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You two are bad friends.


Who are these two idiots?


A white dude and an Asian dude. You two are disgusting. You two are something. We're bad friends.


Before we begin, I want to say this, okay? Okay. Me and Andrew had many discussions about this, right? We just thought, when your name came up to do it-Home run. Not home run. We laughed for four hours straight. Just the thought of you makes us laugh. I He just wrote the song for you. Oh, yeah.


La, la, la. Craig a gulp. I like your eyebrows. One is thicker than the other one, which is weird.




Yeah. Really?




Okay. Rosie cheeks. He's got Rosie cheeks. I got rosacea. Curly hair. What? Yeah.


No, just let us finish the song.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Let us think. Do you have rosacea?


What's rosacea?


I get red. I guess I ate something spicy once, and between that and this dress-up, horribly funny, I just turned red for three months straight.


Yeah. Your whole body or just your face?


Just my face.


I ate something spicy once. Yeah. It was salsa. That's impossible. Yeah. You ate salsa one time?


Well, it was Mexican salsa from a...Oh.


Hey, hey, hey.Hey..


Jesus Christ.Carniuria, carniasai, carnianaria.


No, we have Mexicans here.


Whoa, two..