Where the Bodies Are Buried


WHERE THE BODIES ARE BURIED is a first of its kind True Crime podcast from Audio Up and Grinning Dog that features renowned serial killer profiler Phil Chalmers. Each episode features Phil conducting behind bars interviews with incarcerated psychopathic serial killers. His unprecedented connections within the prison system coupled with his law enforcement relationships and the entrusted “friendships” he's made with notorious killers provides this series access to information thought otherwise impossible to obtain. Producers Samantha Gutstadt and Adam Kaloustian join Phil and offer the listeners a unique perspective when Phil shares details with them that are as intriguing as they are horrific.

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On this episode of Where the Bodies are Buried, we revisit some of this season's stories with a Q&A and several updates. We talk with Sara Stewart, who discusses the progress of William Clyde Gibson’s confession of the murder of her sister, Elizabeth Bannister. You will also hear a never-before-heard confession from the brutal killer, John Williams, that officially closed a cold case. Finally, Phil will answer the questions so many of us have been asking, including the status of Dellmus Colvin and new stories of what’s to come. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://news.iheart.com/podcast-advertisers

Joshua Cooke and Charles Andy Williams - Impressionable Young Minds
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PART 1: Joshua Cooke, “The Matrix Killer,” was an impressionable young mind full of anger. He brutally executed his parents and claims it was a result of violent video games and movies, more specifically the 1999 hit film, The Matrix. We delve into his mind and his legal defense, that he was living in the fantasy world of The Matrix. PART 2: Charles Andy Williams, “The Santana High School Shooter,” opened fire in his Southern California high school, wounding 13 and killing 2 innocent teenagers. He blames violent video games and excessive bullying for his horrific actions, but specialist Dr. Beth Creel has more to say on Andy’s behavior and possible victim complex. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://news.iheart.com/podcast-advertisers

David Berkowitz - "The Son Of Sam" or "The Son Of Hope"
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You may know him as “David Berkowitz,” "The Son Of Sam” or “The 44 Caliber Killer” but not many of you know what he goes by now: “The Son of Hope.” Can such a vicious, evil man find God, be completely reformed, and live on the streets among us? Well, he thinks so. He claims “The Son Of Sam" is dead, but most of us aren’t buying it.. With an in-depth conversation between David and Phil about his life, as well as discussions between David and a psychologist and with Carl Denaro - a survivor who experienced his evil first hand - we let the listener decide for themselves. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://news.iheart.com/podcast-advertisers

John Robert Williams – "Inherited Evil"
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John Robert Williams may be the most disturbed, cold hearted killer Phil has encountered in his 30 year career. With a life of crime and murder in his past, Williams sits in a Mississippi prison for the murder of only one victim. The authorities are aware he has killed at least 10 more victims and is a key suspect in numerous open cold cases, but they are happy to have him off the streets for life. With his murders came torture, rape, and mutilation of the corpses, all for pure enjoyment. Williams was arrested, along with his girlfriend, in 2005, after a year-long investigation by local and federal authorities into a string of cross-country murders.  In this episode, John Williams speaks with Phil on a contraband cell phone that he had smuggled into prison. John confesses to a high profile mass-murder and surprises Phil with information about someone close to him and their participation in his disturbing life of crime. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://news.iheart.com/podcast-advertisers

Dellmus “Heavy” Colvin - “The Interstate Strangler”
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Dellmus “Heavy” Colvin terrorized America’s highways from coast to coast as a lady-killing long-haul trucker, drug dealer, and truck-stop pimp. Most of Colvin’s victims were drug-addicted prostitutes that he first strangled in the cab of his big-rig truck, then transported and dumped their bodies in rural, wooded areas between destinations. The cold-blooded killer strangled one victim at an Arkansas truck stop because she knocked on the door of the truck while he was sleeping. He immediately grabbed her by the neck, strangled her, stowed her away in his truck, then later dumped her clothing in Idaho and her body in Nebraska. He was arrested in 2005 after a friend witnessed Colvin wrapping a body in a sheet and notified police. Colvin claims he murdered between 47 and 52 women between 1983 and 2005. He is serving several life sentences in Ohio for the murder of seven women, with several other cases pending. In this episode, Colvin will be telling the actual location of a body buried in the woods outside a truck stop. He has also contracted Covid-19 and desperately begs for Phil's help.