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We offer accurate and professional medical transcription services of medical documents for doctors, researchers, and medical professionals. Powered by AI, perfected by experts.

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Why Choose Happy Scribe for your Medical Transcripts?

Our dedicated team of professional transcribers is here to ensure that your files are fully proofread and error-free

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  • Medical Expertise

    Medical Expertise

    With years of experience in transcribing and translating medical transcription files, at Happy Scribe we understand the nuances and complexities of medical documentation, like patient consultations, medical research interviews and conferences.

  • Industry-leading Accuracy

    Industry-leading Accuracy

    Happy Scribe's best-in-class speech-to-text accuracy ensures top quality transcriptions and reduces turn-around-time and costs significantly, setting us apart from traditional transcription services.

  • Transcript Style Guides

    Transcript Style Guides

    With our Style Guides, you can customize your uploads and order Verbatim transcripts.

  • Multiple Glossaries

    Multiple Glossaries

    Use multiple glossaries to ensure that your transcripts align perfectly with your requirements (medical jargon, pharmaceutical terms, etc.).

Supported Languages

Below is the list of popular languages we support for transcription and subtitles.

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How does our medical transcription service work?

  1. 1. Upload your file.

    With our uploader, you can import your file from anywhere, whether it's on your laptop, Google Drive, Youtube, or Dropbox. The first 10 minutes are free and there's no file limit.

  2. 2. Select the language of the audio.

    Select the language of the audio. We support most major languages!

  3. 3. Select "Human made".

    With our human service, your transcript will be proofread by an expert and delivered with 99% accuracy.

  4. 4. Get notified when your transcript is ready.

    Follow the live updates on your dashboard and receive an email when your files are ready.

  5. 5. Click on "Export" and choose your next steps.

    Automatically translate your transcript or export directly to formats like Word, PDF, and more.

What is Medical Transcription (MT)?

Medical transcription (MT) is the process of converting voice-recorded medical reports dictated by physicians and other healthcare professionals into written text. This transcription process makes sure that patient records are documented and maintained for future reference, treatment planning, legal purposes, local regulatory requirements, and more.

How Medical Transcription Works

1. Receiving Voice Files

Sometimes a hospital or healthcare center has a dedicated medical transcription team or a hospital chooses to work with a medical transcription company. These professionals receive voice recordings containing dictations of medical documents from healthcare providers. These recordings can include patient histories, physical examination reports, operative reports, discharge summaries, and other clinical notes.

2. Transcribing Voice Files

Medical transcriptionists listen to the voice recordings and transcribe them into text format manually (or you can use a more automated process). Either way, this process requires a basic understanding of medical terminology, anatomy, and procedures in order to create an accurate transcript.

3. Digital Formatting

The transcribed medical reports are usually created in a digital format. This enables easy integration and submission into the hospital's Electronic Health Record (EHR) or Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems, making the information accessible to healthcare providers.

Modern Tools in Medical Transcription

During the last years, digital tools have improved the efficiency and accuracy of medical transcription:

Speech Recognition Software

Speech recognition software, or online voice to text platforms, are being used to automatically convert spoken words into text. While this technology can speed up the transcription process, it still requires human oversight to correct errors and ensure the accuracy of medical documentation.

Medical Transcription Software (MTS)

Specialized medical transcription software offers features like voice file management, text editing, and integration with EHR/EMR systems. These tools help transcriptionists work more efficiently and maintain high standards of accuracy, but still require a lot of manual tasks.

Happy Scribe: Online Medical Transcription Platform

Happy Scribe is cost-effective, and time-efficient alternative to traditional speech recognition software and medical transcription software. We offer high-quality transcription services that cater to the specific needs of the medical field, making it an excellent choice for healthcare providers seeking reliable and accurate transcription solutions at a friction of the normal costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I expect from your human transcription service?

    Our human service offers fully proofread transcriptions. You will receive faithful transcriptions of the original speech with disfluencies such as filler words and stutters removed to keep your transcripts and subtitles comprehensible. For a complete rundown of our service level, have a look here.


  • What is the turnaround of the human transcription service?

    The turnaround time for English, Spanish and French is 24 hours, and for all other languages 48 hours. Please note that this may depend on your uploaded volume. We always live update your turnaround times if we foresee any delays, so you’re kept informed of your delivery.


  • What is the difference between automatic transcription software and human transcription services?

    The main difference between these two services relies on the accuracy of the transcription. Our human transcription service has an accuracy of 99%, and your files will be proofread by an expert transcriber. When using our automatic transcription software, your files will be transcribed automatically, so you will need to proofread them and make corrections in our transcript editor to make them 99% accurate.


  • What are the human transcription rates?

    The price of the service depends on the language and length of your files. The price for English human transcription starts at 2.00 per minute of audio.


  • What languages are available for your human transcription service?

    We offer human transcriptions for more than 70 languages from Europe, Asia and Africa. Visit this page for the full overview of our available services.


  • How do I request human transcription services inside the Happy Scribe platform?

    You can request your human-made file directly from the upload pop-up or directly from the editor. In this article you can read how to order human-made transcripts.


  • Do you offer Verbatim transcripts?

    Yes, we do! With Verbatim transcripts we capture every word, pause, and sound with our verbatim transcription service, ideal for legal proceedings, detailed research, and whenever precision is paramount. You can read more about ordering Verbatim transcripts here.


  • Do you accept custom transcription requests?

    Absolutely! Our team is equipped to provide tailored solutions for your transcription project. Contact us at to discuss your unique requirements and how we can provide the best support.


Customer Reviews
Rated Excellent 4.8/5 based on 850+ reviews
  • Forget the rest
    Quick, accurate and with an excellent online editor, Happy Scribe makes short work of your transcription needs.
    Mark Esper - Trustpilot
  • Great tool and quick to learn and use
    Great tool and quick to learn and use. Would suggest it for any small company wanting to subtitle content quickly.
    Chris Preston - Trustpilot
  • Indispensable service
    Indispensable service. A real treat. Worked perfectly and VERY reasonably priced.
    Ed Schaefer - Trustpilot
  • Literally a lifesaver
    Literally a lifesaver. Had to transcribe an interview which was 40 minutes and they were able to do it within less than 5 minutes. Would have taken me about 5 days to do manually.
    Harry McNeil - Trustpilot
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