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Let's open up and talk a bit ourselves. Right, because I have it's Mother's Day of two mothers on the on the line now and both of them were single mothers.


Neither of them really interested in getting married. But here they are today, both newlyweds having got married under the coverage restrictions recently. Fionnula McGlocklin uncurable. Good afternoon and congratulations to both of you.


Thanks very much. This is Fionnula here.


Hi. I'm glad you identified yourself there for New York.


Know I know you carried you on to identify yourself there, so I invited you on the show. Got you care.


OK, you're both very welcome. And you're both featuring in a naughty television programme My Little Big Day, which is on tomorrow night.


But more about that in a while maybe. Will we start with the proposals?


Kyra, I would say one thing that comes across in this show, Kyra, is that your husband, Brendon, and and also Faneuil's husband, Chris, they really do worship the ground that we walk on. So I presume, Kyra, was it a very big romantic proposal then from Brendon? No quality of the president, to be honest, and this as you probably you've probably seen this show and it was I wasn't expecting it, you know, to be quite honest with you, I just thought it was just a normal dinner.


But no, it wasn't. You know, I'm not going to get into it for you, but it was it was a hilarious proposal.


Do you have to get into it now? So you know that after I was six months pregnant at the time and we just he was adamant that I got an erection or whatever, and I was kind of having a meltdown. So there's not a northam's for me. I look ridiculous, you know? And so that was that was really it. We decided we would go down and I was driven, obviously, because I couldn't drink. So BREITMAN so I had known the road.


And this is you wouldn't mind just stopping at this guy here. And I said, no problems. So we started Scaringe and he lands back in a couple of bottles and it is totally out of character for Brendan. Brendan doesn't normally drink.


And so we were just going on the way down a few bottles for the road, like, yeah, for the road.


And I was like, this was totally out of character here. What's going on? And I kept talking. What are you talking so much for? So I got there and we just went in. It's normal. I didn't notice anything different. I mean, we we sat down and he was like to the guy who's like, I really need a point. Would you mind bringing me over a pint or something wrong with them to do? And that was fine.


And all of a sudden I kind of just went quiet and he says, here, take this, take what they're trying to take it.


Everybody's like, just take it from rolling care that you will have to cherish for the rest of your life. Right.


And he's a dirty old man.


Is you sure? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I do got a their romantic bunch, Fionnula. How was your proposal?


Was a nice idea, but I don't have quite the same story. And we go away to Strand Change sometimes and we stay in a place called the Strand. Just love it. It's about a half an hour away from where I live here in Hamilton. And I have a 21 year old girl who lives in the house with me. So we sometimes would just go away for the weekend when Chris comes down. So we and we've been there numerous times before.


So I had no reason to think that that was anything different, really, except Chris was going to the wardrobe and taking out his good jacket and stuff. But I thought, no, that's all right. He looks cool. And my brother came to the door and Chris was trying to hide their good shirts and stuff with his overcoat. And because my brother would probably have picked up on Jesus, where are you going? But anyway, we headed off anyway, and we checked in and we had dinner in the venue at the restaurant beside where we stay and we've gone there.


I think we were gone there once before, but we went to the Strand Bar.


For anyone who knows Trish isn't you're giving a to every business for I guess the freedom was translated by the time I've been.


But anyway, we were we went in for a drink beforehand. Same similar story there is Cara and we ended up just chatting to two guys at the bar and Chris was getting a little bit antsy. He was like, oh, dinners. And I could have sex. And he would normally be like that. And I was like, OK, we'll be up there now in a few minutes. So anyway, I knew I kind of caught God Frankie Roche with me.


You know, I was quite happy where I was and, you know, a couple of minutes later wouldn't have made too much difference. But we went up anyway and we had the dinner. But he was like a cat on a hot tin roof. He was up and down like a yo yo. So I, I was thinking, now there's something going on here. And the next thing he went down, he did go down on one knee.


I was just like I didn't think I'd be overwhelmed because I'm you know, I don't move to tears that easily. Yeah. But I was completely and actually there was somebody who knew me and I don't my training in Sligo and was the course I had done that. And this lady had thought on that. And she come over to say hello just after the proposal. But she was totally unaware, I think, of the proposal. But she I just I'm just after getting so she had to bring her husband over and tell me how she got proposed to she was at a game.


Oh, no, I don't need her. I don't need your proposal. Story was the story. I think you were going to probably mention all the establishments involved in that. One is that Rice proposes stories doing the detainees. Fionnula, you never really thought you get married, did you?


Not really, no. I mean, obviously, when I was younger, it's something you assume you don't. I didn't think one way or another. I just assumed I would because all my friends were getting married. And when that didn't happen in my 20s or 30s, you know, there was my side of Benghazi and life was good. You know, I enjoyed your daughter, the majority. My daughter. Yeah. And I had you know, I live just up the road from her.


My home house is and my brother lives down the road and my other brother and sister in law, I live about two miles away. So I was quite, you know, happy trudging along with my life. You know, I was walking away and, you know, wanted for nothing, really, until I didn't realise until you came along just what it meant to have somebody in my life like, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.


And had you been kind of on the dating scene or whatever before, it was really I suppose majority was younger.


Like, I was just busy, you know, being Hamami and kind of working. And, you know, my parents, as I said, just live down the road. So I was just busy, busy with life. So I didn't kind of consider it really until I was about six, until she was sixteen. And then I kind of started to get married on the dates and things, but not in a big way.


You know, I yeah, I listen like Christo's really worship the ground you walk on.


Oh, he's fantastic. I broke the mould in my eyes when they made him. Yeah. So what you're trying to say is when you when you first met him.


Well, probably not initially. You know, that wouldn't be I kind of looked at the shachi was where and then I you know, I was on a very superficial level, but makes me sound so wrong with the shirt. I just it was a striped shirt. It was a shirt that he said Scott Rabo. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. But a no and a serious nose and. No, probably. About a couple of weeks later, he came to Sligo, and I think that's when I just thought, oh my God, he's just put aside in person and, you know, we had so much in common.




Kerry, you weren't really planning on getting married either, were you? No, my daughter wasn't on the top of my list, no, I just to be honest with you, I thought I'd never get married. I would have been the least likely to get married. And the whole family and I think everybody kind of understood that and accepted it. And I think it came as a shock to them when I finally said, I am, you know, so.


Yeah, sorry. He must have made a big impact. So to to get you to say to ruin your perfectly good life, we're getting married very well.


I wouldn't say ruin that or anything like that, you know, and I think it just you know, there comes a point that, you know, you're right, I'm never going to get married. And that's that's hard and you're going to be happy. But I think it just takes one person to come along and changes changes your whole mindset on things. I thought, you know, and that's exactly what I did, you know.


Wow. Yeah. How do you measure. Am I actually in my car broke, so he came to the rescue and he fixed my car and it kind of kind of went from there, really, and it wasn't, you know, we weren't open about it. And I thought it was just a case of a broken car. Really nice. And sharing resources. Yeah, pretty much.


Since you guys are picking up good tips here, don't wear stripy shirt and then be handy with a car. You just say, OK, this is good. You mechanic got stick with this guy. So listen then the wedding's, which is the defocus.


So like, had you been planning a big wedding before covid happened or what was the what was the gist of that?


Yeah, well, we initially planned it for June twenty twenty one and it was going to be, you know, a typical Donegal wasn't huge, you know, and but obviously that didn't happen. It wasn't because of covid. It didn't happen. You know, we had what my grandmother and stuff, you know, he was quite ill and out of all of the family, he was the most adamant to see me marriage. And and that's what happened.


That's exactly why we brought it forward to December. And, you know, it it wasn't, you know, covid a huge impact on the days, but, you know, it was for family reasons and and that's why it was brought forward.


OK, that's that's nice. And then in the meantime, you want a wedding competition to get married on the cliff the more we did.


Yeah, we're we're very lucky with it. And we're still open in Ireland. And they they had a kind of competition going out just for the car. You know, you don't think you're going to ever hear of anything coming out of it, you know, and lo and behold, we did, you know, and we want it. So, you know, it did give us the opportunity to to bring it forward and to kind of fulfil wishes for you.


Did your granddad get to go? He unfortunately and well, he was he was doing really well and often until the Friday before the wedding, and he kind of took a turn for the worst. And, you know, we're told that doesn't sound like and his life, you know, and, you know, he didn't get going. You know, he did pick off, you know, after it. But, you know, it was just the way it was.


And we kind of had to, you know, take the moments of our common. And it was it was upsetting and it was hard for us. But I didn't he didn't get to us, you know, physically. But he was there with us every step of the way mentally. You know, he was so inspiring and such. Yeah.


And lucky he lived to see you get married and settle down, which is what he wanted for you. That's exactly what he wanted.


And I got to see that. So I think it's fantastic. You know, we couldn't have asked for anything more.


And listen, there is on a kind of a side note, there's a footnote to this that it was after you got married on the cliff some more because that's where you went, your friend, and went on your first date.


So he said, come on, some more.


Pretty much. That's exactly what happened. Yes. So the first person who brought me some more and lo and behold, we end up getting married and have some more. It's I don't know. It's it's surreal, really, to be honest, how it happened. Yeah.


Now, Fionnula, did you put off your wedding because your sister was going to Andrew? She kill me?


You said that. But that's what she would have been. My bridesmaid. I've only one sister. So, yeah, she was one of my bridesmaids. So I had picked the twenty third of October. Ah we have picked and then Anne-Marie had said like she had tickets for the night before, but that was pretty cool but so none of us knew I was going to be, none of it was going to be so. And plus my and my two nieces, one of them being my godchild and was going to a wedding the next day.


The two of them were going to a wedding the next day. So because we haven't booked anything, it was easy enough to push it forward to the 14th of November.


Yeah. And listen, it's good to know what her priorities are anyway, so. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Everyone knows now and then.


Did did covid kind of affect your wedding plans then in the end.


And they did a course. Yeah. Like not in a really stressful way. I suppose when you get to our age, like you just, you know, you just like no one no more than care. I never thought I was going to be getting married. And when it was happening, I was just excited at the prospect of it. So I'm not I'm a bit of a tomboy, so I'm not one for the big dress shopping and going round.


So that side of things didn't really affect me. I just started one online and got it all in church. And then we had entered the hotel because we, we wanted to do because I live in and Amazon, we have an awful lot of stuff here. So I was going to do the wedding here if I could, but our numbers would have been too big for our local restaurant. So I was looking at going to a hotel. So we have talked to them, but we hadn't done anything.


But I kind of put the cart before the horse and the honeymoon first.


Yeah, absolutely.


Yeah, yeah. So we had done that. So that was the thing that was scuppered for us. But look at it all worked out in the end. Sometimes the things that you know are planned to happen don't happen. You know, a much nicer thing came out of it. You know, we had such a past Monday. Yeah.


Tell us about your day, RJ, and well, up to about a week beforehand, we didn't have I didn't know how we were going to feed our guests because I was thinking we'd have to do shepherd's pie or a spaghetti hollandaise or something.


Then that means something. If it's a lasagne.


Yeah, it's something that can just be. Yeah. Put in the oven and help yourself. But we ended up there, a young lad up the road who done he does catering, so he provides a marquee. Is that so. And that was, that was the venue. So I was always going to get married in our local church because and you know, place and he didn't mind and it would have been important to me and important to my dad.


So my mom passed away in August 2009. So I know it. You would have been looking down at us. Yeah. Yes. So that was really special. And the lady had done the flowers, Lizama nanomedicine until then, the singing and going down the glen from which is only about five miles down the road, she done the piano or the organ and the photographer is said to and he lives in the listen or to Edam the video out of it.


That sounds great.


You know, the way we talked about the meaning for. Christmas, that sounds like a meaningful kind of what it really mean for good, actually, those are the things that would have been important to me, Luke, and I would be like that anyway. Yeah. And so, actually, Culvers, you know, it's been so unbelievably hard for people. But in you know, I just took the positives where you could take the positives and just twisted around and took control on our side, you know, and you even got through you had the marquee in the garden.


But there was a wind warning on the day of the wedding, I believe. Did the market stay down? Well, in the morning and I was pretty relaxed. I was busy till Christmas Day to my mom and just admiring the road. So I was obviously at my own house. And then my best friend niece came out in the morning and I was still in bed. It was nine o'clock and I had moved because I didn't have a hair dresser and my makeup, my niece cleaner was doing my makeup, so and they were coming down in about half nine.


So there was no rush and we took a bullet for me. Little did I know. The first thing I did was pick up the phone and I said, let me send a picture to her. You know, I'm a nurse. So and my friends that I trained with were a quite close group. So there was a fight that was running all week pre the wedding and during the day at the wedding and for days afterwards. But anyway, Nieve had put out pictures of what that looked like to the guards at the marquee, not the time the marquee, but the side effect was lifted.


And so I quickly coatbridge I went. I said she was like, Oh God, the cardinal dashed my kids list and I don't know why we do so. Joe, my brother lives down the road. So he brought the quadros and he fixed it up with the times they today.


My key and what it all sounds fantastic.


And Kyra, I hope you didn't have a wind warning on the cliff some more the day your wedding.


Did you know? No. No, we weren't. No, that's not a win for him. But there should have been water-borne and at least it was Baltic. It was so cold, actually, in the morning the when it was snowing and then it was torrential rain. Then it dried up just after the whole ceremony on the cliffs, after the wind's blowing again, it was it was freezing again. So it started torrential rain just after the wedding.


So I was like, no, it wasn't. You know, it was definitely panic stations in the morning on snow, really. I want to be frozen. But I it was freezing anyway. But no, it was it was it was good for the period of time that we needed. So I can't complain too much about the weather. But I'm sure you can possibly see in the documentary how cold it was.


And then just a small gathering afterwards, Kyra. Yeah, we only had the basics. I mean, we did strip it down to the bare essentials because of the restrictions in place at the time. So we just went out for me and in Doland afterwards and Sukarno's. So, you know, it was fantastic. It really was fantastic. It was you know, it meant something. It was it was more intimate. And, you know, you can relax.


It was you know, did you say about buttons?


But I go for a small one any day because they brought some great was big red. And sure. Like, you don't get to talk to everyone. Things get out of control like this could start a vogue for the 25 person wedding. I listen, Kara Fairplay, you got the mention of of the Doland there.


Welldone. All right, listen.


So people come watch your weddings and or the weddings too. In my little big day on Art Rawn at nine thirty tomorrow night. So thank you very much, Fiona McGlocklin and Carabine. And we take a break.


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