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If someone had let you see everything that had gone on on Facebook, and they're talking and saying nasty things about each other, would you ever have imagined that it would have wound up with two people dead in this house?


No, never would have.


I got a phone call telling me that she was gone. I just can't believe it.


I was shot. This is the bedroom where Billy Clay was found.


Single shot.


Single shot in the face.


Through the back of the house. Right. And did they catch Billy Jean as well, totally asleep.


My impression was it looked like a hit.


Like a contract hit.




People thought there was a killer on the loose.


I'm sorry it happened. I mean, that's all I could tell you is they have been harassing and living crap out of me.


What kinds of things were people saying about you?


Just that I was a bad person. I was horrible, threatening to get hurt.


What started all this hatred? I've had my wife threatened.


My wife has been threatened. They threatened to take me down, cut her head off.


All part of what prosecutors call the craziest, stupidest, deadliest catfishing scheme you have ever seen.


We're done.


This is Mountain City, a postage stamp Hamlet nestled in the mountains in East Tennessee.


Mountain City is a two by four town. It's two miles wide and four miles long.


A sign greeting visitors calls Mountain City a friendly hometown.


Johnson County is considered a very safe place. I was the assistant district attorney there for over six years, and there was only a handful of homicides, maybe one a year, if that.


You grew up with people, and you're going to see them at the grocery store.


You go to the gas station and you run somebody you know.


Everybody goes to the same church. It's the quintessential small town America.


Definitely a place where everybody knows everybody. Everybody's in everybody else's business.


Johnson County, 911. Honey, I need an ambulance. It's bad. Can you stay this line, please?


That call is coming from this house where Billy Payne lives with his fiancé, Billy Jean Hayworth. When two neighbors stop by, they discover unspeakable horror.


The back door is always unlocked. So he goes in, hollers, nobody answers. He thought, It was strange that Billy Jean's car is here, Billy's truck is here, and nobody's answering. So he goes down the hallway and finds Bill on the bed.


Billy Payne is not moving. His face is bloodied.


I can't find a pulse. I don't see the blood on his neck. Oh, myOh, my God.Blood on his face.Oh, my God.It's.




Trying to get calm.


They heard a noise in the second bedroom, which is farther down the hall from the first. They went back and they found the seven-month-old baby. There's blood on the baby.


There's blood on the baby.


We found Billy Jean laying on the floor, and the baby was there with her. She had her arms wrapped around him, and he was laying there on the floor with her. The child was covered in blood.


He breathed okay in everything. I'll be honest with you, I don't know how long we have waiting here last year. The baby came to me. As a parent, looks like maybe it's been a sad crime for a while, and probably cried till we can't cry anymore.


Miraculously, the baby, Tyler, seen here in photos released by the Johnson County Sheriff's office has no physical injuries and appears to be unharmed. Sadly, the same can't be said for the seven-month-old's parents. No, there's no pulse.


I know there's no pulse on him. Okay, do you want to do CPR or anything? There's no pulse. There's no pulse on neither one of them. They're white. They're pink.


This was around 10:40 AM in the morning. That's whenever the first call had came in. Here I am. I'm driving down through here and I'm thinking, it's hard to believe that there is actually two people that's been murdered down here because it's just something that's very uncommon here.


If one thing happens there, the whole community knows about it. This situation of two people being murdered in their own home, murdered in their rajamas in the early morning hours was a great shock, and nobody really knew what had happened.


This is where Billy Payne and Billy Jean were murdered in this house.


Law enforcement officers took me to the crime scene back in 2015. And you're the first on the You mean because you live pretty close to here, right?


I live approximately a mile and a half down the road right below here.


Reece says they found no sign of break-in. That's because anyone could have walked right into the small house, just like the police did.


So they go to the back door. They just open it up, it's unlocked.


It's a sliding glass door, and they just slide it up and walk in.


This is the place where people don't really lock their doors, I guess. They walked right in. Was there any sign of a scuffle, a fight, anything? No. No sign of anything of that nature, no.


It looked like Billy had just gotten out of bed. That's where we found his body.


From what we understand-Special agent Scott Lott with the Tennessee Bureau of investigation takes me into the home where the young couple was killed. This is the bedroom where the clay was found.


Single shot.


Single shot in the face.


Bill, he also had slice marks across his neck. In the front. It was like it was going from the left side over towards the right side was how the slashes were. And it wasn't one, it was like multiple slashes. I left from there and went down to the next room, which was the baby's room. And I saw Billy Jean Hayworth lying on the floor, and I could tell that she had an injury above her right ear.


Like Billy, Billy Jean is shot once in the head. Police theorize Billy is killed first.


The bedroom should be right inside this window right here.


How's the child's room? Billy's bedroom was here. And the child's room was the next.


So they walked through the back of the house. And did they catch Billy Jean as well, totally asleep, or was she...


No, Billy Jean wasn't asleep from what we got her.


She was holding the baby.


Once the intruder came in, she jumped up and ran out with the baby to try to get away.


Police think Billy Jean ran into the baby's nursery and tried to shield him from the attack.


So it didn't take much time to get from that room to this room to shoot? No. And this is 5 feet.


Right. I think it takes a cold-blooded person to shoot somebody holding a baby.


Was that the most shocking thing about this murder?


When that information got out, people were disturbed about that. A small community like this.


You've been involved in police work, law enforcement for what? 30 years? Almost 30 years. Have you ever seen anything like this? Never seen nothing like this. Who could kill people in this way? It's a question that will ultimately uncover ugly family feuds, divide Mountain City, and have these small town cops looking to a possible CIA plot.


My impression after the first week was it looked like a hit.


Like a contract hit. Right.


She doesn't have a pulse. No raising either. Do you know how long maybe they've been there? I don't know. They're cold. They're warm.


It's a home invasion, double murder that has a small Tennessee mountain town on edge and authorities scratching their heads.


When they first asked me if I knew anybody that would hurt them, nobody came to mind. Nothing hit me right off. I didn't know what had happened. And then they asked me if they had any enemies.


Most of the time, if we have a murder, it's usually somebody that they know or a family member or one of the friends that got upset. But this is one of those that we always call us a who done it murder.


There's only one other person there.


The squad is coming. Can I hang up now, please?


The details are even more horrifying. 36-year-old Billy Payne is not only shot in the head, his throat is sliced. And 23-year-old mother, Billy Jean, is holding her seven-month-old son when she's killed. Pretty cold-blooded to shoot a woman holding her child, huh? Yes, it is.


Sure is. Especially point-blank. I mean, it's just right there.


Shook people up, huh?


It did. Sure did. People thought there was a killer on the loose.


Did you know the people who lived here?


Yes, I did.


Very familiar with them.


No Billy and his sister from the time they were small.


Billy Payne's sister, Tracey, told me she is still struggling with losing her brother.


I was shocked, but I thought that wasn't true. I don't know. It's impossible. I still don't think it's true.


Everybody liked Billy. Billy was one of these type of people that was outgoing and was friends with everybody. He liked to get together with friends, go four wheeling with your truck in the mountains, and do stuff like that. Go camping.


Billy worked at Parkdale Mills, a textile factory, as a machine operator.


Billy Jean Hayworth, who was a few years younger than Billy Payne, she started working at Parkdale, and that's where Billy Payne and Billy Jean met. They started dating.


He was a good person, fun Loving, outgoing, the person everybody wanted to be around. She likes swimming. All big outdoors. Ever since she was little.


The romance moves quickly. In no time at all, Billy Jean moves in with Billy and his father. And a short time A year later, she gives birth to baby Tyler.


She was so excited. He was her world.


This glow she had about her when he came into the world was just unbelievable. She told me the night before she got I heard her. She was happy. Her son meant the world to her, and Bill did, too. She said, Sis, I'm in love. She finally found out what love really was. I got a phone call telling me that she was gone. This is my daughter. In my head, I just couldn't believe it. I was shocked. You just don't ever think of something like that happening to your baby sister. It was one of the hardest days of my life. Nobody should have to go through finding out that their friends have been murdered.


So who would want to murder a young family like this? At this point, police are desperate for any clues. Were you able to glean very much forensic evidence from this scene?


There is very little. It's a very clean scene as far as physical evidence goes.


So no prints, no shell casings, no DNA left behind.


Not that we found, no, sir.


It was because whenever the suspects entered the house, they didn't do anything else. They did not go through the drawers, the closets. The wallets were all left in their places. Some money was lying around. It was left just as it was. So nothing was taken from the residence.


Investigators at the scene don't find any shell casings, which leads them to believe that the murder weapon was a revolver. But they do find two bullets there.


Billy Jean was laying in the floor in a semi-fetal position. To me, it looked as if she was bending over to pick up her child from the bouncy seat and was shot at that point, I guess, as the the bullet landed in the bouncing seat. It was amazing. You would think that we would have to look for the bullet in the room, either in a wall or something, but it was just laying right there, and the bullet was still in good shape.


A bullet recovered from Billy's pillow is also mostly intact. That bullet has an X carved into its tip. This is a technique that's used to craft what is sometimes called a poor man's hollow point. The idea is that the bullet would break apart upon impact and cause even more damage.


And you never found the murder weapon or the knife that apparently slit the throat? Neither one.


My impression after the first week was it looked like a hit.


Like a contract hit? Right.


They had some training or they were self-taught. We didn't know. We initially started questioning family and friends.


Billy's father tells investigators that when he leaves for work at about 5:30 that morning, Billy is still sleeping and Billy Jean is feeding the baby.


Bill Payne would always ride with a guy to work. And that morning, he went up and knocked on the door, but no one would come to the door. So he just figured that He wasn't going to go to work, so he just left and went on to work. And that was sometime around maybe 6:00 or so.


Now police have isolated a half hour window when they believe the murder happened. But they still need to find out who did it.


The first day when we were talking to friends of the victims, someone had mentioned that there was some altercation or grievance.


If someone had let you see everything that had gone on, defriending each other on Facebook, and they're talking and saying nasty things about each other, would you ever have imagined that it would have wound up with two people dead in this house? No. In 2012, the small town of Mountain City is very online.


A lot of people know about everything that goes on here because of Facebook.


Back in 2012, there was Facebook, but there was a now defunct website called Topics. Topics became a big deal in Johnson County.


Where people can go on there and make their own topic and have discussions. It's usually confined to different areas. Around here, it's very popular.


One of the biggest users of Topics and other social media sites in Mountain City is a 30-year-old Janel Potter, who will become a key player in this murder mystery. So let's start off in the beginning. Where did you grow up?


I grew up in Kent Square, Pennsylvania.


What was it like?


It was nice. Small town. Not everyone, pretty much know everybody.


They moved to Mountain City from Pennsylvania in the early 2000s. From all accounts, Janel was someone who didn't really leave the very much. She lived most of her life online. The Potter family was known pretty well in Johnson County as keeping to themselves and just being a little weird. They didn't really interact with a lot of people. They didn't work. It seemed like a very paranoid family.


Janel's father, Marvin, also goes by the name Buddy. Now, Buddy is a Vietnam vet who says he did covert missions for the CIA. His wife, Barbara, admits she doesn't exactly exactly know what he did overseas. Was he ever in the CIA or attached to the CIA?


He said he was.


Is he allowed to talk about what he did?


No, never. I just saw him as a gentle giant.


But he's a gentle giant who's on disability. He suffers from debilitating back pain and periodically relies on oxygen tanks to breathe. But he still sees himself as the protector of this family.


My understanding of Janel and why she was still living her parents is that she had some learning disabilities that were diagnosed pretty early in her life.


Buddy and Barbara are protective, and they barely let their daughter out of their sight. What were the rules? What rules were they?


Don't be out past 12:00 at night. No smoking, no drinking, no partying, no drugs, stuff like that.


Tell me about Janel.


Very naive, can make decisions sometimes that aren't quite right for her because she's young. She's young in her mind, more young than her age, I think.


Her parents had a lot of control over her. She was not allowed to use their computer unmonitored. She was not allowed to use her cell phone unmonitored.


She wasn't allowed to have friends over socially to be around people in person without them getting in good with Buddy and Barbara beforehand. So this forced Janel to seek out relationships online.


Janel also suffers from chronic health issues which keep her indoors most of the time. Janel did have some interactions in real life, and these photos presented in court showed Janel with new friends, Billy Payne, and his sister, Tracy.


I worked at the pharmacy in town, and they were coming in there and getting her medicine. And we felt sorry for Janel because she was sheltered because she was sick. So I got to talk to my brother about these that had come in. She gave me her phone number, and I started calling her.


Tell me about your relationship with Tracy.


She was a good friend to me. I would go out with her to the mall, to her house a few times, out to eat, took her son to different places. We were okay.


What did you think of Bill?


He was nice.


Just nice? Mm-hmm. But Janel says she's also being cyberbullied, and hateful anonymous comments begin appearing on her Facebook page. Soon, this war of words explodes online between Janel and Billy Jean Hayworth, who Janel accuses of starting that online feud. What was her relationship like with Billy Jean?Oh.


She hated her.From.


The get-go? Mm-hmm.


She had called her all kinds of bad names.


Now, at one point, did they unfriend you on Facebook?


I think it We did it to each other. I unfriended them, they unfriended me.


Who unfriended who first?


I did Bill first, and I think Billy did me, and I unfriended her.


But Janel says the online venom keeps coming and escalates to physical threats. Janel's mother, Barbara, intervenes.


I wrote, Please do not write these things. I beg them, please don't do this.


What kinds of things were people saying about you?


Just that I was a bad person. I was horrible, threatened to get raped, threatening to get hurt.


Must have been pretty scary.




Why would people say this about you?


I don't know.


What started all this hatred?


I'm not sure.


And those are the exact same questions police want to ask the Potters the day after Janel's Facebook friends turned foes are murdered.


The Potters, they lived right up here. So this is the house? This is the house.


And you told them this is a conversation, this is no search warrant?


Right. This is just something just to get some interviews, just to sit down and talk about what type of problems that they all had with each other. Hey.


How are you doing?


The potter?


Hey, what are you talking about?


Unkown to the potters, investigators record the interview.


What we're doing right now is investigating the dough house. Very serious matter.


Everybody always points a finger at us for something.


No, there isn't nobody pointing their fingers.


Instead of talking about how tragic the murders were, instead of talking about what an outrage it was, the Potter family, especially Janel, just started started trashing on Billy Payne and Billy Jean Hayworth.


They did harass me in my driveway on our property. And then yesterday morning when I got on Facebook is when I found out. I'm sorry it happened, but that's all I could tell you is they have been harassing a living crop of me.


Why would they be harassing?


It came out to be a jealousy thing.


They said I was too pretty. Buddy And then Barbara Potter definitely saw their daughter as a victim. They saw the Facebook posts. They saw the emails that were sent back and forth. They really thought that people were out to rape her. People were out to kill her.


You never put on the internet that you wish that there were dead? No. They were dead in a car accident?




I'm not that mean. I just don't want to believe the hope. That's all I've ever asked.


What did you come away with?


I have It had nothing to do with it. I did not have anything to do with it at all.


And so were you really suspicious when you walked away from that house?


We were suspicious, yes.


Why are investigators suspicious? Because Janel brings up another person who is involved in this online feud.


They were just cussing at me, but I stood by father with Jamie and my mom.


We had talked to some of the other people, and they had heard Jamie Jamie Kerd had threatened to cut Billy Payne's throat.


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As Mountain City investigators are interviewing the Potters about an online feud with murder victims Billy Payne and Billy Jean Hayworth, they ask about a local man named Jamie Kerd.




He's just a friend. He's a good friend for yours.


He's a friend of our family?


Yeah, I'm friends of-He's a friend of all of us to me.


Jamie Kerd was from Johnson County. He had lived there his whole life. He was a pretty solitary guy, kept to himself.


Every time you see him, he's always wearing glasses. He says that the sun always bothers his eyes.


Jamie Kerr was Billy's second cousin. Jamie had grown up with Billy. They were more like brothers and cousins.


Jamie, like Billy Payne and Billy Jean, worked at Parkdale Mills. And like Billy, he's brought into Janel's orbit, thanks to Tracy, who set the Shy Janel up with her cousin.


So why did you think this set up Jamie and Janel?


Well, Jamie didn't have a girlfriend, and she really didn't have a boyfriend, so that's the only two.


I mean, they didn't look like they'd go together by no means.


Why not?


Well, Jamie was rough-looking, greasy, and she was neat.


Jamie also moonlights fixing home computers around town.


The Potters used Jamie as a person to come and fix their computers whenever something was wrong, which would give Janel a reason to be able to see Jamie.


When Jamie was there, Janel would be allowed to go into the computer room and talk to Jamie and be around Jamie.


Jamie and Janel got closer and closer.


But the Potters didn't want Janel dating, and they certainly didn't want Janel dating Jamie.


Janel's mom and dad did not approve of Jamie. Jamie was in love with her, so Jamie had purchased her a cell phone, and he would come here, bring it, and hide it in the bushes, and she would come and get it.


They started talking some. I believe that they would text message and instant message back and forth. They used email frequently. This undercover relationship between Jamie Kerd and Janel just kept growing and growing.


You and Jamie got pretty serious at one point. Yes. How often would you talk?


Every day.


For long periods?


For an hour, two hours at a time. Wow.


What would you talk about?


Our Dave. I don't know. He would tell me about his life. I would tell him about mine.


In typo-filled messages, Janel tells Jamie, You will always be in my life. I will always love you. And you're not just a part of me, you are all of me. Janel even signs the message, Your wife.


But when police ask Janel about her relationship with Jamie, she lies.


Jamie, your boyfriend?




No, he's just a really good friend.


Does he want to be your boyfriend?


I don't know.


I'm just a really good friend to him.


But police have evidence that shows that's not true.


We located photographs and a cell phone, and the photographs show them kissing at one point.


What did you think of Jamie?


I'm nice to everybody. He told me how he worked on computers. He could build them from the bottom up.


He did more than work on your computer. He worked on your daughter, too.


Yeah, and I didn't know that for a long time, that he was interested in her or vice versa. It was secret.


Police also know that Jamie got dragged into this online feud, and his feelings for Janel pit Jamie against his own cousin.


Janel convinced Jamie that Billy Jean Hayworth and Billy Billy Payne were targeting Janel and sending her death threats, threatened to rape her, threatened to kill her. He started having problems with Billy Payne at work.


They had got into an argument down there, and some of the people had heard Jamie say something about slicing his throat. Billy's throat had been slashed. So yes, that's the reason that we brought Jamie Kerdy. We just asked him, Hey, would you take a polygraph? And sure enough, he said that he would. That didn't go very well. Jamie is more involved with Janel than what he was letting on to us.


Have a seat, though. Have a seat, though, Jamie.


That's whenever Agent Loc and Agent Hannah basically confronted him about the deception of some of the answers of the questions. Jamie, of those 11 questions, which ones do you think you have the most You can tell he's nervous.


We confront him with the results of the polygraph. You can tell that he is apprehensive about talking.


I think you and Eric, I want to take care of this situation.


I want to take care of people I'm not going to mess with Janette. People ain't going to mess with my girl no more.


She's not my girl.


You may say that out loud, but you know in your heart, the difference is.


We ask him the same questions. What's your all's relationship? What's yours and Janel's relationship? And he kept on saying they were friends.


Did you make a statement at work, Eric, that you're going to kill your throat?


You made that statement, and I know you need it.


I know. I did.


But eventually, Jamie changes his tune, and he starts singing.


Jamie finally admitted that he went to the house.


Who shot?


He who Buddy? Yeah.


I'm sorry? Yes. Okay, let's talk about it.


Jamie said that he was involved in it. He didn't do much, but he had told us that Buddy had been the one to have shot the two people. And he said something about on the lines that he was the one that did the the cutting of the neck.


Jamie was formerly charged on the seventh of February. We put him back in the cell. He wasn't going anywhere.


Now that Jamie's on the hook, he agrees to help reel in his alleged partner in the double murder, Janel's father, Marvin Buddy Potter.


We asked Jamie if he made a phone call to Marvin. If Marvin would admit to anything during that phone call. He said, I think he might.


Well, they're holding their fingers.


Oh, Jesus Christ.


It's a time to mourn in Mountain City, Tennessee. Billy Payne and Billy Jean Hayworth are laid to rest. The murdered couple survived only by their infant son.


I'm just in shock today over my friends Bill and Billy Jean losing their life over someone who created her own hell.


Days later, Jamie Kerd confesses and IDs the killer as Buddy Potter. Investigators then have heard Call Potter hoping he'll incriminate himself.


Everything going on?


Well, they're hooting fingers.


Oh, gee, Christmas.


There you see You got rid of everything from Bill, didn't he?




Okay. That makes me feel a lot better.




We never did really find the weapon that was used to kill Billy Payne and Billy Jean Hayworth. We took Buddy Potter's statement that he took care of it to mean that he'd gotten rid of the murder weapons.


With Jamie locked up, it's back to the Potter house. But this time, But he's not so welcoming to investigators.


We knew he had a weapon, and at one point we thought he made a gesture to us.


What gesture?


Show me. He's going to do like this, and we grabbed his arm.


My father hugged on us and treated us like we were angels. He was a very protective father, and at all cost, he was going to protect his wife and daughter.


Down at the Sheriff's office, Buddy, who's in jeans, a red sweatshirt and handcuffs, settles in to an easy chair for some hard talk with that pair of TBI agents. You know why he used you, right? Yeah, I'm assuming.


Okay, why do you think?


That somebody's told you I'm the one who killed somebody.


But Buddy Potter is no Jamie Kerd.


Here's the thing. Mike and I, we've been investigating this case. We We don't think you killed him.


We know you killed her.


Okay? I didn't. Wait a second. And that's not just a guess. It's not just a gut feeling. It's a no, okay? We know.


That's fine.


I didn't kill him.


I did not kill Billy Payne.


I'm not going to admit something I didn't do.


He denied everything, and we impressed him, impressed him, impressed him. Come hard as kill him, and kill him before you.


I'm protecting my family, start with, But I did not do this.


Tell me what happened.


I don't know.


The agents repeatedly assure Buddy they understand how he must have felt.


I believe you are sick and tired, the most precious person in your life, being attacked and harassed constantly.


I know that.




Ever since all this crack started, I've had my wife threatened. My wife has been threatened. They've threatened to take now, cut her head off.


Finally, at one point, he starts to say, When people are threatening your daughter's life.


When you hear people plot to take you, catch your daughter in a restroom and murder her.


They wanted to rape her because she's a virgin.


Investigators are getting the sense that Buddy might be ready at last to confess. Just not to them. Special Agent Lott has an idea.


I made the suggestion, Buddy, would you like to call Barbara and tell her first before you tell us? And he said, yes. So we let him make a phone call to Barbara. Barbara.




Before you find out from somebody else, I want you to know. I was involved in it. I did it. What? Some of it.


I don't understand.


Because of what all they've been trying to do to you and you now, I just wanted to tell you first.


He told Barbara I did That's as close to a confession as we got from him.


Your husband confessed to it.


Yeah, but there's questions about that.


So why would he admit to it? Why would he confess?


When they took him, They took no oxygen. They took no medication. And they interviewed him for hours. When his oxygen gets slow, he says things that don't make sense or are incorrect.


Authority authorities beg to differ, saying even without his oxygen tank and medication, Potter was lucid and understood the questions. Now the question becomes, who convinced Muddy Potter? His family was in danger.


Why would your father go and shoot those two people?


I don't know.


No idea?


No idea.


You said that your father was always protective of you.


Yes, but I don't think he would kill over silly stuff like this.


Authorities say it didn't seem silly to Buddy Potter.


He very tearfully recounted that these people had put a bounty on his daughter's head, that they had threatened to rape her, cut her up into pieces. And you could tell from the way he said that he believed it.


When I found out that they had arrested Marvin Potter and Jamie, I knew what it was over. It was over Janel and the stuff that she had pretty much put in their heads.


He said he was trying to protect you. He said that they had threatened that they would chop you up and rape you and kill you. Yes. Is that what you told him? Because they weren't telling him that directly. Somehow he had to be getting word that these people were going to do some grievous, serious harm to you.


He would go in town, and there was people that would tell him that. That there was people that had to hurt me, to get me.


Case closed? Far from it. Buddy Potter and Jamie Kerd, according to investigators, they're not even the half of it.


You started to realize that this is bigger than just Marvin Buddy Potter. This is something to do with the other people in this house. Exactly. Exactly. More mystery, more murderers, and now a mastermind. A new character enters the story, a purported CIA assassin.


A lot of killing, a lot of killing people.


All part of what prosecutors call the craziest, stupidest, deadliest catfishing scheme you have ever seen.


This is where Billy Payne and Billy Jean were murdered in this house.


There's no calls. There's no calls on either one of them. They're white. They're kids.


I mean, this was one of the the biggest, craziest things that had happened in years.


You give him the pictures of the people that you say are taunting you, and you don't think he's going to do anything about it? There's only one other person there. Did you ever want Billy Jean and Bill Payne to die?


No, never.


You didn't even want them dead?


No, I didn't even want them hurt.


It appeared that there was some type of conspiracy here. They kept referring to a guy named Chris.


Who is Chris?


He was CIA agent. Tall, blonde hair Blue Eyes.


Jason Bourne. Did he ever talk about the kinds of things he did for work? He did. What were those things?


A lot of killing people.


I think someone else was playing games with our minds, our computer, our life.


There is nothing in your lives that has prepared you to understand the Potter family.


If you had to describe Janel and Barbara with one word, what would you use? Evil.


That's what I would say, evil.


Can you do this?


What person would take a revolver to a man who's sleeping and shoot him in the face, and then go to a woman who's running away with a child, an infant in her arms?


Cold-blooded, and he's not that.Chute her on the side of the head. He's not cold-blooded. The whole thing's so sad. I'm so sad they died. It's always bothered me that it had to involve my family.


This situation of two people being murdered in their own home was a great shock. And I think there was some relief once Marvin and Jamie were arrested.


The shootings of Billy Payne and Billy Jean Hayworth seem close to being solved. But unlike horses shoes and handgranades, close doesn't count in murder case. And authorities are wondering whether all the killers have actually been caught.


While Buddy Potter is interrogated, other investigators search the Potter home and pickup truck.


I was left there along with other investigators to conduct a search of the Potter residence in an attempt to look for ammunition, any type of firearms that would be for a 38 Special or a 9 millimeter.


They were searching the house Yes, they did do that. Did they go into your room?


No, they went to my parents' room first, and then they went to the second bedroom that we had, where my dad would keep his clothes and his stuff, and then my room, and then the computer room.


There's Deputy Joe Woodard and a stunned-looking Barbara and Janel Potter during the search.


So did you notice anything odd in the house or anything unusual?


When Whenever the investigators went downstairs, there was a lot of firearms. We had rifles, shotguns, semi. I mean, it's just one of those. An arsenal. An arsenal, basically, yes.


Guns in the basement, guns in the bedroom, guns in the dresser drawer, and guns under the mattress. There's even an ammo belt on his oxygen tank. And knives. Lots of knives all over the house, even hanging from the antlers on the wall.


The search also turns pictures printed from Facebook, including one of the recently murdered Billy Jean Hayworth.


Even found pictures of the victims in the living room.


You found pictures of the victims in the living room? Yes. Investigators say about seven months before the murders, Janel grabbed this photo of Billy Jean Hayworth from Facebook, emailed it to herself, then printed it off. The subject line Billy Whore.


A printed-out picture of Billy Jean Hayworth with the title Horror.


Which is an odd thing to find after someone has been murdered in their house holding their baby.




You printed out a picture of her and wrote Bitch across the Top.


No, my dad wanted pictures of who was bothering me.


So you gave your dad pictures of the people who were bothering you? Yes. Why would you do that?


He just wanted to know because if he was out or if someone was harassing me, he would want to know who they were.


Just then, Barbara Potter does something she will come to regret.


Barbara was sitting on the couch next to Chief Investigator Joe Woodard, who was logging the evidence. At one point, Barbara picks up a stack of papers, looks at him.


Then all of a sudden, she ripped it in half. And I stopped her and I said, Give me those pieces of paper.


Why did you fold up the picture? Of Billy Jean. Try to hide it and tear it up?


I didn't, and I've tried to explain that over and over. You didn't do that? I was tired and I was nervous. I said, I'm getting bored. I just started doing that, not thinking that there was even a picture in there because I didn't know it was there. And then whenever I picked it up, and I just made a little tear, and I thought it was just trash.


You didn't rip it in half. Authorities aren't buying it. They charge Barbara with tampered with evidence. They also seize what may have been Barbara and Janel's fondest possession, the family computer.


I believe there was just one desktop computer that they all used, Janel and Barbara. Marvin didn't get on the computer at all that I know of. I don't think I've ever heard him say anything about being on the computer.


Remember how the bullet that killed Billy had been scratched, marked with an X? Investigators find similar 38 caliber bullets in Buddy's pickup.


Marvin had taken a knife and scratched X's into the tip of the bullet to basically create hollow points.


Investigators also discover something in the bed of Buddy's pickup that will prove to be even more incriminating in the long run, not just for Buddy.


They noticed several bags of shredded paper. So they went ahead, closed everything back up, And the vehicle was then transported to the TBI lab in Knoxville, Tennessee.


Those shreds of evidence leave investigators to a shadowy figure.


They kept referring to a guy named Chris. That's supposedly a CIA operative or something.


Who is Chris? Marvin Buddy Potter is in jail awaiting trial, and so is Janel Potter's boyfriend, Jamie Kerr. But the feeling in town and at the courthouse is that justice has not been fully served.


I blame Janel.


Immediately? Mm-hmm.


Because it was her fault. She was the one that we was friends with, and she was the one that started the lies. Janel should have been held just as accountable as them.


Billy Jean's sisters, Beverly and and Janie say even before the murders, they believed Janel was the troublemaker.


Jealousy, attention. She was an attention getter. She would do the same thing to Billy Jean. She would follow her. Him around all the time. Billy would call me and she'd be like, Janel's behind me. There she is again. I mean, it was constantly.


If you had to describe Janel and Barbara with one word, what would you use? Evil.


That's what I would say, evil.


It was several months after the arrest of Jamie and Buddy that I came into the case. I knew there was some thought in the community that the women were behind the killings, but they hadn't been charged.


I think that Janel and Barbara were the ring leaders.


I think they were the ones that were the manipulators. And I think they convinced Marvin and Jamie to do something awful to Bill and Billy Jean, and they followed through with it.


Early on, we wanted to charge Barbara and Janel, but really didn't have enough.


We mentioned yesterday about Potter's daughter. She was in court today as an observer, although she has not been charged with any crime.


At this point, prosecutors say she is at the center of this investigation.


They say she is the common link to all of the parties involved.


Throughout the investigation, Buddy maintained that Barbara and Janel really didn't have anything to do with the homicides, that he acted unilaterally in an attempt to protect his family.


Now, investigators take note of Barbara Potter's conversation with Jamie Kerd when he made that phone call to the house after his confession.


Whenever Jamie had called their residence, Barbara was the one that first answered the phone.


Did it go all right? Yeah. Really? Yeah. And they just let you go, and that's it. It's over? Yeah. Well, that's wonderful. We've been praying our hearts out. He saw an angel today. Come in the computer room. And I said, Oh, that's good. We've all been praying so hard.


And she was asking, How did the polygraph go?


Did you have a lie detector?




And you passed it? Yeah. Well, that's wonderful. I'm so glad, honey.


And investigators are even more suspicious of Barbara's reaction when her husband calls and confesses to murder.


To never bother me with what you did.


After his confession, he made a recorded phone call to his wife, Barbara, where he told her that, I did it. I killed them.


Before you find out somebody else wants you to know, I was involved in it. I did it.


I don't understand.


And immediately, Barbara turns into Mama Bear saying, Oh, no, honey, you didn't. You were right here the whole time. Tell them that you didn't do it. I saw you. There's no way you could have done it. You were right here next to me all night.


You don't have no rest, and you don't have your oxygen. I know. You're not yourself. Right now. I know. It's all right. It don't matter anymore. Has a nurse checked you? No. They said a nurse will check you. You need to tell her what meds you're on and your oxygen and all that. But you needed to say, You're not early. That's that.


I don't think she was really shocked. It's just like, if she was shocked, she was I was shocked that he told, but I don't think that she was shocked that he had done it, because in my mind, I think she knew that he did it.


I don't know that he did it. As far as I know, he was in my home all night. He was in that lounge chair asleep. Not in bed, He sat up at night, every night, because of what was happening. And when I woke up at seven o'clock, he was in bed.


I thought he was in a lounge chair.


He came to bed. I didn't hear him come to bed.


She was telling Marvin that you didn't have anything to do with it. I saw you, you were here all night.


This is not yielding because you were here. He has to say that. Yes, sir, you can say that.


She was trying to convince him that, No, you didn't do this.


He's heading. He's trying to sit. He knew that he had six minutes. He was trying to say things that didn't happen. No. He just said, You're not dead, and then I'm not.


Here here.


I found you.


In that call, Janel also encourages her father to claim he's innocent.


Daddy? Yes. Are you okay? No, Janel. I've been so upset. Honey, don't worry about it.


Just take care of yourself.


I am, but this isn't right. You didn't I don't know anything you were here. I'm so sorry. I'm going to have to go through this.


In 2013, Buddy Potter is found guilty of the murders of Billy Payne and Billy Jean Hayworth, getting two consecutive life sentences.


If Barbara and Janel know more than they're saying, authorities suspect those three trash bags found in Buddy's pickup could contain a shredded paper trail.


We took those shredded documents. One of our agents spent a month of her life taping those back together.


What they were, were printouts of emails, printouts of instant messages, printouts of pictures from Facebook.


Emails from Barbara, emails from Janel.


Authority said that Buddy Potter didn't have much use for the computer. So they said that Barbara would pull the family protector into the online war of words by printing out the alarming emails and social media posts and anything she wanted him to see.


Barbara tells Buddy about everything that goes on and gets him all upset because Janel's upset, because he's afraid somebody's going to hurt them.


But some of those emails also So talk about murder.


They talked about killing Billy, killing Billy Jean.


It appeared that there was some type of conspiracy here. They kept referring to a guy named Chris. That's supposedly a CIA operative or something.


Who was Chris? I'm not sure. I don't know. I don't know.


When Jamie Kerr was interviewed at the end, he asked, Is the CIA here?




Very strange question to me.


I'm just about the CIA.


I had certainly never experienced anything like this in my career to that point. I can say a decade later that I haven't seen anything else like it since.


We knew that they had to be looking at a computer somewhere because they're the type that's always got to be doing something on a computer. We are going to the library right in the middle of town.


Law enforcement isn't ready to close the book on the murders of Billy Payne and Billy Jean Hayworth.


Investigators follow Barbara and Janel photographing their Ford Explorer outside.


So we made contact with the library, and the library said that they usually came here. So they called us whenever they were here.


The Johnson County Sheriff's Department did keep an eye on the Potter women, and there is surveillance video of them going to the local library.


They videotaped them sitting at these two computers, and they got them as they walked through, and they even went and was shining the key fob camera through the books just so that we could see what they were doing each.


They were logging on to top topics, logging into their email, logging on to Facebook, and just continuing this narrative of Janel being a victim.


Not a crime, but evidence, investigators say, of how obsessed these two women are with what people are saying about them online, even after two people have been murdered.


It shows Janel has to have a computer to know what's going on and what are they saying about her. That way she can reply back.


And now enters one of the spookiest characters ever to appear in a murder investigation. His name is Chris.


After we did subpoenas and search warrants and got emails, instant message records, text message records, we started seeing this name Chris pop up.


Barbara is talking back and forth to supposedly a CIA agent named Chris.


When Jamie Kerd makes his confession, everything's done. There's silence in the room, and Jamie just all of a sudden asks, I've got one question I need to ask you. They go, What's that?


Is the CIA here? Cia? No.


Mike and Scott were shocked by, Where did that even come from?


The officer's dad had no idea what he was talking about.


Why did you ask about the CIA? Because He says he was going to go down to court. He said he was working for him.


He assumed and probably hoped that the CIA was on the other side of that door ready to take this case away from the TBI and set him free.


Who is Chris?


He was a CIA agent. Tall, blonde hair and blue eyes.


Jason Bourne. What stuff did he do?


He said he was down here to protect me, protect my parents.


He communicated with them through Janel's email account, through her Facebook. They were as tight as could be, and they were close.


Barbara would receive emails from this guy Chris, but the emails were still coming from Janel Potter's email address.


Do you find it odd that Chris was written from your personal account, that all All those emails were written from your personal account? Yes. You never noticed that? You never asked the question? I never. All of that correspondence, there's not a single question, Hey, why is this person writing from my account?


Yes, it never showed up, but yes, I had asked how. Who? I e-mailed him through my e-mail, and I said, How did you get my screen name, password? I changed my password lots of times. I've done everything.


It It really does seem like bad fantasy fiction. A secret agent mixed up in a small town drama, falling for a damsel in distress.


He would never show up in person. I would ask him to come over or meet me. Nothing.


How'd you feel about him?


Well, he was a friend.


He wasn't just your friend. From the emails that I read, it seemed like you guys were very, very intimate.


We weren't. Actually, he told my mom he wanted to marry me. At at one point.


Janel says this Chris seems to know her as well as she knows herself.


He would say things like, Well, I saw you today, and he would tell me what I was wearing, what I was doing, how my hair was, And I was like, Okay, this is weird.Uncanny.It was really weird.


Chris even emails Jamie Kerd via Janel's account, gushing about Janel. She just put up some new pics on Facebook. You might want to look. She is cute. And love advice, tips on how to be a better boyfriend to Janel.


There were some Chris emails out there where Chris would suggest, Why don't you get Janel to go out with you tonight and take her out somewhere?


Here's romantic Tradecraft CIA Chris, probably did not pick up at Langley, but he offers it to Jamie. Make sure you have candles and a card. Make the bed really pretty and just love on her. She is a wonderful, sweet, caring girl. But Chris also has a cold streak, and he's supposedly a bloodthirsty assassin. Did he ever talk about the kinds of things he did for work?


He did.


What were those things?


A lot of killing, a lot of killing people.


Cia Chris claims he's monitoring Billy Payne and Billy Jean Hayworth. Has their house bugged, phones tapped, says he knows they're up to no good.


He was watching these people. He said that we're harassing her on the computer.


He would say how upset he was. Why would anyone want to mistreat me?


He got mad?




How mad did he get?


He got mad. I mean, he got really mad. He wanted to hurt everybody.


Who specifically did he want to hurt?


I think it was Bill, Billy, Jean, everyone who was picking on me. Anyone that picked on me, he was after.


The email show CIA Chris is angry. Authorities say he and Barbara talk about settling scores.


And this was actually in the shredded documents that were found in the truck. She writes to Chris, Bud is so mad, and I'm 100% behind whatever happens. You guys meet when you are ready, Chris. Maybe Bud can use CIA guns, et cetera, for his protection. Get the jobs done, you know. They all need to go, and the ones left need to be given a big scare as they watch and wonder, Am I next? That's chilling.


The job is obviously the murder.




Needs to get done.


Absolutely. But Bud can't do it by himself. He needs CIA guns with him.


At this point, identifying this fantastic character, CIA Chris, becomes key to closing this murder case. Who is Chris? Is Jamie Kerd Chris? Janel? I don't know. I can't do this. I think we're done there. We're done. In the months after Billy Payne and Billy Jean Hayworth were gunned down, Janel and Barbara Potter report being threatened by members of the community who suspected that the Potter women were also involved in the murders.


A lot of people are harassing them.


They're trying to set me up, but I don't like this because I'm very sick.


They threw rocks at the house. I was calling the police a lot.


They even throw rocks in the yard there just to leave a message with Billy Jean's name on it, with Bill's name on it.


Their Guardian angel, CIA Chris, It seems to be missing in action. But when authorities take a closer look at the computer seized from the Potter house, they have a eureka moment. That's because the IP address on Chris's emails leads back to only one place.


Every one of them pointed straight back to Barbara and Janel's home address.


It was the same IP address, meaning that the emails were all generated at that house.


Authorities develop a theory that Janel is a Kaiser Soe of the keyboard Ward. Remember him from the movie The Usual Suspents?


I work for Kaiser Soe.


There is no Kaiser Soze.


Creating the identity of Chris to con those closest to her and convince them that she's in danger and needs help.


Once we started looking at the communications between the Potter family, between Chris, between Jamie Kerr, that's when we started building the case against Barbara and Janel.


Investigators have their theory, but no definitive proof, at least not until the Potter women show up at the Sheriff's office to file complaints of harassment. That's when authorities devise a test.


I had them type out statements so that we can see how Barbara writes and see how Janel writes.


The reports that they made about this alleged harassment, the word choice, the spelling, the grammar, the punctuation was compared against these emails. And it was interesting that this Chris character had the same spelling mistakes, had the same grammar mistakes as Janel. That's when the pieces started falling into place.


Authorities believe that Janel wrote messages as Chris to her mother, Barbara, that falsely reported threats of rape and murder by the victims.


Barbara would take this information and show it to Buddy. Buddy, look. Look what they're trying to do to Janel. Look what they're trying to do. And finally, they just pushed him to his limit.


Marvin Potter and Barbara Potter truly believe these people were to harm Janel.


They really thought that people were out to kill her.


She knew exactly what to do to get to her mom. She knew exactly what to do to get to her dad. Janelle manipulated everybody that she dealt with.


Janelle was writing these Chris emails.


Janelle was pretending to be the CIA agent.


She was masterminding a murder conspiracy. The events that she set into motion ultimately resulted in the death of two innocent people.


So she's catfishing her mom from the same house from the same computer.


It's hard to believe that you could do that from the same house.


This is the worst catfishing I've ever heard of. Yeah. I mean, it's beyond absurd.


In all catfish cases, at some point, the victim of the catfishing is guilty of some degree of being naive.


Barbara has no idea that Janel is using the same computer and her own email address to create the fictitious Chris.


She bought it hook, line, and sinker.


I don't think she created anyone. I think someone else was playing games with our minds, our computer, our life.


But Janel's mother, Barbara is about to go from naive to nefarious. And in the email exchanges with Chris, it sure sounds like she really wants Billy Payne and Billy Jean Hayworth dead. In one email, Barbara writes, We've had enough. No one wants to kill anyone, but we will. Why did you write to Chris that you wanted them dead?


I didn't.


Yeah, you did from these emails.


Well, you can believe those emails if you want. I never want anyone dead, and I would never plan a murder. That is not me.


And you write, I will kill if I have to. Not just hurt, but kill.


That's not me. That is not me.


Barbara says someone hacked into her email, but a authorities don't buy it. They say that her writing style from the harassment complaints matches what's in the emails to Chris.


The more I studied them, the more I realized these crimes do not happen without these two women prodding these men along.


A year and a half after the murders of Billy Payne and Billy Jean Hayworth, Barbara Potter and her 32-year-old daughter, Janel, are under arrest for murder.


We finally got the word from the DA to go ahead and arrest.


A mother and daughter charged with murder.


Accused of killing a Johnson County couple.


Barbara and Janel Potter are charged with first-degree murder of Bill Payne Jr. And Billy Jean Hayworth. I jumped for joy. I think I said, Hallelujah, about time.


Authorities claimed Janel's motive for creating Chris was jealousy. If Janel couldn't have Billy Payne, nobody could.


Janel had a crush on Bill Payne, and the Chris emails start after Billy Jean Hayworth moves in with Bill Payne and gets pregnant. Chris would talk about the baby, Baby Tyler. They would call him that damn baby. That baby needs to die. No one talks that way about an infant other than a woman, perhaps, who is jealous that that's not her infant.


Janel is behind bars at the Johnson County Jail in 2015, when she and her attorney sat down for an interview with me about the case. You don't have any responsibility for the murder of Billy Payne and Billy Jean?




None? No. No, but you hated them. No, I didn't hate them. You hated them enough to tell your father that they were really torturing you, and You must have hated them if what you say is true, that they were harassing you time after time, again and again. I didn't hate them.


I just disliked them. I wanted to quit. I wanted the harassment to stop. I went through a lot with them, but I never wished them dead. I never wanted them It's it.


Then I bring up Chris. Chris was you. No. You are Chris. You invented him. No, I didn't. You didn't? No. Just happened to be from your email, happened to know all the most intimate details about you, and it just so happened that the only emails Chris has ever written are exclusively about you now.


No, because he was writing to my mom, and he was writing to Jamie.


Of course, from your computer with your fingertips. No, because... It was from your IP The address from your email address. I don't think we're going to get into that. She said everything leads back to Chris. Chris apparently created this scenario.


She stated she's not Chris, and that's what she maintains.


I can't do this.


Janel Potter shuts down in tears and walks out of our interview. Janel may deny the authority's allegations that she is Chris and that she's behind the online threats. But when this case actually does go But a trial, you're never going to believe who shows up. My name is Christopher Jaden. Turns out Chris isn't total fiction.


In the Johnson County community, there was an immense amount of anticipation for this trial. I mean, this was one of the biggest, craziest things that had happened in years. The interest in it never really died down.


The trial of a mother and daughter charged with murder for the 2012 deaths of a Johnson County couple underway right now in Jonesborough.


The biggest factors in Barbara Janel's trial was making the jury understand that all of this drama was being driven by Janel. It was about Janel, by Janel, for Janel.


There is nothing in your lives that has prepared you to understand the Potter family.


Investigators realize that there are even more people than they thought caught up in Janel's web. Turns out Janel does know a real person named Chris.


We were able to get Chris Jaden, the real Chris, to come down to court.


My name is Christopher Jaden.


We determined what Chris Jaden was a guy that Janel went to high school with.


She was one of those kids that...


Which is very strange. Ends up he was a police officer in Delaware.


When we ask him directly, Do you work for the CIA? And him saying no, I think that that put a face on the faceless CIA threat that Janel always had in her back pocket. But Cameron Hyder, who represented Janel, tried to present her as not capable of doing something like this.


She is not capable of directing anyone to commit murder.


It's just not in her.


Janel's defense attorney even called an expert to testify about Janel's level of intelligence.


Very severely impaired. She may be operating on a fourth grade level, but she's got a PhD in manipulation.


Even kids can manipulate their parents, and she did it to the hilt.


She always had my parents to go to, and she had a problem with school, they went to school and took care of it.


Would you say that she was intelligent?


She was more intelligent than people gave her credit for. In what way?Manipulative.


So she wasn't good at schoolwork, but she was good at working people?Yes.Especially her parents. Yes. It's very difficult for Barbara to discern what is fact and what's fiction. She has been catfished.


Prosecutors say that despite Barbara being entangled in Janel's manipulation, she still bears responsibility for the murders. And prosecutors have found evidence that they say shows that Barbara knew exactly what was going to happen to Billy Payne and Billy Jean Hayworth.


She had emailed herself a link to a Billy Graham article saying, Can God Forgive a murderer?


A couple of weeks before the murders, you had searched, Can God Forgive a murderer?


No, I didn't. That's not me. No, I did not. I saw that in court, and I said, Where did that come from? Why would I do that? I don't want anybody murdered. Today, the state called six witnesses to the stand, one of which we've been anticipating all week, Mr. Jamie Kerd.


We had worked out a plea deal with Jamie Kerd in exchange for his cooperation.


I can't kill nobody.


I mean, having a gun and being able to use it's two different things.


Looking back on it, do you feel like you've been manipulating Is he killed in any way by the Potter family?




If you're wanting the case to be everyone sitting around a table mapping out how they're going to go do the killing, we never had that. Our belief was that cozying up to Jamie was in an effort to get Jamie condition to assist Buddy.


Jamie Kerr ultimately pleaded guilty to facilitation a first-degree murder and received two concurrent sentences of 25 years.


It's a story of a manufactured conflict, born out of the mind of a very bored, lonely, 30-year-old woman. One thing that was very telling The thing about Janel being involved in the preparation for the killing is the text messaging she does with Jamie up through the morning. She's telling Jamie, Leave your cell phone at home.


The messages on there show dad's starting to truck, and he's on his way.


And then all of a sudden, the text messaging ends. And presumably around 5:00 in the morning, buddy picks up Jamie, and they drive over there.


So that, to To me, linked her knowing exactly what was going to happen.


Where's the evidence?


Easy to say, hard to prove.


This was an act of an overprotective father who went way too far.


My client is not culpable.


Marvin Potter is behind bars and is fully culpable for these homicides, as is Jamie Kerr.


This may have been more than what Barbara or Janel intended, but that doesn't change what they did. That doesn't change how they manipulated Buddy Potter and Jamie Kerr into taking this drastic, horrible action.


You have us in this The evidence in this case has been completed. It's now my view to instruct you as to the law.


It was up to a jury to decide whether this duo, Janel Potter and Barbara Potter, were capable of plotting a double murder.


Now the jury must deliberate the Potter women's fate.


The families of the victims were in court today.


It was just like you're sitting there on pins and needles.


Now family loyalties begin to fray.


I'm not going to cover anybody else. I'm going to take care of myself right now.


You wouldn't take a hit for your daughter?


Less than 24 hours after closing arguments, the jury delivers a verdict in Barbara and Janel's double murder trial.


The families of the victims were in court today.


It was just like you're sitting there on pins and needles.


It's been physically and emotionally exhausting.


You please bring the jury in, please.


We, the jury, find the defendant, Janel Potter, guilty of first-degree murder. Barbara May Potter, guilty of a first-degrees murder.


Barbara and Janel were both found guilty of two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder. Barbara was also convicted of tampering with evidence.


It's a relief that the people most responsible are going to be held accountable.


It was hard. We have justice. This part's over, but it will never be ever. I think about it every day. I know me. God knows me.


Did you ever want Billy Jean and Bill Payne to die?


No, never.


You didn't even want them dead?




It seems to me that you are either completely innocent and blame this in this, or you are an exquisite liar.


Oh, wow. Well, what do you believe?


The victim's families have the last word at a sentencing hearing with Billy Payne's mother addressing the Potters directly.


What were you going to know? You're going to hell? Yeah, you're going to hell. And if I have to forgive any of you, stay out of hell, I'll see you there.


Janel Potter, Court here by I will be hereby sentenced you to a term of imprisonment for life. Barbara Potter will be hereby sentenced you to imprisonment for life. Barbara Potter's post-conviction attorney was able to latch on to a conflict of interest that her trial counsel had by representing both Barbara Potter and her husband.


So she gets a new trial.


It starts back from square one. Rather than go through all of that, she had requested to enter into a plea agreement.


I have a clean conscience about having a part of this, but I'm a part of it because I've been pulled into it.


You wouldn't take a hit for your daughter?


I love her, but I'm not going to serve life for her, no.


So years After our conversation where Barbara insisted she was innocent, she finally admits guilt.


I'd be guilty, Your Honor.


Barbara pleads guilty to facilitation of first-degree murder.


Her original sentence was life without parole. Parole. This plea agreement changes that, making her eligible for parole.


Janel and Buddy Potter also filed for appeal, but they were denied. This is a story that has shaken that little mountain town for over a decade now. And what remains etched in everyone's minds is the memories of the victims, Billy Payne and Billy Jean, and their infant son, Tyler.


It's the little boy. Just thinking about him just breaks my heart.


You're lucky in life to meet people who, I think, touch everybody they come in contact with.


And that was Bill and Billy Jean. They were just always happy and loved life. And above all, the couple loved their son, Tyler. After the murders, he was taken in by his maternal grandmother. He's now 12 years old.


Meanwhile, Janel's secret boyfriend and co-defendant, Jamie Kerd, has now been released from prison on parole.


He declined to be interviewed.


That is our program for tonight. I'm David Muir.


And I'm Deborah Roberts. From all of us here at 20/20 and ABC News, good night.