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This is an all English bonus episode, it's taking ages, find out what's coming in 2021.


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It has taken forever, but it will finally be here in twenty twenty one. Find out what new and exciting thing is coming for you guys next year. Plus learn how to get on the exclusive list as an insider on this exciting release.


Hey, Jessica, how are you feeling about next year? Are you excited? So excited. First of all, just that it won't be 2020 anymore because we know we can all agree it was a bit of a rough one, but. Oh, my God.


Guys, guys, we have the biggest announcement for you. Listen, I want you to share this momentous news. Oh, my gosh.


This is a message for all of our Android users out there in the universe. Guys, you have been asking us for the Android version of our app for years. Honestly, I know it has been years, and I'm so sorry it has taken so long for us to get to this point where I think we launched the iOS app in about 2018 or maybe it was 17, actually. So it has been it feels like three years. But we are going to finally in 2021, launch the Android version of the English app.


Jessica, do you guys this is so exciting. I did not tell you how many comments on, not like everywhere, not just like reviews or emails, but on our Instagram plus on our YouTube videos, like I have for you guys. There are always comments that you have been waiting for this Android app. And you know what? Me too, because I have an android. I know our whole team uses Android. And I feel so bad that you guys haven't actually ever seen the app.


You have not seen it. You know, and I think the reason why people want this is because it's really cool to be able to see real time transcripts right there on your phone as you listen to the app, you know.


Yes, you guys this. Yeah.


If you do have an android, maybe we should recap what they've been missing. Yeah. So you guys can look forward to it. So, yeah. I mean, you could listen to this podcast in the app, you could see real time transcripts. So as we talk, you see the words, I mean talk about like the one hundred percent best way to improve listening and vocabulary. But as far as vocab goes like this is the other huge major win of this app is building your personal power vocab list.




So what we do, guys, for every episode is that we can curate a list of five to seven words that we know will help you move to that next level that we think you should know. But you can choose which ones you want to tap on. They are highlighted in that transcript and that Real-Time transcript. If you tap on that, you see the definition, you see a sample sentence and you can choose whether to add it to your personal power list.


And Jessica, with that power list, it's all about having everything in one place. Exactly.


Exactly. Yeah, because like you could I mean, it gets it gets hard sometimes to manage five different tools in five different places.


If you have one goal. Right.


Like life is life can be hard enough, guys. Like let's make it easy on ourselves. Just have it all in one place. You're listening, you're actively adding words you're reviewing. You could go back and listen to how we say the phrase and copy it like you could accomplish so many English goals in this one place.


Yeah, it really is such a cool asset to have to your learning repertoire, guys. And so you are going to want to finally be able to add this to your repertoire if you're an Android user. But Jessica, before we get in first, I actually want to send you guys to a special survey link because we want you to get on that insider list to be notified as soon as this Android becomes available. And also, Jessica, what do we need to know from our listeners?


We need a little information from them.


Yeah. What kind of phone do you have? Because we obviously, guys, we care so much about your experience. Right? That's why we do everything we do. And we want to make sure that all of you are having great experiences with this app on your Android device. So in the spirit of a research, Lindsey, you're actually going to get an android soon? Yeah, things I am. I'm going to go out and buy an Android device.


So we're going to make sure on our team we have most of the devices covered because we know you guys are in Asia, you're in different parts of the world. Maybe South America, you might use different Android devices. There's also a ton of Android devices that Jessica did.


You know that it's actually supposed to be a bit more challenging building the Android device because there are so many different displays on Android.


That's interesting. Yeah, I mean, I know that a lot of listeners are wondering, like, why did you do the Apple one first? And like, it's more straightforward, as if you're right, like Apple, they, like, invented the all the apps. Right. I don't know, like that's just the nature of the system. But now, yes, we want everybody to be able to access that. So there's a couple different purposes for this survey.


And before we give you that link again, guys, we are going to teach you some vocab. But yeah, so this survey, we want to make sure. We know what you guys are using and also we want to put you on that exclusive list so you find out as soon as the Android app is available.


Definitely. And let's just give our listeners that link now and then we'll show you guys a couple of fun phrases that you can add to your toolbox today, right now. OK, so guys go to all in English dot com slash device and you will fill out that survey is just a three minute survey to let us know your, you know, what device you're using, where you are in the world. We can get that important data to make sure we have the kuai the quality assurance that we need to make this a really good experience for you guys.




Love it. Oh, my gosh. You guys, I am personally very excited about this Android app. OK, so let's it's such a good idea, guys, for this Botha's of vocab that we're going to teach you right now, because, guys, this has taken a while.


This is taking a while to get those Android app out.


So we're going to teach you three phrases just to be like you guys, this is taking forever in the spirit of humility. Right? We're kind of poking fun of ourselves a little bit in today's episode and deferring to you guys, because it's true, it shouldn't have taken so long. We had to make sure it was a winning idea, a winning app before developing it on both platforms. And, you know, that is why. But, you know, so let's go into it.


How can you express in English guys, you know, when something is just taking a long time and you want to show your frustration about that? We guys, we exaggerate a lot, right? I think any time there's a phrase connected to it, an emotion, it's just like whatever you're feeling is reflected in this extreme vocabulary. Right. So you want to say it's taking a while. Don't just say like, oh, it's been a year or whatever, just be like it's taking ages, ages.


And there's something important about your pronunciation here. I just go, how did you you know, how did you animate your pronunciation? Because we want our listeners to mimic the way you did that. Yeah.


So you really emphasized the ages, right? We stress that word because we stress the words that carry information. We stress the words that we want to come across strongly. Right. So it's taking ages.


That's so important. So what Jessica does that we stress the words that carry information. The important information there is age is that means a long time. OK, guys. So keep that in mind with intonation. And here's another example.


It's taking eons long. Now, that one's even the more it feels like that one even more exaggerated. Oh, yeah, for sure.


Just like the ages one I like because it's very it could be British English, it could be American English. Like it's very flexible.


The ends like this is another level of this phrase because he does a great vocab word. It's just a really, really long period of time. Yeah, exactly.


If I go to the dictionary, it says it is an indefinite and very long period of time, often exaggerated for humorous or rhetorical effect. And that's exactly what we're doing. But guys, that's how you show your personality in a new way.


That's right. Yeah, for sure. So even if you know, you're not going to be as exaggerated as maybe I am when I talk, you're going to do the level that suits your personality. Right. And you're going to exaggerate to some extent because this vocab is exaggerated. So it has to be reflected in your pronunciation. Yeah, exactly.


So show your personality. Show your passion. You know, we don't want just boring blanket responses and questions that have no they have no affect to them. Right. We want something. We want to feel that you really want that app. Right. Otherwise we're not going to develop the app. Oh, my gosh. We're we're we're getting to threats, Lindsey. Right here. Right here, guys.


Don't worry. It is in development and been altered as we speak. So don't worry. But we do have one more.


We do have one right now. Right. Sorry, that was just really funny. This is like this parental like empty threat, right? Like if the kids big noisy in the car, you're just like, we won't even go on this vacation. I turned around right now, which will turn this car around hyper now. Classic parental phrase.


Oh, gosh. OK, so this last one, guys, is a slow rate of adventure. OK, it took like a million years. Yeah.


Yes. And you could say this, you know, right now, of course, we're still in development, guys. It's going to the timeline. It should be available. We're aiming for around March. That is our general timeline, give or take. OK, so you could say this in terms of the future, right? It's taking right. Right now. It's taking a million years or once we get it, finally, we could say it took a million years.


Right, Jessica? We could use this in a number of ways.


Yeah, I love it. But yeah, I read this. This vocab is definitely tongue in cheek, as they say. Like Leslie said, we're making fun of ourselves a little bit for sure.


We. We love to create things for you guys, and we have been creating so many awesome, causeless programs and you know what? And now it's the app time.


Oh my God, I'm so excited for you guys to get this app in your hands and be able to so everyone can experience all English in the way that the iOS users have been able to so far, guys. So the first step, you must get on this list, right, so that you are the first to know when it does become available. Also, if you're on the list, you'll be eligible for beta testing, special sneak peak beta testing to be on our team and help us test the app.


So, Jessica, where can they go right now?


Yeah, guys, go to all English dot com device. You can go there on your device, on your mobile device or on your computer, all the English dot com slash device. Yeah, guys.


And once you get on that list, you'll receive updates. You'll be in the know, as we like to say. Jessica in the know. All right. So excited for 20, 21. Some really good stuff coming Android app.


Can't wait. Have a good day. All right. OK, thanks for hanging out today. I'll talk to you soon. All right. Have a good day. Bye.


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