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You two are bad friends. Who are these two idiots?


A white dude and an Asian dude. You two are disgusting. You two are something. We're bad friends. Hey. Hi. Hey. Hi. It's good. Wow, Long Beach. I know this guy, but that was good.


I loved Long Beach. That was such a fun time. Did you not have so much fun?


Not just fun. It was just magical, too. Sometimes there's magic.


There was magic in the air. Yeah.


I'll tell you this. A proud moment. What's your proud moment?


Proud boy moment? Yeah. I think a proud boy moment last night was all of our agents and managers showing up simultaneously. And talking. They talked, actually, for the first time in a long time.


There was hugs going on, talking.


I was like, What's going on here? A couple of hugs, not a lot of hugs.


Then I had all... What? What about the goop? That was the win.


I was going to let you get there. I didn't want you to get cut off by one of the producers. I wanted you to get there organically, but that's okay.


I know we were going to get there, too.


The proud moment last night was for the fans hearing backstage people go, Goop, goop, goop, goop. The goop did five minutes.




Ten minutes? I don't even know. I mean, he...


Yeah, and you told me... Because I told him.


This is what I say. Can we just talk? Go ahead.


You came up to me, the group can only just bring them up and take them out. Well, here's why. I understand why.


We started 25 minutes late. The fans, I was like, Oh, people are going to get ornery. Also, this is my production brain, the seat seats, there was no middle row. If you were in the middle and you had to get up to piss, you had to get up and be, Excuse me, excuse me. For 60 seats. I was like, Man, people are going to be antsy to get the show going. We started late. Then we had two of our friends who are store employees go up First. Now we're getting deep into the show, and I thought, All right, if Goop goes on now and drags his feet, we're in some trouble.


But when I talk to him, I know, but here's what happens. You tell me maybe the Goop shouldn't do it or may just say hi.


Because he was so nervous about it. He goes, I don't want to do it.


Here's the thing about the Goop, dude.


He came through.


Not just came through. Guys like the group, dude, they say, I don't know what I'm doing. I'm sweating. I eat Skittles. You know what I mean? I have all these conditions.


Yeah, I have diabetes.


Yeah, right? He goes up there and he hits a home run. I realized that night, I go, he's one of those. Yeah. He's a liar.