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You two are bad friends.


Who are these two idiots? White dude and an Asian dude. You two are disgusting. I don't know you two or something. We're bad friends.


We're Whitney coming. Welcome, welcome.


And listen, last night, Andrew was on fire. We did Adam Ray's show. He was on. He was so quick. It was like, Oh, I want to tell that.


But he beat me to it. We had a couple of good jokes. No, you did. Adam Ray did aHe's always.


Quick, Andrew.


Doctor... Oh, my God, dude, he's already starting with you right now.


You know what? Dude, he is. He's quicker than me. I'm slow, dude. No, you're not. Slow burn, dude. I'm just starting. I'm speeding it up. You know what, dude? One day, dude, I would be the champ of speeding it up. You'll see.


Let's introduce our guest. Not yet. No, please don't. Let's let him sit for another minute. Yeah, because.


He's been bothering me.


Our guest?


No, just he in general.


What's been going on?


Over the years, I've been seeing him around. I feel like he gets offended easily and stuff. He's just like, Come on, Bob, and this and that. But I love him as a performer. I really do. I think he's just so interesting. What a vibe.


You want to introduce him or you just want to leave it hanging like that?




Williamson. You do not know his name? I do. I just said it. I got so nervous.


Taylor Williamson.


Yeah, we couldn't get Taylor Tomlinson, but we got Taylor Williamson on the show.


I said to get Tomlinson.


Yeah, you said that it's the wrong one.


It's a little too soon for that one. Is it too soon? Can I tell you she's so talented? She is. We have nothing in common. We're from San Diego, but that's it. But there's a one-way rivalry I have with her because I get tagged every time she gets a Netflix special or she hosts a TV show. Congratulations, Taylor Comody. I'm like, I think you meant Taylor Thomas. Oh, no. I brought up as her recently.