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Hi, I'm Lindsey Graham, host of Business Movers and American History Tellers. You're about to hear a preview of a new podcast we think you might like in plain sight. Lady Bird Johnson tells the story of how one vastly underestimated woman navigated the power, politics and polarization of her time to become arguably one of the most influential first ladies in history. From ABC News, makers of the hit series The Drop Out and the award winning daily newscast Start Here comes in plain sight.


Lady Bird Johnson here, the former first lady, in her own words through audio diaries as she documents some of the most notable moments in U.S. history and the decisions that helped shape the nation forever. As you're listening to this preview, be sure to subscribe to In Plain Sight Lady Bird Johnson and other great ABC News shows on Apple podcasts or wherever you're listening right now.


It all began so beautifully. They were going into their lives inside a dimly lit room at the LBJ Library in Austin, Texas, a motion sensor triggers a recording and a soft, deliberate voice fills the room in the lead car.


Mrs. Kennedy. And then a Secret Service car and then our car. It's the voice of Lady Bird Johnson, the wife of Lyndon Johnson. Before we were rounding up her great aunt, suddenly there was a sharp, loud before a sharp sharp enough to leave. I was so struck by that voice and the detail she managed to capture, I needed to know more about what I was hearing. I kept walking back over my shoulder. So Mrs. Kennedy flying over the president's body.


So I decided to dig deeper.


I'm Julia Sweig. I've lived in Washington, D.C. for a while, working in policy and writing about history. This is a town that's focused mostly on power and influence. Now, there have certainly been some powerful, influential women in the White House, Eleanor and Jackie, Hillary, Michelle. But Lady Bird Johnson is history has it. She's just a president's wife, best known for a program called Beautification.


But turns out Lady Bird recorded her entire experience in the White House, hours and hours of tape that almost no one has ever heard. And those tapes, they end up rewriting history. Of course, the 1960s have been pored over and dissected.


But what I found in these diaries is surprising. It's new. Give me a chance right quick. I wrote at Verlinden about a nine page analysis. This is a story about the power of a political partnership, one that somehow doesn't show up in the many, many accounts of LBJ's presidency during this time when there was too much looking down.


And I think it was a little too bad. I'd say it would be. How do you feel about it? I thought was much better than last with a partnership she recorded as she and Lyndon tried to navigate the turmoil of the 1960s from political upheaval. Most of them carried signs that said Baban beautify Vietnam to race riots. West Side is a patchwork of violent rock, throwing the views of Dr. King's assassination to her complicated relationships with other key people. From the time I was a kid whose outburst yesterday I said to Mrs.


Johnson upset her. I don't know why it should upset her. I was telling the truth. I found myself in front of Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy. Garfield extreme hostility. Was it because I was alive? I just don't believe that I have a bright spots. There was much talk of the big question he you to get out. There is no way out.


As for that thing, she's best remembered for that program they called beautification.


I think you also know what lies beneath that rather inadequate word. It goes a whole lot deeper than we ever knew from best case studios and ABC audio. This is in plain sight this season. I'm looking at the untold story of Lady Bird Johnson, a canny political operator and activist, one of the most influential members of the Johnson administration, even if we never saw it subscribed to in plain sight Lady Bird Johnson, wherever you listen to podcasts.


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