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All right, hey, everyone, I Virgilia, what do we got here? We got a promo clip from our latest premium episode featuring me, Brianna Gray, Dan Price and Lauren Gurley.


It's a bit going on in this episode of. You know, a lot of content, things of that nature. So for those who don't know, Dan Price is the CEO who made headlines by giving all of his employees a minimum salary of seventy thousand dollars a year. And Lauren Gurley is a reporter who has been down in Bessemer, Alabama, covering the attempts of Amazon workers to unionize there. All right.


I thought I was doing it, but I have to leave that in the clip. Here's a clip from.


I don't know what the clips, what the clip is. I'm not going to listen to it, but here's a clip. So if you want to you know, if you leave you like all that business, you're going to want to hear the full thing.


You can check it out right now by going to patrão dot com slash bad faith podcast, subscribing the same way that Joe Manchin has amassed infinity.


Still, levels of power for himself is by just being willing to hold out and say, you need my vote and I'm not going to give it to you unless you can see to my concessions. This is a must pass bill. And so you need me. Now, there are other senators, potentially one on the left, who could say the same thing. And there are certainly a large number of progressives in the House who could do the same thing, because as we've discussed at length on this program, we have very narrow margins in the house.


And six or so progressives could hold out and make similar kinds of demands.


As Roxana told us, Congressional Progressive Caucus is, what, 90, 95 members. The Coalwood will pass the House with seven votes, seven vote margin in the Senate. It was a one vote margin. And is it a must pass bill or not? Right.


It's a must pass bill. Then you can do a lot to gum up the works.


Yeah. So when Democrats talk about it being a must pass bill, what they mean is I will give you anything. I have no leverage. I will sublimate myself. I will prostrate myself on the ground where I have hairshirt defenestrate myself. Whatever you want, Daddy. I'll give you as long as this bill pass what conservatives here when you say it's a must pass bill as I'm in power, you really want to pass this bill. You thirsty? So and so.


So you got to do what I say and there is no reason that has to be the posture here.


Oh, I just remember the other thing I have in the Senate bill. They increase the means testing. They dialed the means testing up to eleven, meaning that some people who got, you know, big checks from Donald Trump are not getting shit in this bill. Right.


So I hear the point made on our favorite show, a positive America that, you know, I don't really I don't really know what the point is.


If you're if you're Joe Manchin to go back to West Virginia and say, yeah, I really screwed over people who make eighty thousand dollars a year. I mean, it's one thing to be able to kind of, like, string up a millionaire and show that you've kept them from getting undue funds. But it's it's weird to kind of make a villain out of someone who is wealthier than the average American, but like just a middle class person. Still, I did not follow that.


Eighty thousand dollars is the cutoff. So if you're a moderate Dem, the argument would be, oh, I'm going to argue for means testing because the argument is I'm going to keep rich people from getting money so that poor people can get money. But if the bill and you're making it, we're talking about people who are earning eighty thousand dollars a year being kept from getting funds, then it's hard to champion keeping money from them in the same way that you could champion.


Oh, I screwed over a millionaire. Like screwing over someone who makes eighty thousand dollars a year just doesn't hit the same way.


So what you're saying is the pot a gentleman. We're right in this one. Yeah, right. I mean, look, they're often right. I'm sorry, but look, Virgil, I don't want to upset you.


Maybe we should play the clip because I started I was I was listening to the most recent episode as I got ready for today's show, as I often do, as I put my face on, because I only put my face on for the two hours. We're on camera and I immediately take it all off like the sad clown to your meme. And they were they were I wouldn't hardly achieve that meme.


Magliocchetti I will say it's not that they're always so wrong. It's hard to put into words what you're getting from the show. That's so frustrating. So I thought we should just listen to this clip, because I think it's a really good example of how things are framed there in a way that just never puts the onus on the BITD administration.


That's 17 million people who got a check from Trump that won't get one from Biden. Four grand savings of twelve dollars billion out of a one point nine dollars trillion dollar package. Do you have any idea like what the moderate Democrats who demanded this got out of the deal feel better about themselves?


It's so stupid. It is so stupid. We talk about lessons in 2009, etc., but the one that I think is the most important lesson for all Democrats to recognize is er on the side of the strongest economy possible. This is not with the by the administration one. To do this was a clearly it must have been there, I think there's a relatively limited report of this, but it's pretty clear that this was what it took to get, I assume, Joe Manchin and maybe a couple of others to be the 50 years later spill this incredibly stupid.


It is not. The overall bill is still an incredibly progressive, important piece of legislation because of how far Joe Manchin and others. It will not be as good as it could be, 15 dollar minimum wage now. Yeah, you know, the checks being stingier than they should be.


The general rule in an economic crisis is er on the side of helping more people rather than fewer. And they made the wrong decision.


It's a big progressive piece of legislation to Donald Trump like a week to fucking ram through a gigantic bailout package.


And the Congress that was less dingy than this because those checks went out to more people.


That's the thing. Like I listen to the show because they'll say that thing that happened and they articulated it well and they'll even sometimes give you that marginal critique. Yeah, it sucks that all of these conservative Democrats made the bill less good, but somehow, some way, I don't know if it's like a contractual obligation. I don't know if it's just a sincere belief that because Joe is good and likes ice cream and dogs, but of course, he must have wanted a better outcome than this when every single thing, as we've been discussing on the show, indicates that he did not want a better outcome.


He's the one that said before the parliamentary ruling that he didn't need the parliamentary he was going to do it. He he's the one who's VP had the power to overturn the parliamentarian ruling. He's the one that had the power to negotiate with mansion in cinema and to push them. But instead, he used these artificial roadblocks to alleviate himself from any pressure to do so. So who gives a shit what Joe Biden?


Joe Biden wants a warm bath of the nurse to stop stealing his change, to know where the fuck is. Anyway, I heard it so, too. That's just sometimes like the left's criticisms are, you know, like just, oh, that these people suck and I hate it. And, you know, it's a little bit more than that. Like, I think it's important for us to understand why it is that we're when we all saw the same thing happen with the fifty dollar minimum wage, but one cohort of us, the left is furious.


And all of these liberals who ostensibly were like five or fifteen hashtag in their bios and stuff, are so easily accepting the outcome. And this is why. This is why.


Because of that. Because of that show. Yeah. Because all the entire media narrative coming out of the centre is that this was an inevitability that Joe Biden couldn't control. And all of the blame lies on these third parties, whether it's conservative Democrats or parliamentarian or the idea of bipartisanship. And they talk endlessly about how zero Republicans voted for and all of this kind of stuff to distract from the fact that regardless we could have had a better outcome.


Yeah, absolutely. Just so we know what we're up against, that's all. OK, so this was my weekly torture session, you know, we can just go to the interview. So I just to comment on the weirdness of the past few days. It was very weird vibes coming out of politics.


You had Christian cinema as a curse in cinema. I never figured out who showed up in this this kawaii fucking outfit.


The thumbs down her vote again against the minimum wage hike.


Yeah, I did a little shimmy and then promptly accused everybody who complained about her doing the thumbs down, which not only, you know, mocked poor people, but John McCain, who people in Arizona adore. Everyone who criticized her is, of course, doing a sexism.


I'm just going to say right now, of course, and Saddam is no longer bisexual. I'm doing I'm going to do bi racial.


So instead of a year out, I remember the, um, like the racial draft sketch. I think it was Dave Chappelle the day. Chappelle. Yeah. Chappelle's Show. You're going to have like a LGBT.


Yeah, I don't know who I don't know who got sort of the straight asexuals.


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