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We have Zack Afrán, John Cina, Jermaine Fowler, Andrew Santino, and they're in a new movie called Ricky Smiles.


We're in a movie called Ricky Stanecky. That's called Ricky Stanecky.


Ricky Smiles. That's okay. Ricky Stanecky. Do another introduction. Welcome to the Bad Friends podcast. We have two, three, four very big actors and stuff.Thanks, buddy.Sorry.Thanks.I mean, these are bigger.Hurry.


Up.they're bigger.Introduce.Yeah, they are.They're bigger than you.Physically.


Yeah, they are. With two very big stars, one comic I've known for a very... I don't even know.He's a star?I know he is, but you're not them.Oh.


My God.Yeah.We're cool.


He's not them. Then we got Andrew, my buddy, right? John and I go way back. We did Mad TV together. A couple of see, he punched me, he slapped my stomach in a sketch.


Okay, so, John, he wants to know. He was scared and nervous. He's nervous now. Do you remember the sketch? Yeah, you are.


Oh, my God. Do I remember it? I remember it like it was yesterday. You got to understand. I appreciate the kind words, Bobby.


Look up when he's speaking to you.


Or don't, whatever.


No, I need him to look up.


Look up. We, wrestling in WW for a long time has been looked at in a certain light, and you were kind enough to welcome me on your show and do a bit asking me to do some crazy stuff. And boy, did you take a whole hell of a lot of punishment. But you also gave us an avenue to introduce WW to a whole different audience. So thank you for that. I greatly appreciate. I remember like it was yesterday.


You know what, man? You know what, man? Yeah. The pleasure is all mine.


He was so nervous that you wouldn't remember him, John. He was really scared, John.