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Get three well-known business phrases about expanding, plus find out how to follow the official all ears English account on WeChat in China.


Jessica, how's it going today? Hey, pretty good. Yeah, great. I'm excited. I'm excited for all your English is what I'm excited for.


There's a lot going on it all in English. I mean, this is an exciting time, you know? So I want to let you guys know on this episode today that we have started an official WeChat account for all ears, English for all of our listeners who are in China.


So exciting. Jessica, are you ready for this?


It's very exciting. Yes. Oh, my gosh. I mean, WeChat has, what, like a billion people on there using it? It is incredible. I cannot wait for more people to learn real English from us.


I know it's going to be awesome. And a big shout out to Sandy. Thank you so much for your help. She's helping us get started over there and get going. Jessica, this is going to be great.


So, guys, if you go over there to WeChat in China and you look for all ears, English official is the name of our new account. You will find it over there. You're going to get three episodes of English per week and one Eilts episode in a week. OK, guys, so you can get what you need over there, get the summaries, interact with other listeners. It's going to be super cool. Super cool.


So so that's this is a question people might have. Like why what is an advantage of listening to this on listening to us on WeChat compared to like going to our website and listening to an episode. How is that different?


Well, that's the place to be. Apparently. I hear that WeChat is the place to be, Jessica.


It's just cooler. Just cooler. There's just more options, right. Like, it just it sounds like this is going to be a great way to meet other listeners and identify other fans that you can connect with.


Yes, it's all about connection, right? We have places where it's a center for connection because that's what we're all about. It all in English is connection, not perfection. So to be able to connect in with other listeners, make comments together on episodes, that's a really cool place to be. So, guys, if you're in China, go over to WeChat, look for all ears. English official.


There are a couple of posers, a couple of fake accounts over there, of course, but there's only one real one. And that is all it is. English official, right, Jessica?


You know, that's that's when you really know what your reach is, when people try to copy you, when people try it like and take your name or your brand or whatever.


So it's kind of a compliment you got. You love you. So thank you. But stop and just listen to all his English official. What what is that famous quote?


Mimicry is the highest compliment. Is it mimicry or do you know that quote that I'm talking about?


But I can't remember the exact words either. It is like. Yeah, like copying or mimicking is the highest the highest form of compliment. Yes.


Yes, I totally agree with that. I totally agree. So, guys, now that we're on this bonus episode to make this announcement, we also want to tie in a quick business English lesson for you guys. Right.


So, you know, as you guys know, English is also a business.


We're company, and we want to serve you guys. And we're going to show you some key vocabulary to help you in your business life in English. Jessica, are you excited about our business? English curriculum?


So good. So good. So yes.


Oh, my gosh. I mean, yeah, we are we expanded our course offerings with our new business, English course. And it is amazing.


So, yeah, let's get into some business English.


OK, guys, let's do the first one.


The first phrase is expanding our reach. Right. So your reach is the potential number of people who can discover you, who can use your material. Right. So we are expanding our reach by by getting into China now in an easier way to listen to us, right? Yes, exactly.


And I know this is going to be relevant for a lot of our listeners. You know, if you work in marketing, I know on our Web class, our business Web class, in September, we had a few students who worked in marketing or design or that kind of thing. And that's definitely something you're going to use if you work in the business world, guys.


Yeah, definitely. For sure. For sure. Yeah. And marketing would be the the number one position to say this for sure. But like, if you're an entrepreneur, if you're a business owner, right. Yeah. Yeah.


We've noticed that a lot of the students who are working on our business English curriculum are actually small business owners. That surprise me a little bit, Jessica.


Actually, I know it's a very exciting because our audience is so amazing. You know, like it shouldn't surprise us that our audience is this incredible. We know you guys are. So, Lizzie, what is another phrase that we can use?


OK, so breaking into new market. So breaking into so we're not physically breaking anything, right, Jessica? No. Yeah, this is an area. Guys, we are we're pacifists over here. All right. But aggressively breaking anything. So, yeah, this is a cool, like idiomatic phrase.


Guys break into new markets. That means, like, to start entering into new markets. Yeah, I love it. I love it. OK, I want to start using these idioms.


Right. To speak on that native natural level. So we want to challenge you to use this one for sure. And Jessica, what would be the last one for our listeners today?


I think this phrase, guys, is the most widely applicable. I think everyone listening can use this phrase either professionally or personally. So the phrases pushing the boundaries. Right. So we think there are we think there are limits to what we can do to what our business can do. But it is so important to push those boundaries and try to expand what you what you're able to do. Right. So, like, let's see, they we're talking about this.


Before we recorded, we personally pushed our boundaries as far as camping over the summer, like we both camps for way too long and figured out what that boundary was. So, guys, it's important to try new things, take risks and push those boundaries.


Oh, my gosh, that is so true. My limit my boundary is three nights of camping. No more.


Yes. Yeah, totally. I am on board with that. And then I want to go to a hotel with a soft bed or come home one for sure.


You need to mix it up a little bit of roughing it, as we say, and then a little bit of luxury. I love that.


I love so it ties into business and life as. Okay, so guys use these phrases out in the world and come back to our website.


You're going to get a lot more business English stuff. But most importantly, if you're in China and you're able to access WeChat in Chinese, then go and look for all ears.


English official account. OK, that's the name of it all ears, English official. And check us out over there.


I love it. We cannot wait to expand our reach, you guys. We can't wait to connect with more people in English.


Yes, it's going to be great. All right, Jessica, thanks for hanging on this bonus episode today.


My pleasure. Super fan. Lindsay, as always, bye bye.


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