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Welcome to today's edition of the Rush Limbaugh Show podcast.


Yeah, we're working on the audio of it right now. I just watched the White House press briefing a little bit of in fact, I wasn't watching it. I had it on in there and I had the audio button turned to TV audio and I heard this incessant yelling and shouting and two and three people talking at the same time. I said some of these replaying the debate. And I looked up and it was a White House press briefing. It was outrageous.


It's like the press corps has decided to do the debate. It's like they're so ticked off at what Trump did that they decided to conduct the White House press briefing today and replicate what made them mad about the debate. They asked Kelly McInerney question. And by the way, every question, will the president finally denounce white supremacy? She was asked this question five times, if if maybe more than that. And she kept answering the question. She kept offering the evidence.


He has constantly denied white supremacy. He has condemned it. He's never spoken in favor of it. Not once, not ever. They kept demanding will he denounce white supremacy and two and three of them at the same time. And when she was answering, the reporter or reporter would continue talking. I looked up and I said, what the hell is this? Then these these people are ticked off at this debate, they cannot and I'm I'm honestly, it looked to me like that the White House press corps has decided they got together and they decided to turn the press briefing into what they thought the debate was, how the debates sounded.


You know what? Trump and Biden talking all over each other and Chris Wallace trying to get in there and impose some sort of order on on the circumstance. It was it was the height. Of unprofessionalism on the part of the media. Kayleigh McEnany, read about we're working on the audio of this, you can you can tell me if you think I'm over playing it or exaggerating a bit, but I don't think so. Kelly McCann and he read about five quotes, but they weren't good enough for the press corps.


It's like she wasn't answering the question and they kept hammering. They kept hammering question after question and trying to make Trump look like a racist, and then I thought, what is this? I mean, what really is this? And you boil it down, it's desperation. The first Trump hasn't ever condemned are not condemned white supremacy, he's never spoken in favor of it. I mean, it's ridiculous. As I pointed out to you yesterday, he quit the Reform Party when David Duke joined it.


This is back in the 1990s. It was Ross Perot's party. Good Lord, the man has done everything he possibly can to announce one of his best buddies, a Herschel Walker, the great football player of the University of Georgia, the Minnesota Vikings of the Dallas Cowboys. And Herschel Walker is out there endorsing Trump left and right. So there's not a racist bone in his body. There's not a racist word in his vocabulary, and yet they keep hammering.


It's like it's all they've got. The race card. You think everything else they've thrown at Trump would work, Russia collusion, Ukraine phone call, impeachment, whatever. covid-19 now they're back to what? The old reliable race.


They are so desperate. To paint Trump as not just a racist, a white supremacist, it seems to me. They're just going to keep asking this question every day till the election because it's all they got and they're going to keep demanding that Trump denounce white supremacy as though he never has. And they're going to ask every Trump representative like Kayleigh McInerney. Will the president condemn white supremacy? Now, she handled all this. Like a champ, she did lose her cool.


She kept talking, menfolks it was the height. It was the height of unprofessionalism and the reporters were agenda driven.


It went on for three and a half minutes. Now we can't play, we don't play, we never play audio soundbites, three and a half minutes. But we're going to give you a taste of it. When when they get the audio with just moments ago, so we are still working on it, by the way, the Biden camp, I guess that train trip is really wearing the poor guy out there. Put a lid on the campaign at eleven point twenty three this morning.


You know, I'm wondering if there might be a secondary reason for all of this. You know, Biden can't keep his hands off of women. He can't keep his hands out of their hair. He can't keep his hands off their shoulders. He can't keep his nose out of their hair. He can't keep his nose out of the back of their necks. No, they got a little story about it here in the media will share with you, but man, wild and crazy train trip, the Amtrak trip that plugs us on must have really you people take the train.


Would know better than I guess they worry about train trips. They can be. Train trips can be a little tiring. Why, how? Because you're sitting on wooden planks for seats. Wait a second, Plug's is on this train for 16 to 24. That's right, 200 mile trip. It's nothing but yet they put a lid on the campaign. And by the way, ladies and Michelle, my Belle Obama is out with a review of the debate.


The former first lady said that Trump's performance in the first debate on Tuesday was a tactic to get Americans to tune out altogether.


She made the comments in an Instagram post where she called on Americans to resist the urge to check out and to please rally around the Democrat nominee, Joe Biden. She wrote on her Instagram post, If you were turned off by the president's behavior last night, I feel you. Believe me, I feel, you know, those are just words, Michelle.


Now, you don't want to go there. But we can't let Trump win by tuning out altogether, and that's what he wants, so turn those feelings into action, turn them into votes for my friend Joe Biden. Michelle, my belle, said that a vote for Biden is the only way Americans can get out of this chaos and restore some stability to the country. So Trump didn't want anybody paying attention. That's a new one, Trump was trying to get voters to tune out all together.


Trump wanted low ratings, by the way, the ratings are red and they were down over twenty six of these debates. A lot of people watch him. Eighty million. Eighty four million. This, I think, Drew seventy one million with Fox News leading all networks. Michelle, my belle, so you can start by reaching out to everybody, you know, make sure they are registered, make sure they know how and when they're going to. We're back to this.


A bunch of Democrats don't know when the election is.


A bunch of Democrats don't know how she said this. You can start by reaching out to everybody, you know, make sure they're registered, make sure they know how and when they're going to all maybe how much they're going to vote for plug's.


I guess that man, what a what a bunch of dummkopf people he forgot to tell them when the election is, if you got to tell them how.


And then she said follow up with them every day to make sure they cast their ballot because in this election we got to vote for Joe in numbers that cannot be denied. And these people are not acting like if you look at the numbers today, you look at the polling data today, you look at the the betting markets. Supposedly, Biden picked up three more points after the debate. I mean, supposedly this is over.


Supposedly, there's nothing Trump can do, it is baked in, it is Feni. I got to tell you, the the drive by media pretending to be offended by Trump's incivility, they've called Trump everything from a racist to a traitor to a murderer for five years.


And by the way, is anybody thought to the movies on Schoeman, a bunch of Democrats, they want the debate moderator to have a mute switch? We talked about this yesterday in the next debate. They want to be able to shut Trump down if he behaves like he did on Tuesday night. They wanted the debate moderator to be Steve Scully of C-SPAN to be able to mute Trump's microphone, just turn it off course. No thought to turning off. Biden is the guy who started the interruptions.


Biden started it all. Ari Fleischer went back and looked at it and tweeted. And John Nalty at Breitbart went back, and I did, too, I watched a little bit of it again and everything was going along fine. It was Biden that started all the interrupting and then Chris Wallace was second. Trump didn't interrupt anything or anybody. Until all of that started and it was Biden who did it first, and of course, there's no concern anyway, my point is.


Isn't it obvious? That they think Biden lost the debate if they want him to not do any more of them. If they're trying to hamstring Trump, if they're trying to give moderators the power to kill Trump's microphone, doesn't this kind of tell you that they don't think Biden won? If they thought Biden won this thing, there wouldn't be this talk about canceling the other two. And by the way, the reasons for canceling an extra debates, man, they run the gamut from it's destroying the country, it's it's an insult to the country.


It's damaging our national security. And so all of these reasons to cancel the next two debates. I'm just here to tell you that if they. Thought Biden won that debate like they're all professing they wouldn't be wanting to cancel them. They want more of it, if they thought Trump blew it sky high, if they thought that Trump made a fool of himself, if they thought that Trump was hammering nails into his own coffin, they would want this to continue.


And they don't, but, you know, we've been here before, grab audio, sound bite number one, I want to take you back to me on this program October 10th.


You believe this is October 1st? Yeah, I can't believe it's October 1st already. You know, we here in South Florida, we don't seasonal changes don't really happen. You know, we get occasional cold fronts here in December or January. But nothing this does is the summertime here. The feel like temperature still in the 90s, though, October 1st. It's just it's like snuck up anyway back on October 10th. Twenty sixteen. We've been here. That was shortly after NBC News released the Access Hollywood tape, Trump and that guy, Billy Bush, and they're walking out of a trailer on a Hollywood set.


Parking lot, and that's where Trump's and famous people can do what they want to do with women. Remember the outrage? Let's go back and relive that.


All these people on the left and the media running around outrageously offended. They're not offended in the slightest by what Trump said. They're capitalizing on it, they're the ones who have set up this permissive society, they're the ones who have read the boundaries, they are the ones who have Arason. These are the people who take money from people in Hollywood that produce some of the most depraved content we've seen. And they celebrate it and they applaud it and they call it great art.


And it's far, far more destructive in terms of how it's portrayed and what Trump's talking about on some bus in a studio lot and Access Hollywood. So the hypocrisy on this is tenfold. They get to act like they're righteously indignant and like this is the greatest assault on morality and decency, and these people have presided over the destruction of decency in song lyrics that they produce music in books, they write television shows, that they produce movies for these people to act like they've never heard these words before and never heard them use this way.


It's opportunism. It is nothing to do with the issues. It has nothing to do with the future of this country. And my guess is that a slew of Americans are fed up with all of this kind of rotgut determining electoral outcomes, particularly this year. And I am hoping there is a huge backlash over this entire tactic.


And you remember that entire tactic did not work. They released was October surprise, the Access Hollywood video.


And I remember when it hit, I was livid. That's the only time I think it was. I called the Trump campaign and I said, you and I also shared the message with everybody here on the air. You better not react and do not do not this. People are fed up. They're fed up with this kind of stuff late in the game, determining election outcomes and.


It didn't matter. They couldn't believe it, remember? And this is all part of. What I have said about them having every weapon in their arsenal known to man and they've used it, weapons that have gotten rid of Republicans with ease in the past glance off a trump with barely any evidence that he was hit and they can't stand it. So this is almost. This is almost a repeat, a replay, the reaction to the debate is almost a replay of their reaction to the Access Hollywood video.


Including down to the time frame only 10 days away or ten days earlier than when the Access Hollywood thing dropped. Anyway, let's take a brief time out.


My friends were off to a scorching start on the EIB Network, and we'll be right back.


So Trump had a rally last night in Duluth, Minnesota. And let's see just what is this new Roberts after brief there or what that means?


OK, Ronna McDaniel has some data, you know, at all of these rallies.


They do incredible research on the people who show up. And they've been doing this since the rallies began.


And I have been the recipient of some of the data from these rallies over the course of the past year. And it's always incredible. It's almost unbelievable. In fact, Ronna McDaniel has tweeted the following following the Duluth rally last night. Here's what she says. Our data shows that Trump is still bringing in tons of new voters.


60 percent of the attendees were not Republican at the Duluth rally. And by the way, this is kind of common. The number of people that show up at these rallies who are not Republicans is always surprisingly large. Sixty percent of the attendees were not Republican, twenty point nine, let's round it up and call it. Twenty one percent were Democrats. And by the way, I again saw pictures. Of the crowd at this rally with Air Force One parked at just a sea of people, it is an incredible number of people.


Again, you wonder, who are these people and where are they coming from? So 60 percent were not Republican. Why do you one percent were Democrat? Seventeen percent did not vote in 2016. Now, that fulfills a belief of mine, I think there's a whole lot of deplorable out there, Hilary's lingo for us who didn't vote in 2016 like Trump, they did. They just didn't vote. I get stunned you how many people? But 17 percent did not vote in 2016.


That number is almost pretty constant from rally to rally. Eight point four percent of the people at the Duluth rally last night have not voted in the last four elections. Sixty percent not Republican, twenty one percent were Democrats, 17 percent didn't vote in 2016. Eight and a half percent have not voted in the last four elections.


I'll bet they're going to vote in this one.


Greetings and welcome back. Rush Limbaugh, the fastest three hours of media, the fastest week in media.


And we are here, by the way, 820 to two eight eight two. You know, folks, I mentioned this about, I don't know, a week or two ago. It wasn't long ago. 9/11, stop and think that wasn't that long ago. That our police and first responders were seen as American heroes. You remember the iconic images. Police officers, men and women, firefighters running toward the Twin Towers on 9/11.


They were going in. Trying to save as many lives as they could. Inflates. We're proud to hoist the American flag on the field of play. Everybody rallied around the flag and it wasn't that long ago. And the police and first responders. Were the heroes of the day, everybody appreciated and loved them and hoisted them, held them up. On pedestals. Now, today. Policemen and women are all being lumped into a pool of evil villains, they're yelled at, they are attacked, demeaned.


I have two groups of rioters. Now, let me tell you something, folks, it's not ideas targeting police officers. Toria Antifa says it's an idea, it's not, it's not, it's people. Ideas are not burning down buildings, killing innocent Americans. It's not ideas that are attacking law enforcement in their patrol cars and then laughing about it. Policemen and women are being lumped into a pool of evil, villains are being yelled at, they're being attacked, they're being demeaned by groups of rioters.


It's terrible what's going on in our cities, even in our small towns. And to us here, it's not acceptable, period. On the contrary, it's time. We made them heroes again, because they always have been and they always will be. Law enforcement, plainclothes, uniformed, whatever, first responders, firemen, firefighters, they are heroes, they do jobs that most of us would not do. It's time we support them again. It's time to make safety and security for all Americans a top priority.


So this year. Catherine and I have decided get get ready for this, we are going to donate 100 percent. Of the store profits at Rush Limbaugh dotcom. Every dime of profit, we are going to donate to the families of law enforcement. Every week, Catherine and I are going to select deserving recipients from a list of nominees. From families of law enforcement, if you would like to be a part of this, calling it to support our Heroes campaign, because to us they are heroes, they have never stopped being heroes.


They're bigger heroes today than ever, given the fact that they're now being targeted. By people who the media and the Democrat Party claiming. Are the future of the country antifa, black lives matter? If you would like to be part of this Support Our Heroes campaign, all you got to do is visit the Rush Limbaugh Show store today at Rush Limbaugh dot com. Just go to the website and get there on our app. You can get there on a Web browser and just shop Rush Limbaugh story at Rush Limbaugh dot com.


It's a great time. We got brand new stuff there. Great time to pick up early Christmas. In fact, I'm wearing one of the one of the new golf shirts today that the American flag waving in the wind icon and underneath it to preserve America.


It's about preserving the American way of life. So just go to the store shop, it's a great time to pick up early Christmas presents knowing that 100 percent of the sales profits are going. To helping the families of law enforcement with every order we're going to throw in, Brian, put that thing up. Put up the flag. This is a screen shot for those of you on the digital camera will have this at Rush Limbaugh Dotcom. That is a five by seven.


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We're going to select deserving recipients from a list of nominees and you can, if you want, nominate.


A disserving law enforcement family now, folks, this is not a sales gimmick. We only have a limited supply of the new Preserve America gear, and I really urge you.


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I'm warning you right here, right now. No, no angry Grahams are going to be tolerated, if you will.


You know, I went the day after and it was told. I told you.


I told you. And it's not a gimmick. We know we're going to sell out, folks.


We just do know we've got plenty of stuff. Don't misunderstand.


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But you can, if you want, participate in that aspect of this. And throw the magnet up one more time on the dildo cam, that that's five by seven. And it says proudly, stand with law enforcement, EIB golden microphone is there and the American flag in black and white with one blue stripe. So again, the official story is that Rush Limbaugh dot com, you'll see the store tab as a nominee page where you can nominate a deserving law enforcement family.


But it's just. I got to thinking about it when I mentioned this, I said three weeks or a month ago, it was just not that long ago the cops were heroes.


We started looking at footage, video of all of the heroic acts of people in uniform. And everybody loved them and everybody thanked them and everybody thought they were just. He rose, there was no way our society could. Function without them. Now. We've got. Defund the cop movements, which, by the way, fell flat in Minneapolis when we got efforts. There's actually advocacy of wounding and killing law enforcement. By left wing political groups, the approval of the Democrat Party.


It's unacceptable. And when you talk about it's not who we are. Antifa, black lives matter, this is not who we are, who we are. Is the way we were 15, 18, 19 years ago after 9/11, and look how quickly.


Look how quickly the political movement behind all this has been able to affect this kind of change. They've turned a bunch of white, millennial young people into. People that hate law enforcement on the basis that it's white supremacy, that it's white. Privilege or what have you. Nothing could be further from the truth. But that's how. Successful. They have been in their political efforts, but just remember, ideas do not kill police officers, they don't burn down buildings.


Sorry, Vice President Biden, but that just won't fly.


We'll take a brief timeout and we will continue after this. Don't go away.


All right. I'm going to get to the phones here in just a second, but I've now got I have the audio sound bites from the press briefing that I opened the program with describing. And I just want you to hear this. And I remember I've got the audio and I'm not looking at the TV. I'm doing other things to show prep, but I'm hearing cross talk. Two and three people sometimes for people sounds like shouting at each other, nobody stopping to listen to anyone.


So what the hell is this? I look up and it's a White House press briefing and I'm convinced that the media has decided to treat Kayleigh McEnany the way they think Trump treated Biden. I know that's what they were doing. That's what it looked like, I mean, the media wouldn't shut up. They're asking her constantly, will the president condemn white supremacy? She says, yes, he has. Whatever her answer was, they weren't even letting her make the answer.


They were talking over her.


Here's how some of it this has been answered yesterday by the president himself, the day before by the president himself on the debate stage. The president was asked this. He said, sure, three times yesterday he was point blank, asked, do you denounce white supremacy? And he said, I've always denounced any form of that. I can go back and read for you in August 2019. And one voice, Our nation must condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy in August of 2017.


Racism is evil, and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups. I have an entire list of these quotes that I can go through with you.


He has condemned this kind of thing more than any president in modern history.


OK, so there's a statement. That's the first time he was asked and it wasn't enough. We have John Roberts of FOX News here just to clear it up this morning.


Can you name it, make it clear in his statement that the president denounces?


I just said the president has denounced this repeatedly and the president was asked this year, contriving a story line and they're asking you to put it to rest. I just did. I read you all of the first season. I will put them in you right now to doubt's white supremacy.


And the group I just found, you just you heard her. You heard the sound bites 40 seconds long. What she did to all the quotes. What he's getting at is I'll share with you in a minute what he's getting at. This is it's.


It's so obviously a setup. Up next is Paula Reed. Paula Reed is the CBS White House correspondent and she goes at it with my kids were pretty, very mixed on.


This record is not mixed in the slightest. And when you go back in history, you can see that history right here when you go back and see that Jesse Jackson has praised the president as someone who served underserved communities. This president with Mar a Lago. It was the first Palm Beach Club open to African-Americans and Jews. And in fact, his record, he wants to racist on the issue. I mean, what is this White House today that White House says is this threat in this country?


We're not having a debate on a community center right now. How is Reverend right here if you need to let me finish? Because it's is quite funny that the media goes haywire about interrupting and debates and then chooses to pursue that very same tactic themselves. This is a White House briefing. You ask a question and you give me time to answer.


This is exactly right. I am convinced they decided to replicate what they thought the debate was and they were going to pretend they were Trump, she was Biden, and they were going to not let her answer anything. You want to interrupt her constantly? Little Biden's the one that started all the interrupting. But you heard the president. But his record is mixed. His record is mixed. He's not been consistent on the issue. His record is mixed. You're saying he condemns it?


I have on the record right here. And his record is mixed on it now here, John Roberts grabs number 27. This was back on Fox News after the briefing.


And let's see who is the trace?


Gallagher said to John Roberts. Kayleigh McEnany said that yesterday, postdebate, the president did denounce white supremacy. Was there ambiguity in a statement? What is all this?


It was my wife, Kyra Phillips of ABC, who asked him that question yesterday and she said, stop the tape.


Now, it's all abundantly clear what's going on here. His wife, Kyra Phillips, asked the question yesterday that got this, I say, OK, back to the top of the sound bite.


In three to one, it was my wife, Kyra Phillips of ABC, who asked him that question yesterday. And she said to him, do you denounce white supremacy? And he got a little bit worked out at her about it and said, I denounced it. I've always denounced that, but I don't understand why. He wouldn't say I denounce white supremacy. I've always denounced white supremacy. For some reason they're not saying the word. And that's what's very puzzling.


Are you are you, John, are you serious with this? But they are the president will not say the words white supremacy. So we want to know why. Yeah, he's denouncing it, but he won't say what he's denouncing. Well, you're asking him, will you denounce what he has always you know, this this is not about white supremacy. It's not it's about creating the impression Trump's a racist for a certain portion of the electorate. This is this is about.


Again. Not letting Trump, it's like it's like the Russian hoax and scandal economy goes and testify. I don't remember any of this. They're still selling it. They're still out selling Trump Russia collusion. They're still out selling that.


Trump is a white supremacist and loves white supremacists and protects them all because he will not say he denounces white supremacy. He says he denounces it. The question all say, will you denounce white supremacism, will you do not white supremacy? Yes, I denounce it. Why won't he say I denounce white supremacy? Why won't he say those words they're trying to create? The illusion that Trump is a white supremacist is trying not to anger his friends who are white supremacist by trying to remain vague.


It is so. Pathetic, I tell you, folks, if there was ever a time to turn off the news on television and listen to our rush by that time and. Is now there is so much crap out there, lies, bogus narratives, you just got to turn it off. Hey, it's Buck Sexton here we are in the height of an election season that will determine the future of the country. Who are you going to listen to? Who can you trust?


Join me in the freedom hunt, the one place where you know you'll get the straight story from a conservative perspective. Joe Biden, somebody who's been a machine politician, the Democrat Party from Delaware for longer than I've been alive. And nobody thought he was impressive. No one thought he had great leadership until about five minutes ago. They're trying to fool you. They're trying to pull off a con, a fraud against America. And Joe Biden is the con man in chief.


The biggest names and the heaviest hitters in politics, trust me.


So we've done a lot. But can we have some great support for your viewpoint is very important to make very, very important. This how we got to know each other.


Buck Sexton, formerly of the CIA. It's great to be back on the Buck Sexton show.


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Candice Owen's just knocked out Khateeb and poked the biggest hole yet in the stranglehold entertainment and media have on the minds of black voters in this country. I'm Robert Smith and all the next episode of Rob Smith is problematic. We are going to break down why the left uses idiots to reach black America and how Candice Owens just put them all on notice that they cannot do it anymore. Listen to Rob Smith is problematic on the radio app, on Apple podcasts.


And wherever you get your podcasts right back at it, we are Rush Limbaugh. I regret. I'm sorry I didn't get the phones in the first hour. Going to make up for that real quick. Oh, here in this, our phone number is 800 to eight to to eighty two. If you're on hold, it means we want to speak to you. Make sure you hold on. This is it's getting comical now. CNN has a Kairouan graphic at the bottom of the page, White House will not outright denounce white supremacy when pressed.


Well, except that they have. It's. I've we've been here before. This is campaign tactics. You can't look at CNN as a news organization. They're Democrat operatives now under the guise of journalists and so forth. The White House and the president have denounced white supremacy.


But, you know, folks that. And maybe I've missed it, but. I haven't yet. Seen the media. Hounding Joe Biden to denounce antifa. Or Black Lives Matter. We've got people we have groups of people that are burning down American cities. One hundred plus days in a row in Portland, they've had to declare riots.


Private property has been destroyed. People's businesses, their dreams have been looted and destroyed in Democrat run cities and states, not once has the mayor, the governor of any of these states or cities, not once has Joe Biden been asked to denounce the people that are doing this destruction. Antifa. That's not even people it's an idea that you can't it's not an idea, ideas do not start fires. Ideas do not burn down people's property. This is ridiculous.


Black Lives Matter, a well known upfront, openly admits that they are a Marxist communist organization. And Biden nor his spox, babe, are demanding being demanded to denounce any of this, and yet Donald Trump, who has never promoted white supremacy. Has never spoken in favor of it, does not believe in it, is not a racist or white supremacist, denies it left and right thousands of times. And it's as though. Well, they're just not letting him do it.


They're not letting him get away with. Not even get away with they're just ignoring it. I went I found a flashback. Time magazine accurately reported Trump's Charlottesville's remarks. This story from August 14th of 2017. President Trump condemned the violent attack on a crowd of counter protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, that left one dead and 19 injured on Saturday. Speaking from the diplomatic reception room in the White House Monday afternoon, Trump said plainly, racism is evil. Members of the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis and white supremacists are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans.


As I have said many times before, no matter the color of our skin, we all live under the same laws. We all salute the same great flag and we are all made by the same almighty God.


Based on the events that took place in Charlottesville over the weekend, I would like to provide the nation with an update on the ongoing federal response to the horrific attack and violence that was witnessed by everybody. I just met with Christopher Wray, the FBI director. I just met with the attorney general, Jeff Sessions. The Department of Justice has opened a civil rights investigation into the deadly car attack that killed one innocent American and wounded 20 others. To anyone who acted criminally in this weekend's racist violence, you will be held fully accountable, justice will be delivered, as I said on Saturday, this is the president speaking.


We condemn in the strongest possible terms. This egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence, it has no place in America. And as I have said many times before, no matter the color of our skin, we all live under the same laws. We salute the same great flag. We're all made by the same almighty God. Racism is evil.


Those who caused violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups. That are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans, it's the president in Time magazine, August 14, 2007. So what the hell is all of this about? What the hell is all of this dishonesty aimed at? CNN is repugnant. CNN should be ashamed and embarrassed, but they are such low character people, they don't have the sense nor the ability to experience and feel shame.


Over what they are doing and they have no idea what they are doing, they have no idea the number of people they are enraging with this. What do they think they're doing? They think they're actually convincing people that the president of the United States is a white supremacist and supports white supremacism and encourages it. Is this what they think they're doing? Are they trying to reach out to us, many low information voters as they can and literally. I thought they thought they were going to win this election.


Why this panic? And why this issue, after all of this, after Trump Russia collusion with Russia on the 2016 election and campaign after the so-called horrible phone call with the president of Ukraine after all of these? Impeachable offense is all they've got is to go back and throw the tired, worn out, overused and ineffective race card again. Why are they running this risk, because if you talk to them, they all think that the election is over, that Trump has already lost, that Biden has won the betting markets.


They saw the polling data says so. It's only a matter of time, except there's a problem, there's just a problem everywhere Trump goes, literally tens of thousands of people show up wanting to be part of the event. Joe Biden can't draw more than a hundred people anywhere he goes. There is no enthusiasm for Joe Biden. There's no pushing down the door. There's no people, no group of people demanding Biden be president. He has no personal bond of connection with anybody out there.


We're just we're into a new chapter of and we've been here, done that before. You must say Black Lives Matter, this is a drive by media's equivalent of making people say Black Lives Matter. But where are the demands that black lives matter and antifa be denounced? They are nowhere.


There's one more sound bite from the press briefing at the White House today. That I'm convinced, the media. Decided they were going to turn the press briefing today into a. Carbon copy of the debate, they were going to play Trump and Kayleigh McEnany, the press secretary, is going to be the victim and they were going to interrupt her and they were not going to believe anything she said and they were going to act like whatever she was saying was a lie.


And they're going to keep demanding she say the same things over and over again. They were going to make her go through what Trump put Biden through. I'm convinced that's what these yokels thought they were going to do. We played you the sound bite where they tried to do it. So there's one more sound bite, this is the CNN info babe, who wanted her shot at this.


Her name is Kaitlyn Collins and was given about 12 hours more than that since from the debate, who was asked to clarify yesterday? And he didn't come out and clarify yesterday. Instead, he did what you did unambiguously. Kelsey's career as you just pointed to the last thing that I saw when you knew you, you're going to get these questions and you don't ask anybody to just said we do unambiguously denounce these people have lost trust in the media.


There is a reporter from your network yesterday, your network, and in a tweet said, quote, I'm asking you a question.


What do you know what you're going to bring up with nothing myself here when you lobbed your partisan attack question?


So you allow me to give an answer. The president and someone from your network said yesterday in a tweet, The president dodged a question about white supremacy. That was a tweet from a CNN reporter. The president specifically, verbatim, was asked yesterday, white supremacy, do you denounce them? To which he responded, I have always denounced any form of that. Those are the facts. And CNN, I know that truth is of no moment to your network, but those are the facts.


So see it like the Slugline here. Kelly Barrett, CNN reporter, when she wanted her report, didn't get buried. A reporter. These people are incapable of thinking they got buried. The reporter no doubt thinks that she won the confrontation simply by raising the question again. The White House is out there saying Trump has denounced white supremacy. Must have said it a zillion times, and yet the press keeps asking, will the press president denounce white supremacy? Why won't he denounce white supremacy?


Why will not directly denounce white supremacy? They're out there reporting that he hasn't and he won't. Hogan Gidley is the press secretary of the campaign, and he was on CNN yesterday with the co-host, John Berman.


And Berman said the Hogan Gidley. Again, he's he's the communications director for the Trump 2020 campaign. So so he kept on saying he would condemn white supremacy and then given the opportunity to do what? He didn't do it. Now to see this is exactly what they're playing. He's done it.


I don't know how many times because he won't say the words white supremacy every time he announces, it's like he's not denouncing it in their sordid, perverted, sick.


View of things, so here's how Hogan Gidley dealt with them, he said, sure, three times he has done it in the past multiple times. I don't know how many ways you want him to say it and how many times you want him to say it. Do you have any idea, John, what an exalted cyclops of the KKK is? Because Joe Biden sure does. He spoke at a funeral for one and praised him profusely. Any idea who George Wallace is?


Joe Biden sure does. Yeah.


He thanked the person who gave him the award. George Wallace has no idea what a racial jungle is. So Joe Biden doesn't want his kids to grow up in. Joe Biden's record on race is absolutely disgusting.


That was Hogan Gidley. And they're simply not taken this garbage. Biden did go to Shites Byrd's funeral. Biden has spoken favorably, remembered that he almost didn't get the Democrat nomination. His own vice presidential running mate has called him a racist. Kamala Harris called him a racist and denounced him as one of the last flailing attempts she was making to save her own campaign, and what it was about was that Joe Biden spoke glowingly of a bunch of old segregationist senators.


That were in Washington when he was first elected forty seven years ago. He loved them. He loved old Herman Talmadge of Georgia. Oh, Herman was one of the great segregationists of all time and plugged plugged. Just loved him some Herman. And it was a bunch of Adjaye, William Fulbright from Arkansas, the mentor, by the way, to Bill Clinton.


All kinds of Democrat segregationists, Joe Biden, speaking glowingly of them, almost cost him the Democratic nomination with his own running mate, calling him a racist because of it.


Let's take a break.


I promise the phones will get to you when we get back. Now, folks, there's something there's something here that doesn't make any sense. This is Histeria on CNN today, starting with the White House press briefing over the president and not denouncing white supremacy when he clearly has when he has denounced racism. I just read you as quotes from TIME magazine from. What was it, twenty two, twenty, seventeen, three years ago, I mean, there's no that was, in fact, right after the Charlottesville incident.


This is a histeria is what it is, and there has to be a reason for it. Mr. Snootily, if I may ask you, I know you're busy screening phone call. What wouldn't you think explains this hysteria? Because it's what it is. And this is out of the blue today. This is come out of nowhere. That the president hasn't denounced white supremacy. He won't say the words, even though he clearly has. What's going? Mm hmm.


Now, Mr. Snarkily just said something, and I've been privately considering here deep, dark crevices of my own mind, Mr. Snidely said that if Trump gets anywhere from 10 to 12 percent of the African-American vote, then it's over.


It's over for for Biden and the Democrats, and I'm sitting here thinking this histeria and by the way, I have to admit, I reacted in kind because it just ticks me off and then I had to step back. I had to back off here during commercial break. I start looking at this analytically, what if. They have internal polling data that they would share with the media, the Biden campaign would share their buddies in the same party, what if there is internal polling data showing just that?


That they that they are starting to bleed black support. They are bleeding black male voters, they are bleeding black male voters in support, and if they've got internal polling data, show it, that would explain this histeria.


And panic, because that's what this is. OK, here we go to Greensburg, Pennsylvania. This is Susie. You're up first today and it's great to have you with us. Hi.


Hi. Russ, I want you to know that we're saying prayers for you during your medical battle. That's first off.


Thank you very much. I'm I'm convinced that they work great.


Great. Having a sister that passed away from ovarian ovarian cancer or colon cancer, they never knew which it was, you know, was traumatic. So that's why I'm I'm really, really pulling for you. Thank you very much. Thank you.


And what I wanted to ask you and sort of talk about is from what I'm looking at on Facebook, in some other places, not all the boys are white. I mean, there look like there some black people. How can how can that be a white supremacist group?


They aren't. They are. I'm glad I'm glad you brought that up. I've got I've got the story on the proud boys in the stack here. And I am glad that you reminded me of this because the proud boys are not a white supremacist group. They're not this you know, this is the one of the risks of staying stuck in time here. Black professor insists that proud boys aren't white supremacists.


Trump He didn't even know who they are. He never heard of them. Wilfred Rayleigh, associate professor of political science at the historically black Kentucky State University, said that the boys are not white supremacy, noted that their international chairman, Enrique Parrino, is black. 10 to 20 percent of proud boys are people of color. Others have confirmed his research on social media in The Washington Times.


So if they aren't white supremacists and if there are people of color and if the international grand poobah is black, then how can they be a white supremacist group?


That just doesn't make sense to me. So and I don't understand why they keep trying to spin this web to capture him into saying something that we got to we knew we knew it. And it's like they're all lawyers in their world. They're waiting for the word. I watch that press conference today and it really started to make my blood boil. I mean, I just went, what? I can't believe this. And they all in tune with each other and they're just saying the same thing.


They just go to a different face and it's starting to really get monotonous. And they said they've really lost their status. This press, you know, they don't have the gala events. I used to watch them. I mean, I admit I used to watch the gala events when they used to have the Christmas at the White House and they would announce Mr. and Mrs Brian Williams and they'd walk across the stage all smiling and everything. And they don't have any of that now.


So I guess this is their format, but it's just the entrapment.


And that's what this feels like to me, that there's a theme in Christmas at the White House with Mr and Mrs Brian Williams. I miss that show. Oh, that was it wasn't just them. It was they parade celebrities across. Do you remember back in the 90s, back in, you know, olden days? Well, I have I have Lingala events and maybe a little bit.


I don't remember I don't remember length TV shows about it, but I know I know what you're talking about.


I do. Anyway, thank you, Susie. We've got a break. We'll be back.


Yeah, it's it looks on here. The leader of the the overall international leader, the proud boys, Enrique Tardio, is a black Cuban guy. The black professor named Wilfred Riley told The Washington Times, If you're calling a group of people, more than 10 percent of people of color headed by an Afro Latino guy, white supremacist doesn't make any sense.


It's not what they are back to the phones. Sobran in Owensboro, Kentucky, it's great to have you, sir. I'm glad you waited.


Hello. Megadose for from the Bluegrass State. Great to have you with us. Always wanted to talk to you.


I was telling Mr. Sonali, I think we finally reached the point that you have always said we would get to where the Democrats are done with elections. They don't care anymore. They don't think we're smart enough to self govern. And so they're going to try and steal this one. And it really doesn't matter how many people vote or what we do, they're going to try and steal it because it's their last chance for a generation.


Oh, OK. Two things. How are they going to steal it? Because they're tired of competing in elections, meaning campaigning and what they're really tired of, of being rejected. They're tired of people. They don't respect having a say so in whether they win or lose. That's what bugs them. They don't think they should have to have they should they don't believe they need to subject themselves to the opinion of a bunch of people who don't respect. So given that they don't really believe in elections and how are they going to steal this?


They're going to go to the communist model of having an election where the results don't matter. They're going to do mail in ballots. They're going to do. They're going to burn the country down. They're going to do whatever they have to do with the actual vote.


So they're not going to cancel the election. They're just going to try to overwhelm it.


For sure, and that's what their mentors in the Communist Party have always done, they always had elections. It's just the people didn't really get to choose.


Well, there are mentors in the Communist Party wiped out elections. I mean, Putin gets 97 percent of the vote, Castro gets all of our got I and they still do them.


To create the illusion of some sort of democratic result here, that some dictator is actually loved and adored and preferred by the people that he's got in jail.


But no, I think, you know, I've I've always believed.


And this is a psychological thing, folks, this is a psychological analysis of these people. They resent the whole premise behind elections. Look, they don't believe they should have to persuade anybody to agree with them.


Therefore, they don't believe in campaigns. They don't believe in the free, open exchange of ideas. There aren't any legitimate ideas outside of their own. They don't believe in giving legitimacy to anybody who is not already on their side.


So if this is who they are psychologically, if they have no interest in persuading people, if they have no interest in acquiring power as a result of massive public support. Then who are they, what are they? They want power. Simply to have it, they don't want it to derive from the people, they don't want it to derive from persuading people that their ideas are the best.


And where is all of that codified, all of that thinking, all of that behavior is codified in elections, what are elections about?


Elections are about trying to persuade people to support you, to vote for you based on what what could be any number of things.


Could be you're better looking than the other guy, you're going to give away more welfare than the other guy, you're going to beat our enemies better than whatever it is.


Elections are the result of persuading millions of people to support you. They resent having to do that. One reason is they're a minority. They can't persuade a majority of people. They can't persuade a majority of Americans support Black Lives Matter. They can't persuade a majority of Americans support burning down American cities and private property. They can't persuade a majority of Americans to go along with their ideas on guns and eliminating free speech, they can't persuade anybody to agree with that.


Those are things they're going to have to force on people. And they are more than willing and eager to force that stuff on you, but they need the power to do it. So they have to go through the modern day, Democrats have to go through the motions of campaigning. And they have to go through the motions of trying to win the hearts and minds of voters, but they resent the hell out of it. And in their world, it's the one thing standing in their way this need, this requirement to win elections.


And I'm just telling you. As soon as they can figure out a way to eliminate elections, they will do it cause they resent the hell out of it. This is Mr. Snugly, a program observer.


Just said to me over the IFB, he said, I got to admit something. When I first heard you say that the left and Democrats ultimately want to do away with the election, I thought you were going insane. I thought you were mad. I thought that all of this had finally gotten to you. That has to be some years ago now when I first advanced the theory. But now you see, you say you can see it. It they're doing it in front of our faces, they really are they are attempting to.


Win elections without. Broad public support, that's what they're trying to do. That's just another way of phrasing what they're doing. How do you win elections without broad public support? You have cheap. You have to game the system.


Most people who consider themselves Americans and practitioners of small D democracy believe in the sanctity of elections, they believe in the sanctity of campaigning and convincing a majority of Americans to support them. That's where you get your mandate. That's where you get the power to implement your ideas. And the more people voting for you, the more power you have, the bigger mandate you got. These people resent having to get a mandate. Why should they have to get public approval?


Screw these idiots. You screw you. Why should you have to give them approval? Why should you have a say so in whether they can do what they want to do or not? That's who these people are. They're so ticked off, they're burning down your town. They're burning down your city. They resent the hell out of having to please you. They resent the hell needing your support. They hate it. They're not interested in your support, they're not interested in what you think.


They're not interested in your point of view. They don't care to have to find out who you are and how to persuade you. And they resent the hell out of the fact they have to do it. And I'm just telling you, the sooner they can figure out how they can get what they want without elections and the only way they can do it is violence, intimidation or cheating, they will do it. Right now, they are attempting to win elections without winning broad public support.


Now, some of you might rush, I'm not sure that's right, I see Biden campaigning. No, you don't. How many of you can tell me what the hell the guy's for, he just announced everything that the Bernie Sanders agenda is all about. He just announced a green new deal. He just announced a bunch of things that he had to promise to support in order to get the nomination. The Democrats have never been up front and honest about what their agenda really is.


It's only in the past couple of years of Trump when they've been driven insane. That they're being somewhat forthcoming about who they are and what they believe in. They're living in the illusion that more and more Americans are starting to agree with them because more and more Americans, they think, hey, Trump. And along the way, they're taken for granted for granted the black vote is going to be there, the Hispanic vote, minority vote, women's vote taken for granted is all going to be there.


But there's no question. That they resent. The electoral process. It's beneath them, I'm speaking psychologically here. It's it's all about knowing who anybody is. And how do I not listen to them, I watch them. It's abundantly clear. They do not like America. They do not like the democratic process. They resent it. Beneath them, their ideas. Such as they are are all that matter, and if you don't agree with them, too bad you can't stop them.


You're nobody. I got to take a brief break. We will continue with much more right after this. By the way, before we get the sound byte, number 13, grab number 30. Hey, folks, teachers and professors exhibiting a real passion and belief in what they teach are the people you remember years later. I remember. I've I once. As part of the program and ask callers, who is the you look back into life, who was the most influential person in your life outside?


No, no family members, because we always say family. It was incredible. The number of people said teachers, a teacher, and in many cases it was a teacher didn't even like, but it was a teacher that got more out of somebody than that person thought they had. It was for me, actually, a coach. But the coach was was a teacher. A good teacher don't have to like them. But a good teacher. You'll remember what you're taught years later, because they made it interesting, they made it crucial, they made you think it was important to know what they were teaching you.


That's the impact of a great educator. And that's the kind of people that teach at Hillsdale College. They're teaching boundaries go way beyond the campus. They have a series of three dozen online video courses at thirty six. For those of you in Rio, Linda, every one of these courses is interesting. Each one of them is free for you to watch it, enjoy and learn from each one of them does not require a test and they are all free.


You could watch over and over.


There's no admission process to gain access to. There's nothing you can just go online. Rush for Hillsdale Dotcom, choose the online course. You want to watch and watch a full fledged 10 to 12 lectures, 30 to 40 minutes each. The latest course was just released, it's an online course called The Great American Story A Land of Hope.


And it's available to you today or whenever you have time, and that is our story, how as Americans, we've overcome the challenges in our history from those encountered during the American Revolution to the Civil War to the Depression and two world wars. Anyway, studying the great stories from our past inspires us to preserve our liberties and appreciate them all the more. And that's what Hillsdale College professors do.


Those participating in the making of this series and other online courses want you to learn, they get off on it, they get off on teaching.


That's what Hillsdale was all about. They really believe it, Hillsdale, that if if if it were just a greater understanding of the Constitution itself, we wouldn't be having nearly the problems in this country that we have. And I agree with them about that. Sign up, as I say, it's free rush for Hillsdale Dotcom. We have an audio sound bite from Enrico Tateo and Rick Taddeo, a black Cuban dude who is the international chairman of the Proud Boys.


And this is yesterday in the UK Sky News television channel. Talking about Trump telling his organization to stand back and stand by. I don't see this as an endorsement from the president at all by any means. I think he was asked a very pointed question.


The president was asked to disavow white supremacy, which he did two times.


Within the scope of that question, Biden made a crucial mistake by naming our organization for him to disavow. We've been called many names, and probably the most inaccurate name that you can call us is white supremacist, as you can see, as your viewers can see, because Johnny ain't white.


He's black dude ichiban. White supremacy. Up next, Robert Johnson. Now, Mr. Snidely, this goes along with I'm beginning to think that there may be some bleeding of black support in internal Biden polling data because this hysteria on CNN today about Trump not denouncing white supremacy, they're doing everything they can to try to convince everybody watching CNN. Trump's a racist, white supremacist, big white haired Bob Johnson. Bob Johnson is the chairman and the founder of BET Black Entertainment Television.


He was on CNBC yesterday, Squawk Box. He co-hosts with Becky Quick and she said, what did you take away from the debate the other night? I will take the devil I know over the devil. I don't know any time of the week.


So you're you're endorsing Trump?


I'm not endorsing anybody. What I'm saying is the more you know about who will be pulling the levers of economic growth, economic development, taxes, stimulus, regulation, in my opinion, you're better off dealing with somebody you know. I absolutely do not know what Vice President Biden will do. I haven't heard anything clear out of what he said he will do that would scare the hell out of me.


If I'm a Democrat and thinking I own the black vote. Here's a guy saying, I don't know what Vice President Biden will do. Yes, he does. He knows exactly what Biden. He knows it. Democrat when he sees he knows his taxes are going to get raised. He knows he's going to be a wealth tax. He knows it. Biden and the Democrats will be coming after American corporate. He damn well knows it. I haven't heard anything coherent, that's the best guy saying this guy is he's not all there.


I'll take the guy I know Donald Trump the double. I know politicians are devils. I know this guy is economic policy and I like them.


BET founder not endorsing anybody, but he may as well when he says that he's going to be voting for Donald Trump, that.


I believe right on the first of three hours in media, Barry Diller says that New York is over.


Nobody is coming back to New York and working from home doesn't work, according to Barry Diller. He said businesses in New York have been destroyed and ain't happening.


Now, he's a he's a New Yorker through and through he. He may know his opinion does carry some weight, will have that and much else coming up in our final busy hour.


Hi, folks. Welcome back. Great to have you with us. It's Rush Limbaugh, this the EIB Network and the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Studies.


Of all things that matter, telephone number, if you want to be on the program, 800 to eight two two eight eight two. Ladies and gentlemen, I have a sound bite here that I want to play for you. It is from March the 3rd. 2016 in Detroit, Michigan, this was a Republican candidates for president debate, this was a Republican primary debate in the campaign year of 2016. It was March 3rd in Detroit. The co moderator was Chris Wallace.


Here's the question, Mr. Trump. Governor Romney talked about your position on race. And the controversy over your failure to denounce David Duke on Sunday, you have repeatedly disavowed him since then, but I'd like to go deeper than that. What are your views on the Ku Klux Klan and white supremacists?


I totally disavow that Klu Klux Klan. I totally disavow David Duke. I've been doing it now for two weeks. This is you're probably about the 18th person that's asked me the question.


It was very clear that question was also talked about in the form of groups, groups. I want to know which groups are you talking about? You have to tell me which groups. Ultimately, he got to the Klu Klux Klan, which obviously I'm going to disavow. And by the way, if you look at my Twitter account almost immediately after the program, they were disavowed. Again, you know, it's amazing when I do something on Twitter, everybody picks it up, goes all over the place.


But when I did this one, nobody ever picks it up. Take a look at my Twitter account.


I get why. My question is, why did Chris Wallace ask the question again? This is 2016. This is a Republican primary debate. Mr. President. You've repeatedly disavowed David Duke since Sunday, but I like to go deeper. What are your views on the Klan? White supremacist Trump disavows them and is obviously very irritated here that everything he says on Twitter except this gets repeated, reported whenever he denounces anything to do with race, bigotry, racism, white supremacy, it's ignored.


But why ask the question again? And the question kind of answers itself, doesn't it? Why ask the question again? Well, not go ahead and tell me, why do you think the answer is why? Ask the question again? Because because. So Mr. Snarkily said that the reason for asking the question again was to create this excrements storm that's happening right now.


So your theory is that Mr. Wallace wanted to create this excrement storm. Even though he already had asked the question, he had gotten the answer Trump and disavowed white supremacy. David Duke, the Ku Klux Klan four years ago. And he asks again. Meanwhile, Joe Biden has yet to be asked to denounce Black Lives Matter or Antifa, Biden gets away with saying Antifa just an idea, but. Yeah, he hadn't even been asked that why was he against school desegregation?


That's right. Biden haven't even been asked that question. So the whole thing was this is what bugged me about it, I it just the whole thing's a setup. And I'm telling you, there's got to be a reason this stuff just doesn't happen in a vacuum. It's not it's not solely because these people are left wing journalists and Trump's a Republican. Therefore, he's a racist. It's not just that. There is a reason this question is continually asked, particularly right now, and it's because it's very possible that the Democrat candidate is bleeding black votes in their internal polling.


Bob Johnson, the founder of Black Entertainment TV, saying he's voting Trump.


Because he doesn't know what Biden is going to do and Biden can't coherently explain to him what he's going to do. Four years ago, the same moderator asked the same question. And the answer that the moderator got four years ago apparently didn't satisfy him. Because he saw fit to ask the question again, and by the way, it resulted in a gang up because Biden joined the moderator demanding that Trump disavow this and disavow that name them, name them. So you're disavowing.


Did you hear, by the way, in I want to play the sound byte again, there's something that you need to hear and I need to point out to you that happened in this sound bite.


I'm going to find out where I put it. I put the bottom of the stack. Yes.


Grab sound bite number thirty one again. Just play it. I'll tell you when to stop it.


I totally disavow that Klu Klux Klan. I totally disavow David Duke. I've been doing it now for two weeks. This is you're probably about the 18th person that's asked me the question.


It was very clear that question was also talked about in the form of groups.


Christopoulos, did you hear the applause start? If Trump had shut up, the applause would have continued even back then. People are fed up with it. What do you think the reaction this year is? I guarantee you. Four years ago, Trump was getting a standing ovation applause when he said, you're the 18th person to ask me that question. And he still the 18th person, even though there probably been 25 more since then. But I guess the reason I want you to hear this, because the reaction that Trump voters are having to this, I'll guarantee you that they are livid by it.


And every time Trump answers this question, it does it in his own way. They're standing up privately and applauding it. That's why so many are showing up at these rallies. They're doing anything they can to show him they're with him. They're doing everything they can to show him that their support has not wavered, Trump supporters, they're not letting this stuff work on them and they want Trump to know it. But why ask the question again? Why ask the question again?


Question kind of answers itself, doesn't it? Now, here's a little interesting story. This is an AP story. What's the data is going to make sure?


And well, it's this year headline after pandemic delay, Biden launching in-person canvassing, why I thought they had this ramped up now. Stick with me here for a minute, folks. After months of avoiding direct contact with voters because of the pandemic, the Biden campaign is about to launch in-person canvassing efforts across several battleground states.


The decision comes amid growing concern from Democrat officials on the ground in key states.


Who fear that Biden has been giving a significant advantage to President Trump and his Republican allies who have been aggressively courting voters at their doorsteps for months.


The reversal also reflects a sense of rising urgency as polls tighten in key No, Nate Silver is out saying that Biden gained an additional three points after the debate. Nate Silver is out saying Biden, Biden's pulling away from the Drudge Report, said Biden pulling away. It's not even close. The Drudge Report said the betting markets are all in on Biden now. It's up to 80 percent. Trump doesn't have a prayer. What is this story all about anyway?


But there's more to this. Two months ago, you might remember this, but see, you don't have to because I do.


Two months ago, Biden's campaign attacked Trump. And the Republican National Committee. Specifically for using their door to door canvassing, they said it was risking the lives of the staff and it was risking the lives of voters and it was risking becoming a super spreader organization because of the pandemic, because a covid, they accused Trump and the RNC of risking lives by going door to door two months ago.


Any any word on the infection's from the Trump grassroots door to door opera, by the way, you know what else? I have a story for one of my tech blogs, of all places. And they can't believe it. They can't believe it that covid-19 is not spreading in schools after the schools have been opened, they can't believe it there they got a story, says one of the most unlikely things that you will never going to believe. But covid is not spreading in the schools like we all thought it would.


Really, who is we all thought it would. Now. Biden, two months after getting all over Trump for risking lives by going campaigning door to door, is launching door to door campaigning. You know, because Biden's running away with it. I read the Drudge Report, I read Nate Silver. I read Charlie Cook, I read it all. Biden is running away with it. He's running away with Pennsylvania. He's running away with Michigan. He is running away with Nevada.


He is running away with New Hampshire. He's running away with Wisconsin. He's running away with Michigan. He's running away with everything.


So why. Is he sending in ground troops a month out from the election? Why? Why wouldn't Plug's risk all of these people's lives? That he has been protecting all of these months. Why would he risk these people's lives in states he's clearly running away with? Can somebody explain this to me? Because, ladies and gentlemen, it doesn't make any sense to get the election won, the polls say so. Nate Silver says on the Drudge Report has stories up there that say so.


The betting markets say so. It's over. Trump's making everybody mad. Everybody hates Trump. Trump's a white supremacist. He won't denounce white supremacy. Trump's a reprobate troubles me. And he wouldn't let poor Joe speak in the debate. So much so that we got to Trump's microphone off at the next debate. In fact, we had to cancel the next two debates. Biden was winning them so bad we got to cancel them. That's right, Biden was kicking ass so much in that first debate that we got to cancel the next two so he doesn't win two big.


And now Biden's going to go door to door on his campaign is door to door canvassing after denouncing the Trump campaign.


Here's Barry Diller, audio sound bite number 50 in the Fox Business Channel named Maria Bartiromo. You got Expedia and Digital Media Group Chairman Barry Diller. What are you seeing in New York, Barry, what's your take on recovery post pandemic, the protesting, the looting that we saw earlier this year in New York City?


We opened our offices actually at Labor Day. We said, please come if you can. And truthfully, no one comes there. So much of the city idle. It is not paintable. Drive anywhere, walk anywhere. And you see local destruction. We've got to get used to the risks and we've got to take some risks, particularly people who are not vulnerable and get back to full light work from home is not productive. The concept of work from home does not work.


Full stop.


Oh wow. Is not there not very many people saying this. He's a he's a lone voice. A lot of people, particularly running corporations that are like Tim Cook says he's ecstatic with the work Apple employees are doing from home, for example.


But here he is, working from home is not productive.


Full stop. It doesn't work, they open their offices on Labor Day and nobody showed up. New York ain't coming back, Trump said past couple of weeks, New York's not coming back, not as currently being run, a combination of de Blasio and Cuomo.


But it was I l Rumbo who offered that opinion months ago. You just handwriting on the wall, you can't. Can't shut down a city like this. And you can't you can't teach people that, hey, you know, you don't have to live in New York anymore, you don't have to go into the city to work anymore. You can't teach people that.


And then expect them to just ignore it. If people don't have to spend twelve hundred dollars a month on a closet that they live in for rent, they're not going to do it. And they have learned that they don't have to do that. Anyway, I'll take a break, we will continue, there's much more straight ahead right after this. OK, we head back to the phones. Rush Limbaugh to western Florida. This is Chase says here. You're 18 years old, Chase.


Welcome to the program.


Hey, Rush, it's an honor to talk to you. My whole family is praying for you. Well, thank you very much. Great to have you here. Great to be here. Two quick things. My grandma, she used to give me a rush of books to read. I tune into the podcast all the time, the show whenever I can. If it weren't for you, I don't think I'd be the same conservative I am today.


Well, thank you. That is very much appreciated. I can't tell you how much.


And the second thing, there's a lot more young Trump supporters than anyone see. And I think they're too afraid to speak up because at the very minimum, they're going to lose friends and probably going to get attacked. And to me, that just shows we're on the right side of history.


You know, I hear that a lot, not just from young people. I hear it from all age groups. There's plenty of adults out there, Chase, that are afraid to put a Trump sign in the yard or a bumper sticker on the car or even to say that they're for Trump because they literally fear that somebody is going to target them either for physical violence or vandalism. Mm hmm. Yeah. You know, I have the Trump flag in my room, but I won't take it outside.


Well, how many I like this all anecdotal. None of it scientific, but how many how many people your age do you know who support Trump and why do they. Well, I have quite a few I have actually a friend group on the other side of Florida that I talk to all the time, and I, you know, just around my school and stuff, I'd say like half around my school, they I mean, they support Trump because for the most part, they're looking at their future and they know he's the best in terms of the economy and.


Yeah, they're just thinking about what's best for the country. That's fascinating, not because if that's if that's true, you got a bunch of 18, 19 year olds thinking about things that some adults don't think about. I mean, you're thinking about the economy and your future and you've already ascertained that Trump.


Makes a best option for you, portends the best option. That's that's that's that's great. Well, let me I'm glad you Chase.


It's it's heartwarming to learn that people like you were out there and not not just listening to the program, but thinking the way you are.


And I hope that it can.


You sound like you have a leader characteristic about you, and I hope that you continue to do that because we need you.


We need exactly people like you who when when the time comes fearlessly. Tell people what you think and are able to explain it. Thank you so much, Terry in Houston, your next. Great to have you home. Major players.


Rush, I'll get right to my point. I think that part of this onslaught of of the racial component in the media is a little bit of fear as well. I know that yesterday the Gateway pundit, Jim Hall, had an article that stated that Google searches for Hunter Biden were up ten fold after the debate. And I think they're panicked because they've done their best to deflect from Hunter Biden and the corruption of Joe Biden.


Now, that is I had not seen that. That's that fascinates me because Hunter Biden, you had to really be listening closely to catch that. And for enough people have been made curious about that to cause a tenfold increase in Google searches.


That could explain a lot. You know, it's not not an everyday conversation, but it is an everyday occurrence, online attacks by cyber hackers who are trying to get your data. And it happens constantly. You're just not aware of it until somebody worms their way in and gets your data. And even then, it may take you a long time to find out.


It's not personal. It's just that your information's in the database of entities like insurance companies, online shopping sites, everything in between. Cyber hackers want data. They go to those big time databases and they try to get as many people as they can. Then they start selling things on the dark web. And when one of these hackers gets access to these gold mines of data, they are able to make money off their score.


They open accounts illegally. They file bogus tax returns and get a refund before you file yours. I mean, it runs the gamut.


And very often you are left to defend yourself and try to make sense of what happened because you don't know.


There's nobody to tell you when it happens. They announce these hacks months, sometimes weeks, but usually months after they happen. But there's no reason you have to face this kind of thing alone.


You can get online identity theft protection from LifeLock, and when you do that, then you'll have a if this does happen, they try to stop this kind of stuff from happening. But if it does, you'll find out much sooner. Sooner you find out sooner you can shut it down.


LifeLock membership includes 24/7 online monitoring of billions of transactions. Every day may detect illegal activity involving your name, your account, that's when you are immediately notified. It also includes access to the restoration team. This is a feature that if somehow you do get hacked and your data ends up being made public and bought and sold, they've got a team of people whose only job is to restore your account to the way it was before the hack. That's why it's called a restoration team.


And they don't stop until they have succeeded. There's nobody else that offers this. Now, no one company can prevent all identity theft, but LifeLock services are second to none. Sign up today. They will give you a free dark web scan. That's so you can find out if your name is already online and being trafficked. By cyber hackers who buy and sell all this stuff illegally. So here's the new website, LifeLock dot com slash scan.


LifeLock dot com slash scan, make sure to use my name, you'll get 25 percent off the sign up process. McDonough, Georgia.


Joanne, you're next. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hi. Hello. Hi, how are you doing? I'm doing good, thank you. Russia, I love listening to you every day when and I'm telling you that Trump going to win. I'm a black Democrat. And I voted for him in 2016, and I'm going to vote for him again. Biden. He is empty. Well, that's true even. The vice president for eight years, he has been a senator, a politician for altogether 47 or maybe 50 years.


That's right. He does nothing for the black people. He is racist. Yes, that's what Kamala Harris, his running mate, said about him, your dad said it and she said it right. And and my husband, I used to ride with my husband, Otar truck driver, he go all over the States 2016, that's all we saw. Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump. I don't go with him now because he changed company. And he told me, he say, that's all I see is nothing but Trump all all up in Pennsylvania.


Well, that's right. There aren't any Biden signs out there. I don't think they've made any exactly. You might see one, but believe me, we keep driving, keep going to see maybe 20 more of Trump.


Well, how come you decided to vote for Trump four years ago? And why are you going to do it again? I do not like Obama. Because he didn't do too much for the black people. He did some things that I like, but overall, no. And by you know, he got other people running the show and people, you know, boy, you are perceptive.


You are you're absolutely right about that. He does have other people running the show.


Yeah. Running the show. And Kamala, Kamala, Kamala. She can't wait to get in, but she's not going to get in. You know, I I come from a Democrat family and I have to fight against all of them. And I and you know what, I don't change, I'm not going to change.


Well, I don't either. And that's rare. You know, a lot of people change on a dime, on a whim with the wind blowing, they'll change.


And I tell my mom, I tell my son we can be in, you know, buses. And just in all that, I say whatever I want.


Tell me, what is it you like about Trump? I mean, you voted for him in 2016. You're going to vote. What does he like about him?


You know, he he's a voice for the people. He have the people out. You see, it's like something you want to say, but you can't say what he has so far, you know, say for me, he's great for he'll tell you why, but he's not a politician.


See, this is this is this is the little secret. Joanne, you've stated it. You have stayed extremely perceptibly. He says things I can't say. He says things I think he says things I feel. And that is the bond, folks, that is the connection. That exists, and it's it's a rare thing most politicians don't most politicians don't even have that bond. A lot of entertainers don't.


Many do. It's a rare, rare thing, particularly to have it as deeply as as Trump does. He says what I'm thinking. He says what I'm feeling. He says what? I want to say it all.


It all ties in together. Joanne, I'm glad you called. I really appreciate it. Up next is Delima in Sandusky, Ohio. Welcome. Great to have you here. Thank you, Russ, it's nice to be here megadose. And God bless. Thank you. Thank you very much. I have a comment from the first time, well, since President Trump was elected, I saw Chris Wallace on his Sunday show on Fox and from the very first beginning when Trump said that the media was the enemy of the people.


I saw Chris Wallace on a Sunday, Sunday show. He made a comment about that because obviously he's part of the media and he was very offended about that remark. He said that I am part of the media and I am not the enemy of the people. And ever since then, he was quite offended and he made those remarks. And he has obviously been against Trump and he's very quiet about it. He's very sneaky about it. But he is against Trump.


He always has been. And if you watch his interviews and the things he says that Trump and even Trump at that last interview that he had with Chris Wallace, that is at the White House, Trump even alluded to those things and how he does treat him and that Chris Wallace isn't quite fair in his views or his. Is the different things he says about, you know, I hear this and I understand I understand your thinking on it.


I am all I can do is put myself to try to understand this. My whole career dilemma I have had to hear. I mean, there was a cover story on Time magazine with a picture of me that was doctored and had my mouth in a very churlish expression with cigar smoke coming out of it. Is Rush Limbaugh good for America? I've had to put up with. Is there too much democracy because of talk radio? I mean, I've I've had my career insulted.


I've had the industry that I'm in, talk radio insulted. I have been personally insulted by it all.


By people with name names, I mean, you put me on the cover of Time magazine, is Rush Limbaugh bad for America?


And and I don't take any of it personally. And I mean, I I wouldn't if I encountered the people at Time magazine who doctored the photo and then wrote the story, I wouldn't treat them any differently than if I didn't know who they were. Now, that's just me. I just I can't. You may be right that the and I know these journalists take themselves deadly seriousness, that sort of thing, I, I do not take myself so damn seriously that I can't be criticized.


But I do assess the criticism, the criticism, and I've just described to you that I got is just over the top. It's jealousy. It's jealousy of a whole lot of things, so I kind of just smile, I thank God for my enemies. I thank God for waking up every day. So it's it's hard for me to relate to people who would get upset with Trump, media is the enemy of the people. I mean, I can understand getting mad at it, but to carry a grudge around because of it, it's something I.


I can't relate. But you might be right. You might explain why this never ending harping. On. White supremacy. You know who started this? I look at them and did the Trump start calling him the enemy of the people in fake news or do they fake news before he started calling them that? Did he call them fake news because they were lying about him? But even calling them fake news, I guess there are a number of them who do take it seriously, get very outraged and livid over it.


And and take it personally, rather than laugh it off, you may be right, could well be right. I got to go, though. I'm glad you called. We'll be back and continue after. All right, welcome back. Great to have you. We may know a little bit more here about why Plug's has authorized a campaign to all of a sudden start canvassing door to door. Remember two months ago, the Biden campaign criticized the Trump campaign for exposing people to death?


covid-19, how dare you, how dare you plug said to Trump, how dare you risk your campaign staff lives by making them go canvass door to door? I'm not going to do it. And I didn't do it. He didn't do it. Now he started canvassing door to door in battleground states.


Well, I have an NBC News story here by David Wasserman, House editor for the Cook Political Report headlined Trump is Winning the Voter Registration Battle Against Biden in Key States.


What was that? Do it again, Trump is winning. The voter registration battle against Biden in key states. It may not be enough to erase Biden's lead, but it could boost the president of the race right now. Come on.


See, this is what gets me. You go to the Drudge Report and there's 15 stories about how it's over. You got Nate Silver, you got the betting market, all these other stories, it's over. Trump keeps losing ground, even though Fox has a story, not a single vote they can find has changed in Michigan battleground states. After the debate, I could have told you that that debate wasn't going to change anybody's minds. It wasn't it was not going to drive people away from Trump.


There was no way that was going to happen despite what the media wanted.


So Trump is winning the voter registration drive.


It may not be enough. It may not be enough to pull Trump ahead of Biden, who's leading handily. No, no. But at least it's got him worried enough that Biden's going to start going door to door. Steve Scully, I did not know this until last night, Steve Scully, Seaspan is the moderator for the next debate, October 15th in Miami Town Hall. I did not know the guy worked for Biden. Did you know this Steve Scully was an intern in Biden's office when he was in college.


He was later a staff assistant to Teddy Kennedy in the communications I had no how is it that a guy who worked for Biden gets the gig of moderating a debate? Pardon? Well, it fits exactly right, so we need somebody from the Trump Organization to debate to moderate the last debate.


And we got a picture. Apparently, there was this gigantic party that the Biden Beach bash in 2016. And Steve Scully was there, he was all excited, Steve Scully, who worked in Biden's office as an intern, was excited to be at the Biden Beach Bash. And we have a photo from June 14th at the Biden Beach Bash 60. Put it up there, Brian. We're waiting to switch it for the digital camera. We having trouble? It is.


There it is. That's Plug's that's his wife, Dr. Jill Biden in the background. That a little girl.


Oh, good. I just the. Oh. Oh, my God. I just. Oh, I'm sorry, folks. Oh, my God, I. Take it down, take it down, take it down. I'll be back in just I'm so sorry, man, I tell you, folks, I am I am tired. I'm wiped out. I'm looking forward to being able to chill for a bit.


Why is that now? The photo. Look, I don't know. I shouldn't have made a big deal out of it. Now, people are curious, what the hell was that about Rush? Well, we put this picture up there on the demo cam of the Biden Beach Bash.


16 and it's it's Biden, what would you as a 10 year old girl, 12 year?


I don't know.


And I just I just noticed something about the picture that had I noticed that I wouldn't have put the picture up on the dental care, that I was putting it up there because it had to do with the Biden Beach bash. And that Steve Skullion tweeted the picture out there and he's debating the the air is moderating the next debate. I mean, somebody I was an intern for, Biden is moderating the next debate for crying out loud.


Anyway, anyway, I'm so glad you were able to join us tonight, folks.


Open line Friday tomorrow.


Be here, be revived and ready because I will be.


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I heart radio is number one for podcasts, and it's easy to see why. Listen to the Buck Sexton show on the I Heart radio app or wherever you get your podcasts.


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