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You two are bad friends. Who are these two idiots? White dude and Asian dude. You two are disgusting. Are you two or something? We're bad friends. Happy New Year. Happy New Year. It's 2024. Happy New Year to all the bad friends. What a year we've had. What a year we've had. Happy New Year. Take that out of your mouth. Why? What did we learn over the weekend? We learned that Bobby and I are both year of the pig. If you want to talk about our birth years. Yep. He's a gold pig. I'm a gold pig. Golden pig. And I'm a little water pig. You're a water pig. Yeah. I don't know what a pig. What does a pig sound like in water? Hypopthomas. Hypopthomas. That's actually very smart. Rosia Donnell is a water pig, too. Okay. Her birth year. Oh, okay. Yeah, that makes sense. She's a little water pig. Rest in peace. She's not dead. Oh, I know. Is she? No, but I saw her there and I thought she was cool. We're going to kill her. You know on the show, we say someone's name. Oh, sorry. No, I want her to live.