Joe Biden said it best if you don't vote for Joe Biden. You're not black. I thought that would have lost him the election, but then I realized they're stealing it, so it really doesn't matter what Joe says. And Joe could talk about the most ridiculous policies in the world.


But if the Dominion computer program is flipping votes. In five to eight states, it doesn't even matter. He could say, I'm coming to everybody's house, I'm taking your car and your big screen, and nobody gets any water. He could still win with the computer. Let's go to Erin Hampton Falls, New Hampshire. You're on the Rush Limbaugh Show. Hi, how are you? Hi. Hello. So my call is today is that. People have to remember that Trump owns casinos years ago, so I was thinking about it this morning and you know, when you're at a casino, usually the house wins because those gaming machines are rigged to go towards the house to make the money.


So in thinking that, I said he probably paid attention to this and apply the same logic to the voting machines that have been used to get these corrupt state level and federal level politicians in office. So I totally can be put in place to have a program done by the DHS. I think that's a serious issue which goes in and confines the voter fraud happening in real time and counts exactly how many votes that switch as it's happening. Well, let's hope that is what what you said is accurate, there is the cyber security voting.


I forget what it's called, but you're right, I think it's the acronym is Cesur or something, and it is designed to expose voter fraud on the computer calculation level.


One thing you said that I would what I would like to see more of, first of all, your your analysis is brilliant. That and I completely forgot. He knows how computers work. I mean, he knows that.


Yeah. You know, nobody pays attention to it's like another thing. I mean, with the military. Yeah. Yeah. And he.


Exactly. I think that's why he worships the military in a great way. I mean, I think he's he's in all of our military and our law enforcement and and he knows business.


And, you know, people have downgraded him to the level the news media has, not America, that they don't even see it. And I think he's a few steps ahead.


But what you said about real time, that is what we need. And we could do that. We could do a real time count on election night. You know, you have your deadline and it's a real time count, and people people could see the real count on TV. We have the technology. Just like you see points in a game or or, you know, American Idol scores or whatever, the fact that it's all so disjointed and you have all these private entities and outside entities controlling the most important aspect of our lives.


Who will determine how our country is led, there's too many flaws in it. This is a broken system.


President Trump is trying to fix it now and we have to step up. We'll be right back.


Thanks so much for tuning in. Thanks to Mr. Limbaugh and the EIB team and Ali and Mike and Craig. And thanks to the seventy two point four million people who went out and voted with me for Donald Trump, I know you didn't do it just because I was doing and I didn't mean to say that we were all in the same car, but I am just proud to be part of that group.


We are we are a powerful, focused, engaged, positive force. Remember, we need to hop on the phones and get our state legislatures to engage in the checks and balances that process that makes our country so great. And we cannot allow the states to certify an election or seat electors until we get the scam and the stealing settled. We have to take care of it. By the way, go to Rush Limbaugh, Dotcom ordered the app. It's very cool.


Check that out and remember this. And Rush says it all the time. This is no time to be mopey or bitter.


We're still in the greatest nation on earth. God bless.


Hi, I'm C.J. Pearson, and I'm everything. The left hates young, black and unapologetically conservative generation Z is tired of is tired of the cancer culture and doctor nation and tired of being told what to think. Join me each and every week as I take on the life uncensored, unfiltered and unafraid.


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