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Welcome to today's edition of the Rush Limbaugh Show podcast and greetings to you, music lovers, thrill seekers, conversationalists all across the fruited plain. I got to dial it back. I'm so amped, so amped to be back in the air chair here at the EIB Network and the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Studies on everything that matter. Really, really great to be back. Cannot tell you how much. And I really, really am sorry for missing last week.


It was totally unexpected. It was not planned and it was well, it was what it was. I'll tell you, 20, 20 has been some year, hasn't it? We were all being tested. And lots of different ways, a lot of various ways, but. When you strip everything away and when you boil everything down to its essence, my friends, we are Americans, which means we're tough, which means that we are oriented toward overcoming any challenge that we are faced with.


For many Americans, a challenge is just the next thing on the docket, the next thing you have to deal with. That's how I treat them. It's just the next thing up, the next thing you have to deal with, you can't I mean, you can spend some time lamenting it and you can spend some time going, what was me? But it doesn't get you anywhere. It's a natural human reaction to have. But for me and for millions of others, it's just the next thing that's happened that you have to deal with.


And you have no choice, and when that is your attitude, it becomes simply something that you have to accomplish or achieve, but more importantly, just deal with accepting the realities of life and dealing with them the best you can, getting as much help and assistance from whoever is best to provide it, and then trusting that everything is going to work out. That's the beauty of being an American, the ability to trust that everything is going to work out, because ultimately it does.


There is good in everything that happens. Sometimes you have to spend a little bit more time looking for it and sometimes it doesn't reveal itself immediately. But there's always good in everything that happens if you look back on the. History of our great and miraculous country. We've had our share of trials, we've had civil war, we've had world wars, terror attacks, we're undergoing terrorist attacks. Even now, it's the most amazing thing. Have you noticed by you can see it shift yesterday.


You can see it. It was almost like you're out on the beach and you see a tsunami out there and you see a building, you see it coming. And all of a sudden, guess what? All of a sudden all of the rioting. And all of the looting and all of the destruction and all of the damage in Democrat states and cities is done or not done or not done or not.


Donald Trump's fault all of a sudden, every Democrat, be he or her in a media, be they in the Democrat Party, be they black lives matter, be they antifa, all of a sudden it's all Donald Trump's fault.


And why? Well, folks, I have to tell you, those internal polls must really be bad, I alluded to this on Friday. They must really be bad in the internal polls.


The polls that you are paying for, they don't lie to you. They give you the straight skinny, and I'm telling you, the internal polling has got to be such that it's run its course the day or days of the media and the Democrats getting away with standing mute, staying silent while their cities burned to the ground while their cities. Openly support burning to the ground, openly support the inflicting of damage and mayhem and harm on other human beings. Those days have come to an end and now all of a sudden.


Somehow it's Donald Trump's fault in all these blue places. It isn't going to work, but it's breathtaking to see. It was just you could see it happening yesterday. Whatever it is, marching orders, they the mass tweet went out from somewhere and the orders were given and everybody on the left began to sing from the same song, the same hymnal. Through all of this, the natural disasters, the terrorist attacks, we have never given up. We have always persevered as determined Americans, it's who we are, that's why this covid thing has been such.


A Well, it's been a bunch of things, I mean, some of it's been disappointing, some of it's been eye opening, but we don't cower in the corner in the midst of such challenges.


Some of us would like to some of us would like to cower in the corner, so some of us would like to do anything we can to blame it all on Donald Trump. But that's not who Americans are, it's not what America is and it's never been. What America is. You deal with what happens, you deal with it head on.


I just spent some time in the hospital, there was no other way around it, and it was the last thing I expected to ever be happening, but we're here and we're back.


Every day I thank God I wake up and I'm not joking on this, folks. And I know it's clever sounding and it may be even a little humorous when I wake up every day. The first thing I do is thank God that that happened. And then I sincerely thank you all for the notes and prayers, we have a special page on Rush Limbaugh Dotcom, where people can drop notes, prayers, what have you, and they are deeply meaningful to me and my entire family.


But, you know, without embarrassing anybody, nobody can do.


As many of you know, I'm by no means going through something that nobody else has gone through. That's just the exact opposite. I'm going through what millions have gone through and those of you who have.


Know full well you cannot do it on your own, no matter how strong you are and no matter how committed you are, no matter as in my case, how brilliant you are, you still can't do it on your own.


And if I didn't have the support group that I have, my support group is one person, it's Catherine.


And you stop and think about the effect of all this on on on family members.


It is devastating. It's devastating to everybody. You know, it's devastating to particularly your family.


And it takes a special something to to gut it up and deal with it head on, trying to maintain, you know, good mood, positive mental attitude.


I'm so, so fortunate for the people that I have in my in my life. And I cannot tell you how fortunate that you all are in that massive group of people who are in my life. It's really terrific to be back here. And the plan is to be here for the entire week. Now, there is so much to get to do that was going through the stacks of stuff. I've got three or four things here that I could literally spend an hour each.


On now, I'm not going to do that, but to do them thoroughly, I could spend that much time, but I've got so much to work in. I wasn't here all last week. But I'll tell you what, how about that show opened on Friday and a 15 to 16 minute show opened on Friday. I covered for the four days I wasn't here. Even I recognize how good that was in terms of its comprehensiveness. There's some things that I said in that 15 to 16 minute show up and I want to now build on because I think they're crucially important.


And what are the points that I made?


I'd read something that Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit had had jotted down. And it really.


I've made a tremendous amount of sense to me. And essentially, it is. It was during the Republican convention last week and it was obvious what the Democrat Party was attempting to do, and they're building on it now with the attempt to blame Trump for all of the domestic terrorism that is going on. I believe the Democrat Party, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, whoever I think they are attempting and have been for a while to literally foment a race war.


I think that has been the objective and they have been throwing so much hate at Donald Trump that they have been goading him into responding with his own version of hate. And that is where Trump has been brilliant. He has not responded in kind. He has not responded with hate.


They have laid a lid on they have just hammered hate at him, hoping that he will hammer hate back at them, that you look at that Republican convention or one that he hate, you couldn't find a shred of it. All you found was love appreciation, you found one of the most diverse political conventions I have ever seen, one that was uplifting to me and I needed it. At the point that had happened last week, and it did. Trump and that convention lifted me at a time I needed it, and I hope that it had the same effect on a lot of other people.


Trump is not just running for re-election, there's so much more going on here. The story that the president told at the Republican National Convention. And believe me, it was his story. And it was well assembled, it was it was brilliantly conceived, flawlessly executed by virtually everybody who had a role in it. The story he was telling. Is about saving this country from the race war that I firmly believe the left is attempting to foment, the left in this country is patently obvious now, isn't they want this election to be they want the current American circumstance to be black versus white, not left versus right.


Not male versus female. Not straight versus gay. They want it to be black versus white. Immigrant versus native, maybe, but as long as it has a racial component, that's what the Democrats are attempting to foment.


And Trump didn't buy it. He didn't say he didn't buy into it. He didn't take the bait. He didn't respond in kind all last week, the president made clear that it's about people who are constructive, who are productive and generally happy. That's us. Versus people who are, let's face it, miserably unhappy. Don't care what you think, they'll care what they say, black lives matter and they are not happy people and they're not capable of happiness.


They're not capable of laughter, the closest they get to happiness is when they murder a Trump supporter has happened in Portland the closest they get to happiness. It's a phony happiness, obviously. Is when they engage in the destruction of private property and general mayhem, but that's not the kind of thing that normal people are made happy by. But this is who we're dealing with. People who are destructive, miserably unhappy, parasitic. And that's the difference. Transcends things like race.


I think it's a very underappreciated message that Trump had all during the convention last week. And by promoting it. At this time, I literally believe that Donald Trump may be saving America from a fate you and I don't want to. We don't want another civil war based on race. We don't want race wars.


We don't want any of that because it's not something naturally occurring. The Democrats are trying they are literally trying to foment hate. And it isn't working because it's not who the American people are. Ladies and gentlemen. The critics were hoping that as the Democrats, Biden, Kamala Harris, the whole MSM, as they throw hate, as they harass. People that attended Trump's. Acceptance speech Thursday night at the White House, they were assaulted. They were attacked.


The D.C. mayor had insufficient police resources. It was a setup. People had to walk to leave the White House grounds where the acceptance speech had taken place. It was purposely designed to force Trump, I believe, in to responding with his own brand of hate. That would have been driven by anger. I think they hope to make Trump so mad that he would react to these people, but he didn't react the way they hoped in the way.


They attempted to manipulate. There was no hate for hate. Look at all the white people bashing of the Democratic National Convention, the platform mentioning white people 15 times all negative. Republican convention didn't return fire in such a way, it simply promoted the diversity that's in the party. There was nothing but love and accomplishment and achievement possibilities, soaring possibilities not. A return volley of hate. They were hoping Trump would throw divisiveness right back at them instead. He brought up all of these positive, successful minority people and told his supporters, look, these are our kind of people and we're glad to have them.


Met hate with love. He met all of the hate, the Democrat Party, the biggest hate group in America today, and Trump met all last week.


With love. So I believe the Democrats have been goading Trump for four years, I've been trying to goad Trump into reacting in ways that they think he operates.


Democrat planners constantly try to goad him into behavior not in his best interests, and they fail. The problem is, even after five years now or six, they still don't know who he is because of their own arrogance. They're so convinced of their own intellectual superiority over Trump, they have they have become the coyote and they don't know what. I have to take a break.


I'm not finished with this point, but it won't take much longer when we get back. Sit tight back before you know it.


Welcome back. Rush Limbaugh's always meeting and surpassing all audience expectations every day. The telephone number, if you want to be on the program and we will be getting to the phones at some point. Eight hundred to eight to two eight eight two. So in addition to the Democrats attempting to goad Trump, I really believe this was the objective. And I think the frustration at failing to God Trump and responding at his convention with hate, the kind of hate that they have in ladling out here for who knows how long.


Think Democrats. Are now so frustrated they've had to come out and admit there's rioting and looting in their states and now they're trying to blame Trump for that.


Donald Trump has them doing things that are self-destructive.


And they don't see it because of their arrogance and their belief in their intellectual superiority, particularly over Trump. You know, normally the Democrats hide their true agenda. We've talked about this over and over again for countless decades here at the EIB Network recently. They've they've gotten brave and they have been upfront a little bit more so than usual about their agenda.


But normally they camouflage it. Normally they hide it. Today, in the past few months, not only are they not hiding it, they are putting it into action in Portland, in Minneapolis. In Seattle, in Chicago, in St. Louis, they are actually putting the agenda into action on television for everybody to see every day. I don't care if Americans do not want this country to become Portland or Seattle or Minneapolis or any where else. The Democrats are running states and cities.


They are destroying their own cities. It's on television, and all the while they believe they're destroying Donald Trump. He's driving them crazy because he simply isn't who they think he is and they're so lazy, they haven't taken the time to find out who he actually is.


Hey, welcome back. OK, breaking news that was inevitable, meaning it was going to happen no matter what. The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals has denied Michael Flynn's effort to force a judge to immediately dismiss charges against, as is the case, Emmet Sullivan. The judge refuses to follow through on the Department of Justice attempt to drop the charges, dropped the case against when the judge says, screw that, I want this guy going to jail. I want this guy.


He pled guilty before. I mean, I want this guy to go to jail. DOJ says, well, we're not going to pursue it. And the judge said, well, I'm going to make you pursue it. So he appealed and lost to a three judge panel at the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. Then Sullivan asked for an en banc hearing, meaning all of the judges.


And this is what was inevitable. All the judges have ruled that Flin. Can not have the charges dismissed, other words they found for the judge they found for Emmet Sullivan in a 61 page opinion. Now, the reason I say this is inevitable because there's no way 25 or 30 judges or 21, whatever it is we're going to find against a fellow judge, it's a fraternity, don't you?


What about the rule of law? Rule of law, folks, we know there are at least a two tier system of justice in Washington for people in the system, for people in the establishment and people who are not. This has been established also. I got an email, a number of that rush you keep mentioning. You mentioned on Friday, you mentioned that today the internal polling must be really bad. The Biden Kamala Harris internal polling must be really bad.


And this is why all of a sudden they've started mentioning the violence and the looting and the rioting in Portland. And now all you could see it coming yesterday as they in Mass try to blame Trump for it. They. Well, what do you mean, internal polling?


Well, every campaign hires its own pollster, sometimes many of them. And they go out and they poll and they poll any number of things. They poll the race. They poll precincts.


They they poll battleground states, battleground areas within states, but the one thing these polls don't do is lie. Now, the polls that you and I see that are published from any number of different places. We don't know how honest they are. We have doubts about them because we know that their usage is intended to shape public opinion rather than reflected. In fact, it's fascinating to go back and compare the polls today with exactly four years ago with Hillary.


It's amazing how close and similar they are. And yet we all know that Trump won. And in the Electoral College, one big. But the internal polls do not lie. They can't the customer must be told the truth about it, otherwise nobody's going to hire the polling unit. But what told me? That the internal polls must have changed radically. Was four different things. Actually, five. Hillary Clinton out of the blue. Urges plug's never to concede no matter what, plug's never concede, never, ever concede.


Not everybody thought that she was simply trying to share her own experience and saying that she should have not conceded, but she had no prayer. But that's not what she's actually she's not suggesting that she should have not conceded. She's telling Biden not to concede because the polls have taken a dramatic turn for the worse. Why even talk about conceding when prior to this they had plug's winning by 12, by ten, by eight, depending on what state you went to.


Now, all of a sudden, Hillary is telling him, never concede. And then Pelosi. I love this and I mentioned this in the show opened on Friday when I was one of few voices alluding to the fact that the Democrats were going to have to find a way to renege on the debates.


And people laughed at me and they pooh poohed this, people on the blogs, people on websites, people in the drive by media laughed and said that I was just trying to stir things up, that there have to be debates, there will be debates. It's a fait accompli.


And of course, I using intelligence, guided by experience, look at Plug's Biden is incapable of doing one debate. It's the risk. Is palpable for his handlers and they know it. So I stood by my claim that they were going to have to find a way to renege in and out of the blue, here comes Pelosi without even talking to the Biden campaign.


And she said late last week that she doesn't think there should be any debate. You know why? Because Trump hasn't done anything to deserve them. That that that Biden should not even legitimize Trump by sitting there and having a debate. So the challenger, the guy who has never won the presidency in his life, he.


Should not legitimize the duly elected president of the United States. Well, that's what Pelosi said. I just don't think he should legitimize it would not be a legitimate conversation I don't think should be in the debates. And he didn't tell Plug's about it. And that's fascinating to.


You know, Trump's out there saying it plugs a Trojan horse candidate, and that's that's just another way of saying what I have been speculating who's really running this show? Who is really the wizard behind the scenes here, the man behind the curtain or people behind the curtain?


But for Pelosi to do that. Followed after Hillary says, never concede that just told me, folks, the internal polling data has turned and turned badly for Plug's. And then Don Lemon on CNN. You've all seen this by now. He's sitting there talking to Fredo Cuomo. And he says and this is late last week, too, he says, well. The rioting has to stop. This stuff Fratto has to stop, the focus groups are in, the polling data is in, this stuff has to stop.


You know what I found amazing about that? Don Lemon knows they're in charge of it.


Don Lemon knows that he and the media and the Democrats barely indistinguishable. Are responsible for all of this rioting. It is their plan, this one I mentioned earlier, this is part of the agenda and they are actually putting it out for everybody to see. Now it's starting to backfire. Now the Democrats are being blamed for it, even though the Democrat maybe had never once televised any of it, they tried to hide it. Whatever news of it got out, they wanted people to try to believe it was Trump's fault and responsibility, but the focus groups and the polling data suggested, nope, the Democrats are starting to get the dilemmas.


We have to stop the rioting. The rioting has to stop. A guy in the news, a guy on CNN, the rioting has to stop. Spoken by somebody who acts as acts like sounds like he's in charge of it. I'm not saying he is, but in his mind. There isn't any difference in the Democrats, in the media and the Democrats in the Biden campaign. And then something I call everybody's attention to during a Democrat convention, remember Michelle Obama urging everybody, get out there and vote?


Vote, vote, vote, vote, vote, vote, vote, vote, vote, vote, vote, vote, vote, vote. What is this plug's is up by 10, up by 12 by is up here, and they made it sound like they she made it sound like they are scared to death. By the way, they just tell you something, folks aside here, for those of you worried about Democrats cheating.


Oh, yes. Anybody as ABC News about the post office lately, what happened to that news? What happened to post office kind of went by the wayside out there, didn't it? What happened to the post office? What happened to mail in voting? Let me tell you something, folks. If you are concerned that the Democrats are going to cheat and that they're going to engage in fraud, you know what the simple best retort to it is? You know what the simple best counter measure is?


Election Day, flood the zone, show up, I'm talking about you who are going to vote Republican, are going to vote Trump, show up on Election Day simply. Just smother the polling places. Go out and if you want to vote early, go ahead, if you want to engage in absentee balloting, if you have to find but I'm just saying that showing up on Election Day and swamping polling places and I don't mean illegally, I'm not saying vote for different places.


I'm not even just show up. Just every one of you show up and vote and do it on Election Day and you will shotgun's to the exit polls. They won't know what to do. They won't know what to do with turnout. They think they're going to win the turnout race every year because for some reason, the first time ever millennials are going to show up in numbers never seen before. It ain't going to happen this year like it didn't happen four years ago.


The youth vote never shows up, like the Democrats hope and pray and believe. But if you if we flood polling places on actual Election Day. There's nothing they're going to be able to do. Plus, it creates the mandate now the fifth thing that happened. The betting, the betting odds, if you look at the forget polls, but look at how people are betting, you could theoretically say, well, that matters because these are people trying to profit from this.


These are people trying to make money.


With their belief who is going to win, they're putting money behind it, and if you look at the betting odds. On The Real Clear Politics. Page, you will find that Biden has had a precipitous radical drop in support from just a week or two ago.


Now, better's people that bet on this stuff, they're like internal pollsters, they don't lie because they're concerned with profits. These people are not really concerned with getting anybody elected, the people putting money behind us. So people play the betting markets. They're literally doing it for money.


So those are five things that happened during the last week that that tell me that the ground has shifted dramatically underneath the Democrat Party in ways they stupidly have not been preparing themselves for because of their arrogance and their belief in their own intellectual superiority.


OK, got to take another obscene profit break. We'll do that and pop up at the top.


I got a lot of sound bites here. What NPR calls me racist for reading.




Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I've been trying that for 30 years. Hasn't worked out anywhere. There's a lot of covid-19 news out there as well. Big covid-19 political with a huge covid-19 story today on how it's looking like it could end up helping Trump like nobody had figured. Because the numbers of cases are becoming way, way down. And there's other news from the CDC, this is a this is a strange bit of news and I'll try to make sense of it as the program unfolds.


That and much more coming up right after this.


Now, why was I in the hospital? I thought I mentioned this last week. I got it. In fact, the one thing I can't get, the one thing that that I have been. Studiously. Trying to avoid is getting an infection, you know, chemotherapy reduces the immune system, it attacks the immune system. Anybody who has undergone chemo knows this. So if an infection comes down, all you've got are whatever antibiotics they prescribe. And it's it can get it can get scary.


And that's that's what happened last week. Yeah. There's a lot more to it than that. But that's you know, I'm not going to be a cancer patient on the radio. And that's that's that's sufficient in terms of information.


But I thought I'd mention it on one Friday. Anyway, here is Sheila Sheila in Racine, Wisconsin. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.


Hi, Rush. Hey, thanks for taking my call. You bet. I have one concern. I'm going to get right to it. On the news last night regarding the Kenosha riot, they indicated they had 175 arrests out of that, 105 of those arrests were from out of state as far away as Pittsburgh. My question to you is, during the intake process, is it possible for them to begin investigating who is giving them the money and who is funding their transportation to these riots?


Because I believe all across the country this is an organized plot somehow to discredit.


What do you mean intake process? You mean when the police are arresting them? Yes. Well, I don't think the police can arrest anybody for being paid to do something. And I don't think that I don't know that the police would actually be the proper investigatory agency to find out where they're where they're from.


This is, in fact, Sheila, I'm glad that you saw that. And because this is common.


In Ferguson, Missouri, during the Michael Brown episode, those people were mostly from Oakland, California. They were destroying downtown Ferguson, Missouri, they were not from Ferguson, Missouri, and they were not from St. Louis. Some of them were, but the vast majority. That's why there's a term for these people rent a mob.


There are many who think that the primary funding source is George Soros. Could be don't know. To me it's enough to know that these people are not.


From Kenosha, it's she wants the same thing in all of the efforts that have been made to damage this program, the business side of this program, the stop rush or the whatever the name of it movement was, flooding local advertisers with threats via text and email that their customers and their never shopping in the store again until you get rid of Rush Limbaugh. We found out that 99 percent of the people sending such emails and threats had never been customers of any of the businesses involved.


And this is the thing for everybody to keep in mind when boycotts or anything of the sort come up. They're not your customers to begin with who are threatening to never shop at your store or no avail themselves of your service. They're not customers to begin with. They are left wing Marxist agitators. And it's the same thing in Kenosha.


It is not negative, but the media want you to believe that it is the native citizenry that's erupting in outrage.


Republicans and at Donald Trump, when, in fact, they're bussed in, they're paid for. And a lot of it is known as to who is paying for them and just the fact that it's not legitimate is really all anybody needs to know. It isn't legitimate and it's not the result of whatever action took place. The left still has to manufacture. The protest and the riots, they have to manage if it's not something naturally occurring, but it fuels a lot of people, particularly rich white millennial women.


Got to take a break. We'll be back.


You will not believe what's going to be happening with the NFL as they televise games this season. I'll have the skinny for you and the coach of the Seattle Seahawks. I'm sorry, Seahawks Pete Carroll has weighed in. On how white people don't know the half of it. So sit tight, folks will be back and roll right on.


Hey, it's Buck Sexton here we are in the height of an election season that will determine the future of the country. Who are you going to listen to? Who can you trust? Join me in the freedom hunt, the one place where you know, you'll get the straight story from a conservative perspective. Joe Biden, somebody who's been a machine politician in the Democrat Party from Delaware for longer than I've been alive. And nobody thought he was impressive. No one thought he had great leadership until about five minutes ago.


They're trying to fool you. They're trying to pull off a con, a fraud against America. And Joe Biden is the con man in chief. The biggest names and the heaviest hitters in politics, trust me.


So we've done a lot. But can we have some great support for your viewpoint is very important to make very, very important. This how we got to know each other.


Buck Sexton, formerly of the CIA. It's great to be back on the bus accident show.


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Excuse me. One things I mentioned on Friday, which is worth again, going back to Jonathan Chait, whose last name rhymes with hate appropriately so. He is a really angry uber leftist in the media and has been for the longest time. It literally has pent up animosity toward Republicans. Conservatives weren't happy when he tweeted something that didn't. Well, I don't know how much play that it got. I did mention it on Friday. Democrats need to be extremely concerned about what's happening in Wisconsin.


Where support for Black Lives Matter has gone from plus twenty five to plus zero in two months. Now, here he is, an organization which, by their own admission, they're not a civil rights organization, that's one of the biggest fake. Assumptions that people are making, they are a proud Marxist, Leninist, communist organization. And they're really they're really made up. I mean, people are afraid of them because they're willing to use all kinds of violence, but because they have succeeded in convincing everybody that their civil rights organization, nobody can touch them.


In this climate, they're pretty much permitted to say and do whatever they want to do because. They're a bunch of victims and they have what I understand to be legitimate grievances against the United States. They are not a civil rights organization. They are a proud Marxist organization. And they admit so on their Web page. And it's fascinating to see all these professional athletes signing on to them and agreeing with them and promoting them when it's clearly obvious what they are and what they aren't.


And it is therefore abundantly obvious that professional athletes are being manipulated very easily. They're being used very easily to promote an agenda that they may agree with. I don't know. But I would venture to say that a significant percentage of African-American athletes are not communist. They may be what they think are liberal Democrats, but they're not Marxists. They may never have been taught about Marxism even when they attended class in college. They may not even know what that is.


But boy, have they been successfully manipulated and used, but this this tweet and this, by the way, is all the way to August 2012, just four days ago. Let's go through this again. Democrats need to be extremely concerned about what's happening in Wisconsin, support for.


Black Lives Matter has gone from plus 25 to plus zero in two months. So Mr. Chait here believes that it is a very, very good thing. For the public to support Black Lives Matter, a Marxist communist organization, and it's worthy of panic. When Black Lives Matter in Wisconsin loses all of its support plus 25 to plus zero. Why do the Democrats need to be concerned about this? You see, the Democrats have openly embraced a Marxist, yes, that's exactly what Mr.


Chape means. But actually, he doesn't he's furthering the idea that Black Lives Matter is a civil rights group, the legitimate inheritors, Martin Luther King and his legacy.


Why is Black Lives Matter lost all of its support in Wisconsin? Do you think? Impossible to know, but you could guess based and hope that sufficient numbers of people have found out who they are and that even if they haven't found out who they are, they still don't support rioting and looting and destruction. Which is the strangest thing that the Democrats are trying to rally a winning coalition behind. Destroying Portland, Oregon, with the governor seemingly happy about it.


Destroying Minneapolis. Destroying any other Chicago, St. Louis, you name it, wherever Democrats run the show, they're sitting idly by and letting all of this happen under the theory, the pretext is somehow doing all of this and permitting all of this is going to redound negatively to Trump. But now it wasn't redounding negatively to Trump because now they're having to come out perfectly profoundly SASO. And as I said, you could see it coming on Sunday, you could see the shift coming.


On Sunday, now let's look at something else here. It has been documented in a bunch of media sites like News Busters, Brent Bozell Monch, 95 to 99 percent of the news coverage of Donald Trump has been negative for four years, four solid years. The Republican convention last week was the first time in four years. Where a large swath of people heard anything positive about Donald Trump in four years.


I saw people get mad at Trump's acceptance speech. He went 70 minutes, he wasn't energetic enough. Trump seemed to be phoning him in. Let me explain what I think was going on there in the first place. If Donald Trump wants to take 70 minutes. To try to explain to people who he is, the people who have been lied to every day for four years and counting, then takes the 70 minutes, it didn't bother me.


You know, the thing that worried me about it was that it ran so late that people might have been turning off to go to sleep. But the length of it didn't bother me. What about the fact that it was really torn down? I think. No matter what Trump had done. No matter which attitude, no matter how much energy level, whatever Trump has done, it would have come under severe criticism. He wasn't being presidential, if he had if he had done a rally type acceptance speech, it wasn't President Trump is just a buffoon.


So now they go after him. I was flat, I just, I don't know, maybe president sort of phone it in. I don't know what was wrong with him.


I frankly thought it was fascinating. I thought Emelle melded the use of the teleprompter in an ad libs pretty well. And he was himself, but again, it was all about, remember what I said in the last broadcast hour, it was all about not being goaded into returning the hate. That the Democrats fired at him with all their barrels all the week prior and even last week as well, they were doing their best to goad him into returning hate to match their hate.


That's what they were counting on and it didn't happen. So Trump delivers an acceptance speech that has no hate. Even though it's highly critical of the Democrats, there was no hate.


Yeah, there was some greatest hits lines, but again, this is a guy who has been lied about and mis represented, impugned, lied about, slandered for four solid years.


It makes you think. Where we would be now if we had any semblance of a fair media. But, you know, it's also comforting and it's a stark reminder that despite all this negative press. Trump has hung in there. Hung in there for you, hung in there for himself. He's finally started saying this and it's he doesn't need this. He didn't need this. He didn't need to do any of this. And he doesn't need to put up with it now.


But they have failed. They've tried to run him out of town, I think Trump is getting stronger. I think the media is getting weaker. I think Trump is just now hitting his stride. And we will see this manifest itself in the coming weeks, I'm feeling actually pretty enthused about this. Now there's also. The interesting thing. That is the new makeup of the Republican Party. Whose is it now? Where were all those lions of the Republican Party that you and I donated to, we supported.


We defended. Where were they last week? They were nowhere. Now, some of them were at the Democratic convention, some out there making a big deal about voting for Democrats, but now this goes deeper than that. Something I'll be getting into as the program unfolds. By the way, Willie Brown, columnist, San Francisco Chronicle, former mayor of San Francisco, former speaker, California Assembly in his column on Saturday. Willie Brown said the Democrats better stop calling riots, demonstrations.


A better stop calling them peaceful protests because burning and looting is going to help re-elect Trump. We are very fortunate the Democrats are not listening to Willie Brown, they he told them not to pick Kamala Harris. They did. He's advised them to do a whole bunch of other things they are ignoring. Former San Francisco mayor California's State Assembly Speaker Willie Brown wrote Saturday that Democrats ought to stop calling riots demonstrations because burning and looting are going to help re-elect Trump.


The title of his piece is Burning and Looting in the Name of Justice will hand the Election to Trump. Willie Brown said the biggest threat to a democratic election sweep in November isn't the Republican in the White House, but the demonstrators who are tearing up cities in the name of racial justice.


Well, you have you just you don't see this. He's absolutely right and they are going to ignore them. They can't. They have to ignore him. Trump said it plug's has to be in favor of crime, he has to be in favor of this, he's got no choice. Joe Biden cannot criticize the rioting and the looting and all of this. He must be in favor of it. That is the Democrat coalition. That is the Democrat Party's identity and energy, he has to support it.


But Willie Brown noting that new polls showed voters increasingly worried about crime, said that the Democrats are in a heck of a bind if they stand up and condemn the demonstrators. The left wing will label them as Trump flunkeys. And he'll be in all sorts of trouble if they keep quiet or offer passive responses to all of this violence, voters will assume that they're OK with burning and looting. Oh, by the way, we have assumed that. I don't know about you, but it seems to me that people in Seattle are perfectly fine with what the people of Portland are perfectly happy with, that dumb cluck mayor running around supporting all this stuff.


It seems like the residents there, if they have a voice. And if they oppose it. Maybe afraid to say so. So the speaker and the former mayor is right, stop calling riots, demonstrations. Now the Democrats are out actively trying to blame Trump for all of this.


A brief break. We'll come back. Will continue before you know it.


Hi. Welcome back. Rush Limbaugh executing a sign host duties flawlessly. Zero mistakes. Here's the headline in Politico. Falling covid-19 cases create opportunity and peril for Trump. Cases are dropping everywhere, but the rush to reopen could backfire. Hard to see how any way they're getting nervous. Folks, this is a this story is is is just dripping with fear that the covid-19 story is reaching a point where it's going to be beneficial to the president for the next couple or three months.


A number of cases down, number of deaths down. There's new CDC numbers on the actual number of literal covid-19 death could be just a little over 6000, not 180000 details coming up. I need to get back to the phone. Santa Cruz, California, this is Paul. It's great to have you with us, sir. Hi.


Thank you. I'm megadose. Keep fighting. A good fight. Thank you, sir. I have to do I just wanted to remind you that as soon as President Trump was sworn into office, there were writing in Washington, D.C., where they were shooting and breaking windows and causing chaos. And you never heard the Democrats denounced that at one point during that entire process of time, which is very disrespectful to the president. Oh, exactly.


In fact, let's let me remind people of a couple of interesting things. Laura Trump made this point last night on the Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. The media and the Democrats are trying to blame Trump Thursday night's acceptance speech on the South Lawn of the White House as a super spreader event. UniSuper spread around for a bunch of people, get together like leftist Hollywood people have parties, pool parties, and they say no to social distancing and don't wear masks that are consuming adult beverages, shooting up whatever it is they shoot up and a bunch of will come down with a disease.


In many instances, those pool parties are in contained, you know, houses, super spreader events are very difficult to have outdoors.


Folks, you just can't you can't ignore the science here. The science is that outdoor is very difficult to promote super spreader events because outdoors is the safest place to be in terms of the virus being contracted. And spreading. But why was the White House event a super spreader event, and yet the Black Lives Matter and Antifa storming the streets of Washington, getting in people's faces? In some cases, manhandling them and spitting on them. Why wasn't the media concerned about the spreading of the virus at that point?


Why was the virus only going to be spread during the Trump acceptance speech, but not as the Trump guests were being intimidated, hounded, in some cases practically beaten up Rand Paul and his wife. The hypocrisy is glaring. And once again, the Democrats trying to make the case that, well, the virus doesn't spread during protests, and even if it does, it's worth it. It's worth some people coming down with covid-19 if the effort is to get rid of Donald Trump.


So I don't think there's anything to be particularly concerned about in terms of the White House speech, the acceptance speech on Thursday in super spreader, there was some distancing there anyway.


But the point is that the caller makes is how about all of the protests after Trump was inaugurated, even after he was elected?


Remember all of those crazed women wearing vagina hats all over the place, all over the country? Remember the first travel ban, how people went nuts? The left has been violently protesting since Trump was elected. And these violent protests have been encouraged and embraced by the Democrat Party and, of course, the Democrats in the in the media. So that is exactly right.


It's just all of a sudden now it's Donald Trump's fault in this. You know, I said yesterday you could just see it coming. You could see it happening. If you're watching social media, you can see on cue, you can see on Twitter, you can see it happening, Instagram, Facebook, the talking points went out. The left media ganged up, all the tweets, all the comments, all the stories. Were versions of this Chris Cillizza, CNN trumps efforts to label what's happening in major cities as riots speaks at least somewhat to his desperation, politically speaking, at the moment.


Yesterday, the entire left wing totally changed and now all rioting is now all. Trump's fault, which means rioting is not good. Now, how are they going to get themselves out of this one? They've just now by blaming Trump for this. They've begun the process of condemning it. And there's some fascinating quotes from various Democrats I'll share with you when we come back from yet another obscene profit break right here on the EIB Network, 802 eight two two eight eight two if you want to be on the program, Chris Murphy, who is a United States senator from Connecticut.


Can we take the gloves off and tell the truth, Trump is deliberately killing people. He holds rallies where people get infected on Thursday, no social distancing or masks, sending a clear message that the CDC should be ignored. His plan is to kill people. Let's just say it. You think these people may be losing control of where they thought they were headed? I'm telling you, folks, the internal polling must be plummeting and the focus group data must the bottom must be dropping out.


They have lost control. This agenda, this agenda of theirs was to let their own cities burn. Their agenda was to permit property damage and destruction, looting, fires, explosions in their own cities. In order to somehow damage Donald Trump, to somehow demonstrate that Trump can't control anything, to somehow demonstrate that all of the anger and all the protest is happening because of Trump, the message was, if you'll just get rid of Trump will stop this.


It isn't working. The focus groups in the polling data must be this is just his plan is to kill people. Let's just say it. There's not. There's not too much left to go, folks, there. I mean, if you're going to accuse Trump of purposely killing people, where do you go next when you criticize him? You're pretty much gone as low as you can go. It's a despicable smear and all of this stuff started at the Democrat convention.


And now they've really amped it up, blaming Trump. For all of the rioting, when the mayor of Portland tried to join the rioters, he wanted to be considered on the team and they tear gassed him. But, folks. Deliberately kill people, let's just say it, Trump's plan is to kill people. You realize what's happening here now, they. Their entire campaign hinged on this violence, on the rioting and not saying anything about it, just letting it happen, hoping Trump gets blamed, having the Democrat cities and states continually locked down so there's no economic activity, therefore, there's no economic boost.


All of this designed to hurt Trump. Now they have been forced to come out and condemn this so as to blame Trump for it. Now, this is not what they foresaw. They never foresaw having to condemn this stuff. Why, they're the ones that devised it. Amy Klobuchar, we are not safe in Donald Trump's America. Now, see, now it's Donald Trump's America. All of this activity in Democrat controlled blue cities, in blue states where Trump has offered federal resources to come in and fix it, and he's been rejected, his his offers of assistance have been declined.


We're not safe in Donald Trump's America, says Amy Klobuchar Tantalise are breathtaking, but here they are. The pattern is clear. The Democrats have created this environment for violence in cities they run, states they run. They have triggered their own followers, their own voters to riot and to loot, they've promoted it, they've encouraged it.


They didn't condemn the violence for months. Not a single word, not a single condemnation of it anywhere, anyhow. But as soon as the conventions are over and Democrats read the polls and they see their internal polls and they see the focus groups crushing their party. They have now denied the reality of the preceding months. It's breathtaking. Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Democrat foot soldiers, we know their politics, we know their violent tactics of intimidation. We got the pictures.


Yet elected Democrats pretend none of it happened, knowing the fake news media will pretend it didn't happen right along with them. We're not safe in Donald Trump's America. Let's see Joe Biden, campaign adviser. Trump has been trying to incite violence this entire summer. And be Kate Bedingfield, she was also on Fox News Sunday yesterday, and she was not. Helpful to Biden. And Chris Wallace did as much as he could to help her, but even he lost patience with her.


Trump has been trying to incite violence this entire summer. This is all part of what I told you, they're attempting to goad Trump into responding to them with the hate they are dishing out and he is not playing along. Try this on, ladies and gentlemen, polling data I polling data, here it is, Trump's approval rating among black voters jumped nine points during the Republican convention. This The Washington Examiner. President Trump's approval rating from black and Hispanic voters rose amid the Republican convention, 24 percent of registered black voters approve of the job Trump is doing.


That's an increase of nine percentage points in a poll taken earlier in August. It's a Hill Harris poll. It's not some outlier, oddball, weirdo bunch. This poll also showed positive movement for the president's approval rating among Hispanic voters, 32 percent of whom approve of the job Trump is doing. That is an increase of two percentage points. It's more indication that we are in the era of the new Trump Republican Party. You know, in front of every election in my lifetime, the Republican talking heads have lamented that there was no way the Republicans could appeal in any way to the 20 percent of the population that was black.


They just stayed the enterprise zones or any number of things, but that just didn't work. And eventually they stopped trying. They gave it lip service, but they stopped trying. Oh, they talked about conservative values. And they talked about the capital gains rate and they talked about this an estimate, but it didn't really connect. Now Trump. Who I think really cares about everybody, I think Trump cares about people much more than take your pick of any any Democrat you want.


And remember, I know this guy and I may be.


The most knowledgeable person about who Donald Trump is of everybody in the media, even though I'm not his closest friend. I think I understand them. As well as anybody for a host of reasons I shall not divulge here. But I think he really cares about black people. I think he really cares about Hispanics. I think he cares about what we call the average American, the people who make this country work. He's not. An elitist. He really cares about.


The people who get this country moving and shaking every day and it appears to be paying off. I think one of the reasons the left is now out with their full blown declaration that Trump is responsible for all this is why there are riots. The riots have torpedoed the huge polling lead that Biden had. The riots were supposed to keep blacks on the racist left plantation. The riots were supposed to serve as a mechanism whereby the Democrats could say, see, Trump doesn't care about you.


He doesn't care if you get hurt. He doesn't care if you get killed in care if you die. He's not doing anything to stop it. In fact, Trump wants you to. Oh, there's plugs. Plugs came out of the base making a speech. Right now our tape is rolling. I'm not going to interrupt this program for plug's anything newsworthy.


Newsworthy. We will, of course. Have it for you. Do you know of anybody else that could have made these kinds of gains in the Republican Party besides Donald Trump? I don't. And as such, folks, there has been a seismic shift now in politics. We have been feeling the rumbles for four years. But these past two weeks with these two virtual conventions. The ground shook and the Republican Party of my life and your life fell into a chasm.


The Republican Party. And I find this so ironic, the Republican Party that we donated to the Republican Party that we voted for the Republican Party and individual Republicans that we loved and swore allegiance to. That we did everything we could to help. Even after they said one thing on the campaign trail, then if they got elected, they rarely attempted to enact what they told us they were going to do. We still hung in there because. The Democrats were still the Democrats, the left was still the left, and they had to be defeated.


But the people that. We gave everything to. Some of your cases, money, but I'm just talking about loyalty, support. Effort. Manning phone banks getting out there and planting yard signs, whatever it was. People did it. Now, the Romney's and Paul Ryan's, the John McCain's, the the the Koch brothers, the McConnell, John Bolton, all of all these people, were they they weren't even a part of the Republican convention. George W.


Bush was nowhere to be seen. I doubt that he wanted to be. And what emerged was the new Trump Republican Party, and it's a fascinating change, it's the party of the little guy. It's the party of working America, not politicians, not elitist think tank. Dennison's. It is literally the party of working Americans in the energy sector, in the health care sector. In the tech sector in some cases. The Republican Party under Trump is the party that.


Strives to make government work for people, not the government, work for the elites. It's a party that is devoted to a strong military at the same time equally devoted to being against war, meaning we want a big military that serves as a deterrent so that we don't have to use it.


The old Republican Party that we remember supporting was filled with neocons who wanted to be at war in a number of different places because it was a great way to create and generate wealth. Republican Party now is a party of and for individuals. It's also a party that solves problems. That's what Donald Trump does. He solves problems, something that bureaucrats just don't do by definition, bureaucrats don't solve problems to solve a problem.


There may not be any need for you. This is one of the big little secrets of bureaucracies. And big ones, too, like the State Department, never really solve anything, always appear to be trying really hard, but never really solve it. Under the pretext that nobody can solve it, we're the best and brightest to get as close as we can. But Trump solves problems. Trump shows what can be done in three years. He. This is not a good example that the elites in either party want people to see.


No problems too small if it affects one American negatively is Trump's attitude and, you know, the whole concept of conservatism might have gone into the 2002. Because it's time to maybe rethink how conservatisms. Existence is going to evolve and how conservatives mature into whatever this new party. Is I got to take a break. Yeah, way long. I know we'll be back. Don't go. No panic, no need. I know you guys have got Biden on it.


Does it not look like they've got him in a cage? I got it, I got to grab a screenshot of this, I put it up there, I can't do it right now, but it literally looks like they've got a cage like he's down at the border. And he just got caught trying to sneak in the country illegally and he's about to be deported. The only difference is you don't see illegal immigrants wearing a coat and tie. But I swear it looks like he's in a cage.


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So make a note.


LifeLock dot com slash scan.


Remember to use my name I.D. I had just a brief moment to listen to a little bit of Biden here as he gives his speech in Pittsburgh in a cage. Folks, I.


Flat out lying in its. Mind boggling, it's so audacious that it's difficult to describe it just literally flat out lying, blaming Trump for things the Democrats have supported, things the Democrats have done.


Blaming Trump for things that he has not done, that have not happened anyway, we're rolling on it. We'll have examples for you.


But now a brief break here at the top and we'll be right back.


Don't rush, says the e-mail. What lies did Biden tell? All right. They're bringing back a big one. And I think this is a sign of panic as well. Joe Biden point blank said that Donald Trump is going to take your Social Security away from you by the year. Twenty, twenty three. They're back to that, folks. They're going back 50 years for their greatest hits. Cutting Social Security, the Democrats charge Republicans want to cut your Social Security or eliminate it has been something they have used my entire life.


I grew up hearing this and they kept using this up until about 15 years ago, maybe 10, and they eventually gave up on it because nobody ever lost their Social Security. And after trying to scare seasoned citizens for 40 and 50 years with something that never happened, seasoned citizens got wise to it and stopped paying attention to it and it stopped being effective and it became a joke. It never happened, and so they dropped it. Now they bring it back, they bring back cutting Social Security at the same time, Donald Trump is allowing your city and state to be burned to the ground.


Trump is just going to destroy everything he wants to do this because he wants you to suffer. Now, I think if they're going to go back to this cutting of Social Security business, they're probably figuring, well, people haven't heard this charge in 10 years, so it's going to be new to some seasoned citizens. But to me, it just represents a tired and worn out, which fits with Biden, by the way, tired and worn out.


Strategy, if this I mean, Biden comes out of his basement to give a speech for the first time and I don't know how long.


And one of the centerpieces is a threat. That Republicans are going to cut your Social Security by 2023. Now, they may be saying, well, it's worked in the past. But I think it represents they know they've got problems, they've got problems with senior citizens, they've got problems with the African-American vote, they've got problems across the board, and they have been lying to themselves about this, just like they lied to themselves all throughout 2016. They bought the polling data that Hillary is going to win in a landslide.


They didn't even work very hard. She didn't go campaign anywhere. Biden can't go very many places and campaign. They they are so convinced of their own intellectual superiority and their own political superiority, and they still believe Trump is the biggest idiot they've ever faced. So it's all lining up against them as it did in 2016. And we'll have more on this as we get more comments from Plug's. We we rolled this speech and we'll have highlights coming up.


I want to move on to professional sports. We are 10 days away from the NFL, I believe. Ten days away. The NFL season opener is a Thursday night. The Kansas City Chiefs, the Houston Texans. And it's Thursday. It's a week from Thursday. So basically 10 days away. And I first want you to hear a sound bite from the coach of the Seattle Seahawks. His name is Pete Carroll, used to be the coach at USC.


He has coached in the NFL at the New York Jets and at the New England Patriots, then went to USC, left USC in a cloud of dust. A scandal over recruiting in this kind of thing goes to Seattle and has been there for the Seahawks for a number of years. So two weeks before the before his first game of the season. And on a day that he canceled practice for the Seahawks so that his players could vent and rant and discuss important social issues, he made a 14 minute statement out that I think the quarterback of the Seahawks, Russell Wilson, after what happened in Kenosha.


Russell Wilson said, you know, if we had a game today, we wouldn't have played. We would have boycotted the game. We would have not played. We would have stayed in the hotel or stayed at home, and we would have devoted ourselves to social justice. Now, head coaches don't want to lose their players. Head coaches do not in this day and age. Head coaches do not run the show, the players run the show. They have been granted that power, at least in Seattle.


It's not true at every franchise, but it's happening to more and more. And Pete Carroll does not want to lose his players. The coach, the Houston, Texas, Bill O'Brien, he doesn't want to lose his players, so he has vowed to kneel during the anthem with them. He will join them in protesting American. So here is what Pete Carroll said. On the day his players took practice off because they were so irritated at what is going on in America, white guys came over from Europe and started a new country with a great idea and a great ideals and wrote down great, great, great writings and laws and all of that about democracy and freedom and equality for all.


And then it ain't happened. It is. That's not what happened, because we went down this this other road here. We follow the economics and rich white guys making money and they put together a system of slavery. And we've never left it. Really, it's never gone away. And black people know the truth. They know exactly what's going on. It's white people that don't know. We've been taught a false history of what happened in this country.


It's totally unbelievable, it's Pete Carroll, the head coach of the Seattle Seahawks, he says here's here's he and black people can't scream out anymore. They can't march anymore. They can't bare their souls anymore to what they've lived with for 400 years because white guys came over from Europe and started a new country with a great idea, great ideals. We followed economics and rich white guys making money and they put together a system of slavery. And we've never left it.


Really, it's never gone away. So, coaches, I'm calling on you. Step up. No more being quiet, no more being afraid to talk the topics no more. I'm a little bit uncomfortable. I might lose my job over this because I've taken a stand here. There, screw it. We can't do that anymore. So these white guys came over from Europe, started a new country, great idea, great writings, great laws, all of this about democracy and freedom and equality for all.


And then it ain't happened.


That's not what happened because we went down this other road, we followed economic and rich white guys making money and they put together a system of slavery and we've never left it, really. It's never gone away. Black people know the truth. They know exactly what's going on. It's white people that don't know we've been taught a false history of what happened in this country. Coach Carroll, I have not been taught a false history of what happened this country.


I have. I had learned it myself, dude, I've been taught I educated myself, and I know that you don't know what you're talking about. You are pandering. You may think you know what you're talking about, but you don't. Slavery has never really ended. Grab audio, sound bite number one, let's just get a contrast here. This is Bruce Arians. He is the head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This was Thursday last week at the at the Buccaneers training facility, one Buc place.


He held a press conference and this is what he said. He told his team about social justice protests.


If they want to do something, we'll do it as long as it's something that's going to have something to do with change and not just taking the day off. The responsibilities to take action, I don't know. That protest is in action. You know, I would beg them to take action, you know, find a cause and either support it financially or do something to change the situation because protesting doesn't do crap, in my opinion. I've been saying it since 1968.


And what he means protesting. I've been doing crap, in my opinion of in 68. And one of the things I've been seeing all this protesting 1968 and what's happening, they're still protesting. What, what what's the change that's happened, it's still the same stuff. Man, after my own heart, in essence, this is a different structure of a point that I have constantly made all of these minority groups that vote Democrat every four years, every two years, they vote Democrat.


Why not? Because they're complaining about the same stuff the Democrats promised they're going to fix all of this are going to end racism, are going to end bigotry, and they're going to end economic inequality and all this stuff. And yet. Democrat minority voters continue to complain about the same stuff, meaning their votes are not mattering because their votes are taken for granted. The Democrat Party knows they don't have to do Jack. All they need is a D next to their name, and they're going to get a majority of Democrat votes and that's where it ends, they don't have to do anything else.


They don't have to fix anything because where else are minority voters going to go? The Republican Party has been so demonized that they're not going to support them, except that's now changing with the dumpster. We've been telling you black support for Trump up nine points during the Republican convention. So Aryan's you know what else he's basically saying, the coach of the Buccaneers look at. Canceling practice one day is not going to move your cause forward, not practicing and not playing a game one day isn't going to move your cause forward.


He's also saying, I've been watching protests since 1968 and I haven't seen anything but the protests continuing. Now, I was reading football mourning in America today. It's an it's a weekly column by Peter King, who writes at an NBC website. Now, Football Mourning in America and a segment today on Watching on TV how the game, the National Football League will look different this year. And I'm just going to read you what he wrote. Nike has made a T-shirt that players can wear in pregame warmups.


It's optional. It's the brainchild of Houston Safety NFL Players Association executive committee member Michael Thomas. And designed by Vogue Welbourn of the NFLPA Players Association, I don't know what the T-shirt is, there's not a picture of it. It's during the pregame, nobody's going to see it pregame won't be well, I take that back, it'll be seen because they'll videotape pregame, it'll be seen end zones in the normal ebb and flow. The end zone has the name and city of the home team, Green Bay Packers, Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Jets, New York Giants.


That's out the window this year. In one end line, it'll say it takes all of us. The other end line will say end racism. That's what everybody watching an NFL game will see on the end zones this season.


Coaches and game officials will be able to wear patches on their cap with the name of a black victim or with one of four messages, it takes all of us Black Lives Matter and racism or stop hate. Again, coaches and game officials. We'll be able to wear patches on their cap with the name of a black victim like Jacob, like George Floyd, or they can wear a patch that has a message. There are four messages the players and the officials can choose from.


It takes all of us black lives matter, end racism and stop hate. Each week, the NFL will select one victim's name and tell the story of that person in and around the games that week.


As for the helmet's, players can choose either a black name or one of the four preferred phrases offered stop hate, it takes all of us and racism, black lives matter. You're not going to be able to escape no matter what you're watching during the televised NFL games this season. You're going to be. Unable to avoid even stop hate takes all of us end racism, Black Lives Matter, or the name of a black victim somewhere.


And Mr. King says far and away expect to see Brianna Taylor as the most common victims name on the back of Helmut's. So that's just some of how the game is going to change as you watch it on TV. Any reaction in there, Mr.. Well, that's what they're going to find out, who wants to watch it? We'll find out. We'll see. We'll see. And here's here's a story. This is Investor's Business Editorial. When the NBA, MLB and the National Hockey League players picked Jacob Blake to be their saint, they chose poorly.


And it's a story of why this guy is not clean and pure as the wind driven snow.


If I have a chance, I'll squeeze some of the some of the details. And in the meantime, a brief break and we'll come back and resume with you on the phones.


I really appreciate your patience today on the phones. Hang on, folks. Back before you know it.


All right. Back to the phones we go. El Rashbaum, clear of voice, clear of mind and delighted to be back and be with you here behind the Golden EIB microphone.


We also have five audio sound bites from plugs. But I'm going to get to the phones first and we'll go to that. Fred in Cleveland. Welcome, sir. Glad you waited. Great to have you on the EIB Network.


Yeah. Good day, Rush. What I'd like to say is I think that the reason the Democrats are in freefall and panic is because they know that this election is over. The minority vote is going to go to Trump. There is no way to turn that around. They're trying with the riots and all the race baiting and all the other stuff. But the black vote is going to go to Trump. There's nothing they can do. They need 98 percent of the black vote in order to win.


They know they've lost.


Well, not quite 98. They can they can eke by with ninety six. Ninety five. But your point is that you think it's already over.


I think it's over. And I think every time Biden opens his mouth and Komala opens her mouth, they lose more support every single day where this election will be over by midnight. And I'll even go as far to say a fifty seven state landslide win for Trump, a fifty seven state landslide win.


OK, well, we're going to hold you to that, Fred.


Remember that Biden is going to get a certain percentage of the vote simply because there's a D next to his name. Got to understand this. It doesn't matter beyond that. To a lot of people, there's a D next to the name that. And it wouldn't matter if Trump or if it was any other Republican on the ballot.


Now, I have here the a little chart. And Brian, I sent this to you. This is the real Clear Politics electoral spread. Yeah, throw that up. We're going to put this up on the ditto cam. We'll have it for you at Rush Limbaugh Dotcom. What's noteworthy about this is this is a comparison between how Hillary was doing four years ago and how Plug's is doing today. Now, it may appear small on your screen, so let me help you out on the first line.


The first state is Wisconsin with 10 electoral votes. Four years ago, Hillary was up by nine in polling data on this date, exactly this date prior to the election. Biden is up three and a half. Now, there are two things to note here, Hillary is up by nine by eight point six by seven point six by eight, it's no wonder she thought she was going to win in a landslide. She believed this polling data. That's why she wasn't campaigning in this polling data was dead wrong, as we all now know.


And they paid the price for it. They got the polling so wrong, she believed it. Everybody on the Democrat side did.


Now, the same numbers in Wisconsin, Biden's up three and a half, where Clinton was up by nine. I have to tell you, the Democrats looking at this are going to be panicked. Clinton was up by nine and lost Wisconsin, the key battleground sections of Wisconsin. Trump won enough to win the electoral votes there. Biden's only up three and a half. Biden's maximum is Missouri, where he's up six point four. I'm sorry, New Hampshire is up nine point seven.


That's the only place where he comes close to being similar to Hillary. His his margin over Trump is one third what Hillary's was on average in all of these states. And so this is another reason why I don't know if they're panicking, but I'm telling you, their internal polling is causing him to make all kinds of changes in direction they never thought they were going to have to make.


All right. Stand by. Audio sound byte. Thirty six. Thirty seven. Thirty one. Everyone got the plugs in just a second. I mentioned earlier, ladies and gentlemen, that The Politico has a story today about the covid-19 case is creating an opportunity and peril for Trump. Virus cases are dropping everywhere, but the rush to reopen could backfire.


No, it can't. You know what could backfire? Is Joe Biden out there saying that he will listen to the science. And if the science says that we need to lock the country back down, that by golly, by gosh, that's what we're going to do. Science. When you hear that, folks, I think you need to understand, I think most of you do. They're trying to paint Republicans as Neanderthals. They don't believe the science of climate change.


They don't believe the science of this. They don't believe the science of that. It's not that we don't believe science. It's just that we don't think this is science. We don't think climate change is science. You cannot have consensus and have science. We know the left is politicized and corrupted so much that we just don't trust it. But science, we believe it. I believe science when science is actually what's involved. But science is not involved in climate change.


It's an open question man made climate change is an open question, it is not resolved by science. It has been resolved by politics. But for Biden to sit there and say, as he has said, that he will listen to the science, he will listen to the scientists, and if the scientists say we need to lock down the country, then that's what he'll do. Hey, Joe, if you happen to get elected, you're being elected.


Not a bunch of nameless scientists that nobody's ever heard of. What do you what do you what's a big deal about passing the buck? What are you trying to say that the only credible people left are science and scientists? I'm going to tell you the last thing that needs to happen is closing down the United States of America again and for plug's to promise everybody that he will do it if some lamebrain comes along and tells him to do it.


They'd better get him to shut up about this, because that's not what people want. Let me. I've been reluctant to share this next bit of news with you folks only because I'm worried it could be a trap. But the numbers involved here come from the CDC, the Centers for Disease Control. You want to talk about science, you want to talk about what it might be, some fake scientists and by fake scientists, I mean. Politicians who are pretending to be scientists and don't doubt me, ladies and gentlemen, they're all over the place.


Anybody can put on a white lab coat and tell you they're a scientist. The Centers for Disease Control this weekend lowered the number. Of China, virus deaths by 94 percent. From the Centers for Disease Control website itself, quote. For six percent of the deaths, covid-19 was the only cause macwhite, this may be a tweet. No, it's the CDC. For six percent of the deaths, covid-19 was the only cause mentioned four deaths with conditions or causes.


In addition to covid-19 on average, there were two point six additional conditions or causes. These are called morbidities. In other words, Fox for 94 percent. Of deaths, the virus was there, but didn't cause the deaths. The CDC is admitting this now. Let me let me give the data to you in another fashion. The Centers for Disease Control and they very quietly did this, this has not been trumpeted with fanfare. This was very quietly posted.


The CDC website, they updated covid death numbers to admit that only six percent of all of the 150 3000 deaths recorded actually died from Colon.


That's a total of nine thousand two hundred ten deaths. That's a big difference from 150, 3000 deaths. Ninety four percent of people. Who have died had two to three other serious illnesses. An overwhelming majority of these 94 percent were of advanced age. So the bottom line here is.


That the CDC is admitting that the number of people who actually died from covid-19 is nine thousand two hundred and ten.


The number that you have heard, one hundred fifty three thousand five hundred four and it's constantly changing, that number contains people who had covid-19 but maybe didn't die from it. They had pneumonia, they had cancer, they had any number of other things, covid-19 did not kill them. But their death was nevertheless recorded as a covid-19 death. So according to the CBC's own numbers, the actual covid-19 death count is nine thousand two hundred ten. Now, let me ask you.


Was it worth murdering a 22 trillion dollar economy for that? No, of course not, it's a rhetorical question, but that's exactly what we did. The idea that we need that we got some some doofus Democrat presidential candidate promising everybody that he will re lock down the country if some scientist comes along and tells him we have to want to scare the bejesus out of everybody, because that is the last thing we need to do. The Politico story, falling covid-19 cases create opportunity and peril for Trump.


For now, the numbers are again breaking in the right direction. The U.S. is averaging roughly forty two thousand new infections per day, down from forty nine thousand last week and down from sixty five thousand earlier this summer. The decline has been particularly significant in states like Arizona and Florida, two battlegrounds that could decide the election. Even with the numbers looking better, Trump still has to convince people it's truly safe to venture out in order to get the bounce he's looking for.


Let me say what this is about. Politico is worried. I want you to stop and digest this political means, the media, which means the Democrats are worried the covid-19 situation is improving. They're worried it's improving at the time at this time because that could end up helping Trump. Now, this is the part he keeps talking about unity, and we need to come together. I mean, wouldn't you think that party would be.


Happy that the numbers of reported cases are coming down. And what do you think that party would be happy? The number of covid deaths are not nearly as bad as we thought. But, no, we're really, really worried here. What does this mean for Trump? All week could be in trouble. So political hoping Trump overplays his hand. I think this story could be an extension of what the Democrats tried all last week, trying to goad Trump into reacting to them with hate.


He didn't. He reacted to them with love. He reacted to them with reason. He reacted them with a really, really cool Republican convention that was no hate to be found.


I think they're trying the same thing here. I think they want trompe. To go overboard and start talking about how Corvin's over, we beat it, it's heading downhill and we've overcome it, I hope. I think they hope that they can make Trump act. And speak as though he has defeated.


That's what they're hoping to do with this, I do not worry, my friends, he will not he's wise to their ways and his instincts anyway have caught up. With the Democrats attempts. To manipulate or seduce? No, no. OK, look at another way. Only six percent. Have died from covid alone. If that helps you to understand it. Only six percent, which is 9000 people, only six or nine thousand people have died from Koven alone, 9200 one out of a 160 1000 covid deaths so far, only 9000 from covid alone, meaning only 9000, where covid is, without question, the cause of death.


Hang tough, folks, back with much more. The fastest three hours in media meeting and surpassing all audience expectations every day. Rush Limbaugh back at it gratefully so.


Thankfully so. And I really appreciate all of you hanging in and waiting for me to get back. And no guarantee that's going to happen. And I'm always flattered that you do.


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That camera's 100 hundred dollar value. They're throwing it in El Freebo. Simply save USA dot com. Here's here's Rick in Midland Park, New Jersey. Great to have you, sir. Hi. Hello, Russia.


I'm a first time caller and I'm a long time student of the Limbaugh Institute of Advanced Conservative Studies.


Thank you, sir. Great to have you here with us. And I just want to say, myself and my beautiful wife, Sheryl, we've been praying for your you know, your healing. And just, you know, we've been thinking and my my I have three children as well. They're great, you know, really, you know, great fans of yours and been praying for you and and for your recovery.


I appreciate it. I'm convinced they work. I really appreciate that very much.


Well, I well, I tell you, I'm a union carpenter, New York City. And what I've been noticing and I've always been a real Trump supporter, you know, in the building industry when he you know, he's done so much, you know, union construction in New York City. And, you know, in the 80s when I got in, he wanted to get on a Trump job because you knew you know, he was he had us he was very meticulous on how he's going to build and was very he's just a detail oriented guy.


And he's, you know, from my generation when we came in, you know, we've always been like I've been a big Trump fan for a long time, you know, and but what I've been noticing in 2016, compared to now, there's much more support in the construction field for Donald Trump right now than there was he?


Well, it makes it makes perfect sense to me. He's got Biden out there promising everybody is going to shut down the country if some scientist tells him to do it. If I'm in the building trades, if I'm in some kind of a union or if I just want to go to work every day, I hear the Democrat nominee for president say that I'm running for the hills. That's the last thing this country or economy needs. There's no scientific reason whatsoever to shut it down, especially with everything that we're learning.


I appreciate the call, Rick. Sound bite number 40. I wanted you to hear this. This is Biden and Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh. He was talking here about the Republicans and Trump wanting to take away your Social Security.


How about Trump's plan to defund Social Security? There isn't such a Social Security administration's chief actuary just released a report saying that if a plan like the one Trump is proposing goes in effect, the Social Security trust fund would be in a quote, permanently depleted by the middle of calendar year 2023 with no ability to pay benefits thereafter. To put it plainly, Trump's plan would wipe out Social Security, period. You feel safer and more secure now.


I have to tell you that feeling safe and secure, I don't feel safe and secure just watching this guy even read it off the prompter. I don't think he's going to finish it. I have no confidence, I don't think something about not there, but this is an outand out lie. Trump is not going to defend Social Security or the trust fund, just like he's insisting that nobody with a pre-existing condition is going to be denied health care.


They're out there lying through their teeth and they're reviving this one, which must mean that they are in deep, deep doo doo.


Ladies and gentlemen, quick time out. We'll be back with much more after this.


So great to be back. Ladies and gentlemen, and really wonderful to know that you are there waiting for me to get back. Thank you so much.


We plan to be here all week dealing with that which happens.


And you won't find any place better to be than right here at the EIB Network.


I hope you have a great rest of the day and we'll be back at 21 hours.


Make sure you are here and provide yourselves when it comes to what's happening in this country and around the world.


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