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Higgins, good morning. Hi, friend. And how are you getting on? I'm getting on. All right. You have a poem for us? Yes. And it's on the subject of covid shaming. Yes, indeed. OK, off you go. Hector, the victor is living next door. It's everywhere now call the chairman, call the chairman, the shame's mostly indoors and let on only one of them have. We know from an e-mail to all 10 of them have us.


Someone went so far as to spray Vector's on their Gabal, and some families don't even tell their own siblings only it as a way of slipping out on the phone. When we had the call would last month, he said casually, Oh, I was only joking. By the way, did you know Hector the victor is living next door? You know, that's took up. One who used to work in the book is Why the Long Face Launa.


She has us. She's not raising the odds. Now she has a three year old daughter, Kim, going down the chemist shop on a scooter for the Benzal. I can't sleep, she tell you, but not a word about the Corvette that's dripping off her Giuliani stove. And she'll see my Keam. She's small for her age. In three years, she'll be nearly as. Disgruntle second cousin Marylee, who was twice removed from his local court for behaviour on becoming a driving instructor, says, Don't tell me only one of you has this.


Every time I open your window, I see all coughing and choking. It's like a bloody sanitarium in there. And then there's the other family, the butter wouldn't melt family pictures with the lot of them, you wouldn't be able to take the temperature in that house. Just look at the jam jars of them. Hell would be cooler than the bottom family. They are the shamed. The shamers go online and out. Everyone, any dog and devil who has a slight tickle in the throat gets ulcers online indirectly at first sneezing emojis, masked emojis.


But when they put your courage up online, you know it's one of your own. Usually a disgruntled brother in law who never got paid for receiving. Your liteky got her back in 87. Although shamers do it by text, you'll never guess who has us are in WhatsApp groups, are you sitting down? Guess who I saw back the doctors wearing for masks his eyebrows before now had a failure to thrive since about them. Now they are ricocheting skywards.


Who is it for? Crying out loud. Hector the victor. And he's living next door. John Higgins, thank you so much, I always say, if the government could harness the contact tracing that's going on and watch groups around the country, they wouldn't need any other contact tracers. That was great region.


Talk to you soon. Thanks a million. And by long text five one five five one.


Brendan O'Connor on RTG. Radio one.