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Listen, I can't find a job. Could be on to something with his alternative church there. I know Father Joe is not an alternative church, but a lot of you really come into him.


Just one person in the church walk up and listen to him, says Brenda. And she has a point now. The Golden Globes are on tonight, Don Clark, Irish Times film correspondent, good afternoon. Hello. Hi. I'm so Golden Globes tonight. Tomorrow morning, our time kind of. So how is it going to work? And is Ricky Gervais going to be insulting people from his house or how are they setting it up?


He's not there this year. I mean, the last time he did it was a strange one, if you saw any of it. I should point out, again, you can't watch it here. So it's a strange business we encounter when covering this every year. At the last minute, it was a sense that, oh, his time is up. People were kind of looking at him rather nervously, as if even the better jokes were too dangerous to laugh at.


And this year would be an interesting time for him to be there, because the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which is the sparsely populated body which votes on these strange, strange awards, which gain enormous amounts of coverage from you and me this week, for a start, every year, despite not meaning very much, were revealed in the L.A. Times story to Attwell accusations in an L.A. Times story last week that was somewhat embarrassing, involving the amount of money they pay to their members to serve on the committees and to watch the films and those some other embarrassing stuff about junkets and so forth.


So Gervaise would have had fun with that.


But it you're have been good before.


Sorry, go on. There's a delay. So I want to go to Jack on. They've got Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, Tina Fey back, who actually have been great in previous years, and I would suspect that they will not avoid that topic entirely. There will be a few mentions of that, though. Gervais's would obviously have gone on about it for half an hour if you got the chance.


And where will they be?


Sorry, I might cut over you to move you along a time. Where will they be and where will the awards recipients just be at home on their resume or whatever?


It seems that means, firstly, that they made an interesting decision, which I think is quite creative if they've split the ceremony between the two coasts. So Tina Fey will be in the Rainbow Room in New York City, which is the top of 30 Rock, a top of 30 Rockefeller Plaza, which obviously lent its name to her biggest TV hit. And Amy Poehler will be in the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles, which is why the Globes usually take place.


So they'll be doing that bicoastal and I believe there'll be some presenters with them. My assumption is that there will be no recipients in either of those two places.


OK, now, lots of Irish interest this year. Talk us through some of that. There is the oldest Samaj interest and that it's usually actually Katrina balf, it's there who gets the nomination every year for Outlander? The television set is not there this year. I think maybe the show didn't qualify this year. But we do have Brendan Gleeson, who's got a decent chance of winning best TV actor for his performance as Donald Trump in the KOMY rule. Normal People is up for the TV series we were all talking about during Lockton last summer, but it's got a bit of a fight in its hands.


The Queen's Gambit is probably going to sneak past that and best limited TV series, The Queen's Gambit only slightly overrated, wasn't it?


I mean, it was good and I enjoyed it and it was a very good auction. Everything but.


Yeah. I enjoyed it, I must say, I thought I mean, it's a it's a very glamorised version of the book. It should be. That's a very interesting book, which is much grittier and kind of more awkward material than the series turned out. But I thought it was pretty good and pretty original. I mean, it didn't it didn't have anything like the, well, virtual water cooler appeal, I should say.


People weren't actually around water coolers last summer, that normal people down here and in the U.K. But I think more people was more of kind of a specialised, rarified thing in the United States that was very popular and got a lot of courtrooms and star of normal people.


She's up for best actress. Is really she?


She is, yes. But I think probably that both those awards will go to the Queen's Gambit at annotator. Joy is her main competitor, and I think it looks like.


But you never know, because the thing with the Golden Globes is that there are fewer than 90 members voting. So if you get 10 of them in a huddle, that's enough to swing things around. So you never really know they're part of the nation's best hope. I think this year, though, we should quickly mention the nation's best hope does come from Wolf Walkers, which is the fourth feature from Kookiness Cartoon Saloon directed by Tom Miller and Rod Stewart.


That looks to be in a kind of two way battle for best featured animation at the Golden Globes and at the Oscars and the nominations for which are in about two weeks time. They've been nominated before and both awards. This seems like their best chance yet to get an Oscar. And though the Globes are kind of erratic predictors of those things, if they do win tonight, which they could, they could get past. So which is the other the Pixar film, which the other combatant in this to a two horse race, they do get past that.


Then they have that precious thing that sports come. There's always talk about momentum, momentum that would be very useful for those fantastic motors. Yeah, great. OK, I mean, it's just.


Yeah. Just before you go then, will you talk us through some of the other big, big hopefuls and contenders in that?


Well, the films that are competing, I mean, obviously, it's interesting year it goes without saying and it's very tricky for viewers and listeners here because a lot of the films haven't actually right to stream here. But the films competing for the Big Prise and best drama are Mank David Fincher film about the making of Susan Kane.


No, but that's on Netflix, which is Mank on Netflix because Netflix. Yes. No, Mad Land hasn't arrived yet, I'm afraid. Chloe's our film. Frances McDormand does financially distressed senior touring the US very powerful releases that also has a good chance. Promising young woman again is not available to stream here yet either, which is a really powerful revenge drama starring Carey Mulligan. Try to Chicago seven, which you can see on Netflix that also has a big competitor.


I mean, the two instant ones, the globe split it up, split up there. Some other words between drama and musical or comedy. The comedy battle is a weird one this year and that the two big competitors are Borat. Subsequent movie, though, the sequel to the first Borat film and a filmed version of Hamilton, which I say a filmed version of the stage production of Hamilton.


Well, they're scraping the bottom there. Yeah, you're right. And like God, you wouldn't be giving it an award.


What? I thought it was very funny, but yes, I take your point. It doesn't really kind of partnerships in awards movie. The Humble Things is weird because, I mean, it's it's very enjoyable. It's a show famously. But is it a really a film on the Oscars? I decided no, it actually doesn't qualify for the Oscars. This is an institution where a film could win the globe. It is eligible for the Oscars.


OK, OK, thanks for that, Daniel. And actually our entertainment panel broadcaster Sean Sweeney and freelance pop culture journalist Jen Ganin are on the line. Guys, we welcome to your recommendations in a minute. But do you own do you have any tape for the Golden Globes tonight?


Do I have any tips as a betting man? I don't actually. But I do hope Wolf Walker does. Yeah, you have that dinger. And Jen, what are you looking out for? I actually think that Sharon will win for best actress up against Danny Taylor Joy for her performance in Unorthodox, which is really hard to show about Orthodox Jewish community and how she escaped from it. And I think she won the Emmy last year for it. So I really think she might do.


The business guy was great, wasn't to so many great shows that happened kind of in the last year. And then you watch them, you're obsessed with them and you promptly forget about them. OK, listen, thanks. Tony Clark on again. We'll take a break and we'll come back with this week's recommendations, OK?


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