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And the Irish has a great headline on the front this morning, and Ken Sweeney has the story, Dickey's Rock and it's about Tiki Rock and his rock is his wife, Judy, who has just come out of hospital after a month.


Dickie Rock. Good morning.


Good morning to you, Brenda. How are you?


I'm good. And I'd say you're a happy man today, Dickie, to have Judy home, are you? Oh, I'm very happy. Yes, she's resting at the moment. She has a major operation on her knee replacement knee, and she hasn't done in the hospital. Open, open, open, open. Indeed, to begin, right, yeah, and and and then she went to Clontarf then for rehab, it says in the story she went to rehab in Toronto.


And so the two of them for the last three or four weeks.


And you've been communicating through a hospital window for the last month. Yes.


She went into the day room and she spoke to me from the hospital window of and two stories of. So she wasn't even on the same level with you? No, no, she wasn't. No. So kind of show me how show doctoring did you did you sing or no song or you didn't serenade her over the window?


I would like I sang a few songs for, you know. Okay.


Did you, Dickie, that I was lonely and awful month for you, wasn't it? Well, it was five weeks. It was nearly five weeks. And we were on our own here and put John and his wife Ruth. They brought around food from the freezer, from the wine bar, and he owns the wine bar and he he brought down some stuff to me, OK, since you were well looked after, so. Right. And a nice glass of wine for Israel, I hope.




Oh, a glass of wine. Yes. But, Brenda, it's great to hear you. And it's great to hear the car cause so long pointed to a man just a few days ago, Gino, Gino, Creegan, you know, the fish and chips of I know diners well, dinners, dinners, curry chips is my is my dish of choice.


When I whenever I get down to.


Oh yes. It's very good. People say to me, how do you keep it the do you know fish and chips. Yeah. And listen, Dickie, I'm in terms of the last month on your own, are you the kind of fella who is OK on your own? Ah, would you be the kind of fellow who now is very dependent on the wife? You know, a lot of fellows, we get to a certain age and we don't become dependent, completely dependent on the wife.


Yeah, my wife Judy and she's looked after me very, very well all through the years and. But I have no father being on my own, I have no problem being on my own, you know, either. Yeah, still working on my grandpa, I'd rather be on my own. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it was a worrying time, though, I'm reading here that you were worried that she wouldn't wake up from the from the knee replacement operation.


Well, all these things go through your mind. You know, it's it's it's it's it's it's it's a strange thing once you're under anesthetic. And. She woke up, she got an epidural, and she woke up and you could hear hammering nonstop and she obviously they were taking out the old knee, you know. Yeah.


And obviously, you weren't able to be there or be in the hospital or anything. So you were home alone worrying, would you?


Of course. I was very worried about her, you know, and because you never know what not understanding what what's what's going to happen. Absolutely.


Would you be someone who would say a little prayer? No, I wouldn't. No, no, no, I listen, Judy's a new woman by all accounts now, is she?


Oh, she's great. She's getting around great. She came out a week earlier from Trantor, and she's she's doing very well. So you'll be able to get back. So it's all down to her. Really? Yeah. Yeah.


And listen, what's this in the piece here? It says that Judy says that the real problem, she thinks, could be that you kick her in the bed. Are you are you a restless sleeper?


What she says, the fact that I kicked the bed when I was asleep one night, you know, but I don't know whether that's true or not, but maybe she she thinks that maybe Dickie, I couldn't believe reading the piece that you are at 82 and obviously up to the pandemic, you were still gigging away.


Do you miss gigging?


Yes. My birthday is today. P birthday. Yes, thank you very much. All right. All right, so you got a great president having Judy home, so. Oh, yes, it's fantastic. Yes. So do you think. Great. Thank you very much. Will you be back on the road, Dickie? Well, I don't know whether I'll be back or not in the next year or so. I think it would be about a year of 18, 20, 22.


Yeah, when we get back, yeah, and listen to reinforce paramedic, either that's gone anyway.


Yeah. Maybe I'll go down to the Today programme. I've seen a song or so. Do you know what I do?


You know what I think you should do? I can get together with some songwriter, know there's a great song in this of the the crooner under the window looking up at the love of his life and then he gets up on his birthday.


Isn't that that's a song there through the windows.


Yeah, great idea. There's a lot of people recording in lockdown. No.


Deqi So, you know, you could you could knock it out. Listen, Dickie, it's great to start with a bit of a good news story today. And we hope to see you on television. Are back on the road or sooner than you think, and give our best to Judy as well. And happy birthday, Dickie Rock.


Thank you very much, Brandon.