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This is an all ears English podcast episode 1537 business English and bunnies. What do they have in common?.


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Do you ever find yourself going down the rabbit hole in business online or in a store today? We answer a question from a listener about what this term means and how to use it.


Hello, Lindsey, how are you? Hey, Michelle. I'm doing great. I'm excited for today's episode because we're talkin I were talking about rabbits bunny rabbits or Bunnies. By the way, when I was a kid, I ever have a bunny rabbit. I didn't but my son sleeps with a bunnies. So yeah my rabbit. Unfortunately my rabbit run ran away when I was a kid was so sad. So sad that I bet what it was that very traumatic for you. It was see how these traumas. Yeah. It was it's okay.


That's okay. So we're talking about more specifically right about the rabbit holes. I mean, how does rabbits but rabbit holes exactly because we got a listener question from mijo asking about this idiom in English. So we're going to talk about that today, right Lindsay. Did she ask this on her Instagram Channel or where did this come from? Turn? Right don't know. I think it was I think maybe you sent it to me, but I'm not sure where we do have an Instagram Channel. Make sure you go to Instagram and search.


We're all ears English by in the yellow and follow us over there because it is a happening place to be for us. So she says recently I heard the idiom go down the rabbit hole on a lot of a podcast about sustainable lifestyle. I think it's a podcasters personal style, but she often says before we go down the rabbit hole. Let's go back to the topic. Is it common to say this term? I also found this article and I find it quite interesting though. She we're going to leave a link to the article that she told us about guys in this blog post.


Okay, that's a great question, isn't it? Exactly exactly. So yeah, we're going to talk about this in just a second, but I'm excited for this it but before we do that guys if you haven't yet.


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That's awesome. I love it. Yeah, so guys, let's get into this topic.


Mijo also put up this link. I gave us this link and it talks about more about the history of it. So definitely something interesting to check out. So I mean, there are a few different ways that is phrases used. We're going to talk about one major way today. Do you say this go down go down the rabbit hole? Oh, yeah, you better believe I do Michelle. Oh my gosh. So, I'm one of these people that like, I kind of obsess over topics when I want to learn about something I go pretty far down the rabbit hole like right now.


I'm trying to learn about SEO right search engine optimization, and I'm really go down the rabbit hole and I enjoy in a weird way, right? It's kind of fun to obsess over something and learn everything you can about something but it's also kind of awful when you're trying to oversee a lot of things. You can't go down a rabbit hole too much. You have to stay kind of stay very broad. So I struggle with the rabbit holes. I fall into them a lot. What does that so it sounds like you're an expert.


So what is.


Yeah, that's right exactly so to become basically it is that to become kind of an expert in something to really learn something in great depth to go very deep into something some topic some hobby baby. You're researching something online you go really far down. Right? Right, right. So maybe you're talking about something like a lot or it may be like if we go down Rabbit Hole too much. I think we try not to which I don't think so too much but it's like kind of famous that you start talking about one thing and then you go deeper and deeper and then like, oh, yeah, it's 2 hours later.


Well, that's why I think this is so important for our listeners to know if they're in the business World. They need to know the city. I'm right to say I don't want to go down the rabbit hole too much unless that this would be very useful and I think today or not quite getting into it as much right in the business contacts, but it's really useful in business English guys. So should any mind. Yeah for sure and what we did do it.


Delta episode talking about this a little bit. So this actually I also energy 849 it's called go down today is rabbit hole with r i l 2 vocabulary. So you want to listen for more about the rabbit hole on that episode. Yeah, you have to when you're preparing for an exam. You honestly have to go down the rabbit hole about exam right buddy. What you have to do it in a systematic way in a smart way. Yeah, that's true. I mean, I mean look at some things that can lead you down the rabbit hole when it might be used right?


Yeah. Well YouTube is the first thing I thought of yeah for sure Michelle because the algorithm in YouTube is designed to send you down that rabbit-hole For Better or For Worse. Right? Right. Right. Right, right exactly. So you can be watching One video and then it tells you the next one's allowed in the next 10 to watch and then it's like 4 in the morning.


Play I guess in a more realistic light. This is our listeners probably heard that about the the capital riots that we had right and that we had we have an issue right now with domestic terrorism. Sorry to take us in that direction. But I do think it applies here. A lot of people end up getting kind of radicalized along the lines of becoming domestic terrorists and nationalism through YouTube through these videos that show them kind of fake news and they just go down and down and down further and further and then become radicalized.


It's kind of crazy when you think about it. Yeah. It's like information that is not real, you know, and there is a lot of opportunities for people to go down the rabbit hole and to get like more and more angry about something and you know, and then start certain things happen that really shouldn't happen. So yeah, that could be it for me dangerous on social media and YouTube thing leads to the next to Hot Topic we don't have time to go into it today.


Add another day. What is the responsibility of these platforms right now? That is hot. But yeah, we'll see about that. If our listeners are interested guys. Let us know if you want us to go into that topic. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, that's a big one. So, yeah, I mean in example of how you might use. This is all I was looking for videos on English slang when I found myself down the rabbit hole and I went to sleep at 3 a.m. Yeah, there's a real rabbit hole for ESL to and we're in there to guide you can find us on YouTube.


Would you publish some of our videos these days on YouTube which is exciting or something new for us. So guys, you can check that out over there if you want to okay.


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So talking points at a meeting Michelle's another way right now in the business English part, exactly exactly right about something about a meeting and then you know you it might be something that like, it's on the agenda. Yeah, right, maybe on the agenda. Do you want to touch on it a little bit but it's like one of many things and then somehow people getting way too deep into it. Yeah. Yeah. I thought I think it's coming to be like what like like you could have to rein it in like, oh, I didn't mean to talk about it for 10 years.


That's a great price to do for a listener's today. rein it in ya really really good guys rein it in I don't let it go out of your control. Don't let it spiral down and we do know this is important especially in meetings that are summarizing like we had a meeting at the beginning of the year where we summarize 20/20 and we previewed 2021 and there were a billion rabbit holes that I would have loved to go down with our team, but we just couldn't do it.


Have the time in that moment. That's when those things happen. Unfortunately. Yeah, that's a good point. But I don't think we should go down that rabbit-hole just yet. We have way too much to get to First exactly guy. So use this at work definitely use this at work. Yes. Absolutely. I want another one. So when your shopping Target Costco is this in person shopping each other we're talking about here or maybe not maybe more person. Okay, so there's a rabbit hole, right? If you're always you're just going in for one thing and you probably come out with I mean, that's why I said Costco affect rides famous.


I guess I study this in business school where the other cut you. Are you familiar with that? Right? Michelle to Costco fact, I know I haven't heard of that specifically. So I guess that they put like the things that you the essentials the very back of the store so that you have to pass out.


Who sings first nails are rearranged things in Costco a lot. So they move things around. So you have to like find your way again and again, so you'll bump into other things. That's a really funny. I mean, yeah, this is the rabbit hole in a way. I think, you know like how you can stop at these stores. I mean you always seem memes and people talking about like what they meant to get and then what they actually got because it's kind of like a rabbit hole musical shopping Rabbit Hole definitely in the u.s. Is back in the 90s the whole concept of the 99 cent store was a big deal, right the 99 cent store where you going just a dollar is not even a dollar.


I'll just get her then you come out with all these things you don't need and it's kind of a rabbit hole in itself, isn't it? Right? Right, right. Exactly. So what's something you can use? So in terms of shopping we could say I stopped in for some Windex and then I went down the rabbit hole and I came out with $300 list to my name. Meaning you spent $300 to my name.


Money to my name is like the money that you have. Yes, I love it. Exactly. So I think it's pretty it's pretty easy to do that in stores like Target and Costco unfortunate because things are relatively low-cost right and it doesn't feel like that big of a deal to add something more to your cart for 499. You just throw it in but then you come out and you've got a $300 worth of items for the home. Did you know, it's true it sometimes is amazing to me like how quickly the money at.


Yeah. Yeah, we do live in like American culture is so consumer-focused Ray like this is cultural to you know, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I think that will be for another time you do scrolling either. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I mean of Me Lindsey what tips do we have about rabbits?.


Burleson Earth well tear yourself away another good idiom expression to tear yourself away is don't let yourself do that. Don't let yourself go down that rabbit-hole whether you're at a store on YouTube like just try to limit it is true. I mean if we don't be careful. Careful, we could be online Googling things all day and we have to get things done. Right? Right, right. So maybe you need to whether it's putting a time limit like actually having a timer for something or whatever. It is to telling a friend like call me at this time, you know, whatever.


I like having a accountability partner and that way that can be useful. I mean and the other thing is just find something else to do. So for me at home. I mean, even if you're in a Target on your shopping for a bunch of things be like, I need to call my friend and tell them convinced me to get out of here.


Human beings I think they need for social connection is going to Trump the need for cup consumption or whatever. It is scarcity mindset that we had when we were in that store and going down that rabbit-hole. So going to connection is definitely a good a good plan. I think for sure exactly is too and this is why I struggle with this to try and keep your phone out of your room at night because I think it's very common to go down rabbit holes at night for sure.


You're right. I definitely everything I read about sleep. It's like don't know your phone don't have it. I'm like I can't like I don't think I'm capable like I think it from my head right now. We know better if I just do it. Anyways, I don't know what the answer to that is Michelle. I'm sure it was her struggle with that too. I'm sure they do.


Discussion this is a really good one and guys definitely like we said listen to about IL episode about this as well and I'll find out some of the history with this expression in mijos a link. So this is been fun Lindsay. What's the takeaway for today? Yeah guys. I mean, like I said try this out as well and it didn't know what Michelle said try this try this out in the business world, right? If you want to maintain the idea of staying above the rabbit hole don't fall into them.


Say that articulate that to your colleagues when it matters when when you when it's important. Okay, that's really important to getting a lot of things done. Especially if you're operating at a high level in your organization. You can't go down the rabbit hole. So you have to be General and Broad. I think Michelle, absolutely. Yeah. I completely agree good advice. So yeah, this was a great episode. Thank you so much again to meet Hall and guys remember to hit subscribe wherever you're listening to this podcast.


So you never miss anything from all ears English. Sounds good. I'll talk to you soon. Take care of it.


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