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I hate saying this. Firstly, because I'm a Mumbai Indians fan. Secondly, because I'm a Rohit fan. Thirdly, because I'm a Hardik fan as well. But that cocktail right now is not working.


What perception are you looking at it from?


I think there's arguments on both sides.


There are three sides here.


The third side being?


Mumbai Indians, the franchise. One is Mumbai Indians, the franchise. One is Rohit Sharma, the player and the captain. One is Hardik Pandia, the player and the captain. Hardik Pandia is their discovery. I'm never going to question the caliber, the gloriousness of Rohit Sharma, the batter from a Mumbai Indians franchise. In the last four years, one, 2020, three years, they didn't win. And runs. Lack of success as a captain, lack of success as a batter. In just the IPL, there's a reason they landed on this.


Give Hardik the captain's seat.


No, consensus of, okay, maybe we have to look beyond Rohit.