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Hey, guys, it's me, busy PHILIPPS And this is busy, Phillips is doing her best episode. Here's the deal. We have a theme song, I know it seems kind of wild, I sang it, the amazing Jonathan Coulton wrote it for us and produced it and played all the instruments. I feel a lot of things about this theme song, and we're never going to play the whole thing for you. We may have to release it on iTunes, but.


I want you to hear a little snippet of it, because I think we need to discuss it. So life has given me a lot out there, they're all mine, so I'm not complaining. I'm gonna sell so much lemonade. Well, maybe if it's not raining, I can't wait till I have my stride for. Not getting people to drink and drink, and I think that it gets better. On your marks, get ready to go. I heard the gun, but I stood there like everyone else to bring both now stupid for thinking.


OK. Hi, welcome to the show, that's just a snippet of the full three and a half minute song I recorded that Jonathan Coulton wrote for us, the amazing Jonathan Coulton. Casey St. Onge reached out to him directly. I worked with him a little bit through via the thrilling Adventure Hour show that I do sometimes. And he was just so wonderful and gracious and lovely to do this song, to write this original theme song for me. H.A. First Impressions, Shinjiro of my theme song.


First of all, it definitely is your vibe.


I think it's so cute. Also, it is a theme song. It's a really you know, it's not like a radio top like contemporary song.


It's like, oh, this is for a show and we don't get the same songs anymore. And yeah. And it's fun. I think it's honestly I think it's time to bring back theme songs and jingles and like I want to I want it all I want to return to some of the things, but not all of the things from the past, only the good things like theme songs and jingles and then like racism and oppression and and like and misogyny and like the patriarchy can all stay in the past.


They can all go. So this was always going to be the theme song and it was actually kind of ready in time to get into my day show.


But then once we heard it, I was like, KC, we can't just like start the show with that and then not talk about it, because we when we first started doing the podcast, they offered, oh, you know, we have people that compose all our songs, you know, and and but we were like, but we know this great guy. And SIM, the the podcast boss, was like, I mean, if you know the Whitney Houston podcast themes.


And I was like, in fact, we do the Whitney Houston podcast themes. And yeah, but like hearing it all finished and mixed and produced is truly wild. I say to Casey and I believe this to be true and let me know what you guys think. I think it is such a perfect encapsulation of kind of like me as a personality because I have a feeling it's going to be polarizing. I think people are either going to love this or hate it.


They're either going to think it's like the dumbest bullshit ever. Like what is busy Philipps doing? Why is she singing? Not like Broadway theme song show tune or they're going to be like, I have it stuck in my head. I love it so much. I downloaded it to my phone. I listen to it every morning. I just feel like that's kind of the vibe. And I remember this season Oprah saying her own theme song, Do I?


I was so into it. So when we were like talking to Jonathan about making this, I think I was inspired by I felt like if we achieved like Saved by the Bell meets Oprah's one season theme song, I would be happy where I constantly kacie our thing together, like as collaborators and creators, is that we take to things that we love and then we try to just smush them together.


So like, for instance, Janja, you know this. But when we went and like because I had sold busy tonight to E and then like just like kind of blindly like without a pitch of what it was going to be. So then and it was picked up. And so then Casey and I had to go in and like tell the executives what the show is going to be. They should have stopped us right there.


But but we said it. I loved it. Yeah. Well, also, I like that job. I'm so sorry. I have like a boob cup in my sports bra is folded over and it's really bugging me. Have you ever had that happen, guys? You know, I'm talking about I'll show you the pad. It's the it's the it's the bubble and it's the pad insert. So you don't see nips, although who cares about nips. I'm always down for a nap on the way my nipples work.


You can still see them. You're very powerful. I do not have powerful nipples. In fact, when I was first a mother and breastfeeding Berdy, I do wear these weird nipple shields to make my nipples pop out because they like we're like two internal or something like you're very introverted. I have introverted nipples. Well, they're not introverted. I mean, you can see them sometimes, but maybe it's also because I used the shields for a month.


Any time I get even when I work out, it seems like I am so excited to be at the gym. Like every time I break a sweat, if I like pick up ten pounds on my nipples are like, let's party. You could bring a door. I love that for you. I love that for you. I'm sad that right now no one gets that that joy. Well, they're a little hard right now, I'm excited, Meynard, because it's hot and I'm sweating already.


OK, wait, what were we talking about? The theme song? Yeah, so we sold the show and. Oh, we're talking Mister Rogers. Mister Rogers meets Pee wee's Playhouse. But with me, that was how we like basically tried to pitch the show. That's good. And yeah, it was honestly though, I really feel like people got that Casey and I always thought it was such like we would always just give ourselves a pat on the back when someone would comment on Twitter or, you know, DMAs or whatever and say, like, I love I just love your show.


It's like it reminds me of, like, Mister Rogers or like Pee wee's Play, you know, we're like, yes, that's exactly what it's about. That's what we wanted to get hard for. So I heard people even like little introverted Nicole just right now, not kidding anyone that ever tweeted or message that that made me that made me feel like such a success. Because when you set out to make something and you have an intention and then somebody tells you back without having been told, this is what I see when I see this that feels successful.


And our friend Ashley Nicole Black, texted Casey Anthony yesterday after the podcast came out and and just complimented us and essentially said what the mission of our show is like back to us. And Casey, I was truly like in tears because I was so nervous, not nervous. And, you know, I don't know, just like whenever you do something new, put yourself out there to talk about Reese Witherspoon scandals. Like, you just get nervous. Yeah, absolutely.


No, you'll get to get out of know could get taken the wrong way or whatever, but, um.


But yeah, she texted us where I was looking to look for it, but whatever she I love her. She Yeah. You and your friends with her too. And you are just like why aren't you on our group text. We have had you in a.. That's where I first met volunteering at Ashley's birthday party. Why we are not in New York City but we forgot until like like a year later we were like, oh we were at that same birthday party.




We I don't remember a lot of New York because I was so depressed. Yeah. I was like, I don't know, did we meet. I was very sad. I had to wait three hours for the train after I met you. I just remember that, like I got there, like right when the party like the time she said it was start. Yes. I like got there and I was like, oh hello. No one else is here.




I was married to you. That's that my love. I love, I love being the first to a party. Love it. It is like my favorite. I feel like it's a power move to be the number really really part. Because you know what else, even if you're just like tired like me and you're just going to go home after the idea could be that you have somewhere else to go after. Oh, yeah. And I always feel like that's like a very powerful place to be.


I like, yeah. Because you get this, I like it because you get to see people's reactions when people show up. I think that's really fun for when someone walks in the door because you've all been at a party and someone walked in and they were so excited, like, I've never met this person, but everyone's excited to see them. But then we've also seen people walk in and people be like, oh, hi, Dave. You're like, nobody cares about him.


So I think that's like fun to get like a little inside, peek at how people feel when people walk in.


I love that. I like to come early because I like to help. I like to help get it going. And I think that's a power move as well. You are you are a real helper. You're a real helper. And so is your son, Lincoln. Yeah, I've had my beautiful son. Sentara is Lincoln's third parent.


Yeah, I'm obsessed with him also because he has two sons. So yeah. Is also what we don't we don't know Eli as well because he didn't he went to college, college when they moved out here. So we didn't intend as much time was still my baby in high school. You always be my sweet sweet little baby and now he's going to college.


You guys. Bertie starts middle school today.


Oh my gosh. You there? You see, I'm bummed that, like, the my favorite thing about sixth grade was getting a locker. I would have been do they have lockers in when she was in like K through five because that was I was I practice over the summer opening my lock. My older cousin helped me. They sort of had lockers. I don't know. To be honest. Chinchorro I'm entering a new phase of parenthood. I am becoming more involved and I with their school, specifically with their school, I have to say that.


So it's funny. When we were talking the other day, August 13th, which is Birdie's birthday, was also the very first day of shooting Cougar Town. No Joe.


Wow. And the show, the series we had already done, the pilot, we did the pilot when Berdy was like seven months old on her first birthday, was the first day of shooting. And I remember obviously because I was like, it's my kid's first birthday and I have to work. And I felt all this mom guilt. Right. And then it also coincidentally now, 12 years later, it was the first day that we recorded this podcast.


It's very strange. But, you know, I was like a real working mom, like a television show is no joke.


You know, you can work like 12, 14 hour days. I will say that, you know, as in terms of being a working mom, being one of the stars of a television show is probably right on up there with, like, the best thing you could do.


Because, you know, I had we hired our our daughter's nanny, Eliana, and she would come to work with the baby and stroll her around the lot. And, you know, when I got to see Berdy a lot, but at the same time, I was a working mom. She started preschool while I was on that television show. She started elementary school while I was on that TV show. And, you know, I just. So because of that, like, you just like prioritize as a parent what you're involved in, what you're not, right?


Absolutely. And so, like the school relationships, things were also because I'm like intimidated by schools still always like I'm scared of principals and and teachers. I kind of just like let Mark take that part. And I wasn't really involved in school. However, it's a new day. I'm now involved. I'm super involved. You better watch out because I'm the involved parent now. And so would you say that's how you're how you've been doing your best this week?


I would say that I've been doing my best this week. I think that I've actually had a really great week parenting Berdy, which is like awesome. And, you know, if you have kids, you you understand that you have weeks where you're like, I really did not nail it this week. And yet I think there are a couple of things. First of all, I want to say this, Berdy, if you read my book, you know, she like a very interesting, complicated human as we all are.


But she's just there's no one like Berdy in the world. She's the best. And she and I had to talk about because, you know, I try to ask my children for their consent if I post them on my Instagram or and I tell them what I'm going to write about them. So I talk to her about the podcast. And I was like, look, I'm doing this podcast. I know you know that. So here's the deal.


If you don't want me to talk about you on the podcast NBD, I don't need to week I can talk about. I have a million things I can talk about, but I love you and you're such a huge part of my life. So if you do want you know, if it is OK with you, I can discuss with you what I'm going to share first. And she was like, yeah, you can talk about me. That's fine.


So I thought that was cool. And she read Call Me by your name over the summer and wow. Yeah, she loved it. And then the follow up book like Find Me. Yeah. OK. And she didn't like as much, but then she watched the movie and you guys you've seen call me by your name. Yes. Yes. And for those of you at home he fucks a peach. Yeah.


I mean, there's no other way to say it. I mean that if there was a scene and he fucks a peach and if you don't know that, I mean, you should have because I feel like when the movie came out that people talked about it. But anyway, so the other night she was like, I wanna watch call me by your name again. I, like, loved the music. Obama, will you watch it with me? I was like, yeah, of course.


And we watched it. And like, there's some racy stuff leading up to the beach. And then the scene came and she was like, Yeah, I do not want to watch this with you.


And I was like, oh, no. I mean either thank God, can I go to bed? And she's like, yeah, you can go to bed now. So mature of her, by the way.


I know, because when I made my dad take me to see Purple Rain on like a visitation and and I really got under my skin and just to have my muscle and skeleton run out of that theater, raped them.


The most embarrassing one I can remember from childhood. I remember that movie, Ruthless People, the way I randomly watched that with my grandma. Movies are like Rest in peace, Muite. Yeah. And there's like copious like comedy screwing seeing in the beginning. But I was like nine years old or something and I didn't know what to do. And I just I stood there, I just sat there like a little frozen, like I'm not going to say anything.


I mean, you just can't say anything. I'm going to say anything. And I do remember I feel like it was like, oh, like she was like making noises anyway, so that was amazing. And then, you know what Mark and I have the next day we're folding laundry. And we were talking about call me by your name and like kind of laughing about when she was like, yeah, get out of here, please. We were telling her about the movie American Pie Food fucking movie.


I was like she literally was like, wait, I'm sorry.


What I was like. It was the number one movie. When I was a senior in high school, I was like and they made like eight of them.


And she's like, does he do it to the PI and everyone?


And I was like, I don't know. But I imagine maybe so I don't know. I'm really loving on this kid this week. And then the last thing I want to say is that she told me about a new aesthetic that has a name and the aesthetic that she's currently like kind of into is called Cottage Cor. Oh, yes, I am familiar with Cordish cause I like to see black college core black, but its core is on Instagram and I ran it last night.


Yeah, I love Black Cottage cause it's very fun. Here's what's so funny. Like I want my girls to have autonomy and I want them, they are their own people and like I it must be fucking annoying to have like a mom who's kind of famous, you know what I mean? Like when you're a girl, like I can't even imagine what that must be like. Right. I mean, I did have Barbara Phillips to contend with growing up.


And I see my mom, Niecy, my bully did not like me, but I saw her in the grocery store one time and she asked me how my mother was doing.


Now my mom. That's how cool Niecy is. So I get it. OK, well, but Bertie is like very adamant that she's not like me at all.


Yes. Have you seen what I dress like? I am cottage very kind or I didn't even know I was Cottage Corps until Mary Cottage called. Don't point it out to her. Yeah. Just like let her thrive being like you. Yeah. It's annoying to me. I want her to know that she's like, no, you can't because it's more fun because she's going to dress like you and it's going to be so cute. She's already. So I'm going to I'm and I'll ask her if I can post this picture.


She had me take a picture of her new cottage car outfit that she's obsessed with.


I love like I love a new aesthetic, though. Have you like in twenty nineteen like right around the time we were finishing up busy tonight, I like decided that I like when it's hot. I kind of want to look like a cute gym teacher. Yes I remember. I just wear like short shorts with little dots on top and like knee socks and cool sneakers. And I was like I am a fun gym coach from the nineties and this is my aesthetic right now.


Yeah, I think it's fun when you just decide you're going to do something new. Can I tell you, baby cricket, she's not a baby guy. She's seven. You can I tell you what her aesthetic is? Oh, she looks like she looks like she is in a Sokal pop punk band from the nineties. She looks like she looks like like she's like following the band Rancid around on one side, Birdy is very clear demands from my so-called life and and cricket is the lead singer from Sublime.


All right. So, Shinjiro, what are you doing your best dad this week? I'm doing my best at listening to my parents.


Why? We're all having a good family week. What?


Yeah, and I like my dad is like Nisse and lyrics are very interesting. But like, as I've gotten older, like because of therapy, I've like really taken an initiative to like talk to my parents and my dad. I talked to him this week and I talked to my mom this week. And they were like conversations where when I didn't finish, when they were over, I wasn't like, oh, thank God, you know what I mean?


Yeah. Like, we're really growing. And my dad is a funny man for all the reasons he's not trying to be funny. He called me. He doesn't check his mail. He believed in the Postal Service, obviously, but he doesn't check his mail because my dad doesn't have the Internet at his house. And he has two bills, his phone bill and his light bill because the House is paid for. So like he has a giant mailbox and he checks it like every two months.


I sit him a Father's Day card and he called me this week to thank me for it. Oh, well, that's nice. It is.


But it was so fun. He'd be like, oh, I see you sent this. I had just check the mail before you sent this. So it took me about a month to get it. And I want to thank you. And I was like, oh my gosh, this is so nice. My dad's thanking me, even though it's very late for me.


Yeah. And my mom I talked to her about like she was like, I'm going to the doctor, I'm going to the grocery store. And I'm like, oh, I love this. Casual conversation that we're having when I was 21. No megastar, so I'm just having a family week. I think it's so important right now, especially where we're like separated. My older son, who does live on the East Coast, he and I made a pact to have a regular Monday morning phone call that Kenya cancelled for any no work reason, no any other reason.


And we talk for like three hours every Monday morning. And it's like so cute. It's better than therapy. It's done us a ton of good. So that makes me so happy that you're talking to your family, too. Yeah.


I also think that you're like late twenties to mid thirties is the time when you, like, get over all the bullshit yet you held on to towards your parents like, yeah, I really had a lot of bullshit that I was holding on to towards my parents. And then that was the time when it just like all kind of I allowed it to like. Disappear and I realized that they were doing their best. Yes, some people are, by the way, some parents were not.


And and if you had a parent that was not doing your best, you don't ever have to forgive them. I'm not your therapist. I don't. You know what I mean? But I do think for a lot of us, when you have the realization that your parents were doing their best with whatever they were, you know, whatever cards they were dealt, whatever they were dealing with, and you can kind of move forward. You can really it can really be a freeing, amazing thing.


So, Shinjiro, I'm glad. Casey, what what did you do your best out this week? Well, I've been trying to drink a little less, but since pandemic, I've been having a cocktail every night. And I just think, like, you know, to mix it up a little bit. I've been trying to drink a little less, so I invented something that I'm calling the weed or Rita that I just like.


And I sound like a combination of two things. I love an alcohol free margarita. I'll share the recipe online if people want it. But yeah, that's what I have worked in a Yeah. Has like little weed drops in it. That's so nice. It does the job, I'll tell you that. I really like that. That means you're also we doesn't have a hangover so you could probably have a couple of those weed Doritos and wake up feeling nice.


Yeah. Just like, you know, no extra carbs. No you know, I mean I don't pay a ton of attention to that stuff, like what my body is, what it's going to be at this point. But but, you know, it's nice to it's nice to mix it up and pay attention to what things make you feel like.


And yes, just say like every day without fail, every June and July, like at the end of July, I'm like, huh, that's weird. It's like I've gained like seven pounds. Wow. How did that happen?


And truly then I'm like, oh, because starting June 1st I open up a bottle of rosé and then I don't put that cap back on until until the end of July, September. No. And like the no. Because it's always swear to God, it's always the end of July when I, when I'm like, oh, why am I still working out? I'm eating the same. Everything's normal. Oh, it's the apple spritzers and the rosé.


Oh yeah. I mean that's just like how like men will stop drinking beer and get a little six pack, no pun intended. Yes. From like Dad Bud to pow. Yeah. It's just like. Oh my gosh. Wait. Speaking of which, so we were going to talk about like what. Like other people in the world are doing their best shot this week. One of them is Ryan Reynolds. But years ago I was standing behind Ryan Reynolds at a Coldplay concert.


I mean, this was many, many years ago, actually. It was the night that I met Carrie Bilic, who's my manager. Yeah. Wow. Yeah. That night we were kind of like set up on a friend date. It was when I was friends with Jake Gyllenhaal and Jake, she was his publicist and he like invited the two of us to go to see Coldplay was like, I think you guys really like each other. And we immediately loved each other so intensely.


He was third wheeling and he was the thing. He was not only the third wheel, but like we just I don't even we didn't even talk to him. So so we were standing behind Ryan Reynolds at this Coldplay show because like, you know, whenever there's like a big band, guys and big celebrities want to go, they put them all in the same section. And, well, I don't know if that's true, but that's what it felt like.


So we're standing behind Ryan Reynolds and Carrie Bilic and I were like, what is that weight? His waist is like it's like a 22 inch waist. Like, I don't know if you like training at the time for some superhero thing. I mean, this was years and years ago. But then that night we started this WWE Ahrari and we would text each other, what would Ryan Reynolds eat? And like, we would text each other like pictures of nachos with our ar e questionmark.


And then certainly not like I would never partake in those nachos. You know, you don't get that like twenty two inch. He was doing blade where he like gets trapped by a vampire and then like they they tie his arms down and he it's just like shirtless. Want to know. But I did audition for two guys, a girl and a pizza place. Oh. To be like a love like a star. Yeah. So who would have thought that the guy from the pizza place would turn out to be Ryan Reynolds.


Certainly not me. Certainly not. What's he up to this week. What's he been doing is best up. Oh you know, he just sold that Avon or whatever it's called Gin Company for like six hundred and fifteen million dollars.


Oh, aviator gin. Right. Six hundred fifty million dollars. Is that right. Is it. Six hundred is six. Hundred and something, six dollars billion. Here's the thing, that means, you know, he's got at least one hundred million from Deadpool money, so that makes him almost a billionaire. So I like him less now. The only person who I like who's almost a billionaire with six million dollars is Ron Paul, obviously.


But also, like I do feel a little bit like he posted this like funny thing about it, like telling it like apologizing to all the people that he, like, told to fuck off once he found out how much it was selling for whatever. And like, I guess OK, but also read the room with room, like, this is my. A moment maybe, I don't know, as a young, queer, black woman in today's America in America, honestly, it's pretty bad for me.


I don't want to see your cheeky joke about six hundred and ten million dollars unless you're going to give a good hundred million dollars to something, preferably the descendants of the slaves from the plantation you got married on.


Maybe, you know, they did. They deeply regretted it. They had that really nice statement and they apologized. Yeah, I want to see that fucking cash, though.


I see him give away if you get six hundred and ten million dollars. For one thing, I want you to start telling me all the ways you go help other people with it, give it away immediately before you write the tweet. And he's an interesting guy because, you know, he's he's very interested in social justice. And so I know, yeah, he's on his next film. He's going to take his part of his own salary or his own salary.


I think it's like on salary. Yeah. To basically apprentice. People of color to come on and learn jobs, which is all really great, and that's that's amazing. But it is interesting. It is it it's hard to it's hard to hear about how someone got six hundred, ten million.


It's hard for it to be a joke between him and his very hot, beautiful, also rich wife. For me, it's like Michael Jordan, I don't know, tweeting the pépin being like, oh, remember when we used to win basketball championships together? And it's like, why are you doing this? Yeah, you know, it's really interesting. And we can talk a little bit, maybe sometime, maybe today about how, you know, when you're very, very wealthy and very, very famous, sometimes you do maybe get a little out of touch, out of touch what the people would want to hear.


You know what I call you know what I think it turns we've talked about this, Earl. I believe that the moment you stop being able to check yourself in at an airport is the moment you have lost touch with people. OK, so Ryan Reynolds is doing good. He could be doing better. He's doing good things. And then some things that were kind of like, I don't know, Ryan, you could be doing better, but, you know who couldn't be doing better?


Hello, Dolly Parton now.


Oh, my gosh, she's sorry. I didn't mean to scream. I'm obsessed. I love her. She is it. She's it. She's our she's our queen. Yes. Dolly Parton has been a real daddy's bitch from the jump. Right. I was in the stream. OK, love her also like she is one of those. We talked about this before, like how Michelle Williams is like black people be like we fuck with that white lady.


We fuck with Dolly Parton. Jolene, it's every black woman's favorite country song guide. And Dolly came real like Dolly came out this week in support of many things. She gave a wide ranging interview, but she came out in support of Black Lives Matter, saying, Do you think only our little white asses matter? And she also talked about removing certain words that people found hurtful about businesses like Dixie. And she said, this is the quote. I copied it because I loved it when they said when they when they said, I don't know, I can't do a Dolly Parton impression.


When they said Dixie was an offensive word, I thought, well, I don't want to offend anybody. This is a business. We'll just call it the stampede. As soon as you realize that something is a problem, you should fix it. Don't be a dumb ass. That's where my heart is. I would never dream of hurting anybody on purpose. I love that. She also said, like, look, we there is such a thing as being ignorant.


And and the fact is, once you open your eyes and you and you know better, then you have to do better. And that is just the fucking baseline. Guys, we don't know everything all the time, but once you learn something, you need to learn it. Yeah. Or at least try and people get people get so upset out of shame. I think they get embarrassed when they learn that there's something that they didn't know and so often that leads them to double down on the thing that's embarrassing them.


And it's just such a weird reaction. And I just love that Dolly is like, oh, I did this thing. It turns out not right. Yeah, it wasn't great. And people brought it to my attention. And I because I have the most wonderful heart in the universe, was like, I would never want to upset anyone. It's as simple as that. Why would you want to?


And I think Bizzy has talked about this before, you know, but like, the best way I can say it is that Dolly Parton could have the biggest ego in the world. She's a bad ass bitch, but she removed her ego for this learning moment and really tried and is doing better from listening to people like she is big enough. She has had the type of career that if she really wanted to die on this hill like she could and still the epitome of like country music stardom and fame.


When I started out in the entertainment business, I read a quote from Dolly Parton, and I can't remember verbatim what it is, but it was essentially about how she fundamentally understands how lucky she is every single day to be able to do what it is that she does.


And so whether it's like walking onto a movie set or, you know, walking into a recording studio or walking on to Dolly Hood, Dollywood, what I'm walking over to Dollywood, whatever it is, she she enters into the space with just gratitude and like and joy for the the fact that she gets to be there.


And I have kept that in my head. I would keep that of my head on days when I didn't want to go to work because I was going to miss my kid's first birthday or whatever it was, you know, and just remember, like. So many people would love to be in this position and I need to like show up with a smile on my face and prepared and like do my work and hit my marks and and do it in a timely manner and not make a bunch of bullshit about me because it's about all of us.


We're all there to do a job. And I'm not even kidding you. That was from Dolly Parton. And I really think that it is the most useful advice for anyone in entering into any workspaces. Absolutely. Just shiver with gratitude. She is the queen. I'm obsessed with her. I could also go on for another half hour about how she was basically treated as a joke in the entertainment industry because of the way that she looked for you know, when I was growing up, that was the first thing I knew about Dolly Parton was the way that she looked.


But you know what? She's a genius. She's a master business and so great, amazing songwriter and also just has this really generous philanthropic heart. I've never heard a bad word about Dolly Parton. And can I ask you a question? Do you know the rumors that she has full tattooed sleeve? I have heard that rumors J.A. and I are like covered with tattoos were real tattoo bitches. So that makes me love her. I hope it's true. I don't know.


I really hope it's true.


I really want her to be a full sleeve. So, guys, if you haven't heard this rumor, the rumor is that Dolly Parton is not just the greatest human of all time. She's also covered in tattoos. She has two full sleeves of tattoos. This is a rumor we don't with unconfirmed I don't know. And and and she hasn't, like, shown her arms since, like the 90s, right? Yeah. Yeah. And that's I don't know if that's where the rumors started or what, but I am here for it and I want to know what those tattoos are.


I heard I heard further that I heard that they're very feminine and pastel butterflies and beautiful things, bows and butterflies. I'm a very girly I don't know again, I don't know if it's true. I hope it is true because I love a tattoo.


Has anyone ever asked her about it? Probably not. Yeah, I would I would love to ask her about it. Oh, my gosh. If they did that, that interview never got put out. Dolly Parton always doing her best. She a real she's a dream come true. Ellen, you know who else is a dream come true? Hello. She's going to be on our show tonight. I do want to introduce her now. OK, so guys rewinds.


When we're talking about let's, you know, talking about Black Lives Matter and learning things, unlearning things, doing better, trying our best, I was asked by the author, Glenn and Doyle, to participate in this thing that she was putting together with a few other ladies and some activists called Share the Mic.


And and I was like, yeah, I'll do it. It was where white women with sort of larger platforms gave their their Instagram platforms over for a day to black women in similar industries. Or there were like lots of activists that participated. And the idea was a little bit just like whatever you want to talk about with our like with my audience, you know, the people that follow me.


And I was paired with Carrie Champion, who I knew who she was, but like, I didn't know her and and we fell in love. I fell in love with her. I'm obsessed with her. So Carrie Champion has a new show, a new talk show. It premieres to night. And listen, I already like just from watching the preview, I already think I'm obsessed with the show. And and let's let's chat with her and see what's going on.


Guys, I mean, listen, my salads, KC, you give me a lot of grief about the salads, but let me tell you something, Saqqara, life is one of my favorite salad deliveries that I get. Do you know that the Sekara I. I got it. I'm busy tonight. Don't you remember when there was like, a lot of, like, kelp and vegan food and there much greater? Yes, I have. This is like a genuine.


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And it sort of is able to change your diet in a way where things are really delicious and flavorful and it's not restricting your intake or food that you eat or are allowed to eat. It's just like giving you new things to nourish yourself. With that, maybe you didn't think about Tyr's. I did Sekara when we were I'm busy tonight the delivery and there was like kelp and all kinds of stuff. And I feel like I shared some stuff with people and everybody really enjoyed it.


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Twenty four percent off your first order. Sekara dotcom slash our best guys.


It is. My daughter is 12 years old and she is like her own person, and she does her own thing now and. And sometimes you'll come to me and she'll say, I need this thing online, and especially during the last several months, I'm like, you're not getting any more. We don't need one more box coming to this house, but.


Several several months ago, she brought me this thing, function of beauty, and she's like, I'd really like this. And it's basically hair care, shampoo, conditioner that's just for you. It's kind of amazing. No matter what your hair type, they create shampoo and conditioner and treatments that fit your unique needs. And for instance, my daughter Berdy and my daughter Cricket have very, very different hair. We have to buy different shampoos for them because cricket has that like mermaid curls and Burty has a giant not this what her hair type is.


And so I signed up for a function of beauty. It has over fifty four trillion possible ingredient combinations to make sure that your formula is as unique as you. You take like a quick but thorough quiz and you tell them about your hair, which I did with my daughter. Next, the functional beauty team determine the right blend of ingredients and bottle your custom formula to to order. And then they deliver the personalized formula to your door in a cute little bottle with your favorite color and fragrance.


We did blue and it smells. I don't know what it smells like. It smells good. And they put your name on it. So Bertie gets here. So great for people with weird names. So great. But it's also great if you're in a household with roommates or household with other people that you are like, don't use my stuff. Your sister, like, for instance, her sister sees that blue bottle with Bertie on it and she knows that her bottle is pink with cricket on it.


It's just makes everything easier in my house and I love it. And I have to say, truly, Bertie's hair has I felt the difference and it has been so much easier to comb through her hair. And the formulas are vegan and cruelty free and they never use sulphates or parabens or any other harmful ingredients. I literally love this company. I don't know what you're waiting for at home. You need to go to a function of beauty dotcom slash.


Busy to take your four part hair profile quiz. And save 20 percent on your first order. So what are you waiting for? Got a function of beauty dotcom slash. Best to take your four part hair profile quiz and save 20 percent on your first order. Go to a function of beauty dotcom slash best for 20 percent off. And please let them know that you heard about it from my podcast because I want credit. You know, I'm a real credit bitch.


I need to have credit. That's a function of beauty. OK, everybody, please welcome my BFF since June, Gary Champion.


OK, Carrie, please meet Casey S. And she was my show runner, Unbusy tonight, my creative partner. And then this is Shantaram Jackson, who's I. We worked together. I'm busy tonight. She is a writer and a performer, and she still is a writer and a performer. But she just does other stuff now.


But now she spoke to me on open mic, on share the mic.


Share the mic.


Yes. Them both. Yes, I did. That was around the time when Shinjiro said to me, don't ever be feel bad about being tricked by a tricky white lady. And you loved that they trickey. Well, listen, you don't have to tell Carrie twice, right, Carrie? Is that like a nice Rosicky? Yeah, but I'm on college campuses. Is that what you're having. Yeah, all of that. Carrie had like some some some before, before we became friends.


You're just you've had some tricky white ladies in your past and your career.


Oh, my goodness. I, I want to say first to the women who put together the I felt like a lot of people got some genuine friendships. They were able to really, truly bond with some people. And I was so lucky to get busy. But they picked good because we have the same energy like the same like we're all busy, busy, literally busy. And so. Yeah, and we started talking. I was like, I just love her.


She's so sweet. She's so honest. I know she was like tricky white woman. And then she just started talking to tell story. I'm laughing. She's giving up her platform. Honestly, she doesn't. And and people just don't do that. So I am, by the way, not for nothing. She's more of an activist than me. I'm on her page. Learn about black shit. I was like, she's invited to the barbecue and I'm not.


So, you know, I was so like, no, seriously, like you. Which is why I'm so excited to have you on our show, because we went down a list so funny on our new show when I was one and I was like, we got to have white people on. She was like, yeah, outside of HRC and busy.


Who do you want to visit is a top white lady. Yeah, I would be here. People always ask like, what is she like? And I was like, I do not fuck with messed up white lady. Yes. She wasn't that she wasn't the best girl. Wouldn't that be with her.


I'm sure. I'm sure there are many more. I'm just I haven't become friends. You're busy.


You can't meet all of them. I know. Well, and I think, you know, listen, I'm hopeful that maybe some tricky white ladies have had to confront their trickiness. Yes. In the last several months. And maybe things will be shifting in workplaces for by policy women. And, you know, like for you, for you, Carrie, although now you're such a boss, like no one would fuck with you.


Yeah, but before when I wasn't OK, this is what we were talking about. You guys have dealt with this. You know, I had to be honest, as I often am. What's uncomfortable is that so when I left ESPN, I had a couple of writers reach out to us, namely from The New York Times, regarding what what my experience was like there, because I left, quote unquote, abruptly, and they were writing a story based on some information they received from the people who work there, the people of color who felt like they were being marginalized and treated poorly.


Now, what's happening is that this is an issue from the very, very top. You can't just change it overnight with a few commercials that say Black Lives Matter. So I was very careful, in my words that I that I chose because I didn't want to seem like I was angry. But the reality is, is that sometimes busy you know this and we've talked about this, they're not even aware why women are even aware that they're being tricky, like it's a true story.


Like Busi told me, she's like the reason she told me she was because of her mom and that she was a kid, whatever. But I do I wish I would I wouldn't be here today if I was because my mom, like, just dismissing her.


And so that's when the relationship start to get gray between white women and women of color in the workplace. It's about how we're socialized, right? It's about how we all get along with one another. It's definitely just based on our background. I walk in, I have to respect you, but I don't think you're going to respect me. But now that I realize you don't really have a certain level of respect for women, period, including your mother.


So we don't look a lot at that is such a good point. I feel like so many women, especially white women, have to overcome that thing, which is that just that American cultural, patriarchal, like we don't respect other women. We're in competition with other women. We don't want to help other women out. Bullshit. So the show is tonight, and what I love is I mean, I feel like it's very clearly like a late night talk show from, you know, where you guys and you're filming it live.


So what's the deal with the Kovik? Can I just ask you, like, logistical covid questions?


What are you doing? We're there without masks on living our best lives. I know each other. Witkoff not kidding.


It's taped, it's filmed in a studio. And everyone it's just when I tell you the staff is so I mean maybe four people are in there and it's so scaled back. Everyone has a mask, they have a covid work on site. However, Jamal and I both got a test, an antibody test. So we felt within the last couple of weeks. So we were comfortable being next to one another, although on set we are six.


We have such you look like you're kind of far apart. Yeah, we are pretty far apart on set, but. Right. We're doing our research and we're writing, we're doing it together when we do our interviews with going get together because we both have signed off that we were OK with that because we both have been quarantining together. You know, you got a team of people in quarantine.


Sure. People are making their pods. Yeah. And she's in my pod. OK, I was just curious about the the set up.


So it's really it's scaled back and I'm glad because otherwise the other alternative was to film at our homes individually. And I just want people business like that.


Well, not only that, but I feel like watching just the clips that I've been able to watch of the show, I'm so excited. I already have it on my DVR. It feels real, it feels like a real show, and what I wouldn't want, especially since it's launching, like I think you ladies should have the best shot possible to be in a late night environment.


Yeah. And it's so it's hard to get into the space anyway, I think.


No. Is it Carrie, tell me, you know what? Even imagine two black girls.


No, I know. I'm so I'm super excited.


I don't even consider it. Can I just tell you something? This the S&P. Do you guys have S&P when you guys launch to yours? Oh, did we?


Yeah, we had a lot. I got a lot of like, really weird misogynistic notes from female executives about like that. I was touching my hair too much. Or that at the top of the show when I would like come out, I would run sometimes and that the running was scary. I, I, I was like, I am mad about that. She says, what? My grandma goes by, baby, this is not relevant to me anymore.


Not like that.


Why did you have to stop. I don't, I don't get it. Why was it scary. It scared one of the female executives. She was she was frightened when I ran, but that was like the note was like she needs to stop running. I feel like it's I feel like it's scary and it doesn't look good and and that I was too loud. Yeah. A lot of stuff about me being too loud, which by the way, I am too loud bothered me before my break.


That's my brand. My brand is too loud. What kind of stuff are you guys getting.


My mind is OK, so I don't feel as bad because I'm on my way just because without were being punished we thought it was a funny conversation because you because coming from being to vice, which is that a little engine that could it's owned by Annie and they do all these different things. So they like you, are technically in the late night space and that we film really early in the late night space. You can say fuck, but you can only say it five times five.


OK, I wish you they say it's six times.


It really has to be something else to really read. Like. Like what? I don't know what the last fuck would mean and then what they were like. You can say motherfucker all you want. What. Yeah. That's why we come from we're journalists.


We never curse on air. That's what we'll get to my Vivint. Why I got critical fire because I said motherfucker doing a commercial break and they were like, oh, give over, she's dangerous. So these people were telling me I could do we can sit and drink on set. They're like, you can we drink? You're like here. Yeah. Yeah, you have to. Yes, it's topical. Yeah. But we're doing it in the morning.


It's just the editing on the turning room. Wow. And do you feel like that's so weird to like to your vibe. Like, you know, you're supposed to be on at nighttime but it's morning time. Does that feel weird to you? It would be weird if I didn't start drinking. So that's the secret. We're excited to just have some wine or some Baily's in our coffee, like we had to do it. Like, that's the only way to loosen up and just feel this energy that we wanted to bring.


It was like, you know, it's and so we're just naturally silly anyway, silly and appropriate in the most, best way possible. So it was good.


How did you guys meet?


She was supposedly at the same job that I was supposed to ESPN. We were up for the same gig and I ended up getting it in. Back to you. What you were saying earlier, I think you can only be one. I decided not to be a friend, so I took this job from this bitch talking to her in the park. Yes. Yes, OK, I was I'm not talking to her. She will be mad at me and jealous and so whatever.


And then so she went out of her way to email me over and over again to ask to hang out. And I kept pretending like I didn't see it, so I was like to hang out with her. We go have lunch or dinner, and I did want to talk to her because it felt awkward because I knew I got the job she thought she was supposed to have and I thought she was just going to completely poop all on me like shit.


I mean, we got into this dinner situation, right. And just be passive aggressive. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.


It is, actually. Listen, like, I don't look, I'm not an actress. I don't know anything about it, but everyone is up for the same role that has the same vibe, that have the same feel and one person gets it over the other person. You think that your you feel some type of way. I don't care who you are as a human being, but you do feel some type of way. Right. And so I was like, she could be as long as you want, but I'm sure she feels some type.


What she had been there six years and she didn't get it. And I just stepped in off the street and was like, I will take it, you know? And so we get to this dinner. She does exactly what I said she was going to do. And she was just but she was doing it in a way where she thought she was helping me. She was like, I don't like the way they do this to you on air.


And I'm like this. And I'm like, and I was just saying and actually came. But I was honest with her and I said, I'm new here. I need to have my own experience. I said, you're giving me too much information. I said, it's almost like being the new girl in school. When you walk around and you tell me about people. Or should it be that person's friend will be that person's friend, that person?


I don't want that experience. I want to have it on my own. I don't want to determine who I should like and who I should like through through your eyes. Right. She apologized and then she like my bad. I give you too much information. She ended up being absolutely correct. She gave me all the crazies. Right. She was right about turns out and we we've the best consumers ever since one of my closest friends like so because people tried to always put us against one another.


They like carry social media and carry Gmail to deserve the job. And Gmail would read, tweet and be like, you can never break up to black women. I'm not going to let this near to live.


Yeah, I love that story. I love that, too. I mean, it is kind of that's kind of a pivot for for Jim'll, right.


Like she thought she was going to get that job and she ended up getting a better job. She got her own show as opposed to being a host on this show.


She had her own show like a year and a half later and a friend and a partner later in life when when when story was a win all around. But because she taught me, guys, I got to be honest, I was I grew up under that competitive mindset. She taught me how to be a really good friend towards people you work with, because all that happens is that you just make room for everybody to win. And I didn't understand that at first.


I just didn't, which is why we really have to start working with each other. We just have to we don't even understand the value in that. Like my friends will tell me, like when one of my girlfriends who was going for a race, I was like, you need to be making no more than this because this is how much so-and-so makes. And she was like, OK, thank you. No one ever talks money to me. Or sometimes women lie about what they make.


They round up, around, down or whatever. And it's like you can't win like that.


You know, everybody any new writer, especially like a young writer of like a person of color or a young woman, I'll be like, this is how taxes work when you make this with money. This is a base rate is in the U.S. Nobody wants to tell you, like, how much you make. And I was like, I already signed the contract girl. They're not going to take it away, not at least for 30 more weeks. So this is how much I made.


And go get your money back.


That is a true story. And it doesn't it doesn't help you like it's like, OK, so you guys know this Jamal? I'm working with her, but we also have our own individual production companies, as does everyone, because we're all looking into getting to ownership. So someone is trying to buy the rights of my life right. To do a scripted series. And with the same company that is doing that, already has a show in development with Jamal and her producing partner.


So I called Jamal said, how much are you getting per episode as an EP on this for the show? Because I'm working at the same company. She gives me her exact amount of what she's making. And when they come to me with this bullshit and I'm like, no, I know for a fact she like going to tell them. I told you. I like I know for a fact that my friend who is you're not even doing her life rights is making this much.


And it turns out that we had our numbers like not right. But Bill lowballed.


I have always I really am always thinking about like I do feel. And that's what I wrote when I wrote to you. I was like, you should be good. You need to be getting all the money right now. Yeah, this is it. Your business show coming out like this happening. I was like, she's ready. I need to diversify. So don't who are not women, we're not financially literate. Right. We feel so afraid to make these these different leaps and challenges unless you do it.


And I just got God, Blanche, I don't know my story. I grew up with just my mom. My mom had a GED, my mom, the most she ever made a year, maybe fifty thousand dollars. And for her, that was a great year. So she was like, well, I'm rich. Fifty thousand dollars now. Your income exceeding every single possible barrier and which she ended up for herself, like knocking on doors down, doing shit, making so much money.


And then I literally just and this is such a good report. I literally just said at the beginning of it, I'm going to buy a house and I bought a house. I called at the end of this month, Congress. I'd like to see it.


I'm like, all right, I'm so excited. And I'm all like, this is unheard of from where I come from. I don't understand. Like, it's like you bought a house in L.A.. Oh, oh, my. You know, like I've heard of you guys will I still got a big momma's house and eat and tell her, you know, this is like a legit like I was full up in the hood and be like what you are doing, no big deal, but I am still trying to win and it takes other women to help other women.


I, I am so excited for you and your house and I can't wait to get you a housewarming present.


I'll take all of your shoes. So carry wait.


So I want to talk about your career pivot because you and I were texting just a bit before and I was like, I know that you've had some career ups and downs. Yes, I love it. But the one that was a real down ended up being a great pivot. Yeah. So let's talk about that. Atlanta, so I have four local reporters, local news reporters, I don't know if you guys watch local news, but wherever you're from, if you watch local news, depending on the size of the market, that reporter, that anchor has come from somewhere else.


So I started absolutely to start off in West Virginia, one man band, as they did for six months. Then I went to Florida, where I really cut my teeth and learned a lot about writing and journalism. It was good for me because I had to really get stories. And absolutely I left and I went to Atlanta and I was like, you can tell me. I was finally making six figures. I was like, Longbridge, bitch.


You know, I was like they propellent around the place. And then I what I didn't realize is that you guys I grew up in L.A., anybody who's grown up in L.A., especially a black person truly growing up in L.A., you don't experience racism overtly or blatantly. You just don't such a diverse place to live. It's not like in where it is and where that is. None of that. You just don't. I grew up around everybody.


Love is love. So I had a real hard lesson. Moving to Atlanta, Georgia, no matter how progressive it may seem, is still the South, the deep south. You drive 20 minutes outside of the city and you could be in some unfavorable territory.


And I was down rural photographers because you would ride in a truck with the photographer who refused to go to certain areas because they were like, I could die. I'm not operate, I'm cut out wrong. Like, I won't go. I'm running down the street. Or whatever was happening was an exact example of why those photographers I worked with didn't want to go to certain neighborhoods because of the laws there in Georgia that they see. They saw it happen.


And I'm right here. You guys are crazy and scary. I was so naive. I had no idea. So I get this I get this great story. It's about a kid whose name was Jahlil Wilson, and he was put in jail at the age of 17 or 16, rather, for having consensual sex with an underage girl who was his girlfriend. But she was white and she was fifteen. And back then there was this Romeo and Juliet law that said if you guys were under over a certain age, i.e. 16, you're going to jail.


They were just trying to stop child molesters from having sex with little girls. The law didn't really fit him, but he was a young black kid and it was too late. Her parents got upset, found out they were having sex. His life's over. He sent us to jail for the bulk of his life. His mom is fighting left and right to get him out. And I started covering the case and I was on it for like six, seven months.


So I get so we get a call that the case, after all the protesting and all the things that they needed to do, he's coming home. It's overturned. I run into my news director. I go, oh, my God, no one knew this. I get this. I get this breaking news exclusive, which is a big deal. I got my news director. I said, is getting out today. I cannot wait. I'm so excited.


Let me head over to the jail with my photographer because why don't you just wait right here. Do you think you should talk to Reverend Jesse Jackson? And I said, no, I want to go to the jail and I want to cover the case and I want to see him, his mother going to possibly interview him. Why would I want to talk to Reverend Jesse Jackson first and foremost? Because I just think it would be better if you talked to Jesse.


So here's this white man telling me I might be able to get the best out of Reverend Jesse Jackson and not go interview this case. That going to be the kid that I've been working on for six months. So I'm furious. And the more professional thing to do is to say, I don't think so and handle it the correct way. What I did was cause a scene unlike any other and scream and yell and pout and kick in the most unprofessional way possible.


So I didn't get fired then. But when I when they had a moment to get rid of my ass because I was causing so much trouble in the newsroom, they did. And so that was that mother doing commercial break. And they were like, no one says what you said, motherfucker, and you're fired. I was like, wow, this is a black word. We use it all the time. What do you say? So I got fired.


Fired for using my boss, fired for cussing out the news director in the newsroom because he made me go talk to Jesse Jackson. That's why. So I it's all over the news. Anchor, fire reporter fire. Cursing, cursing, cursing. I'm thinking my career is over. I ended up getting my job back on a technicality for a couple of months. Come back home to L.A.. I'm unemployed. I am. I have. I had just bought a brand new car because I thought I was rich.


I remember like it was yesterday about a brand new Beemer. I had approximately two hundred dollars in my bank account and I had to pay the seven hundred dollars car note. And I don't know what to do because I didn't have a job just in L.A. but minute by minute I ended up taking a job as a telemarketer literally in the back, like asking people say one of these coupons I did that. I was from a television reporter to a telemarketer working in the back of some woman's random house with bad credit because I couldn't pay my car note.


I could wear like how I mean, when I tell you I was at my worst, I had never felt so desperate. And this is right when the economy was shit to. Right. Just like two thousand eight. Yes. Yes. Right. When Barack got in, that was that one bit of hope for me. But I was when I tell you I was suppose I'd ever been I need to carry me two and twenty.


I like had a house that went like basically. Almost into foreclosure. Everybody was poor working this ladies the back of our house and call people if they asked if they wanted to out with the coupons each week, it was just horrible. It was a horrible experience.


But it it it taught me humility and it also taught me not to be attached to any one person, place or thing. I was the reporter. I didn't have any other identity outside of that. And I learned that if I didn't stick to hold on to what my mission was in life, and that was to tell the stories of brown girls and to to be representation for people of color and to empower women, that that's my purpose. That's my mission.


That's why I have been blessed to have so many wonderful things. And that is the North Star for me. It can't be oh, I'm not on TV anymore or I'm working here. I have to stay focused on what it is I've been put on this earth to do. And that was such a humbling experience for me. But it hurt like hell because I had such a bad reputation for a long time in local news. But it was the best thing because it forced me to pivot and I couldn't cover just local news.


I went into sports because I didn't know shit about me. They didn't know I put somebody out in Atlanta working at the Tennis Channel and it was like one stop shopping. Maybe I moved up slowly but surely. Who knows, maybe I was making five hundred dollars a week. Who knows? I was poor as hell, but I was doing really good work. That made me proud because I was telling stories with these great women who play tennis and I was traveling based on on their dime.


And that's all she wrote. I saw you spend one day covering the story at one of the tournaments as I worked for them, and I just put that in the atmosphere and made it happen. I literally didn't have an agent. I flew myself out there to apply for the job myself, for myself back home, and kept aggressively reaching out to them and saying, whenever you guys have an opening, I'm available. And they have that opening. The one I talked about with Jamal.


Yeah. Tell you, if I had never gotten fired, I probably would have been a local news reporter here in L.A. talking about the weather is or pothole. This or this place is closed today. I would have been standing in front of something, making up something. And I would not have ever I would have never told you in a million years I would have been on ESPN or having my own television show.


But it's interesting that you like after getting fired, it forced you to really reevaluate what your mission is and why what you're doing, because I do think that so many people like you get sucked into the trap, right? You got sucked into the world of like, OK, you're going from this market to this market to this market. And you were like a big you know, you were a big deal and you were feeling yourself and you had feelings and everybody needed to know that.


But then once you, like, had that moment of having to sit with yourself for a second and reevaluate, because now I mean, you guys carry does has an organization that is so incredible. Tell them your organization, because I can cover ground girls dream. It's just basically girls dream having your dreams come true. But you got to work hard. You can't come here and ask for a handout. You got to be willing to work as mentorship.


It's like mentorship. Tintinara You should do. You should do. You should use the mentorship for any girls that want to like do like television, writing or anything else. I would love to write. Oh, I would love that.


I feel like the success that you've had, like post that firing post that year has been probably more fulfilling in so many ways, because also I do think you've been successful in showing your own personality and who you are and and what you're all about, right?


Yeah, I listen, I think everything is like I always say this. I don't know if you guys feel this way. Everybody needs one to fire.


Well, I just love you so much. And I know you've been up since the crack of dawn doing press. And I don't want to give you I do love I do love your pivot. Ladies, you have any other questions for my sweet BFF Carrie?


Now, I just love that you talked about like considering what your mission is in life, that's something that's really important to me. And so to hear that you feel the same way and that you're doing so successfully with that is really wonderful. I said, Are you crying, Casey?


Maybe a little bit. You are. You're teary. I can tell when Casey gets teary. It is, though, Carrie, like it's so especially because Jamal, I know, had her own setbacks and she's not there to chat. I'd love to have her on. Yeah, no. Yeah, I would really love it. We should have had. But what. But that's OK.


Well, I'll give you information. She'll when I tell you. Sorry, let's take a cyber. She loves you. She was like oh fuck with this. I was like she was never on the show. I was like done would I love her. And I do know like I feel like both of you, you know, you've worked so hard. You're both so smart and so talented and have so many incredible things to say. And you're right, like as black women, when you get this shot to get your own late night talk show, I want to I mean, I'm thrilled, like, could not.


Be more excited to watch I it's my new favorite show. We're seeing you guys a side note. I know this country is shit right now and we have a lot of things going on. But this year, honestly, if you look at it, this year, demands that we be better. And I am so fortunate to have people like busy in my life where I'm like, you stop being jaded, fuck away. You know, I have to really be open.


And the fact that you have such a huge platform and you are as you look at the people you're working with, they have good spirits. The souls you can tell right away we're old enough to recognize good people. Like I don't only want good people around me. I don't have time for the bullshit. No, it's all the bullshit is done. We're done with the bullshit.


I, I don't I don't even know how to do it. I just do like, OK, and I'm like you.


So so LeBron is on tonight. I love him. He's going to knock your socks off, you know.


Well we've got we're trying. He's a dream. He's a dream guest for me.


Maybe he'll he's going to talk to you about the way he really is going to run for office. Guys, that's my prediction.


You watch what he said. He should. He should. He's going to run for office. He walks the walk. He walks the walk. And I really appreciate that he puts his money where his mouth is and where his community is and where people need it most. He is not fucking around, I'm telling you.


And nobody's perfect looking. Nobody perfect. You're talking about being perfect. But we need some people who really who understand that hard shit, you know what I mean? And who can who want to help the country. And anyway, I feel like this year has been great. It's demanding that we be better. I'm just trying to keep up with busy. It has been a pleasure.


Oh, thank you so much for coming. I'm looking for I always love seeing two black girls on TV. We all do. We deserve it. This is the show that we need right now. And and I'm so excited to everybody. Tune in tonight at 10:00 p.m. on price statistics on bias. Carry on, Jemele. Stick to sports, OK? I love you. I adore you. You beautiful. Congratulations. I can't wait to watch tonight.


Thanks, Carrie. Bye bye, guys.


Well, this is the one that Santeros super excited about.


And I know she is hopeful that maybe it will mean that she can get in on the action. I'm trying to learn all the love languages, baby. You want all that. You want all the romance languages. Well, babble babble can help you with that. Spanish, French, Italian. German de la Bibliotheque, and I'm going to find out what that means. I really I've always wanted to be fluent in Spanish. It's been something that I felt I've actually felt like like I have there's something wrong with me that I'm not.


And it's been on my to do list. And now I just feel like, you know, no better time than the present. I have a good friend who Irene used babble to learn Spanish, and she loved it and I I'm ready, guys, and Santeros ready. And Casey, what about you? Yeah, I would totally I will learn to speak Spanish, to speak Spanish with you. I took Spanish in school, but I could use a sincere, intense brush up.


I just want to swearwords babble makes it fun and it's easy to start having conversations, maybe even thinking about relearning the language you took in high school or college. But I think it'll take too much time. Well, baseball can help you pick it back up. They designed their courses with real world conversations in mind. So you learn everyday, practical conversations that you'll actually use. The daily lessons are only 10 to 15 minutes. And they just what it takes you to do the dishes so you can put it on and do the dishes.


I'm just speaking from personal experience. This is how I'm going to use it in my life. And it's what I this is what I'm going to do. No more dancing to David Byrne. I'm going to learn a new language as I put away the dishes. And they start by, like, just teaching you words and phrases. And then the sentences gradually get more complex. And then soon, because you're having short conversations in another language, when do the dreams start?


That's what I want. I want to get to the point where I dream in another language. Anyway, the lessons are thoughtfully created by over one hundred language experts, and their teaching method has been scientifically proven to be effective across multiple studies. That's fantastic. Well, we're all excited here for baseball. We're super thrilled. You can choose fourteen different languages Spanish, French, Italian, German and Babille is available as an app or online. So all of your progress will be synched across all of your devices.


And right now, when you purchase a three month subscription, Babille will give our listeners. Three additional months for free with the promo code, our best, that's three additional months free if you go to Babul dot com and use the promo code, our best on your three month subscription. That's B a, b, e l dot com promo code. Our best. OK, guys, so I don't know if you're aware that since the beginning of August, I joined POCKMARK to do a sale for charity, like I cleaned out my closet during Corer.


The first few months of Choire, I spent a lot of time organizing and cleaning everything out, like a lot of people I think did. Right.


And I have been truly trying to figure out a way to live a more sustainable life and recycle and reuse and buy. I always have bought vintage clothes or clothes from, you know. Yeah. Like, you know, thrift stores or whatever. They're not called thrift stores. What are they called like? I guess they're called vintage for resale. Resale. Resale, well, it's not the moment probably to be going into like a resale shop, looking for clothes, but it is the moment to be going on pockmark download the free pockmark app.


Pockmark carries women and kids and men. I've been adding I've continued to add to my own portioner closet. There's still a couple of items for sale.


All of my proceeds are going to the charity donors choose, which helps teachers. I think I'm going to do more sales throughout the year for different charity organizations. I'm really excited about it. But I also have been shopping myself and it's really fun. Anyway, when you make a sale, Pockmark sends you an email with the shipping label, so you just literally take it on the box or the envelope and then you drop it at the post office or you schedule a pickup.


So this August 18th, I'm going to be adding a bunch more items to my own closet for charity. And you can shop from all my Kate Spade jumpsuit made well jeans. Rebecca Taylor patched denim jacket. Oh, my God. Wait, seriously, I gave that away. I'm not even kidding. I literally was like, oh, shit, I want that I could buy a bag of myself now. It's OK, you guys, if you get I just know that I love it.


Pockmark is the easiest way to buy and sell items. This is a true story. I asked Ray to do some research because I knew I wanted to sell my clothes for charity and I was like, we just need the easiest one. What's going to be the easiest way to do this, to get it all done? And pockmark was overwhelmingly the response that everybody that we talked to and anyone who had sold or bought clothes online resale said pockmark is the easiest.


If you're new to pockmark, please use my referral code at Busi Philips. Now, this is to be hard for you. You have to spell my last name right? It's B us. Why? It's my first name. P h i p p s. So at Busi Phillips I elai one l two. PS technically three. Oh God. Anyway you're going to get ten dollars off your first purchase. That's very exciting. Download the Free Pockmark app today.


Start cleaning out your closet, selling your stuff, get new stuff. It's fun.


OK, guys, I just love her, I love her so much, you can tune in tonight, Vice Carrie, I'm going to stick to sports and don't do what people did with our show, which is just watch clips on Instagram or online and not watch the actual show because that doesn't count to networks and then they cancel you and we need it to stay on.


We need their show to stay and we need their show to stay on. Because I want to hear what those two ladies have to say for the rest of all time. I just love them. All right, guys, we asked you to write in to our email address. What's the email again?


Keesey busy doing her best at Gmail dot com. Listen, if you need some advice about possible pivot's in your life. Right in if you have a story that you need to share with us, please write in somebody post on my Instagram, a comment on my Instagram that she essentially invented Kendel for a project in the school. And her teacher was like, that's insane. No one's going to read a book on a screen. Well, well, well, well.


I love that. I love people who like who are like I came up with that. All right. Kim wrote us this letter. Hi, Busi. I'd like some advice. Great. Kim, I'd love to give it to you. My husband and I live in a one bedroom apartment in Oakland, and I want nothing more than to move out to somewhere more affordable so we can have more room and consider owning a home and maybe starting a family.


He ellipses doesn't like change and is very hesitant to make big moves. What do I have to do to convince him that we're wasting time and money staying in the smallest apartment I've ever lived in? I sometimes want to say I'm going without him, which would be interesting since he has a green card through me and we need to stay married for at least another two years.


Well, Kim, this plot twist, Kim, you hold all the cards. Yeah, literally and figuratively. Only a man could tell, you know, when you literally could get him deported.


I mean, that's a privilege, that privilege. That is masculinity at its best to be like we're going to do what I want. And it's like but like you not even the conversation about it is the thing that really kind of bums me. But yeah, like only a man would be like, we have to really think about what I want. And it's like, girl, you need a green card. I came. I got to say, I don't know.


I don't know about that. This sounds like maybe it's a starter marriage.


I will say we can only go by what's in the letter. And I had a little bit of a different take. If he has a green card through Cam, it's he's already come from another country. And I'd imagine that that's a huge change in someone's life. And you're so empathetic with everything, with everything that's happening with immigrants in this country currently. Maybe he's just scared to make a big move. You know, we always say because you only do things out of love or out of fear, and we try really hard not to do anything out of fear and only love.


So it sounds like he's afraid to move to me. It sounds like he's afraid to either make a big move or maybe he feels like moving to somewhere more permanent would be tempting fate at this moment in time when he's an immigrant, depending on someone to keep him in the country. I don't know, Kim, I don't know your life, but I have a little empathy for your husband. I do have empathy. You're so sweet. You have empathy for everyone.


Yeah. Yeah, I know. I now I see it in that way. So now I think Casey is right.


I, I see it, I completely agree with that, like the change thing. But I also am like very fiscally responsible and I think that your home should be something that you enjoy being at, especially in these current trying times for I'm assuming that this conversation has come up more than once and I think it's really easy to live in an apartment that you don't like very much to have roommates that you don't like very much, to even have a husband or wife that you don't like very much when you are going to work ten hours a day.


Now, the divorce rate right now, it's up higher than it's been in decades because women are leaving their husbands because they actually have to be home with them all the time and are realizing that the man that they married is not someone that they would like to pursue a life with. So, like, if she's thinking long run, we're going to be inside for the next six to eight months. I fully understand her being like even if it's a temporary move, if we're in a house together all the time, I would like to enjoy my home space for sure.


I don't yeah. I don't think Cam should give up on her dream of moving. I just think that maybe it's something that she needs to have a talk with him about why he's so resistant to change. Yeah. Like more. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Communication guys key. Yet Shinta and I are also both cancers. So for us the home is everything and truly to make our little schell's the best we can make them. And so for both of us, when we hear Kim is unhappy in her shell, we need her to get out.


And yeah, she needs to find a bigger shell to get cancer in us is also like leave him for your freedom and your joy like a cancer. We'll cut a bitch off. So you have to go in knowing that. And I'm a Gemini. I'm a Gemini. So I feel like I'm empathetic, but also totally understand where Kim's coming from.


Yeah, you see both sides. Like Chanel, yes. And so that's that's our advice can have a conversation with your husband, whose name we don't know and just figure out what are you so scared of? Because maybe he has a good point. It should.


A scary shit is scary, man. Yeah, she is scared and like what's happening right now with everybody's jobs and like, you know, it's sort of a very unstable time. The elections coming up. We don't know what's going to happen there. If things do not go well, what the fuck are we going to do then?


You don't know. You might be going to a country where he holds the power over your green card and getting the heck out of Dodge.


And I have be in your suitcase.


You know, I think that one thing that this time has done for everyone has sort of like laser focused what you want in your life and what's important and what you want to focus on and what you need, like as opposed to what you think you have to have, like what you actually when you when it comes down to it, what you need.


Cam, we want to know how it works out. Let us know. We wish you the best of luck. We do. Good luck, Kim. I hope that it turns out the best for both of you. And I think if you guys really love each other, you'll figure out how to make it so that it's the best for both of you, or at least for the next two years. Yes. So thank you.


Please keep writing in with your with your million dollar ideas that got away. And if you want to possibly ask us about a potential pivot in your life, you can email us at busy doing her best at Gmail dot com. And I guess it's time for us to go. Well, we I wanted to talk about the music video. You guys watch it. Oh, now. Because I watch that Michelle Obama thing. This morning, I have to watch it after what you did, I watched the sad music video I directed, I know because I was on a walk and then I was like, I'm going to watch it when I get home.


And then I got home and I forgot. And then this morning I watched Michelle Obama. So now I'm going to watch it.


Should we talk about Michelle Obama and my music video instead of Ryan Reynolds? I don't know that we have time to do that today. I don't know if you have time today. All right. Well, Kim, we wish you the best of luck. This has been real, guys. This is Wednesday. This is when our show is going to be new every week, each week. We are going to be out on Wednesdays. So don't look for us on Monday because it's going to be Wednesday.


I thank you guys for tuning in. I've been loving your feedback. I'll post some pictures today of things we chatted about and also check out the music video that I directed for Tomberlin that stars my daughter and Shinohara. I can't even believe you haven't watched it yet because it's your favorite white. I know. I love them. I know, but I'm gonna watch it right now. Sad, sad white girl. Music is like your thing, right?


And it's my vibe. I mean, like, I have a playlist called White Tears and it's just white women making me cry. So sad on the bottom of a lot of people. Listen to that. It's on Spotify if you follow. I don't no one follows me on Spotify, but. Well, maybe they will. Now, why don't you call? It's called White Tears and it's songs by white women playing guitars in every song on there has made me cry the first time I heard it.


So it's a vibe. You put Timbaland's other song. Seventeen on there, right? Oh, so moody. Oh yeah. It's the first time I heard of you. You need to put this song. You need to put this song on. OK, yeah. This is our new song. It's called Wasted and I love it. And guys, I love you and thanks for joining us again. And I will. I'll see online something. See you next week.


We love you.