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Welcome to today's edition of the Rush Limbaugh Show podcast. So, ladies and gentlemen, how many times have you heard me say how many times have I said that the news that will affect the election hasn't happened yet? Every time they issued a poll in the past six months, they said don't pay any attention to it. Doesn't mean anything. The events that will affect the election haven't happened yet, anybody want to dispute that money from the Southern Command in sunny south Florida?


It's open line Friday. Where we specialize in perfection, we specialize in pursuing excellence. It is the Rush Limbaugh program. It's the open line Friday edition. Now, that just means that when we go to the phones, the callers have even more freedom, latitude and leeway than they normally do. This program is a benevolent dictatorship. When you strip it all down, I run it. I'm a good guy. And I am fair and honest and I treat everybody calls this program with the utmost respect, but it's also a radio show that we got to keep people listening to.


And I can't I can't allow for things to get boring here. Now, I'm not boring. So that means if there's anything boring on this program, it will be the callers can't permit that. So Monday through Thursday, we screened it pretty tightly. That's the thing on Friday, though, we don't screen it very tightly, though, pretty much whatever you want to talk about, Fair Game and I run that great professional risk turning the program over to the nonprofessionals.


It's fun. I look forward to it and we're at it again, 800 to eight to two eight eight two is the number if you want to be on the program.


President Trump and the first lady and Melania Trump announced early this morning that they have both tested positive for covid-19.


I was made aware of this. Just before 1:00 a.m. today. And in fact, I was in two stages, I had been made aware that it was possible and that. The president and the first lady had been given tests and the results were being awaited, and it was shortly before 1:00 a.m. that I found out what the results were.


And I have to tell you folks, I was crushed. You know, it's really. Strange, the emotions that hit you, you learn a lot about yourself and you learn a lot about what you really think of the virus has been around here since the beginning of the year, essentially February, March. And depending on whether or not you know, somebody who has contracted it, is it.


Is dealt with by people in different ways, if you don't know anybody who has come down with covid-19, you think of it in a certain set of ways. If you know somebody who has. You think of it entirely differently, if you know somebody who has been killed by it, you think of it entirely differently than people who only know of it from a distance. And then you add to all of that what you think of the virus in the first place.


Do you think of it as a death sentence if anybody gets it and a lot of people do. You know, we've run the stories over the course of this past year. Discuss them. Where something like 30 percent. If I get this, 30 percent of the American people, like nine million Americans, believe that everybody who gets covid-19 dies from it.


That's what it was, and it's something like nine million Americans have died. That's right, 30, 30 percent equals nine million Americans. That's a huge I think it's over half the American people think that we're very close to it. I'd have to look up that story. But the bottom line is the way the virus has been treated in the media, the way it's been reported on the pictures of boarded up cities and towns. The everything that's happened, the economic downturns, as a result, the the blue states cities and the blue states, states that have been kept shut down because of the virus artificially on purpose to affect the economy of this country and to make it sluggish to prevent its full fledged return for political reasons.


But however you see this, the impression that a lot of Americans have is that this virus is a death sentence, but it isn't. But nevertheless, you still have the way it's reported, the way we are altering every aspect of American life because of it. You almost have to excuse people thinking that it's a death sentence because it is being treated as such. It's being reported as such day in and day out. Pretty much every public health suggestion, admonition, local, city or state requirement is rooted or based on the fact that if you contract this virus, you are in huge, deep, big trouble.


Everybody is according to the way it's reported. So you can't.


Blame people in a way for thinking that, but here is I watch Dr. Marty Makary today. He's he's a brilliant cancer specialist at Johns Hopkins and he is a regular on Fox News. And he has been talking sense about the the virus and the way it's the way it impacts various people and.


You know what to do to prevent it, to keep from getting into these really, really good. And he said today that. Melania Trump. From all of the best kept medical data that we have since the inception of this virus in the United States, she has a ninety nine point nine percent chance of a full recovery.


And then he said that President Trump has a 99 percent chance of a full recovery. That took me back because I have been under the belief that President Trump, as somebody who's over 65, by the way, he's not obese, they're trying to say that he's obese, overweight, but he's not not obese. But regardless, they say that he's got demographic. Characteristics. That put him at greater risk. Four really bad things happening if he contracted the virus.


And here's Marty, Dr. McCarey saying 99 percent chance of a. Full recovery, in my case, getting covid would be dire. It's all about whether or not your immune system is firing on all cylinders and whether you can mount some kind of your body can mount a defense. Against it. President Trump, I have to tell you, I when I heard this at 1:00 a.m., I was crushed, folks, I was crushed and I've been examining why was I crushed?


Is it because of what I think about the virus? It's the it's the belief system that has evolved in me based on the way the virus has been reported on in the in the media and independent ways. I've informed myself about it. I mean, you'd rather not get it, even though the president is said to have a 99 percent chance of a full recovery.


To me, you know, all I could think about and just share with you the rush of emotions that happened instantaneously. I was crushed and I was trying to put myself in president and the first lady are in the residence of the White House. What are they thinking? How is this impacting them? What really not not the public face they're going to put forward, but rather just as human beings. How is. This effect. How does it affect anybody who gets it?


But President Trump isn't just anybody president of the United States. And then I had flash memories of that night in the House chamber. On what was it, February 4th, the State of the Union? Where the president. Bestowed upon me, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and I just I saw this larger than life individual prowling. At the podium that night, State of the Union House chamber, larger than life, see, that's the key. We're dealing with somebody here to all of us, I don't care whether you hate the guy.


I don't care whether you think that he is a lying worthless. Morally bankrupt, bad orange man, he is still larger than life, in fact, I would venture. To say that if you hate the man, he dominates your life more than. People's lives who love him are dominated, you are so obsessed with the guy, your dislike or your hatred is so consuming that you can't stop thinking about him and that makes him larger than life.


You wouldn't know what to do with him if he weren't here. You wouldn't know what to do with yourself. You have those of you who do not like the bad Orangeman, those of you who have convinced yourself that every problem you face in life is his fault. What a convenient excuse you've got. Donald Trump is the reason you're unhappy. Be miserable, see, have no job, no job prospects. Whatever your reason for not liking the guy, it is all consuming.


He is larger than life to people love him, to people that respect him, to people who have invested the liberal hope and future of our country. In Trump, he's larger than life. This cannot happen. This. Cannot be allowed to happen. Whether you love, like, dislike or hate Donald Trump, the one thing that you know.


And you either love this or you hate this. He's invincible, seems invincible, imagine Fox to the American left and the Democrat Party. They've done everything they know how. To destroy Donald Trump, I mean, literally destroy. Not just getting thrown out of office, they have tried to destroy his reputation, his family, his life, his past, his future, they've thrown every weapon they have and they have. Watch every weapon just bounce off. Making not even a dent, they haven't stopped him.


They may have slowed down the implementation of an agenda, but they haven't stopped Donald Trump to them. What do they want to admit it or not seems invincible, particularly health wise. I've known him for a long time, I've never seen him sick, never heard of him being sick, even with the common cold.


So knowing what I knew or what I thought I knew about president being in the number one demographic danger zone. And. This this rushing flood of emotions about what must they have felt like when they got the results back? And I know what that is, by the way.


Me and my family know what those feelings are when you get a diagnosis and just, you know, some people think covid-19 is a death sentence, other people know that it's not. But. Can't blame either one because, as I say, the way it's been reported will shape the way you think about it. And then. When something happens like this to somebody you love, when it happens to you, it's a whole different thing, you deal with it.


In different ways, when it happens to you, be it covid-19 or some other. Diagnosis. Regardless whether it happens to you or to somebody, you know, respect, have immense hope invested in.


Life is precious. We all only get one and I look at Donald Trump and. If there's ever been anybody who has lived life. To the maximum potential, it would have to be Donald Trump. You know, William F. Buckley Jr. was the same way. An incredible life lived, not seemingly a wasted waking moment. Same thing with Trump. Then here comes illness, and it's it's the one. It is one of many common denominators that no matter how you live your life.


No matter what kind of person you are, here comes illness, it's the great equalizer. It is the great common denominator. We. Used to be able to say all of us, meaning Americans, it's not true now. Still true for a vast majority, but it's not universally true, we love and respect the office of the presidency so much. The office of the presidency is revered. It's revered in our country. It's revered among our people, revered in our history.


It is crucially important. It is the most important. Leadership job in the world. Less than 50 people. Have held it. And you hate to and when JFK was I was nine years old, was 63, 1963, 12 years old, 50 when John Kennedy was assassinated, that even at 12 years old. You know, this is not right. This is it was devastating. Just anything happening to the occupant of that office. Is amplified and compounded because of the office that we love and respect and revere so much.


We love this president, we do. We love how hard he's fighting for us, for the American people, regardless what's thrown at him. He doesn't stop, doesn't stop fighting for us, for greatness, for America.


Got to take a break, but I'm not through. Hang on.


But right before we went to break, it was announced that the Bidens have tested negative for covid-19. Everybody at the debate was tested in. The Bidens have tested negative. Senator Mike Lee from Utah has announced that he has tested positive for covid-19. And, of course, Hope Hicks, who is the ranking presidential aide, tested positive for it. And it is thought that she is the the spreader here. I don't know if that's still an active thought.


But she does she does have and it's thought that's where the president and first lady came down with it, at least the last I saw of this. Anyway, before I go to break, very quickly now, we. Speaking for myself and people I know and many of you, we love Donald Trump, we love. And support, we we continue to invest in him because of his continued fight for us. And for the country and for the American people, he's the only one engaging in it.


I mean, there might be some other Republicans that are on the same page and making the effort, but he is the leader. He's the one that gives everybody the freedom to move in the cover. And he is. Unwavering in his professed love for and support for this country, and I'm going to have some thoughts on what this election is really all about. You know, you want to make it as simple as as you can for people. So that's that's coming up.


If I had a medal to give Donald Trump, I would give him one, sadly. I, I don't, but if I did, I would we wish him and the first lady the best speedy recovery and so forth.


We'll deal with some of the hate that's out there next when we get back. So don't go away.


By the way, Amy, Connie Barrett has also tested negative for the for the virus. She has been in contact with Senators Mike Lee, who have tested positive for it.


So I guess a lot of people that will be announcing the results of tests. I just saw Chris Wallace on FOX and he's not going to get. He was at the debate, too. You might you might have remembered him. He was the moderator. And he said he's not going to get tested until Monday. He and his wife, because you got to wait, you got to wait for this stuff to happen and settle in out there.


It doesn't necessarily show up within a day or two of coming into contact with someone who has. The virus, a lot of people are taking the occasion now of the president's contracting covid-19 and the first lady to say that he didn't wear the mask, it's obvious it's the mask that's the problem. He had just worn the mask. This wouldn't have happened. They say he's the most protected human being on Earth. He lives in the most secure bubble of any human being on earth.


Everybody that has a meeting with Trump, everybody that's going to be in the same room with him. Has to get tested for covid-19 before they're allowed in and still. He got it. Still, the first lady got it, and some are saying that just proves that you got to wear the mask, that just proves you got to listen to the science. And I don't know, does it? When the president wearing them, it cannot even be conclusively say that they would not have gotten covid-19 had he been wearing a mask at all of these.


Meetings and places and rallies and fundraisers and so forth, and he had attended, grabbed sound bite number number 21. This is David Rodham Gergen today on CNN. Former are the anchor, John King said. What goes through your mind on this day when you think about where we are in the calendar and the consequential election? That's just ahead.


Know the president in the White House come out and show some humility about this to recognize, in fact, that they could have done a better job. I think it's going to go one way. If, on the other hand, what we see is a president within just a few days bouncing into our living rooms by television and saying, I'm the guy who beat Colbert, I'm just staying here for extra caution sake. But I took it like a man and everybody else can do it.


And we've turned a corner. And if he's defiant, in other words, I think it's going to go a very different way. And I don't think other people have much sympathy for him.


Now, what must you what must you be thinking if that is the way you're thinking he's going to react to it. That's David Rodham Gergen, former Clinton adviser, former Bush adviser, former. He's Mr. Washington. Conventional wisdom, if you want to know.


What the conventional wisdom is on any given day topic in Washington, D.C., just find out what David Rodham Gergen is saying about it.


He says if he has some humility here, could be could be OK. But if what we see. Is a president within just a few days bouncing back into our living rooms on television saying I'm the guy that beat covid.


And if I can do it, everybody can do it. If he's defiant, in other words, I think he's going to go a very different way, I don't think the public will have much sympathy for him whatsoever if he turns into a braggart about having beaten covid-19. This has been one of the ever since the campaign of 2016. The one thing that Trump critics have thrown at him is constantly is that he has no, no, no humility. And he does.


And it's on parade may be fleeting, but you can see it in every one of his rallies. He has humility and he's got empathy, but the humility is it's on display, you can see him. He fully thanks everybody for showing up.


He lets them know. His supporters, the crowds, he lets them know how much he appreciates it, how. Much it means to him, he may say it in 30 seconds, he may say it in 10 seconds, but he lets these people know and his supporters know it.


Now, Michael Moore thinks that Trump may be lying about it. That he doesn't have covid-19, that he's making it all up just to get some sympathy because he knows he's losing the presidential election. Michael Moore floated the theory. That Trump could be lying about having covid-19 to prepare us and to counteract his game and to gain sympathy ahead of the election. He said Democrats, liberals, the media and others have always been wrong to simply treat Trump as a buffoon, as a dummy, as a jackass.


Yeah, he's all those things, but he's also canny.


He is clever, he outfoxed, call me, so I heard Salafi Outfoxed call me. He outfoxed Mueller, Mueller, there was nothing to outfox Mr. Moore. There was no evidence he didn't outfox anybody. That was in fact.


Well, we don't want to go down that road again. We've been down there. But it was so damn dangerous what they were trying to do. They were trying literally to have a guy convicted, thrown in jail without the any evidence whatsoever of any crime having occurred. They were making it all up. It was the most scandalous thing to happen in Washington in my lifetime, that whole Russian collusion, meddling in the election thing. Trump didn't outfox anybody, and I'm not trying to take anything away from him.


There was nothing to outfox. Those people had no evidence. Now, you might say, well, brush. It was still a monumental achievement. You got the whole town of Washington, you got the whole government gunning for you, and you still beat them back. Yeah, I acknowledge that. But he did not fox anybody anyway. Michael Moore believes the point is Michael Moore's proving the point about whatever. You hate him, you love him. He's still invincible to you.


You still can't lay a glove on him. He outfoxed call me. Comey is now so humiliated and embarrassed that Comey is running around. I don't remember, I don't recall you remember James Comey was Mr. Government, Mr. Honorable, Mr. the last man in Washington you can trust this guy was. So you want to talk about no humility. You want to talk about no grace. You want to talk about no empathy. James Comey was one of the most falsely manufactured images of purity.


That we have ever had in government or in Washington. This guy lived off what is obviously now a totally contrived reputation for honor and integrity.


What's he been reduced to? Hillary Clinton, I don't know, my mind is Jello, I can't recall, I don't remember. It's his only way out. I don't remember. And yet for. Three years, James Comey is assuring everybody that Trump. Is a Russian agent that Trump is a traitor. Anyway, as far as Michael Moore is concerned, he's outfoxed all these guys, he outfoxed 20 Republicans in the Republican primary, and then he did the same thing to Democrats when he won the White House, despite receiving fewer popular votes than Hillary Clinton.


Morrison is an evil genius, and I raise the possibility of him lying about having covid-19 to prepare us and to counteract his game, he knows being sick tends to gain someone's sympathy.


He's not above weaponized like this. This is a Facebook post, by the way, put up just hours after Trump announced that he and the first lady have covid-19 early this morning.


Yeah, he's losing the election. He needs to do something here to rebound really quickly.


So it could just be making all of this up. The New York Times is beside itself. Two things. Here's a Newt Gingrich tweet, just when you think The New York Times can't get any dumber, they tweet this. If Trump becomes sick, it could raise questions about whether he should remain on the ballot at all. Pelosi out there now saying Trump won, not even debating, but this is the end of it. Biden needs to not debate anymore.


You put a put a lid on it. No more debates for a guy that won the debate. Hands down. They sure seem eager not to do any more of them.


Times reporters Peter Baker and Maggie Haberman say that Trump's positive test throws the nation's leadership into uncertainty, and then The New York Times had an editorial.


Calling Trump's infection the result of his deadly foolish recklessness. No matter how you feel about Trump's performance as president, we feel pretty strongly that it's been a disaster, writes The Times. This is another crisis for a nation reeling from a year that almost seems apocalyptic. Trump's impeachment covid-19 a popular outcry over racial injustice, the death of John Lewis and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, catastrophic wildfires, and now this, a reckless president whose irresponsibility has endangered not only himself and his family, but the stability of the country.


Like throwing the executive branch into chaos, another crisis, this one fully of Trump's own making. What they want to do, they want to throw him out of office, they want to get him out, that they want to get rid of Pince, they want to install Pelosi.


And Pelosi is even keen to the idea. OK, to the phones we go, it's open line Friday and I always try to get started on the phones in the in the first hour.


Takes some discipline, but we're going to do it. We're going to start in Redding, Connecticut, this ruban. Welcome, Rubin. Great to have you here, sir. Hi, Rose.


Megadose. Thank you. And Godspeed to you. You have my family's prayers for your health and speedy and full recovery.


Well, thank you very much, sir. I appreciate that. You're welcome. You're welcome. Hey, Russell, the reason I'm calling is that if I hadn't heard the news myself earlier today and I just turned into your monologue. Yeah, I would have thought you were eulogizing the president and you're scaring me there. He sat down in the dumps and I was talking to him like he was in the past tense.


Is that right? That's fascinating. Yes. You go back and listen to yourself. You see what I'm talking about? Well, you know, it's you know, it's a good point. I don't get to listen to myself the way all of you do.


Because I'm too busy doing it, if I were to go back and listen to somebody, know what I said, so it's I can't possibly hear. This program is heard by by by you. I don't think that I could possibly appreciate how great this show is, not like you all do, because I'm I'm too busy doing it. But your weight your observation here is fascinating to me, because that was one of my points. It all depends on how you perceive this virus, how you perceive the reporting on the virus.


I'm telling you, that's why I went to the numbers of 30 percent. Nine million Americans believe that everybody who gets the covid-19 virus dies from it. Why do they think this? I guarantee you it's because of the way it's been reported in the media. And so if if what if you heard my comments on this. As a eulogy, well, I didn't in no way do I think the president is going to succumb to this. But it was more a sober reaction.


To that just seems of all people that are invincible to things like this, Donald Trump is the top of that list and there aren't very many people on the list, but I'm still fast. You heard it as a quazi eulogy. And if if that's. I think that's largely in part because of the way I. Have been.


Conditioned to react to the virus, what I've been conditioned to think that it is, and plus there's a personal component here, too, and that is I because of my circumstances, if I were to get it, it would it would be dire.


It would be.


That's why I've had to, you know, put hermit 101, reclose 101 into. Full fledged practice here. It's all about the immune system and whether or not you can mount a fight against it, but I appreciate I appreciate the observation.


I didn't I didn't mean for that to be the perception. I'm glad that you shared it with me. I'm glad you called, too. That's why we wanted to put you up first to get this guy to even I at times can learn how things have happened here are heard and perceived by it's very valuable. Here's Koni Lake.


Hang on a minute, Lake Orion, Michigan, great to have you. I was going to say onion, I wouldn't wear my glasses and I can't be like onion. I never heard like. So anyway, how are you doing, Connie? Good.


Love you. Love the president. You did sound kind of sad there in the beginning. So my positive spin is this is going to be a good turning point for our president. He'll be able to speak and relate to people, you know, once he gets through this, what treatments he's had, etc.. And my other comment is that NASCAR 100 percent, you know, so to start with. God bless you.


Let me go back to why do you think this is a good turning point in a campaign or a turning point period because he'll be able to relate to the people?


Yes, he has it now. And once he gets through it, which he will certainly.


So you think that my positive spin on your side.


So you think I sounded sad? Yes, I did. No, no, no, no.


I was not here. I'm I'm appreciative of the of the feedback. Yeah. So the first caller sound like you're delivering a eulogy. You think that I was projecting sadness all. Well, look, I'm not happy that he and Melanie have contracted it.


Yeah. But I think this is a good point for the president. He's basically healthy. He's going to make it through it. He'll be able to speak to, you know, America. That's what I said.


And I thought I thought I made it anyway. So you think this will help him relate to people more now that he himself has come down with the virus, that he'll be able to relate more to people who have now that I'm sorry, you want some interpretation, I'm interpreting or interpreting you as saying the president really doesn't relate to people very well.


At 46 percent, Trump's predebate job approval is the highest since May. This is a Gallup poll. And there's another fascinating aspect to this Gallup poll I haven't seen reported yet.


Stand by. It's all coming up.


And greetings to you. Music lovers, thrill seekers, conversationalists on across the fruited plain. You are tuned to the most. Listen to radio talk show in America.


And it is Friday night from the Southern Command in sunny South Florida. It's open line Friday, open line Friday. Not only do you have more latitude, leeway and freedom and whatever you want to talk about as a caller on the program, we try to take more callers on Friday than we do Monday through Thursday. There's no format to it. We're just trying to make the effort.


To grab more calls, telephone number 800, number two eight two two eight eight two, the email address L Rushville at EIB Net Dot U.S.. You know, there are a lot of people. Who have contracted the virus, the governor of Virginia, Ralph, now them you remember him, he is a doctor. He's the one that painted himself up in blackface in med school.


And the Democrats thought that were funny, no black lives matter or problem, that he got it. He's a doctor, he got perfect lockdown, he got it. President Trump is a germophobia. He lives probably in the most secure environment, any human being in the world lives in constant testing, everybody around him, constant testing. He got it. You can look at the mitigation efforts against covid six feet social distancing, wear a mask and still people that social distance and wear masks have contracted the virus.


It's a virus. The virus doesn't. Oh, here's a mask, I'm going to go somewhere else. Oh, that's too far away, six feet, I can't get there, I don't I don't know that it works that way. I look, I'm not against people taking whatever steps they think will work to prevent getting it and so forth. But I don't think it's safe to say that there is a universal set of behaviors that will guarantee that you don't get it.


You know what? There probably is one. And even this one is, for most people, impossible. And I mean that literally impossible, the best way of ensuring. That you don't get this is to never, ever come into personal contact with another human being. Now, if that's what it required, if there was, let's say there's a killer virus out there, not not this, let's say it's a killer virus and the only way to avoid it was to avoid contact.


With humanity, could you do it? Could you do that? Most people couldn't it wouldn't they wouldn't have a prayer. Human beings need human contact. They need the interaction, they need the physical contact, the emotional, the psychological. But that is probably the best step you can take, and it wouldn't have to be universal, but seeing as few people as possible, never leaving home, never letting anybody in. I mean, if you really wanted to go to the max to not get the those are the things that you would have to do.


Then you can take the other steps that they recommend and you can hope that they they work. You just you do the best you can, you protect people who are at risk of getting it. And suffering greatly from it, including dying from it, you do the best you can and the people who do get it, you treat them the best that you can.


Game one of the finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat. Brought in seven point four million viewers to ABC, according to The Hollywood Reporter, that's the lowest viewership seen for the NBA finals since 1994.


Now, 1994 is when total viewers began to be regularly recorded.


So it's not that something happened in 1994 and made them really bad. It's that that's when they first started. Tabulating. Total viewers, that number is down 45 percent from last year's game, one between the Golden State Warriors and the Toronto Raptors, which have 13 and a half million viewers, this is the fourth straight year that game one viewership has gone down compared to the previous season, lowest viewership in recorded history.


Why do you think that is? Basketball's basketball? The Lakers are the Lakers. LeBron James is LeBron James, the star players of the star players. You like the NBA, you like the NBA, you like the finals. You know what? No. People are tuning out in droves.


Wonder why. What could have happened. If anybody got any ideas, I wonder what it could be. Very strange ladies. Charles Gasparino, I got a I got an e-mail from a friend in the last hour. And the subject line of my friend's email is, what the heck am I missing here? And the e-mail was a tweet from Charles Gasparino, Charles Gasparino, economics reporter. Where is he at Fox or CNBC, maybe he was at CNBC, went to Fox or the other way around.


I'm not sure where he works now. He may not work anywhere. Hell, I can't keep up. Anyway, here's what Gasparino works at Fox Business. Here's what he said. Following the debate, Trump's odds of re-election fell dramatically, but in speaking with Republican advisers, they say the party has now largely given up on Trump for November. The focus? Is on Trump at least trying to keep it close so that the Republicans can keep the Senate.


So, my friends, there's no what what am I missing? Why do I not look at it this way? And I wrote back the very simple reason you don't believe the polls. That's what you're missing. Every one of these people believes the polls and the polls, if you haven't noticed, have Biden winning in a landslide.


And the landslide is growing every day and he's winning every battleground state. These people believe the polls and you don't. Well, she doesn't believe the polls. And you know why, other than the obvious, the polling is done on the percentages of people registered in the parties as of 2016. Since then, GOP registration has blown the doors off in many states. So they should be polling more Republicans, but they aren't and the polls, for the most part, are still close and many within the margin of error.


So I don't but it's clear to me that the vast majority of people think this is over. I truly believe that they believe the polls. I don't and I never have, and I've been bitten by it and I've been validated, I've been both both have happened, but I'm still stunned.


Maybe I shouldn't be, but I literally am stunned by the number of people who blog, who are journalists or who just open the number of writers to whom the polls are gospel. They the first guy I ran into that exhibited this trait was Tim Russert. I remember having dinner one night with Tim Russert and his wife, Maureen Orth. And it's it's one year after a president. What year was that? It was one year after a presidential election, so.


It might have been 1994. The Clinton year was 92 for the campaign, his first year in office was 93, and at dinner, Tim Russert was citing for me the polls of the 96 presidential race.


In nineteen ninety four, he was so invested in what the polls said, that was his frame of reference, total frame. This is not a criticism. Don't anybody misunderstand.


I said the polls today matter, this is 1994, Tim, you think they really matter as to what's going to happen in 1993? Well, yeah. I mean, it's an indication of what's happening right now. Who's popular now? Who's got a leg up on everybody else? I just don't see it. But that's who these people all are and they firmly believe that this whole thing is over. I mentioned in the last half hour there's a Gallup poll out and it pretty much it's really contradictory, though, because it's got the usual stuff about Biden winning big expanding margins in battleground states.


But then if you if you keep plodding away, if you keep reading toward the end of the poll, you find a fascinating. Part of it at forty six percent, trumps predebate job approval is the highest since May. In Gallup, polling conducted over the two weeks leading up to the first debate. Trump's job approval rating is 46 percent at its highest point since May. Trump started the year with the highest approval rating of his presidency, which is 49 percent that be in January.


That was amid his acquittal on impeachment charges, but then the approval numbers started to descend to the 38 percent to 42 percent range during the summer as the pandemic and the economic downturn, racial injustice issues afflicted the nation. Although the increase of four percentage points in Trump's latest reading is not statistically significant, the fact that he is up from 38 to 42 to 46 percent. Two weeks before the debate, that's big, but there's one more part of this.


One more that nobody's reporting on, it's a single little question. Regardless of whom you support and trying to be as objective as possible, who do you think will win the election in November? A majority believe that Trump is going to win 56 to 40 percent. This is among people Gallup has polled question again, regardless of whom you support.


And you were trying to be as objective as possible, who do you think will win the election in November?


Donald Trump, 56 percent, Biden 40 percent, Republicans answered the question, Trump 90 percent. Biden, nine percent, independents, 56 percent, Trump 39 percent, Biden, Democrats, 24 percent, Trump 73 percent Biden. Now, what would explain this, that's this answer doesn't jibe with any other poll result that's out there and I don't care. Even the Rassmussen, let's let's even include them. All of the polls, no matter where you look at them, every poll, Nate Silver will tell you.


Biden wins landslide eight points, 10 points, and it's getting worse for Trump as time goes on. And Trump really destroyed himself in the debate. It's really bad after the debate. Then you go to the battleground states and it's looking even worse for Trump. And yet. In just such a poll where Biden wins big in debt just doesn't make sense to me. Biden doesn't have the kind of enthusiasm behind him, the kind of raw support that would generate a win like that.


But they're sticking with it now we have Gallup. Reporting that the people participating in their poll think Trump's going to win 56 to 40 percent, why is this? Could it be that these people he won in 2016 when nobody thought he was going to win? Same thing's going to happen in 2020. I don't know, you tell me, but this for some reason, and I can't put my finger on this one fascinates me because these are the people in the poll that are producing the results that suggest Biden is going to win in a landslide.


They like Biden. They say they don't like Trump this minute. But then when you ask him, well, who's going to win 56 to 40?


I think I got to take a break. We'll come back and resume with you on the phones right after this.


By the way, one of the thing about this Gallup poll where they asked people in the poll who they think is going to win. It's never been wrong, it has never been wrong, they started at this point in 1994, so it doesn't go back all that far.


This is about a little under 30 years, but it has never been wrong. Looking back, Gallup has asked Americans for their predictions in the late summer or fall of every election since 1996, not 1996 to 2012. And in each of these polls, Americans accurately predicted the winner of the popular vote. They predicted Gore would win the popular. They were right in 2000, but Gore did not win the electoral vote. Anyway, I've never been wrong. They are predicting, therefore, that Trump is going to win and win the popular vote, so why?


Well, I. Ladies and gentlemen have been analyzing this. I'm not just asking the question rhetorically. There has to be a reason. The same people in this Gallup poll that report Biden this Biden up by eight. Well, they answer questions that produce the result of Biden winning big landslide here, landslide battleground state with the same people.


When Gallup asks them, who do you think's going to win? Being objective as you can. Fifty six to forty. Trump's going to win. Why? I'll tell you why. You know what it is? These people. An overwhelming majority of these people know somebody voting for Trump. A majority of people they know are voting for Trump, that's why that's why these people in the Gallup poll, 56 to 40, think Trump's going to win because they're hearing everybody they know or most people they know say they're voting for Trump.


We're talking about a representative sampling of people who believe this. So if polling methods and science. Are to mean anything, we have to give this great credence. And it ought to cut through any other concerns about these QAI Trump voters, you know, a lot of people out there who are relying on the fact, yeah, well, a poll say one thing, but there's this whole secret number of Trump people that are really going to vote for Trump.


If they're afraid to say so. They're afraid of being beat up, afraid they'll be set on fire with gasoline. They're afraid of B.B. guns. But you wait when it's election, they will show up and vote Trump and drop will. This kind of disproves this. This fifty six to 40 is not close. And I'm just telling you. For those people in this poll to think by 56 to 40, Trump's going to win, they have to have some.


Feedback producing that opinion, and I think the feedback is that they know a lot of people who are voting for Trump, they hear it.


These people can say Trump will win in this poll without revealing themselves to boot. So there's no danger to them in saying they think Trump will win. Because they're doing it anonymously. Gallop is not attaching names. To their respondents. But it hasn't been wrong since they started this in nineteen ninety six. Now there may be other reasons to. Why this result exists, but this is not I don't believe I don't believe this is an insignificant part of a Gallup poll, I think it's a standout.


And it it had me really curious because, again, the same people that produce the results in a poll that Gallup reports, Biden winning hands down in the battleground states in the popular vote, no matter where you the same people that produced that result think Trump's going to win 56 to 40 percent.


By the way, Dianne Feinstein has asked for a delay in the Amy County conference. No kidding. We kind of predicted that, didn't we?


Yeah, right. Here it is. Meanwhile, even before President Trump's covid news, Dianne Feinstein and every other Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee were demanding that Amy CONI Barrett's confirmation hearing be delayed. Just as we predicted a minute, I heard that they were going to go ahead and a lot weeks for hearings.


Folks, I got a bad feeling about this. We just do not learn. And it's not even that. We, of course, learned Lindsey Graham cannot possibly be ignorant about what the Democrats intentions are here. We don't even need to do any hearings. This whole thing has got to happen before the election. You know, this came up in the debate the other night and Trump sort of mangled it, if you ask me, it's not this complicated.


He was elected president in 2016. For four years. We have an opening on the Supreme Court that is occurring within those four years. The American people spoke. They elected Trump largely on the basis of his Supreme Court list of potential justices. He made it a big part of the campaign in 2016. To say that Trump is not entitled to make this pick because it's so close to an election is nothing more than a Democrat delay tactic. He, of course, is entirely.


Entitled to make this constitutionally, there's two things about it, and that's it. The president names the justice, the Senate has a role to play, advise and consent, the Republicans run the Senate if their advice is we've got the votes to pass the nominee. We don't need to do any hearings. Then there's the consent. And we can be done with this now. No, now we're going to do hearings and now we're going to do this and that.


And we may not even finish until October 22nd. We got to have this or that happened. And now there's even the Mitch McConnell will not even guarantee there will be a vote before the election. So what the hell's going on?


Well, he's in a tight battle in Kentucky. So what?


And this is big, this judicial nominees, this may not come by our way again. This operates because if if this woman is not confirmed before the election, you can kiss it goodbye, she's not going to be confirmed after the election. What rush, even if Trump wins, if Trump wins, they're going to do everything, it depends on what happens in the Senate. You don't want to take the chance. We've got an opportunity here to get this woman confirmed legally, politically, whatever.


Way you want to analyze this? The legals and the constitutionality all on our side. And now here comes the Democrats demanding a delay even before Trump gets covid-19, they're demanding a delay. The process, they say, is too hurried to properly vet Amy CONI, but no, it's not. The woman has been vetted three years ago, they put her through the indignity of this three years ago. For her nomination to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.


This is you know, all of this was so predictable, it was damn predictable this was going to happen anyway. Let me get back to the phones, Scott. Columbia, South Carolina, you are next. It's great to have you here. Hello.


Hey, Rush, it's an honor to talk to you. Man, please keep doing what you're doing. You're amazing.


Thank you so very much. Appreciate it.


First, a couple of points. One is polls are garbage right now. Talk to me. The 21st of October and then maybe. But right now I don't even look at them, too. I think I look a lot of Trump supporters, including myself, down in the dumps right now. It's it's we're praying for the for the first family. But I think we're missing a couple of opportunities here. I think Trump being off the campaign trail for, what, ten days?


I think his supporters, I think he's going to come out like a revving engine, his supporters. We're going to be so jazzed when he comes out of this. And it's going to be, again, like an engine ready to rock and roll. I think a lot of people are missing that he stays off the trail for ten days. I mean, Christ, Biden stays off the trail for twenty days at a time. He stays up, trumps all for ten.


Come on. This isn't going to do anything but rev up even more, not.


Wait just a minute. Who says that Trump's going to stay off the trunk and call the show any time he wants? If Trump wants to do a virtual rally on this show, you can call right now. If the president wants to address the nation, he could call right now and call into this program and say whatever he wants to say right now, I'm here by offering if the president wants to do a rally. Because he can't go to a rally, but he if he wants to do a nationwide rally.


On the most listen to radio talk show in the country, he's got an open invitation to come here, but if he doesn't do that, who's to say he won't arrange a rally somewhere with a bunch of gigantic screens? I don't think he's going to be invisible for 10 days. Or whatever length of time the quarantine is, I think it's 10, maybe 14 days. But with the marvels of modern technology, he doesn't have to remain. Invisible in any way, shape or form.


I'll tell you something else, folks here circle back here to Amy CONI Barrett. We've got the perfect the absolute perfect reason to cancel the hearings and go ahead and confirm her covid-19. We can't have any hearings, we can't put these things Russia forgetting they could do virtual hearings, they could do zoom.


Yeah, OK, Democrats want to do that. I think if Democrats want to be able to insult her, but not to her face. Fine and dandy, we've got the perfect answer. For an immediate confirmation vote for Amy CONI Barrett, and that is covid 19.


It's got Washington paralyzed, right? But we're not we don't have to be. They don't have to do hearings, she's been vetted.


Here's here's Richard Richard in Bay City, Michigan. I'm glad you called. Welcomed open line Friday.


All right. You're in our thoughts and prayers and keep up the good work. My point is, I'd like to see President Trump start doing a weekly primetime address to the nation on TV and then can sidestep the corrupt media who can do it from the Oval Office and draw the distinctions between the America and the Biden America. I don't think a lot of people that watch the mainstream media even know what they're voting for when they're voting for fight and the radicalism of communism that's coming their way.


If they vote like, yeah, I in fact, I'm glad you reminded me of something that's true. But there's a problem going to be up front and honest. The president's not going to be given unfettered national airtime. To address the nation from the Oval Office in campaign mode, the networks are not going to make it available. You're stuck. Fox would, and that would be the one American news network is making available. But not CNN, not MSNBC.


Nobody would see it again, would be the same problem that exists now. It would be seen. And you're even suggesting it be a campaign event. He needs to stop showing up with liberals, he needs to stop doing events for liberals in the media, get a shot at him, he just needs a national address. Address the nation in the Oval Office wherever and keep the liberals out of the equation. There is no you may not know this, but there's no requirement.


That if the president says he's going to address the nation in the Oval Office, the media is under no obligation to televise it. Presidents have to ask for that time, and if the networks and they would think that it's raw political. That. There's any hint of that they will not get anywhere near it. They won't do it, so while it's a nice idea. They're going to have to find a different way. Got to take a brief break.


We will be back after this. I'll tell you, ladies and gentlemen, bouncing off of our last caller, who wants Trump to, you know, screw Biden's, screw these debates, screw all this stuff, just do a national address. The media will never go for that. But there is one element of that that I do support. I think Trump ought to just cease. Any. Back and forth with the media anywhere, anytime. I don't care if it's these press conferences he does out on the White House lawn on the way to the helicopter, or you don't see the media, don't even engage him right up until the election.


You know, in other words, out Biden by Biden's avoiding the media, Biden isn't doing diddly squat. Biden is hiding in his little basement wherever he is now. He's doing it for different reasons. There is nothing to be gained by, quote, unquote, being fair with the other side. There is nothing to be gained by letting the other side have an open shot at you. Trump has proven that it doesn't work, he has been the most available president in our history the past three and a half years.


He has not he has done more press availabilities, he has spent longer in each of the availabilities, press conferences, press gaggles, letting the press into the beginning of a cabinet meeting whenever there is no president who has been more accessible and more available and more cooperative. With the media, then Donald Trump and where has it gotten him? For all these people in our sights said, well, you know what, Rush, it just goes to show, we got to show that we can be fair.


We got to show that we can work with these people on the other side. We got to show that we are not intended to be impugned. We are not embarrassed and we certainly are not threatened. Why do we have to demonstrate any of this? Why do we have to show anybody who we are and who we aren't, is that not the essence of defensiveness? Why do we have to show who we are, what are we doing, we're simply accepting their allegations against us and saying, no, that's not who we are.


Watch us. I don't think Trump ought to have a thing to do with the media from here to the election, find ways to reach the American people without him, like if he wants to call in here any time he can.


If he wants to use this program to do a radio rally, he is more than welcome to. And I'm going to I'm going to find a way to reach out the White House and extend this invitation formally. He's got plenty of ways to reach the American people without. Opening yourself up himself up to there is never in addition to a president never being more available, giving more time to the media than this guy, there's never been a president more mistreated, more maligned, more lied about, more impugned than Donald Trump.


He owes them nothing. Now, at about what was it, about 114 this afternoon, sometime in the 1:00 o'clock hour today, Politico ran a story and the headline of the story, McConnell vows full steam ahead on Berrett as fears rise a virus outbreak. Senator Mike Lee, a key Republican Judiciary Committee, announced he'd tested positive for the coronavirus. So here's the guts of the story, Lindsey Graham scheduled to begin hearings for Barrett on October 12th. Which is 10 days from now planning to hold a committee vote on October 22nd.


In his statement, Mike Lee said he planned to quarantine for 10 days, he's expected to be able to provide support for Barrett in the committee, said, I've spoken with Leader McConnell and Chairman Graham and I've assured them I'll be back to work in time to join my Judiciary Committee colleagues in advancing the Supreme Court nomination. Still looking for the part of this story where McConnell says it's full steam ahead and Art McConnell was there, he was appearing with with Hugh Hewitt on the radio today.


So he has yet to choose a date. For the final floor vote, but that the Democrats will be unable to delay Barrett's confirmation, however, fallout from the pandemic is largely out of his control.


Oh, see, he said, our biggest enemy is the coronavirus, keeping everybody healthy and well and in place to do our jobs. The turtle said that portions of Barrett's hearings are likely to be conducted remotely. Not sure yet whether senators who met with Barrett. And White House officials had contracted the virus, so I'm still looking for the part of the story, McConnell vows full steam ahead, but I don't see it in the. I have spoken with leader.


Well, I'll trust your word for it, because the headline says his vows full steam ahead, but I don't know, I don't see the evidence of full steam ahead.


Here's Patricia in In Fondler, Montana, your next open line Friday. Hi.


Hi. How are you? Honored to speak with you. Thank you very much. And mega mega prayers. I just want you to know that I have family members in the medical profession who have had firsthand experience with covid-19. And therefore, I know the science. And I didn't think you were being negative at all when you talked about the president and the first lady. Thank you. Because I already knew the science and I knew. And you went on in your ear what you told us on your listeners.


You told us the science, which, by the way, is 100 percent correct. What you're saying, according to my two doctors and my family. And also further in the program, you talked about math and. That's right. They aren't always going to protect you because that Kobe thing is so tiny it can get to any mask except for some of the ones that the medical providers wear, which are the. So that's what I have to say.


And I want to say one more thing. God gave you your gift. He's also giving your strength, I think, to get through your problems.


So I can't deny that. That's very observant on you, on your part.


That's why I say talent on loan from God. Anyway, I'm glad you called.


Patricia, thanks. See, there's another caller who doesn't think that I was in eulogy mode, that I was not in eulogy mode in any way, shape or form. I was. You know what it was, folks?


Let's have it. It was more a reaction. To learning that somebody who's a hero of mine is actually invincible, not invincible. It was a it was a sobering.


Reality like a wake up call. I'm actually a better expression of that thought, but I got time constraints. It got it. Got to go. We'll be back and continue here in mere moments.


You know how it is. And one of your heroes who seems indestructible. Is shown to be human, that was more my reaction to Trump getting covid-19 it wasn't a eulogy, folks, and really I don't mean to overreact that we just had one caller who suggested that, see, what else?


Do we have a problem?


Well, whatever. I have left enough time to get into it now because the hour is about to come to a screeching halt. But there's more there's one hour remaining open line Friday and we will get to it sooner than you know.


So don't go anywhere.


Yeah, I know I've got a lot to do here. And there's all kinds of stuff that keeps me from doing it, like show opens and intros and stuff like that.


So much from the Southern Command in sunny South Florida. It's open line Friday. That's right. Ladies and gentlemen, El Rushmore on open line Friday. Final big, busy broadcast hour eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two if you want to be on the program. The email address will Rushmore and Eyebeam. That got us one thing I haven't mentioned other than tangentially.


Is the jobs report today? September jobs report, the the news was beneath expectations, and I'm not talking about the usual left wing expert expectations, it was something like. 816 or nine and. There's a reason for it, which is the point, the jobs that were created were less than what was expected, given the economic recovery should be robust now. And and many people believe that it is wages were up four point seven percent, unemployment down now to seven point nine percent.


The labor force participation rate is sixty one point four percent. Here it is, six hundred and sixty one thousand jobs added in September. And the number hopeful was nine hundred thousand to a million.


Now, there's a reason for this. Ladies and gentlemen, there's a solid reason for this, we've talked about it and you know what it is. And the media does not ever mention it when talking about whatever economic news, whether it's good or bad, but especially when it's disappointing. They are the reason that the economy cannot explode. It's not the reason the economy isn't exploding, the reason it can't. Is due to the state's. That are purposely keeping themselves shut down, these Democrat run states are keeping their economy shut down in their schools closed.


Connecticut, New York, Virginia. California, New Jersey, Illinois. You can't just shut down the economy, for example, in New York and California and have it not impact the nationwide economic. Circumstances. And it has been the state of Washington is in a mess at Portland and Seattle in a mess. And. Until these states open up. And until that there is a booming economy in these states with jobs to fill, then the economic news is not going to meet expectations.


And why is this? It's by design, the blue state governors. Along with the mayors of the large cities in these states, in New York, Governor Cuomo, Governor Newsom in California. New Jersey. Virginia. Illinois, J.B. Pritzker, when you shut down those economies. When you shut down those states. Then you are going to. Have large obstacles in the way of a nationwide recovery, and they're doing it on purpose. This has been the thing that we have marveled about.


These governors and these mayors are purposely, purposely folks. Seeing that their people in their states are suffering economically, there's a story out of New York. That half of the restaurants will never open again. We had Barry Diller yesterday saying it's over in New York, if they don't open this place up soon, it's over. New York is not going to come back. Well, it's not going to come back anytime soon by design and the same thing with California.


They are purposely keeping people out of work. They are purposely seeing to it that jobs are not being created and it's all to get Donald Trump thrown out of office, it's all to see to it, they can do what they can to make the economy bad enough that people will vote against Trump. And the media is not explaining this to anybody. The media is not. When they give the jobs report like today, they don't tell you that it's really hard for the nationwide economy to go boom, boom when these large Democrat states remain shut down, locked down, more like it.


Investor's Business Daily Biden lead over Trump cut to three points after presidential debate, according to their own poll. Joe Biden's lead over President Trump has narrowed to two point six points among likely voters. That's a new poll from the Investor's Business Daily. Trump's rise comes despite registered voters seeing Biden as the winner of the debate Tuesday and coming across as more likable by double digit margins.


The new Investor's Business Daily poll was conducted after the debate on Tuesday night, but before the news on Friday, the president has tested positive for covid-19.


So in this poll, Biden leads Trump forty eight point six to forty five point nine. It reflects an online survey of 1200 in 21 registered voters, including a thousand twenty one likely voters from September 30th through October 1st.


Even though even though Biden was seen as more likable.


In a two to one margin, Trump is narrowing that gap, narrowing the gap between himself and Biden, which is exactly what started to happen in 2016 as the polling companies all began to take stock of their reputations. Back in July, ladies and gentlemen, I shared with you what I thought was a very timely and well-written piece. About the stakes of this election. And talked about the Flight 93 column that was written by Michael Anton. And it accurately described the states the stakes of the election in 2016.


And he has got a book out that expands on that theory, and then there was another piece. From the chairman, the board of directors at Claremont Institute. That that came out. In in July. By Thomas Clinginess nine. And he has now a companion piece that was released this week, it was the piece in July was if you're I'm sure you remember this was a piece in which he advanced the theme that what this election is about. And in fact, what the the way to define the future of America going forward is that it is about preserving the American way of life.


Preserving the American way of life, so he's expanded on that theme and I want to share, as I did back in July, I want to share with you some of the. Some some quote some excerpts from from his piece that was published this week. He says Trump versus Biden and by the way, what he's done here is just try to reduce this. To the simplest explanation of what's at stake. As he can in order to reach. Vast numbers of people.


Trump vs. Biden, according to Time, Clinginess, Dean, is the choice between a man who believes America is good and a man who is controlled by a movement that believes America is bad. I don't think you can make it. Anymore. Simple and I don't mean simplistic, I mean simple, that is that is squarely what this is about. Trump believes America is good. You believe America is good? I believe America is good. We all believe America is good.


We and I don't mean good, great and good in the sense America is a decent.


Place America is a great place for decent people. It is the home. For decent, hard working, self-reliant people. Who love family, who love God, who love their country, who revere the Constitution, and above all, who revere the importance of freedom and liberty. And Biden. While his campaign is controlled by people and a movement that believes America is bad, Black Lives Matter and Tifa.


Alexander Cortez Iland, Omar, that whole cabal believe that America is deeply flawed, deeply imperfect and irredeemably unjust, and that's a key word. Irredeemably, America cannot be fixed in their perverted view. America is beyond all hope. America must be destroyed. America must be torn down and rebuilt. As a socialist paradise. Those are the people controlling by Biden doesn't think any of that that's the deal he made. Biden does not think any of that. That's why he's sold out on the Green New Deal.


He sold out on pack. And, of course, he doesn't believe any of this stuff, but he had to convince Bernie Sanders. He does. Or better stay that he had to convince Bernie Sanders that he will. Implement policies along those lines. Mr. Clinton, Stien then says, I do not think Republican leaders are framing the election properly. Nor are they doing a good job of describing what's at stake in this. Mr. Clinton said you're exactly right, but you know why the Republicans don't think there's a crisis.


Lindsey Graham doesn't think we're in a crisis. Mitch McConnell doesn't think America faces a deep crisis. A few Republicans in the House of Representatives understand what's going on, but few Republicans really look at this as America in the crosshairs. They just think it's the usual Republican versus Democrat. Democrats win some, we win some. They get their judges. We get our judges and we go back and forth. But that's why they're not framing the election properly.


Mr. Clinton's thinking because they don't see it the way you do or the way I do. And that's why they're not doing a good job describing what's at stake. They don't think anything is other than the party may lose. And it's Trump's fault. So Trump is their scapegoat, Trump is the Republican Party's reason for not framing the election properly, he gets a lost cause. Trump is their excuse. For not describing what's at stake in this election as they think Trump's blown it.


They think Trump's embarrassing and is embarrassed them. Mr. Klingon Dean, again, this election is a contest between a man, Donald Trump. Who believes America is good and a man, Joe Biden, controlled by a movement that believes America is bad, or to put this another way. Between a man who wants to preserve the American way of life and a man who will end up destroying. Republican leaders are too focused on policy, this is not a policy election.


This is a regime decision. This is a way of life election, one way of life, the traditional American way of life based on individual rights, the rule of law, a shared understanding of the common good government's role is to create the conditions for freedom to flourish and then get out of the way the other way of life. Mr. Clinton's team calls multiculturalism or identity politics this way of life. Assumes that society is made up of identity groups, all of which are oppressed by white males, government's role in this regime is to create equal income and power for every group as a means of redress.


So this is another thing going on that the Republicans don't realize we are living in a revolution, an actual revolution, not just the word, there is an actual revolution taking place. The American left is revolting against America. S founded. They are not the Democrat Party of old. This is not the Democrats versus the Republicans. This is. American Marxists and communists conducting a revolution against America as founded. Now, going back to this. Government requirement to create equal income and power for every maligned group should be immediately apparent achieving this kind of outcome.


Equality requires a never ending redistribution of wealth and power, which can only be achieved with a tyrannical form of government. This is to say, multiculturalism, which has taken over the Democrat Party, constitutes a revolutionary movement. I don't mean a metaphorical revolution. It's not like a revolution. It is a revolution, an attempt to overthrow the American founding. As President Trump said in his excellent Mount Rushmore speech on the Fourth of July, Republicans should say the same thing.


Republicans everywhere, at every level and at every opportunity. Got to take a break, but this piece, we'll link to it at Rush Limbaugh dot com Tom clingers Dean Kamen Institute. We got to go back with much more after this.


All right. There's Susan in Miami as we return to the phones. Great to have you, Susan. How are you?


I'm great. It's such an honor to be on your show. And I thank you for taking my call. You bet. Thank you. I'm actually from Missouri, so I want to make two points. You know, they say that with the covid that the symptoms can show up four or five days before you actually test positive. And I was a little disappointed on the debate the other night with Trump, you know, getting a little angry and and, you know, the media had a frenzy with that.


And I'm just.


Wait a minute. What what were you disappointed about? I felt like he maybe came off a little bit angry at times. Now, let me preface that just by saying that I I feel that Chris Wallace is always softer on the Democrats than he is on the Republicans. And I knew that Trump knew that going in. So, you know, I probably, you know, felt that. And I but I you know, I just I think that maybe he wasn't feeling at the top of his game if he had symptoms coming on.


So maybe.


Oh, I see where you're going. It took you a little while to get there. Yeah, but I see what you did because you had to get your digs in it, Chris Wallace, and you had to get your digs in it. Trump you had to tell everybody you thought he was grumpy, was angry, didn't do as well.


100 percent of Trump supporters. So why. Oh, you are. But you still wanted to get the digs. This is now. But now the reason is you think he was already feeling the symptoms of covid-19.


Exactly. That's my theory. The theory.


Well, let me tell your theory. I can't see I can tell you that your theory could be exactly right. And I can say that based on personal experience, but not with covid-19 with something else. But then I'm going to draw a line, I'm not going to go any further because I vowed I'm not going to be a cancer patient on the radio here.


But if I look back at things, there were things that I was having trouble doing in December that I didn't think anything about, that didn't explain themselves until the beginning of February and into January.


Anyway, your theory could be, I don't know how how much before testing covid symptoms present the.


Ladies and gentlemen, I want to clue you into something you don't know anything about today when this program opened at 12:00 noon Eastern Time is open line Friday open. I was going to open with. Not an announcement, but I guess that's as good a word as any. Yesterday on this program, I mentioned how I think it is important to stand up and speak out. For American law enforcement and first responders, our American heroes. We are sick and tired of seeing the police unilaterally.


Impugned and criticized, mischaracterized, it was. Not that long ago, the stop and think of this. Not that long ago that the police, first responders were considered American heroes, you go back to 9/11, that's just 19 years ago, less than a generation, everybody thought the police were the end all. And first responders, they were American heroes. They the people who ran into the World Trade Center towers to try to rescue people. If you go back to that era, athletes loved.


Displaying the American flag, professional baseball players carrying large and small American flags as they rounded the bases during pregame warm ups and so forth, pregame ceremonies. Gigantic flags were unfurled to cover entire football stadiums, presidents showed up at Major League Baseball Games to throw out the first pitch. The national anthem was king. The American flag was revered. It was back then that Rudy Giuliani was wearing a new cap, NYPD. FDNY, Fire Department, New York.


These people were considered our heroes, and now now look what's happened in our country. Now we have people openly suggesting that they be murdered. Now we have them being attempted. To be murdered, sitting in their patrol cars in California, we have people laughing at it after it happens, hoping they die. In a few short years, how does this happen, how does the entire. Well, that's if not the entire how how does. The American mood and the American opinion of, say, police officers or any first responder, how does it change so dramatically?


To the point, I mean, look, we've always had young people that think the cops are pigs and they should fry is bacon instead of the fuzz and all, but that's always been young people.


Now we have. Entire segments of our population. Thinking that cops are wanton racist murderers, like in Ferguson, Missouri, a deadly lie.


About the cop, their deadly lies about the cops in Baltimore involving Freddie Gray throughout this country that cops are routinely lied about, and now there are there are some bad actors in the police, just like there are bad actors in every institution and every line of work in this country. Anyway, this has. So affected me, us, that we produced a video. To honor American heroes. Our police, law enforcement, first responders, the special message.


To demonstrate this support we have in their honor and we're going to debut it today, we're going to put it all over the place and I decided not to.


When the news of President Trump and the first lady coming down to covid-19 hit. And I was going to do this at noon and we decided not to do it because of all of the attention. Deservedly so, understandably so. The president's situation with covid-19 got that is the program went on today. Decided, what the heck, let's just do it so we've done it. We've now posted the video at Rush Limbaugh dot com, we posted it at our YouTube channel, it's coming soon to our Facebook page.


And yeah, we do have a Twitter account. I don't use it like other people do, but we have a Twitter account and we're going to post it there. And it's going to be posted in a number of places that we hope where it'll be retweeted. And we want you to retweeted. We want you to redistributor. We want you to send it to everybody that you know. You know, we started the the effort yesterday and today we were going to release the the video to continue the effort and we just decided about a half hour to go ahead and do it.


What the heck? It's time that we stand up for our law enforcement and first responders and make safety for all Americans a top priority. So the video is available at Rush Limbaugh dot com. It's going to be available at I heart. That website is going to be available at Facebook and YouTube pages and a whole bunch of other places as well.


Here is Paul in Elmont, Michigan. Great to have you. I'm glad you waited, sir. Hello.


Hello, Rush. It's actually Belmont near near Grand Rapids.


And I'm sorry, it says Belmont up there. My bad. I understand. I'm reacting to something you said in the last hour regarding the weather, whether Amy Barrett would actually her confirmation vote would come up before the election or not. And specifically, I think what you said was McConnell couldn't promise that it would because he's in a tight race. And and I understand tight races and the importance of of of his his winning re-election. But what I would say is if you try to equate the importance of his reelection with the importance of getting ACB confirmed and on the Supreme Court, there's just no comparison.


And it's one of the most asinine things I think I've heard in a long time.


You're running you're running two things together. Let me I I heard somewhere this morning doing a show prep, either somebody on Fox for saying it or I read it somewhere. And it was my first red flag that went up and it was that Senator McConnell. Was suggesting that there may not be a vote on Judge Barrett before the election. And it's the first I'd heard of that, that's what the name of Sam Hill. What am I missing and I didn't hear any more than that, then later I had heard when I was running this by some other people, did you hear this?


Somebody said, yeah, he's got a tight race going on in Kentucky. So I then mentioned that.


I don't know that that's why there's not going to be a vote until that's what somebody said to me. I'm sorry I didn't make that clear, and then the Politico came out with a story in the one o'clock hour which said the exact opposite of all this, that McConnell is prepared to move ahead with the vote.


So I'm here's the problem for me, the problem is that when I heard and I I wish I could remember, I said I got too much stimuli, I got too much coming at me at one time. And sometimes if I don't stop what I'm doing and make a note of who I heard, say something where I'm reading it, then all I've got is my memory of what I heard and I heard.


Somebody either say or it was either me, it might have been videotaped, McConnell himself saying that we may not get to a vote here before the election and it might have been a story on the whole idea of getting things done before show. And I just. Stopped what I was doing, red flag went up because I can totally believe that about. Republicans and I wish I didn't, but. The Politico piece. That came out and I've now I've put it at the bottom of the stack here and political piece came out the one o'clock hour and I think I might have just stumbled across here.


McConnell vows full steam ahead on Barritt as fears rise a virus outbreak.


So apparently what I heard earlier this morning bothered a lot of people and it caused the turtle to go out there and clarify what's going on.


But I'm telling you, there doesn't seem to be a sense of urgency about this. I don't care what these people are saying. I don't think there needs to be hearings. A woman was vetted three years ago. She's already put up with Dianne Feinstein insulting her Catholicism. This is a train wreck waiting to happen. We have proven that we don't know how to stop these train wrecks when they start. Kavanaugh was on the verge of being confirmed, and then here comes Ballsy Ford's letter that Dianne Feinstein just miraculously was able to produce.


And it stopped everything they started working on Jeff Flake, a Republican senator, to stop and get another FBI investigate. And here came every one of the damn lies about Kavanaugh running rape trains and spiking the punch and all this stuff and not a shred of it was true.


And we had to go through two to three weeks of it. And the idea that Democrats are not going to do it again is ludicrous. We run the Senate, we control the Senate, we have the votes to get this judge confirmed, I don't mean to sound hysterical here, but this just ticks me off when history starts repeating itself, it's so unnecessary. We have the votes to get her confirmed.


We don't need to do hearings and we're going to do hearings we don't for two days. But I tell you, if you open the door to hearings, then the Democrats are coming along already asking for delay, not enough time.


Not enough, Diane Feinstein, not enough time, what I got, I got to take a little break. Hang on, folks. We got more coming back.


Former renters and former apartment dwellers. People that live in apartments and rent condos and so forth or buy condos, but live in less than a single freestanding home, they always got the short end of the stick when it came to getting home security systems installed, property owners like the people you would rent the apartment from, they didn't want to give renters the green light to install a system. They thought the installation cost and the wires being run for an annual renter wasn't worth it because the rent is going to leave.


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And after you do it, you have an intimate awareness of the system, everything about it. If you live in an apartment, if you rent, you can do this. You don't have to ask the landlord you want 24/7 monitoring 14, 99 a month, folks with no contract go to simply safe USA dotcom. They'll throw in a free HD camera with your system when you order simply safe. USA Dotcom. Here is Joe in Looking-Glass, Oregon.


Great to have you, sir.


By Rush Mega Maximus. Dittos to you and Katherine and prayers for you, Katherine, the president and the First Lady. Thank you.


Thank you very much. We all need the prayers, I guarantee you.


Well, I wanted to let you know that I think that this thing with the covid affecting the president will probably just prove how unkillable he is. And if if he can beat this, then anybody in the country can. And it's time to start opening things up. Oh, I wondered where you were going. Time to open thing, you know, David Gergen of CNN.


Addressed this very thing today, and he said that if Trump comes out and does what you just suggested. That it will be extremely unlikable, it will be no humility if Trump comes out and starts bragging about how he beat covid-19 covid-19 is nothing.


That is no reason to be afraid of this, that I had Donald Trump beat it back. The first lady beat it back.


There's no reason to be afraid if he does that, said David Rodham Gergen, then it's the end of Trump. He said he's got to be more empathetic. He got to be more understanding just but you think it'll show greater invincibility and redound to him positively.


We'll be back after this.


You know, I keep forgetting remind me on Monday, I'm going to make a note myself. I've got to tell you all about the Roger Ailes documentary. Also, I will be here Monday, even though Treatment Week is next week will be here Monday.


Have a great weekend, folks, and see you then.