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Hey, listeners, I wanted to tell you about an incredible new podcast called Halloween in Hell for My Brother and Barron, a banjo creator, Gerard Goosestep, he partnered with Machine Gun, Kelly Deer and 24 Kingold. And these are just some of the biggest music artists in the world right now. In the Halloween and Help podcast, these artists play themselves as they're transported to hell, where they will have to sing for their lives on Halloween or perish forever.


Oh, and by the way, the devil is played by none other than Mr. Tommy Lee. This podcast is sort of like a mix between Rocky Horror and nightmare before Christmas, with a dash of Hunger Games for good measure. The original music from the cast is also pretty incredible, with new songs from 2014, A Golden Machine Gun, Kelly and your Dana Dantewada fan and Tommy Lee. The soundtrack is produced by Jared, and he's written and produced for the biggest artists in the world, like Bob Dylan, Lil Wayne, Jay Kalid and now Machine Gun Kelly, 24, a.k.a. Golden and NDR.


In addition to being in the show itself, the new songs will also be available alongside the podcast. So we don't have any new episodes right now for you. But this podcast is a sure way to get your scarey on this Halloween season. If you love scary stories, punk rock and great comedy all rolled into one Halloween and hell is going to light your fuse. The performers enter a battle for their very souls in the bowels of hell, judged by the one and only.


Tommy Lee is the devil. Only one survives. So all that being said, this is a very big idea for the podcast space. And I am so excited to present you with the first five minutes of the pilot episode of Halloween and how it's really funny. It's perfect if you need some Halloween spookiness and it has some incredible music, some big, big stars and more. Check it out. Available now wherever you get your podcasts. Hey, how much further to the studio?


Why are you asking me? I'm not Cleveland. Listen, I was talking to a lovely lady lately. Oh, say hello, Cleveland in Cleveland. And this is still like a yo yo turn on the radio. Cleveland native John Kelly was reported missing by his manager earlier this morning after failing to return to his downtown hotel following the taping of a special telephone. Hello. That's what we're going to hear from the Cleveland Police Department. Spokesman believes the controversial musician may have dumped into a 24 hour hotline has been set, as well as a ten thousand dollar reward for information regarding his whereabouts.


In an exclusive interview with one of the seven point ninety nine a.m., we spoke with Kelly just prior to his disappearance and he offered no help to him. Trouble, trouble. OK, Cleveland, I want to stage go fucking I'm going to be honest. I really just want to the my face in the parking lot all the way. I see, yeah, yeah, you think someone grabs that thing, he's a serial killer who, like Hunt's famous people, makes Dresser's.


I think it's. He's like Mr. Ramsey, he's probably hiding out somewhere deep in hell. Machine gun Kelly. OK, we got to stop. Why are you trying to eat me? It's Halloween, that's why you can't be a. Now, stop talking to me. I want to get some rest before we have to go on stage and Peter, wherever we're supposed to be doing, if we ever get there seriously, Hans Gruber, can you go a little bit faster?


Because I want to get there before next Halloween. So, yeah, plow over some people if you have to come modern day. All right. Next up. Wow, I was kidding, man. Slow down. Seriously. But I was. Can't do slow down, you're going to kill us all those kids follow orders. Ladies and gentlemen, for the only show where the contestants must sing for their lives on. Because of all the flies, the Antichrist and the father of lies, the man mallock himself into the devil.


Thank you. Thank you. Your pain. Before we introduce our next victim, let's check in with last week's unfortunate runner up who was eliminated in a true nail biter. She all agreed. The sound of true suffering never gets old, does it, Bruce? No, sir, it does not. You are correct, sir.


We'll tell everyone who we have on the show today. He's a recording artist on the come up whose quest for fame led him to offer his soul to the devil in exchange for a number one hit song called Moon. He's a Capricorn who once stole his grandmother's cancer medication to party with his friends. Let's give a fiery Helus welcome to twenty four. Take all their weight.


And you, Tommy Lee, who in the hell else would it be playing the devil? I've been spreading sin and darkness since seventy nine. So let me get this straight. You've only been the devil for forty years. I've been me for an eternity for the past 40 years. I've been Tommy Lee. That actually makes so much sense. There is more Motley Crue fans in hell per capita than any other music out there anyway. Enough about me. Let's talk about you, Landis.


In your request for the doubles help ask ye. Shall receive it. Come on.


She was just a joke, man. Well, I was listening. Landis. I know my name is just like one of those dreams where, you know, you're dreaming but you can't wake up and get out of it.


I assure you this is no dream. You are here because you are to be judged. OK, I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek of Halloween and hell, please subscribe to Halloween and how anywhere where you find your podcasts, I'm supporting this podcast because it's scary and it's Halloween time. And what a better way to celebrate Halloween than with a new Halloween tradition like Halloween. And hell with this incredible cast. I really hope you enjoy stream the soundtrack on Spotify and listen to Halloween and how on Spotify, Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.