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Welcome to another edition of the Around the NFL podcast. I'm Greg Rosenbill stepping in for one day in the host here for Dan Hansis in a room filled with one hero, Mark Sesler. That room being the Chris Westling podcast studio.


Good, Mark. Yeah, it's always tough not to have Dan with us. But I think the toughest part is, again, I get put in this seat where my body feels awkward. I don't know what to do, but I'm-Your body looks good.


Your body looks good. All of our bodies, considering we're getting older, is looking good. I can say the same about our guests, and it's rare we just go right into it, but this is an important man at our company. He's so important, actually. He insisted that Dan and him not do the show together. And we thought, that's a lot to ask. That's diva behavior, but he's that important at draft time that we're going to welcome in Daniel Jeremiah, Move the Sticks. Thank you, Daniel, for joining us.


Well, first of all, this is Gira Follow calling. What is he? I'll call him back later. Two things. Number one, I had two conditions for me to come on this show. One, Dan's not there. That's a given, right? He's there. I'm out. That's done. The other condition was I said, Here's the thing. I'll do it. First of all, I love Sesler, so I'm happy to do it for Sesler. If I'm going to work with Greg, though, I need him to dress up like Fonzie. If he dresses like Fonzie, then I'll come on.


I just took off my jacket. It was a little hot in here, and I thought, What are the odds that Jeremiah doesn't mention this almost right away? So you've made me self-conscious, and this is why we're getting such big numbers on YouTube is action like this. You can actually watch me now.


Does anybody watch on YouTube to even know who Fonzie Not at this point.


I feel like I've escaped your ire for a decade plus, and I appreciate that. It feels sincere, but you have incredible power to remove Dan from the seat and also alter Greg's wardrobe. These things are not easily done.


Yeah, I just lost money on the fact that that's not a leather jacket that he draped over his white shirt, so I lost that bet.


It's DJ's time of year. I'm sure you're thrilled because we're taping this Thursday, exactly one week away from the NFL draft. It's a long process here for Jeremiah. No one's crying for you here, but you switched straight from the chargers into cranking these players out, and now you're only one week away. What is your post-draft plan? You have to work for one more week, and then what happens?


I've shortened it down. I used to... The draft would end, and then literally would work the next day and work that entire week. We would do Path to the Draft, very ironically named after the draft. For a week afterwards. And then over the years, that got short until, okay, you can just work till Thursday. We'll give you that Friday off, and then you're free. To the point now where I only have to do that first day. So I think I do the Monday show, and then that's it. So I get a little bit of a break, but it's weird. And you guys know with kids, I still have two in the house, and then they're still in school. So everybody's like, Oh, do you go on vacation? What do you do after? I'm like, Nothing. I'm He's just sitting at home looking at baseball box scores and trying to figure out if I'm going to run on the treadmill or ride the bike. That's what's going on.


I think what you should tell us, at least cook up some misadventure that makes us think Daniel Jeremiah is at the forefront of personal experience.


He's listening to '80s RnB. He's watching the Padres. Nothing could make him happier. I'm going to start my questions here, DJ, by putting you in the minds of all 32 GMs. This is a world where you're actually running every team, but you can't make trades because you'd be trading with yourself. It's a scary world to think about. But if you were the GM of Every Team, who is the first team you would take Brock Bowers for? Because the closer we get to this draft, the more I'm just fascinated by him as a player and his discussion and value and all that. Which is the first team? If it was your team, and we know, look, some of these teams, they sprinkle around interest. Maybe someday when the kids are older, DJ Willy will be working for team. Which team are you taking Bowers with?


This is saying this as somebody who has him rated very highly, maybe seven or eight, I think, on my list, somewhere around there. The first team where I would personally take him with my team would be 15 with the Indian athletes. And that's for different reasons. There's not needs for some of these teams at that position. Then there's teams that have... You know, golly, if you're picking right before them, the New Orleans Saints have to take a tackle. They've painted themselves into a corner here. They can't do this penning. They can't do penning anymore. They can't try that.


They're not even trying to do it now. They'd rather play their fourth string tackle than him.


And then Ramcheck is going to be done. So they have no... They have to. They have to take a tackle. And then you look at... I see the Broncos twice a year. They They have functional tight ends. They have other needs that they can address.


I thought you'd throw the Jets in there as a possibility.


I thought that, too.


To me, with the Jets, I go a couple of different ways. To me, Roma Dunzey is a home run pick. I never thought in a million years in that draft that Garrett Wilson would get to him with their second pick. I thought it was going to be a decision, and I had them touching each other on my list, which was Sauce Gardner or Garrett Wilson. Can't go wrong. You're going to get one. No way you get both. And then somehow it happened with Garrett Wilson falling in our lap. So I won't rule it out that somehow, after everything went against them last year in terms of good fortune, that maybe they get that good fortune that they had that draft, and somehow Roma Dunesay is there. I would take Rome over Bowers. And then it comes down to, well, if it's Bowers versus the tackles, I've been saying I would have a higher grade on Bauer's than the second-rated tackle. But in having some conversations over the last 24 hours, one of the things that was brought to my mind was, if you don't look at him as a tackle, if you look at Fuwaga or Fa'Tanu as guys who can play different spots for a team that has been so hit with injuries, To have them, I think either one of those guys, in my opinion, at least, they beat out John Simpson right away and they start at guard.


And then if Tyron Smith, some might say when he gets hurt, you have one of these guys that can now he can kick out and play tackle. So when I stop looking at him strictly as just a tackle, but saying, okay, I can still get him on the field right now, while also gives me a little bit of insurance for these two 33-year-old tackles, that's why I bypass Bowers there as the Jets.


Interesting. I found it enjoyable and intriguing to watch you and Mel Kiper in head shots next to each other talking about these pics. I mean, I grew up Mel Kiper. We all did. So it was fascinating. Oh, he's the guy. Yeah. At this point, I think people turn him into almost a caricature, and it's like, he's still grinding and doing all this. So only have one player because you guys brought up Michael Penix Jr. I believe you had him at about 13, going around 13. And Kiper has him all the way down at 37. We had Chad Ryder in here yesterday who had them, the Raiders trading up for him, but in the second round, taking Carolina's pick. So it's like, this is a quarterback. I know those are the top four, but this guy seems to be all over the map. Why is there, I don't beyond the injury history, what is the disparity between you, Kuyper, and person X, and Y, and Z?


So here's the fascinating part about that. And first of all, I'm glad you brought that up about Mel, because I think he's got the voice, he's got the hair, he's got the iconic moment, the flashback, the mailman, the whole thing. I think people need to put a little bit more respect on the work that he does. He puts in a ton of work, and you can't fake it. It's one thing that I've learned, obviously from the scouting side, but then you can't fake it. Listen to people when they're talking about players. And when you hear people reference, when I watched them against Notre Dame, when I saw, they're referencing moments of the work that they've done versus some pluralities and generalities that can get tossed around that I can pick up the stats and look at them and I can give you that. The guy works hard. He really does.


We do fake it, Daniel. It's fine. It's The show is doing well.


99% of the people won't know.


Yeah, it's the whole thing. Oh, what is the huge difference between Fashanu, Fuaga, and Fawitanu? We'll get back to you on that next time.


But I did want to make that point about Mel because I love him, and he is literally like... He is a sweetheart of a man. He is such a nice guy who treats people really, really well. So anyways, outside of that, the Penix. So Mark, I have Penix as, I think, my 34th rated player, but I had him going 13th, and I think that confuses people. And so I try to explain it the best of the way that I can. There's taking players where you have them rated, but then there's also, let's have some common sense here. And if we're going to all agree, as I'm sure we do, the quarterback is the most important position on your team, and it's going to be the biggest indicator whether or not you're going to be successful or not. If you're the raters, I couldn't get by this point of saying, yes, he's my 34th player. Some of that's injuries factoring into that. But I have Garner-Menshuh, and I have Aiden O'Kunal. Sure. Is he better than what I have at the most important position? Yes. He is infinitely more talented. That's not debatable. It's not even close.


So if I... Man, I can say, well, I have this player rated that higher, that player rated higher. Well, me upgrading a tackle or me upgrading a corner, is that the same I can upgrade the quarterback position here. Don't you have to consider that? And that's why I have the 34th player on my board going with the 13th pick. Makes sense.


It does make sense. And you could see... Look, I don't think it's crazy to imagine him slipping to the second or late first. No, I wouldn't surprise me. And then they get in the mix for him there. Or they just stick with their two picks and they get him in the second. We've just seen that very often. And if he's the fifth quarterback, let's say, or the sixth, those guys do fall farther than people think. I want to get more to the top quarterback because I want to ask you. I have my takes. I have a theory on this, but I want to hear yours first because I know how you like to steal my takes.


What is happening here, DJ? I'm so sorry.


No, I know. Mark, look, your place is secure on my board. You don't need to even chime in on that.


Jaden Daniels or Drake May. Just which evaluation is harder?


That's a good point. They're equal because you're trying to evaluate one guy for what he doesn't have and evaluate the other guy for an excess of riches in terms of what they're playing with. So the thing that I look at is I've seen Drake May with a lesser cast last year than what Jaden Daniels had this year, played a really high level with a solid B-level supporting cast. I've seen him play at a really high level. Now, his supporting cast this year was terrible, and his play took a dip, and it wasn't all their fault. He got some mechanical things out of whack. His delivery got a little bit long. He wasn't quite as firm with his feet. There was things that he let go a little bit. With Jaden Daniels, I have all these other years of him playing at just a ho-hum, mediocre level. And then this year skyrockets with It was an unbelievable supporting cast. But I also look at it and say, even though he had more playing experience than Burrow, I saw Burrow take off like a rocket ship when it just all clicked. When they put an offense in place that matched his abilities, he exploded and took off.


So I'm not dismissing what Jaden did by any stretch, but I am more forgiving of Drake. And I think you always look in the past to try and help predict the future, at least from a theory standpoint. And when I look I look at Josh Allen from his second to last year to his final year, and the regression that took place as the erosion of the supporting cast, it was awful. I looked at Jordan Love, the exact same situation the year before. Utah State, I watched him, and I was like, Hey, this The guy is going to be great. Can't wait to watch him the next year. The next year, they were terrible, and he was terrible. So I've seen those guys. In other words, I've seen Drake May do it. I know he can do it. He's a bigger guy. He's more physical. I've seen him throw with anticipation. I've seen him work in the mud in the middle of the field. I've seen him create things when pressure comes. So I don't get beholden to what's the last thing I saw in the last year. It's more of a body of work. And that's why I ended up with Drake May over Jay and Daniel.


Sorry, it's a word salad there, but it is tricky.


I think it's the most fascinating thing in the draft, especially for basics like us on some level, that my theory is may is easier because you've seen him be in a tough spot, and you've seen him do such high-level stuff. When When I went back and the quarterbacks are the most exciting thing for me to watch, certainly, and it's like, you see it all. Even this year, when you watch his stuff this year, it's like, did he take that biggest step back? I hear you that he misses throws more than-He misses some layups. That's what he gets to be done. More than you would want. But he also has a consistency where every single game, even this year, he's doing stuff that wows you. You can see him as a red zone beast. I love the guys that you mentioned, Allen and Love, because that's the same type of prospect he reminds me of, just that he's just physically just who wouldn't want to work with that. And you love them both. You have five and six. But to me, Daniel is extremely hard to evaluate because people get on McCarthy that he never... He didn't have to do much.


He didn't have to throw. It's like, Jaden Daniels threw the ball 325 times this year. He wasn't that highly thought of a prospect till his last half-season of five seasons, and he's surrounded by great players. I think it was you or it was Mina. It was you and Mina. That mentioned the RG3 comp, and that's really stuck in my head since. And not as a negative, because RG3 was extremely accurate. You saw how well he fit with Shana Khan, and look, he outplayed Andrew luck as a rookie. It wasn't like he was a bad prospect, but he reminded Jaden Daniels reminds me of him, which I find it hard that he gets pressure on him, and then he just goes, which is not necessarily what you want at the NFL, that he doesn't stick there and throw a lot under pressure.


Yeah, it's one or the other. To me, even as a runner, he reminded me of RG3 in that he's a narrow frame guy who's extremely fast but is not super elusive and who takes shots. Was it Haloti that broke his leg? I think it was Haloti who hit him, RG3, and ended up breaking his leg.


He may take shots, too, to be fair, but he's bigger.


But he's just sturdier dude. So that's what I struggle with a little bit, but he is a A really good thrower. I was texting with a Ben Kerd about it. I love the fact we have so many people that are watching these guys and putting their opinions out there. I think it's great. I think it's a fun discussion, but I try to communicate with as many people as I can. And we were having a little chat about it, and I said, mechanically, he looks like a really skinny C. J. Stroud, just in terms of posture, feet in the ground, throwing the ball accurately, touch, drive. You can do all those things. But Stroud, and we saw it in samples in college and then saw it in bulk with the Texans, he's just more creative and more natural in terms of when he gets moved around and making things happen. And I just didn't see Jaden quite like that.


I mean, this draft has... Every draft has their own characteristics, and it's very quarterback-heavy, and the wide receiver class, it may be possibly unprecedented. But then on the flip side, I was driving down from my place today listening to you and Bucky do your all defensive mock draft where you've got to pick 32 defensive players and ignore all those guys. It's brutal. It was almost comical because you got to about pick nine, and it's like you were doing it live and you were I listened to that weeks ago, DJ, because I'm more of just a real fan. This is why we need Greg in the host chair, not Dan, because we get that self-effacing gold.


When he's out there working on the motorbike, he likes to throw on.


I'm just saying I didn't train him at the I'm really into it.


Well, I like to keep it fresh, but I do find it interesting because I can't remember a draft like this where you basically said it's going to be an S show when you get down to the mid 20s, and you guys were really struggling and even trying to find fits for what the team needs were. It's like, have you seen a defensive draft like this where the first-round talent maybe withers away as quick as it does?


No. And that's why I was curious on that exercise, how it would go. Because offensively, we finished the first round with 32 offensive players, and I'm like, Dude, I got six more receivers. I can justify taking here if we were to extend this out into the second round. And then defensively, it's like, Holy crud. What are we doing here? This is not a first-round player. So it was a healthy exercise, which to me, could inform some decisions and could push up some of these defensive players. I've been saying over the last couple of days, like Byron Murphy, to me, from Texas, the defensive tackle who is the best interior disrupter and pass rusher in this draft, I think it's going to go higher than people think. I think there's a premium on that. I was talking to a general manager two days ago, and we were having this discussion, and he posed an interesting question, which was, if you write down on a sheet of paper how many dominant edge rushers are there in the NFL? You go pretty deep on that, of really impactful dominant edge rush. And now write the impactful dominant defensive tackles.


Then you'll come up with seven or eight, and then that's about it. So if you've got a chance to get one who you think can be one of those guys, A, there's value. Look what these guys are making. Look what Christian Wilkins, look at all these guys that got paid in the offseason, the value of that position for those types of guys. And it was his argument was like, why would Byron Murphy not go ahead of these edge rushers? They're similar type players, and he's a heck of a lot harder to find.


I guess from an esoteric angle, is this just a one-year type thing? Why is there such a dearth of defensive talent? It feels like there'd be a similar amount each year.


No, it's just ebbs and flows. Last year's tight-end class was the best that I'd seen in 20 years. I'd never seen anything like that. This year, it's not very good. So it's just how you hit it. It's just how it falls. The one thing that we're going to see consistently is they'll be they'll be receivers every year, no matter what. They'll always be receivers.


All right. What if I took your Byron Murphy take, but I replaced it with Johnny Newton? Johnny Newton is my guy. I don't know. I guess explain to me why he's not a potential top 10 pick because he is a guy that you watch, and it's like, he wins every snap. It seems like. The more you watch, it's just like he wins and wins and wins and wins and wins, and you can just see that working. He seemed next level, and he seemed like a guy that was like, Is this one of those guys teams aren't talking about because they all want to take him because they love him? Probably, I don't know if that really happens. Why wouldn't he be higher? Because he seems like a really exciting guy, along with Murphy. Murphy's great, too.


Yeah, he's a really good player. To me, if you told me that he was going to be a top 15 pick, I wouldn't bat an eye on at that at all. And he's part of that discussion, and rightfully so, to bring him up, that I think you'll see him get raised up. Now, in terms of what I thought of him, the concerns I had, I thought he was unbelievable with his hands. It's like a car bomb goes off when hits guys. He has got violent jolting hands.


Doesn't that translate? That's awesome.


It's really good. But if you're not a force generator from the ground, that's a little more difficult against NFL players. In other words, if you're generating, if you're twisting guys and torquing guys and turning guys. In college, you can do that a lot easier than it is to do that against a 28-year-old man up here. If you're going to beat really good NFL offensive lineman, you have to beat him with leverage and roll your hips and have have your legs underneath you and win from the floor up, not just the hands. So that, to me, is one of the reasons why there was a separation there with him and Murphy.


I know. It comes as no surprise to you that Greg and I, we've cornered the market when it comes to studying offensive line and what they should be doing on the field, how they react, the physical nature of it. But I found it interesting that you said that executives kept mentioning to you over and over Graham Barton for his versatility. He plays all five. This guy sounds like he could go anywhere and be of a Good service.


Well, he's played center as a 17-year-old freshman at Duke and played it well, and then he's played left tackle. If you can play center and left tackle, you can play left and right guard. So you're a five-position flex guy, and he's incredibly intelligent. So he's one of those guys who... He's good on tape at tackle, but you're like, That's not probably his best position. He's going to be better served to get inside at center. But the tape is good. So you get good tape. Then the testing was outstanding. He had a great workout. And then, as you can imagine, when you have those two things going for you and you're Duke-level smart, you get in and meet with these teams, so many of which, which I think is a big theme in this draft, and I think it's something to keep an eye on going forward, is this league is so full of young starting quarterbacks, and we're going to add a handful more this year. So teams are trying to do everything they can to serve those young quarterbacks. Having a freaking genius center that he can play with for a long extended period of time is a nice quality to have.


That almost sounds like Landon Dickerson coming out. Other than, I know people were concerned with the injuries, but just like, that was when you were very high on to give you your props coming in, and that was absolutely right. He's turned into a bargain. They just gave him a ton of money. That actually makes me think, do you have some... What are some pics? Or maybe just one. Like one One selection over the years, take one of your guys that you're proud of, that you want to stick your chest out, and then to balance it out, one that you wish you had balanced.


A whiff, a major whiff.


I can think of 50 whiffs.


The hits never-Why? Because you remember them better, you mean?


Yeah, because you're just like, Oh, gosh. But I mean, the hits never make their way to the front of your brain. Those are always lodged somewhere in the back of your brain. I always just did a fallback with Kelsey because that was a fun one. But I mean, that's the greatest example of scouting to me, of what scouting is. You're going to come out. Okay, you really want to come out to the front of the stage as one of the people who evaluated Jason, Kelsey, and we took him, what was he, the sixth round, and he's going to go into the Hall of Fame and one of the best centers of all time. You want to beat your chest on that? Or do you want to remind everybody that we took Danny Watkins in the first round of that same draft?


Well, That's like, I think, Scott Piole used to keep on his office. There were some guys, some tight-in. Stakowski, I believe, they took a round in front of Tom braided, so he always kept that framed on his desk as a reminder of you're not as smart as you think.


Yeah. No, but the fun ones, like Gino Stone. I could not... I was watching him coming out, and I went back and I was watching some of the old draft stuff, and that was my comment when he got picked. I'm like, I don't understand it. I I gave him a third-round grade, and all I do is talk to GMs and buddies around the league, and I'm like, Nobody liked the guy. And I'm like, What am I missing? He's just a good player. He gets his hands on the football. He's super instinctive, smart, tough. And then the Ravens, I think, took him in the sixth or seventh round, and I think he just got paid a nice chunk of money in free agency. He's been a really good player. Those are the fun ones. But then for every one of those, there's 10 where you're like, Oh, man. I mean, look, I didn't... Trayland Birks, I thought, was a really good player. I didn't necessarily think he was going to be an all pro, but I thought he'd be doing more than he's doing now.


We'll let you go in a minute here. There's so much wide receiver talk, but there's one guy, and I know that he had concerns with whether it's off the field or what happened on the field after a game. But Jermaine Burton from Alabama, watching him, I know because of all that other stuff, maybe some teams don't even have him on their board, but I loved what I saw. Is this person Is that draftable or is it going to be? What happens? What's the destiny here?


There's a lot of ability there. Yeah. No. I mean, look, everybody's... It's all different, right? Everybody has their things. I don't ever jump into that stuff. There's no win for me in doing that. So I just say he's got a lot of ability. But that's why there's a little bit of a challenge in terms of the stuff you learn, talking to everybody and doing all the homework versus the pure... In some ways, Mark, what you're doing just the pure scouting. This would be an example of him in the draft.


That's Mark in a nutshell, pure scout.


Because remember, you asked me about George Pickens, the George Pickens year. Greg did. Greg's like, What am I missing? This guy's a freak. I'm like, I know it's not that. The tape is great, but everybody's got to figure out all the other stuff.


And it's what Pickens is. He's borne out on both sides of like, Yeah, the talent is off the charts, but there's some headache there.


So that's what I'm getting to, Mark. And that's why when you're in the draft room, this is the discussion that takes place where the area scout who went into the school, got all the information, he might have a lower grade on a player. And then they'll give cross-check assignments, and the guy in the Southeast or other part of the country is going to watch the same player, and he's like, This area scout's an idiot. This guy's much better than that. And it's like, Yeah, you're just doing the pure football evaluation, and he's doing the whole picture. So then you have to have that discussion. That makes sense.


Who's an India? I know you got me in a times later on Move the Sticks. Everyone should check that out. You've probably got a million things.


We did a Home and Home. We did a little one on her podcast. She's coming on Move the Sticks.


That's a nice trade. Everyone wins.


It's the ESPN crossover.


Does she also have the same role that she doesn't come on unless Dan's not on your show?


No. She has engaged with Dan on the show.


Many times.


Really? Yeah. So he wasn't supposed to be there and showed up.


She doesn't have a 10-year grudge match, whether it's real or fake with Dan.


I think it really is. It might really be 10 years.


I think it is.


Do you remember what the first iteration of that be?


No, it goes back to ancient Greece. It's deep ancestry. Do you?


Yeah. I That's the Wholesome Assassin.


I think I made fun of him for dressing like an Uber driver, a Lemo driver or something on the very first episode.


That's the Wholesome Assassin. That was about Jeremiah. Now I'm Fonze. All right, last football one for you is, we just Has anyone talked runningbacks? Who do you like? Who's your favorite runningback in this class you think is going to step in and do some fantasy damage, maybe?


Yeah, I like Marshawn Lloyd from SC. He's got the perfect runningback body. He's 5'8, he's 220 pounds. He catchs the ball out of the backfield. He's not bad as a pass protector. So to me, I'm a fan of his. I like Ray Davis from Kentucky, another one who's like, 215, sturdy guy. And then just in terms of two guys, I think they're going to have roll and catch balls next year. Bucky Irving can really catch it out of the backfield from Oregon, who gives me a little Devon Singletary vibes coming out of college. So that would be one. And then Dylan Lauby, he might not even get drafted. He'd be a 6, 7th-round pick, He'd be even a free agent. But the kid out of New Hampshire, he caught a bazillion balls. So to me, I don't think it's a great running back year, but you got a couple of interesting guys who can be more featurebacks. And then after that, those are a couple of guys. They'll be third down guys, catch the ball a little bit.


That's why I like DJ, even though on some level, and you know this, your prospects list set the tone in some ways for the rest of the Draftnik industrial complex out there. Your prospect list has Real impact. But you ask them about the runningbacks, that's way off a lot of those consensus boards. And I like that DJ is thinking.


Yeah. I talked to someone last night, and we just knew we got the runningbacks. And it's like his top three runningbacks would be my 11th, 12th, and 13th runningbacks. It's just a weird year for that group.


All right, Daniel, Jeremiah. It's your week. It's your time of year. I'm looking forward to watching you. Round one. Be nice to the rest of the guys. Don't flex how much more you know than all of them.


No, I'll tell you what, Mark, it's been great to be with you. As always. You're absolutely the best. I don't know anybody who has endured more. We talk about players like you overcome adversity? And whatever's next for you in life, what you've endured, what you've been through, I think it just bodes well for your success. There's a grittiness, there's a callousness, there's a just haven't been literally refined through the fire aspect to you and what your future holds. And I couldn't be more excited. Greg, we'll see you next time.


Yeah, this is why your scouting abilities tower above any other humans that I can think of.


Yeah, a lot of misses, though, too. Dj, thank you. We'll see you next time.


Yeah, thanks for not hit me with Herbert. No, I've put a little...


I'm waiting until we actually have just... I want to have Justin Herbert on the pod and ask him about that at some point. That's my dream question.


All right, well, let me know.Thanks.


Dj.thank you.


You guys. Bye.


Yeah, as Daniel mentioned. Back in the day, I think he was a little lower on Herbert. Then consensus. Other people were, too. I'd like to give him the business of it because he's not... That was calling every game. That guy changed the franchise. We are going to take a quick break. A little different schedule than normal that we just start right off the meet with the A+ guest, Daniel Jeremiah. We will be back, and we're going to actually bring in the audience, the listeners, and we're going to get some mailbag questions. We'll first take a quick break.


All right. Welcome back.


Can't beat the master. Exciting times here. Draft is only one week away. We'll have you covered all next week. We got the Mark Sesler mock draft coming up. It's going to be the sixth or seventh annual.


I think it is the sixth or seventh. I know the gist in the past was I just We'll throw in a couple of darts to the wall. It's like, I've been grinding the tape this time, Greg.


No, Mark, he's been doing it, and we're working on some extra motivation, some extra bells and whistles we're adding the Mark draft, so that'll be exciting. And then on Thursday, of course, we'll recap round one. We'll have another preview show as well. We'll do some sandwiches. But for now, we thought we would open up the mailbag and get your draft questions to just try to hit as many as we can before we go, Mark. So if you're watching on YouTube, we'll fly the questions up. But the first one is from Daniel Hall, and he asked, had the Panthers given the bears the third overall pick instead of the first overall pick, do you think Justin Fields would be their starter for 2024? I find this interesting because it is a good reminder that the bears... Great moves last year. They did get lucky how bad the Panthers truly were. You need luck to build a dynasty along the way. It's like the Chiefs needed Patrick Mahomes to fall that far to make the smart move to go get them, and they're lucky. I don't think Fields would be their starter no matter what if they had a top three pick.


It You chose the right number, number three. If they were further back, then I think it becomes more of a discussion. I tend to think they did not really see Justin Fields as a true difference maker, and that Drake made Jade and Daniels would also provide a window into a new field.


I wrote down the same thing. They made their evaluation on Justin Fields. Top three, I think they would have found something to like each one of those guys to move on from Fields. It seems clear to me.


Every team is so different. It really sounds like, based on everything we're hearing, more teams have Daniels, too, than May, in that there are some teams out there, and who knows if the bears would have been one of these teams, that agree with the Chris Sims and the JTO Solvents of the world. Some people just aren't in on May. They're just like, No. I'm surprised by that because to me, he's as exciting and maybe as good as any prospect I can remember watching since Andrew Locke, along with Caleb Williams. He's even better. It's crazy. There's two of these guys. But just in terms of pure excitement level and talent, he seems to be at that level, but some teams aren't into it. There are three really good quarterbacks in this class, though. So yeah, I think they would not be keeping fields. Next question is from Patty710 on Twitter. Could you pass on to Mark Sesler that, I was watching Winnie the Pooh with my daughters, and Rabbit uses the phrase 'Heavens to Betsey, so he is in good company? More of a comment than a question, but I liked it.


Yeah, I I've mentioned before multiple times that it was my grandmother that used to say this in various situations when flustered or something was seem surprising.Heavens to Betsey. Yeah, so maybe she caught it from Winnie the Pooh's friend Rabbit. I'm not sure.


It's always just a trip back in time on the on the NFL podcast whenever that comes up. Next one is from Tom Marshall, a longtime listener. I recognize Tom. Serious question. Could Justin Jefferson be traded at the draft? He also says, Unserious question. Is Mahomes really nowhere near GOAT status? Let's start He was on serious first. We didn't say that. He's nowhere here.


Who would have said that?


I think he's responding to our conversation on Wednesday that it was like...


His start, his pro start.


We were saying it's just hard to compare someone who's had an entire career If Mahomes' career ended this moment, yeah, his peak was brilliant, but how do you compare that to guys like Montana or Especially Manny that played so long. I don't know. It's hard. Guys who won three or four.


It's like a goat farm. There's a number of goats.


It's not that he's nowhere near it. It's just like, he's got to keep playing, and he'll get there. There's almost no question. The Jefferson question, I was glad someone asked this. I do think there's a greater chance that Justin Jefferson is traded than probably public perception is out there. I would still be shocked, but you do have the recipes here for at least it being possible, which is really great quarterback prospects and the Vikings being this motivated to try to go up. I would only trade Justin Jefferson if I'm going up to one. Then I would maybe think about it, but I wouldn't think about it if I'm the Vikings. But he's not as valuable making $30 million a year or whatever it's going to cost, $100 million guaranteed, as he is this moment on this rookie deal, and that's what it's going to cost. But I still think it would be crazy for them to do it.


I think it's like there's this assumption because they've got the two number ones that they everything they need to move up. But if teams aren't going to play ball with those picks, and they want... If it's we need Justin Jefferson to get up to two or three or whatever, I think the trend is you move on from some of these massively star-y wide receivers when the contract It's become insane. And you find, like DJ said before, these players will not Justin Jefferson, but great wide receivers will be available in every draft from now until the end of time.


But yeah, Jefferson's so unique. That Quesi, Adolfo Mensa, their GM's comment that We're ready to make him the highest paid player in the league. To me, that just said they know what they have, and I don't think there's almost any chance. But if I'm individually looking at Ayuk and Jefferson, and you want to throw some Tee Higgins and some There's a lot of surprise names out there, like an A. J. Brown or a Devante. Individually, I don't think any of them are close to likely, but the history would say there'll be one surprise out there.


I think Ayuk to the Steelers, there's a little buzz and whispers around that. We'll see.


Next one is from Eric Blazel. Who would be your dream non-NFL figure to announce a draft pick for your favorite or any franchise?


You go ahead. I came up with a quick list.


I like this.


Brad and Leo. This is from my pick. It's my team.


Your guys.


So that would be one.


What about Leo potentially playing Frank Sinatra in an upcoming biopic? Did you see that?


I did. I don't see the resemblance, but I don't know. Why not?


Well, you don't have to look exactly like him.


No, I like him in anything for the most part. You both have strong gaws. Yeah, I think he could pull it off. I have them. I have Chelsea Clinton.


Jennifer Lawrence would play his second wife, I believe, in that movie. She's too old for him.


Tough luck for the first wife. In real life, yeah. I have Chelsea Clinton dressed in a suit of medieval armor. King Kong Bundy. Although King Kong Bundy, this would make news because King Kong Bundy died in 2019, so he'd be back from the dead. Dana Carvie announcing the pick as Ross Perot. That would be nice. An AI version of Julius Caesar or Raggedy Ann and Andy.


Those are all amazing. I can't top that.


When you get to day three, though, they have animals announcing the pics. Sure. My just first instinct was Nicolas Cage.


I just love him, and I just feel like, I don't know what he's going to do. That's the whole beauty of Nicolas Cage. I just feel like he will own the moment. Our next one is from our friend Matt Tanten. Had some barbecue with him in Austin. He's a big time bears fan. He addresses this directly to Tugbo. I'm going to take that as a slight, but Dan did send out the prompt. Is the world prepared for the bears to have an actual legit QB if Caleb Williams is as generational as us bears fans hope, pray, believe he'll be? My answer to this is, are the bears prepared? The world's prepared. The world's not thinking about the bears. We're excited about new quarterbacks coming into the league. I think he's going to be fantastic. Not I guess I needed to do this, but just watch it. I just can't see how it's not going to work. I just can't see how he's not going to be. Now, generational is one thing, but if Trevor Lawrence level, you're in the top 10 quarterbacks in the league, is the floor, and I'd be surprised if he's long term.


I just can't imagine him not being higher than that. We're ready. It's fine. It's another great quarterback. We love quarterbacks. Are the bears ready? Because they have been a somewhat unserious franchise for a long time in terms of their offense, and people are like, Oh, they're in great position. Now, it's like, I guess it's a new offensive system that bring it in. I like Shane Wadren fine. I like Keenan Allen, but they don't really have a number three. He's had his injuries and stuff, the offensive line. It's like, okay, it's a new offensive system. Are they ready? Is Matt Iberfluss ready? Is the GM and ownership all ready? I'm not that.


I'd say especially if at number nine, they get one of these top wideouts. I I've talked to Tanton dating back a decade plus in our newsroom about the bears, and he's frustrated from the top of the heap all the way down with how the whole place is run. I get it, but even under Levie Smith and even previous to that, they always had these 13 and three seasons with no quarterback, where it was always defense in the same earlacher and a great secondary and stuff. It's like if they were a quarterback-led and the bears had a top two or three guy, I think from a fan angle, having watched football for 40 years, that is something that I'm not totally prepared for in the sense. They have been the same thing forever. If not milktoast, the weird, wrong type of good team when they've been gone to the playoffs. This would be different. Right.


And are we ready for the fans? Because they are among the best fans in the league. It would be great for here at the NFL, they have been irrationally optimistic about their team on an annual basis. Adam Rank here at the NFL, I think, represents that well and been so wrong so many times that when they actually have a real quarterback and a good team, they're going to get wild. And I love it. It's a great sports town. Was reminded of that watching the the 9-10 play-in game. I don't know if you were in on Bulls Hawks. It wasn't much of a game.


I didn't plug into that.


That crowd was insane. The Bulls fans, it makes sense. They just want a winner. And this team has been sub-mediocre forever. They're 10 games under 500, but they're going freaking crazy because they want a winner.


Football is completely different than basketball. It's true. In this case, I think it is the same, Greg.


It's similar. And yet it's a Bearstown. For all those titles, everyone in Chicago will tell you it's still bears and everything else.


I thought Bulls would have put that to the test for a long period of time.


For a while. I had a question. This was the most common question. This one's from Mo Design Things, but we got it about seven or eight times. It asked, will there be an ATN draft show? Quite enjoyed last year. Unfortunately, there won't be. We had to mention it at some point.Advice.


Rewatch last year's.That's still a good one.That.


Would be great. It's got 2 million views on YouTube, which is wild, but don't have enough resources to do it. We're very disappointed and would love to bring it back. Not happening this year. Next question is, what do the heroes think is the most Chris Wesling type prospect of the draft? I just want any reason to mention Chris on the show. It got me thinking, actually, what is a Chris Wesling type prospect?


I came up with, I remember how much I think Wesleyan loved the physical nature of Steve Smith. I'm not saying they're the same player, but Roman Dunzé to me was someone that I think Chris would have been like, I get-Ice up, son. Ice up. I get Marvin Harris, and all that stuff. No one's looking past that. But Rome, to me, is this guy that's going to come in and be a nasty physical player. I think West always appreciated that.


That is a perfect pick. You're absolutely right. That was his style, an Anquan Bold and type who I love, too. But West was unpredictable on some level in that he liked what he liked. That was what a quarterback, he could be all... He loved Mariota, but he also loved big physical guys like Herbert. I thought Jake May, to me, popped up. I felt like that's when I think we would have agreed on that just watching someone do things, and I think May could be like this in terms of the throws that he makes, do things that you just haven't seen guys do before that he loved. He loved a running that could just pop a big play. When I was thinking about what does he like running back, he likes the ones that are physical, certainly. I don't know this class well enough, but Trey Benson is that guy who can just pop the big play. West was early on Jonathan Taylor, really thought he'd be great and loved Chris Johnson.


Loved Ingram when Ingram was healthy.


That's the thing, different types of players. He likes the physical type, but he likes the big playmakers. It's about me. It always is. If you want to check my Twitter account this week, I sent out randomly this what Wes saw as his football syllabus. It was just a Excel spreadsheet, essentially, of all the books that he believes would be a great... I know you're not active right now on Twitter, so you might be a business.


Well, I have a copy of this, though. Right.


He had sent it out. We have copies. But just randomly, I clicked on it this week and I thought, Oh, that would be cool to send it out. People really like seeing it. It's just got all the best football books of all time, categorizing Millie Wayne, his best long forms. He really spent a lot of the time, the first time he was sick, going through all these long forms. That was like a project for him. Those sports, long forms, nonsports. It's really great. Check that out on my Twitter account if you want this week. Next one is from Bradley Sadler who says, Who has a better chance of drafting a first-round QB, Rams, Jets, or Seahawks?


It's interesting because I was going to bring this up with DJ, and we moved on. But he and Bucky had a conversation the fact that the Seahawks could be a very good destination for Michael Pennex Jr. That they've got people in the building. The guy running their offense is a Pennex. He's a tutor of Pennex. They're up in the Northwest. They know Pennex knows how to play in that world and that weather. It's someone that you could nestle behind Gino Smith and Sam Howell for a season, which makes sense for him. But it's the arm talent and what they have. I think they should look forward to the quarterback. The thing is this, though, because they've got their first-round pick, but they don't have a second, I believe. So they have to figure out if they even wanted to package picks and trade up.


I think they do not have a second. I think they maybe sold. I think they got rid of one of theirs, I think they had… They got rid of the… They lost one in the Leonard-Williams trade, but I think they had one from the Bronco. So I think it even down.


I'm looking at seahawks. Com, and it's round one, round three, two-fourths, two-six, and a seventh. So I mean, I guess it would be that's your draft right there, and it would be not their number one need at the moment. But I'd say that over the Jets to me. It's like, why are we… First-round Jets? Aaron Rodgers is telling them he wants to play multiple years. Rams, that's a little spicy. Dixie. It depends who would fall to them or what they would do.


Yeah, I thought, and you're right, there isn't a second-round pick. That was a brain part by me. I thought it was an interesting question because we haven't heard quarterbacks associated really with any of these teams. And yet they're all strong surprise teams. The Rams have to start thinking about the post- Matthew Stafford world. First round would be a surprise, but if the right guy fell to them or second round. I opened this up in my head as like, Okay, but what about a surprise second round pick if the right guy fell, if Pennex falls? The Jets, it's not crazy to think about that.We had another question that was likeThe first round, though?Not first round, probably. Someone said, Well, should theThat would just be a new That would create a new story, though. To the Jets, do the Jordan love thing. It did motivate Aaron Rodgers to winning two MVP awards. Then the Seahawks, it's almost weird how little connection there has been made that the Washington offensive coordinator is their offensive coordinator. Pennex picked the right year to come out with that, so he's there. Then he also has a close relationship and I think played for Antonio pierce.


Those are two teams that might be drafting quarterbacks. I don't think it's going to be a priority for Seattle in round one, but round two, Never know. I hope not. That'll just be a lot of drama. Next question is really for you. It's from Sam Brown. He says, Please, can you just give Mark three minutes uninterrupted to talk about what he was doing in the year 1997.


I'm excited. Well, I hope this won't take three minutes, but I came up with a bulleted list. I had to go through the memory banks on this one. Here it goes. Completed an internship at Baseball Weekly in Washington, DC. Dc, top of the year. Bypassed a low-level newspaper job, moved to New York City, and lived in a West 108 apartment with my friend and a female painter. My room had a mattress, three changes of clothing, and a typewriter. Dated a girl for a month who was very severe wore librarians glasses, and gave me pink eye. Worked as an assistant at a private investigator's office. I was asked to investigate copyright infringement, mainly like little companies calling themselves things like Costco 2 on these calls. I used an AKA, Drew or bet, and would compile a case to bust their asses. Then left New York City to take a job at Camp Jules, that camp happiness place is what you guys call it, along with a female counselor named Amy, took a gaggle of youths on a week-long hike through the woods where it rained on us for three days. When summer camp ended, I stayed at the camp and went on a 21-day water fast, where on days 18 and 19, tape worms came out of my body, moved to Boston for a month.Gross. It is gross.


Move to Boston, but it was helpful, moved to Boston for a month and did a 10-day sleep study for $900. You'd stay awake for 72 hours in a row as an example. Had spiritual visions by the end. Got on the Greyhound bus and moved to Boulder, Colorado. Found a farmhouse for $1,200 a month with my friend, Kristen Bolls, and waited for five friends and housemates to come West. Watched football for nine plus hours on Sundays at a bar called Barrel House, too. Brett Favre was the center of my world. No Browns back then. Worked at a string of 10 to 12 temp jobs, including putting together miniature flashlights at a flashlight factory. I was fired.


And Did you fit that all in one year?


Yeah. Well, it was a transitory year, though. I don't know how that person knew to pick that year. Other years would have been less movement-oriented.


That was a perfect year to pick. Yeah, to what? That you must have been just out of college, so that was a perfect year for them.


Yes, with no money.


That was a lot of different employment.


When I was trying to get a real job, I had a friend, some I'm a mystery expert. Look on my resume and said, You look like someone who's just on the run from the law.


Tape worms. That's not what you want. Walker had some. They literally could see him look like worms. His poop.


Yeah, that's where they appear.




Outside of the body.


Next question is, and I love that. That is our social clip, Brandee. Dan of the Avenue asked, Can you ask Greg, which order would he draft the three members of Boyd genius in? Well, I'm not going to do it for football because that just gets weird. But it's a clear one, two, three here with tears in between. It's Julian Baker first, Lucy Dacus, second, Phoebe Bridgers, third. Next one is from pulled alpha. It's just obvious. Any words of advice for a very near future first-time dad? My immediate thought would be, Don't worry, and I guess this would apply to you, but you, Eric, as well, is don't stress or plan too much before they get there. Seems like a waste of time. Enjoy that. Not like you have to desert your lovely wife. You should be supporting her and helping her in any way, obviously, while she's pregnant. But I see a lot of times people are like, Well, I got to plan this. I got to do this. I got to come up. It's all going to be meaningless anyway. So you might as well just Enjoy the time before. It's a little bit of a calm before the storm.


Yeah, I really agree with that. I think in general, for a dad, one-on-one time is very valuable no matter what you're doing. But the second thing I thought of was with a child.with a child, yeah. With our first born Luke, I was home four days a week because I was working in NFL, but it was only three days a week. I literally was taking care of him as a newborn for hours a day, and it formed this incredible bond. I know a lot of sometimes dad's out on all that until the baby can talk or the child can interact. It's like, get in there early and be part of that because it really creates something that I never expected.


There you go, Eric. I'm actually pretty excited. I don't know. I mean, obviously, I'm pretty excited I'm having a son, but I'm really gung-ho. I've had weird radio hours before, so I feel like I've been primed and nurtured to be up at 2 AM every 2 hours through the night. I'm actually excited about being... My My wife has done enough. I'm going to be ready to go and take over whenever needed.


Good messaging.


Five weeks out.


That's exciting. Although I do find it, I feel like this happens for a lot of couples that they realize with the second kid, it's like, Well, we don't both have to get up every time.


Second kid is getting me. My wife has made that clear that there will be a period of time where I am the overnight guy. Sure. But the key being either she's the overnight Woman that night or in general that week or whatever it is.


It doesn't have to be the same person every day.


Don't tug on each other right after that.


You don't need to be like, Oh, you're getting... It's like, do one or the other. You want the other stronger in the day. Also, people don't knowI'm not going to say this, but every human child is dramatically different. These base recommendations for what to do and how to think. It doesn't exactly work because every child reacts completely different.


Look at the Wesleyan brothers.Right..


Even my two children, advice for one would have been terrible advice for the other and vice versa. Right.


Well, we'll get through this first one before I got to worry about trends.


I'm just saying they're all different.


It seems like a fair plan.


Jeff Yates, what would, in your mind, be the most polarizing pick your team of fandom could make this year? Oh, I didn't read this right the first time. Well, for me, it would be the Patriots trading down and just doing that. No matter who's on the board, whether it's May or Daniels. I would be personally more into it if May is gone and Daniels is on the board and they traded down to the Giants and they still get one of the receivers. To me, I'm going to ride with that and just see what happens. But that would be the most polarizing. Everyone wants the QB.


I think so. If I'm coming from a Browns angle, they don't pick till the 54th pick. I was like, I mean, quarterback's stupid just because they're not going to take a quarterback at 54. But I thought the one thought, I feel like the beating heart of the Browns is nick Chubb, but there's questions about his health still and where it'll be and his future to some degree in terms of what is this player post-injury? If they went and picked at 54, it could work. A starting-type running back, I think that would cause some problems with certain Browns fans.


Yeah, that wouldn't make sense. The thing is everyone loves all these offensive players, and none of the tackles are going to be polarizing. It's always a team that It just looks at their board differently than the rest of the league. It's often been the Seahawks lately. It used to be the Patriots often, where it's just like, they take a guy who's on the consensus board at 43, except they take them at 16, and everyone goes crazy. But it's like, you don't know anything. Finlay McClure, which sounds suspicious. Is that a made-up name, Finlay McClure?


I think it possibly is from overseas.


I don't know. Or it's a character from Duck tales. If you are Sean Payton in the Broncos, which scenarios do you pick? Trade up to four, give up three first to get McCarthy or May, stand pat at 12 and take Pennex, or take best player available non-quarterback at 12 and build the team up first. Of those three, I would go for the third option.


Don't take a quarterback.


Yeah. I just think reaching at 12 seems silly, and I wouldn't give up all those picks for the third quarterback in this class, even though I love May. I think you stay at 12, and I think there's a real chance that Bo Nicks is available at your second round pick, or Michael Pennix is available. All these guys aren't going to go. Don't force it.


I'm with the don't force it, but don't ignore a quarterback just because This concept of we're going to build a team and wait for a quarter. If they go 4 and 13, you don't have time for that. No one has time for that.


Don Payton might, if anyone, but yeah, I hear it.


I don't know. I feel like the Payton thing needs to work for this to have a disability shield around them to continue to be accurate. The quarterback draft is going to allow someone to come down there, but I would do it. But if you're saying May is this potentially player that we've never seen before, and he's sitting there at three, it's like, then why would you not trade up to get that quarterback?


Sure, but four first or three first-round picks. Sure.


But if he's that guy, it'll look genius. That's fair.


You don't know if he is. The Patriots also, or whoever it would be, would have to take that pick. So you need two teams to tango there. Although, Elliott Wolf, the GM in practice, not in name, for the Patriots said on Thursday, We're open for business. We're open for business on pick three and everything else, but we're open for business. I think they'll be listening. What's your favorite draft memory? Ask Brandon Smith, what draft pick of your favorite team were you most excited about at the time of the pick? What player most surprised by turning into a bust?


What do you I know mine happened on this show, and there's a clip that I wish wasn't out there to some degree. When the Browns did this.


With the 22nd pick in the 2014 NFL draft, the Cleveland Browns select Johnny Menzell. How does it feel?


How does it feel? I like it.


That was Dave Damoschek.


Will you be sad if Brian Shazier kills a married one? No.


It's a boy on Christmas. Father Christmas has come.


I mean, we were shoved into those radio city musical seats, which were made for people in the 1910s. I had walked around Manhattan for days wishing this would happen. When it happened, it felt like, Cleveland is the most exciting thing in the National Football League. Then it went completely, completely, totally south into hell.


It's pretty rough. I mean, you look younger there, but I think you look better now. So that was nice. Everyone should check that out on YouTube.Thanks.That was Dave Damoschek's voice you heard. You can't really put words to Mark's expression there. I read this question wrong and just thought general draft moments. I'm trying to think of the Patriots player I was most excited about. It weirdly Will Fork fell so far to them and seemed like such a Patriots guy, and that was about the peak of of Patriots always make the right picks. It fanned them for me. I just remember being so pumped when Vince Wilfork fell to them at the time. But otherwise, when the Vikings didn't take their pick and the other two ran up to take it in '03. That was just an incredible draft. Yes, that was wild. Because you were like, What am I watching? The '04 draft, to me, nothing will top Rivers, Big Ben, Eli Manning. There was a lot of stuff going into the draft, but literally, as it happened, We all thought they were going to trade and make the trade ultimately that they did make, but no one knew for sure.


Then the chargers take Eli, and he has to hold it up. There's not Twitter at that point, and so It was just like you're living in this total Netherworld. It was like, wow, they really took them. They're putting the giant's feet to the fire. Like, What the hell is going to happen? I guess they're just going to keep him. He's holding it up, and he's not happy about it. That 20, 30 minutes, it It was 15 minutes per pick then before Rivers and the Eli Trade actually happened. That was just so ballsy by their GM, who is escaping me, who that was. It was AJ Smith, I believe was his name, who just sat there, took Eli, and just waited until the best offer came in, and they got a great one, and then they ended up getting Rivers. So they were both happy.


I think both those things you mentioned, the missed pick by the Vikings, and in that scenario right there, that's never really happened since that way at all.


So, yeah. That was incredible. The Ricky Williams. I was in New Orleans.


That was crazy.


I was in New Orleans for that draft. That was when I was in college.


That hasn't happened again either.


No, that was a wild thing. That was a rare time.


Mike Dicke just wanted the weekend off.


Right. In the postgame, the press conference where he came and showed up in Ricky's dreads, wearing Ricky's dreads. It was a different time. Let's go to our next tweet. Oh, yeah. I brought this one up. Last year's Greg hit on Sam Laporta. Who is Greg's only fantasy sleeper superstar that dynasty keeper managers need to keep their eye on. I still want to watch some of these running backs. I can't pretend that I have a hot take, and that's usually the fantasy thing. But for me, it's Brian Thomas Jr. I just love me some Brian Thomas Jr. Love him. I just think that he could be up there with those three guys in the end as just this crazy, explosive, year after year, big-time wide receiver.


Chad Ryder, who we had on yesterday, had him falling all the way down to the bangles.


Yeah, there's a lot of disagreement with him. That he could go anywhere.


But that would be an incredible landing spot.


If he landed there, he would be a big-time player sooner than later. Where on the P scale, our next tweet asked, and I think this is the last one. How about that? We cranked. Is Greg Rosenthal in terms of the P scale in regards to the Delaware tapes being released? I have an update on this situation. I'm going to go poop. Now, that's not the update. I've been ready all week for this update, but Dan just hasn't brought it up. I don't feel like it'd be right to do without Dan here. Okay, save it.


You don't seem too unnerved by the whole situation.I'm fine.Okay. Fine.


I'm proud. That's it, Mark. What a week of shows. Next week, we're on to the draft.


That will be a bigger week than this week by leaps and bounds.


It will, but it's just the The adrenaline, the excitement carries you through. We'll be back on Monday, Eric Wright. Then we'll also have the Mark Sesler mock draft. We'll be there on draft night. We'll wrap up the draft with winners and losers over the weekend, so I'm excited. The adrenaline carries you through draft week. I'm ready for the pre-draft process to be over.


Let's go.


For Mark Sesler, Randy Chávez, Daniel Jeremiah. Thanks for coming on. Eric, we miss you, Dan. Heed the call.