So you are searching for a tool to add subtitles to your video? You are in the right place! This article is exactly what you are searching for! In this article you learn everything there is know about Happy Scribe Subtitle Generator.

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What's wrong with the old subtitling tools?

Most of them requires an install of application

  • As most of them are software released in the 90's of late 2000, they're not very intuitive and easy to use.
  • As most of the software today are not very connected, most of them will requires multiple export/import actions from one tool to another.

Let's be honest, there is today a lot of Subtitling tools over the internet today. But between the Subtitle editors, Subtitle generator, Subtitle tool, Subtitle creator, Subtitle maker it's hard to tell who does what right?

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Instead of giving you an exhaustive list of all the subtitling tools that exists all over the internet with their pro's and con's, I'm going to focus on the Happy Scribe Subtitle Generator and why you should use to make subtitles for your videos.

Happy Scribe is a Subtitle Generator software that allows you to generate subtitle automatically and edits them to perfectly sync your subtitles with your video and export them in the format you like to better burn/hardcode your subtitles to your video or import them on your video editor software.

Why use the Happy Scribe subtitle generator?

Cloud-based subtitling tool

The first advantage of the Happy Scribe's Subtitle Generator is that it's a cloud-based software. That mean you just need an internet connection to use it fully. No need to install any desktop application or to worry about hardware compatibility.

Intuitive subtitle editor

The interface of our subtitle generator has been built with the help of video-producers and professionals leaders in the video-editing industry. As the video editing software like Premiere Pro a complex enough to fully master, the idea was to create a subtitling tool as simple as possible to keep the users focus and expertise. That's why Happy Subtitle's Subtitle Generator doesn't come with a 50-pages user manual. You can start using right now and add subtitles to your videos today.

Subtitles in any languages

Adding subtitle manual is possible but what huge task right? Specially when you have a 8 hours long documentary for example. Happy Scribe's Subtitle Generator is here to help you with that. Our tool generates automatically subtitles for your videos in 119+ languages. How does it works? Happy Scribe use the power of AI speech-recognition to convert the audio of your video into subtitles.

Edit subtitle's timecode

Once your subtitles are properly generated you can edit them to the last details in order to perfectly sync your subtitles with your video. There is two ways for you to edits your subtitles. The first way is to use the "Video timeline" by editing any subtitles bar in the Timeline to shorten or extend them. The second way to edit your subtitles is to directly edit the timecodes. Timecode is used in video production as a sequence of numeric codes generated that corresponds to the position of the subtitles in the video length.

Export in all subtitle formats

Once your subtitles are correctly generated and edited your are ready to export them to add your subtitles to your video! Happy Scribe's subtitles generators allows you to export your subtitles in many format such as SRT, VTT or STL. You can even export them in Premiere Pro markers to import them back on your video editing software.