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Welcome to today's edition of the Rush Limbaugh Show podcast. Yes, yes, I know.


Holds the rotten fruit. I feel the same way as you. I overslept a little this morning and I kind of woke up and stumbled downstairs and I was thinking, oh, I can't wait to hear what Rush has to say about all the stuff that broke late on Friday about the Hunter Biden investigation and the Supreme Court declining to hear the Texas case and all the rest of it. I can't wait.


Can't wait for Rush to break it all down so I know what to think about the whole thing.


And then, of course, I found out I was going to be sitting here myself at midday Eastern Rush is feeling better than he did on Fridays.


You know, he had to take the day off on Friday, totally clobbered. He's feeling he's feeling better today. And the plan is for Rush to return tomorrow. And you will not want to miss that because he will be at full strength and full strength. Rush, you have to stand far back from the receiving apparatus.


It is so strong, one 800 202 282 is the number to call. If you would like to be on the show. Always love to hear from lefties. If you're feeling pleased about how things are going on your side and there's no reason why you wouldn't.


And you might have some more good news on Georgia come early January.


If you feeling pleased and you're a lefty, come in and give me a call. Give me your best shot, one 888 to 282. You will have the pleasure. Mr. Snidely calls screening from the EIB Southern Command. We have Mike in New York making sure that it is all technically competent even if the content has gone to hell and we have a full week of excellence in broadcasting planned for you, whatever happens.


A lot of a lot of strangely revealing indiscretions over the weekend.


I mean, Eric Swalwell and Fang Fang will get into Fang Fang. Actually, I don't want to get too far Fang Fang, because you never know how many other people have gotten into Fang Fang, but we'll get into Eric Swalwell.


And then later, the attorney general, William Barr says he is reported as saying, the attorney general, just for those people who aren't mad enough at the attorney general, the attorney general, William Barr, says Trump is a deposed king, ranting, a deposed king, ranting to me the interesting word there is deposed and curious, curious choice of words.


But that's Bill Barr.


Trump is a deposed king ranting. There was a rally in Washington, believe this was Saturday. The my pillow guy. Speaking of deposing the king, the my pillow guy says Fox News was in on the fix.


He's he's the guy who's. Well, shows like Tucker that all the squeamish advertisers have abandoned, basically it's the flippity.


Well, what is it called? The flippity fish and the my pillow guy who accounting for all Tucker's ads and my pillow guy now says Fox News was in on the fix as we speak.


The as we speak, the Electoral College is meeting basically the electors will be voting. Up until 7:00 p.m. Eastern, 4:00 p.m. Pacific, that's when the last state votes Hawaii, but my state, New Hampshire. Is was one the first votes at 10am, and it has sent its slate of electors to Congress now Steven Miller, an aide to the president, revealed this morning that the plan is for Republicans to submit their own slate of electors.


They will meet, they will vote, and they will submit their alternative slate of electors to Congress in order, if you can follow all this, that there will be alternative sets of electors for Congress to vote for if they so decide. And I think what is all this rubbish? Well, it happens more often than you think. They did it last time. 2016, Ohio, a couple of Ohio Democrats did this, submitted an alternative vote to Congress by electors.


And it happened, of course, most consequentially in the 1876 election, which was Samuel Tilden versus Ruth B. Hayes.


And because of the electoral disputes about elections and electoral fraud, this all goes back a ways.


I've said on this show there is a long history of this nonsense here. And last in 1876, there were threats of violence against Republican voters and there was overcount in South Carolina. In 1876, 101 percent of all eligible voters voted.


And you had a situation where the voters of Oregon, the governor of Oregon, Lafayette Grover, claimed that one of the GOP's electors was ineligible and he put a Democrat elected in his place. And the two Republican electors dismissed his action. And they each reported three votes for Hayes while the Democrat elector reported one vote for Tilden and two votes for and the whole thing. Anyway, that's what they're going to do this time. They're going to they're going to submit these alternative.


And they have had some good news this morning. And I know people like good news and like to find it where they can. But in Wisconsin, for example, the Supreme Court has said that this whole idea that you're in indefinitely confined by covid is false.


And those people shouldn't have been entitled to vote. This happened this morning. The Wisconsin Supreme Court said that election officials were wrong and that the ballots of those who claimed to be indefinitely confined because of the covid, their ballots were illegitimate and could not be counted. They've ruled in favor of the Republican Party of Wisconsin. And again, we're trapped. Well, well, exactly, Mr. Mr. Sadlier, say, what does that mean? The fact the fact of the matter is that in the reality of the world we live in, the world has the world as pronounced.


Joe Biden the victor. And every day that went by after November the 3rd, it becomes more and more difficult, as a practical matter, to say, no, no, no, he wasn't. Now, the Wisconsin Supreme Court has said that these these guys, their ballots should not count if they claimed that they needed mail in ballots because of the covid. The court says a determination must be made in every case before tossing a ballot this fall.


Roughly 250000 voters in Wisconsin say they were indefinitely confined, a fourfold increase from 2016. And the court said that the government's interpretation of the indefinitely confined law was erroneous. The presence of a communicable disease in the community, such as covid-19, does not entitle all voters in Wisconsin to obtain an absentee ballot. Well, what do you do? That would have been a useful court decision up to about October 29th. In its final decision, the justices, the justices concluded that it's up to each voter to decide.


If I don't even understand this, I'll look for more information. I'm going to have to read the court opinion on this because I don't even get some of this stuff. But it's being reported as a victory for the Trump campaign that Wisconsin Supreme Court has said the election officials were wrong.


You know something? It's very difficult. It's very difficult, staggering on with this thing. The the Supreme Court denied standing, denied the Texas case on the basis of standing and standing is what they call a threshold question as to whether you have the right to bring a case.


You know, if if Fred Smith gets fired for breach of contract, Fred Smith's nephew can't sue the company for the breach of contract because he would have had a much bigger Christmas present if his uncle hadn't lost his job. You've got to, but you've got to be directly injured in order to claim standing.


And I think there's no doubt that when you look at this election, if it changes the result, if it means that the constitutionally mandated balance, the constitutionally mandated weight of your vote is diminished because false and illegitimate votes in another state determine the election, then I think that is a case of original jurisdiction that the Supreme Court should have had. There's no there's no doubt about that. Alito and Clarence Thomas were the only ones who were prepared to to do that.


Two out of nine judges, the other seven judges, one interested. And you are you wonder why? Well, I think there's two reasons in a way, the more respectable reason is that they're figuring the Republicans are going to lose the Georgia Senate runoff race and then they will be punished.


The Supreme Court will be punished by court packing for agreeing to take this case.


And I think the other one is even more basic. If you someone like Amy, Tony Barrett, and you've got school age kids and you live in the world we live in, you, you've got to be you've got to be placing a very large bet. And I don't say this lightly. I say this after 20 years of living with living with threats from jihadists and similar type lunatics and seeing my friends around the world forced into hiding those Danish cartoonists who did the Mohammed cartoons in 2005 and had goons showing up at their children's schools threatening their children.


And what you just used to be, the province of lunatics like those jihadis is now the the province of people who support the Democrat Party. We just saw the guy kicked off the college.


He's been some sort of associate lecturer at for a decade or whatever, has just vaporized him, removed all mention of him from their website because he happened to write a piece saying he didn't think, quote unquote, Dr. Jill Biden should be going around calling herself Dr. Jill Biden just for that. The college decided to disassociate himself. So I think the actual practical things here are the issue that the people have very real fears of physical violence. The more respectable argument, the John Roberts type of argument is that if you take this case, the Democrats will punish you with packing the court.


But it is the most base. There's no point to any of it. There's no point to courts. There's no point to law. There's no point to citizenship. There's no point to elections. If you hold elections and the results are dubious and we and we get more and more of this stuff every hour of the day.


This other story over the weekend that these hackers hacked into the United States Commerce Department and the United States Treasury Department.


You may have seen this report and they use solar winds, software. They got access to the Treasury Department and the Commerce Department using solar winds software, which just by the kind of strange coincidence that now goes on every minute of the day in America is the software that Dominion Voting Systems uses.


It's all connected folks. The whole grand universal theory tying it all together. It all works.


One 800 two two eight eight two. Rush is feeling better. He's planning on coming back tomorrow.


But we will do our best to hold down the fort on the Excellence in Broadcasting.


Markstein in for on the Excellence in Broadcasting Network. Great to be with you. Oh, by the way, pay no attention to this if you're listening out there in the great wide world. This is just from Mike in New York. Mike, my screen clock has gone down, so if you could just reset that. It's all everything's gone to pieces. I hate having to mention that on air, but it just it just happened. And I need Mike to fix that in in New York.


OK, on that Wisconsin story, here's the alternative view from the Associated Press. The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Monday has rejected President Trump's lawsuit.


And that's why I say you always have to actually just read the written opinion, because, in fact, they're doing what they what they've done all the way through this thing is they've conceded that, yes, there are bad things going on that shouldn't have happened, but for various reasons, we can't do anything about it. Now, for example, in Pennsylvania, where they said they couldn't do anything about it because of the doctrine of latches.


That's where, yeah, you've got a case, but you should have done something about it months ago.


So, for example, they changed the law in 2019 on on voting in Pennsylvania and therefore, you shouldn't wait. You had plenty of time before the election to file a lawsuit about it.


So you shouldn't wait until after you've, quote, unquote, lost the election. Now, likewise, the Wisconsin Supreme Court has done the same. It said that this law.


In fact, there's this change in the law is wrong. And. It's not and it's not valid, the covid is not a valid reason to have a mail in ballot, etc., but even so, you know, the elections happened and they don't want to disenfranchise anybody. Now, you think about it because this is what this is what it comes down to. And this is why mass movements have to be mass or they're done for. Everybody is always waiting for somebody else to step in and be the hero you've got.


You're looking on the Supreme Court of the United States. I mean, again, I use this line on television with Tucker a month back or whatever it was.


A judge's republic is a con is a contradiction in terms, a contradiction in terms. And it and it is never more of a contradiction in terms than when you're looking for five judges to to nullify millions and millions of votes and say these votes were not appropriate and should not have been cast.


It's very difficult to do that. And in part because judges are human, because judges are vulnerable, because judges don't want to take the heat. Anybody who's been in the lowest level court, anyone who's been in slow, small claims court, anyone who's been in had the misfortune to be divorced and wound up in family court. Anybody who's been in their little rinky dink county court knows that judges of the self evidently third rate for the most part. And so the idea that you expect five judges to do the work of an army, you know, like Bill Barr says Trump is a deposed king ranting.


That is what Mr. Trump's attorney general thinks of the president. He serves Bilbao, as has been reported as saying Trump is like a deposed king, ranting. And the thing that puts the deposed king back on his throne is a mass movement. And to this idea that these five judges would do it. And then you look at these judges, Clarence Thomas is a great and gracious man.


And and if you met him, you know, you he radiates strength, strength of character.


He can withstood what they did to him 30 years ago if he didn't have that strength of character.


And Alito is an impressive figure, too.


But, you know, others have different calculations and they're actually scared at what will happen to them. You'll become the most hated person. Imagine if this is how the left reports it. Five people overturn.


The United States presidential election, and it doesn't have to be like that, we can get into all that a little later, would be the easiest thing in the world to have, like a runoff election in the contested states, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.


But the fact even if they were to go down that road, the pressure they would be the pressure that they would be under is is enormous.


So this Wisconsin thing that was reported by one outlet is a great victory for Trump is now being reported as a rejection for Trump.


In a sense, they found on him on the they found for him on the issue that the election was held under an improper on an improper basis. But but they're not going to do anything about it. And that's the other thing.


It's the remedy. They'll agree with you, but they won't give you any relief.


Yeah. Rush is out today. He's hoping to be back tomorrow. A super spreader center.


Has been blamed for an outbreak of the covid and at a care home, a residential care home where 61 residents have tested positive for covid-19 after a visit from St. Nicholas.


This was in Mol Antwerp in Belgium. My mother's country sent the class as they call in their St. Nicholas Santa Claus.


As we say here in the United States, 61 residents tested positive for covid-19 after being visited by a Santa Claus who subsequently was found to have the covid.


And the mayor of Moule Winky is has apologized. He said the visit was made with the best intent, but it went wrong. And it has been a very black day for the cat.


So Santa is now a covid super spreader in Germany. They're saying don't bother with Christmas, don't bother buying Christmas presents. You're only going to spread the covid. So actually, no one's going to do the Grinch who stole Christmas because governments are now stealing Christmas in the interests of maintaining the covid regime.


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Let us go to Paul in Denver, Colorado. Appalled your first stop on the Rush Limbaugh Show. Great to have you with us. Thank you, Mark.


It's great to be here. And prayers for Rush, of course. And you're doing a great job as the guest host. My question is, as I reflect as a layman upon the various court rulings with this contested election and the and the real serious legal questions that seem to be asked and the courts are doing verbal jujitsu, it seems to avoid ruling on any of this. I don't even want to look at the evidence. But at the same time, they rushed to pronounce decisions on same sex marriage or if you want to go back to Roe v.


Wade, abortion. And so these these cultural issues that really are the province of, you know, how we order our lives, the judiciary seems very happy to rush in and embrace and pronounce on those things, but on a truly a legal issue that it seems very much suited to the judiciary. They are they are missing in action. And I'm just be interested in hearing your thoughts about why that is.


Well, I think that's a brilliant question. I mean, I would say, though. They ruled the way they do for the same reason, and I think that that's because whatever they say, culture is upstream of politics. And I think to a certain extent, it's upstream of the judiciary, too. So, for example, when it comes to same sex marriage, if they had ruled against same sex marriage.


They would they would have gotten hell, they would have been calls for court packing back then, they would have been calls for removing justices, there would be no calls for mandatory retirement after 10 year terms or whatever.


You forget, it's only at the time they did mandate same sex marriage coast to coast. It was only 30 years after the chief justice had had supported the I think it was the Texas laws against sodomy on the grounds that threw out common law jurisprudence.


This had been regarded as a crime against nature. That was what the chief justice of the United States said in whatever that was 1989. Now, if you now, as I said, 30 years later, if a chief, a chief, it's not just that you can't be chief justice with those views. It's that you can't give a speech on an American college campus. You couldn't be interviewed on PBS or NPR. You couldn't write an op ed in an American newspaper saying that.


So we think of these judges as kind of great as as super arbiters of human life. But in the end, they're just five blokes as susceptible to the pressures from the prevailing culture as anybody else. And it's not by culture.


I don't mean what the majority of people say the majority of people might be opposed to, might think transgender participation in girls schools.


Sports is ridiculous because it kills girls school sports because it means your 14 year old daughter is competing in track against some six foot two burly fellow with a five o'clock shadow and and pert breasts.


But the fact is. So it's not about a mass opinion. It's about the prevailing winds of the culture.


And that's why people like Anthony Kennedy just fold in nothing flat on something on something like same sex marriage. You barely make an attempt to argue it seriously. So and that's exactly the same thing that is going on. And so that's exactly an example of exactly the same phenomenon. And I take your point. I mean, it's astonishing like marriage, for example, which predates the United States by thousands of years and has been the same in every culture throughout throughout all human history.


But judges think nothing of redefining that, whereas they're scared to actually address quite obvious naked electoral fraud in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin.


And the reason is because they're simply responding to to the cultural pressures. And I'll say this to Paul.


You know, this is what I when I said to judges, Republic is a contradiction in terms and I'll expand on that the more you have that is litigated until you have like the United States of the most litigious society in human history, everything you can get into a court with, anything you can take anything to court and you can plead it in court. And it doesn't matter what it is, you can you can spill your cup of coffee from McDonald's.


You've got a court case and it'll be a multi-million dollar court case.


And one of the problems with that then is you transfer the the regulation of society from a self regulated society, which is what a republic ought to be, its people. The idea of a republic is that it's not the divine right of kings, it's the people governing themselves. And when you transfer more and more of that into the courtrooms, and so it eventually becomes instead of the people regulating themselves and their society, it becomes judges regulating every aspect of the people's behavior.


Then it doesn't then then that that is even more than that is even more prey to sort of human frailty. If there were millions and millions of Amy Conconi Baratz, it wouldn't matter.


But the fact that she's just one of five and she's worried that people are going to be menacing her kids as they leave their schools every afternoon, I mean, this is this this is this is why the whole dependence on judges to pull their chestnuts out of the fire is all wrong.


In the end, it's too late.


It's it's likely too late now. I mean, I don't claim to know as much as Steve Miller does about the slate of electors going up to Congress.


But in the end, many, most people are more cowardly than you think. And just as on same sex marriage as on electoral fraud, these judges are feeling the heat. Paul. You think, Mark, that the real place to be because of those reasons you just articulated to address this would be would have been in the state legislatures where the people really have more, you know, the 75 million people that voted for President Trump, we would have had a greater voice.


And, you know, I I've been concerned about this emphasis on the judiciary this whole time because it seems to me that the action was really in the state legislatures and the governors. And I don't know if that ship has sailed. I fear that maybe it has, but who knows? What do you think about that?


But but again, you depend, you know, all these things and this is this is why you can write everything down, checks and balances and all the rest of it. But in the end, the guy who has to live up to those checks and balances, I can state legislature. I don't know what it is. I don't know what it is in Colorado. But in my state, a state representative, I think he gets 180 dollars for going and serving down in Concord.


It's not a lot of it's not a lot of money. And if they know where you live, it can lead to some awfully difficult problems. So, again, we're depending on, you know, what the left is good at is intimidation. And that's what you see. They actually physically on election night, they physically chased out the so-called Republican pollwatchers. They chased them out of the room. And that's that sums up what's happened here, that in the end, they don't even care whether you've got your telephone camera recording them and you're going to post it on the Internet because they're willing to do it.


They're willing to do it in public. They're willing to order you from the room and make you leave the room. And at some point, you know, I'm not in favor of doing the Antifa thing and burning down, burning down the convenience store and looting maces. I've got no desire to loot Mace's, but I do think we're coming to a point where civil disobedience actually is this state. Come on. Should come on. No respect. A state that cannot hold a fair election has negated your citizenship and you won't know allegiance.


And in that sense, that sense, we I hate to say this because it's far easier to unravel a peaceful society than put it back together again. But at a certain point, civil disobedience is becomes entirely respectable in the face of these provocations. But you you are absolutely right, Paul, that that, you know, the Supreme Court, thousands years of marriage. Thousands. Thousands. Yes. Oh, yes. We think that's something where WFF, where five judges and we're happy to rewrite marriage laws that have prevailed across the entirety of human history that's within our jurisdiction.


I actually know there's nothing that says that's within the jurisdiction of the United States Supreme Court. But but this state to state relations, which is the basis on which Texas brought this case, is explicitly within the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court. And yet they shy away from it because they're scared. In the end, they cave in to the culture just like just like any cheap jack third-rate tele celebrity does. They're no different just because they've got some black robe on.


They're no different. That was a great that was great question, Paul. And I thank you for that.


And I wish you I wish you all the best.


This somewhat grim advent season as we approach Christmas. Thanks for your call. We'll be back in just a moment.


Markstein in for Rush. As I mentioned just just a couple of minutes ago, guy, actually, this guy, Joseph Epstein, he wrote a piece just saying Dr. Jill Biden is ridiculous because she's got a doctorate, so-called in education, which shouldn't even be a thing. But but it's now going to be the president elect and Dr. Jill Biden, president elect, and Dr. Jill Biden, he said she shouldn't be doing U.S. president elect. And Dr. Biden, she shouldn't be doing that.


And they canceled him this college, he was at Joseph Epstein for ten years at some visiting lecturer or something, they just removed all trace of him from the web because he spent the last majesté Melania Trump had to endure. Never mind whether or not she should call herself doctor. They called her a prostitute. They called her a prostitute, Melania Trump. She had to actually go and sue. She won, I think, three million bucks from the Daily Mail for for calling her a prostitute.


And and yet she's just meant to suck it up.


She's just meant to suck it up. But you disrespect, quote unquote, Dr. Jill Biden and your disappeared permanently. Like, this guy's never going to be writing an op ed again. You know, this is this is the other thing to watch for. Because they're not waiting till January the 20th, they're doing it now, the clampdown by big tech, you can't say this, you can't say that a family that got kicked off a United flight because the two year old burst into tears when the mask was put.


You have to wear a mask and the and the two year old burst into tears and the father was holding the mask over the child and they kicked the family off the plane. And as usual, there was all the cell phone footage. It's not just the insanity of the incident, but the fact that Twitter and Facebook suppressed the video. So you're being kicked off the plane because your two year old is terrified of being forced into a mask. And more than that, you can't tell the world there's a Soviet style clampdown on that.


This is what the world is going to be like after January the 20th.


Markstein for Russia. We have lots more to come.


Markstein in for us. The Electoral College is meeting as we speak at noon. I hold my states already vote in New Hampshire.


Noon, a big bunch from Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Montana, on and on will be their electors will be meeting.


The president's plan is for Republican electors to meet and to file alternative votes with Congress for when Congress meets on January the 6th.


So this thing is not a. I'm David Groo, host of the podcast Follow the Prophet. Now, I'm not talking about prophet in the biblical sense, I'm talking about entrepreneurs who follow the prophet and how they're making it work in business and sharing those exact lessons with you. The world, of course, is constantly changing and many of you are seeking some sort of financial stability. Well, this podcast is not some get rich quick motivational. This podcast is designed for you to discover how to use your money to help you.


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Yes. America's anchorman is away. And this is your undocumented anchorman, Markstein, thrilled to be here. No supporting paperwork whatsoever.


Rush is feeling a little better than he did on Friday and he's hoping to be back tomorrow. So we shall keep our fingers crossed because I want to hear him break down all this breaking news, as I said, just before the top of the hour. The Republicans, the Republican electors are meeting independent of these other electors who've been meeting all day today, this is Electoral College Day and they all meet in their different states, in their state capitals at different times.


Basically, they started at 10:00 a.m. Eastern and they'll wrap it up at 7:00 pm Eastern in Hawaii.


But as hasn't really happened on a widespread scale since 1876 or a consequential scale, the Republican nominees for presidential elector are also meeting in some of these contested states, such as Georgia, for example, and they will be casting their votes for president and vice president.


And as far as I understand it, both sets of these votes will be sent to Congress and Congress will get them and react to them on January 6th. So we'll see what happens before before I move on. I want to I want to comment on TIME magazine. Yes, I know no one pays any attention to Time magazine anymore. Used to be the Standard Dentist's Waiting Room magazine, and now you don't even have a dentist's waiting room magazine. I noticed the last time I went to the dentist during the covid thing because of the covid, they don't have the magazines in the dentist waiting room in case Time magazine has got the covid all over it and you pick it up.


So you're allowed there's one person in the waiting room at any one time. That's it. And you don't get to read any infected copies of Time magazine. But Time magazine, no one cares about it except at the end of each year when everyone still makes a big fuss about all time who's going to be Time's Person of the Year. They say Person of the Year, non binary person of the year. Who's going to be times. It's the only thing left that anyone cares about with Time magazine.


And even that is boring as hell, because this year they went and picked Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. And they've got and that that really sums up the world we live in. What did Joe Biden do in 2020? He spent it in his basement and that was still enough to get him made. Time's Man of the Year, which is incredible.


Now, you can say what you like about Time magazine, but there was, generally speaking, for the turbulent years of the 20th century, TIME magazine's man of the Year actually was if you just named them, you'd get a sense of the great currents of history coursing through our lives.


Gandhi, Hitler, Stalin, Churchill. No one would seriously dispute the impact on the history of those persons. Joe Biden is a sock puppet and Kamala Harris is the slightly more sophisticated sock puppet that they're lining up to take over from Joe Biden, which looks like it's going to be happening sooner rather than later. One reason, Hunter Biden, the Biden campaign itself announced that Hunter Biden was being investigated for by the Department of Justice for tax reasons. That in itself is an odd thing, because when when you hear that somebody is having their taxes investigated, usually it means the IRS are looking, looking into it and sometimes that becomes public.


And it can be a bit embarrassing as it is if you've.


I think there was a big Republican big shot in New Hampshire and it emerged that the IRS had a lead on her house or something.


It can be. It's usually when you hear someone's being investigated for taxes, it's usually by the IRS. They're after you for the money. Like with Willie Nelson or whoever. It's a slightly different thing when the Department of Justice is investigating you for tax reasons, because then it's a criminal matter. And so presumably the reason the Biden campaign revealed that is because there is worse to come, in other words, that there's that that in fact, what is at some point going to be revealed is a more is more dramatic a criminal investigation.


And that's why the Biden campaign made it look like Hunter Biden had just been doing a little under reporting on his taxes, claiming a few too many deductions, that kind of thing that came out so.


And the reason they did and what that tells me is that they're not going to try and stick it out too long with Joe Biden at some point sooner than expected.


He's going to be resigning and making way for Komala to become the president.


And so I'm looking at this thing, you know, how can this possibly be Time's Man of the Year? There is no question who is the man of the year? It is Chairman G because it is Chairman GS world and it is Chairman GS. Yeah, you look at it, you look at it from Chairman G's point of view. Chairman, she has just managed to get rid of the one guy in America who was willing to stand up to him in a way that the great Washington unipolarity, the geniuses at the Chamber of Commerce.


Right. Who told us that if we just have free trade with China, then China will get a taste for capitalism and a taste for capitalism will lead them toward a taste for liberty. So if we trade with China. China will develop our ideas on freedom and liberty and all the rest of it and said that hasn't happened.


And instead, we're developing Chinese idea, as you can see on big tech, on Twitter, on Facebook, all the rest. Every day we are developing Chinese ideas on freedom of speech. We are accepting the idea of permitted speech. That's what it is, this disinformation stuff. The idea in China is that there is speech you are permitted and it doesn't necessarily mean that everything is totalitarian and clamped down. You might be able to have differences of opinion on who sings the best version of walking in a winter wonderland.


They might they might permit you to do that. But but they are clear on the lines of permitted speech and not permitted speech. And increasingly, Zuckerberg and Dorsey and these evil men who run the big WOAK cartel of social media operate in Chinese terms, a land of permitted speech and not permitted speech. So instead of China becoming more like houseware, becoming more like China, that's one for Chairman G, two for Chairman Xi, the only guy willing to push back against that.


The Democrat Party wasn't the Republican Party wasn't the only guy who was was Donald Trump. And as we approach the end of 2020, the Chinese think they've taken out that guy and he's gone. And and they don't have to worry about that anymore.


Third, they've had huge success penetrating every aspect of Western life. And I don't mean by penetrating just Fang Fang cinching her fang fangs into Eric Swalwell, because that is a thankless task.


And I don't care how well you get paid for being a Chinese spy. There is no money on Earth that would persuade me to do that.


But but that is actually extraordinary with Eric Swalwell is a joke to most Republicans. And so we think this story is a joke. But the fact is that she picked him out when he was just some obscure San Francisco councilman and he wound up as a presidential candidate. And whatever you think of that, that's kind of weird. And he got to being a presidential candidate very quickly. And one reason he did that is because she was his bundler. A bundler is one of these people who collects a whole big bunch of donations for a political campaign and ties them up all neatly with a big ribbon and hands him all the money is a bundler.


And again, it's interesting the way all the checks and balances are a total joke. As I mentioned on this show, in connection with Dominion voting machines, it's illegal for a Canadian to give 100 bucks to a presidential candidate, but it's not illegal for a Canadian company to run the voting systems in 33 states. Likewise, it's illegal for a Chinese national to give 100 bucks to a presidential candidate. But it's not illegal for a Chinese spy, a Chinese national, to become the bundler for American political candidates.


And and so actually, her bundling may well be the reason that he was able to rise so fast and become a presidential candidate. So, again, challenges world. We just we just live in it. And finally. Chairman, she pulls off the ultimate, he not only gets rid of the one guy who was prepared to stand up to him, he replaces him with a Chinese bag man. That's what Joe Biden is. Joe Biden, you think of everything we now know from Hunter Biden's laptop, about 10 percent for the big guy and everything else.


Think of it this way.


If you follow the Hunter Biden story and most Americans don't, you know certain things about the Biden crime syndicate, that's what they are. They're all in it together, as in that email from Hunter Biden that's just been disclosed in which he says, oh, by the way, I'd like keys to this office of his of his Chinese front company. I'd like he's also for Joe Biden, Jill Biden, Jim Biden. They're all in it together. They're all in it together.


And and so whatever we even if you was up on this story as far as anybody is, whatever, you know, whatever you've read from Hunter Biden's laptop chairman knows more.


He's got more on Joe Biden than anybody has. And he's going to he's going to leverage that chairmanship.


Know and just to cap it all. Yes. And then Chairman, she managed to to unfortunately, entirely by accident, just by closing Wunan Airport, 20 domestic flights to the rest of China, but keeping it open to the rest of the world so you can't fly from Wuhan to Shanghai or Beijing, but you can fly from Wuhan to Rome and Paris and London and New York. He managed to infect the entire planet and take down the Western economy to the point where the so-called free world now accepts that the state has the right to tell you when to leave the house, how many people you can have in your house, whether you can be physically in the company of persons, not from your household chairman.


She has had the most fantastic year on every front. He's the man of the year. And this ludicrous thing of a person who won't even matter once they've told him to resign in a few months time. This Joe Biden guy, the idea that Joe Biden is Manetti is preposterous.


Markstein in front one 800 two eight two two eight eight two. We'll take your calls straight ahead.


Mark Steyn for us. Let's go to the phones and to Ken in Austin, Texas. Ken, it's great to have you with us on the show today.


Mark, it is an absolute honor to speak with you, sir. Oh, come on. Don't you sound like Obama bowing before the king of Saudi Arabia? Let's have none of that. This is a Democrat, Democrat Republic, Democratic Republic cat can look at a king and all the rest of it. What's what's on your mind, Ken?


I think what it boils down to, Mark, is that we're going to have to face the fact that the United States of America made a stupid decision electing this man to office. Joe Biden is so pathetically obviously in the early stages of dementia. There's also been videos out showing that he's a blatant, pathetic liar. And this country rejected a man who's fully constituted, fully capable, articulate, strong and had nothing but good for this for this country. That's what it boils down to.


Mark, I'm sorry to say that.


Well, you know what's interesting, though, is the media. What are we talking about now a year and a half ago? So basically when Biden launched his campaign, they were doing the stories on how, oh, we all love Joe, but maybe he's lost the step. He's not the Joe Biden of twenty 12 or 1972 or whenever it was. And then when they decided, they sort of all reached a consensus that the other guys were too left wing or they were going nowhere and that they were just going to covid gave them an opportunity to put a guy in office who wasn't actually up to campaigning, never mind governing, and they just decided to go for it.


Now, suddenly, there were all these stories about cognitive decline. Back in the news, Ken, did you see that thing they're doing in about Dianne Feinstein?


You see that the show was over the weekend, didn't it?


It was very interesting. They've all there's all these stories about how Dianne Feinstein, who I guess is 85, 87 or something, is in cognitive decline and they all want to get rid of her now.


And they say, yeah, basically the Democrats want to get rid of her. And basically it's because, A, she hugged Lindsey Graham. B, she wasn't beastly enough to Amy, Connie Barrett. And C, she said she wasn't in favor of court packing. So basically, if you're not left wing enough, that's now a sign of cognitive decline.


And there's something more, to be honest with you. I would like to see the FBI get a hold of those. You mentioned the division's voting machines in your monologue. And I would love to see the FBI get a hold of those voting machines, get into the those machines, get into the parameters of those machines to see if, in fact, there were algorithms set in those machines to take away votes from Donald Trump. That is a possibility.


Yeah, I don't think I think honestly, once once you've got widespread machine voting and then once you have widespread foreign machine voting, such as Canadian machines and.


And once you have widespread foreign machine voting where they're susceptible to algorithms from software that comes from who knows where. Yeah, then then you're not really dealing in anything that the founding fathers would recognize as an election. But you do. You know, that's that's the point, Ken. This is this is one of those brilliantly set up situations. The covid enabled an election, a thought on terms that are not like anything else in American history at all. And then.


And then so that meant that gave them a pretext for having the most fraud, prevalent kind of voting, which is mail in voting, which were hugely to the Democrats advantage, and then it enabled them to put in again, it's not even a Democrat thing because you look on Biden as a sock puppet who's ultimately waggling the sock puppet. And you look at and you look at all this stuff from Hunter Biden's laptop. You look at these e-mails, you look at Hunter flying on Air Force two to Beijing.


The great the great thing here now is, you know, everyone thinks, oh, Komala is going is is is being set up to take over as if she's something in our own right. No, she's just some sock puppet to this. This is this is the problem here. But the cognitive decline thing I find interesting, Ken, because the fact that they brought it up with Dianne Feinstein all of a sudden means they're trying to sort of injected as part of the political discussion, oh, do we really need all these really elderly people?


And, gosh, we all love them. And they were awfully nice 10, 20, 30, 70 years ago. But maybe they were a little bit past it. Now they're they're trying to set up the reason they're doing it with Dianne Feinstein now, poor old gal, is that they're trying to put it injected into the political conversation so it can be used against Joe Biden when they want him to step aside for Komala whenever that comes. And the fact that they're doing it to defy right now can I think means that Joe Biden I'm not saying he's who was it?


It was William Henry Harrison, I think was the guy who is. I'm not saying it's going to be quite that short a presidency, but it's going to be it's not going to be much longer that it's been.


On my Facebook page, I said, would you allow a man who's had dementia to drive a bus? Would you allow a bill to who has dementia to fly a jet with two or 300 passengers on board? Why would you elect a man with dementia to the president? United States. It's crazy. Yeah.


The difference is that the guy driving the bus said he's actually there all on his own. The president this this guy is basically just a puppet being waggled around. And the thing is to figure out who it is who's actually did the Wagley go out faggy vehicle. That was a great point. They get good calls today. Interesting questions with interesting perspectives.


One 800 282 282 is the number to call Mark Steyn in for Rush. Rush hopes to be back tomorrow and we do, too.


We would all much rather Rush was in this set.


Back in a moment, right? Yes, Mr. Smedley.


Yep. Oh, Mr. Salleh wants to know if I if there are required covid tests to kobold the Markstein Cruz ad required vaccines. I don't know about I'm really hoping I initially hope the Markstein Cruz sales in October will go under a lot of great pasuk, a lot of great people on the cruise.


We got John O'Sullivan, actually Rush and I might play this clip in the in the next hour sometime because John O'Sullivan Rush was talking about John O'Sullivan's first law a couple of days ago.


John O'Sullivan was one of Mrs Thatcher's aides and came up with the theorem that any organization or institution that is not explicitly right wing becomes left wing over time. And you can certainly see that, as Rush was saying in today's Republican Party, he's going to be on the cruise. And Conrad Black, who was a guest on this show with Rush a couple of weeks back, and Michele Bachmann, the great Michele Bachmann, she does comedy sketches with me on the Markstein cruise.


You can go to Markstein Cruise dot com and see the old Mr. Mr. Mr..


Mr. Snidely wants to know where I'm going. I'm going to sing because he's already thinking a bit overboard.


I do like to sing my song for Joe Biden.


I have a little Joe Biden song I sing and you'll enjoy it live. I'm not going to I'm not going to do it because I'm still hoping that Joe Biden is not going to be president elect for much longer. Take that however you want, but there might be a bit of that.


And and you can find out more beyond to Markstein dot com Mr. Sadly. Listen, saying to me, by the way, he mentioned ACORN TV. I don't know whether you've seen this. I think it's an app.


You can get whatever you can subscribe to it. And it's basically like a Netflix for British Commonwealth countries.


And I wonder, I think I'm not quite sure how I wound up getting it, but it's got TV from the UK, Australia, New Zealand and so forth. It's got some rather gritty Irish dramas that I find kind of quite I'm quite partial to. But the one thing I liked about it was the all the legal dramas. One, when I was very busy with American court cases and I came home every evening waiting, absolutely loathing the judges I had the misfortune to be up against and and and this sleazy, incompetent lawyers and all the rest.


And I quite like watching these Australian legal dramas in particular. I found it very reassuring when you been in an American court case. I was deposed a few last year.


I think it was by a lawyer in jeans.


And I remarked to him that I'd never been deposed by a lawyer wearing jeans before. And I found myself missing all the wigs and the gowns and all the rest of it. And so I just started watching all these Australian legal dramas. But Mr Snidely, have you seen the one that's out there on ACORN TV called Raque? It's it's about a it's a it's about a rather dissolute Australian barrister. And I learn things from that. It actually paid off for me in a recent legal case.


Yeah. You could give you the thing about watching legal dramas is you can pick up good legal advice and in this case, this Australian one rake, he actually he at one point a very eminent man about Sydney, a a video cassette or DVD or whatever it is, emerges of him and his wife engaging in bestiality.


And, of course, the crown, the prosecutor, I guess the D.A. or whatever you'd say here, the U.S. attorney, the crown is going to show this bestiality DVD to the jury in the trial. And his lawyers are horrified by this because they figure that once the jury has seen this, they'll they'll vote to convict this guy. Sam, it's Sam Neill who's in Jurassic Park. And you know him. He's he's a great New Zealand actor. He was in Jurassic Park.


And so they the guy the the barrister says at one point, you know, he's watching this tape of the bestiality and he goes, you know, after the fifth or sixth time, it's not quite so shocking anymore.


Maybe the trick is to just play it over and over and over and over again until the jury, you know.


Is so bored by it, it's no longer disgusted by it, and so you cut to the court case there in the courtroom, they're all there in wigs and and the lawyer is going the barrister is going. Now, if we get to frame 380, you can see that the dog still seems to be enjoying himself. His tail is still wagging. And they're absolutely right. The jury is bored by it and no longer shocked by it. And that's actually a great legal insight that I used to quite effect to very good effect over a supposedly damaging email in a in a court case.


I had the misfortune to be involved. And so my view is, you know, you can always learn quite a lot from those kind of shows.


And actually, it's one of the it's one of the things that is a great lesson in life. Nothing is shocking for that long. So in other words, you can't expect people to be mad about something if you've been talking about it over and over and over and over, because there's a law that kicks in. The more you talk about it, how shocking it is, the less shocking it becomes. So if you're going to act on the shock value something, you got to act quickly because it's only going to be shocking for a bit.


The shock fades and then you're just talking about it. And we know that things that ought to be shocking, like the monkeying and the interference in an American election by the FBI and other powerful state agencies in 2016, 2017 is no longer shocking because we've been talking about it for four years.


So it's no longer shocking. And I think that's that's that's actually one of the big problems with the situation where we're in here now.


I wanted before I forget, I want to play something that Rush said the other day because it made a lot of noise correctly, made a lot of noise because it's a very big point.


And this is Rush responding to Mr. Snowden on the subject of secession.


So certainly says, do you ever think we're going to win? And I said, I actually think and I've referenced this I've alluded to this a couple of times because I've seen others allude to this and I've seen quite a few people allude to this over the course of the recent months, maybe six months. I said I think we could be trending towards secession. Now, that's not the answer Mr. Snowden thought he was going to get. I said I see more and more people asking, what in the world do we have in common with people who disagree with us?


Where's the overlap? And you know that I've referenced this. How many times have I asked you what is the overlap? What is it that people on the left? People on the right? Is there an overlap, is there anything we have in common and it doesn't look like there is when you talk about how can make America great again, be controversial, the fact that Make America great again is controversial and riles people up should tell you all you need to know about how much we have in common.


And then I mentioned that I have seen I don't know how many people, responsible people. I have a name to the names here, but but they're certainly not hiding behind their comments. I've seen that written on Twitter. I've seen it written on various blogs, hot air power line, how distant and separated, how much more separated our culture is becoming politically. And I've seen people speculate that there cannot be a peaceful coexistence of two completely different theories of life, theories of government, theories of how we manage our affairs, that we can't be in this dire a conflict without something giving somewhere along the way.


And then I reiterated that I know that there's a sizable and growing sentiment for people who believe that we're headed, whether we want to get there or not, toward recession. I didn't advocate for it. I never would advocate for secession. I'm simply repeating what I have heard. Now, I was absolutely fascinated when Rush said that a couple of days ago, toward the end of last week and I've got a comment on it from Rush is interesting me, because the last couple of days he's been talking really big picture.


He's been looking at doing the 30000 foot view of where this is all going.


And I want to pick up on what he said in just a moment.


Mark Steyn in for. I just want to go back to that clip. I played a rush talking about secession and the line. He said, what in the world do we have in common?


Which is what always leads people to secede. Thomas Jefferson's words that should have been put in the Declaration of Independence. I think they were in there right up until the final draft. So the penultimate draft where he where he regretted the break with mother England.


And he said we might have been a great and free people together. And he felt that what they had in common was no longer enough to bind them.


And this is what's so unusual about the American situation, because normally when people break, it's it's much more basic reasons than that, you know, than the organizing principle of nation states in Europe is that the Swedes are in Sweden because they're Swedes and the Danes are in Denmark because they're Danes.


And the one great multi-ethnic empire, the Hapsburg Empire, was broken up at the end of the First World War, in part at the behest of Woodrow Wilson, who believed in self-determination, where he thought coherent groups should have their own country, which is how perhaps big empire wound up being wrapped up. And all these states, such as Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia emerging out of that. And then they broke up because in the end there wasn't enough to bind Serbs and Bosniak Muslims together.


And again, even even within much smaller within the British Isles, for example, Irish Catholics and Irish Protestants have a different view on the basis of religion.


And in even in Canada, Quebecers, a large number of Francophone Quebecers want their own country not because they want to do things differently from Canada. They want to leave Canada to set up a country that would be just like Canada in terms of big government and all the rest of it. It's just that because they speak a different language, they don't feel they are the same people as English Canadians.


And what's fascinating about the American situation is it's purely political. It's the triumph of politics. What Rush is talking about is the triumph of politics that we do not have anything in common because it's unlike like Swedes and Norwegians, it's not like Bosniaks and Serbs. It's not like Anglophone Canadians and Quebec francophones.


It's purely you have one you have one unified polity that in in now has made politics so all consuming. That it's dividing people on the on the on purely ideological grounds.


I remember years ago a friend of mine, we were it was just before a UK election.


I think this would be, you know, one of those elections where the conservatives were in danger of losing to labor. And so there were all these things you always get whether celebrities like I think Michael Caine and other types were saying they'd have to leave the country if the Labour Party got in because of tax rates.


And my American friend was laughing at this. He was saying it was incredible to imagine conditions is, you know, he was a Republican conservative, but he was laughing and he was saying it was incredible to imagine conditions in which he would have to consider leaving the country if the opposing party were elected.


And now we're in that and we're in that over things like identity politics.


Where in that over all this, you know, they basically over the politicization of everything, which is which is, again, an incredible situation, not like anywhere else on the planet.


And then again, you have it compounded by the fact that geographically the majority of the country and you know, there are people who say, I'm not interested. Don't start me on this. It should just be the popular vote straight up. Straight down. In which case a bunch of blue cities would outvote the red hinterlands and it would be Democrat politicians in perpetuity.


But life doesn't work like that. So if you simply just break it down to county level and you look at the map, it's whatever it is, 80 percent of the country is red and 20 percent is blue. And you cannot. And again, you then get to the federal aspect that this might survive if there was a proper respect for federalism.


But there isn't really in crazy increasingly because of mass media and other things, things are being done at a centralized level, not quite as centralized as France or other other states that have no regard for decentralization, but things are becoming ever more centralized.


And that puts there's there's no inclination on the part of the 20 percent that's blue to let the 80 percent that's red live their own lives.


And that's why I think Rush is whatever Rush thinks about it.


He said he would never advocate for secession. I don't know how you do it.


And I'm not it would be it would always be messier than you think.


But there is simply a lot of people do not recognize the legitimacy of the present regime.


And it's and again, the important point to bear in mind here what's what's interesting about it, what's different about it is that the Democrats have finally had their way. They have so politicized every single aspect of life.


You can read the gardening column in a newspaper without a sneer against Trump and sometimes even Trump voters. I mean, they hated Bush, but they gave a pass to his voters. Now, it's not just the Republican president. They despise. They despise those who vote for him. And you get it shoved down your throat in the cooking shows, in the gardening shows, on the sports networks. The Democrats have triumphed. They've politicized every aspect of life.


And one consequence in that is to go back to what Rush said in that clip. We no longer have sufficient in common to hold us together.


Markstein for Rush, we have lots more. Mark Stein in for us in this season of adventure, a little under two weeks away from Christmas Day, Rush is feeling a little better than he did on Friday. And we are very hopeful that the great man is going to be back with us tomorrow. In the meantime, this is Mark Stein on Rush. Lots more still to come.


Hey, great to be with you. America's anchorman is away. And this is your undocumented anchorman, Markstein. As you know, I'm a foreign exchange student at the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies. I was sent here by my government to sleep with Eric Swalwell.


Not going to tell you how that mission is going in any detail.


I would like to make a general point, though, regardless of sleeping with Eric Swalwell, it's interesting.


All these there's a there appears to be a level of penetration of the Democrat Party in the San Francisco area by China. As you know, Dianne Feinstein was driven around town again, this one, these stories that doesn't go anywhere. It comes up and it's reported for a bit. It's like gets a mention on ABC, CBS, NBC, so and so.


And then somehow from the head office's head office is head office. A memo comes down reminding them that ABC, CBS, NBC, etc., all part of these big global entertainment complexes that are deeply in bed with the Chinese. And the story doesn't go anywhere.


So it would usually be a big deal if you'd had a Chinese spy driving you around for 20 years, as Dianne Feinstein did. Now, we then find that Fang Fang has been driving, so to speak, Eric Swalwell, and managed to drive him from being an obscure San Francisco city councilman to being a presidential candidate who sits on the House Intelligence Committee.


And there is a and this is a guy who has always repeated the Beijing line and has been anxious to be again, we have over the weekend, there's suddenly the minute the Chinese thing came up, we get this story purporting to demonstrate that the Russians have hacked into the U.S. Treasury Department again and Eric Swalwell type thing, playing up the Russians, downplaying the Chinese.


But there I think there are credible grounds for thinking that there is some kind of systemic penetration of San Francisco area Democrats by Chinese operatives.


And again, we've had these leaked Chinese Communist Party records showing that there are basically two million Chinese Communist Party members.


Who have been dispersed throughout the world and are operating at high levels in UK, Australian, US companies, universities and actually in government missions, including actually in consulates. So in other words, we have something like two million Chinese communist. And as usual, there was nothing in the American papers about this.


God knows why that would be, but it was in the Australian press and this database which has been leaked, shows that Chinese Communist Party members, these are in other words, these aren't just when people say, oh, you're being racist, racist, racist about the Chinese. No, these are actually Chinese Communist Party members. Who are actually in employment in UK, Indian, New Zealand, South African, German, Swiss, Italian and U.S. consulates. In various parts of the world, Fang Fang managed to plant an intern in Eric Swalwell office.


So I think there is there's some kind of systemic Chairman Xi penetration of the San Francisco area Democrat Party at the very minimum. Let's go to Chris on The Rush Limbaugh Show. Chris, it's great to have you with us on America's number one radio show. Chris is in Alma, Michigan.


Hi, Chris. Appreciate. I appreciate you taking the call. Got a lot of respect for what your take is on things that I wanted to get your take on. One thing, looking forward to the next four years with the Republican Party. I'm not optimistic that they can continue the momentum that President Trump has in the magma movement. And let's face it, he's been the vision and everything else. And I think they're going to be fighting him in four years that he decides to run.


I wanted your opinion. I think he ought to consider forming his own party or at least threatening to do that to force him to get behind them. I don't trust them.


Yeah, I don't trust them either.


I mean, basically, as much as we love the Democrats for doing what they did to Trump in when he came in in January 2017, as much of the problem was Paul Ryan and Co. also actively obstructing his agenda or just, you know, wanting to have a kind of tax cut party.


Yeah, who knows what will happen in 2024? Who knows whether any of us will be here in 2024? Who knows whether the Chinese will have done their EMP attack? So so whatever we say, it's going to be a very different scenario in 2024. And that's why if he is going to threaten to form his own party, the time to do it is when he's at the peak of his powers, which is now. And, you know, I, I, I said on this show a couple of weeks back that I wasn't going to go back to that old Republican Party.


You know, I'll do what is necessary here in Georgia, make sure you get out and vote and drag Lefler and Perdue across the finish line. But we all know that Leffler and Perdue are not impressive characters on board with the Trump agenda.


And they say there's a Democrat base, there's a Trump base, and then there's this squishy thing in the middle, which is the the GOP base.


And I want I think what's important is that the the the Trump ideas and and the Trump priorities, the things he particularly the things he campaigned on in 2016, I want them to survive and still to be part of the conversation. And the danger is, particularly if the Republicans pick up these wenhold, these two seats in Georgia, the danger is that the Republicans will think, hey, it's the best of all worlds. Now we've gotten rid of Trump.


We can go back to the Trump the Republican Party pre Trump as it was in 2015. And I am going to go along with that because it wasn't enough for me. And I want I want something more than that. And the thing that we all need to think about now, including the president, because it may well be time and it may well be time to form his own party and at least have it.


There is a placeholder because it's very difficult to form parties in America.


There's a lot of obstacles to it that are putting away process obstacles by the by the states.


But it would be interesting for him to just form his own party, say, I'm just saying this is a suggestion to the president, but to form his own party that exists to preserve the ideas he ran successfully on in 2016 and for it just to be sitting out there as a vehicle, if the Republican Party is tempted to go back to the way it was five years ago, because I'm not interested in that. It's not enough. And all it does is ensure, you know, you basically got a party that wants to drive America off the cliff full throttle, which is the Democrat plan.


And that's an honorable position, if that's what you believe in. As I say, in the rest of the gang, do let's floor it and go sailing off the cliff. And then you've got this week wishy washy Republican Party that says, OK, we're going to go off the cliff in second or third gear, but you'll get a corporate tax cut along the way. And that party isn't of any great interest to me and I don't think is any of any great interest to Donald Trump either.


And that's why, as you say, it might be it might be interesting for him to start just talking about forming his own party now, Chris. Amen. I think everybody that supports them are the majority of them feel just the way you you've expressed, and that's exactly the way I feel. He's got the vision. He let them along the right path. They're going to squander that in under a year and a half. They'll be back to their old their old, you know, policies and approaches.


And it's just going to be a waste.


Yeah, you you're right. Now, I don't want this last four years to have been a waste. And I particularly don't want I'll never forget that actually going to Trump rallies. And there were a lot of laughs. There were a lot of laughs, big laughs. He's a funny guy and people were laughing. But there were also people with tears in their eyes because for the first time in years, someone was talking about something that mattered to them.


And I won't forget I won't forget that whatever whatever happens on January 6th or January 20th or however long of this hellish, peaceful transition of power we got to go through, I won't forget that.


And and people want a bigger choice. They don't want a pseudo choice in Austria. In the in the post-war period, for most of the post-war period, you had a choice between a left of center party and a mildly right of left of center party and whichever one you voted for, the governing coalition anyway. And that's basically what American politics degenerated into pre Trump. And all it means is that you have this left left wing ratchet effect. You go fast.


When you have someone in Obama like Obama in office, the left wing ratchet effect advances fairly spectacularly. And all that happens then when you have the right in so-called power, they're not really in power. They in office, but they're not in power is that they arrest the ratchet effect. So you don't drift left quite as fast as you do under the Democrats. But if you actually want to reverse it, you got to have more than the the Republican Party.


The Republican Party. I'm not I'm not going back to that. Thank you for your call, Chris. It's great to have you with us on the show. And and keep the faith, as it says on the front page of this month's Limbaugh letter. Keep the faith. This is the most important thing. Now, people have got to bottom line this.


Whatever happens, don't go back.


Don't go back to that pre Trump Republican Party. Keep the issues he ran on five years ago. Keep him in play. Keep him in play.


He was the only one that time five years ago when he came down that escalator, people thought, oh, yeah, wait a minute, this guy is suddenly talking about things that impact my life. Keep that keep that in play. The Never Trump has again. I want to tell you what.


Let's let's hold that thought and I'll play you what Rush was saying on that theme just a couple of days. Mark signing for Rush. We've got more to come.


Markstein in for Rush in this season of Advent. Is it my imagination or do we are we do we usually play the Mannheim steamroller by by this time in the Christmas season? Mike, are we starting it a little later?


I was. Oh, oh. Okay, okay. I'll wear well. Holding off on the bad. Hi Steve. Well I'm in the mood for God rest ye merry gentlemen because I would like to be able to rest me a little Marea than I am at the moment. Anyway, I mentioned John O'Sullivan. I've known John for years. We've worked together at many places. John was an aide to Mrs Thatcher in the UK and then he edited National Review when it was somewhat more sound than it is today.


And I've worked with John at the Daily Telegraph in London and the National Post in Calendar Canada. He's a great guy, John, to be on the Markstein cruise, but Rush was talking about him just the other day. In this context.


You remember the name John O'Sullivan. John O'Sullivan is a former aide to Lady Thatcher in the UK. He was editor at at National Review under William F. Buckley for the longest time, I'm looking for the quote that I want to attribute to him. I can do it myself, but I want to find the exact quote, but it's buried here somewhere. Bottom line is this. He came up with the osullivan theorem and it is this any organization? Any group of people.


That is not exclusively, explicitly. Conservative every day will eventually become liberal. That's the natural flow, that's the natural tendency to conservatives, in other words, is a daily commitment. Conservatism is a daily commitment to its principles and ideals. It's a commitment every day to make as much of your life and your business in whatever conservative in values as you can, because if that doesn't happen, you or your organization, your company, your club, whatever, will eventually become liberal.


And it's true. And that's where we are now, we have the Republican Party. In significant membership, significant parts of it not seeing the threat or if they see it, not wishing to acknowledge it. And if they do not actively support, advance, explain, promote conservatism on a daily basis, that they will become liberal, they will they will gradually lose whatever it is about them that are conservative and that is conservative.


But many of them are not that conservative anymore anyway.


Yeah, and Rush is absolutely right on that that's but that is the challenge you have to you're being pushed in a direction, as he says, unless you actually every morning, oh, I'm conservative, we got to stay conservative. Every institution just tends to drift left.


And we assume that people. Can withstand it. So, for example, you can we used to just complain about universities, that it was universities where you'd get into the social engineering and the left wing nonsense, and then it became high school and middle school. And basically now it's the social the left wing indoctrination starts in kindergarten. So you expecting your kid? To survive, whatever it is, 12, 13 grades of that, and then it's going to be another 10 grades, however long they take to complete their bachelors in transgender and colonial studies or their, you know, their PhDs and transgender and colonial studies so that they can be addressed as Dr like Dr.


Jill Biden or their lives or whatever.


And you've got got to she's a doctor of education, which is a joke. That's the other thing. There's a survey saying, quite correctly, that being a doctor of education doesn't actually improve your ability to teach people, which you should be. No news to anybody, but it's about ensuring the complete basically, it's about ensuring complete ideological compliance. That's the world we live in.


Liberal world, left wing. While the air you breathe, you have a kid, you go to kindergarten and they start telling you about climate change. The planet's going to fry. You got to watch the Al Gore movie. And so from the moment you first go down the hill to get on that little yellow school bus and be driven down to the grade school in the village, that's the point at which you start getting immersed in in in left wing world.


Right from then you're five years old and you first venture out to go to kindergarten. Yeah. And even in red states, we all know this. The education systems in in red states are deep blue education systems. And Rush is correct in that, that you will eventually, unless you explicitly dedicate yourself to conservative values. And this is what we need to give thought to in the years ahead. You can't lose the facade. We've lost politics. We lost everything else.


We lost the academy. We lost the movies. We lost the mainline churches like all the gay bishops in the Episcopal Church and all that. And eventually you come down to, well, we can still drag people over the finish line every Tuesday in November when we need to know.


We lost that, too. And as we just saw four years ago, we needed somebody beyond that to be able to we needed somebody from the world beyond that Trump to be able to just smash through and be heard. Trump was able to say the things he said, in part because he wasn't just some political guy. He had a he was known.


He already had name recognition. He already had brand recognition and all that kind of nonsense. And so he had a license to say things, to raise subjects, to start talking about immigration in ways that so-called more mainstream Republican candidates couldn't. And that's the force that was required four or five years ago just to be able to get a Republican candidate out there who could even talk in meaningful ways about that, issues about those issues. Rush's thing is absolute. Rush's thing is absolutely right.


You know, if the Republican Party just wants to be the drift along party, just wants to be the drift along party, then it means we have to work.


We have to work really hard to pull it back to sanity.


Yeah. Great to be with you. You know, the Internal Revenue Service does not take a break for the holidays. They don't shut down between Thanksgiving and Christmas.


They would like nothing better than to use Boxing Day to box you in and box you up. So if you're contending with an IRS issue, Rush has the best advice for you.


And our being in debt to the IRS can be stifling. Folks, people in this situation will tell you every day is a waiting game. Every day is a nail biter. You know, you're going to you're going to get harshly worded letters from them. You're going to probably get a big penalty from the IRS. Your intentions of getting squared away are there, but you don't have the money and you've heard how tough the IRS can be and you just really don't know what to do.


And it's true. The IRS is the most powerful collection agency in the world. It's only a matter of time before they find you. A lot of people think, hey, I'm small fry. I don't owe that much money. They'll not even notice me. No, it's exactly the small fry. They notice there's so many more small fry than there are wealthy people. Like Willie Sutton said, you going to rob a bank, go to where the banks are going to where the money is, the IRS, you're going to raise taxes, raise taxes on the middle class, that's where the money is.


IRS, you're going to audit people, audit the middle class. Look, this all happened to a guy in this audience. His name is John. And he had one serious setback after another. When the IRS caught up with him. There was no one to explain the family emergencies he was contending with. And they didn't care. They can't care about stuff like that. So John here was faced with a lean on his bank account. Other IRS actions made it difficult for him professionally.


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Let's go to Jeff in central Pennsylvania. Jeff, great to have you with us.


Thank you, Mark. Merry Christmas. Happy New Year and best wishes to Rush. I've been listening to you. And you finally got around to the point that I was going to bring up that there are upwards of 74 million people who are willing to keep keep Trump's ideals alive. But I think we need some guidance, some direction, something tangible that we can do. While I'm not giving up on the court cases, I think they've become somewhat quixotic and we need to be looking what is the next step?


Where do we go from here?


Yeah, I think that's what we're all having to to think about. And I think we will want some leadership for that.


And as you say. There's 75 million Americans who do not. Well, basically the polls all show, including a percentage of Democrats, I think the last poll I saw said that something like 10, 15 percent of Democrats did not think this had been a fair election and it's 80 percent of Republicans. So, in fact, this is a this is an astonishing thing. We have an illegitimate regime, a regime that is perceived as illegitimate by getting on for close to half the electorate.


Now, how is he going to how how would Biden govern in that? If you were in any normal situation, you'd recognize that it was all a bit dodgy and you'd be anxious to reach across the aisle and all the rest of it.


Instead, I saw that the Biden dogs, the Bidens got two dogs and they have their own Instagram feed.


And over the weekend, they Instagram out a picture of the two dogs tearing apart a Trump stuff. So in other words, instead of reaching across the aisle, the two Biden dogs are savaging the previous president. They're not going to be any unity. There's not going to be. And this is the difference. Now, what we have to do is to get is to get real about it, which is difficult because mostly the the silent majority is content to stay silent, not because it doesn't like to stay and say anything, but because unlike many of the people on the other side, we have real jobs, not make work jobs at universities where they give you a free time to go out and riot and loot and rampage and all the rest of it.


But where are you going to get up in the morning and go to work and you don't want to riot and loot and rampage because you're destroying the system that basically supports your life. But we have got to have, I think, civil disobedience at the very minimum, I think a cold recognition that this was not a respectable election and he was not elected in that sense because too much is known and it will all dribble out.


Secondly, I think we I think the president has nothing to lose by actually taking taking leadership, in effect, not of a simply the the Republican Party as it exists, but by taking leadership of a force of a more basic force than that, which is the people who got him elected, which is basically working class, blue collar voters in those Rust Belt states, the ones who who provided his margin of victory and ensuring that their issues aren't forgotten.


The thing we mustn't do, Jeff, is just to say, oh, well, better luck next time. We've got a lot of better luck next time Republicans. And actually, if Leffler and Perdue get elected on January 6th, if they survive and they're back in the Senate, they'll become better luck. Next time, Republicans will say, well, it all just went a bit south for us, but better luck in 2022, 2024. As long as elections are fought on the basis of this system, the Democrats will never go back to the way it was before.


They're going to keep the covid and the fair going. We're now hearing, oddly enough, a lot of people saying, oh, well, you know, we're going to have to keep some of these covid measures in place through early 2022. By next month, it'll be late 2022, which means they'll be running the midterm elections under the same rules of mail in ballots.


So we got to have we've got to have probably not the president, but somebody slightly to the side of him running a campaign for electoral reform and clean elections. And we also have a far more we also have to have a far more determined commitment to free speech. So, for example, if we have people who are just getting bounced and cancelled and vaporized, then everybody is going to have to stand.


If your friend gets canceled, if you're like this guy Epstein, and you and you say, I don't think Dr. Jill Biden should be calling herself Dr. Jill Biden, and that is enough to get you canceled at this college, then I'm sorry. Get you taken down from that college website then. I'm sorry, but all those pansy professors with tenure, you've got to stand up and you've got to. And in other words, each little setback cannot be allowed to proceed.


They're going to be serious about locking down freedom of speech and imposing Chinese standards of freedom of speech. So we won't even be able to argue for position our position in the weeks before the election. We had an extraordinary situation, Jeff, where the president's. Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany was shut down on Twitter, so we've got to have at the very minimum. OK, well, I'll help you, Lefler and Pardoo, I'll help drag you across the finish line in Georgia on January the 6th.


But in return, I would like a commitment to break up these these this woak, big woak, big social, the the big tech cartel that's already more powerful than countries. So who cares what the electoral system is? Because basically big tech determine everything. So I want a commitment from Lieutenant Parta to break up Facebook and YouTube and Google on antitrust grounds. That's the most important thing we could do because otherwise we're not even going to have a battle space in which we can even talk about our issues.


And that's the most vital thing, you know, for a third of a century on this show. And I can't tell you how much I'm grateful to this man who has borne this burden alone. Rush doesn't have any sugar daddy billionaires with their own weird issues. He doesn't have any phonies like the Koch brothers basically making common cause with Democrats when it suits them, because because Trump has decided to cross them on immigration issues or all the rest of it.


Rush just reports to rush the Excellence in Broadcasting Network that's not funded by George Soros. That's not funded by Chairman Geoffrey Rush reports to Rush, for all the years he's been doing this, the left has been saying Rush is just saying this for the money. Now, he doesn't need any money and he doesn't need to say it. He says it because he believes it and he doesn't report to anybody. And we need more institutions than that like that.


And so what that means is that we have to we have to keep pulling these guys to the bare minimum, which is the bare minimum is we're not going to win any more elections.


If the 2020 election system stays in place, you might as well forget it. Elections won't matter. They won't matter at all. The only reason why they don't bother stealing them in certain states will be because those states are too red. So they won't be able to rent enough trucks to drive the morning after ballot boxes to the count. But otherwise they're going to start stealing everything they can steal. So we going to have election reform, serious election reform in perpetuity because we won't ever win any other elections under this system with the mail in ballots, they're going to keep the covid going until 2022, as they've said, so they can steal the midterms.


And we've got to act immediately.


If we hold the Senate, if we hold the Senate, we have to act immediately to break up big tax so that we can even talk about these things. Jeff, you're right.


It's time to get serious. It's time to play hardball. I have said for years on this show, I hate small ball conservatives. I loathe them. And that's the situation and that's the situation. We're in the small ball conservatives who think, oh, this isn't the Hill to die on, that isn't the Hill to die on. And then suddenly one morning, whatever it was, November the 7th, November the 9th, whenever the hell it was, you wake up and you realize, oh, yeah, well, all those hills are now held by Democrats.


This is absolutely the hill to die on this election would if this was an election held in Sudan, it would not have been certified by the US State Department. It would not have been recognized by the U.S. State Department because everything that went on in Georgia and Pennsylvania and Michigan, you couldn't do in Sudan and expect the State Department to go along with it. But when it happens in Georgia, Pennsylvania and Michigan, guys like Bill Barr just snare that.


It's the deposed king ranting.


So the important thing is the important thing is to ensure that never again is there an election fought under the 2020 rules. Otherwise, you can forget about elections.


Thank you for your call, Jeff. You are right.


And it is time to start moving on to, you know, how are we going to ensure that this doesn't happen again?


Markstein for us looks more like Markstein. Information on America's number one radio show. You know, I didn't get to this story. Headline former aide says Cuomo sexually harassed her for years. This is Lindsay Boylan, who's the Democrat candidate for borough president in Manhattan, and she says she knows that she is not the only woman who has been sexually harassed by Governor Andrew Cuomo in New York City.


Make the most of these stories, the whole ME2 thing, the whole difference in it. They cover it. When there is a Republican in office, this thing is going to go away, as you know, with Joe Biden himself, the big hair sniffer, the guy who likes nothing more than lowering his nose into your coiffeur.


Now, we have a former aide saying that Cuomo sexually harassed for years on end.


And no, she is not the only one. You're not getting any of this coverage in the media. Follow these stories because they're going to squash them with they're going to put a pillow over them and suffocate the stories rather than cover them.


Mark Simon for us. We're going to close to that in just a moment.


Thank you so much for your company today. Thank you, as always, to Mr. Snidely and the gang, the best team in radio. No doubt. No question. They have kept this show, number one, for decades. And thank you most of all for all your prayers and your kind words for us.


You can go to Rush Limbaugh dot com and leave a special message. It's the share your stories button. It's the horizontal menubar above the Rush Limbaugh Show banner. And you go to, I think, the third one along. It's called Share Your Stories and you can. I'm still. I'm still thinking about this Dr. Jill Biden thing, you know, Whoopi Goldberg was so impressed by Dr. Jill Biden being a doctor, she wants Dr. Jill Biden to be surgeon general.


I'd be in favor of letting Dr. Jill Biden take out Whoopi Goldberg appendix. So. So you first, Whoopi, just get on the operating table. And what about let's let's have Dr. Jill take out your hernia for you.


WAPI this has been Markstein Rush.


He's feeling a little better and he hopes to be back tomorrow behind the Golden EIB microphone.


Thanks for this.


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